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If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

161108 RM’s Last Broadcast FC Post // Trans

Last Broadcast Rain.

Bangtan had their last broadcast. We had the last broadcast, and it’s raining.
It’s almost feels like the rain was waiting to come down.

Since I learned a bit of what loneliness is, or whenever it was I don’t really remember but, I’ve ended up really liking the rain. Even though no one would know, I would often do things like go around by myself chasing the rain without an umbrella. (Honestly, I still do sometimes.)

Rain is very similar to music. Depending on the background, the situation the expression changes and the nuance can be different. Sometimes you definitely feel the perfect sadness and sometimes it’s a complete opposite, and other times it’s purifying, rest, a bitter smile, and other such things.. But my likeness for the smell of rain is never changing. Maybe it’s because the dust is being cleaned down.

In the last few years, I’ve always wanted to write a song relating to rain (we do have ‘Rain’..but a version is that completely my own). Although I haven’t really thought it through, of the songs I like, a lot of them are about rain. Epik High hyungs’ Umbrella, Let it Rain, Younha noona’s Sound of Rain, X-Japan’s Endless Rain, FreeTEMPO’s Rain, Razah’s Rain, Teacher Kim HyunShik’s Like Rain Like Music, etc..it’s really a lot. That’s how much rain has gladly become someone’s muse.
And the world is a little bit more liveable thanks to the rain.

The contents we learned as a child from a science book - that fact that, the volume of Earth’s water is constant and it can become the sea, become the river, become the rain and so the Earth continues to spin - was so so fascinating. The idea that the rain droplets that are tapping against my window could be from the far Himalayan mountains. Ever mixing and being shared..I would think I too want to live like a rain droplet, but I also wonder what would happen if rain droplets understood loneliness.. It’s a bit sad. I keep going back and forth.

Anyways, Like the falling rain, a lot of things passed by like a panorama in one month. I still can’t believe, as much as I try, that we already had our last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but it really was like that this time. For you and me, it was a 4 weeks where the rain came down like none other before.

The world calls that rain ‘Korea’s Best Rainfall in Years’, ‘The First such and such Rain’, ‘_00mm’* and with words similar to these people will record and of course this is a very happy thing but, we can’t simply use such numbers to represent our rain. This is something just we know. Before this rain, there were a myriad of other rains that fell and in our eyes, in your eyes, whenever we’re standing on stage, and on my body rain is always falling. In every moment the floods and waves are collectively hitting.

In this moment I’m not at a faraway place, but I really like that I’m here with you guys mixing and falling together as rain droplets. And so I just really wanted to say that I didn’t want us to be remembered just by several numbers.

They say singers follow their song titles. As the song title says, this rain contains mine and all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Listen carefully to the rain sounds right now!
What is it saying to you

P.S. Sorry of this was a bit cheesy. But since it’s the last broadcast! Here was my last broadcast thoughts.

Trans by @bangtoori

Fujimaki-sensei Q&A thing from Jump Festa: full version!

Q. I’m really looking forward to the movie next March. During middle school, what movie did Kuroko and Momoi go see on a date? I’d love it if you could tell me what happened after that, too. 
A. It was the kind of movie where the dog waits forever for his dead owner. After they watched it, Momoi cried so much it wasn’t really a date anymore. 

Q. What nicknames did Kagetora-san give to everyone on Vorpal Swords? If he had them for Momoi and the players on the bench, please say what they were, too.
A. Kise –> Flashy Guy
Midorima –> 7:3 Part
Aomine –> Tanning Salon
Murasakibara –> Long Hair
Akashi –> Rich Boy [”Obotchan”]
Momoi –> Satsuki-chan
Wakamatsu –> Yankii
Takao –> Middle Part

[T/N: the “part” in Midorima and Takao’s names is in the sense of a hair part. A 7:3 part is considered a nerdy hairstyle.]

Q. I have a question for Midorima-kun. Up until now, what was your biggest and smallest lucky item? If possible, I’d also like to know the most expensive.
A. Biggest & most expensive –> copy machine (forcefully borrowed from school)
Smallest –> single grain of rice (when left on the bench, it blew away)

Q. There’s a rumor that Kise can’t draw, but how bad is he? I’d love it if I could actually see it. I’d also like to know how well Aomine can draw, since he’s in the top two dummies of the Generation of Miracles. 
A. [See above for drawings. Left is Kise’s drawing, a dog, and on the right is Aomine’s drawing, a cat.]

