i had to wait 5 and a half seasons to find out

manders1984  asked:

If they split Voyager in half for Season 3 (which Ron hinted at), any thoughts on what would be the ideal half-way point? When Young Ian is taken? Or further on into the book? I'd place Jamie and Claire's reunion around the three-quarters mark of the season, which of course is a long time but it would make the pay off sae sae verra sweet. Then enough time for some fall out. I don't want it rushed... We had to wait 6 episodes for them to get marrit ;-D Thank you for your consideration.

I think it depends on how much of the 20 years apart they choose to show. Although it would be a bit much to have 4-5 episodes just devoted to back and forth between Jamie and Claire living in their own times - or showing Claire working with Roger and Brianna to find Jamie - I fully expect something like that to happen, just for the dramatic value.

Just like how some material from the “Virgins” novella was incorporated into 01x13 “The Watch,” I think it’s entirely possible that some material from the Lord John novellas - particularly The Scottish Prisoner - would work its way into Season 3.

So - there are 3 points which (to me) make logical sense to split the season - if they choose to do so:

  1. When Claire goes back through the stones
  2. When Claire walks into the printshop
  3. When Young Ian is kidnapped

All of which would be evil cliffhangers…