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FaceTime Call

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You Facetime Tom after finding out from fans he cut his hair. Your phone was off while you were landing home from a flight.


Word Count: 1,700+

A/N: 400 more till 3k!! I love you all so much :)

I turn 21 in 2 months c: Which means I can buy alcohol, meaning I CAN WRITE FREQUENT SMUT IF YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE CAUSE I LOVE SMUT

[Reader’s POV]

“So how was your trip?” Your mom asks happily through the phone. Reaching for your bag out of the carrier you tell her to hold on. Sometimes she calls you at the worst times. She onetime called you while Tom and you were having sex and wouldn’t stop calling till you picked up. Your mother was relentless sometimes.

“It went well mom, I’m just back to be in London” admitting the truth with a smile on your face. You loved it here because you got to live with the love of your life.

“How’s Tom doing? Anything new since Spider-Man Homecoming?” she absolutely adored Tom, she claims he’s the best you’ve had out of the guys you’ve dated.

“Yes he’’s actually working on another film, he’s been gone for two weeks while I was away as well so we’re both out and about” you explain as you walk down the plane aisle. You could hear her talking to your dad about Tom. Mentally wondering why she just doesn’t put you on speaker so he can hear too.

“Hey I’m going to go so I can focus okay? Plus Nikki is picking me up from the airport with Tessa”  Saying your goodbyes you hang up your phone. Slipping your phone into your purse you make your way out of the gate. The sound of your suitcase clicking against the bumps in the carpet.

   Walking past people to head towards the baggage claim. Looking at the time on your Apple Watch you walk a little faster. Nikki said she would be here at a certain time and you didn’t like making people wait. Turning the corner you go down the escalator descending to the baggage claim.

    Hearing a bark makes you search the crowd of people. A little grey blob pushes people out of the way. Nikki’s red hair standing out as she took off after Tessa. Opening your arms you get tackled by your favorite dog in the world. Her tongue laps at your face making you giggle.

“Tessa my love, I missed you so much” her body wiggling in your arms as you tried calming her down. People were looking at the interaction the two of you were having. Grabbing her leash you stand back up.

   Nikki opens her arms to you which you gladly take her hug. She gives the best hugs in the damn world. Letting you go she kisses both of your cheeks , she’s like a second mom. Tugging your free hand she pulls you along. She took your extra suitcase even though you tried to take it but she insisted. Leaving thankfully no one was outside, if Tom was with you it would have been a lot worse. He draws big crowds full of his loving fans.

“c’mon Tessa lets get in the car”  opening the door for her she jumps inside. Taking your backpack and purse off you set them on the floor of the car. You hear clicking sounds and turn around to see people with cameras.

    Getting in the car you close the door annoyed with the cameras. You don’t know how Tom does it all the time, it’s got to be truly exhausting having your every move watched. Even his family has to deal with it. Nikki tells you to ignore them and starts the car pulling out of the parking spot. Tessa jumps back onto the seat and lays down next to you.

   Smiling down at her you place your hand on her head. Your thumb stroking her head slowly to her ears and repeating it. Watching as her eyes closed from your touch. God you love her so much, probably more than Tom.

   Taking your phone out you see notifications pop up. Clicking on them you see Tom’s tweet and your heart stops. Going to his Instagram you see he hasn’t posted anything. Clicking on his tagged photos you see his fans posts. Scrolling through they’re all freaking about his Bye Bye Hair tweet.

   Exiting the Instagram app you open your messages and clicking on Tom’s name. Looking at the messages waiting for some sort of explanation. Typing and retyping the message you want to send. Normally he keeps you updated but he hasn’t said a damn thing. When he does that you start to feel like a fan yourself and freak out.


So what’s with the tweet, care to spill the secret like you do with every Marvel secret?

    Locking your phone you know it’d be a while to get a message back if he was on set. The ride home was filled with conversation about your trip. The two of you talked as Tessa slept peacefully. Nikki told you stories about the boys and how mischievous they’ve been. She says Paddy has been getting into the sweets more and has grown a sweet tooth recently.

   Checking your phone you see there’s still no text back. You ask Nikki and she explains she has no clue. Apparently Tom hasn’t even told her which she thought was odd. You knew it was very odd because he’s such a momma’s boy.

   Nikki drops you off at Toms and helps you with your stuff. After you and Tessa are all settled she tells you to come over for dinner. Apparently Harry has been working on something and wants the family to see. He knew you were coming back into town so he told Nikki to tell you since you’re practically family.