Q. The Kouhaku Singing Competition is a big part of New Years, so of the Kuroko no Basuke characters, who’s the best singer? Please also tell us who’s as terrible as Gian
A. The best –> There’s only Himuro. The worst –> Nebuya. 
These characters didn’t sing as expected at karaoke–>
surprisingly good –> Furihata, Hayakawa
surprisingly bad —> Miyaji, Nijimura

Q. How many layers are in the osechi in the Akashi family, and is there some kind of really expensive food inside? Also, does Murasakibara’s zouni have chocolate or something else sweet in it?
A. 4-5 layers, and pretty much any expensive ingredients you can imagine are in it. The zouni is normal. What’s crazy is the amount of shiruko. 

When Dreams Come True

Title: When Dreams Come True (guys I still suck at titles help)
Words: 1900+
Request/Summary: #6 from this prompt list: “Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm…” // Reader grows up a No-Maj-born and thinks she’s the only one of her kind until she meets Newt and the Goldsteins and discovers the wizarding world. 
A/N: Okay I meant for this to be a oneshot, really, but it turned in to much more. I don’t know how many parts it’ll be and this first part doesn’t even contain the actual part that was requested. Whoops. So this has turned into much more than the original request and has become a slow build and I’ve probably gone overboard with it and I’m really worried about how this is going to turn out. Anyway, let me know what you think and if there’s anything you’d like in future parts?


You had always known you were different, ever since you were little. You could do things with your mind sometimes, like levitate books. Sometimes you could control your abilities and you attempted to practice to try and control them. Other times, however… Let’s just say they tended to get out of hand—particularly when your emotions had run high. Once, when you were extraordinarily upset, you had caused an entire china cabinet to explode. Instances like those were few and far between, however.

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yurio shouldntve won the GPF

 — and im not even saying that bc i wanted yuuri to win (tho i did), but bc it just…. doesnt make sense, for 3 key reasons: yurios narrative, yurios scores themselves, & yurios stamina. 2 of these have already been written in two gr8 meta posts, so ill start there:

yurios narrative (link to better, longer meta): that boy needed to lose to gain some humility. his whole problem was he hadnt been challenged by ppl in his age range (& yes, yuuri almost beat him - but he still won. at his senior debut.), and hed already settled out his narrative goals - have an incredible senior debut, grow out of viktors shadow a little, and set a world record

yurios scores (link to better, longer meta): his SP score was literally impossible, simple as that. he shouldntve scored that high, and those few extra impossible points wouldve bumped him down below yuuri

and finally, my real contribution here: yurios stamina just shouldnt be that good

its been established before that yuuri has incredible stamina - thus why has can do so many difficult jumps in the second half of his programs. its a character trait for him, just like how he gains weight easily or is hella anxious. yurio, meanwhile, in ep9, “skated beyond his limits” with his free skate, and scored a personal best
thats gr8! you go, yurio!! but….
how are we supposed to believe that yurio, who had skated beyond his limits last time he did this free skate, is now able to throw in an extra quad at the end of his program?
yurio shouldve been too tired to pull that. he didnt practice it, he doesnt have yuuris stamina, and he had already maxed out his potential on this program before it had another quad in it. that shits not easy to just throw in!!! it doesnt make sense that he was able to do it

TLDR: it makes little narrative sense for yurio to have won, he literally couldntve scored that high on his SP, & he shouldve been too tired to throw in that last quad

Sexting in Open Court

@barbabangme I am taking a break from smut forever after this omfg.  I hope it’s not too shit babe.
I am so tired rn but I had to post this tonight. I will be back to writing my fluffy stuffs next week guys. 

Lets put this cute gif of Rafi on it cos why not.

His face totally says “Yeah but you can’t send dirty messages like this and still win your case tho can you?” asdfghjkdsghsdjk I need sleep loool bye

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Today’s Look: Carnival Games. I had more time than usual to get ready, so I got to break out some of the party-store accessories I’m obsessed with, as well as my newly re-laced DIY boots. Seems like no matter what I wear, I still end up looking like the Joker on Casual Friday. 🎪💚🎉💜🎈

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OKAY! I know you guys waited forever for this, but I had to figure out what I was doing with my life with this, since this is the first webcomic I have ever done. but I think i found a format and set up I like and I made this blog to be for the fandom specifically. Aside from posting the webcomic here, I am going to be using this blog as a student blog for the main character of the webcomic Orion, so feel free to interact! I already have the next like 10 pages sketched out and planned and this is going to be… pretty long. so if you like it, feel free to follow and join me on the ride!

