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“Yeah right, Tom! I bet you didn’t even think about us!” Tord screamed at Tom through his tears. His face was hot with anger.

Tom gaped at Tord and Edd. He didn’t know how to respond. He felt tears beginning to well up in his eyes; it stung. “I-I-,” he tried to form a coherent sentence, but the words wouldn’t come. He knew what he had done. He had no excuse.

“You what, Tom? You used us? You took advantage of us? You LIED to us? What?!”

“I-I just-” Tom clenched his fists. He couldn’t take this anymore. His throat was throbbing, and hot, salty tears ran down his cheeks. Without saying anything more he turned and ran. Right out the door.

Edd attempted to follow him, “Wait! Tom!” Tord grabbed him by his shoulder.

“Let him go. If we’re lucky he won’t come back.”

Edd jerked away from Tord, “How could you say that? Tom is our friend!”

“He used you! He hurt us! He lied to both of us!”

“He wasn’t the only one who lied. None of this would have happened if you two had told us what was going on between you.”

“That’s irrelevant. HE knew. HE knew and he still did it! And then he lied about it. What else could he have lied about?”

Edd turned away. He didn’t know what to say. He knew that Tom had used him, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. Edd knew he had been drunk, yet he still consented. Tom was his best friend, and he wouldn’t abandon him no matter what he had done.

Tord saw Edd’s expression and sighed. He placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure he’ll be back by tomorrow.”

Edd wiped the tears from his face, “Yeah, I hope so.”

The next morning Edd woke up late. He sat up and yawned, dangling his legs over the side of his bed. The previous night’s events came rushing back to him like a wave, and he fell back onto his bed with a loud creak. He rubbed his eyes, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Eventually he got up, and he headed to the kitchen to find something to eat. No one else was around. He found some leftover pizza in the fridge and took a slice out to the living room. He had half expected to find Tom snoozing on the couch (as he usually did after a long night out) but was surprised to find the room empty. He sat down, slightly unsettled.

He jumped as he heard footsteps behind him, and turned to see Tord trudging groggily into the living room. He looked as if he had gotten no sleep, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Tord, have you seen Tom?” Edd asked carefully.

“Wh- he isn’t back yet?” Tord’s eyes widened, then he grimaced, as if in pain, “Why am I not surprised.”

“Where do you think he could be?”

“Don’t care.” Tord opened the fridge and rummaged around, finally coming to the conclusion that cold pizza was all he was having for breakfast.

“Aren’t you at least a little bit worried?”

Tord hesitated, “Not really. He’s probably just throwing himself a pity party, trying to get us worried. He’ll be back soon enough.”

“You and I both know Tom better than that.” Edd replied.

“I suppose you’re right. He’s probably gone and gotten himself alcohol poisoning. Or he’s in the hospital after trying to off hims-” Tord stopped. Edd looked horrified, and even he shuddered at the thought. Even after all Tom had done he would never wish anything like that upon him.

“Don’t you dare say that!” Edd glared at Tord.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” Tord looked away. He didn’t hate Tom. But he wasn’t sure if he loved him the same way anymore. He didn’t feel like he could trust him, and he was sure that things would never be the same between them.

The whole situation made Tord so angry. He wanted to hit him. To physically hurt him, so that he could know what it felt like to be betrayed. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help but relish the thought.

“If he doesn’t come back by tonight I’m going to go look for him.” Tord was snapped out of his thoughts by Edd’s sudden statement.


“Tord, I’m really worried about him. He could be in serious trouble.” Tord glanced over at Edd. His face was creased with worry, but underneath he saw how tired he was. He saw his face tinted with sorrow and betrayal. But Edd was a loyal friend. He would do anything for him, Tom, and Matt.

“Well, you’re not going alone. You’re gonna need help.”

Edd smiled, “Thanks, Tord.”

That evening, Tom still hadn’t returned. Edd paced back and forth in front of the couch. Tord and Matt sat watching him worriedly.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Matt asked.

“It’s fine, Matt. Besides, we need someone to stay here in case Tom comes home.” Tord patted Matt on the back, then stood up with a groan, “Alright, Edd. Let’s head out. We can take my car.”

Edd followed Tord out to the car. It was red, Tord’s favorite color. But Edd noticed a strange hole in the side, near the fender.

“Tord, is this a bullet hole?”

“Oh that? That’s just a… rust spot!”

Edd looked harder at the hole. The paint around it was chipped, and the metal underneath was spotless, no rust in sight. He narrowed his eyes with suspicion, but said nothing. He got into the car next to Tord and they headed out.

“Now, where would Tom be?” Tord mumbled.

“I- I don’t know. He- he’s not answering his phone. It’s probably off. Should we call the police?”

“No. He’s a grown man. He has every right to leave when he wants, and he hasn’t been gone for that long.”

Edd sighed, and they drove in silence for a while. Eventually they found themselves in downtown. They came to a river and Tord slowed down to cross the bridge when suddenly Edd grabbed his arm.

“EDD!” Tord slammed on his brakes. Luckily there was no one behind him. The roads were strangely quiet.

“What are you thinking!”

“I saw Tom!” Edd gestured forward toward the bridge.

“Wha-” Tord followed Edd’s gaze and saw a man standing on the bridge, leaning on the rails. It was Tom. Edd unbuckled his seatbelt and reached for the door handle.

“Wait, uh, Edd.” Tord touched Edd’s arm. Edd looked at him quizzically.

“Maybe you should stay here.”

“Oh, uh, okay.” Edd put his seatbelt back on, “But I’m there at any sign of trouble”

“Alright then,” Tord stepped out of the car. We walked quietly up to Tom.