   Hugging Nikki goodbye you shut the door behind her as she leaves. Picking your phone off the table you see notifications again. Some were from Harrison and your friends messaging you. The messages consisted of screenshots asking why Tom was cutting his hair.  Your thoughts get interrupted by your ringtone you made for Tom. It was him saying quackson.

Meme King:

C’mon angel don’t be like that, let me give you a call xx

   Rolling your eyes you connect your phone to the charger. Your phone starts ringing flashing ‘Meme King wants to FaceTime.’ Clicking the answer you see Tom relaxing with a hood on his head. Normally his curls peep out which make you narrow your eyes trying to see his curls. His smile distracting as he cheers happily to see your face.

“Ah there’s my beautiful girl, I’ve missed you darling” his voice making your heart ache, you miss him so much.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you more..” you pout looking at him snuggle deeper into the couch. You could hear Harrison in the background talking. Tessa’s tags jingle as she jumps onto the L shaped couch.

“There’s my little one! I love you Tessa soooo much” Tom cooed into the screen making a kiss face.

“Tom so are you going to tell me what that tweet was about?” You ask turning the screen back to you. The seriousness in your face made his smile fall.

“I uh.. well I can’t keep it a secret from you anymore” He pulls the hood revealing his hair of cur.. there are no curls. Just short hair that he fixed with his hand. Your jaw dropping at the sight because last night you talked to him and all the curls were there.

“Christ, you don’t like it do you” Tom sits up fixing the angle he had the screen at. You were in shock because you haven’t seen Tom with short hair, the only pictures you’ve seen are from when he was little. Nikki likes to show you pictures from her archive whenever you see her.

“N-No baby, I’m just thrown off is all.. you look very handsome I’m just going to miss the curls” you give him a smile as you see his features relax. Did he really care that much about what you thought of his hair?

“I know how you like gripping onto them when I go down on you” he sighs tilting his head back. Your cheeks tinting pink from what he just said.

“Oi! I’m right here and you’re going to talk to her in front of me like that man? you two are like rabbits” Harrison’s voice fills your ears making you face palm yourself. God dammit Thomas.

“It’s the truth so now she has to wait for them to grow back” Tom defends himself laughing at his best friend. Harrison pops up behind Tom flipping you and him off.

“Awww Hazeroonie don’t be mad you don’t have a sex life” you tease sticking your tongue out. Harrison lets out a small scream taking off out of the frame.

“Okay yeah I’m definitely going to miss your curls now” you sigh thinking of the last time you two were alone together. Your thighs clamping together tightly at the thought.

“I’ll be home when I can love, I’ll FaceTime you every night till were together.. then when I’m home you can give me some personal FaceTime” his smirk making your heart rate pick up again.

“PLEASE GET A ROOM THOMAS” Tom’s head is then hit with a pillow causing him to drop his phone. In the background you hear the two getting into a little fist fight. Knowing them they’re going to sound like children any second with their banter.

“cut it out you twat I’m talking to my girl right now” Tom huffs after a slap sounds echoes through the air. The phone is kicked around making the room look like it’s spinning.

“Ow don’t pull my hair!” Harrison whines followed by a thud. Laughter filling the air making you sigh. These two were actual children.

   Tom picks up his phone that fell from before. Harrison says he’s going to the store leaving the two of you alone. The two of you talk about how long it will be till you see each other again. It was hard while he’s away but you really enjoyed these FaceTime calls. It was the only time you’d see him when he wasn’t busy and it made the wait worth it.

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TimSteph and Photography

(With all the dark and angsty headcanons I’ve been doing lately, I need to do some happy ones otherwise my head will explode) 

Headcanon that Tim has a thing for taking candid photos of Stephanie when she doesn’t expect it. He likes to hide where she won’t see him and take pictures of her doing normal everyday things like drinking coffee or folding laundry. He has them all compiled in a huge photo album titled “Stephanie’s Prettiest Moments,” and by now he’s got hundreds of cute photos in there. Some gems: 

• A photo of Steph, taken from behind as she dances around the kitchen in sock feet while making pancakes 

• Blushing Steph standing in a doorway, trying not to smile as a toothbrush hangs from her mouth and her hand can be seen trying to block her face from the camera 

