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its close enough to october 

Some autumn/halloween romano icons for all of your autumn/halloween romano icon needs!!

All romanos were drawn by hima, all backgrounds were drawn by me (and one picture i took lmao).

Feel free to use!!

(if anyone has any requests for a character with a fall icon pls tell me i will gladly make it!!)

Alas, Sebtember has come to an end...

Thank you all so much for tuning in and Sebtember wouldn’t have been a success without your support! Maddy and I had a lot of fun this month and we hope you guys did too :) 

I’ve gained a bunch of new followers from this, so let me take this chance to say hello and welcome to my blog! 

Unfortunately, now that Sebtember is over, I will not be sticking to this weekly posting schedule. However, I will try my best to update as often as possible, so stay tuned for more! 

In addition, the tag list we have created for Sebtember will be scrapped. THEREFORE, if you would like to continue being tagged in my Steve fics, Bucky fics, or all my works, please send me a message or ask!

Here is a masterlist of our Sebtember fics:


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Something More

Life in Bucharest

Beauty and the Beast


Here, Missing You

What You Do To Me

Safe and Soundly Yours

Fears, Secrets and Bribery


here’s the “film” i did over the summer to pass time! there’s really no story; i just drew what i felt like drawing each day and later pieced everything together to form some semblance of a (semi, but actually not really) coherent narrative… 

i’m just glad i had fun with this, to compensate for all the times this process felt too much like a chain-and-shackle obligation (like my first year film); it took a lot of effort to unlearn the desire to please/make something easily absorbed and conventional, and after that, finishing with pride and ownership wasn’t an issue at all.

enjoy, or don’t, i don’t really care!


Sorry the stream was abruptly cut short. Apparently Picarto doesn’t allow people to stream video games longer than an hour, so we had to end it before we got banned from the site or something.

The next time we have an Undertale stream, it’ll have to take place elsewhere! I hope you all understand.

Thank you so much for attending! You guys mean the world to me and I’m glad we could have fun together!


I have been wanting to do this for the longest time. And I have done it.

I actually ran through this once so the screenshots I’m posting are from my second run through, let’s see how it all went down.

I don’t know why but this is hilarious to me.

That is low, Alex. That’s actually really low.

Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones…

….Harvey. You’re a doctor.

The faces make this so much better for some reason. 

That face is also accurate. Don’t worry buddy, I would be too.



Once again the pictures make these situation hilarious. I’m a horrible person.

Friggin RIP.

Y’all have these murders going on and then there’s Sam. Picking berries.



Fun fact, in my first runthrough, Vincent had his head smashed in on a rock by Penny. I guess this is his revenge…

‘‘Aren’t you boys a bit too old for hunting bugs?’’

((violently bury myself in happy modern AUs))

So like this is nothing big, just a little AU I had fun thinking of in which they’re just… normal, happy kids, living happily in a normal world where they’re just normal best friends hunting normal bugs and having fun like kids are supposed to do

Sinbad is a bit scared of the bugs but it’s okay because he’s still having fun and Ja’far loves them and he gotta make sure Ja’far doesn’t hurt himself too much (he still always find ways to make himself new bruises, this kid is reckless)


Screenshots from GIANT SPACE MONSTERS | Osiris New Dawn #1! :D

Or Osiris “Zero” Dawn. Silly Sean that’s a different game title! xD 

But me making fun of him aside. THIS GAME WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! :D Space and big dinosaur like alien creatures? Sign me up! I also really liked the game’s attention to detail too with things blocking out the sun and with the sand and rain on your helmet when it’s a sand wind storm or a rain storm. It helps the game feel a little more immersive and realistic which is very nice. :)

But my favorite parts of this whole video was Sean’s reactions to stuff in this game. He was so giddy and excited throughout this video because this game just had so much stuff that he loves in video games and I absolutely love seeing him get all excited over a game because it helps me get into the game and have more fun with it too. His genuine enthusiasm and excitement is just absolutely contagious! :D 

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hi, I have some writer questions! how much research do you usually end up doing for your fics? and more specifically, how much research did you do for your latest?

hi hi! it depends on the fic itself, especially if it contains subjects and stuff i don’t know too much about. i remember when i wrote affetuoso, i watched a lot of ballet and read up on it, that was a lot of fun to look into that world.  