Non-spoilery pre-release thoughts.

OK so I haven’t finished my 10 hours of Andromeda yet, but I’ve gotten as far as the trial allows me for the main story and I’ve got like one hour left of pre-release play anyway.

For those on the tag/those who missed my earlier post, I ended up getting Origin access just for the trial because the “OMG ANDROMEDA IS GOING TO BE AWFUL AND BIOWARE IS RUINED FOREVER” talk was really starting to get to me after I saw the bad face animations. Didn’t want to wait a week because I’ve been excited for Andromeda ever since before ME3′s DLC came out. While I was super hyped and had high hopes, at the same time, I thought I had fairly realistic expectations (”Yeah Bioware’s not perfect this isn’t a bad thing” instead of the “OH GOD I’M NOT GONNA BUY THIS GAME BECAUSE BIOWARE KICKS PUPPIES” bullshit I was seeing around) but… yeah.

It was really getting to me.

So here’s some dot points, no spoilers, under the cut. This covers character creator, face animations, world exploration, and narrative, without any spoilers. Any possible spoilers are referred to so vaguely you’ll have no chance of putting anything together, so don’t worry.

I also have a bit at the bottom covering things I really like about this game.

TL;DR – Guys. It’s fine, it’s okay, it really is. Chill. These issues exist, but they’re tiny ass things you’ll barely notice, like in every other game ever. You’ll love Andromeda, you really will. Yeah, it is DA:I in Space, but it’s also not – it’s DA:I in space, but better.

Honestly, these issues are fucking terrifying when you’re hyped up and can’t see the game for yourself yet and everyone’s nitpicking about these dumbass tiny things like they’re Huge Fucking Issues, but when you do play you won’t run into them nearly as often as people made you think, and when you do see them you’ll shrug and move on and forget about them ten seconds later, like you do about 99% of glitches you run into in other games. 

You’re not gonna hate the game just because Jallo’s legs clip into his seat or Addison stared at you way more blankly than any other character or something, for fuck’s sake.

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“They can’t do anything to me. I have nothing left.” Ch. 9

A/N: I KNOW I HAVEN’T UPDATED THIS SINCE FOREVER BUT I HAD A SUDDEN INSPIRATION AND URGE TO MAKE THE LAST PART! I am so sorry for the wait, I do hope you like this part! Also, I thought about waiting to post it tomorrow but I’m too excited so I’ll post it now and you will just have to excuse if it’s badly edited. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Reader was an undercover agent at HYDRA that wanted to save Bucky, however things don’t always go according to the plans. Angst

Warnings: mention of blood and death

Word count: 1289

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

You were woken up by a soft beeping sound ringing in your ear, your head pounding as you awoke from your slumber. As you raised your hand to pinch your nose, you were met with a breathing mask and you slowly removed it. As you came to your senses, you could feel the light movement of the bench you rested on as the car drove. Your eyes fluttered open and it took you a moment to recover your sight. 

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Googly Eyes [2]

[title]: Googly Eyes [2]

[pairing]: Peter Parker x Reader

[summary]: Y/n’s falling for the Spiderman and while Tony likes Peter Parker, he doesn’t feel too great about his daughter dating him.

[warnings]: none bruh

[a/n]: oMF so iM sO SOrRY i havENt pOStED iN foreVEr bUT i GoT RLLy bUSY AnD iT Was My biRTHDaY ANd tHeN THe fOUrTh Of juLy aND pLs dONt hATE ME i LoVE yOu

Googly Eyes Part 1

Originally posted by peterparkerdaily

           Y/n had been constantly waiting for the text from Peter Parker, much to her father’s displeasure. For the first few days that he had left, she was checking her phone every few minutes, anxiously awaiting contact with the Spiderman.

           After a few weeks, she gave up checking her phone often, but if it rang out, announcing a notification, she would scramble to check who it was and her lips would droop with disappointment with it not being the boy that she wanted.

           The ding from her phone that was lying face down on the coffee table notified her. She and her father were sprawled across the sofa, watching a movie. It was the first real constructive interaction that they had had together in a very long time. Nonetheless, Y/n jumped to pick up her phone.

