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I discovered fandom in 2001, and fell down the rabbit hole. I landed hard. My life got busy in 2002 onwards, and I all but vanished from fannish life. I was well and truly out by the summer of 2010, but when a friend nudged me to watch this new show called Sherlock that had just aired, I did. I loved it. 

I loved the relationship between Sherlock and John. I loved what they’d done with Watson! He had depths! He was a man of action, but he was obviously made of coiled, unspoken emotion! So compelling, so many possibilities! The desire to dip into this nascent fandom was rearing its head. This time around, I knew what choice lay before me, and what its consequences were. Open that door, or not?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that I was one year post cancer treatment and facing another surgery to determine if I had a new round of treatment to endure, I think I would have closed that door. Fandom takes up a lot of time and energy. It can be deliriously fun and damagingly distracting at the same time. I had a surgery date. I wanted to be distracted. I opened the door.

I tried not to write anything. I love writing fanfiction, but I never plan to do it. When I write, it’s because I have to. It’s wonderful, but it consumes me completely, and who has times for that? Who choses to be so consumed?I read and read, I had my surgery, I read some more, I got good news regarding my health (yay!), and then, goddammit, I wrote something.

Something small, I thought that would be okay. I thought I could get away with it. Don’t write any novels this time. Just a little thing. Just scratch the itch.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes is a novel-length story written by someone who was trying very hard to avoid writing a novel-length story. I was in denial about it being a novel-length story for the first half of it, easily. That damn story forced me to do something I’d decided never to do again, and I’m grateful for that.

I wrote it because I felt compelled to, even though it contains a characterization of Sherlock that few if any people wanted to read about. It’s in first person present tense, another decision few if any readers want a writer to make. I apologized for it a lot, but I had to write it. And I loved it. That story reminded me how much I love writing, and how happy writing makes me, and that’s not something I’ll soon forget again.

The voice in that story is so sticky that half the comments left on it are in the same voice. I had to work myself up to write in that voice every time I sat down to work on it, and I was never sure whether I was getting it consistently or not, even right up to the end. But afterwards it took me fully 6 months to stop writing in that damn voice.

Honestly, I have no idea why my difficult, weird, inappropriate on many levels attempt at a story, written after only 3 aired episodes of a show in 2010-11, received its 10,000th kudos today. That’s a variety of madness and kindness that I cannot explain. But I am grateful for it.

Thank you for being here when I needed you. Thank you for finding a place for a story that no one, including me, really wanted. Thank you.

Try Me (M)

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REQUESTED: by @bambamedaf ; a kind of funny but mostly smutty scenario where you’re best friends and you jokingly fight about who is the biggest hoe. 

Reader (you) x Bambam

Word count: 1641

Warnings: SMUUUUUUT 

none: FINALLY POSTING A REQUEST YAY! I’m so sorry for those who are waiting for SO LONG i’m such a bad writer why. I WILL GET TO THEM I PROMISE AND THANK TO @bambamedaf FOR WAITING SO LONG! ILY~ ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST EVER BAMBAM FIC YAYYYYYY! read well, my dears! -admin

A best friend is someone who is referred to as the closest one to you. They are the ones who make you happy whenever you’re feeling down or the ones who laugh at your stupid jokes. Either way, the closest one to you is the one you connect with the most. That was Bambam to you. All throughout high school, everyone had thought you and Bambam were dating at one point. You two spent so much time together, walking side by side, people had the right to assume you two were dating. Naturally, a thought like that had you develop feelings for your best friend. However, the only thing in your way was the connection between you two.

You didn’t want to lose the friendship you had with Bambam. He would always be there for you, whenever you’re in trouble or need a shoulder to cry on. And you didn’t want to lose that connection. However, you didn’t know Bambam had those same feelings as well.

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Me gusto más cuando estoy contigo.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Modern!AU for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K challenge.

Just two douchebags confessing their feelings to each other.

Based on the prompt: “It makes me smile that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”

Warnings: Fluff, for a change. Maybe a pinch of humor.

Words: 4482

A/N: Sooo today is my birthday and I just officially came back (partially, I still have to do some exams the following weeks) so I wanted to write some floof to celebrate. Enjoy!

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“Are you in love with me yet?” Your serene voice broke the silence that wrapped around you, head resting on the back of your hand as you saw how your breathing dishevelled a few locks from Bucky’s face. Although he sighed exasperatedly, you could see how he lifted the corner of his lips discreetly. And, just like yours, his tone came out soothing, with such softness almost incompatible with that imposing, statuesque frame of his.

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Malia Tate x EvolvedWolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, smut, girl on girl action yay!
Word count: 1 115

Tags: @peacefullytatted01

You’ve never had a problem with running mile after mile on all fours, but today you felt tired, restless. The legs beneath you didn’t carry you as they used to and you had an unsatisfied feeling in the lower region of your body.

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Mini Matchmaker Bonus Scene (Steve AU Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, OC Justice Rogers, Sharon (mentioned)

Summary: Having been dating Steve seriously for a few months, the relationship is moving forward rather quickly as another holiday of sorts approaches. 

Warnings: none! Fluff. Illness I guess. Eh. 

Word count: 1816 (yet another failed drabble. heh.)

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: So I lied a little, Part 4 isn’t the end I guess but this popped into my head so I wrote it. Also it was kind of requested by SOMEone for me to write a “birthday holiday” part attached to this fic so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING KATIE!!! ( @rogersxbarnesx ) Technically it was yesterday and I didn’t forget! I just have literally the worst timing ever. :D I really hope you like this, my dear! 

Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


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Children are wonderful. Children are gifts. Children are the future…or whatever. You love kids. But kids are also germ-infested cesspools just waiting to infect unsuspecting souls like you. But that’s what you get for serving others.

Grabbing yet another tissue from your purse, you blew your nose and apologized once again to your cab driver and assured him you hadn’t touched anything. He made a disgusted face, but said nothing. These days, you normally took the train into the city, but to minimize the exposure of germs to strangers, you had taken a cab to and from work today. You had taken the past few days off due to illness, but there were a few things you just had to handle yourself.

After accomplishing the bare minimum and grabbing a few files you could work on at home, you called it a day. Your head was pounding again and the faucet that had become your nose refused to stop dripping. Approaching the house, you used a card to swipe and pay, along with a generous tip, to avoid handing contaminated cash to the poor driver. Using your sleeve, you opened the car door and headed up the steps.

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Workaholics Anonymous

“Vay-cay! Vay-cay! Vay-cay!” Loco chants as the AOMG boys were walking on to the tarmac, about to board a private jet to Fiji.

Gray was on his phone trying to document everything on his instastory. Ugly Duck was following from behind trying to take a video of everyone else on his instalive. He was narrating everything using random sound effects for everyone. He then zooms over to his boss who was still on his phone talking last minute business details.

“Wooooaaaah~ Park sajang’s on his fly shit,” he voices over. He then pans the video from Jay’s Puma slides, then to his palm tree beach shorts and swimming singles. He then walks in front of him and videos his boss’s face.

“Oppa! You so hawt. Oh my gad!” Ju Kyung teases him, panning the phone back and forth his brother’s face. The latter played along, flexing his arms to his friend’s entertainment.

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Till We Catch Feelings pt.4


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: (Modern!AU) Where Bucky and his neighbour decide to share more than uncomfortable glances when picking their mail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). However, there’s only one rule that must not be broken: Feelings shall not be involved.

Warnings: None

Words: 978

A/N: This was supposed to be a single filler chapter but I got so fucking carried away that I had to split it in two. Great. 

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“What time is it?” You hummed, rubbing your eyes as you sat up. Your palm pressed down his thigh, helping you to regain your composure.

“Hmm?” Bucky shifted next to you, stretching his arms and back as he woke up. He let out a groan as he felt a sharp pain on his neck. He must have fallen asleep in a very bad position. “I don’t know.”

“You okay?” You looked at him concerned. His hand was massaging his neck repeatedly, trying to ease the pain. “We can cancel our plans if you want to.” Your hands unconsciously snaked along his torso until your fingers reached his neck, putting a little bit of pressure, trying to help him.

“No no no, I’m fine, don’t worry. Let’s get primed and ready to start.” He whimpered as he babbled. He immediately stood up, rushing through the exit, closing the door behind him.

“Oh wow okay.” You were finally able to talk, now all by yourself.

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anonymous asked:

Yay! #60 but it's just a bunch of cockles' questions. I hope that's ok. Using a % : A) how sure are you that cockles is/was real? B)how sure are you that they've made-out drunk? C) how about sober? D) how sure are you they've fucked? E) % of how likely you think j•2 is/was? F) what about mishalecki? G) j2m threesome? I) what % of cockles' time together do you think they spend with their clothes off?

Are you seriously asking if it’s okay to ask me Cockles questions?

Hahaha– oh, Nonny! Who ya think you’re talkin’ to????

Okay, so– here we go!

A.) I 100% know that Cockles is real. (I suppose I’m saying that since “Cockles” can be interpreted as both a heavy-petting bromance, as well as a serious, intimate relationship)

B.) 89% sure that they’ve made out drunk, but that’s a modest estimate. Who wouldnt want to make out with either of those guys? Especially when inhibitions are down … c’mon, son.

C.) 80% sure they’ve made out sober. No one looks at someone else’s lips that much unless you’re thinking about tasting them at some point.

D.) 50% sure they’ve fucked. I truly hope they have, because … well … *whimpers*, but I understand that their infatuation with each other could be more on an emotional level rather than a physical one.

E.) There’s a 10% likelihood that J2 is or was ever a thing– and it’s only that high because Jensen said that when he first started SPN, he couldn’t imagine working alongside someone as hot as Jared. I think that any hint of a intimate or sexual J2 came from Jensen being attracted to Jared in the beginning; but it’s pretty obvious that he is the only bisexual one out of the two. Jared is about as straight as they come. Sure, he messes around and teases people, but it’s all in that frat-boy, playing “gay-chicken” kind of way. Once Jensen and Jared got to know one another and became friends, Jensen started to see him as a true brother, and now– that’s what they are to their very core … brothers.

F.) 0% that Mishalecki is a thing. Misha and Jared both mess with each other, and yes– it can be very raunchy, but I highly doubt they ever actually had any true intention behind their actions. They’re just trying to make the other laugh … that’s it. (It would be hot as hell though, don’t get me wrong!)

G.) There’s a 0% chance that a J2M threesome ever happened– for all the reasons I already listed. (But again, it’d be super hot.)

H.) And finally, 67.5% of any Cockles’ together-time is spent without clothes. I think that they use a lot of their breaks on set, down time at conventions, and sections of their long breaks to get together, get naked and get dirtymmmm (the Cockles Gods gave me those numbers … just sayin’.)

I hope you enjoyed these Cockles and Cockles-related statistics. Now, if only my college level stats class catered to this kind of data– I might’ve actually managed better than a C.

