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exo ↬ makeup sex

anon asked: could you do how makeup sex with the members would be like? thanks!

⇴ xiumin:

minseok would be giving so much praise, regardless of who had caused the fight. the gentle coos that inform you that you’re “taking daddy so well” would be a way of saying ‘i’m sorry that we fought’. either way, someone would be receiving oral as an even further apology—gentle hair pulling and soft ‘i love you’s included.

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⇴ suho:

i can’t imagine junmyeon holding a grudge for shit, so even if he’d been mad at you, the makeup sex would be very slow and tender. vanilla? yeah, that sounds about right. he’d want to make love to you cowgirl style, though, so he can easily bury his head into the crook of your neck and cover you in love bites. it’s also give him the easiest (read: accessible for the lazy) access to your chest, which he’d also gently attack with his mouth.

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⇴ lay:

makeup sex with yixing would be all about you, no matter what. he’d scatter countless kisses along your chest and torso. so many, his lips may be a little swollen and tender due to all the work. i don’t think many words would be exchanged; this session would be all about physical love and close contact, which he doesn’t think much talking is needed for. a few compliments toward you would be a given, but other than that, nothing but small whines and groans. unless his mouth his busy doing something else—

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⇴ baekhyun:

i promise i’m not uncreative, but i can’t imagine makeup sex with baekhyun being anything other than regular sex with baekhyun. he’d still remain very teasy (his favorite would be to tell you “how hot you’d looked whilst angry with him” or how he’s “disappointed that there was no hate fucking") and humorous; also very quick paced and semi-rough. maybe it’d be a bit gigglier than usual but not much else.

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⇴ chen:

the only time sex with jongdae wpuld be even remotely vanilla would be after a fight, as he’d be unsure as to whether or not you’re still angry with him. no teasing—physical or verbal—would be brought to the table, except for maybe the cheeky warning of “sorry, babe, no bells and whistles tonight”. his pace would be the slowest he’s ever gone, since he would—for once—want to savor this moment with you. however, he’d be going far too slow for your liking; so much so that you’d be practically begging him to go a little faster.

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⇴ chanyeol:

of all the members, makeup sex with chanyeol would be the fluffiest. it wouldn’t be about roles, just the two of you providing mutual pleasure to each other. he’d smile the entire time, and whisper pretty nothings in your ear about how stunning your body is or how cute your laugh is. each comment he gives whilst thrusting into you would be most random, but they’re things he would greatly miss if you’d split due to that argument.

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⇴ d.o:

i’ve mentioned a time or two that while it’s a rarity, there are some instances where kyungsoo just wants to make love to you—this would be one of those instances. regardless of who’d been wrong, he’d be very sweet and sensual with you, as he likes for the both of you to properly spring back from a fight. it’d be the loveliest thing… for once, sex would be a mutual thing between the both of you, filled with nothing other than sweet talk and ‘i love you’s.

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⇴ kai:

as with kyungsoo, sex with jongin would be overly sensual, but amongst his praise and compliments toward you would be slurs of apologies for even participating in the spat. he’d also only refer to you as his god/goddess, and would make the biggest point to repetitively inform you that you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever set his eyes on.

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⇴ sehun:

who’s in the wrong would be the deciding factor in the nature of makeup sex with sehun. for instance, should you be in the wrong, you’d be physically making it up to him; everything would be far more rough and intense. he’d ensure that you express your sorries countless times. however should he be needing to make things up to you, the sex would be relatively soft. he wouldn’t focus solely on pampering you, but he would try his absolute best to.

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I have trouble writing and characterizing Plagg. Any tips and insight on his role ?

hehehe.  I love this character dearly.  Mainly because he seems so simple to write, but he’s got just a bit more than meets the eye.

At first glance, we see him the way Adrien does, a mysterious magical being who is really, really, really hungry and seemingly a little silly.