“You aren’t planning on jumping, are you?” Tord leaned on the rails by him. Tom jumped and turned sharply, but relaxed when he saw who it was and turned back to gazing out at the city.

Tord noticed the circles under his eyes; his hair was messy and tousled. Tom hadn’t gotten any sleep in over forty-eight hours.

Tom sighed, “No, just watching.”

“Care if I join you?”

Tom turned back to him, “I thought you couldn’t stand to be around me.” His tone was meant to be questioning, but his fatigue rendered his voice monotone.

“Look, Tom. What you did was wrong, but I didn’t take the time to consider everything… You still should have told me. If you had just told the truth none of this would have happened.”

“I know, I just-” Tom rubbed his eyes with both hands, “I just didn’t want to lose you. I thought you would hate me.”

“Tom, I would never hate you. There’s nothing you could do that would make that happen.”

Tord had had some time to think. The more he had thought about it, the less angry he became.

“Tord, I’m really sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me.”

“But I do.”

“Really? Why?” Tom looked at him questioningly.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” Tord knew that Tom would do the same for him, “But, I’m not the only one you need to apologize to.” Tord gestured to the car where Edd waited.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Tom and Tord walked back to the car. Edd jumped out and wrapped Tom in an enormous hug, “Tom! I’m so glad you’re okay! I was so worried.”

Tom hugged Edd back, “I’m sorry, Edd. For everything.”

Several Years Later…

Tom opened the door, and was surprised to see a familiar, but scarred, face staring back at him.


“Tom, I- please, I just-” Tord stuttered, he couldn’t seem to form the words.

“Save it commie.” Tom pulled Tord into a hug.

“W-what are you-”

“Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Tord bit his lip as tears ran down his face, and he hugged him back.

(Wow, okay so.. I spent way more time in this than I should have lol. Personally, I think it’s kinda cringey, but that’s just me. Sorry it’s a bit late, but not by much!)



Just a little ficlet I wrote after watching Through Imperial Eyes because reasons

MAJOR spoilers for Through Imperial Eyes

Zeb hated being left behind on missions. He couldn’t help anyone while trapped on base. All he could do though was wait.

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Woes of Secret Identity in Ghost Rider #4. Have to say, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a comics play this particular trope with a straight face.

We’re still continuing with a team-up but not really a team-up as Amadeus and Laura gather more and more guest stars around them, while Robbie is still insisting he wants nothing to do with them and is instead more interested in taking down local gangs and whatever the deal is with his co-worker, Ramon. Maybe if they told him the space monster is after him? I mean, I’m surprised nobody had yet figured it out. It comes out when Ghost Rider appears, as Amadeus and Laura saw in the previous issue. When he disappears (read: turns back into Robbie) it burrows into the ground. It tries to leave, but something keeps drawing it back to LA and waits buried under Robbie’s workshop while he is there. It’ obvious this thing wants to add Ghost Rider to his set of stolen powers, I’m surprised nobody had yet figured it out.

Also, we’re one part to the end and I remembered one of the solicits promised us Gabe meeting Gabby. If that won’t happen I’m going to assume Marvel Marketing department is either lying or doesn’t even know the content of books they’re building the hype for.

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I’ve had this post saved up for days, waiting to release it when I ran out of other posts, because this is easily the greatest thing I have ever voiced, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it

but people keep sending me stuff, and I keep finding stuff on my own, so here it is! based on this hilarious comic by @liberlibelulaart

please do keep sending me stuff! I’ve really enjoyed doing this the last couple of months, and even though there’s still more to come, it’s mostly down to dumb luck, and the well is going to dry up real soon

“So paladin, it looks like your other paladins abandoned you.” 

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” 

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?” 

“Bring it big ears.” 


Anyway, concept is that Lance gets captured while on a Galra ship for some mission. Lance is about to get out but because of… reasons (?) he ends up staying on the ship while the rest of the team wormholes out. So he tries to keep out of their hands as much as possible but ends up being captured and interrogated by (*cough* Prine Lotor *cough*) before the rest of the team can come and get him. 

I needed my baby to do something badass although he had that cool sharpshooter moment I NEED MORE. Anyway here is to waiting for season 3 and drowning in fanfiction! Enjoy!

Even MORE Sportarobbie Headcanons

My self control and impulse control left for the war and still haven’t returned. I’m waiting for the letter that says they just ain’t coming back.

•Sportacus pulls his hat down over his eyes when he’s flustered and just laughs nervously before running off

•The first time Robbie found this out, Robbie had gone full on flirt mode with him and the poor boy just bolted
•Robbie now slowly hugs Sport while flirting and when he tries to run, he can’t cause he’s TRAPPED IN ARMS OF LOVE
•"Oh my gosh, Robbie please, let me go!“
•"You aren’t going anywhere! I’ve been thinking up these lines all day!”
•Robbie learns languages very quickly, due to some of his disguises needing him to speak a different language to be convincing

•Sportacus yells “HANDSOME!” in Icelandic and he goes to tell Robbie what it means and Robbie just says:
•"Right back at ya, hot stuff.“ in the same language without even looking from what he’s doing
•Sportacus is surprised and Robbie takes this moment to say “I love you” in every language he knows, starting with English and ending with Icelandic
•Nobody can find Sportacus for the rest of the day because he’s in his airship, dying on his bed under his blanket
•Robbie changes all the mean nicknames he had for Sport to sweet things

•"Sportadork.“ "YOUR Sportadork!”
•"Hello there, Sportalicious!” “ROBBIE!”
•Sportacus only calls Robbie “Robbie”, but it’s because he really likes his name. It’s simply and rolls off of his tongue easily.
•Even though he can jump high, there are just some things that Sportacus can’t reach.

