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top 5 witches you think are wild in bed

“Witches that I am thinking are wild, yes? Not who I am wanting in bed? Fine, I am guessing then. Again, is not polite to be speaking with women this way. I am sorry for this.“

1. Definitely Hermione NO I AM NOT SAYING IT

2. Ginny Weasley. Please don’t jinx me.

3. Fleur Delacour?

4. Angelina Johnson, probably?

5. I am feeling bad about this list, anon. Is not right.



Belated bday present for @starrycove / @shalalalalura because she loves these dorks and I ended up coloring it because GDI I love them, too. UGH. <3 Happy birthday to one of the sweetest little beans I know!!

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…….also for the 1 person who I know won’t get the joke:

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