Seems sleepy (though he just woke up from a several hundred year nap, so we can’t judge here)

Seems a bit sarcastic

And hungry.  XD  As he zooms around the room, deciding what to eat, he seems to be equally carefree, only noting his own needs and agenda.  (and I honestly think he’s having fun with Adrien here because of how often the boy has to try to catch him, but I digress.  X’D)

(look at how confused this child is. X’D  You can’t tell me Plagg wouldn’t find this at least a little funny)

Now Adrien’s just scurried up a wall, aimed, and caught this guy from midair and demanded answers.  Plagg’s answer?  Look as unimpressed as possible and give short and succinct answers which really only serve him, as Adrien is immediately confused after Plagg’s ‘explanation’.  As soon as Adrien asks for clarification, this god of destruction asks for, as you’ve guessed it, something to eat.

So far, we see a self-serving, curious, sarcastic snot of a kwami who does things at his own pace for his own reasons.  He’s already teasing Adrien (and barely knows the guy) and pushing him to see what exactly he can do.  This is the main characterization of Plagg and it’s what most of us know at first sight.  But this is his ‘light’ side, as I’d call it.  Plagg’s more three dimensional than that, as shown a few moments later.

Upon thinking that Adrien would tell anyone, Plagg effortlessly escapes from the boy’s grasp (showing he was just too lazy to get out of there when it didn’t suit him) and raises to eye level to set the kid straight.  While Plagg doesn’t do anything that he deems an inconvenience of a bother, he is willing to expend the energy on things that need doing.

Also, personal space?  What is that?  X’D

Here, we see Adrien being dramatic (we love him for it) and Plagg being…  well, Plagg.  (I honestly love Origins because it shows us so much of who Plagg is as a character.  XD)  Here, we see him entertaining himself with whatever he can find (in this case the toilet paper) and also subtly pushing Adrien towards a choice.  He doesn’t sugar coat things or say “you can do it if you believe in yourself!”  He says “Well, you aren’t going to do anyone any good if you just sit there and monologue like a shojou anime girl” (sorry, had to. X’D)


Plagg never goes into the ring willingly.  He always finds some reason to not want to do it.  Whether it be that he wanted popcorn (Puppeteer), was eating his cheese (I think this was Pharaoh), or wants a nap (Stormy Weather), he generally doesn’t go into the ring happily.  Now, we can either see this as a form of comedic relief (and you can totally take it this way), but my headcannon is actually cemented in another episode.

Everyone knows this moment from Jacakdy, right after Adrien has a touching moment with his father, then has to break it due to keeping his secret.  Even before then, Plagg stays on Adrien’s shoulder while he reminisces about his missing mother.

Additionally, in the Christmas episode:

He stays there and listens when Adrien really needs someone he can vent to.  He’s not in the background, scavenging for cheese as his initial flippant nature might suggest, he’s not entertaining himself with something cute, he’s by Adrien’s side, allowing his kid to express himself in a world that seems to only repress him.

Plagg:  still and respectful and, while it seems Adrien isn’t noticing, empathetic.  At this point, it’s so painfully obvious that this kwami cares for his charge, and I’d venture to say that he’s cared for every one of his charges.

But Plagg isn’t just ‘silly and cryptic’ and ‘serious and quiet’.  We can generalize those as two sides of him, but that’s not all he is. 

For example, from Volpina we’ve got Plagg doing things his own way again.  We as the audience know that the book is important, and that it’s important to get it from the house, but Adrien doesn’t know that.  The thing is that Plagg does.  He chooses the book specifically to throw at Adrien and get out of the house over the peacock brooch (I have a theory on that, but I digress).  He looks silly, but he’s doing his own thing with his own reasons.

In the Christmas special, we go from Plagg complaining about hunger (which he always does, but this time makes Adrien worry a crud ton) to 

Wishing him a merry Christmas.  It may be nothing, but I think Plagg was being an overdramatic cat in order to get Adrien the rest of the way out of his anger and depression over the holiday.  Adrien feels better afterwards and Plagg kinda hides out after that.

In short, I think Plagg does his own thing at his own pace when it suits him best.  His goals seem to be to protect the miraculous and its holder, and his sub goals are to have fun, be a little snot in life, and eat as much good food as he can.  He seems to genuinely like his gullible and kindhearted charge and loves to mess with him, but is also a mentor of sorts that guides him in his own way.