•"Robbie, lean down, I want a kiss.“/"No, I’m busy.”/“Robbie. Robbie, lean down and gimme a kiss. Robbie. Robbie! ROBBIE I WILL CLIMB YOU LIKE A TREE GIVE ME A KISS!”

•"Robbie, I can’t reach the top cabinet. Come get me a sportscandy.“/"Jump for it. You’ll make it.”/“But I’ll break it if I grab it!”/“Then I guess you aren’t getting any sportscandy.”/“ROBBIE!”

•"Give me my hat back.“/"Jump for it. Or am I too tall for you?”/“no, I just don’t want to hurt you.”/*Robbie holds the hat higher over his head./“Robbie.” *small hop* “Robbie!” *slightly larger hop* “Robbie, give me-GIVE ME MY HAT BACK!”
•Robbie enters the ship while Sportacus is there and the ship automatically starts playing “Careless Whisper.” Nobody knows why.
•Sportacus can not, for the life of him, tell the difference between real and candy fruit, even when it’s PAINFULLY obvious

•"Oh, a sportscandy!“/"spoRTACUS WAIT NO-!”
•He can tell the difference between candy corn and real corn though
•"Robbie, if you every candy corn in this house, I will suplex your cake marker into the pavement without a second thought.“
•Robbie wraps his arms around Sport from behind and leans down to his ear, kissing it a little, and the elf expects a loving chant
•But Robbie just:
•"Eat all the frosted wheat thins again and we are through.”

What is ACTUALLY happening in this scene in the DBS Anime & Manga? + Japanese Translation

So, I’ve been waiting for the Super manga to come out and see how they handle this scene because its counterpart is really controversial in the anime. We know from interviews that Toriyama gives Toei and Toyotaro a general draft, and they fill in the rest, although Toriyama appears to be more involved in the production of the manga with Toyotaro (and working on a comic with someone is a more intimate setting than, say, a massive studio) so I’ve been waiting to see how this plays out. It turns out the dialogue in the manga is different, and I had a buddy of mine who translates Japanese-to-English for the DBZ fandom all the time take a stab at it. Here’s what she sent me:


“Goku literally says that Trunks puts his mouth against Mai’s mouth  (“kuchi to kuchi kuttsukeru” = place mouths together), but his “yoku” is giving me trouble here, because it can either be translated as “nicely/skillfully/well” or “frequent/often”.  To me it seems like Goku is simply refering to it coming off as a natural thing for Trunks to do.

Vegeta then says: “You… don’t know about that?”
Goku: “Mh? About what?”
Vegeta: “(About) that kiss(ing)…”
Goku’s “attarimee daro” can either mean “Well, of course?!” or “It’s a common thing to do, right?!”
Vegeta: (not stating WHO he is talking about) “…aren’t you married?” or possibly even “…they aren’t married?” refering to Trunks and Mai (they are in the panel after all.)
Goku: “Huh? Has that something to do with this?”
Like… I honestly don’t know what the whole point of this conversation is.

Are they completely talking past each other? Is Vegeta an idiot? Maybe Vegeta is like: “Duh, Bakarotto, why you so surprised two people put their mouths against each other?! You damn hick. You don’t know about that?! That’s what they call a kiss.” and Goku: “Yeah, of course I do, because it is a common thing.” I don’t even think this is about the momma-birding and more about Vegeta thinking Goku’s dumb and Vegeta being being uptight or even prude, because he doesn’t wat to continue the conversation, dissmissing it with an “Enough!”.

So, what Western audiences may not know, is that Japanese is a very contextual language, and if two people are having a conversation and assuming they’re referring to the same subject, but they’re not, they may not even realize it and walk away with a complete misunderstanding–it doesn’t help that in Japanese, usually, the context is implied, so if two people aren’t on the same page, misunderstandings can occur often. In the anime AND the manga, the “joke” is that Goku and Vegeta misunderstand each other due to this aspect of the Japanese language.

For the anime, most English and Japanese fans who logically concluded that, even with Goku’s childhood, common sense must prevail, and that the idea that Goku has never kissed Chichi after 20+ years of marriage and fathering two children with her–or that Chichi never even taught him what a kiss was or continued to remain ignorant of it when exposed to TV or public outings, figured that Goku was referring to Trunks momma-birding Mai–while Vegeta thought he was referring to kissing.

In the manga, Goku balks at the idea of not knowing what a “kiss” is, because it’s a very common thing. Like, duh, Vegeta. Interestingly, Vegeta’s option for translation here, since Goku has already stated he knows what kissing is, is to wonder aloud “…Trunks and Mai aren’t married?” which might imply that Vegeta has a more conservative view on kissing, or is wondering aloud about, after seeing his son kiss Mai, if they’re married.

When Goku asks,  Huh? Has that something to do with this?” the most sensible interpretation after what’s just been said, would be that Goku doesn’t see how kissing is something that is necessarily exclusive to marriage, so he wonders why Vegeta would even pose the question.

Before this though, Goku describes the literal description of kissing and with some awe, the manner in which Trunks does it–he hasn’t seen Trunks do it before now (which dismisses the “frequently/often” translation option) so Goku’s probably mentioning the natural manner in which Trunks “puts his lips up against her’s”, and in front of company in such a public and casual display of affection–all of which seems to have surprised Goku. The most logical interpretation of Goku’s response here would probably imply that he just doesn’t kiss Chichi in public or do PDA really, and thus the casual way Trunks “kisses” Mai in front of him and Vegeta strikes him as a culture shock. (which fits with the manga–and in the anime he’s only physically affectionate when they’re 1) alone or 2) around close friends or family)

One more week until V3 release!
I preordered THREE copies of the game but still can’t play it on the day it comes out. THIS IS ULTIMATE B_LLSH_T. OUTRAGEOUS.