my last long-ish fic, remember my love had an interesting historical-fantasy setting. i played with the historical bits because there was magic and it’s regency and i wanted … outfits and ridiculousness. so probably not entirely accurate to what people were wearing in regency london but it was a lot of fun trying to get there. the biggest part of the research for this fic was the horse details! @thewinterotter was amazing in helping me out and enduring all my questions about horses and what they were like and how people interacted with them. we had a lot of fun talking about magical horse breeds too and i learned so much about horses. 

all’s fair had quite a bit of research; since i was writing a demisexual and a demiromantic character, i wanted to do it well; i had demiromantic and demisexual beta readers, i read a TON about everything and learned a lot about the spectrum. 

i think research can be super helpful when writing fic, especially if you want to learn more about how something works. the depth of the research depends; sometimes i can get super sidetracked on a random detail that doesn’t really matter to the story in the end, but it’s pretty fun.

thank you for asking!  ❤

The Freaks Come Out At Night

“Imagine you being the new girl in Charming after running away from an abusive relationship and Tig pretty much falls head over boots for you and asks you out to the state fair and then over time through a roller coaster of a relationship, you become his old lady!”

I really had a fun time writing this one, I couldn’t stop laughing haha, especially the bumper carts part, I can totally see the club just having a great time playing bumper carts, hahaha, enjoy, lovelies!





You’ve never been to the California state fair, it was always too far since it was in the capital, Sacramento and you were almost 500 miles away when you lived in Riverside, it was just too far for you.

You could see the ferris wheel from the freeway, you were so excited, the last time you were on a ferris wheel you were 8 and your grandparents took you to Santa Monica Pier.

You held on tightly to Tig’s waist, you were a bit nervous because it was your first time on a motorcycle and you didn’t know it’d take you guys almost an hour to get to Sacramento.

You looked over and saw Donna holding onto Opie for dear life, then you remember Opie saying that she doesn’t really like motorcycles, which is ironic since her husband is in a motorcycle gang. You saw Chibs, Kozik, and Juice in the back and Jax and Clay in the front, Gemma looked like a queen on her old man’s bike, same with Tara.

By the time you guys got there, it was sunset, so the colors of the rides and games were really standing out. You all were gathered together in line, you noticed Gemma and Clay looking like high school sweethearts, they were cute together, but it still didn’t change your opinion on Clay, but you, of course, kept that to yourself. Opie and Jax looked like little boys, they were play fighting in the middle of the line while their old ladies cheered them on and laughing. Juice and Chibs had a father-son type relationship, Chibs had Juice in another playful headlock while Juice was trying everything he could to get out of it, so eventually Chibs let go.

You were all a pack, and you loved it, you felt like you fit in finally.

Tara, you, and Donna were talking about their kids and how Ope and Donna were thinking about finding a bigger place once some money starts to build, and they asked you how you met Tig, “I’ve only known him for less than a week, him, Chibs, and Juice came into the store while I was working to buy some booze for the weekend and Juice invited me, but Tig caught my eye, so we hung out at the party and he invited me for tonight, he just seems…different,” they noticed your eyes lighten up whenever you talk about him, “well, he certainly is indeed indeed different,” they both smiled at each other and laughed, they’ve known Tig longer than you have that’s for sure, they probably know all about him, his birthday, his background, his family, where he’s from, all that stuff they probably know, and you want to know too, “what do you mean?” they grinned, “he’s a cool guy, but he can be a little weird at times, but you’ll know once you get to know him, but don’t let that hold you back, Y/N” they both turned to each other and started talking again about houses and their kids, you didn’t know what to think when they said that, ‘don’t let that hold you back’ what was that even supposed to mean?

“Come on, doll, we’re up next for our tickets.” Tig had his hand on the small of your back, everywhere he touched felt warm, and when he let go, you could still feel his hand on that exact spot and you loved it.

You all finally made your way into the fairgrounds and Tig put your unlimited wristband on, “I say we hit the bumper carts first, it’ll be fun!” Juice said jumping up and down practically, “Alrighty, Juicey boy, you can bump me since all these lovebirds got eachotha’” Chibs grabbed his shoulder, we all headed towards the bumper carts and waited in line, watching the kids driving insanely, bumping into each other and having the time of their lives.

