i had to take off my jumper to do this now im cold


*WARNING: PURE CHEESE GROSSNESS also this isn’t edited yet so soz im lazy 😂 this is inspired by basically every fan fiction but especially that riarkle one that I cant find (if anyone finds it be sure to link me!) on with the fanfic*

EDIT: the lovely @yugen-escapism found the Fanfic and it can be found here: http://blueyedpandas.tumblr.com/post/155009354343/heat by the very talented @blueyedpandas (go read hers it’s a lot better)

“Okay, then turn left when you get to the - NOW LUCAS!” Maya screeched from the passengers seat as Lucas completely missed the turn which led them further up the desolate road.

“Great job, bozzo! What’s your next genius plan now?” Maya clenched her jaw in frustration, shooting daggers at the Texan sitting next to her. His eyes rolled so far back he thinks it’s possible that he saw his own brain. “Look, we’ll turn left at the next exit and see where it takes us.” Lucas said, sighing deeply as he put his indicator on to turn left.

The next road seemed even more desolate and dark than the other, only a few streetlamps and the lights of the houses sprinkled along the street to provide a little brightness. It was late, around 2 or 3am and both of their phones were flat dead with the constant addiction to tech prone to their generation. They drove slowly in silence up the road until it came to a dead end.

Lucas sighed once again, but deeper this time. They had really got themselves into a situation this time and New York winters weren’t going easy on them. He got out the car (much to Maya’s calls of protest) to take in their surroundings and see if there was anywhere they could find refuge or at least charge their phones. However, as soon as he slammed the car door, a light sprinkling of snow began to descend and he knew then that it would not be safe to drive in those conditions at this time so he made his way back to the brooding blonde who had wrapped her arms around herself as tight as she could.

“So, Huckleberry, what’s the plan?” She said, twizzling her whole body to meet his eyes. “There isn’t one. We can’t drive ‘cause it’s just started to snow and both of our phones are dead. We’re basically stuck here until morning.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Maya deadpanned him, her features curled up in annoyance. “Yes! I’m totally joking and that’s why I look so god damn pissed, great job Maya!” He sarcastically let the sentence fall from his lips as Maya mimicked him under her breath.

They sat there in silence for a good 2 minutes, a world record by Maya and Lucas’ standards. Maya’s creamy skin was dotted with goosebumps and he could see her lips turning blue as she shivered dramatically in her seat.

“You cold?” He asked, trying to break the ice (but considering the temperatures, he doubted that would work).

“No shit, Huckleberry. It feels like jack frost is pinching my butt with those razor sharp icicle -claws of his!”

“Weird analogy but alright.” He dismissed. He pondered for a second, wondering whether to give her his jacket or not. “Do you want my jacket?” He asked cautiously as not to shake the bear. She turned to him doe-eyed, clearly puzzled and very tired.

“Erm… Sure? If you aren’t using it.” She assured as he reached into the back and pulled out a hoodie that was at least twice the size of her. She pulled it over her head with a quiet word of thanks and then proceeded to pull it down which meant the end happened to reach her lower thigh.

“Rick? I think it’s a little on the big side.” She stated, looking down at the sweater that was longer than most of the dresses she owned.
He couldn’t help but burst out laughing when he glanced over his shoulder and saw her petit frame being swallowed by his jumper that was just the right size on him. He wanted to grab his phone and take a picture but her death stare and lack of power put him off.
They were content for a while, Maya humming a tune and hugging her knees for warmth. As much as she hated his mocking about her size, she had to admit that the sweater was warm and she didn’t mind the smell that clung to it. It smelt like Lucas, kind of like sandalwood (@wickeryburning). She had to admit though, she was still freezing. She had only got a loose t-shirt and high waisted shorts on underneath and she also saw Lucas shiver, the outlining curve of his lip turning a pale tinge of blue.

“Huckleberrrryyy!” She whined, breaking his train of thought.

“It’s too collllld.” She continued to whine. He chuckled at her groaning, but inside was feeling the exact same way.

“Look, I might have a blanket in the back but it’s not going to fit over the both of us in the front. We’ll have to sit in the back if you want any blanket.” Lucas said, pulling the key out of the engine and getting out the car to grab the tartan blanket from the boot.

Maya huffed, but did scramble over the seats to the back and rested her head on the cold window. Lucas climbed in the back with her, blanket in tow and sat a measurable distance away from her, just so the blanket reached the tips of them both.