The King of Hell Walks into a Church

Relationship: Crowley X Niece!Reader, Winchesters X Sister

Words: 1,217

Summary: Due to the Winchesters’ incompetence, Crowley is stuck babysitting their little sister at Christmas Eve mass.

Warnings: None, really. Unless Crowley’s never ending sarcasm needs its own  warning.

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @winchesters-favorite-girl @deathtonormalcy56

A/N: This was written for the wonderful @cici0507‘s Heaven vs. Hell: Christmas Edition. I had Christmas Mass with a Hell character. First Crowley fic, too! AND this is the second one shot within like 10 days! What an accomplishment, right? I think I’m getting better at this whole writer thing.

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Heaving a great sigh, Crowley shook his head. He was the King of Hell, dammit! Demons groveled at his feet, sniveling and begging for forgiveness. How in the name of his kingdom had he been roped into babysitting?

Oh, right, it was because those two idiot Winchesters and the angel were too incompetent to accomplish their ridiculous hunt on time and take their little brat of a sister to the gathering of Bible thumping freaks.

At first, he’d refused. Or, at least, he’d tried to. But the moose had been annoyingly insistent, promising that it would only be a few hours at the most. Plus – even though he’d vehemently deny it were anyone to ask – the demon had a very, very small soft spot for the youngest Winchester.

And that was how the King of Hell found himself holding the door of a church open for a ten year old urchin on Christmas Eve.

Dear god, it sounded like a bad joke.

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Hanbin Scenario: Naggy Boyfriend

Yay! Another scenario! Plot ideas have just been pouring into my mind lately. I’m struggling, trying to write them all down fast before I forget, but I’m such a slow writer because I get so distracted every few minutes LOL and I also run out of words sometimes, so I always have to look at google to have some word variety and to make it more interesting. 

Sigh, why can’t it come more naturally to me? I’m so untalented ugh the struggle.

Anyway, sorry. Here it is! Enjoy this one because I made this longer than my previous scenarios. I also added way more Hanbin dialogues because I noticed that I already wrote a couple scenarios with Hanbin sleeping LOL. Heehees. The likes are much appreciated because they motivate me to write more! :3

It was nearing 1 am, and you finally finished your paper due the next day. You stretched your arms out above your head and scoped the library. There were only a few students cramming left, and you felt comforted by their presence. Thank God you weren’t the only one procrastinating at the last minute. 

You shut off your laptop and started to put away your things in your school bag, then headed for the exit to call it a day. As soon as you opened the front door of the library, the cold air hit you smack in the face, and you shivered into your scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck. 

Summer decided to come in late this year so you silently cursed at the season. You loved the cold, but you were dying for the warmth of the sun to come already. 

Your nose threatened to drip and you sniffed it in before it could escape. The action reminded you of Hanbin who was getting better from a cold, and you wondered how he was doing at the studio.

You pulled out your phone and dialed his number.

To your complete surprise, Hanbin picked up after the first ring. “Jagiya!” He excitedly called you on the other end followed by a cheerful chuckle, making you smile like an idiot in the dark, empty street. Despite the coldness, you felt your cheeks and your heart in your chest warm up from merely hearing his voice and imagining his innocent smile he most likely had on right now.

What is this? You never pick up after the first ring when you’re in the studio.” You replied and giggled into the phone.

He chuckled again then said, “Nice timing, jagi! I was holding my phone in my hand because I was just about to call you, but then you suddenly called.

Why? Did something happen?” 

No, nothing happened.” He paused shortly then continued softly, “I just missed you, that’s all.” The tone of his voice sounded bashful and a blush crept onto your face. You bet that he was blushing on the other end too so that made you laugh.

I missed you too,” You replied, trying to bite back the huge smile wanting to appear on your face. To calm yourself, you started walking in the direction of your apartment. 

He gasped playfully. “Daebak, can we read each other’s minds now? Are we at that stage already?” 

You mirrored his gasp then said, “Hanbin-ah, maybe we are! Shall we celebrate?”  You played along with him and you both giggled at this cheesy exchange. 

Then you heard him sniff on the other end which reminded you of the reason you called. “Oh right! How are feeling? Are you okay?” 

Yeah, I’m okay! Don’t worry about me. My health is at 99.9%. I’ll be better by tomorrow, I promise.

You hummed through the phone, doubtful of his words, and your eyes narrowed at the view in front of you of the empty street and closed up shops. 

Really! Trust me.” He told you, and you gave in with a sigh after a brief moment of silence. “Anyway, what are you doing?” He asked cheerfully, catching him quickly wanting to change the topic but you let it go.

I’m walking home right now. I left the library a few minutes ago after I finished that paper that I told you about.

Huh?” He sounded concerned. “By yourself?

Yup.” The wind blew and you sunk further into your scarf to block the cold hitting your face. 

At this time of night? You’re walking home by yourself? Alone on the street?” His alerted tone shot through the line, and you giggled at your overprotective boyfriend. 

I’m fine. Don’t worry.” You reassured him. There really wasn’t any need to worry since the library was just in the area of Hanbin’s studio and the apartment complex that you both lived in.

What do you mean ‘you’re fine, don’t worry’? Of course I’ll worry! That’s unacceptable.” You heard a rustling noise over the phone and immediately pictured him shaking his head in disapproval. “Hey, do you know how—

You cut him off before he could go into rambling on and on about how the streets are dangerous at night and possible perverts hiding in the shadows, a conversation you had plenty of times when you would give him surprise visits at his studio. “Hanbin, it’s fine! The library is just in our area anyway.” You laughed out loud and the sound echoed on the street. “I’m keeping my eyes out and watching my surroundings closely like you told me.

