i had to..i mean just look at him

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I feel like prompt number 1 would be fun and different to read 😂

Okay I seriously love you for asking for this one because as soon as I saw the list I had a brilliant idea for this so yaaaay. Here we go, I hope you like. <3 

1. The skirt is supposed to be this short.

Even threw his head back, his entire body shaking from the laughter consuming him to the point where he couldn’t see anything but stars. He finally took a few breaths trying to calm himself down, as he looked back at Isak, red faced and tears shining his blue eyes. 

“Oh baby this is just. I mean I am flattered that you would dress up for me but-” 

He was cut off by the couch cushion hitting him square in the jaw which set off another giggle fit. 

Isak rolled his eyes and placed a hand on his hip which just made the entire situation even more amusing for Even who found himself unable to stop laughing again. 

Even calmed himself down and took in Isak fully. He was standing in front of Even glaring down at him wearing a red and white cheerleading out fit. Pom poms sitting right at his feet where Isak threw them when he came out, and Even whistled and told him to pick up his pen for him. 

“Stop staring at me!” the golden haired cheerleader groaned, crossing his arms. 

“Nice legs” Even just can’t help himself. 

“I mean it Eveeeeeeen” 

Even raised his hands in truce “Okay okay i’m done. would you like to explain why you are all dressed up for the big game Mr. spirit.” 

Isak shoot him daggers. 

“Last one I promise.” 

Isak rolled his eyes but a smile was hinting at his lips, as always when he was around Even. “Okay so…well…Jonas bet me that I couldn’t go a whole day at school without mentioning your name once..and-” 

Even grinned so wide he turned into one of those clowns you throw balls in at the fair. “Awwww you lost? looks like someone is obsessed with meee” 

Isak shook his head, his cheeks turning bright pink “shuuuuut up they tricked me! They asked me what I was doing after school when they knew I was hanging out with you.” 

Even nodded understandingly “So how did long did it take you to lose?”

He bowed his golden head in shame “5 minutes.” 

Even was gone again. laughing to the brink where he couldn’t even breathe “FIVE MINUTES” 

“You suck” 

“Hey come here.” Even tugged on his skirt and brought him close enough for Even to breathe him in. 

“So they made you wear this to the party tonight?” 

Isak tugged on the skirt “Yes! and I swear they made this shorter so I get blue balls or something.” 

Even smiled “You do know that’s not what blue balls means right?” 

Isak rolled his eyes. “I know Even I meant. There is no way i’m attractive in this, you can basically see my ass!” 

Even shook his head, his laughter consuming the room. “Firstly, The skirt is supposed to be this short.” he squeezed Isak’s hips, sending shivers up his spine. “secondly, dear god Isak you are hot.” 

Isak raised an eyebrow. 

“You are so sexy it’s taking all of my restraint and willpower not to take this really short marvellous costume off right now and showing you just how beautiful you really are.” 

Isak shook his head, his face bright red. “shuut up” 

Even raised both eyebrows “I am serious. Isak look at yourself! I can see every inch of your legs, and your arms and -” Even gulped “Okay we need to make it a rule that you wear skirts and dresses more often. it’s like the second best thing to naked Isak.” 

Isak laughed “You are such a weirdo, you know that right?” 

Even pulled Isak onto his lap and kissed him “Yeah but i’m your weirdo” he said against his lips. 

and then he was pushing Isak off and standing up. 

“What are you doing?” Isak asked, confused. 

Even shrugged. “I’m gonna see if Noora has any dresses I can borrow. You didn’t seriously think I would let you have all the fun did you?” 

Isak smiled as he watched him walk away. Because he knew Even was really doing it to make Isak feel safe and less self conscious and right then all he could think, was that he never imagined ever being this loved in his whole life. 

Even came back out. “So Noora had nothing, but Eskild did.” 

Isak laughed “of course.” 

“We are gonna be the hottest people at this thing.” 

“For sure” Isak said gazing at his beautiful boyfriend and the tiny sparkly dress he was holding which will definitely be way too short for giraffe Even. 

“I’m suddenly looking forward to this party now.” 

Even raised his eyebrows and kissed his lips. “Good.” 