Had it been anyone else, she would be practically lying on top of them now. But it was Lucas. And her. Stuck in a car. Alone. It had already been awkward enough over the past few months with too many unspoken words and bottomless emotions. Sure, Lucas and Riley broke things off and though it had caused a little awkwardness the first few days, the two were happy as could be when they were simply friends (plus Riley may or may not moved her pining over to a certain scientist). Maya, however, was in denial of the fact. She had tried to persuade the two back together, but they wouldn’t budge. Riley and Lucas knew they weren’t great as a couple and were fine with it. Maya wasn’t. She insisted that they were right for each other, that they had to love each other. Maybe it was because she was scared of what would happen if they didn’t.

Anyhow, it had made the last few months awkward between Maya and Lucas. They had history that they couldn’t deny, and now that it was a free for all Maya wanted to keep order in the chaos, trying to make sure nothing changed.

A cloud of silence loomed over them, and Maya felt her cheeks begin to flush from embarrassment.

Lucas finally broke the silence. “Maya, this clearly isn’t working. You look like a snowman and I think my toes have detached from my body. I have an idea but you have to trust me.”

Maya rolled her eyes, trying to deny her lack of heat but she had to admit that she still felt like a penguin, especially as the snow began to pile up outside. “Fine. What’s your bright idea lone star?”

Lucas took a deep breath, preparing himself for a probable slap. “Skin to skin makes you considerably warmer.” He paused, studying her facial expression to see if she had caught on to his idea (she clearly hadn’t). He dared to continue.

“Soooo. I know it’s weird… But if we both took our shirts o- OW!” Yep, he had been right. She slapped him.

“I knew it! I knew you were a perv!” Maya stated, avoiding eye contact with the cowboy. He grew irritated

“Oh for God’s sake Maya! It’s -5 and I just want to be warm. I hate this just as much as you and believe me, I can’t even feel my balls.” She sniggered, but could feel the tension in his voice. He genuinely did want to be warm and not a perv.

She huffed before mumbling under her breath. “Fine, but you’re still a pervert.”

He turned around to face the window, lifting the hem of his t-shirt up and over his head before throwing it in the middle, averting his eyes from where Maya was tentatively tapping the hem of her shirt. Eventually, she lifted it straight over her head, shivering as she felt the chill hit her hard. She turned to face Lucas and did a double take as she took in the vision before her (she also thanked her lucky stars she wore her nice bra today)

He had a tan torso, and a six pack clear along his stomach. Sure, she knew he was probably in shape since he did so much football but she already felt herself getting warm from the situation. He was just the same, surprised that she had outlines of abs from where she had been doing a thirty day challenge. And, he couldn’t help his eyes wander around… Places.

“Hey! Eyes up here you perv!”
“I could say the same to you, shortstack.”

Her cheeks flushed a deeper shade of pink and she tried to cover it by making conversation.

“Well… That was pointless, I feel colder. I’m putting my shirt bac-”
“Maya, its called skin to skin for a reason. You just sitting there isn’t going to help - you need to actually be, you know,… Touching me.”

“Fuck my life.” She mumbled under her breath before shuffling closer. He stretched his body across the backseat though his feet hung off the end. She top-tailed with him, her head where his feet met the edge. He gave her a pointed look as if to say “really?” And took her hand causing her to pull it away like a ninja and make her own way to where he lay.

She rested her back very lightly on his stomach, her hair brushed to the side so that it lay across the length of his shoulders and her head facing towards the seat in front of them. She had never been this close to Lucas before, and she thought her heart might just pound out of her chest.

She could feel his warm breath on her neck, smell is cologne, feel his fingers in the tips of her hair. It was a sensory overload and she thought she might just pass out. He pulled the blanket over the two of them and Maya found herself gravitating even closer towards him (if that were possible) so that she could have as much warmth as possible. Her skin felt on fire as she nuzzled into his shoulder and then his arm was around her waist and she didn’t even try to move. Her finger found it’s way to his stomach and began tracing the lines of his abs. Her breath hitched as the grip on her waist tightened and rolled her so her head rested just under his chin, on his chest.

She felt oddly safe in his big arms, his fingers running through her wild locks. He feels kind of nervous, but he can’t help the smile when her eyes flutter and she takes a big yawn. There’s a few stars he can see out the window, and it smells kind of Smokey with a scent of cold like when your around a campfire with all your friends late at night without a care in the world. He can feel Maya’s pink nose against his bare chest, chilling him as she nuzzles further into him.


His voice is low, almost a whisper. She hears him though, making a small whimper to let him know he had her attention.

“Do you ever think about us? You know… What we could have been if it hadn’t got this messy?”

Maya’s eyes shoot open quickly in surprise, but she covers it well by pretending to rub them.

“Well. Yeah I guess.” She shrugs her shoulders gently.

