i had to video these with my camera and then upload the video to gif it

Jacksepticeye Imagine #dos // REQUEST ME IMAGINES :D (Btw continuing with the ‘sad’ theme.)

Okay so! Imagine that Jack is live-streaming and you have no idea. The night before-hand, you had had a huge fight, the biggest one you’d had the whole time that you’d been dating. You felt like shit, and you watched his new video that was uploaded that morning, and he seemed so happy, like the fight hadn’t even happened. You pick up your phone, still not knowing that he was live, and text him a short ‘it’s over, Sean.’ You log onto YouTube, opening up your subscriptions tag, and finally seeing that he - he was live-streaming? Oh god, you think, what if he reads it on camera? You quickly click on it coming face to face with a video of crying Sean. “Um, sorry g-guys, I’ve uh - gotta go, h-have a good day.” He mumbles, clearly holding something, (his phone,) off screen. The live-stream ends, and you get a phone call. Shit, you think, what did I do?

:))) one.