• Steph sleeping on the floor with her legs propped on the couch and Alfred the Cat curled up on her stomach. A book lays sprawled open next to her 

• Angry Steph flipping off the camera as Alfred tends to a gunshot wound on her leg. Dick can be seen laughing in the background 

• Sick Steph curled up on the couch, snuggled cozily in a blanket so only her eyes and nose are visible. Piles of tissues and stacks of DVDs surround her and steam can be seen from a bowl of soup on the coffee table  

• Steph posing with a new CD she got for Christmas, perched happily under the tree with a Santa hat and tinsel wrapped around her neck like a scarf. She’s in fluffy snowman pajamas and reindeer slippers, and there’s the smallest hint of an eggnog mustache on her lip 

• Steph early in the morning without any makeup on yet, smiling as she watches cartoons. The photo is taken from around Tim’s body, and his arm can be seen around Steph’s shoulder, so it’s clear that he was trying to be sneaky and took it while they had been cuddling side by side on the couch together   

• Steph with tears streaming down her face, in the middle of throwing a pillow at Tim while the ending scene from Toy Story 3 can be seen on the tv in the background

• Steph half asleep with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in her hands, wearing one of Tim’s old shirts that stops at her knees paired with knee length cat socks. Her hair is in a wild disarray, and despite her tiredness she’s giving a small smile to the camera  

• Steph sitting in a library, books scattered around her as she reads with a look of intense concentration on her face, her brows wrinkled in thought and her teeth chewing her bottom lip. The camera is angled from just below the table and half the screen is blocked by it, as if Tim was trying very hard not to be seen taking the picture 

• Steph trying to get what looks like eggs and flour out of her hair. Various ingredients scatter the kitchen, and one can easily deduce it was taken after a food fight gone wrong. There’s cocoa powder blurring the camera lens, giving the photo an odd appearance  

• Steph sitting on a picnic blanket atop some grass, gazing at the sky as pink and green fireworks burst above. It’s dark, so you can see mostly only shadows on her face, but the lights from the fireworks make her eyes appear to glow  

• Steph running on a treadmill in workout clothes with ear buds in her ears. The photo’s taken from at least twenty feet away behind an elliptical machine 

• This one is taken from what’s obviously the inside of a closet, and you can only see through a small crack in the door. Steph is seen in their bedroom, wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants as she dances around the room and sings into a hairbrush 

• Steph with her eyes half closed and pink frosting on the corner of her mouth as she bites into a cupcake 

• Steph laying back on a beach towel, wearing a purple bikini and sunglasses. She can obviously see Tim taking her picture, but she’s too busy relaxing to care 

• There’s one photo where it’s actually Tim in the shot, and this one was clearly taken by Stephanie. Tim’s sleeping with his head on multiple papers and files on his desk, a cold cup of coffee and some old takeout containers beside him 

• Steph sleeping sprawled out and taking up the entire bed, her hair tangled around the pillow like golden seaweed and the covers in a heap on the floor, likely after being kicked off in her sleep 

• Steph sitting on top of Damian, who’s red faced and looks ready to kill. The shot is blurry, as though the person with the camera was laughing when he took it 

• This shot is blurry as well. It’s a close up selfie of Steph’s face with Tim’s face rushing into the frame, planting a huge impromptu kiss on her cheek. Steph looks surprised, as if shocked out of focus, and one can easily deduce that Tim snuck up on her for a peck  

• Steph from behind in a long mauve gown, her arms up and her fingers working intricately on her hair. Her face cannot be seen, and she’s too busy concentrating to notice that Tim’s in the room. There’s a floor length mirror in the frame, so you can see Tim as well, clad in a nice tux and his hair gelled back with a camera in hand  

• A blurry photo of Steph laughing, her nose crinkled and her eyes shut as she giggles at something funny Tim said 

• One is taken by Cass, who hijacked Tim’s camera and snuck up on the couple, getting a shot of them with their faces an inch away from each other, caught as they leaned in for a kiss 

• Steph leaning over the back of the chair to the batcomputer as Bruce points to something on the screen. Jason is next to Steph, but he’s the only one who noticed Tim and his camera. He’s smiling wryly as he holds up the middle finger with one hand and gives Steph bunny ears with the other 

• Steph in the middle of the ocean, awkwardly surfing a high wave. The shot is angled as though Tim was dropping the camera as it was taken, likely to help Steph out because she’s actually falling off the surfboard 

• Steph in the opposite end of a booth at a diner, grinning and laughing as Tim’s finger dots a dollop of whipped cream on the tip of her nose    

Polaroids (Jongup x reader)

Word count: 3.8 k+

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤

Summary: You weren’t really sure when or how this happened, but Jongup had somehow gotten his hands on a polaroid camera. It would have been quite cute and stuff if his newfound hobby didn’t involve taking pictures of you everywhere and without exception, but only when you weren’t looking. The few times that you did notice you tried to confront him, but he always managed to avoid any questions or punishments. It wasn’t until much later when he revealed you his heartwarming surprise!