Okay this was so silly but I hope you enjoyed it <3 

I’d just like to point out that the images of Wyatt and Lucy that Flynn used to show McCarthy were taken in 1x06 i.e. that time Flynn held the whole team captive in the same room from the Lincoln episode. Meaning Flynn had to have taken their picture at some point between tying them up and forcing Lucy and Rufus to go look for the Doc.

I don’t know why but I found that particular fact hilarious. Like he KNEW he’d need one so he took his chance and kept their photos on him like the one they keep of him.

Screenshot is my own.

Something I have been wondering about for awhile: What are Fiddleford’s green glasses for? What was their purpose?

I always figured they had some significance since Fidds starts wearing them permanently after Society Of The Blind Eye but they are never mentioned in the journal

I mean this show is full of stuff that has deeper meaning behind it, so I’m hoping the next journal does give some background on his cute green glasses and why he made them and just kept wearing them after he started getting his memory back. 

If their only purpose is making Fidds look cute, I’m fine with that since they do their job but like the monocle on the journal did have a deeper meaning, Ford had to start using it because he couldn’t see out of one eye because of the consequences of Bill possessing him and I guess I just want to know if the glasses have a deeper meaning behind them like that.

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Hello dear! Could I please request 2p england kidnapping his shy, sweet, s/o cause he's madly in love and wants to start a family? And I just wanted to say that your blog is my favorite, your writing is marvelous and I'm always excited when I see you've updated!

(Oh, love! Thank you ever so much!)

She was here! She was finally here! After all these months of looking out for his angel. She was here with him. Yes she was crying. But that could only mean that they were tears of happiness.

After all why wouldn’t she be happy. They could be together now. They could start a family and get little children running around the house. He had always dreamed of starting a family and now he had his perfect wife.

He kissed her tears away and giggled happily, while letting his hands roam around her bound form. She felt so delicate.

“I love you! I love you! I love youuuuuu~! I love you more then anything! We can finally start a family and have our happily ever after! Isn’t that great?”

She just continued to cry. Oh God she truly was excited for all of this! He started kissing down her neck, while a wide grin played on his lips.

“So how about we start with creating our family now?”

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jin and jimin got a little confused because the mc was like 'ah yes jin-sshi you have something to say' but they were like ' wait me or you??? ' and the jimin gestured for jin to say something but jin shook his head even tho he wanted too like he had been waiting since namjoon started talking :'( i'm so sad poor baby he must have felt so awkward

omg im crying….he looked so sad in those gifs…he should have just spoke, i mean hoseok and jimin where gesturing for him to, but he thought he misheard….my poor bae its truly so sad to see him when his confidence is down

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i wish all of em had a college story. i mean ayato's after story was more grounded. gotta finish school first! ayato seems like the normal good-looking playboy prankster high school student who plays basketball. typical anime mc stud type haha. can you imagine all the other brothers in college? reiji, ruki, and carla would enjoy it for sure

I thought it was so sweet of ayato!! like, he really wanted to buckle down and do things right. he could have easily just mooched off of his rich politician dad for the rest of his life but he didn’t. I really appreciate him. ayato is such a slept-on character in the fandom!!!

I had found it curious that Caesar, the Roman, had had dark eyes, while mine were a lighter, amber green. Caesarion’s had darkened; they would be like his father’s. Had I not borne him, I would wonder what I had contributed to Caesarion’s heredity.
—  The Memoirs of Cleopatra - Margaret George

The new Rebels preview is great and all that, but now I wonder how Thrawn managed to close the door just looking at it over his shoulder.
I mean, in all other movies and series you had to use some ID card or just press the button to open or close the door. Even if you’re a jedi. But Grand Admiral is too Grand for that, I guess.

1. He installed some sensor that closes the door every time Thrawn gives him The Look ™?
2. He is holding a remote control in his hand? It is installed in his glove? The most reasonable theory by far, because he did some slight hand movement just before the door closed. But it must be difficult not to press the button during the fight.
3. He, a tactical genius, sherlocked the time needed to beat the crap out of droids, then coordinated it with the time Kallus and Lyste needed to reach his gym and stop before the open door in awe, and then set a timer that would close the door just in the right moment. So he would look epic.
4. There is a blushing, drooling Pryce sitting on the floor next to the door, where camera can’t see her. She pressed the button. Or not she. Idk, insert your OTP here.