Japanese Limited Edition(PSVita)- waiting for shipping. prob get this first.
US/EUR Limited Edition(PSVita)(I HAD to get this too, it comes w different bonus items)- waiting for NIS America to do its thing.
LimitedEdition V3 Collaboration Monokuma engraved PS4 - waiting for shipping. i wanted a PS4 for a while now. V3 comes up w a collab. talk about perfect timing….they DID NOT take foreign credit cards so pre-ordering this was a HUGE hassle….had to ask a relative that has a bank account in Japan. its almost like they dont want my money. TAKE IT!! JUST TAKE IT SPIKECHUNSOFT.

I can still technically play it on the game release date if i DL it, but that will mean ill have FOUR copies of the same game…FOUR. you hear me? FOUR.

and that’s just batsh_t crazy.

Lonesome (Feysand Fanfiction)

So one day I’m thinking, what if Feyre couldn’t stand to sleep alone when she first came to Velaris because she’s suffering from PTSD, and has to share a bed with Rhys?

Then I wrote a fanfction about it.

Here it is. Leave comments and feedback below. :))

- Tris

The first night I spend in Velaris is torturous.

Rhys had flown us back to the townhouse from the House of Wind. I bid him goodnight in the foyer and went upstairs to the room that had been prepared for me. I quickly changed into a more comfortable pair of pajamas and slipped into the bed so as to tumble  into another episode of nightmarish dreams.

Except that I couldn’t.

I waited and waited for sleep to come but it evaded me. I had never felt more awake. There was the lingering ache Tamlin had carved in me by locking me up and shutting me out, but that wasn’t the reason I couldn’t sleep.

It was that dreadful feeling of paranoia creeping along my skin. Anxiety twisted my insides, tightly winding them up so that every small sound, every shift in the shadows, made my eyes dart around the room, expecting to see my nightmares come to life before me.

The room was dark, since I’d blown out the candles but a bit of light from the moon managed to shine through the windows so that everything was basked in an eerie, soupy sort of gray.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of Mary's look of realization when Cas said "the things we shared, that changes me."

My first instinct was to cackle to myself, not going to lie :P 

Cas does seem to turn to look at Dean for that whole announcement, and Mary does seem to then look wonderingly around at Dean about it all… For the sake of fan fic, signal boost the crap out of her look here because that’s the Moment. :P

Wait I was going to try and come up with the serious answer but I just remembered the Winchester Gospels meta I wrote a long time ago which concluded that if you only had Chuck’s books to go on, you basically had no choice but to accept that Dean and Cas were banging because of Cas becoming human-er over season 5… And… Cas has been getting steadily more and more human since season 9 when he last tried to be an angel…

There is only one explanation for why Cas has changed.

No, but seriously, I guess that amount of wonder is worth it because she’s the newest character to grapple with the concept of angels by MILES and she BELIEVED in them, and Cas as she’s experienced him has been a bit of a mess but he’s been THEIR hot mess, and this part of the speech isn’t really for her at all, she’s witnessing the history Cas has with them, the awe that she can’t even imagine how old he is but he says the best part of his life was with them… Whatever she knows about Dean and Cas (and I’d bet a very bare bones version of the story at BEST would be on offer, and more likely Cas as weird incidental references except for random moments where he becomes totally central to their story because Dean is so WEIRD about talking about him, and, well, Mary and Sam don’t talk >.>) I don’t think Mary really got the enormity of it even with him hanging out and helping? In a way it’s just because it was too much information to absorb - welcome to the future we have an angel helping us with everything - does she even know it’s weird to them too? Or at least, she’s walked into the middle of their drama? I don’t think until 12x03 she even realised Cas HAD drama and her own was too much to really let it sink in about Cas saying he didn’t feel he belonged… Somewhere along the way he’s gone from “Castiel” to “Cas” and she’s getting a better grasp on him, but this is still a LOT to hear. And DEAN. Did all this. to an ANGEL. 


Which makes you want to believe in Destiel from the complete other end of this because she SEES how huge this is all of a sudden, and WE know how much of that history is Dean and Cas, and their very, very personal, romantic drama…

Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 7]

mood board by the talented @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Chapter 7 of Too Right To Be Wrong

Prologue  Prologue 2  Prologue 3  Prologue 4  Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6

Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

You let out a loud gasp as he tugged your panties off swiftly.

“Fuck!” you said under your breath. Never ever had anything made you so aroused in your life.

Mark teased you as his mouth ghosted over your aching core, his hot breath making you want to come undone right there.

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Anon request: Hi could I get a Grayson imagine? This may be very unoriginal, but could I get one where the reader and Grayson are very close as best friends, and they’re just hanging out or something, but throughout the story their friendship turn into something more?😁 I love your imagines by the way!

photo creds: painfulbliss


It was one in the morning when Grayson texted you. Luckily for him, you never slept either, which meant you were awake too. Unluckily for you, you were wearing pj shorts, a tank top, and socks with pizzas all over them, so you were not really looking too good. Grayson had asked you come over with no context provided, and you being you, accepted the request. And now you were waiting outside his house, still wearing your pj’s, and shivering from the cold.

“Hey,” the door swung open, warm light pouring through the cracks and Illuminating Grayson’s face. “Oh-wow-sorry-come in,” he stumbled, looking you over and stepping aside.

“T-thanks,” you stuttered and stepped in gratefully, skipping through the living room and plopping down in front of the cushy couch. A glowing fire had been lit, so you stretched your legs out across the soft carpet and extended your hands towards the flames.

“Here,” Gray plopped down beside you, pulling off his hoodie and offering it to you.  He wore a plain black tee underneath, matched with navy sweats.