(IMPORTANT A/N) Well, more or less important. I don’t really know why, and I’m not sure if anyone else calls him this way, but I’ve started calling Jongup just Yup for short (’cause it sounds kinda cute imo).Thought I’d clarify that before the actual scenario begins, as that nickname will be used. A lot.

You were just casually minding your own business, eating some chips as you were watching an old movie, when you suddenly heard a little, quiet “click”. Turning your head to the source of the sound, you found out it was no other than Jongup, standing in the doorway with a polaroid camera in his hands and smiling sheepishly. Not that you’d expected anything or anyone else.

“Yup, again?” you asked him, tilting your head a little and furrowing your brows as he simply nodded.

You weren’t really sure how, but Jongup’s recently gotten his hands on a polaroid camera. At first he bugged you to take a few aesthetic pictures together with him, and you did, laughing loud and smiling bright as you both pulled ridiculous faces and poses while taking photos. His polaroid adventures seemed to end at your couple pictures that were now framed up and nicely put on your bedroom wall, or so you thought, as he hadn’t touched the camera after taking those pictures in the next few days. Turns out you were wrong.

One day you were casually cooking in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe just because you’d suddenly felt the desire to learn something new. Midways through cooking, you heard a tiny “click” coming from across the room. You looked up just to see Jongup standing there, polaroid camera aimed directly at you.
“Yup.. What are you doing?” you asked him, blushing slightly. The thought of you looking ridiculous in that picture came across your mind, and you winced a little, wanting to be sure you looked alright. Otherwise you just wanted to snap it out of Jongup’s hands and rip it apart so he wouldn’t see an ugly angle of you that he maybe hasn’t seen yet.

“Taking a picture, isn’t it obvious?” Jongup said, snapping you back to reality from your thoughts. You had to admit, sometimes his straight-forward and innocently savage behavior irritated you, because he always seemingly answered your questions, but you still had no clue about what was going on.

“Can you warn me the next time you snap a photo at least? I probably look ugly in this one,” you were back and chopping up vegetables, but your eyes were still focused on Jongup, as he stood there, calmly waving the picture back and forth and waiting for it to fully develop.

“Naah, I’ve seen worse angles of you,” he casually told you as he studied the picture, and made you jump slightly at the remark. Jongup just… often had a bad, or maybe rather unlucky way of wording things properly.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” he trailed off as he saw your face that displayed a little bit of hidden hurt. You didn’t answer, instead fully focusing on the chopping board, and he immediately knew he did wrong.

“Not that any of your angles are bad..” he told you as he placed the camera on the kitchen counter and made his way around it. Jongup’s arm wrapped around you from behind and he leaned his head on your shoulder, showing you the picture that he held in the other hand. You stopped the chopping for a little and looked at it.

“See? Beautiful, as always. You gotta understand when I’m kidding and when I’m not,” he told you and pressed a warm, loving kiss on your cheek, soon leaving your side and the room, with the camera back in one of his hands and the photo in the other. You sighed in relief after seeing that you looked not only alright, but even kinda cute in that picture, but were still, for some reason, a little sad about Jongup’s first initial reaction to your statement. He knew he had done wrong, and that evening he made sure to shower you with less straight-forward, tiny compliments here and there, and cuddles and kisses on top of that afterwards.

Now he was back with the camera, doing the same as he always did when you caught him taking pictures of you. He stood there, his perfect frame highlighted from the light that was creeping it’s way from the hallway right into the dark living room. His hand calmly moved back and forth, waving the picture, and his eyes shot it a curious glance every few seconds, as he was quite impatient to see the result. 

You didn’t get it at all, just like many other questionable things Jongup did every now and then. To be completely honest, you didn’t quite get or understand many things about him ever since you met him, but you didn’t mind, as you thought you’d get used to them or catch onto them in the process.

