i had to take off like all the brightness


So, I spilled soup on myself. In my trailer on the set of Supernatural. It was lunch time, I was wearing my Castiel wardrobe, and I spilled soup on myself. I spilled enough soup on myself that I had to take my underwear off. Um, I had to take off all of my clothes, and I had to take off my underwear. Wardrobe brought me a new set of clothes and I left my underwear, I guess, on the floor or something like that. And Kelly from costumes came and scooped up all of the clothes, including the underwear, and went back, washed them, and then she was like… “What the fuck is this orange underwear?” Bright orange underwear. And she brought them to the only obvious answer, which was to Richard Speight. And left them in his trailer, like “Richard, here you go. Here’s your underwear.” And then Richard came out like, “What the fuck is going on? Who’s leaving underwear in my trailer?!” [x]

no offense guys but think about this for a second:

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who is bright and energetic and loves children and taking care of “his kids”.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who calls his kids “Mr Bittle’s Bumblebees” and has a sign on his door that says “Welcome to the honey comb! We are busy bees but please come in!”

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who has his friends volunteering in his classroom on a rotating weekly basis.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle whose classroom is painted yellow and has red gingham curtains with pies on the borders.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who celebrates the 100th day of school by taking his bumblebees to meet the Falcs and learn to skate.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who talks about hockey a lot and who gives out “penalties” at the table next to his desk when someone needs a moment to cool down. “Joey you look upset. Here bud, do you need two minutes?” “Layla we have to share crayons with our friends! Come take two to remember that!” “Ben no throwing cars, kiddo! How about you take two?”

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle whose classroom always smells like fresh baked bread and who celebrates Friday with pie.

Kindergarten teacher Mr Bittle who sings and dances with his students and who joins in when his kids greet Jack with a rousing rendition of “The Hockey Song” when he come into for show and tell. Mr Bittle who brings Jack in after they watch inside out because he offers to talk about feelings to the little ones. Mr Bittle who is so touched by this that he brings in tiny maple apple pie bites for the class and for Jack because his husband is swawesome.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who teaches skating lessons for his kids in return for parents volunteering with classroom activities.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who takes his kids on a field trip to the high school home ec class so his kids can bake cupcakes and the high schoolers get some experience with the small ones.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who uses kindness to teach those early life lessons, who bakes cupcakes for birthdays and class parties and drags his hubby to chaperone field trips to the zoo and the beach and the aquarium.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who gets with the Falcs every year to get the kids and their families to a home game and give them “homework” of writing down as many jersey numbers as they can. Who spends the next Monday making each kid a paper jersey to hang up on the walls for art time.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who wears fun patterned bow ties on Wednesdays and can throw a football and play street hockey and fix the rip on one of the dress up clothes and teaches the little ones “the best mud pie recipe you’ll ever know. My moo maw taught me this y'all.” And then proceeds to get into the dirt to teach about bugs and worms and plants.

Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who cries on the last day of school during Kindergarten graduation because he loves his kids.
Kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who cries and then smiles because year after year that he teaches, the back of the room at graduation is a mix of former Samwell hockey players and current Falcs who wear their game day best and hand out diplomas and fix tiny hats and curls and wipe away tears.

Just kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who loves getting to build these foundations for his little ones and enjoys taking care of two dozen tiny people during their first year of school. Who loves seeing his kids when they come back to visit. Who encourages them to volunteer their time in his classroom when they get to high school.

Just kindergarten teacher Eric Bittle who has so much love to give the world, so he gives it by teaching tiny ones.

Vanilla & Moonlight (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Had a shitty day today, so I decided to write this in the hopes it would take my mind off things. I hope it has a positive effect on you all, as well. (I know this isn’t a headcanon, but I figured since it was Peter you would hopefully still like it. Love you! @v-writings 💚)


You had no clue what time it was & you didn’t care to find out. By the bright light illuminating from the moon & the soft glow of the stars, you guessed it was late, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, but you didn’t give it much thought. You hadn’t given anything much thought for the past few days, especially not the time nor what day it was. You couldn’t even recall what month it was because all your thoughts & focus was elsewhere.

You could still smell the faint scent of vanilla & detergent radiating from your shirt, his shirt. The smell never left your nostrils, constantly being breathed into your lungs even when you were nowhere near him. It was a permanent reminder, both a curse & blessing; he was always there, but he could never leave.

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Really digging your everything related to my fave ship Supercorp! A random Supercorp question for you, how would Lena react if Kara dyed her hair a different color, like brown or a really neon blue?

I can’t really see Kara dying her hair a bright color (as cool as that would be) but what if it happened on accident? Like if Alex had an experiment at the DEO that went crazy and exploded all over Kara and the only side effect was that it turned her hair bright blue!

And Kara is a little embarrassed because like her hair! but then she shows up at Lena’s wearing a hat and Lena makes her take it off and whew, she did not know that Lena’s reaction would be like THAT or she would have died her hair a long time ago.

(Side note: I have this headcannon that Lena is secretly really punk but she has to keep it all buttoned up because even though she’s only 24 she’s the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company)

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Prompt: "Has anyone ever told you how excellent you are at spoiling a girl, Foggy?"

Originally posted by mattxfoggy

When you walked into the office of Nelson and Murdock on a Saturday when really you should have been taking the day off you weren’t exactly in the greatest of moods. After all your Saturday plans including lounging about on your sofa with some junk food not having to help with some legal cases that had turned up last minute. That poor mood to change quickly, however.

