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Pure Panic // Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Drama, slight Angst

Summary; Jackson receives confusing, devastating news that you’ve been severely injured, so he gets on the next flight back to Korea to try and find you.

Reminder; (Y/F/N) = Your Full Name

Reminder; (Y/L/N) = Your Last Name

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Rockabye Final (pt.8)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au 

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.5k

i can’t believe this is the last part. i had so much fun writing this story and appreciate all of the love and support i got, seriously. thank you guys. <3

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My heart was indeed broken. How could she do this so easily to me? I gave her everything and even made her promise me, that she wouldn’t leave me. I know. I know. I said that we didn’t have to be physically together but I’m stupid! I’m so stupid. Obviously. It’s so obvious. I still want to be with her, I just didn’t know what to say at that moment. My thoughts were eating me alive and I couldn’t think straight. All I knew, was that I didn’t want to loose her but that ended up happening anyways. 

All I wanted to do, was help.

I remember the first day we met, which definitely wasn’t my ideal place to totally fall for some girl. I remember laying my eyes on her. The feelings that lingered in my body that night. The endless thoughts about her, even when I knew absolutely nothing. I was in awe, just at the sight of her. But when she started talking, her voice was so delicate, soft and sweet. Her desirable confidence that oozed off of her only added to the attraction. I was speechless.

Once again, I know. At first, I was some young man, hanging around at a strip club for my birthday that his friends practically forced him to go to. Sure, my hormones were raging but was I looking for a good time? No. In fact, I was planning on hanging out in the bathroom or playing sick but when I saw her on the other side of the room, dancing away in the night, I had no choice but to sit back down and watch.

As she walked towards me, butterflies filled my stomach but I still tried my best to be as chill as I could possibly be. But within time, I was already in love.

The next day for the private dance, I saw her and automatically found a soft spot in my heart for her. Especially after I heard her story. Not that I’m an asshole but I tend to be somewhat of a prick when it comes to meeting girls. I like the chase because most of the time, they fall for the ones that aren’t the nicest. Now, that isn’t the case for all but for most.

I remember that night too. The sympathy that I felt for her after hearing about what she was doing for her son. My aunt had the same experience and it was hell for her, so not only did I want to see her not go through that but I also liked the girl. Shit, what am I saying, I really liked the girl and even though she just came to my door and broke my heart, I still do.

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Gladio breaking up with his s/o before they're setting off on the account of knowing how dangerous it'll be even though he's crazy for them. But then Insomnia falls and he can't reach them and vice versa. During the 10 years of darkness they meet, Gladio still nursing a flame for his s/o. He finds his former s/o did move on but they never fell in love again. They never found anyone they connected with as well as they did with Gladio and tell him as such.

This was such a good idea Nonnie, I had fun writing it! Though I’m sorry it’s so long.I hope you enjoy!

Gladio x Reader
WC: 4160 


“What do you mean I can’t go with you?” 

The voice felt like a thousand knives piercing his heart. He had never heard so much pain in it before, even after their long time together, and it was all because of him. Gladio could hardly bare to look at you, your pained expression only plunging the knife in deeper.

“You heard me. I can’t let you go. It’s far too dangerous, there’s a chance that we won’t make it back alive. I can’t let you suffer the same fate.”

“Oh great, you can’t let me suffer that fate, but I have to be okay with you swanning off to your possible death?”

Gladio frowned, his gaze finally dropping to the floor. He knew that this was going to happen, that you wouldn’t just agree without a fight. It was one of the reasons he loved you so god damn much. Your spirt and passion were definitely what drew him to you, and then bam that was it. Like a moth drawn to a flame, he couldn’t deny his feelings. You were his partner, always there to lend an ear after a stressful day, to get feisty and stand up for yourself and sometimes even him, to stay together and just be. But now, when that connection might put you in danger? Never. Not on his watch.

“It’s my duty. It isn’t yours. I know you won’t understand-”

“Oh no I understand just fine Gladiolus. I understand.” There was venom in your words now, choosing to cling to anger rather than the crippling heart ache you knew was just lurking underneath your angry words.

“You don’t think I’ll last five minutes out there do you? So what, you’re just going to… to walk away from me? From us?”

Gladio winced at your words, as if they were causing him physical pain. It certainly felt like they were, right to his heart. All that training, and this person can get me defenceless and vulnerable in under five minutes

He dreaded saying what he had to next. He knew the anguish it would cause, for he would feel it too. He knew just what face they would make, knew that there surely could be no coming back from this.

But it’s my dutyAnd I can’t drag them down with me, it was never their choice. He tried to tell himself for the millionth time, none of those times ever making him feel even remotely better. Yet he still lifted his head to look you directly in your eyes as it was the least he could do. Your warm, bright eyes alight with such passion and anger…

Gods above he was really going to fucking miss you.

“I guess that I am. If it keeps you safe.”

You were stunned for a few seconds, frozen at the confirmation of your worst fears. But there it was. He was leaving you, and that was that. Gladio watched as the light dimmed from your eyes and your shoulders slumped, as if this very conversation had aged you. Sucked all the fight from your body.

He hated himself that he did that to you. Bile rose in his throat, and it took every ounce of strength he had not to rush over to you, to take you in his arms and tell you he wouldn’t leave. Anything to see the hurt go away.

“I see.” Is all you said, your voice breaking on the last word. Gladio took a step forward without thinking, hand outstretched to rest on your shoulder, such a familiar and warm feeling. But he stopped in his tracks as you stepped back, like the one move repulsed you.  

“Then I guess… this is goodbye then Gladio.” And with that you turned, all the energy and anger completely zapped from your body, leaving room for the crippling emptiness to work its way around. You felt numb.

Gladio watched with a heavy heart as his lover walked away from him, slowly becoming a speck in the distance, never once looking back.


He was struggling to stay calm, his stomach a whirling pit of nausea as he strode forcefully over to the regalia, the others in tow.

Insomnia Falls.

The words whirled round his brain until they were a blur, until they had lost all meaning. He was only certain of one thing, they had to get back. It was hard to attempt to keep calm on the outside, telling Noctis to not worry just yet. But god damn it was he feeling the same.

I said to stay because they’d be safer… tch, what a fucking fool.

His heart was beating furiously, and although Ignis was really putting his foot down it just didn’t seem anywhere near fast enough. He’d left his lover in Insomnia, he had really thought that it would have been the safest place for them… if anything had happened… The guilt would be too much. And what had become of his sister? If he were to lose his only family… both you and her…

“Why? Why does he have to die?” The furious voice of Noctis came from the left side of Gladiolus, and although he was feeling something similar, a spark of anger prompted his reply.

Don’t say that! Don’t say that until we know for sure! There’s always a chance.”

Noctis blinked at his sudden outburst, not realising that he was saying those words for Noctis just as much as he was for himself. Nothing has been confirmed yet, we don’t know yet… He played it over in his mind like a mantra, the only thing he focused on. They couldn’t be dead… not yet.

“Gladiolus is right, we need to see for ourselves.” Ignis agreed from the front of the car, also oblivious to the other reasons to his words of comfort.

“I guess you’re right…” Noctis muttered.

I pray to the six I am.

Finally the car stopped with a lurch and Gladio was the first one out in the pouring rain. Nothing could stop him now. He charged forward, swinging his great sword with a power he didn’t know he had, thoughts of you and Iris the only thing he could focus on. The few imperial guards stationed around the side entrance had no chance. Gladio cut through them as if they were nothing, as if he was slicing through the fog.

“Gladio! Watch it!” Prompto called, but the dark haired man was already on it, knocking the on coming guard flying and out of the way.

“Uh… looks like you’ve got this!” Prompto amended sheepishly, and carried on with his own attack.

Rain drenched his shirt through, his hair sticking to his face as he fought but nothing could keep him from his goal. And finally they reached the hill over looking Insomnia, over looking their home. He stood silently, sending his sword away as he watched the smoke rise to the sky from the destroyed city. And he knew in his heart, that all was lost.


