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If you can’t tell by now, I have small bias towards Alya Cesaire. Words cannot begin to describe my excitement for Season 2 and the debut of Alya as the real Volpina. As a character, I like Alya a lot. I dig her strong personality as well as her relationship with Marinette.
Ever since the first season I was hoping that Alya would be one of the candidates for the Fox Miraculous so when it was revealed that she will indeed become the real Volpina, I was totally stoked. I promised myself that I’d draw Volpina Alya at least once before the second season starts so here is my first attempt at painting this lovely vixen heroine.

Not bad for my first try. I had fun painting this portrait and paid a lot of attention to the detail in the piece especially in the hair. Alya’s hair is already long and luxurious, so painting dem foxy curls was cool. Definitely pleased with how this turned out and I hope to do more future squiggle paints of Volpina Alya. Really cannot wait for the appearance of this heroine in Season 2.

Enjoy this week’s miraculous squiggle painting fellow miraculers and as always, stay tune for more star kids! Til next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)

  • Poe: Once when I was a kid, I told my mom it was a teachers’ work day so I wouldn’t have to go to school but mom’s not an idiot, so of course it didn’t work, but when we got to the school, we found it WAS a teachers’ work day and that made me think I had superpowers so I started trying to kill classmates with my mind to confirm the theory.
  • Steinbeck: You thought you had superpowers, so you immediately attempted to murder everyone.
  • Poe: Go big or go home.

I honestly think that Winry & Ed would’ve hooked up a lot sooner if the story took place during the modern era.
Like, if they both had a Twitter or Tumblr and sent private messages to each other instantly instead of a phone call once a week and a letter once a month, that would’ve made their romance progress a lot faster.
Plus, Ed trying to confess via text message and spell check fucking him over would be hilarious.

someone asked me about you yesterday.
if we had talked. if i had heard from you. if we had been okay.
your name sounded so out of place as it settled. i had forgotten the feeling in my chest the mention of you gave me until it slapped me in the face. my throat tightened up as i told them the air between us has stayed still. still and quiet.

i check on you from time to time. just to settle my anxiety. i try not to make a habit out of it. being reminded of someone who was once so prominent in my life, that has now disappeared, is a feeling i try to avoid. seeing you exist without me, feeling myself exist without you, makes me question if i cross your mind half as much as you do to me.

i convince myself that i’ve been okay, that i’ve been acting the same way before you left, coping the same way. but in little moments, i find myself realizing ‘happy’ isn’t something i feel like i know anymore. i’ve been settled in this constant state of sadness for so damn long i couldn’t even tell someone what it’s like to feel content with your world. i would laugh in someone’s face if they asked me if i was happy.
i wish i knew.
i wish i knew.

@cantkeepmyeyesoff replied to your post “I am not recreating Fenris in the CC, I am not using a certain…”

Let us see your creations ;)

If you insist ;) Here are some screenshots, I might post a set once I get a few really nice ones ;) I might change some things still… I had a lot of fun trying out hair on him, I really want a ponytail like his concept art but I’ll have to look around if I can find it.

But it was thereluctantinquisitor whose da:i fenris was the guide for this one.

All At Once - Part 2

Summery: Hospital fluff with the Captain.

Triggers: Hospitals

Word Count: 1200+

A/N: I’m away next weekend so I’ll try to get stuff out during the week.

“All At Once” Masterlist | Masterlist

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Steve was sitting next to you as you ate. Well, you just sat there smelling this vile, brown liquid they wanted to call a stew.

When the nurse came in to give you your meal you smiled politely. Then she left and you confessed to Steve that you had practically eaten nothing since you had been there.

‘Come on Y/N. It can’t be that bad’, he tried to convince you.

‘Well, then you try it’. You protested.

‘I didn’t get hit by a car and a stuck in hospital’ he defended. Crossing his arms as he did so.

‘Just try it before you make me eat it’, he looked at you with one eyebrow raised then moved forward.

He picked up your spoon, the one that hadn’t moved since it was set on your tray, and dipped it into the “stew”. He then put the spoon and liquid into his mouth. Immediately, he picked up the box of tissues, pulled some out and spat directly into it.

‘That’s-’ he interrupted himself by making noises you didn’t know he could. They all showed he hated the food (could you even call it that). He was so dramatic, the food was bad but not that bad. Ok, maybe it was that bad. ‘You want me to get some pizza for you?’

‘Supersoldier and pizza? Yes please!’ He giggled and got up. Sending you a quick bye before leaving.

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She couldn’t change his mind, yet she kept trying. Angel listened to his words and couldn’t believe it was him. He went on and on, talking about wanting to make her happy. Didn’t he realize that he was doing the exact opposite? “Caleb, listen to me!” She couldn’t hold back her emotions as she once again repeated all that has been said before - but this time, she didn’t feel like she was defending herself. She was fighting, screaming for what they had. “I am not leaving you. I said there are other things in life and I meant it. I can’t imagine being with someone else. I don’t care about his kids. I wanted to be able to look at my child and see you. And if that’s not possible, then screw it. We can travel. We can help people around the world, I don’t know. Don’t you ever think of letting me go. What you’re doing is not a chance. What you’re doing is breaking my heart with your stupid stubborness. Life is a game without rules, Caleb. It can change anytime and it’s up to us whether we’ll fight it or let it ruin us.”

