i had to wait 14 eps for this


So every spring, Rose came up here to tend/raise/whatever the moss.

But did she?

Or, rather, I wonder what was it that brought her to this spot. Was it the moss, which just happened to live on the hill, or was it the hill with this view of Beach City that just happened to have moss?

If it even had moss.

If Rose “raised” it, as Garnet said, did she maybe plant it? We saw it suddenly bloomed into flowers that rained down on the city. What kind of flowers were they? Because I have to say by how they look?

Maybe more than just regular flowers?

(And we get a REALLY SPECIFIC close view of them too. Freezy Friendship Bracelet anyone?)

And why did the moss LEAVE? Steven said it just wanted to get back to the hill, but if that were true then why did it fucking LEAVE the hill?

It bloomed pretty fast when it got up here. The sun came out and it just exploded. But why that moment? Why only then?

Was it Steven?

We already have precedence in the the light cannon thing for Steven activating something only Rose could use.

Is this a second instance of that same effect? Did the moss leave the hill looking for Rose? And it found Steven and discovered he would do just fine to make this happen.

But why? Why did this need to happen?

What ARE these flowers?

[Once again this is your friendly reminder to please beware of spoilers. I’m not looking for anything to be confirmed or denied, merely tossing out thoughts that flit their way across my brain.]