Basically, if a stereotypical cat could talk, it would be Plagg.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped!  *^_^*

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Could you do how the fallout 4 companions would react to the ss asking to go skinny dipping with them? (I'm in love with your blog by the way keep up the amazing work you do!!!)

Thank you so much!!! I’m sorry for my absence, I’ve had a lack of inspiration, or motivation.. or both. Thank you all for continuing to be patient with me!! 

Cait: Cait was surprisingly okay with it. She’d try just about anything once, and this was no exception! 

Curie: Waaay too embarrassed. She couldn’t flat out say no either, and just kind of was a mumbling mess. Sole understood that she wasn’t comfortable and assured her that was fine. 

Codsworth: He’s not exactly compatible with water. 

Danse: Danse isn’t entirely self conscious about his body, but that doesn’t mean he wants to just show it off. He declines right off the bat, that isn’t something a soldier should do. 

Deacon: His shirt was halfway off before they could finish the question. 

Dogmeat: He’s a dog, he’s always naked. 

Gage: He laughed at the question. He kind of thought it was a joke, but Sole was utterly serious. He was a little embarrassed because it isn’t like he parades himself around, but he felt comfortable enough with Sole so he did it anyway. 

Hancock: Surprisingly was hesitant. He’s cocky about his personality but he’s low key self conscious about his ghoul-body. In the end Sole talked him into it and they both had a great time. 

MacCready: He didn’t want to say it, but he’s always wanted to try skinny dipping…

Nick: Nick pointed to the holes in his face. He didn’t have to say anything for Sole to understand what he meant. 

Piper: Sole kept asking her but Piper continuously made excuses not to do it. “You don’t know what’s in that water!” or “I have an open wound, what if something gets in it!?” 

Preston: When Sole first asked him, he was surprised. Eventually Sole asked him enough times that he caved and went for a swim with them. He isn’t too self conscious about his body. 

Strong: He doesn’t know what skinny dipping is. Not to mention he’s half naked at all times anyway. 

X6-88: Out of the question. They didn’t have time for that. 

Best Friend to Boyfriend!Sungwoon

sorry if you wanted a full out imagine! I had more of an inspiration to do it in a bullet style format so either way I hope you enjoy it! 

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  • so sungwoon was always known as one of the shorter ones in the group (rip sungwoon it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t blessed with genes to be tall just how guanlin is 16 but he’s like a giant already) 
  • its okay though because he was blessed with good vocals that can manage to make almost every girl melt once he starts singing! 
  • so he’s taking vocal classes everyday so he can constantly improve himself. one day he’s finished with his class and is about to walk out when he hears someone grumbling in the room next to him. 
  • “Why am i literally the size of a garden gnome, curse my genes for being a tiny person.” 
  • Sungwoon of course inside his head was like, 
  • “omg someone shorter than me?!” 
  • he walks into the room and notices you on a chair desperately trying to reach a book on the top shelf. he chuckles to himself, earning a glare from you. 
  • “you need some help there?” 

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“Awww C'mon babe. just gimme a little lovin, We didn’t end that badly” 

You sigh and scoot away. You were currently being what felt like assaulted by an ex boyfriend that you had ended things with over a year ago. And yet he still wouldn’t leave you alone. It didn’t help you were both agents either

“I’m not interested sorry” You say frowning trying your best to get out of the situation. getting up causing him to grab your wrist

“Hey baby don’t leave me hanging. Hell what else you got other than me”

“I-I don’t really-”

“is there a problem here?” A familiar soothing voice rang out as Genji grabs his wrist

“None of your business omnic! The boy says trying to slap him away earning him a blade to the neck

“I believe my lover was rather uncomfortable next to you”  Genji says taking off his mask “Now I would highly recommend you leave before my hand slips”

He shuttered with fear before running off in fear

“Are okay darling?” he asks turning to you and kissing y our cheek

You nod and smile “I am now. Thank you Genji”

anonymous asked:

ok im trying to find this fic where bucky like takes steve to a safehouse he remembers but hydra doesnt know about, i think it was a cabin somewhere cold?? and in it steve was either really depressed or sick and bucky had to remind him to eat and got supplies for them. none of the other avengers knew where they were. i cant remember if it was post-catws or post-cacw. sorry this is a bit vague but ive looked through some tags i thought might relate and couldnt find it!

maybe Flicker by Cinderstrato?

anonymous asked:

So i hate to bring this up because I don't want to start drama but I just came back from a mission trip and found that the bet has been deleted. Do you know if anyone had a pdf saved of it because I really was looking forward to finishing it.