A little kid at my painting camp pulled me over to the side and said “I don’t know how to ask this, but are you a boy or a girl?? I can’t tell.”

And I was thrilled because I had passed the “child pointing out your appearance means gender” test as well as being approachable enough that he could ask. So I sat down and told him I was neither and explained that growing up I was told I was a girl but that I’m not, but I’m not a boy either. And he just looked at me and said “so you’re just a person.” Swear to god I had the biggest smile on my face when I told him that’s exactly what I was.

For the rest of the day he just called me Izzy instead of Ms something or any gendered title and I got a hug at the end of camp.

So if you say gender is too confusing for children to understand, I have a first grader who would tell you otherwise.

today i finally talked to the guy i like, and i didn’t even realize it was him. like i was walking and someone stepped on the back of my shoe like hardcore, which is something my friend would do, so i turned around while saying, “if i asked you to, would you kill me?” cause i had a history test and I WAS LIKE WAIT WHAT and he just kinda looked at me for a minute before saying, “i mean if you said please then…” I’M STILL REELING

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

Eskild: I’m at the store, anyone need anything?

Noora: There’s not any toilet paper left.

Eskild: Do you need anything, Isak?

Isak: Maybe a Fanta

Linn: I’ve also had my heart broken Isak. And it was awful. I locked myself inside my room and slept all day.

Noora: So you’re still heartbroken?

Linn: No?

First you’re just depressed*, sad and hurt. But then the hate kicks in

Isak: I’ll never hate Even

Linn: Just wait, it’s coming

Hate is a good thing. It means you’re starting to get over him.

And when you’re done with hate, you become icompletely indifferent and then you can fall in love with someone new

Then you’ll look back at the two of you as a nice experience and that’s it.

Eskild: Linn has never been so active in the chat before.

Noora: IK*. I think Isak hit a soft spot with the fanta.

(*I do not condone the use og the word “depressed” in this instance, but it’s what she wrote

IK =i know)


Just a thought, that could probably be the reason why Steve jumps to the conclusion “Pregnant?!” like he’s been expecting it. And boy he looks really upset for Tony..

Remember when the younger SM Rookies and their dance teacher were in on a surprise cam for Jisung’s birthday, and when they all went in with the cake he was so shocked and hit with emotions at once that the child started crying? Then they were all like “Nah don’t cry have some cake” and hugged him and tried feeding him cake in a cup.
Another was Johnny’s birthday where they hid messages on sticky notes around the building, and I mean they had stuff on the ceiling and curtains and in recording booths + musicwith ten’s risqué message, with the last thing being video messages from his friends and family in Chicago. The videos made him cry and the members just came running with cake and messages an telling him to not cry like “look at all we wrote for you!” I love it.

tl;dr I love members hugging and comforting other members and also celebrating birthdays k thanks

Yang: So… Sun too, huh?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I’m just making sure! Is it cause we’re blondes?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I mean, this whole black cat thing is cute but-

Blake: Don’t-

Yang: -statistically speaking that’s now two injured blondes and-

Blake: Why are you still talking-

Yang: -I kinda wanna know if my dad will lose a leg or something-

Blake: What.

Yang: when you finally meet him cause that would suck since


Yang: I kinda wanted to do the whole “walking down the isle” thing


Yang: for our wedding and it’d look silly if he had to hop to give me away



Blake: Did you just.. propose to me in a roundabout way?

Yang: Is that a yes or no

Blake: To the limb losing or the marriage proposal?

Yang: Yes

Tomorrow - Jughead Jones

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can i request a jughead imagine with the prompt, “i think i’m in love with you, and i’m terrified.”

Originally posted by evenstoast

I’m sorry it’s so short, it’s more of a drabble than an imagine!