You took the grey hoodie and pulled it over your head, but it was so huge on you, you felt like you’d been stuffed into a potato sack. A potato sack which happened to smell really damn good.

“Cute socks,” Grayson said, stretching his legs out and knocking his foot playfully against yours.

“Thanks,” you said with a little smile.

“Sorry for asking you here so lat-early,” Grayson chuckled softly.

“Well you promised me cookies, so…” you giggled.

Grayson rolled his eyes with a laugh and reached back before pulling out a plate covered in gooey chocolate chip cookies.

“Wait, really?!” you gasped.

“You thought I was lying?”

“Well, I would’ve come either way!”

“Really?” Grayson said, his full lips twitching upwards.

“Sure,” you shrugged, “that’s what friends are for.”

Grayson’s smile faltered slightly, but he regained his composition quickly, “Yeah.”

“Do you have mi-” you began.

“Yeah yeah, I’ve learnt by now that you only like cookies with milk,” Grayson sighed, handing you a mug.

You gave him a big smile before grabbing the cup, and saying sarcastically, “You know me sooo well.”

And with that you dunked your cookie and shoved it in your mouth in a most unattractive way.

Grayson raised an eyebrow, trying to refrain from snorting with laughter.

“A lady,” you began, through a mouthful of cookie, “always has grace and poise,” you took a swig of milk, “and beauty,” you swallowed, a bit of milk dribbling out your mouth.

Grayson burst out laughing, his face going red as he bent over his knees through fits of giggles that you mimicked.

“Hey hey hey,” you laughed, “judge all you want, but I will eat all these cookies if you do not.”

Grayson recovered and sat back up, extending his hand for a cookie, “Kay.”

“Open your mouth,” you said, taking a cookie.


“Just do it.”

“Well what if I don’t want t-”

“Can you please just-”

“I don’t feel like i-”

Halfway through his sentence you shoved a cookie into Grayson’s open mouth to shut him up.

He snickered and ate it, his eyes going dark, an eyebrow raised in challenge.

“You think you’re funny?” he smiled mischievously.

“Yeah, actually, I do,” you said nervously, sensing a threat.

Grayson pounced on you with no warning, his hands coming down to your waist, where he began to ruthlessly tickle you. You squirmed beneath him, having absolutely no chance of breaking his strong grip on you. He flashed a grin as you begged for mercy, your eyes watering as you kicked the ground, your hands flying ou-

Your hand hit something, which then rolled across the carpet.

“Oh shit,” you sat up, Grayson releasing you to see what happened.

A trail of milk spilt over the carpet, the mug rolling off the carpet and onto the dark wooden floors.

“I’m…so sorry…” you said in shock.

“It’s fi-” Gray started.

You jumped up from the carpet and picked up the mug from the floor, heading to the kitchen and returning with a wet towel which you used to begin scrubbing out any traces of a stain.

“(Y/N)-” Grayson tried.

“I didn’t mean to,” you said, scrubbing with more force.

“(Y/N),” Grayson said, his voice coming close, his hand on your shoulder.

You sunk down in defeat, turning to face him and crossing your legs, your head hanging.

“Honestly, don’t worry about it,” he smiled softly, his eyes trying to coax yours up.

You sighed, opening your mouth to speak, but he cut you off.

“Hey,” he murmured, two of his fingers crawling under your chin and lifting your face up, “that’s what friends are for.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little bit at this.

“I’m so lucky to be able to say that you, Grayson Dolan, are my best friend,” you grinned.

He nodded quite solemnly, his arms wrapping around you as he pulled you into his chest for a hug. You rested your head in the crook of his neck, Grayson’s hand coming up to hold the back of your head gently, his fingers caressing you, his breath light as it fell over your skin. Your eyes fluttered closed as you sighed with content into his sun kissed skin.

“Oh yeah,” you remembered, “why did you invite me here, anyway?”

Grayson paused, “it was my fault for the mug, I was a bit rough,” he diverted the topic.

“Pfft,” you said, pulling out of the hug but staying close to Gray, “no it’s not, now answer the question.”

“What question? Grayson said, trying to act oblivious.

“Ha ha, how funny,” you mocked.

He shrugged, his eyes pulling away from yours, “I don’t know..I just wanted to see you.”

You snickered, “One in the morning, and you wanted to be with me?!”

“I always want to be with you,” he said simply, his eyes on the flickering orangey-red embers.

“That’s hilarious,” you cheesed.

“Is it so hard to believe?” he asked, turning his head back to yours, his voice serious.

“Um,” you said, your smile fading, your heartbeat suddenly sounding loud in your ears, “I-I don’t know.”

“Well why are you here?” Grayson asked, his curious hazel eyes searching yours.

“Because, I-,” you paused, “You asked me.”

“Yeah, I asked you, at one in the morning, and you said yes without a second’s hesitation,” he pondered aloud.

You gulped nervously, aware of your cheeks steadily flushing rose.

“W-I don’t know, I was just being a good-”

“Friend,” Grayson finished, his voice a low whisper.

His eyebrows furrowed as he looked you over in wonder.

“…Friend,” you nodded, taking in a deep breath, your eyes diverting away from his as you said it.

Grayson extended his hand, brushing his thumb lightly over your cheek.

“Look, Grayson, I-” you began.

“I know,” he sighed, dropping his hand in defeat.

“Do you?” you said, pushing a strand of hair from your eyes.

“I probably shouldn’t have fallen for my best friend,” he murmured sadly.

“Gray-” you began.

“Just,” he interrupted, “Don’t.”

You turned your eyes back to his intense gaze.

“I get it,” he blinked, moving to stand, “so I don’t need to hear you say it.”

