i had too much fun so i made an extra

Did somebody say “fuckboi?”
Anyways, here’s a Darkstripe.
I had so much fun designing him, but I think I made him way too pretty for his own good.


He’s like, super salty that Bluestar didn’t give him the -face suffix, because he thinks he’s the prettiest and best looking.

And whenever he goes to gatherings, he sees Buzzardface and he’s like “You don’t look that great. Get over yourself, so extra” but internally he’s like I want to claw him across his stupid handsome face.

Or he sees Clawedface, and he’s just like “Ha, sucks to be you!”

Or he introduces himself to a random group of cats like “Hello, what a lovely evening. My name is Darkface, nice to meet you all.”

And they’re just like “Isn’t your name Darkstripe?”

And he’s just like “Well, Bluestar is a stupid bitch who can’t see real beauty right in front of her.”

But then some toms mistake him for a molly, and they hit on him. And he’s just like “BITCH! I MEAN THANKS, BUT FUCK YOU!” Cause he secretly doesn’t mind being admired, because at least somebody thinks he’s pretty.

And back at home, he flirts with Brindleface constantly and has a mild crush on her, but it’s mostly to annoy her. And she’s just like “Let me eat my fucking vole in piece, or you and Clawedface can be name buddies.”

And Lizardtail’s like “Dude…you need to stop.”

And Darkstripe is just comically sobbing into Lizardtail’s shoulder, and he’s like “you think I’m pretty, right?”

And Lizardtail just lets out an exasperated sigh because he always deals with this, and he’s like “Yes Darkface, you’re very pretty.”

And Darkstripe just squeals for the rest of the day because nobody willingly calls him that.

But sometimes Tigerclaw will call him by that by accident (because he overheard Lizardtail say it a few times and it got stuck in his head).

And Darkstripe’s like !!!!!!!!!!

Like, he knows that Tigerclaw didn’t do it on purpose, but he doesn’t really care because the big, stoic, stern, and stone-faced warrior just called him pretty.

And he just…can’t!

Salty Darkstripe is my favourite Darkstripe XD

@warriorsredux’s version like always, and since I know somebody really likes Darkstripe, I think it’s only fair to tag @silverhawk.


IT’S V DAY!!!!
Here is my final piece of artwork for @mysticmessimagines’s Valentines week :3
And as usual, my favourite CGs of V, plus a little extra thing which made me cry ;;;
V is one of my favourites - he’s so precious, so pure and he needs much more love T^T
Thank you so much @mysticmessimagines for hosting this amazing week, it’s been so much fun and it’s helped my blog grow too! I only had 5 followers before this week started because I only actually made this blog two weeks ago, and this week has really helped me to get more! ^^ You’ve also given me the chance to meet new friends too ^^
So thank you so much!!!
Also, thank you to those who have liked and reblogged my posts; one of my contributions (I think it was Yoosung’s or Zen’s) reached 100 notes and that means a lot to me ^^

Stuck With Me - Part 10

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Sam x Reader

Words: 1,400

A/N: We’ve reached the end my friends. Not gonna lie I’m a little sad about it. Thank you for hanging out with me these last 9 parts. I really hope you like this one. It’s a little different, it’s in Cas’ POV. Let me know what you think! (Also if you ever want to come talk to me about this series please do I kinda love it and I want to know what you think happened after this ending.)


Watching the relationship between Sam and Y/N grow was beautiful. I’ve come to learn my father has his faults, but when you watch a love like theirs it’s evident He’s the only one who could’ve created it. Y/N fit so perfectly into the Winchesters’ -and I suppose my- family so seamlessly it was as if she’d been through it all. Not that she herself is perfect. None of us are, but Y/N and Sam are perfect for each other.

In my millenia of watching the humans, I’ve come to understand that lives are made of many singular moments, most seem insignificant at the time. When woven together though, those moments, even the smallest among them make a life with unimaginable meaning. The Winchesters, perhaps more than most. After all, no other human, or any other being for that matter can claim to have saved the world several times over.

The majority of Sam and Dean’s lives has been big. Big catalyst, big monsters, big fights, even bigger losses. I believe that is why they are truly able to relish in the small, quiet moments. For too many people, those moments mean little to nothing. For the Winchesters they’re blissful.

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il-legible  asked:

I really, really liked "Fly", I found my face hurting from smiling at the very last scene! But nearly unrelated question- I loved the songs you suggested. Both for the story and at the end! What other genres do you like? I'm open to anything- so would you be okay with recommending me some more? Maybe a Top 10 list?

Aww thank you so much for loveeeee! I had a lot of fun writing it. I guess it doesn’t feel like a lot happens, but ‘Fly’ establishes a lot about the reader and your relationship with the Blackwatch squad. Most importantly, you’re pretty badass and Reyes has a lot of faith in you.

I’m glad you like the music I recommended too! So I’m very stuck in my trap music phase at the moment. I’m gonna copy the rec list I made on my other blog cause they’re solid tunes, but also add some extra stuff. My taste in music jumps all around, but hopefully you like at least one of the following:

Something chill:

Some go to tunes when I’m frustrated (you can tell how old i am tho *criessss*):

Also might be weird, but these are fucking good mixes of anime op/eds and popular tunes. Nakinyko is amazing, but I dunno if they’re active anymore:

Game and movie soundtracks:

Okay this got really long, but let me know what you guys think of these. <3

Sweet Sixteen- Chapter 20


Okay guys, this one is NOT the punishment chapter. That one comes next. I decided to cut the chapter in half because, well, I have the power man idk what to tell you ;) It’s night time here now, so I’m going to go to bed and when I wake up I’ll start writing the punishment and post it tomorrow (or later today if you’re in America, so for the time-zone challenged, somewhere within the next 12 hours). Okay? Sweet. Just shh, patience :) This chapter was written because it has come to my attention that everyone seemed to love the hot tub scene in GTSMU, so, ya know, enjoy.

Vic had definitely proved his point. This party was a lot better than a tacky high school one. He seemed to have put his punishment on a bit of a pause and allowed me to have fun, however, he must have been feeling extra mischievous tonight because he still made me have the vibrator inside me, just for his own amusement. He let me keep the vibrations turned off though, so it wasn’t that much of a bother but still managed to keep me turned on all night. I had been drinking too much to care about what Vic did to me though.

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I own a pink “Elect Alison Hendrix” shirt, and I love it. (Orphan Black is one of my favorite shows if you hadn’t guessed.) Whenever I meet an Orphan Black fan while wearing that shirt, they tend to love it too. It’s great. I had an extra fun experience with it the other day though. I walked up to a political booth, and once one of the workers noticed me, he immediately began questioning me about the beliefs of Alison Hendrix and what she was running for. I explained that it was from a show, but I was so tempted to just launch into a spiel about her campaign based on what I knew from the show. He calmed down after that and talked about some of his favorite shows, but it pretty much made my morning when that happened. Believe me, Buddy, if Alison Hendrix was running for something, she probably would be the one to vote for.

It’s completely okay to cosplay whoever whatever your size or color or complexion or whatever is, the people saying you can’t are wrong as heck.


Please don’t draw Rose Quartz/Amythest/Steven as skinny. I have hypothyroidism, which means my metabolism has always been a lot slower than average. The medication to right it is expensive too. Growing up with extra weight is so hard, people always remind you, and you never stop getting told that it’s your fault, that you’re not doing enough, that the people mocking you are just “trying to help you”. I went through so much bullying, I had so many people telling me from the time I was in elementary school that I could never be loved because of my shape, and I believed them. I never saw people my shape in books or magazines or on tv, or if they did exist, they were constantly being made fun of for being stupid or lazy or gross or unattractive. 

For so long I hated my body, it took me a long time to see myself as anything but disgusting. Seeing the body diversity in Steven universe has made me so hopeful that other girls will see a chance to see themselves as beautiful and strong and tough, even if aren’t a size zero. The same goes for the people drawing Pearl with a toned down nose and a bigger chest

Don’t thin down the crystal gems. Just this once, let the little girls who grew up thinking they would never be pretty, that they would always be the comic relief feel like they can be the hero too. I know drawing different body shapes is hard, but this is a wonderful chance to learn! 

Keep Rose Quartz a goddess who can’t find her pants size.

enscarose submitted:

Alright so story behind this (Because i don’t expect anyone to understand that..speech? bubble) Tanrine had made some hair ties for camp triggerfish, (Not sure why. Maybe as one of those things you get at the beginning of the week and then just keep to remember it by? i have no idea.)  Anyways she made some for the camp, but not as many inklings showed up as they expected, so they had extra. When she asked what to do with them, one of the head counselors told her that since these inklings never once showed up, she could just give them to anyone she knew who might need/want a hair tie.

So here she is giving one to Logan……this cuteness was way too much fun to draw.

Please accept my art TammyFog senpai 

Okay people. Look at this! This is frikin adorable, okay?

I swear i’ll do some LoganxTanrine fluff soon since it’s February


This year, we handmade all of our ornaments, from things found in the forest! (: I was afraid to get out all my antique decorations, because we have too many crazy cats parading through the house… I figured we’d make something they can’t break. We made ornaments from tiny little Hemlock cones, Spruce cones, Pine cones, pine knots, seeds, vines, butterfly wings, and painted limbs. I had so much fun collecting them, not to mention painting and decorating. I didn’t spend a dime, and I can honestly say that it is my favorite tree we’ve decorated, ever. It’s so beautiful, I can’t stop smiling when I look at it! (: The cones even gave an extra gift of many many seeds, which I am going to plant all over the place! ^_^  

Best dessert I've ever tasted. An Ashton Irwin Smut

Six months without Ashton was like twenty years without your guiltiest pleasure, or years without water. Ashton was away rocking out on the ‘Where We Are’ tour, he didn’t have much time to come home lately, but finally he had enough time off to spend at least three days with his family and I. Not much time but I’m still excited for him to be home.

I spent most of the week cleaning and stocking up on his favorite snacks, I picked up a few special items for his first night home. Hopefully he will like what I have planned. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so I hope it all goes well.

I got a call from Ashton saying to pick him up at the airport, apparentally his flight got in early and he was waiting there alone. I rushed to the car and drove to the airport, I found him talking to a crowd of fans. When he saw me he told them bye and walked to the car, putting his bags in the boot before getting the passenger side. “Oh my god babe I missed you so much. Cuddles with Luke are nothing compared to cuddling with you.” He pulled me close and held up the papers in his hand, blocking the fans view of him kissing me lovingly on the lips. “I missed you too Ashton, and at least you had a cuddle buddy, all I had was your extra pillow.”

On the way home he talked about all the places he’s been so far, naming a few he would love to take me to visit. He told me about the MVA’s and all the shows they have done so far. It was really fun to hear him talk about something he loves so much, just watching as his eyes lit up and the way his dimples seem more prominate. It made my heart melt and flutter at the same time.

When we got home I told him to shower and take a nap while I make dinner, he didn’t object in the slightest bit, he just took a quick shower then passed out on the bed. I got to work on making his favorite meal, spaggiittii, he told me on the ride home that he hasn’t had it in so long so I thought I’d make it for him now. About 45 minutes later I walked into the bedroom to wake him up. Only to find him about an inch away from rolling onto the floor, rushing to him I pushed him the opisite way, waking him uup in the process. “Dinner’s ready, and you were about to fall off the bed.”

We ate and talked about what I did while he was away, which was a short conversation. All I reallly did was work, hang out with friends, and chill at the beach. Not much to talk about, so I just told him about what was going on in 'Teen Wolf’. He was all caught up, on a show he doesn’t watch, by the time we were done eating. I cleaned up with his help, when we were done he walked to the living room to put on a movie.

“Um Ashton, you forgot about desert.” He cocked his eyebrow looking around for any sign of a sweet snack that he hadn’t seen before. I walked to him, placing my hands lightly on his chest, looking up into his courious hazel eyes. “Me.” I slid my hands up around his neck, pulling him down closer to me so I can whisper in his ear. “I’m your dessert.” When he realized what I meant he leaned down and gripped my thighs, pulling up as I lifted my legs to wrap them around his waist. He attached his lips to mine as he carried me to the bedroom, setting me down on the bed and hovering over me.

“Are you sure Jessica, I don’t want you to do just you think you have to. I know this is your first time.” I smiled up at him, watching as his eyes turned more green with lust, nodding my head slowly. “I trust and love you Ashton, I’m ready.” He nodded as he removed my shirt, attaching his lips to my neck as I went to work on his pants. He left sloppy opened mouth kisses down to my breast, reacing behind me to unclasp my bra, marking each one with a purple love bite. He lifted me up higher on to the bed before removing my jeans and underwear, telling me to lay back as he sunck to his knees. He lightly pushed open my legs, leaning in slowly I gasped when I felt his tongue slide up my slit slowly.

He spread my folds with the tips of his fingers, laying his tongue flat on my clit, he moved it in a circle. I moaned loudly as I pulled on his sandy curls, he slowly slid one finger in side me, curving iit to rub my g spot. Fingering me slow as I started to writhe on the bed from his actions, he placed his free hand on my heaving stomach to hold my hips still. He added another finger and started moving them faster, rubbing my clit faster and harder with his tongue, moaning against me when I pulled on his hair. “Ashton please, I need you so bad right now.” He pulled away smirking at the smal whimper that left my lips, he walked to the dresser drawer and pulled out a condom from his top drawer.

He ripped it open and rolled it on, getting between my legs and lining him self up. “Ready?” I nodded and bit down on my lip as he pushed in, it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought, it was more of a streaching a sore muscle kind of feeling. He pushed all the way in then leaned over me, supporting his weight on his forearms, holding still so I could adjust to his size. When the soreness subsided I nodded to him telling him to move, when he pulled out I groaned at the loss, maoning loudly as he thrusted back in.

He found a fast rhythem that had me gasping for air and trying to speak through my moans. He lifted both my legs up, letting them rest on his arms as he held himself up. He thrusted harder making the bed screach as it rocked, I clawed at his arms and back as a ball of fire grew in the pit of my stomach. The heat flowed through my veins with each foward snap of Ashton’s hips, making me see white as a scream bubbled in my throat. “You gonna cum baby, ugh fuck you’re getting tighter around me. Let it go baby, cum for me.” I screamed out jumbbled words as the ball of fire exploded through out my body, envading my vision with fireworks, and making me arch off the bed. Ashton slammed in and started grinding his hips into mine as he realeased into the condom. He held still for a minute letting us come down from our highs before pulling out of me,  removing the condom he tied it off and threw it away.

He pulled me close to his sweat covered body, holding me tight as his eyes grew heavy. “You ok babe, I didn’t hurt you did I?” I shook my head and kissed his lips softly. “It was perfect Ashton, I’m glad I waited till I met you. I love you.” He smiled at me as his arms tightened around me. “I love you to Jessica, I’m glad you waited for me too. That was the best dessert I’ve ever had.” I blushed at his comment but didn’t reply as I heard small snore coming from Ashton, I snuggled closer and let sleep over take me as well.