           A hopeful glint glittered in her eyes as she hurriedly read what had lit up the screen.

           Hey, it’s Peter Parker. Remember me?

           A triumphant grin erupted joyfully onto her face as she slid the notification across the screen to answer.

           Suddenly aware of her distraction, Tony lifted his head from the couch’s armrest to see that Y/n was smiling brightly as her fingers danced expertly around the screen.

           “Who’re you texting?” he asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at the way she tried to hide the dreamy smile that fought its way onto her face and refused to move.

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Break Even

Part 1 Part 2


I don’t have a clue how it happened.  Maybe I was delirious from this new thing that Simon was doing.  Namely, kissing me.  Admittedly, I had dreamed about it long enough that when it actually happened I sort of fell into a dream-like state.

           But in a moment of complete post-kiss stupidity, I invited him home for Christmas.  With me.  With my family.

           What could I have possibly been thinking?

           Oh right. I wasn’t.  Thinking, that is.

           But the bigger question remains.  

           Why in the world did he say yes?

Christmas takes forever to arrive.  It sounds childish to wait for Christmas, but honestly, I might have been waiting for it to be over.

           Because having Simon Snow in my house has been a nightmare.

           I should have seen it coming.  Of course my family would be horrible, pasting fake smiles on their faces in front of him and watching our every move when they thought he couldn’t see.  Of course they would judge me for inviting my – our – sworn enemy into the house out of the “goodness of my heart”.  They’ve been acting like he’s the vampire, and now that I’ve let him in he’ll drain us all in our sleep.  

           Mordelia asked me why he was here.  She said it like it was an accusation.  I told her that we weren’t fighting right now and that he needed a place to stay for Christmas and be nice.  She gave me that look with the narrow eyes like she knew it was more than that, which she didn’t.  She never does when she gives that look.  She just does it to make you think that she’s on to you, so that you’ll reveal the rest yourself.  I simply fixed her with a glare and sent her on her way.  There’s not much more I can do with her.

           Aunt Fiona isn’t talking to me.  I can’t blame her.

           But easily the worst part of the situation is Simon himself.

           Because he hasn’t kissed me since that afternoon in our dorm.  He hasn’t made any moves, he hasn’t mentioned it, he isn’t showing any signs that it happened in the first place.

           Which almost makes me wonder if it even did happen.  I couldn’t have dreamed that up, could I?


I have no bloody idea what to do.

           I kissed Baz.

           His house is big, much bigger than I expected, which is saying something.  Apart from that, his family is pretty much exactly what I thought they would be like. His dad is quiet and stern-looking. His stepmom is awkwardly friendly for my sake, but I’ll give her credit for even bothering.  His aunt is cranky, and his sister is… creepy.  That’s really the only way I can describe her.  She doesn’t talk to me, even if I try to talk to her.  She just stares at me with this weird mix of curiosity and horror, like I’m the creepy one.

           Baz is the only one I can stand to be around for extended periods of time, which is honestly really pathetic, considering our history.

           But then again, what does our history even mean now?

           After all, he invited me to his home for Christmas. After I kissed him.

           And I kind of want to do it again.

           Instead I do the opposite.  I act like it never happened.

           Because I’m afraid.  I’m afraid of what this means.

           Because he’s the enemy, whether either of us wants it or not.

           Is he really?

           I can’t kill him if I want to kiss him.


I don’t know how I’ve gotten any sleep this whole holiday with him in my room.  It’s stupid, I know, since we’ve been sharing a room for years, but this feels way more intimate than that.  It makes me feel so much more exposed.


His room is cold, like him, but at least it doesn’t have any monsters under the bed, or anywhere else.  Apart from him, anyway.  Assuming I’m right and he is a vampire.

           That should bother me.  It always has.

           I didn’t feel any fangs when I…

           He’s given me every spare blanket he can find, and I’ve piled them up on top of me to peel off one by one when I start to overheat, which happens nearly every night.  I wonder if he’s ever too cold in here, or if he finds this comfortable.

           I wonder if he would overheat if I were to hold him while he slept.  Assuming he ever lets me get that close again.

           I wonder why I want him to let me, and if I’ll ever be able to stop wanting things.

           I can’t kill him if I want to kiss him.

           So maybe I’ll have to make a choice.