A bright smile crossed your lips the moment you looked at your desk, a box of your favourite doughnuts from that one little bakery and a mug of your favourite hot drink, just how you liked it and a little note ‘Sorry, that we’re ruining your Saturday! I hope this helps, Foggy :p x’ 

Foggy. Foggy, sweet, sweet Foggy was a godsend really. He was so good to everyone and a blessing. With a doughnut and your mug in hand you walked off to find him.

He was hunched over some papers, and you leant against the door frame watching him work for a moment before interrupting him,  “Has anyone ever told you how excellent you are at spoiling a girl, Foggy?” The head of blond hair looked up abruptly, shock faded into a smile. 

“Well I do try, Y/N..” Yes, Foggy was a miracle and there was little you could imagine him doing that wasn’t from the pure goodness of his rather large heart. He was a good guy, a very good guy.

“So, what do you need me to do, Fogster?” 

i don’t make dope shit to ghostwrite your lame dick
  hope it was nice bitch & you had fun faking it
i know it was tight, but thats no invite to take it
so here’s some advice: next time put my ass on the track, prick

i’ve been legendary since i fell outta vagina lips
pussy coming at me like i smell like fuckin catnip
tight like a hymen, you can check out all my transcripts
bright like a diamond and i got one on my clitoris

your weak quips they’re not lit, i eclipse you, dipshit
my equipment’s legit, your shit is straight craigslist
so ellipse, trail off,
eat this, don’t rip it off
i play this like chekov
you’re late, bitch, i checked it off

@moonlightisms hah i got impatient iusdhjdshd

zara, being the ceo of her family’s company, had to attend a fancy business party. this meant she had to get glam and put a big bright smile on her face for presentation purposes. there was a lace mask adorning the top part of her face, a sparkly silver dress that hung off her body, and her hair tied up in a slick ponytail. it was times like this that she had wished that she didn’t take the job from her parents, just not liking large crowd gatherings like this. being one of the few ceos there from different companies, they all had the duty of greeting guests until a certain time. there was one minute left before she could go explore the party. she was about to leave her spot until one final male walked in. zara didn’t think anything of it, knowing that the party was invite only, including the occasional plus ones, greeting the male. “welcome, sir,” she simply said, flashing her pearly whites. 

Eh, Paris kind of sucks in my opinion.

I wish I was still in Amsterdam, to be honest. 

1. French People expect you to say hi to them everywhere. It’s annoying. Fuck you, shopkeeper. I don’t want your friendship, I want your goods and services. Have your wife tell you hello. 

2. French people mislead you intentionally just because they don’t want to deal with you. We went to several stores to buy prepaid SIM cards for our phones, but none of them had any (even several stores that probably did), and kept sending us to other stores where we would hear the same story. Fucking pieces of garbage, all of them. 

3. French people wear coats even when it’s hot as balls outside. What are you people, fucking stupid? Take off your fucking coat, you moron. It’s a bright, sunny day. 

4. French people are short. I kind of like this, actually. Makes me feel tough. 

5. The Eiffel tower is pretty much just an ugly piece of shit. What’s the big deal about this thing? The original plan was to tear it down in 6 months, since it was only built for the 1889 World’s Fair. They should have stuck with that plan, because this structure is overrated. And yes, I went to the top. 


i got off work and went over to my friends house to hang for a sec and we were sittin outside chillin and all of the sudden we see this bright ass light flying across the sky. it looked like the most powerful search copter ever lol except it was totally silent and really really powerful, it lit up the whole sky while trailing behind this bright blue light streak. the light faded and then formed this mushroom type shape in the sky, and then the white light faded and all that was left was this blue line.. and the weird thing is EVERYONE in california had access to seeing it, from redland to san diego and places in between.. there’s a said meteor shower to be happening during this time but i honestly don’t think it was a meteor that was a straight up ufo like hey aliens yall can take me anytime im ready to biggidy bounce off this earth its cool

My Boys: Bright Future - Chapter 2

Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback! I wasn’t sure you guys would be on board with the time jump but I was happy to see you all seemed to approve of reading Omelia parenting teenagers :)

Thank you so much, Jules (@jia911) and @shepherdess-amelia for your continued help.

My Boys: Bright Future – Chapter 2

Amelia juggled preparing breakfast while she checked in for her flight later that morning. She was going to Vancouver as a guest, to lecture residents and fellows on her latest described surgery technique, the ASH method, which had granted her the prestigious Harper-Avery Award two years before.

Her career was taking off like she had never imagined, and Amelia wasn’t sure what was more exhausting: running a house with five kids, or traveling back and forth to give lectures, participate in seminars and speak in conferences. But right at that moment, cooking breakfast was her most latent problem.

“Hey, mom.” Megan came running down the stairs, fully dressed in her school uniform. “Can I sleep over at Claire’s tonight?”

Amelia distractedly checked her phone while trying to scramble eggs.

“Sure, honey.”

“Awesome, thanks!” Megan took a seat on one of the counter stools.

“Mom!” One of the twins approached Amelia from behind, heedlessly scaring her.”You’re still taking me tonight, right?”

Amelia put her phone down and looked puzzled at Danny, wondering what in the world he was talking about.

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