10 years. 10 freaking years had passed, and still there was no sign of Noctis. Gladiolus was beginning to get impatient, but Ignis as always was the voice of reason, saying they had no clue what was happening to him in this time, and they just had to wait.

But Gladio was sick of waiting. The nights had stretched on and on until the sun just didn’t rise anymore, daemons appearing from every path except for the few remaining safe heavens. He just wanted it to be over, wanted everyone safe. He thought back to Iris, staying once more in the safety of Lestallum. Thank the gods she had been safe on that fateful day. Though, someone else hadn’t been that lucky…

The familiar feeling of dread and guilt swirled in his stomach.

Yep, it had been 10 years. But not a single one of those years had diminished what he had felt for his lover. Not a day passed where he didn’t think about them, where he didn’t wish he could go back and change his choice. Where he didn’t ask for their forgiveness.

I would change it all, I was wrong to make you stay. I would take it all back in an instant, I promise.

After coming into contact with Iris, Gladio had searched everywhere for his lover. Every place the group had gone to, he asked locals about you, showed them a small picture of the both of you he hadn’t been able to let go. It was crinkled and faded, worn from the numerous time he had shoved it in and out of his pocket. But he had never let go, and never stopped looking until… until the darkness fell. However, he had never truly moved on. There was just no one else who lighted that passion in him like you had, that spurred him on like you had, that was anything at all like you. There was no replacement for you, he had well and truly lost you. And it had all been his fault. Had he not been duty bound to protect Noctis, he would have walked away.

The young prince would never have known how hard it had been for Gladio to see him retreat into his shell after Luna had died. How he had needed Noctis to stand up for himself, to continue with his task, to persevere as best he could. Because Gladio had had to do it, so he could continue to protect Noctis. And seeing the prince so locked away just brought it all back for him. When he lost his someone.

The familiar anger bubbled in his veins, an easier way to deal with the pain he still felt after all this time. “Argh!” He cried, swinging his fist into the first tree he could find in the empty wasteland.

Where are those daemons, I need to fight with something right now.

As if answering his prayers, a noise that resembled a steely door dragging on its hinges echoed behind him. Turning around, he watched one giant red fist reach out of the swirling purple floor, a sword following it.

A red giant.

Hell yes.

The daemon finally pulled itself out of the ground, shrieking and swinging its sword menacingly. It was a lot bigger than any other red giant Gladio had faced, but at the moment, he didn’t care. Anger had built up like it so usually did when he thought about his past mistake, a mistake that had cost you your life, that it clouded his better judgement. Without waiting to assess the situation, Gladio ran straight in to the fight, brandishing his sword and aiming straight for the giant’s head. It shrieked and swung for him, a huge fist barely dodging the man. But he wasn’t perturbed, and used that moment to jump up and bring his sword down on the monster’s wrist. It wailed in pain as Gladio landed on his feet easily.

Huh, ridiculous. He almost scoffed.

His muscles sang at the feeling of being used, his body coiled and ready to spring. He could feel the anger slowly leaving his body with every swing of his sword, as it so usually did when fighting daemons. It made him feel so much better – much more able to deal with his emotions. With the familiar feeling of his anger evaporating, Gladio went in for one last strike – but failed to notice the opposite arm swinging towards him.

Ugh!” Gladio huffed as he collided with the giant’s arm, the wind rushing behind him as he flew through the air and struck one of the trees in the waste land. The impact winded him, causing him to cough as he struggled to catch his breath. Footsteps shook the ground beneath him as the giant strode ever closer.

Shit… I can’t die here, get up! Never give in!

Even chanting his mantra, the man struggled to get to his feet, his sword suddenly feeling so heavy in his hands. The giant finally loomed above him, ready to strike once more.

No… this can’t be it.

Suddenly there was another sound, drawing the giant’s attention away from the winded man on the ground. Looking up Gladio saw it – a figure, streaking through the night. He couldn’t place it, it definitely wasn’t Iggy who although was adept at fighting daemons, couldn’t jump so gracefully through the air such as this silhouette was. Prompto – well, grace wasn’t that guys forte.

The shadow quickly dodged through the air, missing an attack from the giant by mere inches. Winded as he was, Gladio still found himself to be impressed by the sheer grace and speed this person had. It couldn’t have even been Aranea, their armour wasn’t the same. And yet, watching their graceful attack on the giant with a short sword, Gladio couldn’t shake the feeling that this person was so familiar.

Who the heck are you?

The shadow danced around the giant to stand behind its back, and leapt into the air, sword brandished ready. In one swift move they had plunged it into the beast’s back, and with a great shrill the daemon fell to the ground, dissolving into the same purple goo in which it had appeared.

Without realising it, Gladio had managed to regain his normal breathing pattern and had been watching the figure move with an astounded expression. Finally, he managed to get to his feet and headed towards the figure ready to thank them, but their voice stopped him in his tracks.

“Not usually like you to need my help, big guy.”  The person stepped forward, removing their protective face guard finally. And Gladio’s knees gave way, hitting the floor with a dull sound.


With a tentative smile, you stepped forward towards the slumped figure. He was exactly the same as you remembered him – in top physical form of course, though he seemed to have acquired more scars than you remembered. Still sans shirt, and still with hair that he stubbornly refused to get cut, now with an added ponytail. You couldn’t help it – a brilliant smile broke out on you face, remembering how you used to run your fingers through those black tresses, teasing him about how it would just get in his eyes while fighting and that he’d look like a daemon soon.

Gladio’s eyes were shinning, wet from the tears collecting in the corners of his eyes. He couldn’t believe it, there they were, stood right in front of him. Alive. It was like his heart had imploded, years of regret and guilt, love and longing had just burst through his self-inflicted barricade. It was too much.

“[Name]…” He breathed again, like your name was just a wonder to even be saying again.

“Wow, no one has called me that in a long time.”

Gently, you stepped forward towards Gladio, your hand outstretched to rest on his shoulder. But before you could, he caught hold of your hand and pulled you towards him, pulling you in a tight hug. You didn’t complain, your arms looping around his shoulders, burying your face into his neck and his ever growing mane. He still smelled the same. Familiar, warm. Your Gladio.

You weren’t sure how long you both stayed there, arms wrapped around each other. It was like you had been starved of each other’s touch, neither of you wanted to let go. And you were pretty sure you could feel Gladio’s silent tears drop into your hair. After a while you pulled back, remembering where you were and that another Red Giant could pop up at anytime. As you pulled back you could see the desperation in Gladio’s eyes – he wasn’t ready to let you go yet. And that thought alone made you feel warm in a way you hadn’t done for a long time.

“We should get out of here.” You suggested, and finally Gladio stood up, wiping any stray remaining tears away.

“I know a place.”


The old café had really been decked out, boxes of ammo lying around rather than tables and chairs, but you and Gladio managed to find some seats from somewhere. When the both of you arrived at Hammerhead, a tall man in aviators and a shorter blonde man had gone to greet Gladio, but he just waved his hand as if to say not now, later. The blonde man’s gaze had followed you quizzically.

You guessed Gladio hadn’t mentioned you to them.

“Who are they?” You asked as you sat down inside the warm repurposed café.

“Oh, they are my friends who I left on my journey with.” Gladio was a little hesitant to talk about this subject you could tell. The last time you guys had seen each other…

“Oh… well, I’ve heard about what has happened to the king of course. The star scourge… I never would have guessed anything like this would have happened.” You gave Gladio a sly smile. “Never would have guessed that one day you’d be relying on me to save your life either.”

At that, a spark finally twinkled in Gladio’s eyes – a familiar one.

“Well, I had done most of the work for you beforehand of course.” He grinned at you, his usual cheeky grin that you had loved so much.

“Get lost, had you even touched it?” You teased back.

“Of course, you only had to hit it twice.”