“Jeez, one of these day’s, you’re going to learn to let me finish a sentence,” you said in exasperation, suddenly grabbing Grayson roughly by his collar and pulling his lips right down onto yours. There was a fleeting second of confusion when his lips crashed into yours, but from there it was a tangle of body parts and hungry kisses. Your hands tugged at the back of Gray’s hair, your breath coming short as you nibbled his bottom lip, not having a second to breathe before he drowned you with more affection, your lips molding together. Grayson nipped at you gently, one of his hands coming to cup your face, his skin warm and soft against yours. You kissed him deeply once more before pulling back, your eyes closed, your breath ragged.

 There was a moment of silence where you caught your breath and prepared what to say.

“I thought we were ‘friends,’” Grayson mumbled, keeping his forehead to yours.

“Well, I’d say there’s no better person to fall in love with than a friend,” you smirked, your eyes fluttering open to meet his.

His eyes were crinkled sadly, his lips parted.

“I never thought you could love me,” he said, which physically pained you to hear.

You brushed your fingers lightly against Gray’s bottom lip, a smile tickling the corners of your mouth, “Well, I probably shouldn’t have fallen for my best friend,” you whispered.

Niall Smut// Fifteen Days

@jennalbriggs asked,“Could you do a Niall smut where he comes home from a long day at the Studio then starts working on his laptop and you start teasing him”


You sat on Niall’s couch waiting for him to come home while watching tv. You didn’t leave here, but your roommate had her boyfriend over. Watching them made you miss Niall even more than usual. He’s been busy with work in the studio all week and you rarely saw him.

You heard the door open and keys changeling door the apartment hallway. Your eyes brightened as you heard Niall stepping down the hallway.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Nial asked, running upstairs, most likely to his room.

“Yeah, I wanted to see if you could hang out tonight?” you called to him.

He didn’t answer.You could only hear him going through his things. He came down the stairs and walked into the living room.

“Hey, darling,” he said before kissing your cheek.

“Hey, so I thought maybe we could order some food and watch a movie and cuddle for a little,” you suggested, facing him from the couch.

“I would love to baby, but I have to work a bit tonight,” he told you, “but if you want to stay and order some food, I’d be okay with that,” he said before walking away to his office.

It has been ten days since you and Niall had spent any real time together; it had been fifteen since you actually had sex. Not only did you miss him, you needed him. His hands, his arms, his lips, everything. You had made attempts to get him alone, but he was either busy or tired.

You got up from the soft couch and walked into the doorway of his office. His hair was disheveled, and he seemed stressed. He was typing quickly and stopping every once and awhile.

“You okay?” you asked Niall. His head slowly raised up. You recognized his tired blue eyes as soon as they met yours.

He ran his hands down his face and nodded, “I’m fine, I’m good.”

You didn’t believe him. You walked over to him and sat down on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck,

“I think you need to relieve some stress, baby. You’ve been working a lot lately,” you whispered in his ear.

“Y/N, I have to work. I need to finish this before the end of the week,” he told you sternly. “I can’t have any distractions right now.”

You pouted and ran your fingers through his hair that was browner than it was blonde now, “That means you have three days to finish this, and I can maybe help you.”

“I’m in the studio for the next couple days then I have to fly out to LA on Friday,” he sighed.

“Please,” you mumbled, slowly rocking your hips against his. “It’s been ten days since we spent any time together, Ni. Fifteen since we had sex, and you love sex,” you reminded him.

He slightly chuckled, “Baby, don’t do this.” You raised your eyebrows, questioning him. “Don’t move your hips like that, darling. I need you to get down.”

“Okay,” you smirked while you slid off his lap and onto your knees in front of him. You slowly ran your hands up his thighs and around his crotch.

“Y/N, I’m bus-”

“Then just work, Ni,” you whispered as you undid his zipper and his pants buttons. You slid his pants down to is ankles, leaving him in just his boxers. Niall was only semi-hard through his boxers when you massaged his cock.

“Baby, baby, stop. I can’t focus,” he told, slightly groaning.

You ignored him as you took his cock out of boxers. You licked the palm of your hand and gripped his cock. You rubbed your hand from the tip to his balls. You looked up at your flustered boyfriend; he was a mess.

You dragged your tongue around his tip causing him to moan. You continuously did this as your hands ran down his shaft. He ran his fingers through your hair as you took him fully into your mouth.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he moaned, biting his lip.

You hadn’t seen Niall this worked up in awhile. His cheeks were red, his hair was wild, and the lust in his eyes was intense. You continued bobbing your head and rolling your tongue around his cock. You could feel his member becoming harder in your mouth; he was fully hard by now; he was yours now.

You released him from your mouth, leaving him a bit disgruntle, “Well, you’re a busy man, and you have to work so…” you smiling, standing up from your knees.

“Oh no you don’t, baby girl,” Niall growled, standing with you. “You just woke up fifteen days of sexual frustration, and you’re not going anywhere.”

His hands lifted up your hoodie revealing your bra-less chest. His hands roamed your chest as his lips attacked your neck. You leaned against his wood and marble desk. Niall kicked off his jeans and underwear from his ankles.  He helped you onto the desk and removed your leggings.

“Were you wearing any underwear?” Niall questioned, sliding your leggings off. “You walked in here today just wanting to be fucked, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” you mumbled.

“I bet you came in here wet, didn’t you?” His finger played with your wet silt. “You just couldn’t wait for me to fuck this pussy.” You shook your head in a response. He rubbed his cock against your silt. “I’m going to need an answer from you, baby.”

“Niall, I need your cock; I’ve needed it for days. Please fuck me, Ni,” you begged.

“Lay down.” You placed your back on the cold surface.