The line went quiet, then Hanbin asked, “Where are you right now?” His voice went at least 3 octaves deeper as he asked you seriously through the phone. Your heart skipped a beat in its cage at the sudden change. 

Obediently, you answered him timidly, “I’m 5 minutes away from the studio right now.

I’ll wait for you outside the building,” He said curtly then hung up.

Your heart was beating fast in your chest as you stared at the end call screen on your phone. Hanbin would never hang up just like that unless he was in a bad mood. Looks like you were going to be scolded. You couldn’t help the smile from forming on your face.

Hanbin never scolded you as much as he scolded his team mates when they made a mistake in their choreography. He was the soft and caring boyfriend who always treated you gently and who never got angry at you seriously. The complete opposite of the boy you watched on WIN and Mix & Match. Maybe he would nag at you, but it was never at that level with the rest of the iKON members. 

But when he did (so far it was only once) for some reason, that made you feel excited rather than regretful as you should be. You wondered if he would seriously scold you this time as you continued walking.

With anticipation rising within, you approached the studio building that was gradually coming into view. You immediately spotted the tall figure standing in front of the entrance doors with his head down and arms crossed over his chest, dressed in all black. Black hoodie with his snapback under the hood. Black, baggy sweatpants. Black converse shoes.

You cleared your throat quietly to contain your excitement, then gingerly made your way towards him. As soon as you were standing in front of him, his head lifted to meet your eyes with a sullen look on his face.

Annyeong,” You timidly greeted him with a small smile.

He frowned at you then with a warning tone, he started, “Y/n…

Immediately, you straightened up then answered, “Yes?” 

For a moment, you both stared at each other. His eyes narrowed at you and you kept your obedient stance, waiting quietly for the scolding you eagerly awaited.

“Follow me,” He went back into the building and you trailed behind him. He led you into his studio where it was warmer. He faced you again and continued to stare at you with the same look. You watched him with sparkling eyes of anticipation.

To your dismay, the scolding didn’t come. Instead Hanbin sighed in defeat then flicked your forehead, making you cry out in pain. “Look at you,” He said as he breathed out another exasperated sigh. “Why do you look happy rather than being sorry?

You peeked up at him then gave him a cute smile. 

He shook his head. “You are really…” Another sigh.

You giggled then took his hand. “I’m sorry. I really am!” You shook his hand repeatedly.

I really don’t think you are though.” He retorted. “Just now you looked like you were expecting something from me instead. What is it?

It’s nothing!” You firmly told him then let out a nervous laugh. You shifted the conversation back to apologizing. “Anyway, I’m really sorry for worrying you, Hanbin. But seriously though, there’s nothing for you to worry about!

Thankfully he took the bait without any suspicions. You didn’t want him to know how weird you were about wanting be scolded by him. He instantly replied with, “Of course there is something to worry about! The world we live in is dangerous you know, y/n. You could be kidnapped or a pervert could appear out of nowhere and—”

You cut him off again, “Hanbin-ah! Are we going to have this conversation again? We’ve talked about this so many times already.” You whined childishly and shook his arm.

“Yes! Because you don’t listen to me. If you would listen to me, we wouldn’t have to repeat this conversation.”

“Then what should I do then?” You changed your tone, feigning irritation but honestly your were amused because your boyfriend was so naggy. “Stay at home and never come out?” You frowned at him and crossed your arms over your chest. 

His demeanor softened and his voice quieted. “No…” His voice trailed off.

You stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

It’s just...” He paused then sighed, running a hand over his mouth. His eyes looked into yours and said, “I just want you to be safe. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you or to have you experience anything awful. Sometimes I wish that I could stay by your side 24/7, but we both know I can’t.”

A smile grew on your face, and you took a step closer to him. You looked up at him tenderly and placed your palm over his cheek. He held that hand and leaned into it with his eyes closed, taking a deep breath in.

Then what should we do to give you some peace of mind?” You asked him softly. “I can stop going to the library, but I won’t stop myself from walking to your studio to see you.” His eyes opened and you continued, “Because think about it, if I don’t come and see you here, then we won’t be able to see each other at all. Maybe only a couple times a month, but that’s it.

He had a thoughtful expression on his face for a moment, then a look of realization replaced it, acknowledging that it was a fact. “What should we do..” He mumbled then he placed your hands over his neck and encircled his arms around your waist as he leaned on the desk and pulled you closer.

You hummed in thought then a wild thought appeared. You suggested playfully, “Should I go knock at your dorm and grab one of the members in the middle of the night to walk me here? You’re okay with me walking with someone else at least, right?” 

You giggled when he had a look of displease on his face at the thought. “No.” He pronounced firmly and tightened his hold around your waist. “Definitely not.” Naggy and overprotective.

“Then what else can I do? I don’t want you to come and get me, and disrupt your work.”

He looked at the ground, seriously considering what to do, and you watched as the gears in his brain worked, making you smile at the thought of Hanbin seriously taking this “dilemma” into account.

He sighed and shook his head, “I can’t think of anything. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.” He met your eyes again and gave you a smile.

After you google it, you mean?” You retorted with a knowing smile.

His childlike smile that never failed to warm you up inside finally appeared, and he timidly nodded. You both laughed then hugged each other.

Let me know what you find.” You said as you leaned back to look at his face.

He replied with an okay then got up from the desk. “I’ll walk you home this time.

Your eyes lit up and you excitedly asked, “You will? What about work though?