Your heart was racing. It was just like old times, like how your relationship had been before all of this had started. It was crazy how much you had missed it.

Gladio’s warm brown eyes never left yours, but his smile faded slightly. You knew what was coming.

“What… what happened?” His voice was soft, though still as deep and as gruff as you remembered it.

“It… well, it all went wrong as you know when the Nifs decided to throw the treaty out of the window. But while they were out wrecking things I… I managed to slip away in the carnage. I got out. Battered and bruised, but I got out.”

Seemingly without thinking, Gladio’s large hand came to rest atop yours.

“I just ran. Kept going until I came to somewhere with other people in it. I got questions of course, but I decided to change my name. I didn’t want to be tracked down by the empire or anything similar. And Gladio…I tried. I really tried to get a hold of you but I couldn’t for some reason. You were probably travelling all over on your ‘quest with the prince’ as you put it.”

You could feel his hand tighten on top of yours, and you knew in an instant he blamed himself. And of course, you were right.

All these years I have been moping… while my lover was still out there? Gladio could feel himself getting angry at his own actions, but had to stop himself in an instant. There is your lover now. Alive. In front of you! And at that thought, his annoyance left. He focused solely on you.

“So how did you… how did you get to be so good at fighting?”

You had to repress a smirk at that one.

“I decided I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. Also, if I ever was caught by the empire I wanted a way to fight back. So I asked a few hunters to train me, and I’ve been slaying daemons ever since.”

“You…you’re a hunter?”

“I am indeed, Rank 10 I’ll have you know.” You told him proudly.

Gladio was impressed. He was beyond impressed. Though he wasn’t really surprised.

That is just like them… not to take things sitting down. What did I expect, them to cower for 10 years? The fondness he felt for you and the love just overwhelmed him. Gods did he want to kiss you right then and there. But he stopped, an odd and unwelcome thought striking him.

“So, did you ever… y’know. Did you meet someone?” It was very rare for Gladio to ever become nervous, but this was definitely one of those times. He was almost afraid of the answer.

The question made you smile.

“No… I mean, I stopped thinking I’d ever be able to track you down but… there was never anyone else for me. How about you?” You felt the same as he did, nervous to know the answer. But it came as a big relief to you as he shook his head.

“There never could be anyone else for me. [Name], I searched for you too. I wanted to know if you had made it out of there, but I was asking by your old name not knowing you would change it. Oh, and I also used this.” Gladio withdrew his hand to search for something in his pocket, finally setting the item down in front of you. Picking it up, you gasped.

“You kept this…?”

It was an old looking photo now, worn down and faded. The two of you stood in front of the castle gates smiling into the camera as some stranger you had stopped took the photo. Gladio’s hair was so short… and you had changed so much over the years.

“No wonder they didn’t recognise me.” You whispered, voice thick with emotion.

“Yeah, we are pretty different now.”

Gently you gave the photo back to Gladio, unable to stop the tears from gathering in your eyes. He noticed straight away of course, the look sending shocks down his spine. It was true you may have both changed, but Gladio would have recognised that look anywhere. It transported him back, all the way to 10 years ago, when he told you he was leaving.

And without another moments thought, he was out of his chair and by your side, pulling you up into his arms once more. It was so warm, so cosy and familiar, so right.

“[Name], I know it’s taken 10 years but I know we were destined to find each other again. Can we please… please give it another go?” His voice was quiet, you could hear the regret in his tone, knew the desperation he felt. You felt it too.

“Of course Gladio. I’ve never connected with someone like I have you, not in 10 whole years.” You smiled, giddy with the feeling of surprise and love for the man in your arms.

Well, I never would have guessed this would happen when I woke up this morning.

“Uh… hey.” An awkward voice cut through your moment, and you and Gladio reluctantly let go of each other to face the voice. It was the blonde haired boy from earlier, looking rather sheepish and terribly embarrassed.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Gladio I’ve just got a call from Talcott. Noctis is back.”

Even though you hadn’t really known the king that much, or as he was back then the prince, you knew how big of a deal his return was. Everyone would. It signified the possible end of the star scourge.

“Thank you Prompto, I’ll be out in a minute.”

The guy called Prompto nodded, then scurried off back outside. You turned to face Gladio once more, feeling his excitement from the prospect of the king’s return. He gazed at you also, his hand resting on either one of your shoulders.

“I know it’s only been a short while, but when Noctis returns I will need to leave-”

“Oh no, no way Gladiolus Amicitia. You are not doing this to me again, especially not after we have just found each other. I’m going with you.”

“[Name], no. We’ve just found each other – exactly! I can’t lose you again.”

“Gladio, I can do this. I’ve gotten stronger, just trust me on this.”

Gladio held you at arms length, looking straight into your [e/c] eyes. There it was, that oh so familiar passion, that determination that he loved so much. Sure, physically you may have changed, but you were still that head strong, loving person he had fallen for all those years ago. And your words echoed in his brain, causing him to think back on his last mistake and the words he had thought to himself mere hours ago – ‘I would take it all back in an instant, I promise.’

He heaved a sigh, but when he looked at you once more he was smiling.

“It’s gonna be hard work.”


“It’ll be dangerous.”


“It will probably be the most gruelling fight of your life.”

“Bring it on.”

Gladio shook his head and smiled.

“And that is why I love you.”

Then he brought his lips down to yours for a swift kiss. They would go to this last battle together, and fight together. But that was the part that mattered most, after 10 whole years apart, they were finally going to be together again. And that made Gladio feel stronger than ever.

Upside Down (part 4)

Intro: I kinda wanted to pull them apart before I put them together, so the next two chapters are focused on that.  Love is hard.  And running away from feelings is sometimes easier than facing them.  

Pairing: Scotty x reader (and best friend!Jim Kirk)

Word Count:  1,616

Warnings: totally 100% fake engineering everything, (I was too lazy to actually come up with proper terms so I just made up words), eventual injury, swears.

Summary: The starting point for this fic was Scotty x reader who loves engineering as much as he does.  So that’s where I went with this fic.  You are second-in-command engineer and Scotty one day ends up being in charge, much to your chagrin.  You butt heads.  Scotty gets hurt.  Feelings get hurt (mostly my own).  Welcome to my trashcan.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


“You look like crap.” A voice naggled at you, rousing you from your sleep, but you didn’t open your eyes or lift your head, assuming it was Jim coming to say hi. 

That was until a set of fingers tightened on yours, making your eyes fly open and your head pop up. 

“Scotty?” You breathed, squinting in the bright lights of the room to see Scotty with his head propped up and his eyes open, a small smile on his mouth. 

“Have you eaten anything recently, lass, you look worn down to the bone.” Scotty worried, his hand releasing yours to brush across your cheek softly, making your breath catch and tears prick at your eyes. 

“You can’t say much, you don’t look so good yourself.” You joked with a watery laugh. 

Scotty dropped his hand back to the bed, this time not touching yours.  He furrowed his brow as he looked at you, “Shouldn’t you be running our ship?" 

You huffed a laugh, feeling a warmth in your chest when he called it ‘our’ ship as he usually referred to it as 'his’ ship. 

"Yeah, well my shift doesn’t start until…” You checked your watch, your shift started 20 minutes ago, “now, but I left Riley in charge.”

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Bounded to you- 01

Now I break the wait of you guys! Here goes the first part of the series. Hope you all will enjoy and give me the feedbacks.
Y/n’s Pov

‘So yeah I still have a soft corner for him.
xx y/n’
I closed my diary as a sigh left my lips. I ran my fingers on the Worn out leather covering the hard cover of diary. My journal was my best friend. No doubt I had friends as in person too but none of them were close to me as my journal. Wherever I go, whatever I do, my journal never left me. Someone said right anyways. ‘Books are our best friends with no demands and no complaints.’