I don’t actually know if anyone has, sorry :/ I hadn’t actually finished reading it yet myself either before it was deleted so idk, did anyone else save it who might be able to help?

@p1-taby said:

its fine really, i didn’t had much interest with it either… I’m glad i was able to read your point of view on it thats all. Thanks

Oh gosh, hun, you’re breaking my heart. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but you sound crushed. I didn’t mean to totally shut down your headcanon, and I’m sorry it came across that way.

I think it’s a perfectly good, fitting headcanon, and you could explore a very interesting world where this is the case. The phandom treats canon very flexibly, so you can do whatever you want with it. It might not be for me, personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s by any means bad. Please, enjoy your headcanon! It’s a clever, creative idea. It’s not like my word is law or anything. I’m just a nerd with a blog.

anonymous asked:

very silly request but....how would ace sabo luffy and snooj react if their crush had these very funny adorable like hiccups?

Not at all :D Sorry for the delay… I’ve been busy with finding jobs :P


  • At first, he’d laugh
  • Like, he thinks they’re funny and the fact that they’re an inconvenience to his crush is adorable too, because they get frustrated
  •  But after a while, he gets frustrated with them too because they either get annoying or they start to hurt his crush
  • Then he will look up all the old school remedies for them and enlist the help of the crew to get rid of them :P


  • Once more, he’d too would laugh at them
  • But he’s quicker to help his crush get rid of their hiccups
  • Alternatively, if they’re not bothered then neither is he
  • Very chill with them


  • Of literal no assistance
  • Will literally only laugh at his crush
  • And comment on how cute the hiccups are
  • But if they do get a little painful, he’ll enlist Chopper (assuming his crush already hasn’t)


  • Will gush and swoon over these cute little hicuppies!
  • Little hearts fly around his head every time his crush hiccups
  • But will wage war on them if they seem to be painful for his crush
  • But the old school method of scaring the hiccups away, year he doesn’t do that :P

brckenroyalty  asked:

❛ Is this a bootycall? ❜ ( from Klaus)

@brckenroyalty || meme

It was the sound of laughter that interrupted the silence that had briefly settled between them. Her laughter. It was light, so light that it floated through the air like a melody. Getting a hold of herself, Bonnie chuckled one last time before clearing her throat to finally answer,

“Wow, I’m so sorry about that. Clearly I’m not as mature as either one of us thought I was because I was not ready to hear you ask that.” There were certain words that Bonnie hated while there were others she just found funny and couldn’t help but to laugh at each time they were spoken. His accent didn’t help either so there was that too.

Curiosity beginning to beckon, she opened her mouth to question if he knew exactly what that was but quickly closed it when common sense set in and told her as long as he’s been around, high chances he did which had to be the reason why he asked.

Suddenly remembering the reason she was there, Bonnie put all other thoughts aside and got straight to the point. “I hate to be the barer of bed news but no. That’s not why I’m here. I just stopped by to ask that you stop whatever you’re doing and if you can’t, you’re gonna have to try.”

Assuming that he knew what she was talking about Bonnie didn’t tell him about the dreams she’d been having. Knowing vampires were capable of manipulating the dreams of others, the realistic ones  of them she’d been having as of late she assumed was his doing. And although they weren’t terrible or even bad, she couldn’t let him keep doing it. If he was responsible for them.

Sincerely, Me

Evan: In an email I received from you two weeks ago I noticed a comma in the middle of a phrase

Evan: It changed the meaning. Did you intend this? One key and you’ve consumed my waking days.