It’s fine. I’ll continue tomorrow.” He turned to shut off the computer and grab his things. Once he put everything to place, he led you out the door and turned off the lights. He held your hand, and you both happily walked back to your shared apartment complex.

I can honestly imagine Hanbin being so naggy LOL such a cutie <3

On a side note: this scenario ended up being something else entirely than what I had planned to write. Oh well, I’ll just have to write that one up too. xD

Family — Wonho AU | Part Six

A/N: what is pacing? what is a story line? don’t ask me, cause I don’t know. Sorry this took so long to get out OTL but I hope you all enjoy it and I apologize for any mistakes I missed while editing!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Genre: fluff/ light angst?

Characters: Wonho x Reader

Word Count: 2630

Parts: PrologueI / II / III / IV /

I can’t believe I agreed to this, you kept thinking to yourself. In front of you Ahreum sat and picked at a salad silently. Having eaten beforehand you were left to sit there awkwardly and wait. Wonho was to drop off Mari after he picked her up from school and then your day of what you considered to be the most awkward case of babysitting ever would begin.

With a soft sigh you crossed your legs and picked up your cup to sip your water. Ahreum took another bite and then the only side between you two was of crunching lettuce.  You made a quick mental note to give Wonho hell for convincing you to do this later.

“I’m surprised you agreed,” Ahreum suddenly spoke, as if reading your mind.

“I didn’t want to.” Your response is blunt and rude but you don’t really care right now. Ahreum lets out a soft chuckle and continues eating her food.

You look out the window and see a familiar car pull up and soon Wonho and Mari are exiting the vehicle. You can’t help the smile that blooms across your face as you watch them hold hands and Mari begins to skip towards the cafe door.

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In Shining Armor

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

A/N: So I was gonna write this for my friend a while ago and I never did but ideas for it came in my brain today so yay! Also, this is probably really bad but there’s supposed to be more action in the future so bear with me. I LOVE BATFLECK! This fic is 100% mine and written by me! I hope there aren’t too many mistakes, enjoy:) 

Pairing: Bruce Wayne X Reader 

Warnings: Mentions of rape, near-rape experience, swearing 

Word Count: 2,075 

Chapter One: 

Why did you agree to work so late anyway? Sure, it could have been because you seemed to be the only one here who actually cared about working hard or didn’t want to put too much work on other people. But, either way, you should have known better. It was almost 11 o’clock at night. And you had to walk home. By yourself. Which wouldn’t have been that bad, but you had to walk through a very unsafe part of the city to get there. In the daytime it wasn’t half bad and you would never be scared to walk home, but at night it was known for its disturbing increase in crime. You hated you had to walk home this late, but you had no choice. There were no taxis dumb enough to drive through that area at night, and you definitely didn’t want to go underground to catch a subway ride. Walking was the only option you had.

Hugging your jacket as close to you as you could, you started on the dreadful journey through the streets. You made sure to constantly check your surroundings, looking and listening for anything that could be dangerous. You tried to walk as quietly as you could, which proved to be a challenge in your heels that were obnoxiously loud against the concrete sidewalk. You slowed down for a second to check your phone when you heard a strange sound that seemed to be close by. You stopped walking completely and listened to what appeared to be the sound of laughter, slowly getting louder. You assumed to noise was coming from behind you and didn’t want to turn around to check and started to run around the corner. But you didn’t realize how fast you were running and ran right into a man who was with two other men. You looked to see that they were all holding bottles in brown paper bags and stumbling in their drunkenness. So they were the source of the noise. “Well well well, look at what we’ve got here boys!”, the man you ran into started to yell. They started to come closer and closer to you until you were backed up against the wall. You were trapped, and you’d never been this scared in your life. “Please don’t hurt me!”, you screamed out to them. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but you were so scared that the words just fell out. “Oh, we’re not gonna fucking hurt you, pretty girl. Don’t worry. We just wanna play with you a little bit”, one of the others said with a look that told you they had nothing but bad intentions. They kept getting closer and closer and then they started to touch you, trying to get under your clothes and ripping at them and pushing you around while laughing hysterically. You tried to scream for help and push their hands away, but they were too strong. One of the men got really close to your ear and whispered, “Relax pretty girl, this will be over soon. Even sooner if you stop fucking screaming”, kissing your cheek as he pulled away. All you could do was scream and cry, but no one seemed to hear you, which made you cry even harder. You knew what was about to happen and closed your eyes in defeat when suddenly, you couldn’t feel the strange men on you anymore.

You opened your eyes to see all of the men laying down on the ground, unconscious. You walked closer to one of the men and kicked him hard, but he didn’t budge. What the hell just happened? You turned around to come face to face with a man in a strange black suit and a mask. “You don’t have to worry anymore, they’re not going to hurt you”, he said in a deep, robotic voice, clearly disguising his natural one. Who was he? You were just about to ask him that when the recent events took a toll on your body and you passed out, the man in the mask catching you before you fell.  

Moments later, you regained consciousness to see that you were in the man’s arms. He was carrying you bridal style, with your arms wrapped around his neck and his arms tightly holding you. But it was the strangest thing, because even after everything that just happened, you didn’t feel scared in this man’s arms at all. You actually felt safe, and you didn’t know why. Even though you didn’t know if this man was any different than the men who tried to attack you and you didn’t know who this man was at all, in that moment, you felt like you could trust him. You wanted to find out more about him, but your body betrayed you again as you fell asleep.

