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Is it too late to start over at 22 and pursue art (I've always just studied until now)?

Listen, it is NEVER, EVER too late. I used to struggle with this mentality (and, honestly, it still rears its ugly head sometimes and it’s awful) that you had to achieve a certain level of artistic skill by a certain age but that’s just not true. Art is not a race; there isn’t a wrong time to start and there isn’t a wrong way to do it, and there is no finish line you cross and you’re finally “good enough.” People learn at different speeds, are good at different things, and struggle with different things, but art will be there for you when you’re 95 and it still wouldn’t be too late. So if you want to pursue it, pursue it! Work hard, be patient with yourself, and enjoy the art-making process- put your heart into it and don’t be discouraged. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t, or that it’s too late, including yourself. You got this.

things you said after we kissed

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Felicity could feel his warm breath stutter against her lips, the tip of his nose bumping her own. Her eyes were closed; she was afraid to open them and realize that this wasn’t happening. That all this time, all this build-up, had resulted in an over-grown imagination and little more. But, at the same time, she knew that they had come and gone from here, this place that always found them, too many times to count. And it never went where she wanted. Too many false starts, empty dreams, and unresolved hopes. 

Oliver’s thumb smooth up the arch of her cheek and tapped, lightly, next to her eye. “Felicity?” 


She could almost hear the smile in his voice. “Are you going to look at me?” 

She scrunched up her nose. “No.” 

He hummed. “Can I ask why?” 

She raised a hand, patted it up his chest and along his shoulder, and then followed his arm up, until her fingers reached his wrist and coiled around it. “Maybe if I don’t open them, nothing changes.”

“I’m kind of hoping something does change.” 

She shook her head, ever so slightly, not enough to dislodge his hand or draw herself too far from his mouth, but enough to get her meaning across. “If I open my eyes, and we do this, it stops. All of it. We’re good at this. At the beginning. It’s the other stuff, the middle and the end, that we trip over. So no, I just want to stay right here.” 

“I thought we were pretty good at the middle. Not perfect. A lot to improve on, definitely. But, we made it work… because we wanted it to work.” He sighed. “The end though, you’re right. We’re not good at endings.” His fingers stroked her hair back then, behind her ear, and then slid down her neck to rest on her shoulder. “So I propose, we don’t have one.” 

She lifted an eyebrow. “No ending?” 


“Sounds optimistic.” 

He laughed then, quick and rough. “Can’t say I’m usually accused of that, but, some things deserve optimism… and hope.” 

She cracked one eye open then, and looked up at him. “Yeah?” 

He grinned at her. “Yeah.” 

She took a deep breath, and reached up with her other hand, sliding her palm over his heart. “Okay.” 

“Okay?” He stared at her a beat.

“Oh. Right.” She opened her other eye, and then blinked a few times. “There.” 

He smiled. “Much better.”

And then he kissed her again, and she jumped in, feet first, eyes wide open.

Come With Me Now

‘Come With Me Now’- Kongos

Fandom: The Avengers
Warning/s: Umm, lots of smut? Primarily smut. Wee bit of plot if you squint
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Pietro x (Gender Neutral) Reader

Summary: Things get heated between you and the speedster, in Avengers Tower (smutty smutty smut smut)

Words: 1750

“It’s been an hour,” Tony growled, slumping back into the sofa. “You think they’d have given it up by now.”

The couple in referral- Pietro and yourself- were currently shouting at each other across the room. Something that had become too common an occurrence in the Avengers Tower of late.

“-THIS IS THE LAST STRAW, Y/N!” Pietro yelled at you, pointing accusingly at you. “JUST HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU TO PUT MILK BACK INTO FRIDGE?!”


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In my Dreams - Ruth B.

The lights are bright tonight, the music loud
A perfect mess that’s what surrounds me
Then I see you over there, I can’t seem to break the stare
Maybe it’s ‘cause your shirt is my favorite color
Then you walk on over with a smolder
And you hand me your number, I say, “what is this?”
You say, “love at first sight, it exists”
But I’ve had my heart broken so many times before
Yeah, I’ve walked through so many empty doors

But if I see you in my dreams tonight
Then maybe you were right
And I’ll call you in the morning
If I see you in my dreams tonight
And you take my hands and tell me
“I’ve been waiting for you”
Then I’ll tell you, “me too”
If I see you in my dreams tonight

I start to drive away and smile like I’m insane
How can I feel this way? I don’t even know your name
The napkin doesn’t say
Then I remember that I vowed not let anyone enter my heart
I say “what is this?”
I know love at first sight can’t exist

But if I see you in my dreams tonight
Then maybe you were right
And I’ll call you in the morning
If I see you in my dreams tonight
And you take my hands and tell me
“I’ve been waiting for you”
Then I’ll tell you, “me too”
If I see you in my dreams tonight

Maybe we’ll meet in a different dimension
And you can tell me all the things you didn’t mention
Maybe we’ll meet in a different dimension
And you can tell me all the things you didn’t mention
You’ll say “what is this?”
I’ll say “I guess love at first sight exists”

Cause I saw you in my dreams that night
And I knew that you were right
So I called you in the morning
(In the morning, in the morning)
Yeah I saw you in my dreams that night
And you took my hands and told me
“I’ve been waiting for you”
And I told you, “me too”
Yeah I saw you in my dreams that night
If I see you in my dreams tonight

Laughing and Crying at the Weight of It All

This past week, I have read all of John Green’s books for the millionth time. (Realistically, it probably hasn’t been a million times, but you get the point.) Like every other time I’ve read them, I cried. Bawled like a baby. Bawled so hard I had to take breaks where I’d set the book down and just breathe. That’s how much these books impact me.

I first happened across John’s books in 2012, when The Fault in Our Stars was published. Around that time, my family had decided to move from a place we had lived for over 6 years to a new state, the summer before my eighth grade year. I read many books that summer, but had not yet found John Green’s. School started after a summer of forced activities (my mom thought this would help my brothers and I make friends) and I was unhappy. It was too humid, math was stressful, and because it was the last year of middle school everyone already had friend groups that had no room for one more kid. Lunch was especially dreadful, and I had started to give up any hope of enjoying my new state. One day when I was hiding inside the library, I stumbled across a book: The Fault in Our Stars. It looked interesting enough, so I checked it out and dove straight into it as soon as I got home.

That same day, I finished The Fault in Our Stars. I kept that book, but went back to the library for others, where I found Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. By the end of the week, I had finished all three and found a new obsession. School still sucked, but I realized that sometimes, somewhere, for someone, life sucked. So I could deal with school, and eventually found people who liked these books just as much as I did.

A year later, we moved back to our old state, and it was as if I had never even left, besides all the memories and experiences I had gained from living somewhere else. I still read John Green’s books, and watched Crash Course for school. Life was good.

Another year later, and The Fault in Our Stars became a movie. My friends suddenly became obsessed, and as obsessed as I was, I was more than happy to welcome them into my obesession with open arms. When Augustus died in the movie, I was surrounded by a storm of sobbing teenage girls. Instead of crying over Augustus, I was laughing and crying at the weight of it all. It was as if a dam had just opened and everything I was feeling flooded out: relief that I had the friends I had, that I lived where I lived, that everything I had experienced in my life was my life. I loved that book and that movie. As a senior in high school, I still love that book and that movie. I love John and Hank’s videos, and I love the messages they send to young people. I love everything about this community, and am so glad I found it when I did.

Thanks to all of you, and DFTBA

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“It’s not so easy for me to be a romantic. You start off that way, and, after you’ve been screwed over a few times, you… you forget about all your delusional ideas, and you just take what comes into your life. That’s not even true! I haven’t been… screwed over, I’ve just had too many… blah relationships. They weren’t mean, they cared for me, but… they were no real… connection, or excitement! At least, not from my side.” Celine - Before Sunset

Shit Outta Luck

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Summary: You wake up somewhere unfamiliar and have no idea once so ever where you are.

Pairings: Negan x Reader (ish)

Warnings: None tbh

A/N: Haha… so… this happened.

Word Count: Roughly 700

I opened my eyes, slowly bringing myself to adjust to the harsh light. When I finally did, I sat up and looked around.

Where am I?

Usually I’d start with looking for something familiar; an object I could place or that I’ve heard of. And normally it wasn’t too hard.

Not that I had been in many of these situations, but there was always something I could place or at least remember hearing about that helped me to find a way out.

This time I was just shit out of luck.

I pushed myself out of the bed and walked around the room attempting to at least familiarize myself with this place.

I stopped in front of a full length mirror and looked over myself.

I was wearing a tan prison outfit - it was about as simple as that - and my Y/H/C hair fell loosely around my face.

The black words ‘Burn After Use’  printed on the leg of the pants didn’t fail to catch my gaze.

I would do much worse than just burn this. Not only was it plain and raggaty, it wasn’t even comfortable enough to fight in, with the baggy ends feeling more like a weight than anything else. Though I’m sure that was the point.

With a sigh, I bunch it up above my waist and knotted it and then proceed to pull my hair up into a loose ponytail.

Not much of an improvement but a lot easier to fight in.

With my shirt like that, my “lucky you” tattoo, was showing.

I traced the letters and frowned at the reminder of a simpler time. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but yearn for the past.

“I gotta say, I’m starting to feel lucky just looking at it.”

I jumped at the voice and turned around to see a tall man standing in the doorway.

I glared, “Well you won’t be feeling that way for long.”

He entered the room, now circling around me with a laugh, “Oh, so that’s how you are. Not gonna lie, I kind of like it.”

I huffed and crossed my arms, not exactly sure how to reply to that. This guy wanted something, and  I wanted to know what.

“You see princess, my people and I saved you. We found you laying out in the woods, knocked out, and bleeding from a cut on your forehead - which you’re welcome for the cleaning up of that. Luckily for you, we got to you just before the walkers did. We took you back here, cleaned you up a bit, and bam. Here you are, good as new.”

I narrowed my eyes slightly at him, not buying all the ‘just being helpful’ undertones, “What angle are you playing at here? What’s the price of you saving my life?”

He grinned, the action itself seeming predatory,”Oh don’t worry. The price, in my opinion, is quite small. All you have to do is live here. Work for the big guy. The man in charge.”

I huffed, all my anger clearly being displayed on my features, “And who exactly is this “man in charge”?”

“My name’s Negan.”

I rolled my eyes, and muttered, “Unbelievable.”

“Actually quite believable indeed. Listen, you stay here, let all this shit sink in and I will be back later to tell you exactly what’s expected.”

I scoffed, sitting on the bed and raising a brow at him, “Big man on campus does such a little job?”

He smirked and leaned against the door frame, “Not usually, no. But when I see something I want I go for it. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do.”

I watched him for a minute, conflicted on how to respond or even feel about that. This man was definitely attractive, don’t get me wrong, but he was still holding me captive. And that was something I couldn’t just easily look passed, considering I’d be reminded of that every day.

“Oh and you might want to watch out for any foxes around here. They’ll trick you out of everything you own.”

“And how do I know that you’re not one of them?”

He chuckled, turning to leave, “Well you’re just shit outta luck there. Because you don’t.”

Muscle and Ink

Prompto’s attraction for Gladiolus grows over time and it’s starting to get a little bit too hard to hide.

(( Just a little something I wrote last night for a prompt on the FFXV kinkmeme. There are so many smut requests on there and I’m just someone who is running around trying to fill the more innocent posts, while secretly stalking the dirtier ones :D I figured I’d upload it to my blog as well as my Ao3 account.  Anyway enjoy x ))

The first time that Prompto saw the young man had been just after he’d turned sixteen. He could remember him clearly- tall, toned and handsome, waiting outside of the school gates to drive Noctis back to the palace. It had been before the prince had been given his apartment and his advisor had been sick that day. Filled with curiosity, Prompto had asked who the mysterious man was as they approached the waiting car.

Gladiolus Amicitia. Born and raised to be Noctis’s shield.

As the years passed and the blond began to hang around with the prince more frequently, he began to see the shield more often. Gladiolus didn’t spend a lot of time with Noctis out of the training room of the palace but he occasionally accompanied Ignis on visits. It was their duty to make sure that the prince was happy and safe. Prompto always noticed the amused smile that would come to the handsome man’s lips when they stepped into the apartment to see it cluttered and messy. Ignis would have to tidy up. Gladiolus would just give Noctis a few stern words, contradict himself by brushing it off and then sit himself down on the couch with them. It turned out he was quite fond of Kings Knight too.

Gladiolus’s hair was no longer just a quiff with shaved sides. His dark hair flowed down at the back of his head. He’d grown a beard that lined his masculine jaw. He’d ditched wearing the formal black jacket for looser vests. And he’d toned up a lot. He looked good. Prompto could remember the first time he’d sat next to him, all three of them sharing the sofa while Ignis had rushed around the room picking up used plates and rubbish. Trapped between then, the man’s muscular arm had grazed against his. Prompto had felt an electric-like spark run up his spine and since that moment he hadn’t been able to look at him in the same innocent way.

All he could think about was running his hands down over his biceps. Grazing his fingertips over the abs on his chest. Imagining being held close in the shield’s strong arms.


The day that Gladiolus walked through the door in nothing but an open jacket was the day that Prompto knew all hope of getting over his ridiculous little crush was lost. His mouth went dry when he noticed that something was different.

“Oh wow… you look…” He could feel his face heating up, not knowing what to say to the man as his brain almost malfunctioned at the sight before him. It took a moment for him to pull himself together and try to act as though he wasn’t practically drooling over him.

“How long were you in the chair? That must have really hurt but you look really good.” He rambled and inwardly cringed when he reflected what he’d just said. “I mean, they look really good on you.” He brought his hands up defensively. Noctis snickered on the couch next to him. Gladiolus raised his eyebrows before deciding to answer him.

“I had it done over a couple of sessions. It was too much to get done all at once.” The man smirked at him, noticing the flush that was now tainting the blond’s freckled cheeks. Prompto felt his heart pick up speed when he noticed that Gladiolus was slipping the jacket off to show them.

“Oh right. Awesome, dude.” He gave him a little grin. Why was Noctis being so quiet? Right now he desperately needed his best friend to chime in. Add to the conversation. Keep the atmosphere comfortable. The blond realised just how heavily he was breathing and he cursed his hormones for making him like this around the older man.

The jacket was dropped to the ground and the shield moved closer to them so that he could show the tattoos off. “So, what do you think your highness?” He was clearly very proud of them as he jokingly flexed his muscles a little.

“Looks good.” The prince nodded his approval.

“Yeah really good.” Prompto’s voice was laced with admiration. He should just be quiet because everything that came out of his mouth was making him look like a little schoolgirl fawning over a good looking teacher. He watched as Gladiolus turned around to show them the back. The blond’s fingers twitched in his lap, wanting to reach out and ghost them over the ink. Well, he was showing them and it was the perfect opportunity.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he dared to outstretch his arm and with one finger grazed over one of the lines near the top of his back, trailing it slightly. “Wow, it’s so detailed.” He breathed out. Then he placed his palm down over it, finally feeling the contours of his muscled back. He’d wanted to do this for years.

“Yeah. I wanted something that looked really awesome and different.”

“Well, no one else in the whole of Lucis is going to have that design,” Noctis commented, although he wasn’t watching Gladio at all. His focus was on Prompto, who seemed lost in the moment as he stroked his hand over the shield’s back. He was worrying his bottom lip and it took him longer than it should to pull away.

The shield smiled widely and bent down to pick up his jacket.


Gladiolus didn’t stay long. He’d only been sent over by Ignis to make sure everything was in order at the apartment. He’d only agreed to come because it meant that he could show off. Once the door had shut the prince turned to his friend with a grin that was quickly spreading across his face. How could he not smile at what he’d just witnessed?

“You know, I think he might like guys.” Noctis tried to control his amused look by sealing his lips together. It was so difficult to look like he wasn’t teasing him. Prompto was even still staring at the door yearningly, but his head whipped around once he heard his friend say that. When he realized what he meant he turned scarlet.

“W-What? What do you mean?” He stammered, a shocked look reached his face.

“Oh, come on.” The prince chuckled and shook his head. “I see how you look at him!” Noctis had noticed Prompto giving Gladiolus looks since the middle of high school. He wanted him so badly.

“What!? You mean?” He looked mortified. “No- No I don’t… You think I like him?” He was running his hands through his blond spikes now, feeling a little self-conscious that he was that obvious. God, had Gladio even figured that out too? Probably. No wonder he’d given him an odd look when Prompto had told him that he thought he looked good.

“You’re a terrible liar, Prompto.”

The blond froze for a moment and considered his options. Noctis was right. He was a terrible liar. He resigned himself to the fact that he’d been caught out. Was there any point in trying to deny it? He bit his lip but it didn’t stop a smile breaking through. He’d been caught and Noctis found this so funny. But he was his best friend, so if anyone should know, Prompto would be happy that it was him. He crossed his arms and gave him the best playful glare that he could.

“Oh shut up.”

when @riddarii suggests a twd/hp crossover and you become way too excited over the prospect. imagine:

  • things start changing in both the magical and muggle world at the same time: cases of people rising from the dead are met with stories that really old magic is starting to unravel - unplottable locations are starting to become visible to the non-magical world, causing confusion and panic 
  • magic starts to ‘degrade’ - it’s harder to control, and there’s a rise in magical accidents occurring around the world ( for example, apparating becomes almost impossible without getting splinched )
  • eventually the wizarding community is outed - every safety measure they’ve put in place relies on that which they’re trying to keep secret, and magic isn’t cooperating anymore
  • the cause of the outbreak is then brought into question: many muggles blaming the wizarding community for the uprising of the dead ( despite there being clear differences between walkers and inferi ) — as such, a separation still stands, with many groups refusing to mix muggles and wizards together
  • witches and wizards have to learn to adapt, using non-magical means to protect themselves as they can’t rely on magic 
  • it does have its uses though - simple spells like extension charms / minor healing spells (no effect on bites) / defensive spells are able to be used in moderation, but anything major that requires a lot of concentration/power is a no go
  • brooms become a commodity - some cheaper models won’t fly as well because the enchantments are failing, but for those that have better models, they make ideal ways to travel ( and escape ). but they’re also worth killing over, so usage is best left to night-time unless you want to risk getting shot out of the sky
  • hogwarts becoming a place of refuge for muggles and witches/wizards alike ( until it’s taken over/threatened bc lbr here no place is safe in twd )
Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I’ve been intending to do this for a while now, and now’s a good time before I post another fic.

I’ve been reading DGM for a while now (over a year?), and have only recently started producing fic/work and being in the fandom (embarrassingly new, honestly). That being said, since I was on break this semester I had a lot of free time…

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That’s Good

Summary: One of Tony’s parties leads to a drunken confession between you and Wanda
Warning: drinking, swearing
A/N: I figured an extra fic would do some good and I’ve had too many Wanda feelings

“I’m just saying that…” you trailed away as she crossed into your line of sight. She came floating down the stairs, her dress swirling around her legs as she moved. Her eyes glowed as she laughed at something Pietro whispered in her ear and you swallowed thickly, smoothing nonexistent wrinkles from the dress Natasha had wrestled you into.

“What's–” Bucky started to ask, glancing over his shoulders and following your line of sight. “For fucks sake, (Y/n)…” he sighed. “This happens every fucking time she walks into a room.”

“I can’t help it if she’s an angel…” you mumbled, struggling – and failing – to pull your eyes back to Bucky as you spoke.

“Are you – you’re not even paying attention to me, are you?”

“Why did God have to create someone so heavenly and put her in my life and not give her to me?” you said, and Bucky threw his arms in the air in exasperation.

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I wish we had more news of Colin and Jmo filming together for 615. The Ariel spoiler made it seem like what's happening has a lot to do with CS, but right now it doesn't seem like they're together much in the episode at all. Jen's off for much of 615, but when she does come back, she only films with Josh and Lana? I hope my initial excitement for this episode wasn't for nothing :/

I wish we had more news, too. If for no other reason than I feel really bad for all the people out there that are genuinely worried.

But I do think people are getting very worked up over the things we know and not thinking enough about the things we don’t know.- which is a TON! Starting with what is even happening in this episode! Where is Hook? Why is Ariel and Eric back? Why is Emma not with him?

There have been so many times that the spoilers got the fandom all up in arms and it turned out to have a totally logical reason. (recall the 5x05 spoilers of Emma putting bags in the yellow bug? fandom went bonkers)

I love when we get a good CS centric … but I also like when they have scenes scattered throughout every episode.

I’m excited for every episode that is coming our way. I’m looking forward to every scene that we get for my faves.

The way I choose to approach this show is to think about all the things we don’t know and wonder what is going to be there. Because then I can go into each episode with a hopeful perspective. Sometimes I love the episode and sometimes it’s kind of meh but I prefer to spend the time leading up to it being hopeful instead of already deciding to hate it … because if you did that then you’re probably not going to like it no matter what.

Who knows what the scene with Josh and Lana is … I had a weird theory that maybe Hook is the one who is kidnapped - not Emma … and this could be a scene where she tells her father she’s going after her man and asks Regina to look after her parents and keep trying to think of a way to break the curse?

Do whatever works best for you but try not to judge the episodes until after they air.

rules: list 10 good things that happened 2016 (could be about you, the world, your friend, etc. as long as it is positive things) then tag 10 friends.

