i had to use topaz

Awhile back my friend Paris Bittencourt @itgirlsims gave me her Kim K bodyshape to play with and make recolors for. I have to say I love the shape. 😀 So anyway.. long story short this is one of the recolors out of 5 and counting, I did for it. I apologize for the blurry pic but I took like 50 good quality pictures. Close my game and all but one was black boxes.No pic what so ever took except for this one above 😠which was a blurry mess. Smh I had to over edit and use topaz lab just to make this look halfway decent. I think my graphic card needs to be replaced. 😒 Anyway despite that I am still going to share in 3 different sizes. Paris Shape, maxis shape, and Rio. Sorry for long caption. Consider this as my first W.I.P. /test shot on here. 😊