When you woke up this time, you saw that you were in an unfamiliar dark room. You moved around a bit and felt the soft, silk sheets on the bed you were laying on. You sat up and looked around the beautiful, spacious bedroom. This room alone was almost bigger than your entire apartment. ‘Wow, this person must be a billionaire’, you thought to yourself. ‘But most importantly, where the hell am I?’. You heard some murmuring coming from the room next to the one you were in. You couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, so you moved closer to the wall and placed your ear against it to hear better. “But you shouldn’t have brought her here! It’s too dangerous! What if she tells someone about this, huh? Are you sure she didn’t see you without the suit on?”, a man yelled to someone else. “Yes Alfred, I’m sure. I didn’t take off the suit until I brought her here, I’m not that stupid. I had to bring her here. I couldn’t leave her out in the street and I didn’t know where she lived!”, another man yelled. You weren’t sure if this was the man in the mask, since his voice was disguised before and it wasn’t now. But what he was saying made it seem like it could have been him. “Well you could have dropped her off at a hospital! Who knows, maybe she thinks you’re one of the men who tried to rape her! That would be a hell of a lot of trouble for you, Bruce! How do you know that she trusts you?”. “Because, Alfred, I could feel it. Somehow, I could feel that she trusted me!”. Well, that was definitely him alright, his name was Bruce.

You could hear Bruce walk away and towards the room that you were in, so you quickly stepped back from the wall and lay back down on the bed so he wouldn’t know you were eavesdropping. Just then, he walked into the pitch black room, most likely keeping it that way so you couldn’t see him. He slowly walked to the bed and sat down next to you , maintaining a distance so that you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you could feel his eyes staring into yours. “How are you feeling?”, his normal voice way more soothing and softer than his robotic voice. “Better. Thank you for saving me tonight, I owe you”. “No need, I’m just glad that you’re safe. You can stay until the morning and I’d be happy to take you home”. “No, you’ve already done enough for me. I don’t want to inconvenience you anymore than I already have. I am perfectly capable of going home and I’ll make sure I stay out of trouble this time. Again, thank you for everything”. You tried to get up, but he reached out his hand and pushed against your hip, restraining you to the bed. He was so strong, but still, his touch didn’t bother you. “I’m sorry, but I’m not letting you leave until the morning. It’s too dangerous for you to be in the streets this late at night, and I would be angry at myself if I were to let something else happen to you”. You could feel the eagerness in his hands and how much he didn’t want you to leave. You could feel how much he was concerned and wanted to protect you. “Okay, I’ll stay. But in the morning I’m getting home by myself”. You could tell that he still didn’t agree with that, but he didn’t want to argue. “Goodnight”, he gave my hand a reassuring squeeze before getting up to leave, but my voice stopped him. “Wait! I know this may seem weird, but do you mind sleeping in here with me? I just don’t want to be alone”, which was mostly true. Although, you just really didn’t want to be away from him, he felt like your personal bodyguard and that nothing could happen when you were with him. Without a further word, he went around the room to slip into the bed beside you. The bed was big enough so you two didn’t have to be too close. ‘What a shame’, you blushed at your thoughts. The room was silent except for Bruce’s steady breathing and before you knew it, you were falling into another deep sleep. 

“Well well well, look at what we’ve got here boys!”, the man you ran into started to yell. They started to come closer and closer to you until you were backed up against the wall. You were trapped, and you’d never been this scared in your life. “Please don’t hurt me!”, you screamed out to them. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but you were so scared that the words just fell out. “Oh, we’re not gonna fucking hurt you, pretty girl. Don’t worry. We just wanna play with you a little bit”… 

You jolted awake to see Bruce sitting over you, shaking you from your bad dream. Once he saw you were awake, he started to rub his hand up and down your back, effectively calming you down. “Hey, are you okay?”, he asked you. “Yeah it was just a nightmare, sorry to wake you”, you sniffled as you wiped the tears from your face. “It’s okay, don’t worry, you’re safe”, he assured you. Without thinking, you turned to him and buried yourself in his chest. You didn’t mean to seem too attached, but you wanted to feel safe and secure. He rubbed his hands up and down your back, whispering those six words into your ear until you fell back asleep.  

The next morning, you awoke to an empty bed and no sign of Bruce anywhere. You got out of the bed to walk around the house when an older man walked into the room. “Hello, I’m Alfred, the butler. Mr.- I mean the man who brought you here last night has asked me to see to it that you got home safely”, the man spoke. “Oh you don’t have to worry about it. I can get a taxi and get home myself, but thank you very much!”. You slipped on your heels and grabbed your purse before walking out of the door. You started down the long driveway when a black car pulled up beside you. You looked inside to see it was Alfred. “Please do me a favor and make this easier for the both of us by just getting in the car”. ‘Wow, he was sassy’. You decided not to be stubborn and got into the car, giving him your address.  

20 minutes later, you arrived at your apartment and you made sure you gave Alfred a thank you before he left. But it wasn’t until when you got into your apartment that everything suddenly hit you. You were attacked and nearly raped, and then a man in a suit and a mask came and saved you, and then you stayed at his house and slept in the same bed as him. It was very confusing and all too much. But what was more confusing was your connection to this man. He didn’t even know your name and yet he even admitted to feeling the same connection you felt. You’ve never met or seen him before, yet you’d never felt as safe as you did when you were with him. And what was the most confusing thing was you felt that this wasn’t the last time you would meet him.

Desire Pt.4 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3

Word Count:1804

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

February 20th, 2016

It was my birthday today, and I still hadn’t heard from Jimin or Caroline. I mean they had tried to contact me prior to today but it was to no avail. I sighed as I kicked the comforter from my body and sat up. My phone began going off, playing the Kim Possible ringtone, you know the kind.