I set my glasses down on the side table. I rubbed the bridge of my nose which ached due to the plastic of the glasses. Rubbing my eye with the back of my hand i glanced at the clock which showed 10:30 pm. Late enough. Yawning I turned the lights off before drifting to sleep.

“Love!!!!! Cmon!” Harry chirped as he perched upon me shaking my shoulders. We were having a descent walk in the wintery weather of London when, Harry decided to start a play fight of snow out of nowhere. He rolled some snow and threw it at me with such a force that it ended up aiming for my eye. I laid there with my hands covering my face.

“Baby please lemme see it?” Harry asked softly lifting my hand up. He gasped when instead of crying I smushed a ball of snow directly on his face. Shrieking and giggling I stood up and started running with Harry chasing behind me. I was so in love with Harry that it physical hurt me sometimes.

After a few minutes of running i stopped, I turned around to look for Harry but he was no were in sight. I waddled further searching for him. Sighing, I walked back home but suddenly heard kissing noises coming from a tree a bit further left to me. I scrunched my eyebrows and walked slowly to the tree. My heart paced loudly as I saw Harry Sucking off a girl’s face.

I cried out and ran as far as my leg took me. This isn’t happening. How could this be true?!!

I woke up panting as sweat beads covered my forehead. I read the time. 5:45 am. Taking a deep breath I step out of the nice warm comfort of my bed. I shuddered as my bare feet hit the cold tiles of my bathroom.

I turned the knob of shower and felt the warm water hit my shoulder blades. These dreams have been haunting me since I and Harry broke up three years ago. They don’t come everyday. But time to time they happen. I never thought that my life would turn out to be like this. My life wasn’t very fair in the past. Thinking what happened just causes pain so i prefer to rather not think about it.

After finishing my shower, I got dressed in some sweatpants and a comfy baggy t-shirt. It’s never satisfying weather in the States during winters. Everything’s a mixture of greys and blues. To me it’s very depressing. Decided to hit up my day with some warm waffles and hot chocolate, I took a seat on the couch and turned the T.V on.

I didn’t realised when I fell asleep. I woke up like an hour or so, greeted by sunlight flashing on my face. I took a breath of relief when saw the sun. I missed it. At least now we’d have some colours. I sat up from my laying positing and stretched out my arms a bit. I padded to my kitchen and filled myself a glass of water. I peeked out of window. It was a lovely day.

I wrapped my coat more tightly around me as the cold wind hit my face. I decided to take chip for a walk. Oh, chip is my husky. He indeed needed a stroll down the park too.

After a few minutes of walking I decided to stop by and rest on the green bench. The coldness of the metal made me shiver. Though the sun shone at top of my head, winters were winters. Bitchy & cold. I smiled as few kids in front of me swayed on the swing. Their giggles reminded me of my childhood, how my dad used to push me on the swing. ‘High’ ‘high’ I sang. Last year only my dad left my hand. It was an accident.

My dad was my life. He was with me at every moment just like my journal. But, he had to leave I suppose.

I sniffled remembering the moments I had with him. I felt a little tap on my knee as I kept my gaze on the kids in front of me. I tilted my head down and saw a little cutie staring at me with big green eyes. I smiled as she lifted her arms and mumbled 'up’ 'up.’
I lifted her off the ground and settled on my lap.

“Hey there gorgeous.” I cooed holding her little hands in mine.

“Oh. You’re cold” I said with an 'O’ face making her giggle. I rubbed her hands in mine blowing on them. Gladly I’d chip tied up to the arm rest of the bench. I kissed her cheek taking in her baby scent. She was so chubby and cute that I couldn’t help but give her raspberry kisses. Her giggles were like the medicine to my aching life. I felt spiritually attracted to her.

“Snow!!!!! Snow!!!! Where yeh poppet?” A sound echoed making baby’s head turn in the direction from where the voice was coming.

A lady, who aged around 50 came rushing and took baby, who’s name I suppose was snow, from me.

“Oh Jesus. Where were yeh sweet?” She Asked snow in her thigh British accent who wasn’t answered back by snow because she didn’t know how speak till, I guess.

“Uh. She crawled to me.” I smiled to the lady who returned it politely.

“I-I’m y/n” I said reaching for her hand which she shook.

“I’m Beth and this is snow.” She said waving snow’s hand at me. I giggled when she flashed me her teething smile.

“Nice to meet you and snow too” I said leaning forward to peck snow’s cheek.

“Nice to meet you too” Beth replied before turning around to walk away.

“Stop!” I blurred out and walked to her.

“I-I live nearby. Please visit at your leisure. I’d like to spend some more time with snow.” I said hopefully. The lady smiled and nodded and looked at snow who was smiling at me.

“That’d be lovely! I’m sure snow would like it too” she cooed as I gave her my address before returning home.

Harry’s POV

“Beth….?” I asked as I closed the door behind me. I had to sneakily visit my daughter month to month because I didn’t wanted anyone to find out that i had a baby. It wasn’t very easy but I had to keep the baby away from the media for her sake.

“Hey Harry!” The Old lady chirped as she appeared from the kitchen wiping her hands. She was Snow’s nanny and the only person whom I had trust on.

“You came early.” She said hanging my coat on beside some other coats.

“had days off. How’s she doing?” I asked plopping down on couch.

“All good. Made a friend today.” She giggled as she went back in kitchen.

“Friend? Baby’s growing up fast huh?” I chuckled removing my watch from my wrist.

“Yeah. Her name is y/n. She happened to be our neighbour.” Beth said. The rattling of utensils filled the house as my heart stopped. Y/n. She was here. But then I thought that there could be more y/n in the world too. So I shrugged it off. Though the feelings for her never lessened. Though her name still made me shiver. Though I still loved her.

Good Girl Ch 45:While They’re Away(M)

The last couple chapters have a lot of jumping through time!

A Month Later

“Stop pouting,” Jiyong flicks me in the head.

I glare and swat at him, “Keep your hands on the wheel.”

He chuckles, “I know you are upset but think about it, only a few more days until they come back.”

“True,” I sigh, “You need to stop being so amazing.”

“What did I do now to make you realize my greatness?”

“You confess to me every Tuesday yet at the same time you stand up for them and constantly reassure me of their love, it can be a bit confusing.”

He nods, “I guess, I do what I know will make you happy.”

“You confessing doesn’t make me happy, it makes me feel guilty.”

“I don’t want to make you feel that way but I’m doing what I know is best for you.”

I scoff at him, “What is best for me?”

“Yes,” He says with a smug smile, “I believe I am best for you.”

“Can we stop talking about this?”

“Of course my love.”

I sigh but say nothing more, I just stare out the window at the trees flying by, only the faint shapes can be made out in the darkness on the other side of the window. We stay silent for a while, the drive feels like it’s taking longer than usual and I know it’s because he’s actually obeying the speed limit for once.

“Who do you miss the most?” He wonders.

“All of them, I miss all of them the same.”

He scoffs, “Don’t pull that bull shit on me, I know there is one you love more.”

I glare at him but can’t deny the sudden lump in my throat, “Tell than if you seem to already know.”

“Xiumin.” I open my mouth to respond but nothing would come out, no excuses or lies, I couldn’t get anything out. Jiyong chuckles and pats my head, “I wasn’t asking you a question, I know. You make it obvious when you see him. If it’s your choice he is who you run to first unless someone else pops up and gets in the way.”

I just stare down at my hands feeling strangely guilty for my feelings. I don’t notice that we were at the house until Jiyong puts the car and park and opens my car door for me. The summer night is chilly so I wrap my arms around myself. The front door busts open to reveal my five youngest daddies and Baekhyun who was left behind so Chen could go on whatever mission the older five had to go on. Sehun basically tackles me to the ground, wrapping himself around me protectively so he takes most of the impact.

“I missed you!” Sehun whines with his have face tucked into my neck.

I chuckle and hug the silly man tight, “I missed you too daddy.”

“I’ll be taking my leave than,” Jiyong gives them a forced smile. “See you next Tuesday.”