The first time you ever saw Jongup was on the set of a MV making, and you were warned beforehand by some of the staff that had already worked with the B.A.P guys on different other occasions that he was sweet and funny, but… A little out of this world. It wasn’t until he noticed you standing in the corner (as you had nothing to do at that moment) and watching his solo takes getting done that he knew he wanted to talk to you. Right when the first opportunity came up, he fearlessly and cutely did so, making you blush tons and stutter a little in return, as you immediately found him super attractive. It escalated quickly, as the next thing you knew you both were standing on a rooftop, kissing, just a few weeks after you’d met. His hands were shamelessly running up and down your sides, and as you couldn’t bear it anymore, you pulled away and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Isn’t this too soon? You barely know me,” you told him, feeling his breath against your skin as he was still so close. Not that you didn’t want this, you just couldn’t help but think this wasn’t completely right.

“So? I know everything I wanted and needed to know in order to figure out that I like you, and I’ll learn the rest in the process, if you let me,” his lips were back at an unbearably close distance, teasing you. He let you decide on how this would end, waiting for you to kiss him if you were comfortable with it. And if you weren’t, he was willing to wait, although he hoped oh so much he wouldn’t actually have to do that. A few seconds passed, and right as he thought that you’d decided to pass on the opportunity, your lips were on his, placing a small, shy kiss. He smiled and kissed back in a more bold fashion, putting himself fully out there and letting you know that this was the start of something bigger.

That evening, when he drove you home and said his goodbyes, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on inside his head. You didn’t know if he thought about it a lot or if he didn’t think at all. You didn’t know if he acted upon emotion or if he had planned it. You didn’t know about his intentions, and you didn’t know how he felt, all you knew was that you had managed to fall for someone who was a complete mystery to you in the spawn of a few weeks. It was too early to say that you loved him, but you did like him a lot and you did feel incredibly attracted to him. Plus, the way he kissed you seemed genuine, as if he’d decided he wanted to be with you and didn’t want to experience the horribly long period of just being friends up until he could finally confess and on the same day tell you he loved you. He wanted to jump right into it and trust the fact that you were the right person for him, finding out more about you and letting you find out more about him with every passing day, not wasting any time.
From then on your meetings became a regular thing, and he soon asked you out. Your conversations became longer and kisses became deeper. Cuddles in the evening were a regular thing, and your apartment was a second home to him as he would crash your place often, telling you the guys were bugging him too much in the dorm. Eventually, you had fallen completely, and while sometimes Jongup’s split-second decisions, random things he did or sentences he said seemed odd or unusual to you and you simply didn’t understand it, the thing you knew for sure is that over time you weren’t the only one who had fallen completely. He had fallen too, and now refused to spend a day without you.

The sound of footsteps made you realize you were zoning out again, and you looked over at the doorway where you saw Jongup leaving. Again, without explanation. Oh well, you’d gotten used to it by now already. The fact that you’d caught him taking pictures around five times by now but have seen only one of them irritated you slightly, but you tried to shake it off.

Jongup came back into the room, this time without the camera, and laid down on the couch next to you, blocking your view of the TV and looking right into your eyes as he laid on his side, his head resting on his arm.

“You’re blocking the view,” you told him, seemingly annoyed.

“I am the view,” he responded and flashed you a cheeky smile as you playfully hit his chest.

“Why are you here anyways? Aren’t you supposed to be in the doorway, silently taking pictures of me from the worst angles at the worst moments?” your remarks had him laughing silently, and even you had to admit that your mood was more on the good side, just like it always was when Jongup was around, but you decided to play annoyed just for a little longer.

“For all I know my mouth could be open in a stupid way, or I could be mid-blink, looking ridiculous-” you were cut off by Jongup throwing his arm around you and sliding closer to you, hiding his face in the crook of your neck as he held your bodies closer together.

“I want cuddles…” is all he said, and, since you knew that you could vent about the pictures for ages and he still wouldn’t care to explain anything and would just laugh at you, he didn’t have to repeat himself. Your arm slowly made it’s way around him and you buried your face in his hair, surprised by how nice it smelled.

“Don’t be mad at me,” he said, and you couldn’t believe he was actually as old as he was, because he sounded like a little kid, so innocent and cute.