It was your groups’ turn, you chose the green bumper cart in the middle and Tig chose th blue on off to the side, Donna and Juice sat on either side in their colors and everyone else kinda found their own carts, you heard the bell go off and immediately headed towards Tara, you got hit from the side by Chibs, you bumped your head and started laughing “ah, sorry lass, I meant to hit you from the back,” he winked and Tig rammed into his side, “sorry, meant to get you from the front you creepy old man!” they both laughed, you saw Clay chasing Gemma like a bee chasing a kid, it was cute, until Jax, Tara, and Gemma turned on Clay and rammed him into the corner. Donna was chasing Opie, and Opie was chasing Tig who was chasing you, but you somehow managed to spin around and hit Tig from the front and you winked at him, “Get the fresh meat!” Jax yelled pointing towards you, everyone started heading your way and all you could do is keep going around in circles, you looked like a chicken with its head cut off, finally, Chibs, Opie, Tig and Juice cornered you and just rammed into you causing you to almost flip out of the cart, you all couldn’t stop laughing, you felt your stomach start to hurt you were so happy. You saw Kozik in the corner of your eye standing on the sideline, you were wondering why he didn’t join you, but you didn’t think anything of it, the bell rang and it was over for your group. You unbuckled yourself and saw Tig was there to help you up, “thank you my knight in shining armor,” you took his hand, “anything for you,” he held your hand, your fingers intertwined with each others.

“Where to next?” Donna asked, “hmm, what about the arcade, I think the ladies might wanna take home some teddy bears, don’t you Juice?” Jax gave his devilish grin, Juice grabbed you and Tara, “yes I think we do, don’t we, girls?” he had that dorky smile, you all laughed and headed towards the arcade.

Tig and Opie were playing wack-a-mole and Chibs and Kozik were playing it too on the next booth, “Jesus Christ, ya fuckin’ mole!” Chibs was getting annoyed, he couldn’t hit any of them, “let me show you how it’s done, old timer,” Jax took the toy hammer and missed every one of the moles, “what’s that you say, Jackie boy? ‘Let me show you how it’s done?” They both laughed, you looked over to see Tig trying to rip the mole out of the hole with his bare hands, “calm down, man, it’s just a stupid game!” Opie moved him back, “it’s messin’ with me!” you laughed and went over to challenge Tig, “alright, I got this,” he was trying to be cocky, and of course, only hit one, while you hit a whopping 12 out of 15. You were laughing and cheering, Opie picked you up and cheered, “we got a winner!” he set you down and you hugged Tig, “it’s all alright, Tigger, you can’t hit everything,” you smiled looking up at him, “oh, there’s something I’d like to hit,” he winked at you and you could feel his hand squeeze your butt, you’re heart started to race, you weren’t gonna protest, you loved it. “Come on, let’s go ride something,” he pulled you, “there’s something else I’d like to ride,” you said into his ear, you swear you could see his whole body shiver with horniness.

You all headed towards the rides area, Clay and Gemma stuck to the slow moving rides, Gemma couldn’t actually ride the quicker ones because of her heart, but of course Clay stuck behind with her, he didn’t mind. Chibs, Juice, and Kozik went towards the biggest one leaving you and the other couples behind, “we’ll be back, Jackie boy, just gotta see what this Juice is made of,” Chibs was always teasing Juice, but they were brothers. You were holding Tig’s hand, Ope was with Donna, and Jax with Tara.

“What do you say we get our ladies something to take home,” Jax smiled at Tara, “yeah, come on,” Tig grabbed your hand. You all walked to the water gun game, “Piece. Of. Cake.” Tig smiled to his brothers, they all lined up and grabbed a gun and aimed, the bell rang and they shot, each one of them getting it right on the dot, Opie shoved Jax, and Jax aimed the gun at him spraying him with water, Donna was laughing the hardest so Opie pointed his water gun at her and drenched her arm, she laughed and ran towards him to hug him, Jax and Tig kept going, but of course, Tig one, “alright, sweetcheeks, which one you want?” you looked up and saw the cutest panda bear you’ve ever seen, it had a huge gut with a bamboo stick in its paw, “hey, it looks like Bobby!” Tig shouted, “that’s foul, man,” Jax couldn’t help but crack up, all their faces were red with laughter, but you gotta admit, you did think it looked like Bobby.

Throughout the rest of the night, each one of the girls had their own stuffed animal including Juice and Chibs, they won each other small bears, you thought it was adorable.

“The state fair will be closing in 15 minutes, please make your way towards the exits and have a safe drive.”