“But there’s nothing we can do now. You two are p-”

“Perfect for each other? ” he finishes her sentence and for the first time she meets her eyes with his, swallowing the familiar lump she feel emerging in her throat.

“Maya. You know me and Riley aren’t perfect for each. Just accept it. There’s someone else I like anyway.”

She turns away from him with a big sigh, replaying in her mind that hope is for suckers. “Yeah? Who might the lucky girl be?” She asks with pretend interest, tracing the lines of his torso once again.

He taps her chin lightly so her eyes are looking straight at his, nowhere to run or hide. Two souls connected with so many years of unspoken words and yet they’re barely touching, without a whisper they say thousands of pages of words with thousands of meanings. And he can’t help but lean in and press his lips against her, relishing in the chill that isn’t from the cold snow pouring outside their window.

She feels her heart stop for a second and her hands are numb and her brain frozen in place.

“Does that answer your question?” He says, cupping her face gently between his big hands, little blonde hairs entrapped in his finger tips. She’s speechless, nodding and not exactly smiling but not exactly angered.

She lays her head back on his chest and curls into him and not a word needs to be spoken for the Lucas to know what his little one’s intimacy meant. Though her heart was pounding a mile a minute, she felt tranquil, like a peace had washed over her that she didn’t recognise.

That’s how they were found in the morning by the rest of their friends, Maya curled into his side, with Lucas’ arm protecting her, light snores from the both of them. It’s safe to say it took a lot of explaining to the 57 missed calls that their friends left.


The cringy unoriginal title 

Hi omg okay this is my first official piece! someone requested a cheating one shot and they got it! i 100% do not condone cheating this is just a story for entertainment….that being said go easy on me this isn’t proof read and its probably really cringy as i don’t do well writing for other people LOL LOVE YOU

request: can you do one where harry cheats on his missus?

Harry’s fucked.

he’s completely and utterly fucked.

he doesn’t know what in gods name compelled him to do what he did. he can’t believe he did it himself when he has you.

alcohol has always been the devil on his shoulder telling him ‘just one more drink’ and by the way his head was throbbing, he certainly had a few more drinks. Rubbing his hands over his sleep filled eyes he looked over his right shoulder at the pretty lass tangled in his sheets, he doesn’t even remember her name or how he ended up with her in YOUR flat, on YOUR side of the bed

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Scrooge Howell

Summary: Dan Howell absolutely hates Christmas. Although maybe he should’ve warned his new roommate before Christmas came, as now he was in the metaphorical equivalent to Christmas Bootcamp.

Word Count: 3.3k

Contains: Christmas

My other chirstmas oneshots:

-malevolent mistletoes: enemies to lovers drabble

-mistletoe miracles: christmas smut

-christmas can’t be cancelled: also christmas smut

-snowdin: not really christmas but totally cold be

-fireplace cuddles: same as snowdin

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another you

ANONYMOUS REQUEST: Hello! I was wondering if you can do a Sebastian Stan imagine about the song “Another You” by Of Mice & Men. Where he cheats on the reader and she leaves him. When he’s alone he can still imagine her in the house.

WARNINGS: angsty stufffff??? lanuageee???

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this was such a long time coming! im sorry anon if you’ve been waiting and waiting but it’s finally here! i hope you enjoy this!

White walls filled with nothing
But nervous paces all around I see
Something’s off inside of myself
I see it in their faces

Your head hurt from crying so much. You felt like you couldn’t breathe anymore. He couldn’t deny it if he tried. There were pictures and videos everywhere. It wasn’t a scene he was filming. This was a sneaky night out, hoping no one would notice him.

You packed up your bags and left the house without looking back. You felt humiliated. You two had been dating for 5 years and he threw it all away just like that.

Did I do something wrong? Was I not paying enough attention? Where did we fall out?

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All of you - Phanfic

Summary: Dan is feeling low about his appearance, people keep pointing out his insecurities such as his weight and his height. Phil notice Dan isn’t acting as normal so decided to figure out what is wrong and does everything he can to help him. 

Rating: PG (what theres hints of past sexual acts but nothing sexual in the fic) 

Word count : 2014

Warnings : nothing too much, Dan is sad about his appearance but Phil makes him feel better, talk of self hating but body positivity actions does this make sense? probs not. 