“Bye Oppa!” I wave to him as I’m basically dragged inside. I barely see a genuine smile spread across his face as he blows me a kiss. The words I know he’s saying run threw my head, ‘Bye my love’.

“You were gone for way too long!” Baekhyun greets me next with a hug and a kiss.

“I came back earlier than usual,” I snicker. “Jiyong oppa got tired of my pouting and figured being with you guys would make me feel better.”

“And?” Kyungsoo wonders.

I smile, “I feel better.”

“Do you really miss the others that much?” Chanyeol wonders.

“Of course I miss them!”

“Baby you are making me jealous,” Tao pouts coming forward to greet me. “I’m starting to wish I had gone too so you would be constantly worried and thinking about me.”

I laugh, “No you don’t, than I wouldn’t be able to do this,” I go up on my tip toes and give him a peck on the lips.

“True,” His arms wrap around my waist so he can pull me close.

“Don’t get too close,” Chanyeol warns worming his way in between me and the other giant. “As I remember, it isn’t your night tonight.”

“That’s right, it’s me,” Kai buds in.

“I’m not excited for the hyungs to come back,” Sehun whines. “I can barely get your attention with only six of us, I don’t want to go back to having you every two weeks.”

“I know daddy I’m sorry that we won’t be able to spend as much time together,” I peck the youngest on the cheek.

He half heartedly glares at me, “But.”

“But I am excited to have them home. I really missed them. It just feels weird not having them here, like there is something missing, or a few somethings.” An apologetic smile appears on my face briefly.

There is a moment of silence before Kai speaks up, “Are we really not enough for you?” It’s a heavy question that I wasn’t expecting though I can imagine how long they’ve wanted to ask it. I open mouth but no words come out, why can’t I speak today, all of these questions are being thrown at me that I would think I could answer. But now with the six of them staring at me expectantly I can’t find my voice. There is a surprising amount of anger in not just Kai’s eyes but a few others at the amount of time it takes for me to think of an answer. “Would you really not be satisfied with six of us? You need all twelve?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” Soo mumbles before turning on his heel walking away, Kai huffs and follows, Tao does the same.

“Stupid kid,” Baekhyun mumbles. “The sooner he realizes that the better.”

“Realizes what?” I wonder once I’m able to swallow the lump in my throat. Guilt is swallowing me up, I should just answered the question instead of letting them make up an answer on their own.

“Nothing baby,” Chanyeol pats me on the head before walking away as well. With the happy welcome party dissipated I excuse myself to wallow alone in my room against Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s whishes and Sehun’s whining but I can tell they feel the same way as Kai even though they won’t admit it out loud. It’s 10:30 when I’m done showering and find myself standing in the middle of my room feeling like an idiot. It’s Kai’s night yet he hasn’t come looking for me, in fact none of them have. I don’t know whether them giving me some space is a good thing or a bad thing. But the fact that no matter how much I usually beg and whine they never give me space they aren’t mad enough that they would have me sleep alone are they?

I feel stupid when tears threaten to fall down my cheeks at such a small thing, but I don’t want to be alone. After being here so long I can’t handle being alone again.  I’m playing with the hem of Luhan’s t-shirt, mindlessly trying to find comfort in the deer man’s clothes, when suddenly my computer starts ringing. Confused I wander over where it is sitting on my bed and answer the Facetime call. There is a brief pause before Suho’s face fills the screen.

“Daddy!” I cry, I’m actually crying tears of joy just from seeing his face, god what a girl I’ve become.

“Hello my precious baby!” He coos into the phone, “I’ve missed seeing your sweet face!”

“I miss you too Daddy, so much! Why have you been gone so long? Why haven’t you been able to call? It’s been two weeks! Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been? Are you okay? Is everyone okay? Where are they? Answer me!” I’m a crying mess at this point, fat tears are rolling down my cheeks and I’m sniffling, trying to avoid having snot involved in the picture.

He chuckles, “Baby calm down, please take a deep breath and stop crying, you know I don’t like you crying.” I follow his command and sit down on the bed, taking deep breaths as I do to calm the erratic beating of my heart. After a minute he smiles softly, “Better?”

I nod, “Better, but tell me what is going on, what is going on?”

“I can’t tell you much, or anything really other than that we are still coming home in two days and also that we are all fine. We haven’t been able to call because of where we were staying. Technically we are still supposed to be wary of who we call but I couldn’t help myself, I needed something other than a picture of you.”

“Are you sure you are okay?” I repeat.

“We are all completely fine,” He reassures me, allowing me to let out the breath I didn’t even know I was holding. “But what about you baby? I hear there was an issue.”

I sigh, “Yea Kai got mad at me and everyone else kind of followed, Baek, Yeolie, and Sehunnie wouldn’t admit it but I can tell.”

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t think our being gone would cause such a fuss.”

“What are you talking about? Of course I would throw a fit!”

“I’m very happy to hear that. I’m also incurably happy to hear your sweet voice again, you have no idea how much I’ve missed your voice, your face, your needy moans.”

I blush, I actually blush at his words, “Daddy!”

“I’m sorry, it just slipped out,” He is blushing too. “But I should be honest, my call isn’t that innocent. I was wondering if there is any possible way we could break Hyung’s rule just for tonight and we could um, have, um, phone sex?”

My face is crimson now, I’ve never considered having phone sex before but I’ve heard reviews from Jihyo and they were always positive. With lip firmly pinched between my teeth I nod slowly.

A large grin spreads across his face, “Thank god, I don’t know what I would have done if you had said no. I’ve been aching since I got the thought of doing this at dinner.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I admit meekly.

“It’s okay Baby, I’ll talk you threw it. Have you ever touched yourself before?”

I just nod.

“It’s just like that but just imagine it’s me touching you, sliding my hands up your perfect thighs, gripping them a little harder as I go higher.” I set computer aside and with shaky hands follow his orders. My hands travel up my bare legs, my small hands not doing as much as Suho’s but there is still a nice tingle in the pit of my stomach. “I skim the edge of your underwear for only a second before going up to your hips and up your stomach.” For a brief second I consider ignoring his narrative and jumping right into it but he notices the stilling of my hands on the waistline of my panties. “No, no, baby, not yet. Listen to me.”

“But Daddy,” I whine.

“We just got started and you are already whining? And I thought I wouldn’t last long,” He chuckles warmly. “Now baby listen to me. My hands move up a little more to cup your breasts over the t-shirt, you aren’t wearing a bra so just one little swipe of my thumbs over your nipples has them hard basically begging to be played with.  I’m gentle at first, just rubbing and massaging how you like it,” He pauses to moan, want to watch his face contorting with pleasure but I keep my eyes closed so I won’t be embarrassed. I let out a few of my own moans, enjoying my own handy work. “How does it feel baby?” He rasps out.

“It feels so good,” I say threw a few deep breaths. I clench my thighs together to try and ease the aching between them with no luck. I must have been too focused on Suho’s words and my own hands not to notice the door opening an closing. Without my knowledge someone sneaks up under my blanket and decides to take care of the aching for me. I nearly scream when my legs are forced apart but that is quickly covered with a moan when someone licks my clothed core. “Oh my god!”

“What happened?” Suho questions, obviously a bit dazed from his own hands work. “Did you disobey me baby?”

“No,” I whine as whoever is under the covers continues their kitten licks, eventually moving the fabric to the side to reach my soaked core. “Daddy, someone.”

“Don’t worry baby,” Kai peeks up at me from under the covers with a mischievous grin on his face, “It’s just me.”

“Kai?” Suho growls.

“Hey Hyung, aren’t you supposed to be on a black sight? No calling remember?” The younger raises his brow.

“Can’t you see we are in the middle of something?”

“I can but since you are breaking one rule, do you really think you should be breaking another? How would Xiumin hyung react to that?”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Suho growls.