Evan: It says “Dear Evan Hansen,”

Evan: With a comma after dear

Evan: You’ve written “Dear, Evan Hansen”

You Suck, Parker

Request: #111 with peter ?

Prompt: 111.  A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
       B: What?
       A: I said you suck.

Word Count: 1476


A/N: Holy moly I had so much fun writing this one.

Summary: Peter and Y/N have been friends for quite some time and wow, they finally admit their feelings for each other while making a few sexual innuendos here and there. (THis is fluffy I swear).


“Y/N, when will you be home tonight?” Your mother asked you.

“Not sure. Peter and I have a Chem test on Monday and want to try and get a lot of studying in before then,”

“Meaning the two of you won’t study at all, but watch movies and then fall asleep on the couch,”

“Yeah, that sounds about right,” you you admitted.

“Alright, behave yourself and make sure you’re home by tomorrow morning,”

“Of course, mom. I’ll see you tomorrow!” You said as you left your house to head to Peter’s.

You and Peter had known each other for quite a long time, and you usually spent your Friday night’s ‘studying’ aka, attempting to study but ending up watching movies.

You would argue that you were Peter’s best friend, but Ned always says otherwise. But you and Peter were rather close, you were always spending time with him, and it was no secret to you that he was Spiderman.

And of course, you harboured feelings for the boy. For as long as you could remember you had had a crush on Peter Parker. And damn, were your feelings growing with each passing day. Peter, of course, had no idea, but you weren’t exactly sure whether that was a problem or not.

When you arrived at Peter’s door, you knocked and May let you in.

“Y/N! Peter will be so happy you’re here. He’s in his room, just go on it,”

“Thanks May! It’s great to see you,”

“Nice to see you too, Y/N,” She said as you walked away towards Peter’s room

“Knock knock,” You said, opening Peter’s bedroom door.

“Y/N, hey,” he smiled

You walked in and sat down on Peter’s chair, across from his bed where he was sitting.

“So did you bring your books?” Peter asked

“Of course not Parker. We never actually study, I thought why bother lugging heavy textbooks over here if we weren’t actually going to study,”

Peter laughed, “That’s fair, but I thought we could skip the movie tonight?”

“Skip the movie? Who are you and what have you done with Peter Parker?”

“C’mon, I had a better idea,”

“And what is this better idea of yours Mr Parker?” You questioned.

Peter smiled at you, stood up and walked across his room to his closet. He began stripping, pulling his shirt off

“Not that I’m opposed to this, but what are you doing Parker?”

Peter laughed, “I’m putting on my Spidey suit,”

“Oh, so not only are you getting naked, but you’re getting kinky,” you raised your eyebrows.

“Geez, Y/N, didn’t realize you were into that kinda thing,” Peter said, continuing to put on his suit.

“Oh there’s a lot you don’t know i’m into,” 

“Oh yeah, and what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Play your cards right and maybe one day you’ll find out,”

“I’ll definitely keep that in mind,” Peter said.

He put the mask over his face and walked over and held his hand out to you,

“Shall we, my dear?”

“And what exactly are we doing?”

“Just, come with me,”

You took Peter’s hand and followed him out onto his fire escape.

“What now, Parker?” You asked

Peter wrapped his arm around your waist and said “Now you hold on tight,”

“Oh god,” you muttered, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Suddenly, your feet weren’t on the fire escape anymore, you could feel yourself flying through the air. Your heart was rapidly beating

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ve got you,” Peter said.

You tightened your grip on Peter, closed your eyes, and buried your face in his neck. You felt Peter’s arm wrap tighter around your waist.

Soon, you felt Peter hit the ground, and he slowly let go of you and your feet hit the ground.

You opened your eyes and looked around, you were standing on a roof,

“Where are we?”

“I found this place not too long ago, its nothing special, but you can see so much of the city from up here, I thought it was so beautiful when I first saw it. It reminded me of you. I knew I had to show you,” Peter answered, taking off his mask.

You walked to the edge of the building and stared off watching the lights of the city. The cars’ lights reflections danced off the windows of the buildings around you. You could hear the noises of the city below, the car horns and the sirens, yet everything was quiet so high up.