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For Anon, #6

Hi guys! Here is the last request I had in my inbox. thanks Anon for sending in a #! I hope you all enjoy! :D

Forever tag list :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee mmfdiaryfan kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep courtkismet omgbananasnailus i-dream-of-emus gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted sammylbc abullofshit sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzezlikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame africancreativity alyssaloca llexis thatfunnygirllauren cheersmedear 14000romances rred87 nirvanalove27 takenbyatree im-an-emu shashaaussi mirandasmadeofstone lililuvlight flxwxry slitherouter saracasm25 please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :D

A/N: Many of you were not getting notifications yesterday so I linked the all the other drabbles below just in case you missed any, here’s to hoping the tags work now : 

How long has it been  Drunk in Love Flirting K-I-S-S-I-N-G Thanks  Resist 

Are you Positive 


“Finn where are we..this is not the way back to Stamford.”

“Decided to go a different way.” he shrugged.

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Imagine #6 - Lil Miss Photographer


“Hey love your blog💕 can you write me an imagine for Nate when your his photographer and he catches you feeling your self to one of his pictures them like it ends with smut and he asked y/n out PLEASEEEEEEE I WILL LITERALLY FO ANYTHING😂😂”
*Anon: I am so sorry this took so long forgive me pls
*Slight smut

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Liam Payne: Four Doors Down

**this was requested by Kristen hope it heeds to your expectations and that you like it!**
     Sunlight pouring through the windows was what woke me up, that and the sound of obnoxious barking outside. 

“LOKI BE QUIET IM TRYING TO SLEEP!” I whined cursing Liam for having left the now big dog in my care while he tended to some business in the states. It had been a few weeks and Liam was supposed to be back the coming week, which meant he would handle the dog while I got more sleep. Though at this moment the damned dog wouldn’t quit, “SHUT UP!" 

"I haven’t even said anything!” I heard a familiar voice tease,

“holy fuck Liam James Payne you little asshole you scared the shit out of me!” I exclaimed jumping up so quickly I fell to the floor which produced quite the laughing episode from Liam who was practically pissing his pants laughing. “jerk!” I stood pulling down the wonder woman tee I wore, ironically a present from the batman obsessed Liam. 

“Sorry babe” he pouted walking over to me putting his arms around my waist,

“no no that terrified me I almost had a heart attack!” I pushed him away heading toward the bathroom now fully awake. 

“oh come on you have to admit you falling was funny” he chuckled following my path leaning against the doorframe as i splashed cold water on my face. 

“maybe it was but you walking in without even knocking or calling or… Wait what are you doing here you’re supposed to be in New York?” I questioned suddenly realizing he was a week early. He smiled and walked in pressing his body against mine his front against my back.

“they scheduled everything wrong so we got to leave a week early” he shrugged it off moving my hair to the side kissing my neck, his fast growing facial hair tickling the sensitive skin. 
“you need to shave you look like a damn woodsman” I teased pulling out my toothbrush,

“a sexy woodsman I’d say” he replied pausing only a second as he continued to nibble at my skin, causing my heart to race and my temperature to rise. I brushed my teeth slowly stopping every once in a while when he got to a certain spot. “mm I’ve missed you” he whispered into my ear his warm breath making me forget all about my teeth, as I rinsed my mouth and turned in his arms attacking his lips like a mad woman. 
He didn’t take too long to respond and when he did he lifted me up on the counter leaning into me his warm palms on the tops of my bare thighs. I slung my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him into me while doing so. He groaned at the contact of our bodies, and I could feel his excitement through the denim jeans he wore hanging low on his hips. He clenched my hips, his fingers wasting no time in pulling down my underwear. Putting his hands to good use rubbing rough circles around my clit,

“oh fuck…” I moaned arching my back at the sudden contact,

“I’ll take it you missed me too” he said with a cocky smirk, I simply nodded returning the smirk as I reached down between us palming him through his jeans.  His breath caught, and his body tensed as I sensually licked my lips keeping eye contact never once faltering in intensity. He stopped his handy work and just moaned as I rubbed harder, his length growing tight in the confined space of his jeans. I stopped leaning forward, licking up his neck to his lips nibbling on  the skin playfully. At the same time I popped the button of his pants lowering the zipper at such as slow pace, that he took my wrists and lowered it himself kicking off the garment in record time. 

“eager are we now Payne?” he chuckled pulling me forward so our nether regions rubbed sensually together creating such a sweet friction I almost couldn’t handle it. 

“you could say that,” his voice had gone am octave lower tense with need. I simply laughed pulling down the boxers that had him contained freeing his length, 

“well then let me not waste time” I replied jumping off the sink, turning him so he leaned agains it. I pulled off his grey jumper, leaving him completely naked. The look in his eyes as I trailed my index finger down his body was the encouragement I needed to take him in my hand. I pumped his length slowly squeezing softly as I leaned into him biting the skin of his neck finding his sweet spot easily. 

“fuck babe I need those pretty lips of yours around me now” he moaned, I nodded in agreement all too eager to comply to his wish. My tongue trailed it’s way down his lean muscular body, finally reaching the tip of his very large dick. 