“Fine I won’t, but that means you need to hang up,” Kai reaches for the computer to close it but Suho’s complaining stops him.

“Don’t, I’m so fucking close and I just need to get off. Just give me two minutes to just look at her or listen to her.”

Kai sucks on his teeth for a minute, considering his hyung’s begging before grinning, “Okay Hyung I’ll let you have a little something.”


“Yea, you can watch.”

I stare at Kai with wide eyes, “What?”

“Don’t worry about it baby,” Kai kisses me. “Just let me do everything.”

“But, but, daddy Suho-“ I look to the older for help but the red hue of his cheeks tells me he doesn’t have a problem with it. Kai places a few more kisses along my jaw line and down my neck and soon I’m enjoying it too much to complain. He begins rubbing his hard on against me and I actually find myself forgetting that Suho is just watching us. The moment Kai sheds his clothes and pushes himself inside me I forget my own name. Only one word is in my mind, pushing desperately out of my lips, “Daddy.”

Both men let out a deep groan. Kai is hunched over me, his face buried in the crook of my neck, I can’t get myself to look over at Suho but I can hear him heaving. With my eyes closed I can imagine him, hand gripped tightly around his cock, pumping slowly. The thought does more to me than it should, the knot in my tummy suddenly is a lot more tighter than before and I can tell I won’t last much longer. My legs snake around Kai’s waist, pulling the tan man closer, my nails are digging into his backs.

Kai chuckles, “My little kitten has claws.”

“Keep the dirty talking to a minimum, you are ruining my fantasy and I’m close,” Suho growls.

“Did you hear him baby? He says he’s close but I think he’s going to need you to cum for him to finish, should we let Hyung cum?” Kai says with a wicked smirk.

I nod eagerly, “Please!”

“I don’t know,” He suddenly slows his animalistic pace to slow torturing thrusts. “That doesn’t seem too fun.”

Suho groans, “The sooner you let her come the sooner I’ll get out of your hair.”

Kai chuckles, “I guess that’s a good enough reason. Are you ready baby?”

I nod.

He leans back down and quickly begins to pick up his pace, pounding into me like no tomorrow until I moaning out, both men follow quickly after. Kai collapses on top of me for a moment before grinning at the camera.

“Hope you enjoyed,” With that he slammed the computer closed before burrowing his face back into my neck. We lay there for a long time and even though I’m exhasued I can’t get myself to fall asleep because I feel like Kai wants to say something. I make myself wait for him to speak, which feels like forever before he says, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s fine daddy, you got jealous, it happens.”

“Everything makes me jealous now. I can’t even watch you smile at one of them without feeling a prick in my chest.”

I chuckle, “You better get used to it, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“You could pick.”

I freeze at his words, “Pick?”

He shakes his head but continues to hide his face like a child, “No, Nevermind, don’t think about it. Don’t pick.”

“What craziness are you talking about?”

His playful voice comes out in just a whisper, “Please don’t pick.”

“Why are you saying stuff like this?”

I’m surprised to hear a sudden sniffle, “I know you won’t pick me so please don’t pick anyone. I can be jealous just please don’t pick.”

headlights (Reader X Reggie)


Warning: … involves an accident.. that’s pretty much it

Request: Yes

A/N : well this was my first none jughead Imagine… hopefully it’s not bad. It’s quite weird writing about an accident because the only accident I’ve been in ( Thank God ) is when I was 9. We were driving in Mexico and suddenly this car was going mega fast and hit the back side of my grandma’s truck, and I was playing my Gameboy.. and so we kinda swerved and the window was open.. my face hit the backseat of my mom’s seat and I my Gameboy went flying out ….. MAN WAS I PISSED AT THAT GUY. I remember I walked over to the Guy’s car and grabbed a rock from the side of the road and threw it on his side window, my mom had to pay for that damage . XD


Finally it was the end of my shift, due to it being the weekend Pop asked if I could stay a bit longer on my shift, since Mrs.Harmony had decided to take a day off. Of course I said yes because it means free food for me and extra cash, which I need. Sadly because of the extension of my shift, I couldn’t go the the party that someone had planned tonight. It was currently 11:53 p.m. and thank goodness my house is just about six minutes away from here. I quickly run to the back locker room, grab my things , check out from my shift and ran to my car. I start the engine and let it heat up for two minutes due to the cold night that the winter has brought to Riverdale. Once the engine is ready I start to drive home. I drive on the road that’s between the double sided forest. When I’m about 3 minutes away from home I stop at the intersection and check if any cars are coming, I start to increase my acceleration but I notice two bright headlights from the corner of my eye coming closer in lighting speed.

Before I could even slam on the breaks the impact of the car hits my side of the car,as a result causes my car to flip. I felt like my body was frozen in time while everything moves in slow motion. I feel the window class break and cut against my skin, my head slamming onto the steering wheel and the seat belt pressing deeply into my chest cutting my oxygen flow. A few seconds later, after the car had stopped moving, I painfully pull my phone out and call Reggie’s number.

“ SUP (Y/N)! You should co-”

“Reggie I was in an accident Please just hurry and call the ambulance, I’m at maple road” I tiredly speak into the phone.

“(Y/N/N), stay on the line in coming right now!” He assures me. Faintly I hear Reggie screaming at someone to call the ambulance.

Every 10 seconds Reggie would speak and ask if I’m still on the line, and all I can say in a weak voice is “yes.” And with every answer my voice starts to fade.
4 minutes later I hear a car screeching to a stop and a car door slamming. I feel Someone open the driver side of my car and pull me out of my seat.
“(Y/N) i’m here okay, I’m here. Breath with me, in, out… in , out.” I here Reggie speak to me, though I know he’s right next to me I feel like his voice is fading away.

“(Y/N) don’t fall asleep! The ambulance is on it’s way.”
Suddenly I think of the person who crashed into me.

” Reggie, what about the other driver.. Are.. are they okay?” I ask with difficulty.

“(Y/N) a friend is helping him, but just stay with me. I hear the ambulance.”

Within seconds I hear the ambulance and I feel myself being lifted off the ground and put onto a bed and carried into the ambulance. I could here Reggie in the background arguing trying to get in with me.

“Sir, you can’t ride with us only family members.”

“But.. She’s my umm..girlfriend.” He argues back

“ Sir , rules are rules I can’t let… SIR get out of the car right now!”

Softly I feel Reggie hold my hand as he says “I’m right here for you .” And that’s the last thing I remember until passing out.

I hear a beeping sound of a machine and the feeling of needles and strings being attached to me. When I open my eyes I’m blinded by the white light above me, once my eyes get used to the lighting I look around and notice I’m in a hospital room… I then feel movement around my lap area and notice Reggie lying his head on my lap, gently I start to stroke his hair as I wait for him to wake up.

I guess he feels my touch automatically because he springs up from his position and looks at me.
“(Y/N) you’re okay! How do you feel, are you in pain, should I call the doctor?”

I laugh lightly but hiss when I feel my rib area ache.
“ I’m fine Reggie.. just a few bruises here and there but I’m a big Girl, I’ll be fine.”

“ (Y/N) what the hell happened?”

“I don’t know.. I was just driving back home until I reached an intersection and stopped at the stop sign, I looked both ways to check if any cars were coming but saw none. When I wanted to drive again from the corner of my eyes I saw bright lights.. next thing I knew I was in a crash.”

“Why didn’t you call me to take you home? You know it’s winter and the roads get icy! Not to mention that the other driver was drunk and didn’t stop at the stop sign.”

“Call you Reggie? Either way we would have been in a crash! At least only one of us got hurt.” I state weakly feeling myself getting tired because of the argument.

“ Well I would be the one driving, so the car would have hit my side and you’d have less of the impact! While you now got ALL of the impact!”

“WHY DO YOU CARE? I got hit, Get. over. it! Besides you’re my BEST FRIEND and you’re acting as if you are my boyfriend, hell even my father!”