“Alright we should start heading back, it’ll be close to midnight by the time we get home,” Jax handed Tara his sweatshirt, but he still wore his cut. “Let’s go, everyone, Jackie boy is getting sleepy,” Chibs joked, “nah, man, just was thinking that you needed to get ready for that old folks home,” Jax laughed, they were all always joking and having a good time, you could never imagine one of them being violence or even dangerous at that matter.

“You ready, doll?” Tig kissed your forehead, “whenever you are, I am,” he had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you leaned your head on his shoulder, next thing you knew, you saw a flash, “that was such a cute moment, the couple’s first photo together!” Donna shrieked, you didn’t know she brought her camera, “you had that the whole time?” you asked, “yeah, I totally forgot it was in my bag the whole time, let’s take a group photo?” Donna smiled, you all cheered to the question and asked a random person to take your photo, you all stood in a group squeezed together, the girls were in the front with their men behind them, Juice of course gave the dorkiest of smiles, Chibs didn’t really smile, just kind of tilted his head a bit, and Kozik just gave a full on mugshot. “Say cheese!” the random person snapped the photo, and handed Donna back her camera. “Thank you!” She smiled when she looked at the photo, Opie and Donna looked the cutest you thought, their height difference made it all the better, Tara and Jax looked like a younger version of Clay and Gemma, Clay of course had that weird smile of his with his hands on Gemma’s hips and Gemma giving her queen smile. Tig and you were on the far left, his hands on your shoulders and he gave a serious look, you liked it, “send me that will you?” you wanted to frame it, your first picture with your new friends, “yeah of course!”

You all walked towards the bikes and put on your helmets, and rode home.

When you got back to Charming, you didn’t stop at TM, once you got to your first stop you all said bye to each other and went your separate ways, Tig was dropping you off. You were fascinated with the sky, you’ve never had this view before, in the middle of the night, full view of the stars and the moon, you thought it was beautiful. You looked up the whole ride to your home.

“Alright, we’re here,” Tig said as he pulled into your driveway, you handed him the helmet and he walked you to your door, “do you wanna come in?” you were hoping he’d say yes, “I better not, gotta work in the morning,” he sighed, “when am I gonna see you again?” his body grew closer, “gimme a call sometime,” you grinned, “I had a lot of fun tonight, thank you for the panda and flowers, I love them,” you batted your eyelashes at him, his icy eyes pierced through you, you were so enchanted by him, Tig leaned down and cupped your cheek and planted a firm but gentle kiss on your lips, of course, you kissed back, you both let go, “I had a great time too, I’ll give you a call, Y/N.” He gave you a final hug before you opened your door and he walked to his bike, you looked out the window to watch him ride away.



I hope you loves enjoyed it! This was my favorite part to write lol, I had so much fun with this one, I had to rewrite it a few times, cause I didn’t like where it was ending the first time I wrote it, but I really hope you liked this one! Thanks for reading.


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I don't know reather too feel bad for the girl on nates snap (she was sleep or something and everyone was singing "she gotta go" and the girl showing her titts too Big Mike.) or too laugh my ass off😂 I feel bad cause they're gonna get shit but its funny as hell

As we have got to see they had a lot of fun 😂 some of them maybe too much fun. Now we can laugh, we will think about the concequences later.

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May i request a scenario with mikuni with is s/o are jaelous of Abel and, she try to make him jaelous for doing the same thing but with Doubt Doubt in is snake form ? I hope it's okay XD i'm not good in english :$ by the way i love your'e blog *^*

Hello anon ! Thank you so much ! As I said, you are the last “ Mikuni’s girlfriend being jealous of Abel ” scenario for now because I made already two of them recently (here and here). I hope this one will not be too similar than the others I made and that you’ll enjoy it !
PS: Poor Abel though xD ! But I still had a lot of fun writing this !

Mikuni Arisuin

Oh Mikuni Arisuin ! That handsome guy you met with his messy blond hair, his cow-boy hat that made him look a little like a gangsta. That boy with his brown eyes that were shooting at your heart every time you looked at them and his voice… his voice that had tones you never heard before. He was the perfect man to you, and you wondered why he didn’t have a girlfriend because someone like him, every one would run after to stole his heart ! However, when you learned more about him, you discovered the reason… It wasn’t even because of the fact he has a Servamp or anything, it is totally about something else…
Abel. It was her name. No, not a girlfriend or a rival. “ Just a doll ” as Mikuni says every god damn time, but he keeps talking about that doll as if she was his true love. Well, you find it pretty annoying and you couldn’t avoid being jealous even if it wasn’t your type at all. However, you are someone pretty playful and it was time to get a little revenge.