           And maybe I already know there’s no way I could kill him now.  


I wake up on Christmas morning to find Simon already gone from his little nest on the sofa at the foot of the bed.  I let my head fall back to the pillow, not ready to get up yet.  The sun has only just peeked over the horizon and through the window.  

           Come to think of it, Simon is up really early.

           He could just be in the bathroom.

           Or he could have left.

           And just like that, I can’t get the thought out of my head, even though I know it’s dumb.  After all, where could he possibly go?

           But it’s too late.  The thought has taken purchase and it won’t let go.

           I throw back the covers and shove my feet into my slippers, grabbing my robe before leaving the room.  The house is quiet, apart from the gentle sighs of the ghouls in the curtains.  I don’t hear Simon’s usual too-loud bumbling footsteps, or Mordelia’s Christmas morning tiptoe, or anyone else moving through the house.

           I almost don’t see him when I pass the Christmas tree in the fireside room, but a shock of blonde hair catches my eye and I double back.

           There he is, lying under the tree, sound asleep and snoring gently.

           Maybe that’s why I woke up.  The absence of snoring.

           I approach him quietly and find myself smiling sadly, wondering if he’s ever gotten to sit under a real tree on Christmas Day, surrounded by packages and ribbons and sweets.  It looks like he’s actually tried to wedge himself underneath the branches like he’s trying to blend in with the presents, but his legs stick out and his one arm is long above him, and a bauble is dangling directly over his head, brushing his curls as it sways.

           I should wake him and get him back to bed where he can sleep properly until the sun has come up, but as cliché as it sounds, he looks too peaceful.  He always has this weight on his brow, like the entire World of Mages is standing there on his eyebrows and furrowing them together.  In a way, I suppose that’s exactly the case.

           “Snow,” I whisper softly, close to his ear.

           He stirs, and then wakes up suddenly, jerking up and knocking the bauble off of its bough, the whole tree shaking with his movement.  When his eyes meet mine they’re anxious for a second before they fill with recognition.

           “Thank Merlin it’s you,” he sighs in relief.  “It would have been mortifying if any of your family had found me first.”

           “Lucky you,” I mutter.  “What are you doing down here, did you sleepwalk?”

           “I was waiting, but you took so long that I fell asleep.”  Simon yawns, brushing a ribbon from his arm and climbing out the rest of the way from under the tree.

           “You were waiting for Christmas by sleeping underneath the Christmas tree.”

           He blushes and looks down.  “Yeah, well, I had a stupid idea.”

           I raise an eyebrow.  “Do tell.”

           “You know how you got me that dagger for Christmas?”

           “Of course.”

           “And you know how I wanted to pay it back?”

           I feel myself starting to blush at the memory. “Yes.”

           His cheeks are blazing red.  “Well, I still don’t have a present for you.”

           “Snow, you let me give you a place to stay for Christmas, that’s enough.”

           “And that’s another thing.  I can’t offer the same to you, so I didn’t know how we could break even on this one.”

           I shake my head.  “Why are you so obsessed with breaking even?  I don’t want anything, Snow.”

           He meets my eye.  “Nothing?  Really?”

           I blush fully.

           “So I had this stupid idea,” he pushes on, looking away again, “that maybe when I… paid you back the first time that you wanted it, and that we could maybe do that more often.”

           I can only blink in shock at what I’m hearing.

           “So I thought,” he continues, “that even though I can’t give you anything wrapped in paper, I could give you… me.”

           I almost burst out laughing at how crazy this is. “You?”

           He shrugs.  “Well, I don’t know about you, but I really liked kissing you.”  He says kissing quickly like he wants to get it over with.  “And I really like not fighting with you.”

           I can barely breathe.  “I like not fighting, too.”

           He peeks up at me.  “Yeah?”


           “Do you think we could… not fight more often?”

           “I think we could manage it.”

           “And do you think,” he gulps, “that maybe we could…”


           He looks at me with a kind of fear I’ve never seen on him before.  He’s afraid I’ll turn him down.  It’s the kind of fear that’s been keeping me from telling him everything for years.

           And now that I’ve seen that fear in his eyes, I feel mine start to dissipate.

           I lean in.  His blush deepens and his eyes dart to my mouth and back.

           “Definitely,” I murmur, and we’re so close I can feel his hot breath grazing my lips.