“It really is beautiful up here, Peter,” you turned to look at him

“I’m glad you like it,” He smiled, rubbing the back go his head with his hand.

“Its not just the view I like, Peter,”

“Right, you like the Spidey suit, turns you on,” He joked

“More like I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” you whispered to yourself

What?” Peter asked

I said you suck, Parker,”

Peter rolled his eyes, and grabbed your hand, “Come on, theres something else I want to show you,”

You allowed Peter to lead you across the roof of the building. There was a small garden in the corner, with a bench next to it.

“Peter, this is so beautiful,”

You approached the garden and slowly let your hand fall out of Peter’s as you bent down to admire the flowers.

“I remember you telling me you love forget-me-not’s and lilies, so I planted some earlier this season and they finally bloomed, so I figured now would be the best time to show you this place,”

“Peter, how on earth do you not have a girlfriend? You’re actually the sweetest boy I know,” you smiled, leaning over to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Well actually, there is someone I like,”

“Oh really? And who might this special someone be?” You teased, walking around the garden to lean on the side of the roof.

“Well, they know my secret,” Peter said, holding up his mask, “they also are always crashing my house and distracting me from my homework,”

Peter started walking closer towards you.

“They also can never decide what movie to watch on movie nights. Not to mention that they distract me in class too. Not on purpose, mind you, but they’re so beautiful, I can’t help but stare at them,”

You smiled, you knew he was talking about you. As soon as he started talking, you knew.

“Tell me more, Peter Parker,”

Peter was now standing right in front of you, “Well, i’ve kinda had a thing for them for a few years now. I’m kinda actually in love with them,”

“Well, in that case, there’s something you should know Parker,”

“What’s that, Y/N?” 

“There this superhero I’m kind of in love with,”

“Please tell me its not Mr. Stark, that would just make this so awkward,”

“No, but have you seen Captain America’s ass? Damn,”

Peter rolled his eyes at you.

“I’m kidding. Kind of,” you said

“Y/N,-“ Peter started

“I love you too, Peter,” You said

“Don’t you mean I really like you and want to kiss you a lot,” Peter whispered

“You dID HEAR ME,”

“Of course I heard you,” Peter smiled.

“You suck, Parker,”

“Does this mean I can kiss you now?”

“I think I changed my mind. Do you have Captain America’s number? He seems like he wouldn’t be as mean to me,”

You stared at Peter while he bit back a smile.

“Yes Parker! Kiss me already,”

Peter put his hands on either side of your face, and gently pressed his lips up against yours. 

You pulled away, “You still suck Parker,”

“I think, now, it’ll be you that will be the one who sucks,”

“Oh mY GOD PARKER!” You laughed.

“Sorry, sorry, it had to be said,” he smiled.

“So Parker, are you going to take me back to your house so we can finish up that movie night, and maybe, maybe, if you’re lucky we can talk about that other thing you suggested,”

“I think by the time you even decide on a movie to watch, i’ll be asleep and it’ll be too late for anything else,” he joked

“Well it would be the perfect way to wake up, now wouldn’t it, Parker,”

“Damn, maybe I should wear this suit around you more often,”

“Believe me, its not the suit,”

“Well, then what are we waiting for?” Peter asked, putting his mask back on.

He wrapped his arm sound your waist and shot a web to another building. The two of you were flying over the city once again, but this time you kept your eyes open.

You Don’t Understand

Requested with the prompt: ‘when your try to leave but they tug on your shirt because they want you to stay’

{2448 words}

Peter had done it again. He had promised that he wouldn’t be late again. That he wouldn’t flake out on your plans, again. After the first couple of times it had happened you brushed it off, but now it was now the norm that Peter didn’t show up. And a miracle when he did.