I checked the caller id, it was my mom.

“Hello?” I said into the receiver.

“Happy birthday my sweet baby!” my mom said happily back to me.

“Thank you mom.” I said, mumbling the last part. I rubbed my eyes, and stood up, pacing around my room.

“Did I wake you?” my mom questioned sweetly,“Cause if you were asleep, I could call you back later? Your father and I just wanted to call you and-”

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Omelia 13x15

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been getting a lot of asks about my thougths on Omelia 13x15 and I’ll just make one post about it so it’s simpler to gather all of your questions into one line of thought.

Some people asked me if I liked the episode. I REALLY liked the episode. And it isn’t just the optimistic in me talking, I really thought it was a great one because despite all the angst, heartbreak and all, these 40-something minutes proved a magical point: Omelia DO love each other, and they DO want to be together. That was pretty obvious. From the lack of hesitation with which Amelia replied “yes!” when Owen asked if she wanted to be married to him to the long stares, deep looks and meaningful glances. I loved all of those.

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Million Reasons

Originally posted by aliensamba

Pairing: Barry Allen x Bestfriend!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) helping Barry to fix his misunderstandings with Iris, despite Barry left (Y/N) out.

Word count: 1.545

A/N: It’s my first imagine, yay! It’s not that good, but I hope you enjoy it. I am accepting your feedbacks, but please don’t be harsh. 
 Anyways, I am accepting requests and I am trying to find time to write them one by one. Thank you so much, everyone.

- G. x

It was the millionth deep and heavy sigh that you have unleashed since you sat on your usual place at Jitters. Barry asked you to meet him there, since he had some sort of misunderstandings with Iris.

Barry was your best friend, you were inseparable and people saw complicity between the two of you. You would take care of him when he is sick, you would cover him up when he arrives late at his meetings, you would be there to cheer him up in times of need. In short, you were so close and people started to ship you together.

By hearing people’s compliments, you didn’t notice that you were slowly falling in love with Barry. You loved everything about him: his dorky side, his intelligence, his kindness. Everything. You loved it when he made you feel special and when he shows that he cared for you, because, in the end, he was the only person who showed importance to you.

You also loved his negative side, but sometimes you get impatient and annoyed, because he can be the fastest man alive and, yet, he still arrives late every single time, at least when it comes to you.

You loved everything about him, until Iris and Eddie broke up. Barry is head over heels Iris and he left you to comfort her, he left you because his other best friend was more important than you.

Months has passed and Barry started to ignore you. You worked with him at S.T.A.R. Labs but he was colder and you felt his absence so much. You missed him, obviously, but you have always told yourself that you can’t fight with someone he really loves. You’re just his best friend, she’s the loved one. You will always lose.

“(Y/N)!” Your thoughts lost their threads and you quickly turned your head to the exact direction where the familiar voice was heard. You rolled your eyes to let him know that he took too much time to arrive and he quickly flashed an apologetic smile.

“Barry.” You called his name in a bothered way. He was still flashing his bright smile, one of the many things that you loved in him, while following his movements with your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” He started while taking the sit across from you. “something came up in S.T.A.R. Labs while I was on my way.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” You raised an eyebrow, being annoyed once again for his actions. You are a part of the team and you demand to know everything that happens in the laboratory.

“My fault.” He sighed. “I didn’t want for you to worry, it is your day off.”

“Hi, Barry!” The waitress named Lucy greeted him.

“Hey!” He looked at her and flashed her a lovely smile.

“Can I bring you something?” The waitress nicely asked.

“Oh, no!” He politely answered. “I’m fine, ask this beautiful lady in front of me.” You just rolled your eyes because of what he has said.

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” The waitress smiled sweetly and nodded.

“Just call me if you need something, okay? I am here to satisfy your needs.” Barry and I murmured a “thank you” and she left us alone.

"What were we talking about?” You asked him and waited him to answer. “Oh yup, my day off.” You sarcastically burst out when he was about to answer your question. “I spent hours of my day off on this sit, waiting for you.”

“I swear to God that I am really sorry, (Y/N)!” He grabbed your right hand and caressed the back of it using his thumb.

“Sorry,” You took a deep breath and looked straight into his green eyes. “you’re always sorry.” You snatched your hand from his grip and you fumblingly played with the empty cup of coffee in front of you.

He sadly looked at you and his green bright eyes turned dark quickly. He knew what he has done, he knew that he abandoned you, he knew that he left you alone. You’ve already talked about your situation many times, but he can’t balance his relationships with people.

"Look, (Y/N), I know that I have hurt you. I know that you hate me, because I come to you only when Iris and I have some misunderstandings. I am a douchebag, but I seriously tried to equilibrate everything.” He sadly defended himself for his actions in the past few months. 

You looked at him dismayed. You were obviously hurt, of course.

“I miss you, (Y/N)!” He sincerely admitted it. “I really do.”

Your heart melted by hearing those words. The hate you felt towards him vanished and your heart started pumping fast. 

It is always like this: you hate Barry for everything he has done, but then you will forgive him for his nice words. You just can’t resist him, because he is more important than your pride and you know that you can’t stand it when you lose him.

You told to yourself that you can tolerate things, you can be hurt every time he leaves you alone, but, at least, he chooses you every time he feels lost. It is better to have him for a short time, than not having him at all.

“Barry, we didn’t meet each other to talk about our situation. What is it this time?” You changed the topic by shrugging it off and he took a deep breath when he noticed that you were really hurt.