Niall didn’t waste any time placing his cock inside of you. You were already back in heaven with Niall slowly thrusting into you. His arms held your legs to get deeper inside of you.

This is what you had been craving for two weeks. You knew touching yourself wasn’t the same.  

“Fuck, is it me or did you get tighter than the last time because damn, you’ve never left so good,” Niall mentioned in between moans.

He quickened his tempo. He held both of your wrists over your head after you tried touching yourself.

“I haven’t touched you in fifteen days,” he reminded you as his right hand squeezed your breast again. “You just lay there and enjoy yourself, babe.”

You felt yourself already close to your high. You knew Niall wasn’t even close to being finished with you. You knew he was only getting started, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Niall, I’m s-so close,” you cried.

“Don’t you dare. I’m not done with you yet,” you mumbled. He pulled you by your arms to meet him. “In my arms, baby girl.”

You did so as he lifted you by your ass and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You attached your lips to his, throwing him off balance and into the fall. You both laughed against each other’s lips.

“Fuck me against this wall,” you whispered against his skin. “Please, Ni.”

He turned you around so your back faced the wall, “Well, yes, ma’am.”

He re-entered you again with his head in the crook of your neck. You bounced with his thrust; you were in perfect sync. His right hand gripped your hair as he left his mark on your neck collar.

“Holy fu-fuck,” you cried out.

You were breathless in Niall’s animal-like actions. You knew you weren’t going to make it. He was hitting every place just right.

“Baby, I can’t anymore. I’m going to cum!” you told him as quickened his thrust to the point of being sloppy.

“Come on, Y/N. Cum all over my cock,” Niall told you.

You felt fifteen days of lust sweep right from under you. Your body shook in Niall’s arms as you reached your high.

Niall let out profanity after profanity as he approached his high with you. He felt his arms getting weaker as you slid down the wall with Niall falling with you. You fell on top of him as you both ended your highs. You were lying down on Niall’s rising chest.

You heard Niall’s phone from the desk begin to ring. Niall looked up as you looked at him.

“Um I think I’ll just-” you began but he stopped you.

“No, just let it ring,” Niall told you. “You said you wanted to watch a movie and get some food.”

“You have to work, and I’ve distracted you enough if it isn’t obvious,” you smiled.

“Y/N, you are my work. I’ll order the food, and you pick out the movie.”

“Niall, you said you had a deadline in a cou-” you were quickly cut off as Niall picked you up again. He placed you on the desk again and handed you your clothes.

“Like I said, go find a movie, baby,” he mumbled before kissing your forehead.

You put your hoodie back on and smiled, “Niall Horan, I love you.”

“Y/n Y/L/N, I love you.”

Baby Talk

Short and sweet little hiccstrid drabble for you awesome people. I had a few minutes between my crap tons of homework to write this. 

Hope you like it! <3

“Hiccup? Do you want kids?” Astrid asked out of the blue as the two were having dinner in the Great Hall. 

Hiccup almost spit out his drink the second his girlfriend asked him that question.

“Uhh…well, I am chief and as chief I do have to produce an heir eventually.” Hiccup cringed on the word produced. That just sounded strange coming out of his mouth. 

“But do you want kids?” Astrid asked again, a little more demanding.

Hiccup sat there a moment in silence. What brought all this on?

Sure, everyone knew Hiccup and Astrid would be getting married one day. Even Hiccup knew, (well, he hoped), all he had to do was ask the beautiful girl sitting across from him, who was currently waiting on the answer to her question. But he hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet. 

Me? As a father? Someone calling me dad? Hiccup thought to himself, he just couldn’t picture it. But then he took another look at Astrid and smiled, he would only want children if it meant Astrid was the mother of those kids.

“Yeah, I want kids one day.” Hiccup finally said.

Astrid just nodded and went back to thinking about only the gods know what. 

“Do you want kids, Astrid?” Hiccup asked after a moment, it was only fair to return the question. 

It didn’t take Astrid as long to answer, “Yeah, I think I do.” She continued, “My mom used to say things like ‘you’ll understand when you have children,’ and I would respond to her by saying I would never have kids. That was until the other day, when she said the same thing again and instead of telling her it would never happen, I actually thought about it.”

Hiccup didn’t really know what to say so he just grabbed her hand that was resting on the table, and gave it a gentle squeeze. Astrid smiled. 

“So, is that why you asked me that? Because your mom got you thinking?” Hiccup asked.

Astrid nodded, “Yeah, and also because Mrs. Agnarsson’s new baby over there is pretty cute.” Astrid focused her attention behind Hiccup. He turned around to see a bunch of women standing over Mrs. Agnarsson, all ogling at the baby in her arms.

Hiccup agreed, it was a cute baby. 

“Our kid is going to be the cutest out there though, you just wait and see.” Astrid laughed. 

“Well, if it looks anything like you then I definitely agree.” Hiccup replied and Astrid just rolled her eyes.

The two smiled at each other and continued their dinner in silence, both thinking about the future. 

Wild Animal ~Freaky February~ (S.W)

Prompt: So I did something different, I took a story from years ago, that was posted on another blog (I wrote it, promise!!), and I edit it. This is the story.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 680

Warning: None

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♡ ♡ ♡

Riley nervously drummed her fingers alongside the edge of the dining room table as she anxiously waited for Lucas to come home. The two newlyweds were just starting to get comfortable in their new lives. They had only been married for about a year and everything was still hectic. With Lucas starting up his own practice and Riley doing freelance writing and photography while trying to figure out which she’d rather do more they barely had time to see each other, let alone talk. It definitely wasn’t the ideal time to have a baby but even still she couldn’t ignore the immensely happy feeling she felt whenever she thought about it.