“C’mon, Y/N, you know I didn’t mean it like that,” Jughead said, but you were too busy looking around the diner, looking anywhere but at him. He had taken it too far, almost getting into a fight with Reggie, then just making a joke about it all. “It’s like you don’t care about your well being,” you said, finally looking back at him and seeing his greenish-blue eyes. He shut his laptop screen and lean forward, across the diner table. “Can we go outside and talk?” His voice was surprisingly calm, so you nodded and he packed up his belongings. When outside, Jughead turned, pressing you against the wall of Pop’s diner. “You’re right, I don’t care about myself, because I know that there’s a killer out there and I’m worried about you.” You stared up at him and you could see the sincerity in his eyes. The arm that had caged you against the wall, fell to his side. You reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers. “Jug, I’m going to be fine but I need you to look out for yourself too.” He pulled his hand out of yours, rubbing his palms against his face. He turned his back to you and you could see his back heaving. “Jug-” you started, but your friend turned around and you stopped upon seeing the tears in his eyes. “Y/N, you don’t get it,” his voice was quiet when he spoke now, “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

His words left you speechless. All you could do was walk towards him a wrap your arms around him in a tight hug. You felt his arms wrap around you as well, and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. Despite the fact and you Jughead having been friends for many years, you had never seen such a blatant show of emotion like this. You were used to his dry humor that always made you smile, but sarcasm would have never been able to hide these feelings. You felt his hands at the small of your back, pushing you closer to him. At some point during the hug, it started to rain. Little droplets fell against your hair and Jughead’s hat. You felt his shoulders shake and you pulled back to see if he was crying; but it was a smile that graced his lips instead of a frown. “Why are you laughing?” You asked, smiling at him, but he just slumped his head on his shoulder. “This is just…” he moved his head, looking into your eyes, “I tell you about how I feel and then it started to rain.” You reached up, the back of your knuckles stroking his cheek. His hand reaches up to grab yours, pulling you a little closer. You eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and you blushed when you realized he was doing the same. “Are we really gonna kiss in the rain?” His voice was a whisper, but you smiled at his tone. “I think we are,” you replied with a grin. The tips of your noses brushed as your faces grew closer. You lips met his in one quick movement and it was a flurry of emotions. His hand found your waist and yours landed on the back of his neck. You felt the rain start to fall heavier as he deepened the kiss.

You finally pulled back for air, you left him panting. You studied his face with somewhat swollen lips and you giggled at the expression in his eyes. “That was…” you nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him under a rain guard near the diner. “Cliche?” You asked, taking his soaking hat off his head and running your fingers through his hair. He gave you a grin before he started to lean down again, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

You stayed in the diner until the rain stopped and then Jughead started to walk you home. The walk was quiet for the most part, it wasn’t until you reached the edge of your driveway when someone spoke. “Y/N, I know that all of that,” Jughead raised his hands, “but if you don’t want to date I unders-” You cut off his rambling by pressing your lips to his once more. His hand instinctively reached for yours, holding it loosely. You backed away with a smile, “I think I love you too, Jughead.” The smile he gave you was breathtaking, but you had to go inside. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, walking towards your house. His fingers were still tangled with yours, but as you pulled away, he let go on your hand. “Tomorrow.” He whispered to himself as he walked away. He would see you tomorrow.

I’m so sorry guys but I think i’ll always be bitter with Emma...

Because we had this incredible beautiful view of our baby Even

I mean look at him! omg the glasses, the clothes, the way he’s sitting, his hair, his effortless cool swagger. It was a gift from the gods. The music, the aesthetic, the perfection…must I go on? 

But then this happened…

and then this

and soon…

Emma made Even disappear. I just I can’t let this go. the only scene we had of sunglasses Even, and Emma cut it short with her blurry head 😭


Isak’s reaction to this cruelty

I just want to hug whoever decided Jace’s reaction to the Malec kiss was going to be this!! This proud but also kinda emotional smile is SO precious!!

We never got to see Jace’s initial reaction to Malec in the books, and I just think not only was it great that he was included in the kiss scene, but he had the most gorgeous reaction too! I mean not that I ever doubted that Jace would be happy, but just the fact that he looks so damn proud of his big brother for finally choosing himself after everything they’ve been through and Alec has been through within himself, and he kind of looks a little emotional too, you just know that Alec’s happiness is one of the most important things to him!

It just makes me super emotional to see Jace and Alec’s relationship, and to have this reaction from Jace to one of the biggest moments in Alec’s life, especially when it didn’t happen in the books, is just lovely!