After hours of waiting in your apartment for Peter to come through the door you had given up. You pushed all of the study notes and school books away from you as you moved away from the dining table. Glancing at your watch it was now just past half eight, about four hours since Peter was expected to be at your apartment. You could feel the anger boiling up inside of you, ready to explode at any minor thing. And you just begged to yourself that it wouldn’t be Peter to catch the brunt of it. So in an attempt to calm your bubbling emotions you stepped outside onto the fire escape, and allowed the fresh city air to try its best to wash away your emotions. But the longer you sat out on the fire escape the more your mind overanalysed everything Peter had done in the last month that had gotten on your nerves. You didn’t want to be doing this to yourself, but you knew that you were only doing this because Peter was your closest friend. He meant so much to you! And you just couldn’t understand why all of a sudden he didn’t seem to care about you anymore. Had you done something wrong? Had you said something? He would have told you. You would know if you had. It just didn’t make sense. You need the reassurance that everything was okay between the two of you. You couldn’t fathom losing Peter to something that must of been so minuscule for you to look over it.

Before you realised your body was taking you off the fire escape. Your feet guiding you to your room to grab your jacket. You were going to go to Peter’s apartment and see what was going on. In the back of your mind you really hoped that Peter wasn’t home, and that Aunt May would tell you he was still at that damn Stark Internship. You wanted to see what was going on with him but you were scared of what might happen, and what could be said.

You had made it to Peter’s apartment door. The adrenaline was wearing off and now you didn’t know what to do with yourself. Knocking on the door gently, you waited for either May or Peter to come to the door. It only took a couple of seconds before you were greeted by May’s smile.

“(Y/N)! I wasn’t expecting you! How lovely to see you again!” May smiled, opening her arms in front of her, engulfing you in a warm hug.

“I’m so sorry for just popping in like this. I didn’t even think of calling first.” You realised, following May over to the small dining table.

“Oh no, don’t worry about that! You’re always welcome here sweetheart.” May said reassuringly, “Peter’s just gotten home and is in his room, just go on through (Y/N). I’ve just got to run out and get something for dinner.” She continued, her warm hand placed on your back and nodding towards Peter’s bedroom. You thanked her quickly and headed towards Peter’s door. His door was cracked open slightly, but no sound was coming from the other side. You couldn’t make up your mind if you wanted to open the door slowly or just kick it open. You settled for the first. As the door opened you saw Peter sitting at his desk, his head placed in his hand in exhaustion. Your heart and mind softened slightly at the sight of him. He only moved slightly at the sound of his door closing completely. Turning his head slowly to have his brown eyes look at the source of noise. Shocked by seeing you in his room, he fumbled as he found his feet and stood up from the chair.

“What? What are you - why are you? (Y/N)? I um.. Oh I’m so sorry. I told you I wouldn’t - but I have. I’m so -” Peter rushed, his worlds tumbling over each other as he tried to form a sentence.

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Humans Are Weird: Repellent

What if Earth wasn’t the only planet with mosquitos? Mosquitos are like a scourge to aliens, drinking blood and swarming around. Not to mention the possible diseases you can contract. So most planets with mosquitos were labeled uninhabitable and forgotten about, as they are nearly impossible to completely purge from a planet. That is, until humans come and start exploring all those “uninhabitable” planets that are perfect for them.

The Sentinel was a C-class explorer star ship, one of the first to explore the Beta Quadrant. It was part of the new Inter-Human Inclusion Program to help integrate humans into alien societies and familiarize species with one another. As such the Sentinel’s crew was roughly half and half, half human and half other aliens.

Today they were exploring planet S-00202B74, an organic planet with life and an atmosphere reliant on oxygen. The human crew had taken to nick-naming the planet Soo, saying the previous name was too long. The excursion crew contained two humans, Anna and Martin, and three aliens, Ja'rin, Urt'arg, and Kyr.

Soo was a swampy planet, 92 percent water but filled with life. Less than a minute after being on the planets porous surface, Anna suddenly smacked her arm angrily. “Why did you do that?!” Kyr exclaimed. A red handprint was forming on the woman’s bicep, but she smiled smugly. “Not to worry, just got a bloodsucker is all.” She wiped her palm on her leg. Ja'rin looked up fearfully, “A what now?” Martin waved his hand, “You know, mosquitos. I figured after leaving Earth I’d never have to see one again… .” He grimaced as he thought about it.

Ja'rin frantically looked at their exposed tentacles, “Oh no, we have to go back! These things eat you alive!” Anna came up to him, “Hey relax buddy, it’ll be fine! All we need is some bug spray.”