Suddenly I notice the rage in Reggie’s eyes as he gets up from his seat and hovers over me with both of his hand resting on each side of my head.
Suddenly I feel his lips crash into mine and hands as if they were magnets, attach onto Reggie’s neck and hold him in place. Reggie slightly pulls away and whispers “ stop being my friend, and will you be my girlfriend?”

Without a thought I pull him back and kiss him back.


Ask: Could you please write an Alexander x reader where they get into a huge argument and y/n leaves? Then (that night) y/n has nowhere to go and ends up in a dangerous situation but Alex finds her and saves her and they make up. Thanks!

Words: 1,500+ Words

Triggers: Drunken People, Sexism, Punching, Hitting?

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

“Take a break,” [ Name ] whispered gently kissing Alexander’s hair. The male continued to scribble almost furiously on the piece of parchment. His eyes were framed with glasses a few strands of his hair were falling against his face. He was in deep concentration. Alexander’s brows were pulled together in an adorable way. His lips quirked down in a slight frown. It was as if [ Name’s ] words weren’t even said. His quill didn’t even stop, it was nonstop. He was nonstop. Alexander hadn’t even glanced at the female. 

“Alexander,” [ Name ] whispered again as she gently tucked the strands of hair behind his ears. 

Alexander’s quill continued to write, “Just a minute save my plate,” he managed to mutter out. Dinner had been over. It was already night, and he had missed dinner again. [ Name ] wondered when was the last time that they slept in their bed together. She touched his shoulders gently squeezing it. 

“Alexander please,” [ Name ] begged. She just wanted her husband back. The job had taken 90% of Alexander’s life and writing had taken the other 10% it seemed as though there was no room for her. For once he lifted his pen and looked up at his wife. She had a soft frown on her face. He set down his quill. Just then he realized that his hand was aching. 

“I’m working,” he whispered giving her hand a tight squeeze. 

“I understand that Alexander but take a break with me. Come to bed for once,” She basically begged. [ Name ] knew that her husband was dedicated to the job but she wanted him back. She wanted the Alexander who wooed her with flirtatious letters and smart comebacks. But the two of them were not young anymore. The two of them were older and wiser. 

“I’m doing this for us,” Alexander whispered. 

“Us?” [ Name ] whispered almost cringing at the word us, “Alexander, we don’t need this. We don’t need a legacy—” That was the magic word. The one word that caused Alexander to lose everything. Legacy was the one word that he held dearest to him. He wanted to make sure that his name was in history. He would write and shape history. 

“I’m not standing aside or lying in wait. I am not going to let congress get dictated by the South. I am not dying in this world without leaving my mark on it,” he said quickly, “Don’t you understand?” 

[ Name ] gave a soft chuckle shaking her head, “Us?” she mused out again. “You simply say I, Alexander,” she dropped her hand from his cheek. She had a look of pure sadness. She didn’t want her marriage to simply be a sham. [ Name ] knew that her money was the main reason that Alexnder approached her. She was not blind—Alexander was penniless and he needed money. The best way to climb the social ladder is through marriage.

“Us,” Alexander mumbled sounding frustrated, “You know what I meant,” he said sounding very exhausted. He was the one sounding tired? That didn’t sit well with [ Name ]. She was the one who had to stand and wait for her husband to come back to bed when he never would. The side of the bed felt so cold without him. She had to leave the house without him. Eating dinner without him. Alexander didn’t even come down to eat. Yet he was the one who was tired? 

“I don’t know what you mean Alexander,” [ Name ] whispered betrayal clear on her face. 

“A legacy!” Alexander said slamming his hands against the desk as [ Name ] flinched. “I need to put myself in the narrative. I need to be in the story they will write some day. Don’t you understand? I need to improve this great nation. They are all begging for help and you expect me to leave them?” 

“I expect you to be with your wife when she begs you to take a break,” She said but he continued on. 

Alexander was pacing now, “I need to be apart of the legacy of this great nation. I need to leave a mark. When I was fourteen I wished for a war, I was poor. I knew that it was the best way to rise up—” 

[ Name ] raised her voice, “Alexander!” she said loudly as his eyes snapped towards his wife. Her fists were clenched as she looked at her husband with anger and sadness. “Why isn’t this enough?” She basically cried out. “You have everything, you have a wife, you have a job, you are Washington’s right-hand man? What else no, what more could you want?!” She wanted to know. Why wouldn’t her husband just look at what he’s done and be happy about it? He needed to look around and see how lucky he was. He had done so much. Alexander was so lucky to even be standing here right now? Why couldn’t he see what [ Name ] saw? 

Alexander knew that he had a wicked tongue and he knew that he needed to control it, “Just calm down and control your anger. I’m sorry that I can’t cater to every need that you want [ Name ]. I have a job, and I have responsibilities,” He said calmly. 

“And one of them is being my husband, and it seems as though you can’t even do that,” She snarled out feeling anger boil inside of her. The first couple of weeks she was angry—though it started to transition to sadness. She started to grow upset that Alexander chose his job over her. Which is why when the cool night air hit her face she didn’t even know what was happening. She could simply feel the cool crisp air on her face. She knew that it was dangerous to be wandering alone when it was dark. Yet, Alexander didn’t even chase after her. 

Her steps were soft and her mind was racing. How could he be so inconsiderate? She held her dress close to her. [ Name ] should have gotten a jacket or something. Somehow she felt scandalous wearing such a thing nightgown outside in the cold. She hadn’t even worn shoes. The ground was rough against her feet. Her mind was distracted which is why she didn’t even see the drunken brawl in front of her till one of them fell right at her feet. 

She felt her heart pound a little faster, “Pretty Lady you wanna join us?” One of them men slurred as they stumbled forward. His knuckles were bloody and he had a split lip and a busted eye. 

“I-I’m not one to fight,” [ Name ] whispered out as she placed her hands across her chest. She feels slightly revealed in this thin dress. She doesn’t like the way their glassy eyes are looking at her. They’re drunk, she tries to calm herself down as the gentle lamplight illuminates the streets. 

The man who fell on their feet is back up and grabs her wrist, “Come on, we’re not taking no for an answer,” he mutters out. He looks the most beaten up. He has a black eye, a split lip, and he was walking a little wonky. She was worried as she gently tugged on her arm shaking her head. 

“Look, please,” [ Name ] said her tone sounding more frantic. She didn’t want to get caught up in a fight. A frown crossed the man’s face as he shoved her in the middle of the five men. She instantly felt so small—Alexander. The female was not one to defend herself in a fist fight with five drunk men. She had still one arm draped over her chest a look of pure nervousness on her face. 

A slight chuckle escaped one of the man’s lips, “Come on, just do it!” The other two men hollered and hooted. [ Name ] almost felt as though she was going to cry. She didn’t know what to do—she felt nervous. Her body was shaking and all of a sudden she felt it. A right hook to her jaw. The female stumbled back and she fell right on her back. The female saw stars very quickly. Blood welled up in her mouth.

“[ Name ]!” A voice cried out as all of the five men turned to see Alexander sprinting at her as quickly as he could. He kneeled down as he took off his emerald green jacket and draped it over her shoulders. She held it close as Alexander decided to give that man a taste of his own medicine. [ Name ] heard a cry as the female saw Alexander punching the man right in the face and them kicking him hard in the shins. Little did [ Name ] know but Alexander got into a lot of fights. 

Alexander wrapped his arms around [ Name ] as he placed his hand on the back of her knee, “Alexander!” she exclaimed as he held her bridal style. He didn’t respond. He simply looked ahead. 

“I’m sorry,” The male whispered as [ Name ] gently touched his bleeding lip. The man with so many words said the simplest apology. He didn’t know what else to even say. He was sorry—Alexander was simply sorry for everything that he had done. All the mistakes and all the hurt. He had hurt [ Name ] so much. He blew her off so many times. 