“I’m not, it’s just that you’re acting weird,” you said, stroking his back up and down. He chuckled, and you died a little at the sound of his laughter. What was it about him that had you tied around his finger instantly and made you feel so attracted to him in every situation? You didn’t know. All you knew is that he had a big advantage, and that he would never misuse it.

“You’ll find out soon, I promise,” he pressed a kiss on your neck, sending little daggers of pleasure up your skin. Suddenly, after laying still for a few minutes, he flipped both of you over, with you landing on your back and him landing on top of you. You, completely not expecting this, squealed a little. He seemed to think of it as cute as he smiled against your skin, both of his arms resting on the bed on his elbows, and his hands tightly holding your sides.

“Yup, I was watching that movie!!” you exclaimed, but in return only got even more squeezed by his tight grip.

“Not anymore, now I want cuddles so we’re gonna cuddle,” he told you, and you smiled. You knew that whenever Jongup lacked your attention he would come crawling to you, and wouldn’t leave until he got what he wanted. Not that you ever wanted him to leave, to be honest, and not that you ever denied giving him your full affection and attention. With your free hand you threw a nearby blanket over the two of you, and wrapped your arms tightly around him.

“Wish granted,” you said as he lifted his head up to give you a kiss. And then another one. And, hell, if he was at it already, why not some more?

Clingy, affectionate Jongup is what you lived for, because he was so cute when he nuzzled his face into your skin, and you felt so warm and safe in his embrace, and at the same time he was so hot when he kissed you hard, not missing a single opportunity to bite down on your lip or start some intense tongue play, his hands roaming your body in the process. His cute and innocent appearance was only a facade, ‘cause the real Jongup could be much more posessive, passionate and demanding when it came to kissing you.

As you’d expected, you both fell asleep on the couch, and as you woke up the next morning, you couldn’t help but pout at his absence, the sofa oh so empty without him and your body not squished under his weight. You got up and slowly wandered around the house. It was a free day, so there was no need to hurry.

“You’ll find out soon…” you suddenly remembered and repeated the phrase that Jongup had told you yesterday, and furrowed your brows. Find out that he was doing what? No clue. Was it a surprise for you? Again, no clue. Was it just Jongup being weird again? Absolutely no clue.

Days upon days passed, and you made sure to pay extra attention to the quiet “clicks” that you would hear whenever he took a picture, but there weren’t any. You’d already forgotten about the whole thing, and remembered about it occasionally, only upon seeing the camera lying around somewhere, because, even if he wasn’t photographing, Jongup was still carrying that thing around with him every so often.

It was the last day before B.A.P’s world tour kicked off that you finally found out. 

Upon saying your goodbyes and hugging each other for the thousandth time (as well as getting scolded by Himchan who drove to pick Jongup up from your place that they would be late if you both didn’t hurry up), you couldn’t help but slip a single tear when you looked at him.

“Hey, babe, why are you crying? I’ll be back in to time,” Jongup smiled and held you, one arm tightly wrapped around you and the other one holding you gently, his hand patting your hair.

“I’ll just miss you a lot, Yup. You know I’m a little emotional, so just don’t pay attention to it,” You told him as you cupped his face with your hands.

“Go out there and do your best, just like always, and remember that I’ll be watching every single fancam I’ll be able to find,” you told him, and he chuckled at your remark, planting a soft, loving kiss on your lips instead of saying a “thank you” and soon leaving you alone in your apartment.

The work day was painfully long, and your apartment felt so empty when you came home and realized there would be no Jongup crashing the place tonight. You took out your phone, ready to type him a text, but then froze. Were you acting clingy? He just left, and you already missed him, knowing that the feeling would only progress during the next few weeks. You decided you’d still wait for a bit, or just wait for him to text first when suddenly your phone screen lit up and your notification sound made you slightly jump.

“Hope you’re having a nice evening, because I’m about to make it even nicer,” you read the text out loud and thought “wow, arrogant, but interesting”. Before you could type that or anything else, another message popped up.

“Open the second drawer in your bedroom commode and facetime me afterwards. See ya,” you looked at the kissy emoji he had attached to the message, and simply answered with a “Yessir!”.

Curious, but with an idea in mind, you made your way to the said commode and opened the drawer, just to see something familiar casually lying there on top of your clothes. You sat down on the bed, admiring Jongup’s little surprise.

A bunch of polaroids put together in a little stack, tied together with a big, red ribbon. Your fingers slid over the upper picture carefully as you inhaled deeply, hoping you were prepared for what was about to follow.

The ribbon fell on your lap, and you started looking at the pictures. There were dozens of them, and the further you got, the more scared of Jongup you became. You’d caught him snapping only a few of these, six at most, but here were so many more, all of them showing you doing different things. You wondered how you never noticed him taking this many pictures, and how on point his sneaking up skills were.

You recognized most of the moments pictured, and some of them you could recall clearly. There were pictures of you cooking, pictures of you rolled up in blankets and watching movies. There were pictures of you singing and pictures of you laughing. He took pictures of you ordering coffee at your favorite coffee shop, and he took pictures of you simply walking on the street and pulling him along by his hand. He took photos of your field trips and tiny vacations, where in one of them you could be seen standing in the middle of a field and laughing hard, a beautiful smile on your lips as your hair swayed in the wind. He took photos of you all dressed up in your formal attire, in the dresses that he loved the most and always admired. He took photos of you doing your favorite hobbies, and, embarrassingly enough, he took a photo of you sitting in what seemed to be the kitchen and, with only the back of your head with headphones on and your hand that was holding your phone visible, it still wasn’t hard to tell that you were watching B.A.P’s live performances. You felt a little bit less embarrassed when you saw “so damn cute” written in Jongup’s handwriting on the picture, and sighed with relief.

He had taken so many pictures, and most of the times you hadn’t even noticed. And what surprised you the most was that, even though you weren’t aware that Jongup was taking pictures of you, you still looked good in all of them. Was it his newfound ability to take pictures well, or was it you who managed to look good from all of these angles? You couldn’t quite believe the latter, but part of you wanted to.

You froze at the last picture, as it was one of you and Jongup, with both of you cuddling and your face buried somewhere in his chest. It looked like you’d already fallen asleep at this point. He was smiling sheepishly, as if saying “oh I’m SO sneaky, you don’t even know,” as he rested his head on top of yours and held you tightly. An arrow was drawn at the bottom of the picture, so you turned it around.

“Babe, you’re beautiful in every way, no matter when or where and no matter what you’re doing. If only you saw it the same way I see it, but, since you don’t maybe these pictures will help. I’m glad to call you mine. And what’s even more important, I love you. - Yup,” you read out loud and felt the need to curl up in a ball on the bed and stare at those words for a little longer, as your heart was about to jump out of your chest and your brain was incapable of processing things the right way.

He knew you were self-conscious. At first he joked about it, but when he saw you always worrying about the way you looked and always feeling like you looked ugly, he knew he had to do something about it, and, when this idea came to mind, he simply couldn’t resist. But whats caught your attention the most was the last sentence.

“And what’s even more important, I love you. - Yup.”

If there was one thing he was hesitant about, it was telling you he loved you. You knew he had strong feelings when it came to your relationship, but he’s never said these three words to you, and you hadn’t told him either, simply because of how shy you were. But now they were out of his mouth, and you laid there, suddenly missing his arms around you and the taste of his mouth even more than you already did. Your hands reached for your phone, and you searched for him in your contacts list.

“Don’t tell me you’re crying again, that was meant to be a sweet surprise,” Jongup said as he answered the call and saw your face.

“C'mon, let me tear up a bit, that was beautiful,” you told him as he smiled brightly, correcting you with a cheesy comment that said “no, you mean you are beautiful, right?”

“So that means you love me, yeah?” he was about to say something, but you cut him off, showing him the back of the photo he had written on. His facial expression shifted a bit, showing surprise, but he smiled at you after a second.

“Of course I do, but I’m not too sure if you love me. You’ve never told me that before-”

“Hey, you hadn’t told me either up until now, okay?! You didn’t even tell me now, you wrote it down on a polaroid!“ you exclaimed happily, trying to defend yourself, but he just kept smiling and looking at you.

"Okay, fair enough. Hey, (Y/N).”


“I love you, (Y/N). A lot,” he told you, looking straight into your eyes, and you smiled.

“I love you too, Yup. With all of my heart,” you saw him smiling brightly, and felt good for being the reason behind his smile.

”Isn’t it too soon?” he bugged you, mimicking your tone from when you shared your first kiss. You’d usually sass him back, but happiness had taken over your whole body, and you simply couldn’t bring yourself to do it.

”It isn’t, I’ve learned enough about you to figure out that I love you, and the rest I will find out in the process, if you let me,” you told him as you two were smiling like madmen.