“Some what?”

“Insect repellant. You know, this stuff,” She said as she dug a small bottle out of her back pack. She uncapped it and sprayed the contents over her clothes, arms, and legs. “Pass it here,” Martin called. He repeated the strange ablutions. The normally quiet Urt'arg watched closely with their six blue eyes. “What is that?” they snorted. Martin replied, “It’s a chemical that repels bugs, makes it so they don’t want to bite you.”

Quite quickly for an alien with tentacles and not legs, Ja'rin was at the human’s side, “Could I borrow some? Please?” Martin resisted laughing, “Sure sure, but, hmm,” he looked at Ja'rin’s purplish tentacles, “maybe don’t use it directly on your skin. You absorb stuff really easily, and this might hurt you if you absorb too much.” Ja'rin hesitated now, “Hurt me? Why would that hurt me?”

Anna piped up, “I mean, it is poison after all. I think if you just put it on your uniform you’ll be okay.” Urt'arg’s globular eyes turned yellow and they garbled, “You- You put poison, just, all over you? To keep bugs off? Are you insane!?” Anna shrugged, “Hey, it’s a common thing on Earth. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want.”

None of the aliens took the offer to use the spray, but instead grabbed special suits from the ship. Oddly they didn’t touch either human until they returned to the Sentinel and washed.

The crew made their report to the Captain, Eisa and Muir, but Kyr stayed behind. “Captain, I have a report to add to the Human Manual. When in a hostile environment, more specifically one with aggressive insects, instead of fleeing or even putting on protective gear, humans will cover their bodies in poisonous chemicals to protect themselves.” Eisa blinked, and Muir asked, “I’m sorry, but what?” Kyr nodded, “On the mission, the planet had mosquitos! Instead of turning back, they just pulled out bottles of poison, like it was normal, and covered themselves in it. I guess it worked, they didn’t get bit after that, but I can’t believe they’d do that. It seems dangerous,” Eisa-Muir stood up with a sigh, their two heads having a silent conversation and sharing a look. “Thank you for the report,” Muir said. “You are dismissed,” said Eisa.

After Kyr left, Muir thought to Eisa, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

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Aisles [m]

Aisle Three

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 5,802

Originally posted by sugutie

Aisle One Aisle Two Aisle Three

Surprisingly, it was easy for you to lie yourself and to everyone around you. Flashing a smile anytime someone around you asked you how you were doing. The layers of concealer under your eyelids hiding more than the lack of sleep. You tried to keep yourself busying, burying yourself under piles of books and notes to occupy your mind with anything but Jungkook and how he wrinkled his nose when he smiled.

 In a very strange way you found solace in the amount of schoolwork that was piling up in the pages of your planner. Exams, research papers, and presentations were keeping you out of the house and inside the walls of the library. You were regretting your schedule for this semester, but with the MCAT looming you couldn’t afford to take any risks. Medical school was the light at the end of the tunnel, and not even a bunny toothed boy was enough to keep you distracted.

 Hoseok however, had a problem with the fact that you should probably start paying rent to the librarian. He missed you, constantly sending you reminders to eat and drink water during the hours you were studying. You had regretted the night you told him that you hadn’t eaten since 7 in the morning and 45 minutes later a freckled teenager came into the library with the largest bag of Chinese takeout you had ever seen. And your name was scribbled on the front.

Y/N 9:35 PM: Hobi, I appreciate the thought but can you please stop sending me food while I am in the library.

Hoseok 9: 47 PM: I’ll stop sending you food when you actually sleep in your bed, for once

Sighing, you throw your phone back down on the table. He had a point. You hadn’t slept underneath sheets in weeks. By the time you got home from school you were too tired to make it your bedroom. Every morning waking up regretting the fact that you had decided to buy the lumpiest couch known to man. You knew that this wouldn’t last. That eventually you wouldn’t be able to hide behind the excuses of academics to avoid having a life. You were going to burn out.

But two days later you found yourself in the same position.

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You’re warmer than anything else in the world, my love
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