Today you had to go to Tetsu Sendagaya’s onsen. Indeed, Mikuni’s little brother wanting to spend some time with him and you were allowed to see those guys, also praying that his little brother wasn’t a doll guy. Abel is more than enough already. It would be a nightmare otherwise.

“ Hello everyone ! ” you cheerly said while entering the shop.
- “ Hi [Y/N] !” he exclaimed while gently hugging you. “ I am sorry I have something to do before but please make yourself comfortable ! ” he added.
- “ No problem ! I can understand that being a shop owner isn’t that easy, take your time ! ” you smiled.
- “ Hello [Y/N], are you doing well ?” joined Je-Je.

You talked with these two for a while and then sat on a sofa at the back of the shop. You watched Mikuni working hard, and thought it was literally the perfect moment to establish your plan. You were playing cards with Je-Je but you felt that the Servamp wasn’t that fine too. You really liked Je-Je, he was that super cute friend you want to protect all the time and seeing him like this with you, it was really weird. Precious people should always smile and be happy !

“ Je-Je, is everything alright ? ” you asked him, worrying.
- “ Oh I am sorry [Y/N]… ” he lended on you and whispered, “ Mikuni tricked me today, and I couldn’t drink his blood. Again.” he sighted.
- “ Jeez, he really should stop doing that joke every time, I hope that you are still healthy ? ” you replied.
- “ I am. It is just frustrating at the moment. ” Je-Je explained.
- “ I see… do you want to get your revenge ? Because I want mine too, over… Abel. You know. ” you added.

Je-Je lend his hand toward you and you made a high five with him, nodding at each other. You then just told him to turn into a snake and hoped that it would work if you were acting exactly the same as Mikuni with Abel. You chuckled and petted Je-Je the whole time while looking at your crush, working.

“ Time to get up ! I am finished ! ” Mikuni exclaimed.
- “ Look Mikuni ! Je-Je is making a perfect circle on my lap ! It’s so… so cute ! ” you said while admiring the Servamp being cute.
- “ Stop fooling around or we’ll be late ! ” Mikuni pouted.
- “ Just a moment ! I need to print this picture in my heard for ever ! ” you answered, faking being absorbed by the snake.
- “ It can wait ! ” the blond boy said while taking your hand.
- “ Calm down ! That’s just Je-Je, I am coming ! ” you answered while Je-Je snaked around your neck.
- “ But a moment ago you were… ” the blond boy began to say.
- “ You really need a break Mikuni-kun ! ” you chuckled.

You felt so proud of yourself as you saw Mikuni’s expression being totally confused. You went to the onsen, and of course you were always teasing Mikuni with Je-Je, and it was totally working. Even when he was trying to do the same with Abel, you weren’t feeling any jealousy anymore because you had so much fun with Je-Je. However, the blond boy wasn’t feeling that way…

“ [Y/N] … ” Mikuni said. His tone wasn’t joking at all.
- “ Y-Yes ? ” you answered, a bit panicked
- “ Can I talk to you ? I think we need to make some things clear. Am I right ? ”
- “ O-Of course you can… ” you answered while Je-Je turned back into his human form, deciding to let you two alone. You were even more panicked right now.
- “ Finally ! First : Well played ! ” he chuckled. “ I never thought that you two would trick me one day !”
- “ Oh thank you ! I’m glad you got it, to be honest I began to be scared that you wouldn’t notice anything. ” you smiled at him.
- “ I am not that stupid, trust me, I know a lot of things ~ ” he smirked while approaching you and caressed your cheek to hold your chin “ …and I know that you are a bad girl too ~ ”
- “ M-Mikuni… ” you just left out in confuse.
- “ If you wanted my attention, why didn’t you asked ? ” the blond boy sough against your lips.
- “ I… I never thought that… ” you tried to say but your heart was beating so fast, how could you speak in such a moment ? Just by his sight you felt that he was devouring you.
- “ You thought wrong dollie. ” Mikuni answered while giving you a kiss.
- “ Y-You aren’t joking right now ? ” you asked shyly.