Tagged by: @thanhlyn

1. Finally finished up high-school! Thank god

2. Got to sing with the New York Voices in the summer

3. Was accepted into college, music degree here I come!

4.  Turned 19, soon to be 20 in July

5. Had many eventful parties after high-school

6. Hung out with my best friend over the summer before we parted ways for college

7. watched tons of cartoons and anime that were really good.

8. Started to get better with my art/singing

9. I got tons of new friends during college

10. Last but not least, I met my wonderful boyfriend @thanhlyn. Thank you for being in my life and putting up with me
That’s about it, so time to tag 10 people or try my best too. 
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so i’ve had this job for 3 months now and this white colleague still keeps pronouncing my name wrong. i don’t know how the hell she manages to keep saying bouchara over and over like where does that extra a even come from? i told her many times but she doesn’t even bother to learn it right which i think is quite disrespectful towards me. anyway, i decided to start mispronouncing her name too and she’s pissed lmao

The Start

After watching the documentary Minimalism I decided I had enough of all the stuff I felt was taking over my life. I had too many clothes, too many things, just too much stuff overall. So I decided to purge out my closet and ended up donating three garbage bags full of clothes. I’m left with under 70 clothing items and the desire to cull even more as time goes on.

After getting rid of most of my clothing and making plans to donate most of the items I don’t use I realized that this would only work as long as I didn’t add to my possessions, so after reading a couple different blogs where people didn’t buy anything I decided to give it a try. I’ve official decided not to buy anything non-consumable this year. To stick with my decision I figured I should tell someone so in addition to a couple of friends I’ve decided to tell the internet as well. I’ve made a list of rules in regards to what I’m allowed to purchase and will be posting this on Wednesday.

Hopefully I will be able to stick with my plan and not purchase anything, after all how hard can it be?

Day 10 after GF finale

Me: I wish Ford had had more screen time. I wish Bill could’ve turned into a human. I wish Will or Reverse Falls had been slightly canon. I wish Billdip had happened. I wish the deleted scene of Bill and Dipper meeting had actually happened. I wish the wheel had actually worked. I wish we trapped Bill instead of killing him. I wish someone had died at the end. *coughdippercough* I wish Bill was a plush toy. I wish Dipcifica or Mabifica had been a thing. I wish I had started this series earlier. I wish they had a movie. I wish we could see them all grown up. I wish there was more Bipper. I wish there was a sequel. I WISH FOR MORE GRAVITY FALLS WHY IS IT OVER!!?? *cries in a corner*

Come With Me Now

‘Come With Me Now’- Kongos

Fandom: The Avengers
Warning/s: Umm, lots of smut? Primarily smut. Wee bit of plot if you squint
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Pietro x Reader

Summary: Things get heated between you and the speedster, in Avengers Tower (smutty smutty smut smut)

Words: 1750


“It’s been an hour,” Tony growled, slumping back into the sofa. “You think they’d have given it up by now.”

The couple in referral- Pietro and yourself- were currently shouting at each other across the room. Something that had become too common an occurrence in the Avengers Tower of late.

“-THIS IS THE LAST STRAW, Y/N!” Pietro yelled at you, pointing accusingly at you. “JUST HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU TO PUT MILK BACK INTO FRIDGE?!”


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I am quite like the desktop computer that lived in the sunroom when I was a kid.

It was slow. You had to press the power button a certain way to get it to turn on. Then you had to wait. To me it felt like waiting a million years. I had things to do on that computer! I couldn’t sit around waiting for it!

As soon as the desktop appeared on the screen, I would start clicking. Open a word document. Open Internet Explorer. Open Roller Coaster Tycoon. The computer would do none of those things. It would just hum and whir and get very hot. Then it would freeze. Time to reboot it and start over.

Later my dad explained to me that if I told the computer to do too many big things like that at the same time, it would just take longer. The computer wasn’t really ready to do things for at least a minute after the desktop appeared.

But I was impatient. I would click and click and click the symbol for Lego Harry Potter thinking if I told the computer enough times it would do it Later I learned that doing this just confuses the computer.

That’s me. I am that computer. Slow to start, slow to be ready to do things, incapable of processing too many commands at once. Stressed by being told to do the same thing over and over again before I even have the chance to attempt it.

The program is not responding.



Try again later.