           It’s Christmas morning and I’m kissing Simon Snow under the Christmas tree, and he’s sighing into my mouth and his fingers are in my hair and I can barely tell up from down.

           And Crowley, am I glad I woke him up.

How to be a Stydia Shipper, a guide:

1. Whine and complain to the TW cast, producers, writers and everything related about how you want Stydia to be canon for 6 (7???) years. Harass everyone who doesn’t ship Stydia (especially Marrish and Stalia shippers), basically just be an antagonist.

2. Play the victim when people start posting hate about Stydia and the fandom, using arguments such as: “You had your time, let us have ours,” and, “We don’t deserve this negativity,” and “We’ve been waiting for this for forever, we deserve it.” Arguments which are all invalid.

Study Buddy (Jaemin Scenario)

↳ characters: Jaemin x reader

↳ genre: Fluff

↳ word count: 1,425

↳ summary: [request] hello!!! can i request a thing abt u and jaemin where u volunteer @ the library on the same day every week nd one week jaemin happens comes in to study while ur volunteering nd uhm yea! u can go wherever u want w it tbh + thank you for writing!!! i love your jaemin posts!!!

↳ author’s note: first of all im so sorry this took forever (as most my posts do) im just one admin and my writing sucks lol, also i had testing this week and was super stressed but I thank you massively for waiting and for showing my jaemin posts love!! It means the world to me that you enjoy my writing and love NaNa as well :”)) please tell me your thoughts on this imagine once you’ve read it! I’d really appreciate~ also side note: The song You & Me by Kisum reminds me of Jaemin cause its so cute like him, I love him so much okay sorry.

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Royally Yours: Part Eight

Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: You’re unwillingly engaged to the Crown Prince of another kingdom, whom you had known as a child but then lost contact with. Time, deceit, and politics brings you two back together, but it’s a dramatic stretch to the ascension of the throne.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Grant Ward, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Pots, Peggy Carter, Bruce Banner, Lincoln Campbell, Betty Ross, Clint Barton (more to be added)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: Guys, I can’t express how sorry I am that it’s taken me forever to upload, but the last week and a half haven’t really been good for me and I just haven’t had any motivation to post or write, and I still don’t, but I want to share this for those who are patiently waiting. Again, I’m so sorry, and Happy Holidays.


Originally posted by leloest

Last Time:

“I will arrange for there to be daises,” the prince says.

“Thank you, Bucky,” you respond, and he bows his head slightly to you.  

“It’s the least I can do,” he replies. “If we are to be unwillingly married, let’s at least make it so we can enjoy some of it.” 



You breathe out, hearing the call of your name from behind and turn to face Grant as he reaches you on your stroll. He’s dressed in casual attire, and his eyes focused solely on you as he passes other nobles still using the Barnes’ castle as a momentary home.

“Grant,” you reply, heart fluttering at the sight of him. He smiles warmly upon reaching you, and gestures for you to walk with him. “Where have you been?”

“Resting,” Grant replies. “My stomach was aching by the end of the celebration’s evening.”

None of the color in his cheeks had receded from his face, so you took it as he had recovered and gave him a small smile.

“I was told your mother had returned to Sokovia?” he asks, eyebrow raised.

You nod your head, inwardly sighing. “She was not feeling well either, being away from home.”

You find yourself lying, and nearly take it back, but Grant is nodding his head as you race through your thoughts, startled by your impulse to lie.

“You looked wonderful,” he says a moment later. “Your dress, from the celebration.”

You blush, glancing around. “Thank you.”

It had been a few hours since both you and James had returned from your walk in the woods, and since then you’d been drawing, only now taking a break as your hand became sore. Rebecca was scarce, and you had heard of her whereabouts, but not ever seeing her. Even James seemed to sink back into the shadows because you had stumbled upon neither of the Barnes siblings in your stroll around the castle.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Grant suddenly says, stepping closer to you and pulling you into an empty hallway that branched off from the main hall.

“Grant,” you start, looking around worriedly in case of servant’s eyes. “There are whispers-”

“I know,” he cuts you off. “Which is why I also know you’re lying when you say your mother went back to Sokovia because of homesickness.”

You flush, awkward upon being called out, and Grant takes you by the hands, palms smooth. “Why have you been meeting with James?”

The urgency in his tone makes your brow crease. “Why are you asking me about meeting with James?”