You got as an answer, a much stronger and passionnate kiss. You put your crush much closer to you, holding him strongly. How long have you been waiting for this ! You rushed your hands through his hair while he was caressing your back and dangerously going more and more down. You tried to warn him to not do that here because you didn’t wanted anybody to notice but Mikuni didn’t listen and slightly grab your butt. You moaned a little in your french kiss but you suddenly hear a door being violently slammed. You went all red and hide your head against his chest while Mikuni laughted so hard and yelled “ We are coming ! Sorry ! ”


“ Misono ?! Are you alright ? God you look pale, is it because of him ?” exclaimed Mahiru in panick.
- “I saw.. things… I shouldn’t have seen… Why me ! ” answered the purple haired-boy, covering his face that turned all red.
- “ What did you saw ? ” asked Tetsu nonchalantly.
- “ You know Misono, you might be even more naughty when you’ll get older ! ” Snow Lily laughted.
- “ Say no more ! ” yelled Mikuni’s little brother.
- “ Oh, so Mikuni has a girlfriend ? ” wondered Hugh while taking a slight look outside, by a window.
- “ Then I should make a room for them and buy roses and maybe champagne ? ” nooded the Tetsu while taking notes.
- “ Please don’t, I want to sleep well at night, not hearing them– ” yawned Kuro.
- “ STOP IT ! ” screamed Misono while running away.
- “ Oh dear, he’s too pure for this world ! ” exclaimed the strawberry blond one while bursting into a hard laugh. “ Oh and Je-Je you can sleep with me no problem ! ” chuckled Snow Lily while patting Je-Je paper bags. Indeed the Servamp of Envy sneaked into the onsen and was holding his brother’s leg (reference here )
- “ WHEN THE FUCK DID HE ARRIVED ?! ” jumped Mahiru.

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Will you write more of Eomer and Maddie? I find myself reading their small story over and over. I'd love to know when the relationship changed our, how he courted her, her pregnancy, if they have other children! Basically I'd just loved to read more of them. Any chance you'll write them?

I want to say two things: 1) I went to a renaissance faire for the first time this weekend and spent entirely too much money on a costume but had WAY too much fun. I want to go again forever. 2) The Last Goodbye, by Billy Boyd I haven’t listened to since writing the final chapter of HwtF. It still makes me cry, and I know because I cried writing this. I don’t even have kids but here it is. It’s been awhile since I’ve written so I apologize if the quality isn’t as good as usual. 

Keep reading

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4, 14, 18, 20, 27 for Kahlan, 3, 16, 35, 41, 42 and 44 for your warrior queen Laurea for the Hard Mode Character Dev. Questions.

Hi Nighty! Thank you very much for asking <3 It is fun to talk about my DAO characters again :D I put it under the continue because it is too big. xD (and sorry for my terrible English, I hope things are not so confuse). 

Kahlan Amell

Laurea Tabris - my Warrior Queen

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I just got out of a local Yu-Gi-Oh 4DX cheering show and OMG IT WAS SO FUN. There were six people in the theater total. All girls. A couple invited me over to sit with them since it was so empty. But we all had cyalumes.

Apparently this has been out for a week already so the bonus Blue Eyes White dragon card was goooonne. But wait! Does that mean everyone went the first weekend and didn’t come back?! GAK! But that’s the whole point of cheering shows. It takes a couple viewings to really get into it.

And this movie has SO MUCH POTENTIAL TOO omg I thought of so many things to say after the moment was gone. Sadly I could tell I was the only person from King of Prism since I was the first one that cheered the piracy ad. Which was a huge shame because there were so many Kinpri jokes I could have made. (カイバは負けるわけねえだよ!!)

But as the movie went on I began to see why people might not come back. This movie is long. LOOONG. Seriously it’s over two hours. Which is just too long for cheering. You get tired and you just want to watch it… (It’s odd to admit I’m really hoping the next King of Prism isn’t longer than an hour and a half seriously. One hour is the perfect cheering length.)

So as for the 4DX version. There weren’t as many opportunities for bubbles (since y'know desert) but they sure used pointless smells. The Blue Eyes White Dragon smells like pine trees like everything else. Lots of fun with the motion to keep me awake during the long duels ahaha but seriously.

I don’t know what the DVD release status is but if you have ever wached Yu-Gi-Oh at all WATCH THIS MOVIE. It all comes back to you so fast I laughed until I cried WATCH YU-GI-OH DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS.