i had to steal his steal

it’s day 23648723452368 and I still can’t get over this scene 


i live for isak calling even baby?? let’s talk about it more. 

  • the exasperated “baby” on the rare mornings when even doesn’t cook him breakfast because they’re both too exhausted by the night before (seriously, isak made even play fifa until 1am before he could admit that he sucks and no matter how many games they play, isak will always lose). even takes the last of isak’s cocoa puffs, and shit, isak had actually been looking forward to them?? but alas, he’d stepped out of the shower a minute after even, and his cereal stealing boyfriend had struck (even steals his clothes his heart and now his chocolatey cereal too?? isak has half a mind to break up with him). isak’s pouting at even, and even feels so bad for him that he offers isak some of the cereal. but even’s the kind of guy who pours his cereal into his milk and gulps it all down at once, and isak is very particular about only pouring a little bit of cereal into his milk at a time, so he just turns up his nose at even’s gross soggy abomination. 
  • isak hates hates hates waking up in the morning, and trying to figure out how to get isak up when they both have school is just trial and error. isak would appreciate it. it’s like a scientific experiment, except it’s one where the consequence would be an armful of grumpy boyfriend and no kisses until at least 10 o’clock. even has tried everything from blasting nas at full volume, to getting magnus in there to say something stupid because isak’s reflex is to drag him, but he’s found out that the most effective method is to pepper isak’s face with kisses until he blinks awake groggily, because he’ll pout, and he’ll say, “goddammit, baby,” like he’s actually annoyed, but he’s giggling so hard that even’s not buying it. 
  • the boys make fun of it so much!! the first time even laughs at him for dipping a chocolate chip cookie into nutella at lunch, isak says, “don’t fucking judge me baby you literally only make recipes with sour cream” magnus parrots “baby?? baBY??” jonas and mahdi are waggling their eyebrows so suggestively that isak blushes bright red. he tries to stutter out an excuse, like, “that’s not what i said. i said maybe?? KB?? bey bee?? haha i just like the concept of beyonce in the bee movie ok that’s totally what i meant.”
  • of course even ruins it all (because that’s all he’s good for) when the whole gang is getting kebab after school and isak can’t get his shit together because he didn’t really sleep last night and he’s spilling his food all over the table. even leans over with a pile of napkins and scoops it all up with a fond “baby” and a chaste kiss to the lips. the boys go fucking wild. 
  • they always leave each other with a peck on the cheek before separating for classes - and as much as isak wants to pull even closer until they’re intertwined, until they’re causing a scene for those fucking dance chicks he can tell are watching them - he knows he’s not ready for that yet. it’s soft and sweet, just a brush of his lips as he whispers, “bye, baby, see you after school.” it still gives isak a rush when he remembers that even will keep coming back to him, and no matter how long they’ll spend apart - whether it’s school cockblocking them, or when even has bad days  and refuses to let isak come over - they’ll always end up like this, safe in the circle of each other’s arms. 

also thanks to @strangetowns​ i can’t get even’s obsession with sour cream out of my head 

I wish Star Trek had more prank based sub plots like House MD did.

I wanna see Bones and Scotty see how long they can keep a chicken each on the Enterprise before Spock finds out.

Chekov stealing Sulu’s fave plant and sending him cliché ransom notes. Sulu steals Chekov’s secret vodka collection in retaliation.

Bones starts eating healthy so that Jim stops stealing chips off his plate.

Uhura, Chapel and Rand have a competition to see who can steal Jim’s underpants. Somehow, Spock wins.

Bones keeps sending different masseuses to the Bridge. Everyone is v happy except for Spock, who doesn’t need to calm down, Doctor, cease this foolishness.

Chapel keeps sending Bones pages w increasingly impossible scenarios, he turns up each time and she hands him a pile of paperwork. So… no radioactive killer spiders attacking?

Jim and Bones spend ages trying to surprise Spock, but his Vulcan superiority wins out. They throw water ballons at him, round the corner w water guns, turn the lights off, a whole bunch of classic stuff.

Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Chapter 4)

A little earlier than expected! As I’ll probably be busy on Friday and didn’t want to keep you waiting for long…:)

Chapter 4 – They All Come Rushing Back

Broch Mordha, 14 years and 9 months ago

“Are ye ill, mo ghraidh?” Jamie asked, his brow furrowing in concern. They were in her small cottage, eating bowls of fragrant pasta that Jamie had cooked for them. “Ye are verra quiet this evening.”

“No.” She gave him a weak smile and drank profusely from her glass of water. “I’m alright.”

“Something amiss, then?” He insisted, searching her eyes with his as to force her to make eye contact with him. “I can see something is troubling ye.”

“Fine. Just tired.” Claire replied shortly, playing with small bits of garlic with her fork. “Long day in the clinic.”

“No, ye’re not.” Jamie said and she noticed the tension on his face. “I’ve seen you tired to the point of falling asleep on your feet during that gastroenteritis outbreak last month – and ye were never like this.” He touched her hand and winced as she slowly retreated from his grasp. “I’ll respect your desire of not telling me – but please, dinna pretend everything is fine.”

Claire exhaled and slowly raised her eyes, meeting his – anger, sadness and confusion shone in her whiskey coloured iris.

“If you want to know,” She said with some asperity. “Laoghaire came to see me today. She had plenty to tell me.”

“Och, aye?” Jamie nodded, expectant. “What did she tell ye, then?”

“That you have been fooling me since we met.” Claire said in a hoarse voice, clenching her hands together near her plate. “That our relationship is nothing but a dalliance to you – something to entertain you during the summer, until I go back to Edinburgh and you take up with her - again.”

Jamie’s mouth was slightly ajar, as the small blue vein on his temple throbbed furiously.

“The lass must have lost her wits!” He grumbled, pushing away his own food, having obviously lost his usually insatiable appetite. “I knew she was a little soft for me – for helping her with the brute that is her father, I guess – but this is ridiculous!”

“Is it, Jamie?” Claire blatantly looked away. “Can you honestly say she means nothing to you – and that I’m not just…a distraction in a boring summer in the village?”

“How can ye even ask me that?!” Jamie roared, his fists closing. His blue eyes were blazing and his entire body pulsed with rage. “Are you suggesting I’m playing you false?”

“You didn’t answer the question, Jamie.” Claire hissed, her cheeks blushing with fury and her curls curling madly around her face. “Avoiding simple questions usually means there is something to hide.”

“Must I tell you with words what I have been answering you with actions from the day we met?” He clenched his teeth. “Must I tell you that – no! – I haven’t been fuckin’ Laoghaire behind yer back?”

“She knew an awful lot about you.” Claire raised from the table and started to throw dishes into the sink. “She knew you have a small scar on the inside of your thigh – I’ve barely seen it myself, only noticed it when we went to the lake.”

“Probably the exact same reason why she knows it too.” Jamie rubbed his knuckles against his forehead in despair. “Not because she has been in my bed!”

“Laoghaire loves you, you know.” Claire clashed her hands against the kitchen counter, speaking in a broken tone – hurt and afraid. “She has known you all your life. She is the type of girl everyone here expected you to marry – I’m aware of what they say about me. Foreign. Outlander.”

“Stop this madness, Claire!” Jamie almost yelled, coming to stand next to her. She could feel the urge that moved him, the intensity of his eyes fixing her. “I love you, mo nighean donn. Your words of distrust wound me more than your wee scalpel could. Do ye not know that I have but one heart – and ye are the sole master of it?”  

“I can’t bear the thought of you touching her!” Claire shouted, her hands grabbing her own hair. “I can’t bear the way she said you name in front of me! If you must leave me – do it now. Before there’s not enough of me to live when you’re gone.”

Jamie was breathing fast and came to stand behind her – his palms next to her waist, but not quite touching her.

“You’re killing me, Claire.” He almost sobbed in a husky voice. “You are the breath of me, the spark of my body. Away from you I have no air – no heart, no life. Maybe there was a time when I could be with Laoghaire…” He bent his head and pressed his forehead in the hollow between her shoulder blades. “But now there is no turning back. Ye have marked me and made me yours, mo chridhe. And I shall remain so for the rest of my days, whether when I’m inside ye, in the brink of touching ye or a thousand miles away.”

“Jamie…” Claire whispered, her body relaxing against his. “I’m scared. I’ve never been so happy in my life – and so afraid.”

“Tell me.” He pulled her closer, gluing their bodies together. “Tell me all your heart – as I’ve told you my soul.”

“I want you so much.” She turned inside his arms and hugged him by the waist, their lips almost touching. “Will you have me?”

She could feel his heart beating under the palm of her hand, rushing – not from anger any longer, but from anticipation. From tenderness. From desire.

“Are you sure?” He kissed her palm and then her temple. As an answer, her hands came up to take off her blouse.

Their lovemaking was slow and tactful – after being so honest with each other, they felt vulnerable and exposed. Sometimes one of them would be a little rough, just enough to seal their claim on each other – just enough to find that ultimate redoubt where they have been hiding. It was not a battle for dominion or possession – they had established their peaceful surrender to each other – but a fight to merge together until no doubt could be raised, ever again.

“Will you come with me to Edinburgh?” Claire asked in the darkest hours of the night, when they laid together, sated and tranquil. “I know it’s too much to ask.” She was caressing the soft hairs of his stomach, a roadmap to the secrets ahead.

Jamie moved slowly, reaching for his jeans that laid forgotten on the floor. From his back pocket he withdrew an envelope, which he presented to Claire.

“What is this?” She nuzzled his hand.

“My request for a transfer from Glasgow University to Edinburgh’s.” Jamie’s eyes were intent and limpid. “I shall be where you are, Claire. I canna leave you.”

They kissed, passionate and hungry, their tongues seeking each other to celebrate their pact. And when Claire finally laid her head on his chest, slept lulled by his heart calling only for her.


Edinburgh, Present day

At the sight of Joe walking out of the sliding doors that led to the OR area, crumpling his blue surgical cap on his hands, Claire jumped from the chair where she had been sitting for the last couple of hours.  

“How did it go?” She asked impatiently, searching his eyes for tell-tale signs of an unfavourable outcome, and slightly relaxing when she saw the good-humoured wrinkles around his golden brown eyes.

“It went smoothly, LJ.” Joe smiled. “Your man is strong as a bull. He’ll pull through, I’m sure. The orthopaedics team is still in there working on his hand.”

“He is not my man.” Claire grumbled as she awkwardly hugged Joe, silently thanking him for taking care of Jamie. Joe was a trusted friend and had been an irreplaceable support over the last few years - his agreement to accompany her to Edinburgh and to integrate her team had been decisive in her acceptance of the proposal to return to Scotland. “I should be there when he wakes up from the anaesthesia.”

Joe offered her a knowing look, with a hint of reproach.

“You should take care of yourself, doll.” He shook his head and raised his sketchy eyebrows. “Go home and take a shower. Clear your head away from here - and think exactly what the hell are you going to say to him afterwards. Not that I wouldn’t agree with you punching him, but that spleen was hard work.”

“We have said plenty already, Joe.” She sighed. “I’m not expecting – not sure I even want to – anything to happen. We will fix him and send him back to the life he chose.”

“For a man that broke your heart,” He brushed her jaw in a tender gesture. “He cares an awful lot about you too. Kept asking about your life right until he dozed off from the drugs. Seemed afraid that you had someone…special.”

“The bloody gall of the man!” Claire growled, outraged. “I could be shagging the entire Scotland Rugby Team and he still wouldn’t have any right to say a word about it!”

“The entire team?” Joe snorted. “You are one lively brod LJ, but not sure even you could handle it – besides, you’d never see the inside of an OR. Not really time to do anything else.”

“Oh, shut up!” Claire jokingly pushed him with her elbow. “You are missing my point.”

“No.” He stopped and grabbed her by the shoulders, suddenly serious. “You are missing mine. You are my friend, LJ. A lovely woman – only second to Gail - and one hell of a surgeon. But I still remember you from when we met, those odd years ago – how you smiled so often and how joy seemed to follow you everywhere you’d go. If you have the chance…can you do something to find that girl again?”


The closet door in her bedroom hung open like the entry to a mysterious cave, where jumpers and jeans plotted together in her absence. For the first time in a long time she felt the pull of it – the box religiously kept behind her rarely used summer hats and beach towels, ever present yet distant from her everyday thoughts.

