i had too much fun making this tbh



   ↳ Sara Lance: workout videos, bruises, general badassery
   ↳ Leonard Snart: weird, model-esque B&W pictures. insta-famous as heck
   ↳ Ray Palmer: pictures with friends and ex-gf he never takes down
   ↳ Amaya Jiwe: PINK, aesthetic, the underdog of social media tbh
   ↳ Nate Heywood: pics of his loves and memes, especially us history memes
   ↳ Mick Rory: the guy who instagrams his food with bad filters
   ↳ Jax Jackson: cars and candid stein mostly
   ↳ Martin Stein: Jax made him do it

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What if Shaun was toddler? Do you have any headcanons on what it's like for companions dealing with a baby waddling around the settlement when sole is gone?

i took a guess of toddler shaun being around a year old and i had way too much fun with this request. thanks for this anon!


  • terrible with children tbh, but she tries her best
  • panics whenever he starts to cry
  • makes codsworth help her
  • extremely thankful when sole comes back and shaun’s in one piece


  • absolutely amazing with young kids
  • he was made for that after all!
  • shaun’s diaper is always changed and he’s always well fed.
  • always in bed by his bedtime
  • sole is very happy with him when they come back


  • very good with toddler shaun
  • like codsworth, she makes sure he’s on a strict schedule 
  • if human she’ll take him for walks and give him piggy back rides.
  • baby proofs sole’s house in the process of watching him.


  • 10/10 grill dad material
  • not the best with shaun, but he really does try
  • feeds him way too many snack cakes
  • running after the kid 24/7
  • sole comes home to find them both passed out on the couch


  • loves spending time with toddler shaun
  • pretty much that one cool uncle that all kids like
  • spoils the shit out of young shaun
  • lets him stay up until whenever he wants


  • doesn’t really watch shaun, but he helps out the other companions
  • will retrieve anything that shaun needs
  • shares his favorite teddy bear
  • loves to cuddle with little shaun


  • he was super scared that shaun would be afraid of him
  • (shaun actually loves him)
  • lets him play with his hat
  • when shaun finally says hancock he melts
  • a surprisingly good babysitter


  • being a dad to duncan already makes him great babysitting material
  • also lets the toddler play with his hat
  • reads shaun some of his favorite comics
  • wraps shaun in his coat if it’s cold
  • the both of the also fall asleep together on the couch


  •  almost drops shaun when he tries to touch his exposed wires
  • makes sure he doesn’t smoke around little shaun
  • takes him for walks around the settlement
  • makes ellie help him
  • buys him way too many toys


  • reads him plenty of bed time stories. she wrote half of them
  • knows how to take care of young kids from her experience with nat
  • loves to make him laugh
  • definitely, asks sole if she could watch him again


  • loves to cuddle with shaun
  • sews him a mini minuteman uniform. cutest thing ever tbh
  • loves to play with him
  • presents the mini-minuteman to sole when they get back


  • tempted to just use his recall code but he doesn’t
  • gets him a mini lab coat
  • finds out the kid is actually very interesting
  • has fun in the end

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i need festival tom headcanons yo like please

  • guys we need to talk about festival tom tbh
  • like if you met him at a music fest or something
  • you’d be having the time of your life in the crowd
  • looking bangin
  • i mean it is a festival so you’re definitely showing a little skin
  • and you look amazing
  • and you feel amazing too because it’s just the electric atmosphere on the crowd
  • you might’ve had a couple of drinks
  • but you’re only tipsy
  • just enough alcohol to make everything fun
  • you’re just having a jam, cheering and whooping with the crowd
  • and then your fave song comes on
  • so you’re singing along at the top of your lungs
  • a little badly tbh
  • but its so much fun so who gives a shit??
  • and then you make eye contact with this stranger in the crowd
  • it’s a rush of electricity and suddenly you’re both pushing closer to one another
  • still singing every word till your singing along together
  • terribly
  • but having the time of your life as you dance and sing with this attractive stranger
  • you and him cheer the loudest when it ends, a lip stretched to the max grin
  • and then, between the noise, he’s offering his hand for a handshake
  • you try not to laugh at this cutie
    • i’m tom!
  • but of course the crowd is still screaming so you can’t hear shit
  • wHAT?
    •  “i’M TOM!!
    • NO, TOM
  • ·         you just laugh because you’re both idiots trying to hold a conversation in the middle of a crowd
  • ·         so he offers you his hand & you take it, letting him lead you out of the sea of people
  • finally you get to slightly quieter part, still laughing and grinning
  • tom doesn’t let go of your hand though
    • okay, now we’re not surrounding by screaming people can you tell me your name?
    • tom, darling
  • you die because holy fuck he’s briTISH
  • lmao sorry if you’re british
    • can i get you another drink?
    • trying to get me drunk, hmm?
    • w-what? no! oh god, please don’t think i’m—
    • i’m only teasing you, dummy
  • and you just chat and flirt for awhile, getting to know each other
  • till another fave song comes on
  • and you just grab him hand like
    • c’mon! i love this one!
  • he’s never followed someone so willingly
  • seriously, he can’t believe how much he heart swells when he looks at you 
  • perhaps this is love at first sight? he thinks
  • he’s definitely fallen a little bit in love with you
  • but for the moment all he’s focusing on is
  • the music, loud but thrilling,
  • the warm night and mixed air, filled with cheers and mingled joy
  • and the grinning and bubbly girl who is holding his and singing along giddily
  • like it’s no wonder he can’t stop looking at you like you’ve hung the moon
  • you’re so mystical
  • and magical
  • and mysterious
  • and then it slows down to a slow song
  • you, not disconnecting your hands, just lean back into his chest
  • and you sway, feeling the music and the fresh taste of love
  • he decides the slow sway and flutter of your eyelashes is slightly better than hyped songs
  • and he knows
  • there’s not a chance in hell he won’t fall in love with you

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Madara doing eye sex to his crush and catches him o.O

I had TOO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS. We all love some Madara. <3 I wrote it so that his crush likes him back, and they both know that there’s something there. Hope that’s okay. Enjoy!! - Admin Nunu

Madara Uchiha Doing Eye Sex on His Crush

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod.

  • First of all, I just want to make it clear that Madara… that man. He is just too good at everything he does tbh…
  • She will feel uncomfortable at first, still unaccustomed to Madara granting her some kind of extended attention (since he is so busy with his responsibilities).
  • Madara eye-sexing his crush is more painful for them than it is for him. For every inch that his eyes travel, his crush can literally feel her skin burning. He exhibits a firm stance, and an intense, smouldering gaze that just makes his crush want to pounce on him. Like his eyes themselves are literally stripping off her clothing, one by one. Madara makes his crush writhe in anticipation. Madara will probably flicker his eyes away while subtly nibbling on his lip, just to add more to her anxiousness.
  • Madara doesn’t do it too often, but when he does… he does it at the most odd timing. In the middle of a meeting. An outing with friends. He just so happens to do it when there are other people around). And his crush can tell he’s eye-sexing them by the way Madara’s responses are kinda short and slow, almost delayed, because he is so distracted by the beauty that is his crush.
  • Lowkey Hashirama can tell when he does it, because Madara will seem withdrawn for a moment or two. Hashirama doesn’t pick on him for it, but he laughs to himself about it.

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a fanart asking me to reproduce it in cosplay! So here we go with a picture based on a fanart of @blackenedkrono, I had fun trying to pull out something <3

I am so attached to Prompto Argentum as I’ve never been. Tbh i didn’t think i’d connect with him like I have, but playing the game showed me he is the closest character to my own personality, and he lived pretty much what I had too. Changing country, finding friends and “having so much fun I forget what I’m not. Than reality hits me like a splash of cold water and I remember that I don’t belong. I can’t change where I came from. What I am.”

As usual, thanks for supporting me, always <3 You mean a lot to me! I’m really happy knowing I’m making you happy with the things I do ~

i honestly miss bb17 so much. that was one of the best summers of life on this blog. that cast had no personal beef against each other and it was a hilarious season. the live feeds were the best because they all had so much fun with each other. like “bb prom” and the fake commercials that they’d do. i also met the best people that season. this season now is just so problematic. they make everything personal. no one on this season is my favorite tbh. i’m glad i’m not paying that much attention to it.

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okay so i went to a punk concert and like the person i was talking to were so nice??? like she was like "yeah if you get hurt usually people will help you and make sure you're okay" and it was so nice

all punks are softies that are just looking out for each other! I’m glad to hear you had a fun time, concerts are one of the best places tbh!

-mod kip


R E Q U E S T 

i had too much fun making these tbh HAHAHAHAH (jisoos help me) OKAY IM PROUD OF THESE TEXTS BC I JUST OMG I CANT.


sorry if its late! :(

So I have just reached two hundred followers on here and OMG! Scarlet is a muse I totally made on a whim. Wanna know the origins of my ooc tag? The whole time I was constructing this blog I was like, “omg wild no you have too many blogs already pls stop”. But you know what? This muse is honestly, probably my favorite muse I’ve ever rped, and I don’t regret making this blog one bit. I’ve had so much fun rping her and developing her, especially thanks to you guys! I love you all so much, and tbh I’m terrible at sentimental stuff so have a ton of scarlet colored heart emojis (❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️) and a follow forever list!

@brattizen, @groovy-gadgeteer, @whateverhappenedtobabybratt, @coccinellc / @nycfae, @gentlerule, @eplabita and all ur blogs, @quitethepirategal / @floreatetona, @littleaquaa / @ilxvebothofyou, @bespectacledkitten, @imnctanangel, @coinchosen, @llamanorthwest, @seetheirsoul and all ur blogs, @microscopiic-abomination, @weebiter, @crookedgriin, @agentmansley / @lvckyluke, and everyone else too!! HAVE MORE RED HEART EMOJIS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Tbh your overwatch writing is so cute and gives me life!!! ❤️😭👏🏾👍🏽 can I get cute n fluffy headcanons or scenarios of hanzo, genji, McCree, dad76, Reinhardt, and zenyatta who are trying their best to make a little handmade present for their s/o? And what would they make? Sorry if it's too many characters, you can exclude some! Thank you!

Thank you so much anon! Also this is a really really sweet prompt and I had so much fun writing this. Here you go:

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hi!!! i love your writing so much especially berserk! it so weird and cool to think you basically wrote a book in 6 months- that's goals tbh. you're goals tbh. um for the ask writing meme, can you answer all even numbers + 53 with berserk as the story if that isn't too much??? if you don't want to do all that may you please do #30-54 even (+53). sorry if thats too much its just all the questions are super good!!! i hope you have/had a lovely day!!

2. Favorite part of writing.

The world building! God, I love world building so much. I try to make each universe distinct and playing around with locations/language/history is always super fun! I really want each universe to be memorable in its own right, something that really stands out to people!

4. Do you have writing habits or rituals?

Not really? I guess the only thing that comes to mind is that I always write out the dialogue for a chapter before doing anything else.

6. Favorite character you ever created.

I don’t do a lot of OCs, but I actually really adore everyone I created in Berserk, so you can expect Magi and Katya to be coming back at some point!

8. Favorite trope to write.

I don’t think I have a favorite tbh!

10. Pick a writer to co-write a book with and tell us what you’d write about.

Concept: @not-just-any-fangirl and I get together and write an fantasy/erotica novel.  

12. How do you deal with self-doubts?

Take a break and read fics for a while, then kick myself in the ass and throw myself into writing something more upbeat. 

14. What’s the most research you ever put into a book?

I guess Berserk with the languages? tbh I don’t do too much research for fics, considering a lot of it is stuff that’s coming directly from me.

16. Where do you take your motivation from?

Anything and everything! A lot of it is feedback from readers that keeps me going, but sometimes I see something so inspiring that I just have to write about it.

18. What’s your revision or rewriting process like?

I usually don’t do revisions until I’ve completed something, that way I know exactly what I need to change. With Berserk, I have to do a lot of revising to the beginning because of a timeline change and adding in things I forgot to include earlier on.

20. Post a snippet of a WIP you’re working on.

“Witches,” Lucy explains, answering Porlyusica’s question, “are generally more versatile Mythics.” She glares down at Flare, who sneers back. “People are more likely to hire us because we’re better known and more reliable.” Flare scoffs and Lucy arches a brow, smile a bit too sweet as she flicks her gaze away from the irate redhead, focusing back on their professor. “We have better reputations,” she continues, aware of Natsu watching her from the seat behind her. “Why hire a siren when a witch can do the job just as well, but without the added risk of drowning you in your bath tub?” she asks the class, hearing Flare hiss, the sound promising pain.

-witch!AU based on a lovely drawing by @constellunaa

22. How many drafts do you need until you’re satisfied and a project is ultimately done for you?

lmao what’s a draft

24. Poetry or prose, and why?

Prose. Poetry is the bane of my existence.

26. Standalone or series, and why?

Series! I love how much added character development comes with multiple books!

28. And who do you share them with?

I deleted the earlier question so I have no idea what this means???

30. Favorite line you’ve ever written.

Umm, probably any of the lines in Berserk where Natsu compares Lucy to gold. I can’t be bothered to search through to find them right now!

32. Easiest character to write.

Probably Natsu, honestly.

34. Handwritten notes or typed notes?

Typed unless I’m in class and don’t have my laptop.

36. A spoiler for Berserk.

The ending of arc 1 is going to leave people pissed and also excited.

38. Have you shared your outline of your story Berserk with someone? If so, what did they think of it?

I don’t share my outlines, but @not-just-any-fangirl knows what happens at the end of Berserk, and she seemed to like it lmao

40. Original Fiction or Fanfiction, and why?

Both! I mostly write fics, but all of them are original ideas, so it’s like, a fic only because of character names and descriptions sometimes. I do have some original stuff I plan to start soon, but first I need to outline them and meh

42. How do you figure out your characters looks, personality, etc.

I model it after the world around them. 

44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

I’ve been told a few times that my fics help cheer people up when they’re upset and that’s probably the best thing I could ever be told.

46. What would your story Berserk look like as a tv show or movie? 

It would probably be a darker TV show, probably similar to the tone of Game of Thrones, but without the unnecessarily added rape. Berserk is pretty serious most of the time, but with it’s lighter moments, so???

48. Favorite genre to write in.

Fantasy of all kinds, but I also adore crime AUs. I actually have plans for a White Collar AU at some point.

50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.

The one where Natsu’s penis turned into an actual snake. That one was actually Maci’s fault because I was joking and she encouraged me.

52. How did writing change you?

I have friends and a passion now.

53. What does writing mean to you?

tbh everything. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t writing.

54. Any writing advice you want to share?

Don’t give up if you love it, but know when you need to stop.

I like going out with my friends and coworker’s, but I always feel as if I either talk too much and am annoying or isn’t really feeling what’s going on and make people feel uncomfortable / less into what we’re doing. No in between. I feel like I’m not fun. Like. In a traditional / stereotypical sense. I don’t like young people shit tbh. I don’t like acting stupid and reckless in public. Like. Fuck I was trying to be in bed at 11:30 but I haven’t had a night out with friends in - I don’t even know how long. Anyway. It’s almost 3:30AM now. Gonna try and set my alarm for 9. Probably won’t wake up. We’ll see.

@faceplantmay replied to your post:

Thank god, I felt like I was reading too much into it, but when Chris had them make the airline announcement Griffin seemed ready and willing to just defend millennials and just did that tight mouth thing. Like, there just seemed to be a disconnect sometimes, and while they seemed to have fun, I didn’t want to read too much into it!

yeah no you weren’t reading into it at all, like tbh i went into it knowing that there were gonna be awkward moments just because i watch talking dead and chris is sometimes…not so yeah i’m sure they definitely did enjoy themselves they just didn’t want to play into that comedy (and yes when they announced the millennial thing me and my brother just looked at each other knowing griff was gonna lose it) 

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Little Yamaguchi having a stutter but with Tsukki it got better but then his bullies start making fun of him so he just stops talking all together -Tornado

You love my pain, and I do too, tbh. 

Tadashi doesn’t see Tsukki around much after the Akiteru incident; he skips practice, leaving Tadashi to walk home alone, and it’s hard to call and ask to come over on weekends when neither had a phone, nor the option of relaying messages through Akiteru’s phone. They hardly spend time together out of class now, and Tadashi’s gradually building confidence is beginning to diminish, evident in the way his stutter begins to come back. He’d been doing fine with the help of Tsukki, but with his vanishing presence, it was slowly but surely making reign on his life once again. 

Everyone notices them drifting apart, but the people that use this to their advantage are Tadashi’s old bullies. They start cornering him on his way home after the second week, when they’re sure Tsukki isn’t going to be around. 

“You left us all on our lonesome, Yamaguchi,” One boy says coldly, glaring Tadashi down. 

“We had to find another kid to mess with, and he wasn’t as fun as you,” Another says, and pushes Tadashi down. Tadashi falls to the ground with a whine, already feeling the tears welling up in his eyes. “Oh look, he’s as easy to get crying as always!”

The boys laugh, and one nudges him with his foot, not quite a kick but surely building up to one. The leader growls down at him. “What, not going to say anything? No ‘p- p- please d- don’t hurt me’? C’mon, we missed that!” 

“I- I just w- want t- to go h- home, l- l- leave me alone,” Tadashi whimpers, crawling away from them. One of the boys swings his leg and kicks Tadashi in the gut, and he falls with a grunt. 

“There it is.” The leader grins, like he’s proud of himself, and the others follow suit, snickering together in a monstrous roar. “See guys! I told you it would be back if the big one left him alone. And we all knew it was going to happen, too! Why would anyone so cool hang out with Yamaguchi?” 

The boys laugh again, and a sob bubbles up in Tadashi’s throat. “Wh- what wou- would come back?” He can’t help but ask. 

“That weird thing when you talk. Where the words stop!” The leader laughs heartily, and shifts, pointed stick Tadashi hadn’t noticed earlier poking Tadashi in the gut. “I knew it would come back. You’re so lame without your big body guard around you can hardly speak!” 

“Your precious mommy and your Tsukki probably hate having to wait twenty minutes for a response to a simple question like ‘how was your day?’ or something like that.” The first one spits, and punches Tadashi in the jaw. 

The words hurt more than the blow of the fist, bringing the sob up from Tadashi’s throat, and he can’t bite it back. The other boys are closing in around him now, in a large circle so he can’t escape, and another is winding up a punch when someone nearby yells and the kids all curse, scattering, leaving Tadashi on the ground crying as the stranger who had yelled approaches. He flinches when the stranger crouches down next to him, peering up at them through the tears blurring his vision. 

The stranger turns out to not be much of a stranger at all, and he flinches once again when Akiteru pulls his head into his lap, petting his hair as he sobs. “Tadashi? Is that you?”  

“Y- Y–” Tadashi cringes as the words stop in his throat, and instead he just nods. The boys were right; his stutter was really lame, and he was lame, too. 

“Who are those boys?” Tadashi shakes his head. Akiteru shouldn’t concern himself with his problems. “Tadashi, they–” Tadashi reaches up and tugs at Akiteru’s shirt collar, effectively shutting him up. 

“I- It’s f- fine, Ak- Akiteru-k- kun…” He whispers. 

“But–” Tadashi just shakes his head, still sobbing. That’s that. He and Akiteru sit like that for a few minutes, until Tadashi’s stopped crying, and then they stand, Akiteru silently walking Tadashi to his apartment. “…C- Can I tell Kei?”

Tadashi shakes his head rapidly, panic setting in. Tsukki can’t know. Tsukki can’t know how pathetic he is, how bad his stutter’s gotten without him around, he can’t he can’t he can’t

“But he can–” A whimper raises from Tadashi’s throat, and Akiteru’s mouth clamps shut. “Ok. Ok, I won’t tell him. You’re lucky he’s not happy with me…” 

Tadashi flinches at the threat and bows in thanks before fumbling into his house. His mother sees his distressed look, but he can only stutter out a few words before he decides he shouldn’t trouble her with trying to understand his jumbled sentences when she really should be resting before her next shift at the coffee shop. He hates being a burden. 

“You’re quiet.” 

Tadashi squeaks as Tsukki speaks, breaking the morning silence with his signature pout. 

“In face, you’ve been quiet these last couple days…” 

Tadashi wants to deny it, say that nothing’s wrong, but he knows it’s true. He only spoke to the teachers, now, and only when they needed him (which, with his stutter making it hard to speak with him for more than a minute at a time, wasn’t often), and he chose silence during their walks to school together, figuring Tsukki couldn’t hear him speaking anyway with his headphones on, music playing in his ears. Instead, Tadashi shrugs. 

“Is anything wrong?” Tadashi shakes his head, and makes a humming noise so Tsukki doesn’t think he’s completely mute. Tsukki frowns, and Tadashi, curiously, wonders why he looks upset at his lack of verbal response. “You’d tell me if there were, right?..” 

Tadashi opens his mouth to speak, because he needs to give Tsukki a response so he’ll stop worrying – god, does he hate the look on his face – but the words catch in his throat. He nods, pretending to cough to cover up his lost words. Kei’s frown deepens, and he shoves his hands in his pockets, looking down at Tadashi with seemingly knowing eyes and Tadashi panics. Tsukki can’t know–

“…I’m here, if you need me. I know I haven’t been around, but…I am. Ok?” 

They reach the schoolyard, and immediately a few classmates ambush Tsukki, asking him to help them with homework they’d forgotten, and Tadashi takes the opportunity to slip off to the classroom, glad he’s not going to have to reply. 

He passes one of the boys that cornered him and worries his bottom lip, trying to look as if he wasn’t hiding the black eye he gave him under some of his mother’s concealer. 

“H– How– How’s it g- goin’, Y- Y- Yama- Yamaguchi?” He mocks, and Tadashi feels the breath leave him as a few other students laugh at the joke, trying to walk past him, but his friend pops up beside him, blocking the way. 

“Wh- What? You not t- t- talking n- now?” He sneers, and Tadashi whimpers involuntarily. A few students watch warily now, but most still laugh along with the two, and Tadashi is glad their leader Hotarou isn’t there, because he would surely bring the hallway full of students to hysterics. 

“P- Please–” He only now realizes how rough his voice sounds from lack of use, and frowns. “Please l– let–”

“P- Please l- let me go to c- class, Kohinata-san, I believe you’re looking for,” The first boy smirks, and suddenly he’s towering over Tadashi and the laughter from the other students stops. “Isn’t that right?” 

Tadashi scans the crowd for any familiar faces that he could use as an excuse to run away, but he doesn’t see anyone. There’s a restroom directly to his left, and he could lock the door if he could reach it before the boys realized it. 

Tadashi shakes his head, and glares defiantly up at Kohinata. 

“Oh? Then what is it?” Kohinata moves in to grab Tadashi and push him to the ground, but Tadashi ducks under his arms and makes a rush toward the restroom, slamming and locking the door and locking it just in time. He flinches at the sound of Kohinata and his friend slamming into the door and prays they don’t come after him for this later. There’s a bit of pounding and teasing from the other side of the door, but Tadashi just slides down the dirty wood, hands over his ears. 

Eventually the noise stops, and Tadashi breathes a sigh of relief as he stands, looking himself in the mirror. He hadn’t even noticed he’d started crying, but now most of the concealer under his eye has washed off, showing his freckles, marred by a rather nasty bruise from the day previous. With a sigh, Tadashi washes the rest of it off of his face with a grimace. There was going to be no hiding this from anyone– from Tsukki. 

The warning bell rings, and Tadashi steels himself as he unlocks the door, walking to his classroom with his head down. Tsukki stares at him as he takes his seat across the room, probably curious as to where he’d been the last ten minutes, and for once, Tadashi is glad they sit across the room from each other. 

- - -

“You’ve been awfully quiet, Yamaguchi,” Kei mumbles, not looking up from his book. Tadashi hadn’t had practice, and so they’d walked home together for the first time in three weeks. Three long, long weeks, and Tadashi hasn’t spoken a word. Kei had expected him to have stories upon stories, as per usual, but Kei’s bedroom is unnaturally silent as they do their homework together. “In face, you’ve been quiet for the last couple days…” 

Tadashi shrugs. He’d decided it would just be better to stop talking, so he wouldn’t have to force everyone to try and decipher his words. The bullies were right, after all. His stutter is pathetic. 

Kei raises an eyebrow. “What? Giving me the silent treatment?” 

Tadashi flinches at Kei’s harsh words, gnawing at his already raw lip. Kei sighs. 

“Sorry. Just– Are you mad I’ve been skipping practice? You haven’t spoken a word to me in…I don’t even know how long. If you are, I’m sorry, but that’s kind of pathetic.” Kei frowns at the sharp intake of breath Tadashi takes. Had he said something wrong? He didn’t mean to. “Hey, I’m– I’m sorry. I just…don’t want you to be mad at me…” 

Tadashi gulps, and it hurts, his throat stinging in pain from misuse. 

Are you mad at me?” Tadashi shakes his head vehemently. “Then are you going to talk?” 

Again, Tadashi flinches, and Kei feels frustration take over. God, Tadashi’s so frustrating sometimes


“S- S- Sor–” Tadashi coughs, his throat burning as he tries to speak for the first time in three weeks. “Sorry, T- Tsukki,” 

Kei frowns. This was unusual; Tadashi’s stutter had gotten better. “Your stutter is back.” 

Tadashi looks down at his hands. 

“Yamaguchi. I know you can talk now, so spit it out. What’s going on. Why is your stutter back?” 

“I– It– It’s n- n- noth- thing. Don- Don’t w- worry about– about it.” Tadashi feels sick at how long it takes for him to say six words

“It’s not nothing,” Kei snaps, and suddenly he’s mad. Mad at Tadashi, mad at the guilty look on his face, and definitely mad at his damn stutter. “Now what happened? What went wrong?” 

For a panicked moment, Kei fears that it’s his fault, because he’s been leaving Tadashi alone, he’s been ignoring Tadashi more because of his own petty feelings, and now he feels sick, and angry at himself. 

Please tell me.” He whispers, looking up to meet Tadashi’s watering eyes. That’s when he remembers the black eye, and the bruises he’s been seeing Tadashi cover more and more often, and everything clicks. “People have been picking on you again, haven’t they?” 

Tadashi gulps. 

“Yamaguchi.” Silence. “Tadashi,” And Tadashi flinches. 

“O- Ok…S- Some people m- mi- might be…t- tease– teasing m- m…e…” 

“About your freckles? Because If they’re bringing that up again–”

“N– No!” Tadashi says immediately, interrupting Kei, startling them both with the volume of his voice. “No. N- No, it’s…i- it’s ab- abou- about m- my–”


“I– It got– got w- worse…af- after you st- stopped walking w- with me–” Tadashi gnaws at his lip, and Kei’s suspicions are confirmed. “Th- The bullies started– started b- beating me up af- after p- practice…” 

“Is that why you haven’t been talking? They’re bullying you into thinking your stutter is bad?”

“I- It is, isn’t it?” Tadashi asks meekly, and Kei feels rage building up in his chest. 

“It’s not.” He says, pursing his lips. “And I’ll beat up anyone that says it is.”

“B- But–”

“I’m going to practice tomorrow, and every day after that. You won’t have to walk home alone ever again, ok?” Tadashi looks shocked as he nods. “Good. And you better be talking when we walk to school tomorrow. There’s no need to worry about it.” 

“B- But…Don’t you hate it wh- when y- you have to s- suffer through my stories?..” 



Kei raises his hands to rest on both of Tadashi’s cheeks, mushing them together and muffling his complaints. “Yamaguchi Tadashi. Stop.” 

“Oh-tay, Tfukki,” Tadashi says, voice muffled by Kei’s hands. 

“Good.” Kei’s hands drop into his lap. 

No one was going to pick on Tadashi ever again. 

KatsuDeku week Day 3: Alternate Universe / Crossover

Okay.. Tangled!

Katsuki takes the place of Flynn Rider, Izuku Rapunzel.

-Izuku is actually taken by the villans at a very young age, and Tomura was the one who kidnapped him. The reason was because Izuku was born with a power that no one had ever seen before. Though it was strange at first, his parents (coughInkoandAllMightcough) saw the power as a gift from the heavens. Tomura knew of this power, so stole him and raised him as his own, in order to use that power for his own needs.

-The only time Tomura actually took Izuku out into public was when he needed him to use his quirk for a bad deed, and right away he’d be shoved back into the hidden base. He needed to be ‘protected from bad people who wanted to steal him for his gifted power’. Tomura would praise Izuku for his work and call him a 'good boy’ and treat him as a father figure would. It all seemed normal to Izuku, and despite wanting to go outside and explore everything, he did as he was told.

-Though he stayed in the base (alone mostly), he would peek out the Windows or read books that Yomura had, and dream about everything outside. The ocean was something Izuku thought about seeing often, and wanted to ask to see it. Of course it was a bad idea.. Yomura became furious when Izuku suggested going there and made sure Izuku knew that if he asked again he’d be in huge trouble.

-Thats when Izuku would meet the person who changed his life… Katsuki. An outlawed thief who managed to find Tomura’s base while running from the police. It was a place out of the way– a perfect place for Katsuki to hide away and live for a while!

-(oh shoot this is going to get long) After the two meet, and Izuku begs Katsuki to take him to see the ocean, the two end up going out. Katsuki becomes aware of Izuku’s power when he uses it on him to make him stay. (That strong hold isn’t normal for some one of Izuku’s body type. And when Izuku’s body starts to glow when he uses it welp)
Katsuki agrees, but is technically only doing it so he can kidnap Izuku himself, and use that power! That, and he’s actually pretty damn cute.

-As the two of them travel together, they start to learn about each other. Katsuki hears about Deku’s life with Yomura (btw he calls him Deku cause he misheard him the first time they introduced themselves. Izuku just went along with it). Anyway, he hears about it and 'wow thats pretty fucked up’ but Izuku says its for his safety! And Katsuki rolls his eyes. 'Or its cause hes selfish as fuck and is just using you as a tool’. Deku gets pretty angry about that, telling Katsuki hes wrong, but it does get him thinking.

-Katsuki starts telling Deku about himself then. He was abandoned at a young age and had to find a way to live so he started to steal. First just food, but then he wondered why not steal valuables as well? He told Deku that everyone knows him as 'Bakugou’, and that he’s only told his real name to Izuku. Katsuki then explained that he didn’t want to be known as a street rat thief, but he had no other way to survive. So he’d continue to be 'Bakugou, the bad guy’. Izuku smiles and says 'well I prefer Kacchan..You can be Kacchan around me’.
Needless to say that was an 'oh shit, I think falling for him’ moment for Katsuki.

-Its while they’re in a quiet forested area, talking and resting, that Yomura shows up. Infuriated and tired from all his searching he goes to them quickly and snatches up Izuku’s arm. He yells at Katsuki 'how dare you steal my son?? You good for nothing piece of shit!’ While hes yelling, Izuku is trying to pull away, saying its not like that. Trying to tell his 'dad’ that it was his idea to leave. Yomura then shushes Izuku and holds him close. 'Hes only after your power like everyone else! He’s trying to earn your trust in order to stab you in the back later!’

-Never thinking about that, Deku looks to Katsuki for something. Anything. He hopes what Yomura said isn’t true, since he’s actually starting to get feelings for him. Katsuki flinches, shocked because that was his intention but not anymore. Though he doesn’t say that. He doesn’t say anything, as he can’t find the words and Izuku’s face twists.
Yomura glared and held Izuku tighter, saying 'see?? I told you my dear Izuku! Lets get you home!’
Katsuki then tries to intervene. He says that he’s not like that! He just wants to take Deku to fulfill his dream! Thats when Yomura’s had enough. He let go of Izuku and ordered him to get rid of that shitty brat. Its then when Katsuki notices something strange going on with Deku. His eyes went from full of emotion, to dull and empty. And he started building up energy to attack. What the hell did Yomura do? Is he controlling Deku?!

-To be continued…
This was fun to write tbh. I actually really want to make this a legit story. *^* I have a lot of ideas (but it would have gotten way too long)!! Hopefully you guys enoyed reading through it as much as I liked writing it out!!
Sorry this is all I could contribute to KatsuDeku week so far but I hope its enjoyed!

anonymous asked:

ok I just wanna say that your peter parker playlist is rad and I'm very thankful that you put all that work and time into making it.. bec it's awesome

oh my goodness! thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun making it, and I’m just really happy that people seem to be enjoying it too! this made my day tbh; thank you <3

Shit... I get it. I’m in trouble.

Some Hellblazer: City of Demons inspired Ghost!Constantine… GHOSTANTINE.

Yeah you see what I did there 8) Not originally were my url came from but it is what my url is and I love the comic and the ghost bits ^^
Also went with Matt as reference cos yeah he’ll be my John face forever :’)
I had so much fun with the ghost effecting and background figures~