Instagram post by Cat 🎨✂️ • Feb 19, 2017 at 6:55pm UTC
136 Likes, 8 Comments - Cat 🎨✂️ (@catcancraft) on Instagram: “A birthday party for a 2 year old seems like a good a time as any to wear a #dinosaur dress! I've…”

A birthday party for a 2 year old seems like a good a time as any to wear a #dinosaur dress! I’ve never much cared for the fit of the top, so I paired it with a sweater to change it up!
Sweater: #thrifted via Express (it’s a small. Once again, try. Everything. on.)
Dress: #modcloth
Leggings: #forever21plus
Boots: Rebels via Amazon (I wish I had brought more shoes, but y'know, winter..) 

I’m wearing earrings, but this hair length is super good at hiding them. It’s the thought that counts?

*alex voice* “Clearing up Misunderstandings the Movie: You know, I live by the standard that everyone is 18 unless proven otherwise. Once I found out that the girl (who repeatedly told me she was underaged) I deleted the requested pictures. I’m a pure man, I didn’t do it with the intention to be a creep. Now on a second note, Mida is no longer a rival. I’m not trying to appeal to the SJWs,,, it’s just….. Senpai represents the innocence and obliviousness I had as a teenager, and I find it hard to match myself with someone so… attractive. Until a much higher age HE’S 18 THOUGH. So Mida will be matchmade to the new student “Eylecks Majhen” for the time being. Also in the lesbian option Yandere-Chan becomes a male and all the rivals become really close friends, because I’m uncomfortable with homosexuality. I’m not a homophobe, I just hate the gays.“

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Hey I saw that wortwood's stuff and blog have disappeared! I was a big fan. What happened if you don't mind me asking?

she was sitting next to me on the couch when i got this ask and her response was mostly a sad “BWEHHHH.”  her blog is currently set to private, as she’s been quietly trying to step away from fandom.  she’s a pretty busy lady with a pretty demanding career (and i mean she is HIGH IN DEMAND, because she’s kind of, sort of a total bad bitch rock star), and i don’t think fandom was offering her the outlet that it once had, and the environment eventually was doing more harm than good.  

as someone who loves her and got the opportunity to meet her and be a part of her life because of her fun, wonderful, unique contributions to fandom, it is also very sad for me to see her blog no longer active.  but i want the best for her both as an artist and as a person and as my best friend and girlfriend and partner in crime.  i’m sure you will see her art a lot in the near future, just in more original, professional content.  so get excited!!


A fic about: Sex, kind of. Car games. Van not being allowed to touch. 

Note: In honour of Triple J putting me on the radio to talk about Catfish and the Bottlemen, here’s a bonus fic. 

“Van. If we break the rules even once, the whole system descends into chaos,”

“But it will be good for you!”

“For you, you mean. You like touching me more than you like me touching you. Which, by the way, I will try not to read into.”

Van stands in front of you swaying from one foot to the other. His hands are behind his back and he has a stupid grin on his face. You can see the residual energy in him. The show had been cancelled because the outside venue was rained out. Everyone packed up and left for home. You and Van spent the ride counting cars. The game was to pick a colour, and whoever saw the most cars in that colour won. The victor won the prize of being able to tease the absolute fuck out of the other person. Kissing. Touching over clothes. Sordid words. The loser was denied any real physical contact, and was doomed to spend the night suffering the hell of being turned on with no foreseeable fix.

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ppl who have wanted 2 date me, ranked:

1. Byron

  • known him since i was in like year 1
  • once told me ‘if not for who you were trying to date i would ask you out’
  • then when i asked him out a month later he had decided he didnt want to date me anymore and we became best friends instead
  • both our parents think we are dating and they both really love the concept
  • we wear matching rings and for a while accidentally wore them like weddings rings until someone pointed it and i screamed 

2. Liam

  • an absolute normie canadian manlet with a black belt in karate
  • was very sweet at the time even tho he only had vague musings of personality (he’s a cunt now)
  • said ‘oot and aboot’
  • my parents called him ‘dunny brush’
  • i was basically the exact same person as his mum (we r scorp sisters her birthday is the day before mine) and she tried to paint a portrait of me because she really wanted a daughter

3. Baylee

  • one of my friends  when i was not a woke cunt
  • asked me out to the movies very casually and i said ‘oh yeah sure i’ll invite byron!’ because i dint realize it was a date
  • basically only liked me because he hadnt talked to like any other women
  • after i rejected him he turned full alt right libertarian out of spite and deleted me off fb and now he’s converted to Christianity 
  • also he has an online korean gf he met on a penpal site and he says asian women are purer than white women 

My piece from the Voltron Big Bang project!