With her hair still dripping from the shower, she walked to the shelf and stood there, breathing deeply, trying to gather her courage – she could still recall its contents with her mind’s eye, as clearly as the day she had put them there to rest. Biting her lip in reluctant decision, she stood on tiptoe to get the box down and sat on the floor with her legs crossed.

Once she took the lid off, the smell of old paper and dried flowers floated to her nostrils, as if she had managed to successfully bottle the aroma of her happy days. God, sometimes she could almost doubt she had been so happy – if not for the undeniable photographs of them together, smiles that reached their eyes and joined hands; if not for the nagging pain that lived in the back of her mind, ever-present, all-consuming.

Inside the box were plenty of photographs – the older ones from their first summer together in Broch Mordha, Lallybroch and the Highlands. Pictures of them together laughing, eating pizza snuggled on the couch, kissing in bed. Images of her, which he had captured when she was unaware, smiling above her shoulder to him or peacefully asleep on the curve of his arm. A couple of Jamie, standing by the lake with his hair moist and a huge grin on his beautiful lips.  A succession of small sized instant photos of them together in a shady photo booth in Edinburgh on their anniversary, her sitting on his lap, complete with an array of hilarious faces. There were letters there too – Claire saw Jamie’s crocked handwriting and her old stationery. No point in reading them, though – she knew each one by heart, the written words imprinted in some secret part of her that never agreed to let him go.

And finally she saw it – amongst all those broken pieces that fitted together to create a perfect image of them - what she had been looking for all along. A sob caught in her throat as she reached inside and closed her fist around it – and for the first time in almost ten years, Claire held her wedding ring on the palm of her hand.

Long Live the Queen (M)

Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this 

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely. 

A/N: I’m not sure why I keep writing Jungkook fics, I’m just ???? Thank you to @bangtanclouds Admin Skies for this idea, and thank you for the wonderful photo as well. I just saw this and I had to? Sorry I’ve changed a few things, and sorry if someone else has done this already

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Thieving Bugger

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them/Harry Potter

Character/Ship: Newt Scamander x Reader

Warning: Fluff, Freaking Niffler (Yes he is a warning, he steals the ring.)

Writer: Cas

Words: 581

Requested by: Anon on @thefandomimagine but I wanted to write her something for her 3 year anniversary and she wanted this so here we go!

Summary: Newt proposing to you, only to have Niffler steal the ring

[Based off of:] http://thefandomimagine.tumblr.com/post/155451154602/submitted-by-anonymous-i-dont-believe

Originally posted by simplyelda

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 requested: More baby Damian??? He’s adorable!!!!

-Damian has a lifelong ban from the zoo for stealing not just one penguin, but a whole flock of them, a lynx and several birds

-Damian steals Dick’s cereal and blames it on Tim because “do you think I would befoul my body with that sugar loaded garbage?” He has yet to be discovered (or so he thinks)

-Damian was once subjected to a “family bonding night” in which Dick had them all watch every. single. Disney movie. Damian wouldn’t admit it but his favorite was Lion King

-Sometimes if Jason annoys Damian, Damian will take Jason’s helmet and draw on the back. It’s usually silly faces, things like “kick me” or occasionally “shoot me”

-Damian is a super heavy sleeper and has the tendency to gather all of the sheets around him like a little egg roll and will sleep through all of his alarms (all six of them) until he is awoken by Alfred or Dick. He can be awake pretty fast though.

-After Dick came back from Spyral Damian would insist that Dick took him to the arcade and for ice cream afterwards for “repentance” but Dick wasn’t fooled (not that he minded) 

-Damian will mock Bruce from behind when he gives him lectures after patrol

-If Damian ever goes to the Watchtower he lurks in the control room and will watch the earth spin and the stars. Sometimes he’ll sketch, but he never lets anyone see it.

-Damian will take anyone’s clothes to “borrow” and they will only be seen a year or two later. Even if it’s Cass or Steph’s, he’ll take it. Bruce has lost many a comfortable sweater to Damian.

-Dick got Damian into the habit of settling minor disputes with rock paper scissors, leading to many ‘battles’ over the last of Alfred’s fresh baked cookies, the controller for the tv, first rights to the best bathroom in the house.

-If Damian is feeling particularly nice, he’ll write little notes and stick them in spots people will find them. Like on the chandelier and the roof. They usually read something like “You don’t entirely suck” or “You’re tolerable, even if you are weak”. That’s how they know Damian cares.

I hope that was good enough for you! Please keep sending in requests!!!

Mickey’s Picture of Ian

Okay, so y’all know that picture Mickey has of Ian? THE picture?

Well….it’s killing me. And here’s why: I NEED TO KNOW HOW MICKEY GOT IT! Because there are only a couple ways I could think of.

1. Mandy: either Mandy took it herself OR Ian sent it to her. Either way, Mickey would’ve had to steal it.

2. Mickey: either Mickey took it OR Ian sent it. 

I just need to know how it happened. Was Mandy going through her photos like we’ve seen her do before & Mickey happen to catch of glimpse of his secret love & think “I want that picture.”? Then later steal Mandy’s phone & sent it to himself? OR was he texting with Ian & asked for a picture & that’s what he got?

Both ways fuck me up so I guess it doesn’t really matter. But I’d love some context to the picture that clearly means so much to Mickey. 

Here’s one thought I had about why the obsession potion didn’t work on Ezekiel:

(spoilers: it’s not because he had feelings for Cyndi)

He’s already obsessive (and honestly a bit compulsive) about everything.

(note: see how he constantly just steals stuff - Ezekiel said himself that the “hole in his heart” is filled now. So why does he continue to steal little things like the stuff from Cyndi’s room? Compulsion)

Like, we all saw how he acted when he couldn’t figure out where he knew Cyndi from. He wouldn’t let it go. He couldn’t focus on anything else. He’s unable to switch gears from his current train of thought to another. I.e., he was obsessive about it.

And that’s kind of the way he is with everything.

That’s why he’s such a good thief. Because, like he said, he decided to do it and then he couldn’t stop. Also known as: obsession.

Ezekiel becomes single-mindedly obsessed with a lot of stuff honestly. 

See: point of salvation where Eve has to try multiple times to stop Ezekiel’s train of thought about how to get past the rage people. 

(Actually, see that whole episode honestly)

See also: a few episodes back where he kept checking the weather when Jake and Cassandra were out on a mission. It was very important that he kept checking the weather and became very frustrated when Eve interrupted that task. 

See also: constant fidgeting.

Even his constant “I’m not a good guy” assertions could be an example of an obsessive thought pattern (especially considering his negative reactions to people thinking he’s not a bad guy which might be a reaction both to the idea of him being a good guy (which we all know Ezekiel wants to be more than anything) but also to the disruption of that thought).

Basically, the obsession potion didn’t work on Ezekiel because (in much the same way that he was immune from the apple of discord because he was already the worst version of himself) he’s already obsessive and therefore immune. 

Eurus vs The Mayfly Man

Inspired by this post: X I had a look at the courtroom deduction - which takes place in Sherlock’s mind - and found this in addition to the quote from the above post. 

SHERLOCK: Your place? ALL FOUR WOMEN: His place. (Eurus as therapist, John coming to her place/Sherlock and John coming to Sherrinford = her place)

Nothing happened. (”That’s all it was, just texting.”)

He listened. (Eurus as therapist listening to John)

Different names, different addresses. (Eurus posing as E, Faith, and therapist with different names and addresses)

He’s stealing the identity of corpses … (Eurus killing the therapist and stealing her identity)

In the courtroom scene we see Sherlock creating a scenario in his mind which is based on information gathered in the “I dated a ghost” forum. The information as such is true, everything else - the room, the looks of the women, John at his side - is pure imagination. 

I wonder if the Mayfly Man somehow inspired Sherlock’s idea of Eurus. 

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Never leave the Tiefling alone without the true DM

Our actual ‘God" (DM) had to do something real quick, leaving the party alone in with the apothecary. The Cleric took over as temporary DM. 

Cleric(DMing): Okay guys our god is dead. I’m the new God. 