She had an inkling a few weeks back, certain foods that she loved weren’t sitting right with her anymore and she felt sleepy all the time. For the first month or so she chucked it up as stress, that is until she realized she couldn’t remember when her last period was.  She took 8 pregnancy tests just to be certain and sure enough, as clear as day, all came back positive.

That was three days ago. Tonight was the night she planned to tell everyone. She and Lucas were to have dinner together and then they were heading over to her parents’ house for game night. Afraid she’d ruin the moment by blabbing it out to him she decided to let her food do the talking for her by planning a baby themed meal.

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Trick or Treat

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You run into Jeon Jungkook when you’re trick or treating with your little sister. Later that night, he comes to play a trick on you, then again… would you mind? 

Word count: 2972

A/N: This is the last story from a Halloween project I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in checking out the other stories I wrote you can find them here:

Jin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook

“Come on! Come oooooooon!!!!” Your sister shouted through the bathroom door as you washed your face. “We’re going to be late and there’s gonna be no more candy and I’ve waiting for this all year and I really want to goooooo!!”

She was a little too insisting and you were starting to get annoyed. You dried your face with your hand towel and opened the door abruptly. Whatever anger you had quickly vanished as you were welcomed by the most beautiful ladybug you had ever seen.

She was seven years old and the most annoying yet adorable little sister you could ever wish for. She would constantly bother you and make you feel angry and desperate but she was so cute and adorable that those feelings never lasted long  You were several years older than her after all.

It was Halloween and since your parents were out of town, so you were on Trick or Treat duty. You hadn’t gone trick or treating in years so deep down you were excited about it, even if it meant you couldn’t go to any of the Halloween parties you were invited to. Of course, you wanted to go out and have fun, but it wasn’t like you were dying to either; going around the neighborhood and going to bed early sounded good as well. It also meant you didn’t have to put too much effort into coming up with a costume and that was always a plus.

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Ms Quill’s anger makes something beautiful

Ms. Quill watched Matteusz in the kitchen. She had been doing so for a week, but only on days when he cooked meat. He kind of felt a little unsettled about it. “You look upset?” He asked her.

“I didn’t come to sit on your couch.” she sneered.

“Just you seem a little more angry then usual.”

“Of course I am. This house isn’t very big, and every time I see you in here using knives, mallets and implements it makes me angry. I had a bad day, it isn’t fair I can’t hack at something.”

Matteusz took out a bowl and poured some flour as she continued. “But no, I just have to bear the anger.” Matteusz added some yeast and water. “So I need to wait for something to threaten Charles so I can beat on it.” He stirred it until dough formed. “Would you at least pay attention to me when I am yelling at you.”

Matteusz slammed the dough on the counter. Ms. Quill looked at him in surprise. “Have you gone mad?” Matteusz looked at her. “Here, this is alien.”

“I repeat, are you mad?”

“No. Punch it.” She was annoyed now. Mocking her. She punched into the dough giving Matteusz the eye. Then stopped. “Oh. That is good, it feels fleshy.”

“Punch it some more, slam it on the counter.”

She picked up the dough and slammed it hard against the stone. Punched and strangled it. “It is fighting back.”

“It will do that, the more you fight it the stronger it gets. You aren’t going to let it win are you.”

Fire burned in her eyes. She went at the dough for 20 minutes. The dough only grew stronger, smaller and denser. Sweat started to appear on her brow. “It is getting quite tough.”

“You have battled well, but now it rests.” He suggested.

Ms. Quill looked content. “Lick its wounds so to speak.”

“Yes, usually 30 minutes, but I think it might need an hour.”

Ms. Quill left the kitchen and returned 50 minutes later. She had put on a t-shirt and wore an eager expression. “Where is it?” Matteusz pointed to a bowl on the counter. “It has gotten big,” she said surprised.

“Looks are deceiving,” Matteusz shrugged. “I think it has gone weak. Give it a punch.”

She did and the dough collapsed under her fist. “Ah, it is ruined.” She looked annoyed. “It’s gone soft.”

“Teach it to be strong again.” He replied.

Twice more Ms. Quill worked the dough, ready for a fourth round, Matteusz stopped her. He cut the dough into three pieces, and rolled one into a log. Ms. Quill put some flour on her hand and took the dough. “Gentle.” He spoke. She rolled the dough and placed it on a sheet as he had. He spritzed it with water, scored it then placed in the oven.

“Now what?” she queried.

“We wait while it writhes in heat.” Matteusz went back to making stew.

“I like the sound of that.” she sat in front of the oven and watched the bread as it rose and browned.

A bell chimed. Matteusz bent down beside her and looked into the window. “Lets check it.” Ms. Quill moved out of the way as he opened the door. The room filled with the smell of bread. He took out the loaves and set them on a rack. Ms. Quill’s mood improved.

Matteusz took a loaf and placed it on the cutting board. Holding a serrated knife he tore into the bread, steam spilled out into the air. He then slathered softened butter on it and handed it to her.

She looked at it and tore into it with her teeth. A smile came to her face. “I did this.”


“My anger made this delicious thing.”

“The more anger the better.”

“Your world finally makes sense to me.”

Charlie entered the kitchen smelling the warm bread. “Have you been baking?” He asked his boyfriend.

“No, I did.” Charlie was surprised. She thrust a piece of bread in his mouth. “Like that?”

“It is good,” he said sheepishly.

“Damn right. My anger made that thing. So the next time you see me hit an alien, saving your life. You remember, I am a weapon and my anger makes beautiful things.” She was about to leave when she grabbed 2 of the loaves and went to her room.

“What was that about?” Charlie asked.

“Baking, it is very therapeutic. How do you think I stay so calm?” Matteusz smiled.

Charlie shook his head and gave his boyfriend a hug. “I…have no words.”