“What do you want me to do Payne?” I asked innocently batting my eyelashes at him like a young girl would when in trouble. 

“suck me off baby” he replied his breath labored when I licked the pre-cum of the tip looking into his almost black irises the whole time. “that’s so damn hot” he wound up my hair in his fists, thrusting his length into my mouth. Thanks to the fact that I had no gag reflex, when he reached the back of my throat I was able to keep my breathing steady without choking. I moaned as he pulled out, bobbing my head in time as he moved in and out his fingers pulling on the strands of my hair harder each time. In no time I could feel him begin to tense up, 

“baby I’m gonna oh fuck.,.” he trailed off as I pulled upward sucking in at the tip known it would drive him to the edge. And as I predicted a string of salty warm liquid shot into my mouth, he made guttural sounds that made me even more turned on than I already was. 
“fuck Kristen!” he watched as I licked up every last drop swallowing it easily before kissing his tip, causing him to grow anxious as he pulled me up back onto the sink. “I’m gonna make you feel so good” he winked at me raising my arms lifting up the shirt I still had in, to reveal my now equally naked body. He leaned into me biting on my hard nipples teasing and licking them while his fingers found their way to my entrance. 

“shit oh yeah fuck me like that” I whispered as he pumped his fingers at a steady pace his gaze on me full with lust, 

“you like that?” he asked using his thumb to play with my clit, I could only nod at this point words seeming like something impossible at that moment. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he moved downward trailing soft open mouthed kisses along my body until he reached between my legs. He kissed my inner thighs his fingers still pumping inside me, he gave me a wicked grin before he placed his mouth in my clit his tongue twirling in circles around my sensitive nub. I could feel myself getting close to the end a tense knot building in the pit of my stomach. Then as if he knew this he picked up the pace and sucked on my clit nibbling on it occasionally brining me to a mind blowing orgasm. My legs shook and anamalistic moans left my lips filling the tight space of the bathroom. I grasped his hair tugging at it roughly the pleasure running through me almost too much. He lapped up my juices, pulling up when he was done 
“taste yourself” he said brining the two fingers he’d used to my lips, I sucked on them twirling my tongue and making a show of making a popping noise with my mouth when I was finished. He shook his head trapping my lips in a heated kiss that wound me up again, I pushed my hips upward letting our cores brushing against each other letting him know I still needed him. 
“eager now aren’t we Kris?” he mocked my earlier comment 

“Li just fuck me god dammit” I replied in no way up for more teasing, I needed him and I would explode if we wasted anymore time.

“yes ma'am” he smirked grabbing my hips and thrusting into me without hesitation, his length completely inside me.

“oh shit fuck right there” I screamed as he touched my g-spot almost instantly. He sped up the pace pounding into me relentlessly, leaving me a mumbling mess as I tried to grab onto anything to steady myself. 

“come on baby scream my name” he grunted his chest glistening with a sheen film of sweat, 

“LIAM FUCK YES LI OH” I shouted not caring if anyone heard me, 

“louder” he urged me on using his free hand to rub at my clit horrifyingly fast, I obeyed his command screaming so loud I’m sure the people two floors below our flat could hear me. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach once again, and Liam knew too for my walls clenched around his throbbing length.

“I’m gonna come oh fuck” I moaned he dimly nodded,

“wait for me baby” he spoke out of breath his thrusts getting labored and sloppy, “on three one…two…” before he hit three we both came both of letting out a stream of curse words, and shouting each others name. We slowed down riding out our highs together, when we finished off he slumped forward his face in my shoulder. Our breath labored and our heartbeats fast, for a few moments it was silence until we heard the sound of Liam’s phone ringing. He pulled away reaching for his discarded jeans fishing out the black iPhone, 

“hello?” he said still slightly out of breath,

“geez can you two keep it down we know you haven’t seem each other in a while but Jesus the lads and I can’t concentrate on FIFA if you two are moaning like fucking whales!” the voice of Louis came through the line on speaker, causing both of us to blush in embarrassment Harry and Louis lived four doors down the hall. 

“um uh sorry mate” Liam replied obviously at a loss of what to say,

“yeah yeah but it’s nice to know your getting the job done, Kristen sure has some lungs on her!” he teased hanging up before Liam could scold him. We both burst out laughing,

“well that was interesting” I said grabbing my shirt that lay on the floor. 

“yeah very…hey what are you doing?” Liam asked I gave him a confused look, 

“isn’t obvious I’m getting dressed?” I replied he shook his head snatching the shirt from my hand,

“baby who said I was done?" 

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