Sorcerer: God may I please steal from the apothecary?

Cleric(DMing): Yeah sure *rolls a 1 for the apothecary* *loud exhale*

Wizard: Oh snap she crit failed. This is why we need God and his non-shitty dice.

Cleric(DMing): What do you want to steal

Sorcerer: Everything.

Celric(DMing): The tiefing sorcerer sneaks behind the apothecary and clears his shelves of all goods. The apothecary doesn’t notice and continues flirting with the rest of the party. 

Party: wheezing

Sorcerer: That’s it I can retire from being an adventurer and set up shop for myself. Goodbye friends. 

DM: Okay I’m back what did I miss.

Sorcerer: I’m the apothecary now.


Hey! Can I request a Jason imagine where the reader is a street kid and they try to steal the wheels of his motorcycle but Jay found them and bring them home? Fluff please!
Btw your writing is awesome, you should be very proud!❤

I don’t want to tag anyone because this is horrible, I’m sorry.

“Oh come on sweetheart, don’t cry” the cold, inhuman voice spoke behind you as you tried your best to get up from the wet street. You had fell in your attempt to run away from the Red Hood, afraid that he’d kill you too for he had just witnessed you stealing food. Now your food supplies for one week were sprawled acros the muddy, wet street along with your face, that got swollen from the hit.

With fear you tried to crawl away from the armored man as more tears escaped your eyes, your little heart ready to burst out of your chest.

“don’t kill me” you muttered and at that he kneeled to your level, running his big palm on your wet hair.

“Sweetheart, I wont kill you. Do you have anyone to go to? Where are you staying?” He asked to which you answered by shaking your head in denial. Then, his hands came around your torso and before you knew it he was getting up with you in his hands.

“Hey stop it, where are you taking me!” You screamed, yet he remained calm, and started walking fast, towards a part of Gotham you had never been to.

Five more minutes of walking under the heavy rain passed and he was entering an apartment window with you in his hands.

When he shut the window close he took of his helmet amd smiled at you. “I’m Jason kiddo. And if I’m not mistaken you’re the little one that stole the wheels to my motorcycle the other day, do you have any idea how much it cost to me to replace them sweetie? Anyway, tell me your name” Jason said in a hurry and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I-i’m (y/n).” You half smiled back and extended your hand at him.

“Well, (y/n) ive been on the exact same place as you, you know”

“No. Way.” You said, unable to believe that the grand red hood was a street rat one day.

“Well yes, I was so what about you having a warm bath before you you catch a cold on me. Then I can tell you all about it okay?”

Excited to finally have a warm bath again you squealed in delight.

“Can I please stay here for the night?” You hesitantly asked “I -it’s cold outside and I -”

“You can stay here for as long as you want sweet thing, I’ll have a friend of mine take care about everything that comes to you.”

Long Live the Queen (M) Pt. 2

Pt 1 Pt 3  Pt 4


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: Again, credit for this amazing idea goes to @bangtanclouds! Thank you again for letting me steal this. And here it is guys, after working hard all day (with many distractions in between) I present to you, part 2~ please enjoy :)

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Okay so I haven’t seen anyone talk about this, but I need to talk about it anyways. So when Joyce, Hopper, Nancy, Jonathan, the boys and El left the Byers house and went to the school. They would have had to split up and taken two cars. Joyce and Hopper driving his car and Nancy and Jonathan driving his car. But you can’t fit four kids in the back of one car so who do you think they spilt up and who went with who?? I have literally been thinking about this for the past two days and honestly I think that Mike and El would have went with Hopper and Joyce bc did you see the way the Joyce was mothering El?? And as if Mike would let El out of his sight or vice versa.
Dustin and Lucas would have gone with Jonathan bc he’s their friends cool older brother. Also Nancy just being there made her badass in Dustins eyes.
So?? This makes sense to me but you have a different idea please please tell me because I am absolute trash for this fandom and I love this Show so much

4.  „Stop distracting me with your attractiveness.“

14.  “I’m able to kill you in more than 20 different ways so I advice you to shut up now.”

with Jesus (Paul Rovia)

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You were gone for 5 minutes and now some asshole was stealing your stuff.

“I just saw that you had a lot of things and…”

“Decided to steal it?”

“I was borrowing a bit of it. I wouldn’t have taken everything.”

If you weren’t so angry you probably would have laughed at his response but you had a pretty bad day and were in no mood for any shit.

“I’m able to kill you in more than 20 different ways so I advice you to shut up now and put down my stuff or you’ll not like what comes next.”

“You…you should really stop that.”

“Stop what exactly?”

“Stop distracting me with your attractiveness.”


The guy raises an eyebrow and puts up his hands defensively, “Alright, alright.” He slowly backs up away from you and steps outside of your little hideout, “I’m Paul by the way…maybe I’ll come by again. We can talk and stuff.”

“Wha..? Are you crazy, piss off.”

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You say in an attempt to get rid of him.

“Okay, Y/N see you soon.” He smiles, giving you a small wave and vanishes. You furrow your brows and stare at him while he leaves. He didn’t really seem like a bad guy just really weird.

wavemaker9  asked:

I've seen Taako steal from Fantasy Costco on at least nine different occasions, two of which he watched me watch him do it. One time I saw him tell Merle off specifically for trying to steal from a business, before going into the very next aisle and shoving like three potions and a box of rings into his bag. I’d tell Garfield, but I had to trade him a vial of my tears two months ago for this cool shirt I wanted, so he’s not my favorite right now either.


Steal my Heart

4k words - Destiel AU - based on this Tumblr post - AO3

The prompt just screamed young Dean and Sam as little street rats, gambling, drinking, and stealing to survive, but with big hearts that still can’t resist saving people. This is kind of a warm up to get me back into the writing groove so I can finish up my WIPs.

Castiel drags his exhausted feet as he heads back home, despondent over yet another day of searching for work. He had known being on his own would be hard, but five months of living alone, cut off from everyone he had ever known, with his tiny bit of savings nearly used up and he is beginning to feel panic. The Gas-n-Sip interview at least seemed promising, although it’s always difficult to explain no past work experience and no references at all. And it isn’t like he doesn’t have them. He had worked for his parents for years, planning events, coordinating schedules, organizing travel for big name guests, smiling and shaking hands and being the perfect son.

Angel Ministries had kept him living in the lap of luxury for his entire life. He had grown up in a house that felt like a museum, large and beautiful and cold with no running and no touching the many works of art that adorned the walls and decorated the perfect rooms. They had a live-in chef to prepare their meals and a staff to take care of the house, pool, and grounds. He had never even learned to drive since everywhere he traveled was in the back of a long black luxury car or on the family jet. His parents, Zachariah and Naomi, wore perfect faces that everyone in the country recognized (well, everyone in the south and any Christian that ever watched TV). Their “not for profit” televangelism empire had made them rich.

It had all come crashing down for Castiel, though. He was just a few months into his first year of college, his first experience attending school with other students. Growing up traveling around the world for his parent’s speaking engagements, he had been homeschooled, sheltered from viewpoints outside of his parents’ and free thought, to be honest. He had known practically since puberty that he was gay and had held that secret inside for years, never having met anyone else who would speak out loud about being anything but straight.

Inias was a soft-spoken boy who he met at school. He was sweet, and smart, and offered to show Castiel around and introduce him to the Young Christians Bible study group. Soon, they began studying together and Castiel had invited Inias back to his house for a cram session for a big Calculus test they had coming up. He hadn’t even known Inias was gay too until the other boy put his books down on the bed and leaned forward, smashing his mouth awkwardly into Castiel’s. He didn’t even think he really liked Inias that way, but the excitement and warmth of someone touching him with such affection had him reaching for Inias and deepening the kiss.

And, of course, that’s when Naomi walked in, slamming the door behind her to startle the boys apart. Leave, she ordered Inias in a low, dangerous voice, which he did immediately before she turned a disgusted stare at her son. She made him an offer, go to conversion camp and never speak of this incident again, or be disowned if he wanted to continue his sinful life. When he refused camp, he was given fifteen minutes to pack what he needed with a warning that he needed to leave and disappear. She would tell their adoring public that her son was on a two year missionary trip to Africa and pretty soon people would forget that he existed.

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