“It’s just,” he looked around the surroundings, as if he was searching Iris’ face in the crowd. Iris works in this infamous coffee shop of Central City, so it wouldn’t be strange if he found her face. “she has been acting so strange in these days. I confronted her about it, but she didn’t want to talk to me about it. She is keeping a secret and I know that she wants to talk about it, but it seems like she doesn’t trust me, not at all.” He continued.

“Give her time, Barry.” You calmly said, leaving the unfinished topic before. “She loves having you beside her, she is happy with you. She will tell you everything when she feels that it is the right time.”

"What if she’s not happy with me?” You rolled your eyes by hearing his dumb question.

“Barry, I am giving my best friend away to someone. She had all of your attention, she has Barry Allen, my dorky best friend, and you doubt that she’s not happy with you? She better be happy!” You raised your left eyebrow and he laughed because of your reaction.

"Alright, wrong question.” You flashed him a fake smile.

He thought that you were kidding, but he should have known that you meant those words. You really meant those words, because if you were just so selfish, you wouldn’t have let him choose Iris. If she’s not happy with him, you would force him to leave her and come back to you. But you know that Barry is happy with her and you are not an egocentric person. At the end, it was his happiness that counts.

“If you want, I can talk to her.” You corrugated your forehead because you were shocked of the words that came out from your own mouth, but quickly smiled so Barry wouldn’t notice it.

“Really?” Barry’s eyes and lips grew wide on hearing those words, as if he was on cloud nine.

“What have I fucking done?” You silently said to yourself. “You’re such an idiot, (Y/N)!” 

You were so disappointed, because it seems like you’re really pushing him away and it seems like it is fine with you that he leaves you once again. 

"Yup.” You shortly answered after few seconds of silence. You just can’t take it back anymore. Unfortunately. 

"Thank you so much, (Y/N)!” He stood up from his sit and hugged you tightly.

“No problem, Barry.” You nodded and smiled at the same time.

“Why are you still here for me even after I hurt you?” He whispered in your ear. “I’ve given you a hundred million reasons to walk away.”

You slowly wrapped your arms around his slim body. You thought of how great the feeling is to have him just for you, of how great the feeling is to have his arms around you.

You thought of your hidden feelings for him as your heart beats happily and sadly at the same time.

You thought of your happy moments together, of his smile when you help him. You thought of his face when he told you that he missed you awhile ago.

You thought of everything and enjoyed the warmth of his hug and the smell of his perfume.

You thought of the happiness you are feeling right now, even though he will abandon you once again right after.

You are hurt, but you decided to keep on loving him, even though your heart will break in little fragments once again.

You thought of many things, but it is your love that forces you to stay.

I just need one good one to stay, Barry.” You said as he hugged you tighter and he leant in to leave a sweet little kiss on the top of your head.

Fic: Seventy Two (Stitchers, Camsten, M, Romance/Angst)

Title:  Seventy Two

Author: IHeartCamsten (yes, I have a new name! Yay!)

Fandom: Stitchers

Pairing: Duh, Camsten.

Rating: M – not safe for work or kiddies.

Spoilers: Up to and including 3x01

Summary: She left him in a world without her for 72 hours.  He’d counted every one of those hours through agony and exhaustion; he’d never hated a number so much in his life.  This morning, he was taking back the number 72 for them.

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Shoot - Jaebum (Day 65/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

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Prompt: Shoot
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Gang!AU

Word Count: 1641

One day I’ll catch up…maybe…

“Hurry up, Y/N,” Jaebum stated, more as a command than a statement. His tone sent shivers you’re your spine and made you grab your things faster as you followed him down the stairwell of the massive hideout.

“Are you sure this is okay? Mark and Jackson are always just lazing around, I can have one of them teach me, it’s really not that big of a deal…” you said, shyly as you walked a few paces behind the gang leader. Jaebum merely shot you a glance and grunted.

“It’ll take twice as long if they try teaching you so I might as well do it myself,” he stated simply.

You closed your mouth and nodded, continuing to follow him through what felt like a maze. You came around to the back of the building where there was a makeshift shooting range that the members often used for target practice.

You gulped as you looked at the mannequins that already had multiple bullet wounds and you cursed at yourself for ever having mentioned your lack of shooting skills to Jaebum in the first place. As soon as you had told him you’d never shot a gun, he had insisted on teaching you. Something about how he ‘didn’t want to be responsible for you’ and that you needed to ‘learn to cover your own ass in a fight’.

You figured he was right, but since you weren’t technically part of the gang, you had to wonder how many times Jaebum assumed you would be in a gunfight.

“Hey,” Jaebum barked, pulling you out of your thoughts. “Stop spacing out. This is important, pay attention,” he added, making you sigh deeply but nod anyway.

He walked over and held out a gun, motioning for you to take it. You gulped slowly but took the black weapon from his hands, biting your lip as you looked down at it.

“Alright, watch me very carefully,” Jaebum said. You looked up at him and watched as he cocked the gun before straightening his arm, taking aim, and pulling the trigger. The loud gunshot made you jump and left a slight ringing in your ears, but you were slightly thankful that Jaebum had reluctantly given you small earplugs before coming.

The gang leader didn’t seem to mind the noise, however, and immediately began to tell you the proper way to hold the gun, turn off the safety, aim, and shoot. He went over everything broadly at first which left your head slightly spinning and then asked if you understood anything. You nodded slowly even though you were still a bit scared and Jaebum stepped aside, letting you step up.

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