Grant’s face contorts into a sour expression. “I’ve been thinking that you should stay away from the Prince.”

“Stay away from the Prince,” you repeat, and then let out a short laugh. “Grant, I can’t avoid someone I’m publicly engaged to.”

“You can,” Grant replies, squeezing your hands with his. “If you put enough distance between you and James, neither of you will need each other while ruling.”

“Grant,” you say slowly. “Are you suggesting that I never rely on James while ruling both Sokovia and Romania?”

“Yes,” Grant nods his head earnestly.

Your lips part and you look at your advisor uncertainly. “As much as I respect your thoughts, Grant, I do not believe I need your advice on how to rule with a king at my side.”

Grant shakes his head. “I mean that if James stays here in Romania, and you come back to Sokovia, you two won’t have to be together to rule your two kingdoms. You can be with me, in Sokovia.”

Your head tilts up upon realizing where his words have been coming from. “Grant…”

“I know, I know,” he cuts you off. “It’s stupid, and selfish, but it’s better than being married to someone you don’t even know.”

“I do know him, Grant,” you stop him, taking your hands from his. “James was once my best friend, and he is becoming that again. Yes, we are married, and yes, our hearts do not belong to each other, but I will not have a man as my king, only to act as if he does not exist.”

“That’s not right for you though, (Y/N),” Grant insists. “I know you’re not happy here, and I know that you want to go home-”

“Grant.” You hold your hand up, taking a step back from your friend. “You have admitted to me that you love me, and yes, I do feel things for you, but my kingdom comes before my heart, and though it pains me to finally accept this, James is my ally, my husband, and my future king. If I am married to him, I will play my role in ensuring that we keep our countries safe. You mean worlds to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am married, and you are still my advisor.”

Grant’s expression had changed from one of persistence to one of shear anger. His jaw clenched, and his voice became rigid when he spoke to you again.

“Very well.”

He left you standing in the hall until a servant girl had approached you, asking if you were lost. You’d ignored her and walked away, thoughts anywhere else except on your manners.

Grant was right when he had asked you not to speak upon his declaration, because if you had, you would have lost him days sooner.

“Your Highness,” King George addresses you, and you look up from your dinner.


He was again sitting at the head of the table, and his wife on the other side, but the table had shrunk so instead of yards being between each person, there were only dishes. James and Rebecca sat across from you, quietly eating their food as well, and you could not help but believe it was more than just yourself feeling down this evening.

“How have you been enjoying your stay at the castle?” the king asks you, and you push a green bean across your plate before answering.

“It has been interesting,” you reply, giving him a small smile. Your anger with the older royals had subsided as the days had pushed on, and now your wedding and James’ coronation were only two weeks away. Your argument with Grant had been replaying again and again in your mind since it happened, and now it was the only thing you could think of while eating dinner.

“Rebecca tells me you both enjoyed a walk near the ocean,” Queen Winifred speaks up, and you nod your head, first glancing at Rebecca. She smiled meekly at you before returning to her dinner. Her quietness was beginning to bother you, and you could tell James was feeling the same because he looked at his sister concernedly.

“Are you okay, Becks?” he asks, and Rebecca purses her lips before nodding.

“I just don’t feel well,” she says, and then begins to stand. “I think I need to rest. If you’ll excuse me.”

No one speaks as she leaves the table until James lurches to rise, but you beat him to it. “Excuse me, Your Highnesses.”

You set your napkin down and make your way after Rebecca. You follow her out to the courtyard, and watch as she wraps her arms around herself as she begins to walk out of the gates.

“Rebecca,” you call out to her, and she freezes, allowing you time to reach her, and hold her arms in your hands. “Where have you been?”

You can see her swallow, the evening sun still not having yet set, and her eyes flick back and forth between you and anywhere else.

“I, uh,” she stutters, and then her eyes well with tears as she begins to cry. You pull her against yourself, and she holds tightly onto you, crying heavy tears into your dress as she shakes with sobs.

“Rebecca,” you say softly. “Rebecca, what’s wrong?”

“N-Natasha,” she stammers, voice muffled. “S-She…”

You tense upon hearing the name of the red haired woman and hold Rebecca away from your chest as she wipes her face with the backs of her hands.

“Rebecca, what about Natasha?”

“She’s planning,” Rebecca mumbles. “She wants to get rid of you and take James back by exposing Grant’s feelings towards you to my parents.”