“You’re forgiven,” The female whispered gently kissing his neck. Never did Alexander feel more relieved. 

10. You’re my Arkenstone.

This is a fill for the WinterFRE.

Fíli barely listened when his uncle ordered them to search for the Arkenstone. Instead his eyes wandered to his brother, leaning against a column and trying to appear as if it wasn’t to keep the weight off his bad leg. Kíli had a habit of belittling his own needs in order to appear grown. It made him look only younger in his mere need to prove himself and he cursed Thorin for putting these thoughts into Kíli’s head since they had been called the heir and the spare for the first time. Granted, their uncle had never used those words himself, but he’d never done anything to stop them.

So when the other’s got to work in the huge hall filled with what seemed to be endless mountains of treasures, Fíli marched to his brother’s side and pulled him along wordlessly. The confusion was obvious in the brown, wide orbs, but Kíli was smart enough to wait with questions until they were out of sight and earshot.

“Where are we going? We are supposed to look for the Arkenstone,” Kíli protested meekly, but stumbled along instead of fighting against the blond’s grip.

It encouraged Fíli in his decision, knowing that the archer would be less compliant if he was feeling well.

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Hunted. Chapter 2

Chapter one 

Chapter two: 

*** Warning some of the things that happen in this chapter happen in the movie so Spoiler alert***

I awaken with a violent jolt, my breathing erratic. My hair sticks to my neck and my mind is running wild. My throat burns and feels as if it’s been mangled beyond repair. It had been years since I thought about that night or the man who would later become Kylo Ren master of the knights of Ren. I swallow hard and feel my throat burn even more causing tears to come to my eyes. I still felt him even after all the years that had past… I felt him in my soul, our bond never broken even though a part of me wanted it to break. Ben Solo had died that night, he died in the mist of the screams of innocents, but even after all he’d done my heart ached for him… missed him and wanted him.

My breathing doesn’t regulate the way it’s supposed to until I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder, their gentle touch grounding me back into reality.

“You dreamt about him again, didn’t you?”

Poe Dameron’s voice sounds far away from me when he says this, as if he’s across the galaxy instead of being right next to me. I look to my right and find his face in the darkness as I let out a feeble nod and sit up in my little homemade bed. We’d flown to Jakku because General Organa knew someone who had a map that could lead her to her brother, we’d been there for four days but the longer we stayed there the more I felt the ghost of Ben Solo within me. He was close… I could feel it.

I shake the thoughts from my mind as Poe wraps me in an embrace, his arms around me in a protective hug. Poe and I had been friends since my sister and I were moved to the resistance base after the night the Jedi’s had been slain. Ever since then he’d been my friend, my family, and the brother I had never had. He holds onto me tightly and whispers sweetly.

“You’re here now, you’re safe and no one will hurt you.”

I nod once again, my head finding his shoulder when I do. I wanted to tell him that I knew it would be okay, but I know that if I did it would’ve just been a lie. I could feel that something was about to happen… I could feel with every fiber of my being. He was coming… I could sense it. 

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Eat - Park Jimin

Hello kind anon! I was really inspired by the song ‘Eat’ by Zion. T (which are the lyrics I used <3). I thought it was appropriate because I know some of you are studying for exams. So this is for all of you! (Best of luck! You can do it!) Enjoy and thank you for requesting! <3 

Equations, definitions and facts that were necessary to pass this big mid-term flooded my thoughts. It was all that mattered because if I got below a certain grade, my parents would ground me for quite a while, leaving me with nothing to do but study.

Because I spent the last two weeks studying my butt off for these mid-term exams, I may or may not have forgotten to eat in between. Of course, I’ve developed headaches, stomach aches from the lack of food, and of course, a fever that never seemed to go away. I tried to have snacks in between, but my appetite was never really there.

The fever hasn’t gone away and my parents don’t seem to care about my health because grades are more important. I didn’t really have any friends either because I wasn’t allowed to socialize, otherwise I’d get a stern lecture about how my priorities are all out of whack.

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Tour bus- Sammy Wilk smut

Finally. Meet and greet time to meet the Omaha crew. Screaming girls consume your eardrums but that can even affect you enough from rehearsing what youre going to do with your fave, Sammy.

You decide to join in with the screaming around you, but with more blunt screams.


The twelve year old girls around you give you a death glare but not even that can piss you off at what us coning up.

Its finally your time to meet Sammy. You’ve been waiting for this for months and Now it has finally come.

You run up to Sammy and give him the biggest hug and you tell him you love him about 100 times.

“I love you too, baby girl.” He says with a wink. “I heard you calling me and I know it was you.”

You blush with embarrassment.

“Awe baby girl don’t blush. You’re cute. Why don’t you meet me on my break in 10? How about I show you the tour bus?”

you nod in complete awe. You take your picture and Sammy tells the security guard to take you to the back room after you met the jacks and nate. You wait for 10 minutes and Sammy comes back there to take you to the tour bus.

“You ready for the tour?”

You nod and he leads you to the bus.

“I don’t ever do this but you seem like you’re a really supportive fan and you’re pretty cute so why not.”

You walk into the etremley messy tour bus, but huge tour bus.

“Holy shit this is huge. and so.. huge.”

“Haha yeah its pretty great but living with 3 other guys for over 2 months is pretty hard. I never got your name. What is it baby girl?”


“Mmhm That’s sexy. I love that name. Y/n”

you walk around the tour bus a little more and see the many things it includes like bunks, a couch, a kitchen, a bathroom, and lots and lots of space.

Sammy unexpectedly walks up behind you and turns you around. He then grabs your face and kisses you intensely. His hands cup your face and he leans you down to sit on the couch.

“remember to call me daddy just like you did when you were in line baby girl.”

He breaks the kiss and crouches down and spreads your legs. He unbuttons your white shorts and reveals your lace thong which is decorated with your wetness. Sammy grazes his long fingers on top of your underwear, causing you to buck your hips for more.

“Sa- daddy please. moreeee.” you moan for more.

“Mhmm close one, y/n” Sammy takes his fingers and pulls your underwear down ever so slowly, teasing you.

The underwear are off of your body and Sammy begins to rub your clit extremely lightly with one hand, flicking it back and forth every so often, and presses on your heat with two fingers hardly with a swirling motion just to drive you crazy.

He takes his two fingers off your dripping heat just as your aching for more. All of the sudden, he rams them into your body causing you to moan very loudly. He starts to rub your clit just a little harder than before. You feel yourself tighten around his fingers.

“Baby girl, no coming until i say so. Got it?”

you nod your head in agreement, trying your hardest not to come.

Sammy moves his fingers faster and faster inside of you, then slows down whenever you get close.

“Daddy please no more teasing I can’t take it anymore!” you tell sammy.

Sammy looks you straight in the eyes and takes his fingers out of you. He licks them clean and moves you so your whole body is laying on the couch. He spreads your legs and puts his head in between your thighs. He begins by kitten licking you, then smashing his whole tounge onto your heat, causing you to moan. You look for a place to grab onto and decide to grab his soft locks.

He continues this pattern until you come everywhere.

“Mmh baby girl I love it when you come for me. It tastes so good.” he tells you after he licks you clean. “All that teasing is what you get for being so fucking attractive and calling me daddy in public.”

you stare at Sammy in amazement in what your fave had just done to you.

“Did this just happen? Did Sammy fucking Wilkinson eat me out?”

“indeed y/n, indeed. Now why dont you give me your number so we can do this again next time im in town” He says with a wink.


Someone Like You

Part 8

Previous part can be found here.


“I’m sorry, you must be getting really sick of me?”

“No, not at all, I don’t mind being summoned.” Hannah answers, watching as Grace stares back at her blankly. “I’m joking. It’s fine. I’m glad you want to see me. What’s up?” Too much. Hannah tries for casual and fails, her voice cracking on her last word.

“Hey Goose!” Grace smiles as the little dog runs up to her, jumping up with her two front feet.

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