i had to you guys

// a teaser bc i am so PUMPED for this scenario and i’m just so happy with it so far send help this is too great

I am back from my vacation (again). I have like 6 gif requests so I will try to get them done soon. I had fun. I saw some family :D Hope you guys have a good day

my face. because you ppl obviously had enough of it and now i am here to show you again


“Everyone is beautiful” tag: The goal is to inspire confidence and remind us all that everyone has beauty in them.  

I was tagged by @alectightwood and bc I suck at selfies decided to post these pics from a photoshoot I had. 

Now I tag: @ageoftrash @romanoyas @team-spidey @invinciblelronman @rogersxbarnesx  and @falconisms (you guys really don’t have to do this if you don’t feel comfortable, okay?)  

Stop Amedot Hate

I know Amedot isn’t canon, but can you just let people who ship it appreciate the fanart they make or have?

It’s come to this point where nobody even answers why Amedot is hated that much, they just answer with “Go fuck yourself” or “What the fuck” and other things in common.

I also noticed that most of the haters are Lapidot Shippers, who had their ship “Canon”, I’m not trying to bash on you guys, but Lapidot was also a crack ship and you can’t just go around the web trying to ship it and insult people who ship Amedot.

Also, Peridot is the only one who seems to like Lapis, but Lapis only smiled as you don’t just frown or get angry whenever somebody calls you their crush. Admit it, you want to ship it so hard, and you did. But Hating on other people’s ship isn’t the best idea, or even supposed to be an option.

Just stop.

You guys. You guys.

I recently had a conversation with my student where he asked me about the US election. I was like, “how do you know about what’s happening?” (Cuz he’s in jr hs and his schedule keeps him pretty busy.) He’s like, “Sensei, I enjoy watching the news and reading about history.” 

Words I never not once ever thought I’d hear from a 12 year old.

So he continues, “Sensei, please don’t vote for Donald Trump. I think he’s a bad man. He says many bad things about people, and he uses very bad language.”

Also, he asked me about why so many African Americans are being shot by the police and I had to explain to him, as delicately as I could about what’s going on. After, he told me to be safe when I returned to the US. That about broke my heart. 

Ya’ll. I wanted to hug this kid, but that’d be super weird for both of us. But how is it that a child who is learning a 2nd language in a country far from our own, with limited knowledge about our country’s history is better able to discern the situation that we are in?

He’s not the only one, tho. I’ve had these conversations with my Japanese co-workers and friends. 

My Japanese play-mama is legit freaked at the idea of me returning home, because “it’s safer for [me] here in Japan.” I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just tried not to cry.

Sigh. I don’t even understand this year. I’m tired, ya’ll.

voltron fic idea: keith’s parents come to his stupid music concert at school and the gang is like oh shit wait keith you have parents and he’s like wtf, you guys didn’t think I had parents just because you never saw them?

keith dropped out of the garrison and then he hid in a shack in the desert. I’d hide in a desert shack from my mom too if I dropped out of space college.


Alright guys, Redmun here again, here to give you some (bad?) news.

This blog is going to remain inactive.

Nothing bad has happened, you’ve all have been so nice to Sheepmun and I, and you have no idea how happy that makes me. I’m not going to speak for sheep, but I’m grateful to have had you guys follow us and this silly skeleman.

But, unfortunately, we just don’t have the energy, time, desire to update this blog anymore.

There have been some messages asking if we’re okay, and we are. Just silent. Sorry to make you worry.

If you want to keep up with us, this is our main blogs:

Redmun: @redbird25

Sheepmun: @cosmobattie or @pixelradio

Again, thank you all. We loved this adventure we had with you!

This blog will remain up for a while, but it will no longer update.

I am day drinking and I have had enough rum to say I miss you guys like really miss you and Harry and going off about Harry and feeling comfortable, and I’ve also had enough rum to give it a try maybe. For a bit. IT’s a test run, so let’s just hold hands and close our eyes and jump in together, right? I’ll try anyway. I DUNNO LET’S JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS BUT I HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE FINE AND WELL AND ALSO HARRY LOOKED REAL FUCKING GOOD THIS WEEK AND I’D LET HIM SCREW ME COVERED IN OIL AND EVERYTHING.

screaming at the fact that an event I made lasted for 3 - almost 4 whole hours and everyone had fun

this is why i love being a gm




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anonymous asked:

please make a top-5 list of your most loved and most hated characters & most loved and hated actors of TW!! thank you

I won’t do that for actors because I think there’s something wrong with that, but I have no problem doing characters!


  1. Actual Ice Queen Lydia Martin
  2. Trashcan Stilinski
  3. Our Lord and Savior Scott McCall
  4. Artemis Argent
  5. Monsieur Baguette 


  1. Jackson
  2. Hayden
  3. Kate
  4. Victoria
  5. Corey

Bonus: I actually had Peter on my hated list originally but he’s so well written and amusing that I just couldn’t do it when I dislike Hayden this strongly. So I want you guys to know that if I had to kill anybody on TW, it would be Peter, he is easily the most horrible person. But I don’t hate him the most as a character because I think he’s written well and acted well, too. 


I was just too excited about my planner and I had to show it to you guys. It’s just perfect! 

The link is on the video description! 


I Am Sorry You Have Had To Witness Deathneko’s Shenanigans, But really, Can We Open Up Our Hearts And Show Some Love? This Blog Would Not Be As, Um, Quirky… Without Deathneko.You Would Not Want A Blog Without Deathneko, Would You? And I Am Taking This Opportunity To Apologize To Deathneko. Even Though He Was Being A Dick.

P.S. See You In Fucking Court Still

-Mod Enoby

I was explaining to my stepmom about how guys who claim they’re “nice guys” usually aren’t actually nice guys and she said “you know you’re dad is a nice guy. I never would have gone for him when I was younger and still wanted guys that caused drama. But eventually you grow up and realize you want the nice guy.” I had to bite my tongue from saying “you do realize that dad cheated on my mom multiple times so that’s maybe not the strongest argument in defense of ‘nice guys.’”

Alright, that’s it for me. We were supposed to have a task out tonight, but I’m too exhausted and in some pain to deal with it. So, it’ll be out either tomorrow or Monday. And, because you guys had to wait, I’ll be throwing in a few extra fun things!

I also have a big announcement tomorrow in regards to us reaching our 30 character goal. A hint is somewhere on the main.

Until then, send in those apps for me to look at tomorrow!

-Admin Jaybird.