You study her, before looking away and slowly nodding. “I’m married to James, and a marriage is not something that can be annulled now, much less when your parents and my mother arranged it.”

Rebecca looks at you again, swallowing and teary eyed.

“She’s going to say that Grant took your reputation,” the princess deadpans.

“My God,” you breathe, astonished. Your reputation was your virtue, and that was what made you respectable, aside from your power and your status. If Natasha were to say Grant had taken the thing that belonged to yourself to give only to your husband, that would be a game changer. “She couldn’t.”

“She has evidence,” Rebecca cries. “The servants saw Grant confess his love to you, and then you ran from the dinner the same night.”

“Yes, but James was with me,” you reply.

“That doesn’t matter,” Rebecca shakes her head. “You were unheard of, and so was Grant. Natasha has a lie to tell of you, and she could ruin you.”

Your breath catches in your throat, and you shakily exhale. “How do you know of all this?”

“There are tunnels in the castle, (Y/N),” Rebecca responds. “Some go right by Natasha’s chambers. I was going by there to go to Bucky while he was sad, and I heard her speaking of her plans.”

“Rebecca,” you say, holding her shoulders. “Is Grant a part of this?”

Her delicate expression is the answer you receive, and you swear under your breath. “My mother said this would happen, that Grant would be an endangerment to my marriage with James.”

“She was right,” Rebecca mumbles. “He was with her.”

Your breathing slows, and your heartrate speeds. “He was with her?”

Rebecca nods, and your stomach drops.

“How long ago was this, Rebecca?”

“The night after the celebration,” the princess tells you.

“Do you know when they plan to lie?” you question.

“No,” Rebecca shakes her head. “It has to be before the coronation and the wedding, though.”

“Natasha does not even love your brother,” you stress. “She wants the Romanian throne so badly she is willing to destroy a royal union to get it?”

“She wants the power,” Rebecca whispers. “She would never remain loyal to Bucky, or to this country.”

You listen to the younger girl, and purse your lips, feeling amassed annoyance with the lower ranked woman.

“We need to stop her,” you say.

“How?” Rebecca asks. “She has the servants on her side and your own advisor. All she needs is an audience with my father.”

“You said that the servants cared for Bucky like he was a person and not a royal, correct?” you respond, and Rebecca slowly nods.

“Well, yes.”

“Then we need them to understand that I am more than royalty as well,” you tell her. “If we want to keep Natasha from ruining the alliance, the marriage, and my reputation, we need to get the right people to understand I wouldn’t give away my virtue to someone that was not my husband.”

“And how are we going to do that?” Rebecca frets. “We can’t just throw her into a cell because that will just make the servants believe the rumors more, and doing the same to Grant will make it seem like you’re hiding something.”

“We won’t be jailing anyone,” you tell her. “But before we do anything, we need to tell Bucky of what Natasha is planning.”

“No,” Rebecca gasps, shaking her head. “I love my brother, but he is impulsive, and would sooner cut the head off of the hydra than stab it through the heart. Bucky will try to jail them both, and as long as there are servants who believe you’re unvirtuous, the rumors will only grow.”

You nod your head. “Okay, so we will do this ourselves.”

“God help us stop her,” Rebecca murmurs.

The sun sets, and the plan forms.


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P Magazine - Popularity Polls

I’ve had these since forever (thanks to @jii-ro who sent me the ones I was missing!) but I kept waiting to see if we’d have a new Popularity Poll in the latest Persona Magazines. I guess I’ll just update this post if any come out later lol

I have no idea of the exact date of these scans, so I don’t know which poll came first. But it’s really nice how Makoto and Aigis constantly managed to be in the Top 10 - even when the P4 craze was in full momentum! :’)

If I missed any polls and you have the scans, please do drop me a message so I can add them. Thank you!

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I’m so excited to participate in #FatshionFebruary this year! My friend nataliemeansnice made a great post on Facebook about it and I immediately ran to my room to pair outfits… Then it occurred to me that I had never posed for a real OOTD shoot. So I grabbed my camera and my talented roommate echoparkwitch and we had an absolute blast shooting these pix. I am definitely more prepared for all the photos I plan on taking for #FatshionFebruary and can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces!

Jacket: Forever 21+
Dress: ASOSCurve
Necklace: Anthropologie
Earrings/cuff: bauble bar
Rings/bracelet: free people