It was such a pleasure to work with @shadowedlove97 and @angelwithaslushiemaker On their fic Memory Rebound!

This scene is honestly beautiful to imagine on your own but it was even more fun to draw it out! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story oh golly!!! I want to gush and gush about the story and how they portray Keith and his issues as well as the interactions with the other paladins but OH MY GOSH I CAN’T BECAUSE I WOULDN’T SHUT UP ONCE I START. 

Also I’m pissed bc I drew it so large I had to use another site to shrink the file bc Tumblr wouldn’t even try to download it. @_@

Also I not only hate snow irl (as I am Texan) but I also hate painting it. 

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okay question. I'm aro ace, I had sex in the past but never had orgasms, I know that I had come at least once though. I read all these first time fics, and Alex seems to reach orgasm with Maggie not even really trying etc. My question is: is this realistic for first times? I mean it's great if it is, yeah for lesbian sex, but I'm just curious. regardless of the answer, could it also be a prompt at some point, with Alex having good time but not really reaching an orgasm the first time?

A good question!! It depends – sometimes yes and sometimes no, you know? Thing is, when I write Sanvers first time scenes, it’s always after they’ve been together for a while, after they’ve done lots of other things together, after they’re spent a lot of diligent time and effort learning each other’s bodies, etc. So that’s important to remember, you know, that context. In general though, your instinct is right – it’s often not easy to make someone cum, especially during first times!

Unrelated to this ask, I wrote this thing where Alex goes down on Maggie for the first time, and Maggie doesn’t cum. Hope you enjoy! http://queergirlwriting.tumblr.com/post/157417457109/alex-goes-down-on-maggie-for-the-first-time


“Smol Haul”

I could have done waaayyyyy better today but I got too nervous cause it was so busy. I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries today with a few pals and ended up getting some essentials. I left before they did (and went in before they did too so we wouldn’t be associated together) and I BEEPED ON MY WAY OUT after I swore I had double checked every item before concealing. I checked my bag once I was in the car and saw that the blending sponge was double tagged. One tag on each side. I didn’t even think to thoroughly look at both sides (even though I swore I saw both sides????) because those items are usually only tagged once but bleh my heart was racing so fast and I was so nervous cause the guy at the doors was massive and I was damn sure he was going to run out after me and try and chase me. BUT HE DIDN’T. Not going back to that location for a few weeks… 


Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer $6.98
Revlon Colorstay Concealer $9.54
L’Oreal Infallible Paints Lipstick $12.99
Elf Blending Sponge $5.97
L’oreal Infallible Setting Spray $14.96
Dove Deodorant $3.96
3M Patch Plus Primer Spackling $7.03 x2
Energizer AAA10 Batteries $12.00
Energizer AA12 Batteries $18.79

Total: $89.25

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Rachel trying to teach Reyna how to paint, but they end up getting into a huge paint war and creating a mess in the oracle's cave

It had not been on purpose. The problem was, quite frankly, that once Reyna had playfully painted a get stripe down Rachel’s cheek, the other girl had not been able to stop herself from retaliating.

It was good her cave was not in the main camp area, but a little further off, because Rachel doubts she’d be able to explain why she and Camp Jupiter’s praetor were laughing, rolling over the cave floor, covered in paint.

The red streak was smeared now, from a hand cupping her face, and the blue she’d attacked Reyna’s lips with earlier had transferred to her own.

“This isn’t what I imagines when you said you’d teach me how to paint.” Reyna said slowly and her thumb traced along Rachel’s jaw, undoubtedly smearing some more paint along it’s path.

Rachel shook her head and shifted even closer. Her nose had a green spot at its tip, and if she leant in now, she’d be able to smear it over the dark purple she’d attacked Reyna’s cheek with earlier.

“It’s still art.” Rachel stated in a low voice and leaned in the rest of the way.

The kiss, unsurprisingly, tasted like blue paint.


HD is reaaally appreciated!
(For some reason the quality of this is ruined so.. rip)

I had this sitting around for awhile and I decided to upload it now since I want to show you guys I’m not dead. I was about to edit a video about Steven Universe with the same song, but since svtfoe is having a huge bomb of episodes right now, I thought why not?

I do want to try to finish this video, and I’m pretty sure I will once season 2 finishes, which is soon (sadly). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this video about Star messing up because of her feelings.

I love her so much smh.

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When do you think Gillian and David got together?

I would say that they reconnected during IWTB and the subsequent press tour, then grew closer during the 2010-2011 period, and somewhere in 2012 they decided to give things a try, once Gillian had parted ways with Mark and David knew he and Tea weren’t getting back together.  And I believe that by 2013 they were a couple.

Today was bad. Just having her walk by me sent me into a panic attack as I started to feel like a fucking monster for existing around her while having an attraction to her. I had to go into the back so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. I just stood there for a moment trying not to cry. They I just paced around a little and tried to breathe, and keep myself from tearing up……then I put on my face and pretended I was fine once I got in the car with my roommates.