Loud noises appeared in the background, and Jongup turned his head around, looking at what was happening.

“I have to go now, but we’ll talk soon enough, I promise. I can’t wait to hear those words in person, by the way,” he said.

“Which words? I love you?” you teased, and literally anyone could tell that on the other end of the line, Jongup was melting on the inside because of pleasant but previously inexperienced emotions.

“Exactly. Okay, babe, please get some rest and try to have some confidence, because, as you probably already saw, you are beautiful. Good night,” he blew you a funny kiss, and you responded the same way, laughing loud and waving goodbye as well.

“I never know what you’re up to, but that makes being in love with you so exciting..” you quietly said to yourself as you laid on the bed and faced the ceiling. If all of this was a dream and you would have to wake up soon, you would be very disappointed. So you laid there, thinking about him and hoping this wasn’t too good to be true.

quarkynerdbrain  asked:

Jemma's first weighted blanket (in any universe)

Nobody Else Can Take Me Higher 

anon prompted: “Adoption AU Jemma figuring out she’s autistic and talking to May about it” 

Let Us Love series 

a/n: jemma and fitz are 22-23 in this 

3079 words 

read on AO3 

“So how have things been at work?”

Jemma’s fingernails scrape gently over the patterned ceramic mug, textured with the layers of paint that Jemma had applied all those years ago when she was a young kid. May had received more than a few hand-painted mugs as gifts from the kids over the years (the last one being from a 17-year-old Antoine) and each one of the kids claims their favorite when they come over to visit. This one is always Jemma’s. It depicts no scene, just a pattern of zigzags and dots. Jemma had once explained she liked it because of how it felt in her hands.

When she receives no response, May says, “Jemma?”

Jemma continues to stare down at her tea.

Rather than touching her and startling her out of the trance she’s sunk in to, May starts skimming over the headlines on the newspaper in front of her. Which is maybe a bad idea. If she has to read one more thing about politics she’s going to scream.

She’s looking over the weather forecast when Jemma’s head pops up, and she blinks at May.

“Sorry, did you say something?”

“I asked how work was going.”

Jemma nods, tapping her nails on the mug. “Good, good. Our boss is letting us have input into our next project. Fitz and I are going to try and convince her to look into advanced prosthetics. It’s a growing field, I think she’ll go for it.”

May takes a sip of her tea, which is almost empty, and getting colder. “That sounds good.”

Jemma nods again, then her gaze drifts back toward the tea, lips pressing together.

May watches her for a moment before speaking. “Is there something bothering you, Jemma?”

Jemma sighs, and her lips flicker up in a nervous smile. “Um. Sort of. Not bothering, I suppose. Just weighing.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

May figures that this is why Jemma came over. She’d called only last night to ask, when usually she calls at least a week in advance. And she sounded nervous on the phone. May hopes it’s not serious, but if it is then they’ll deal with it together.

The tapping on the mug gets more urgent. “Yes. I do. I just … I’m not sure how to say it. How to tell you.”

May considers that for a moment, then stands. Jemma blinks at her in surprise.

“Come on.”

Jemma follows her out of the room and into the living room, and sits on the couch when May nods at it. Then May makes her way over to the corner, where Lancelot is sleeping, snoring heavily.

“Lance,” May calls.

The dog doesn’t budge.

She nudges him with her cane. “Lance.”

With great effort, the old Pyrenees lifts his head, snorting sleepily.

“Where’s Jemma?” May asks.

Lance fixes his gaze on Jemma on the couch, tail thumping once.

“Go get her,” May says encouragingly.

Slowly, Lance pulls himself up, stretches languidly, and walks over to the couch. He stares up at Jemma for a moment before raising one paw, placing it on her leg, and huffing.

“You are too big for this,” Jemma says, even as she bends over to heft the dog onto her lap, front half first, then back half. She groans with the effort, as he weighs about as much as she does.

Lance adjusts himself over Jemma’s lap and sighs heavily as he lays down his head.

“Silly old dog,” Jemma mutters fondly, stroking his long, white fur.

May sits down in the chair across from the couch, watching as Jemma twists Lancelot’s fur between her fingers. She doesn’t speak, knowing Jemma will start when she’s ready.

“I …” Jemma says eventually. She clears her throat. “I’ve been doing a lot of research.”

When it doesn’t seem like Jemma is going to continue, May prods, “On?”


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