i had to video these with my camera and then upload the video to gif it

Jacksepticeye Imagine #dos // REQUEST ME IMAGINES :D (Btw continuing with the ‘sad’ theme.)

Okay so! Imagine that Jack is live-streaming and you have no idea. The night before-hand, you had had a huge fight, the biggest one you’d had the whole time that you’d been dating. You felt like shit, and you watched his new video that was uploaded that morning, and he seemed so happy, like the fight hadn’t even happened. You pick up your phone, still not knowing that he was live, and text him a short ‘it’s over, Sean.’ You log onto YouTube, opening up your subscriptions tag, and finally seeing that he - he was live-streaming? Oh god, you think, what if he reads it on camera? You quickly click on it coming face to face with a video of crying Sean. “Um, sorry g-guys, I’ve uh - gotta go, h-have a good day.” He mumbles, clearly holding something, (his phone,) off screen. The live-stream ends, and you get a phone call. Shit, you think, what did I do?

:))) one.

“Hey, Calum, Cal pal, baby, bub, psst! Baaabe!” You say while recording him being serious playing a video game. He keeps on ignoring you.

You’re a youtuber and every Friday you upload vlogs. And this week, Calum, your boyfriend, was staying at your place. He’s currently studying music at a well-known university while you were focusing on the arts. You met at a friend’s party and hit it off the first time you had your conversation.

“So, my boyfriend’s like this, in case you’re all wondering. He stays at my place just to play video games and then leaves. Yep.” He still didn’t turn around. “Sometimes I wonder what I see in him.” You sarcastically added.

“Face it, you love me so much.” He replied while focused on the game he’s playing.

“Perhaps. But you know what I love about you…” You started teasing him. “Is the way you make me feel alive.. The way you run down your fingers on my body.. The way you kiss me passionately… The way you… If you know what I mean..”

What you said made him turn around, noticing the camera. “Ha! Made you look!” You zoomed in. “Isn’t he the cutest little puppy ever?”

He smiled. “You’re not putting it in the video, right? People will know.” He laughed.

“Make me.” You taunted.

He stood up, leaving the controller on the table, and walked towards you. “If you say so.” He placed his soft lips onto yours and started kissing you passionately. “I really missed you.” He said under his breath.