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So I finally finished translating this short story from Atomatsu. It’s about Chibita getting ill and asking Karamatsu to watch his cart for him, and Karamatsu’s attempts to “help” by sexing up the exterior in his absence. Spoilers: it does not end well.

Thanks very much to my friend tammaiya, who answered some questions I had about some fiddly bits, and @deadybones who helped me put on some finishing touches at the end. I couldn’t have done it without y’all.

I split it up by scene so it wouldn’t be the longest Tumblr post in the world:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

**Translation notes are at the bottom of each post, and because it’s such a well-loved aspect of his speech, I’ve put Karamatsu’s random English in bolded italics.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you laugh as hard as I did!

@fangirlhani here’s part 2 of your “fake” texting fun hehe! Enjoy! 😉 (might want to pause at the end because the last line only displays for a split second. Trust me, it’s clever if you’ve seen part 1 lol!)

Part 1 is here- https://writingwife-83.tumblr.com/post/164337024942/ok-fangirlhani-your-fake-flirting-idea

I will make it quick.

Alright, trying not to cry while writing this post. I just hate the fact that this will be my last time, of sorts, that I will click that ‘Post’ button down there. Anyhow-

As some of you already know this is my last year in high school and that also means my finals are just around the corner. In order to study as much as I need to to be able to get into university I need to make sacrifices. And one of them is tumblr. I wish I wouldnt have to make this post but I need to.

I need to inform you that starting from tomorrow and until the 1st of July I will need to go on a hiatus. And before anyone is fast to click that unfollow button I am here telling you that this blog is NOT dead. We have just come to a season finale, that is all. The next season starts on July second. It is only a hiatus!

This is not something I want, under no circumstances. If it was up to me I’d be writing and posting evryday all year round but this is about my future. And I can’t be an asshole, neither to myself nor to my parents and teachers. They have all tried very hard, me included, to be able to come here and have hope that I can actually get to be something in my life.

I am not talking big here, never was. I’d like to believe I am a down to Earth person (minus the times I daydream about Supernatural) and as that I have decided to take this difficut decision. I could stay, yes, and go on hiatus for only a monthh or two before my exams but I can’t. I need to take this seriously. Other kids have been making this kind of sacrifices ever since the beginning of September and if I wan to achieve my goals I need to do this now.

I won’t be able to post however I will be able to reply occasionally to your mail (not inbox, the other thing though) and I would really love to keep contact with you. Again, the blog is not being closed. I am not quitting because I think that I have a lot more in me as far as energy, passion, love and stories are concerned.

That being said, I hope you all can understand my reasons to this break. It would honestly mean a lot for me to know that you suppot me through this because, honestly, it is about my future guys. It is important for me, more than anything else, and I can’t afford to lose this chance.

So, I guess that’s what I had to say. Here I have links to my masterlist(s) for every story minus those 20 I just uploaded! If you are looking for them just scroll down in my blog and you can find them!

I used to have the entire Masterlist here. Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. So I’ve split it up:

Stories Masterlist 1#
Stories Masterlist 2#

My imagines are a little bit shorter stories, not just gifs, and there are a couple mini-series too! (All links are working trust me!)

Imagines Masterlist #1

Imagines Masterlist #2

So, with tears in my eyes I tell you this angels:

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I Never Dared To Dream: Ch 3 [Yondu x Reader]

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Little early (after a long wait) as the boyfriend is down this weekend. I’ve not seen him in 3 months so I’ll likely be awol until he leaves again. Also I am bad at splitting things into chapters. This one is a bit wonky because otherwise it would have been way too long.

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(Side note: why isn’t tumblr letting me tag some people? Rude!)

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Lyric Challenge: "Kiss" by TC and Sam Kang (3/?)

“Unyielding motion that’s wrapped up in a smile but you seem so steady as I am burning inside. I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep, now I know that you know me though I’ve been told to believe. It’s just a kiss. For a kiss.”

Got7 reaction to you hearing them talk about your insecurity badly (Hyung Line)

Hope you like this reaction! I tried to gather an array of insecurities. Keyword, tried. Also, I tried to make this as gender neutral as possible in case I have any male readers but Bambam’s is strictly female. Sorry. Another thing, I had to split it into two parts cause Tumblr wouldn’t let me post the whole thing, so there will be hyung line and maknae line. Enjoy!

When he notices you: His back would be facing the door where you were standing. He would be talking about how he didn’t like the fact that you had no butt because there was nothing to hold onto. Tears would begin to form in your eyes and he wouldn’t turn around until he noticed the members constantly gazing from the door to him. He would freeze as he opened and closed his mouth, trying to form an apology but not being able to do so.

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How he would apologize: It would be very awkward for him to confront you after what he just said, knowing you heard. But he would apologize to you by running you a nice warm bath and by cooking dinner for you as soon as you got home from work. After your bath, he would carry you into the room and seriously apologize to your face before placing soft butterfly kisses all over your face and cuddling you to sleep, constantly telling you how much he loves you and that he didn’t really mean it.

(credit to original gif owner)

When he notices you: You would have just returned from the store and as soon as you had entered the house and put the bags on the counter you would hear talking coming from your guy’s bedroom. Not expecting guests, you would tiptoe up the stairs, the worst already coming to mind. But what you heard was way worse than your original thought. “I just feel like she/he has gained quite a few.” You wouldn’t be able to hold back a loud sob and next thing you knew, the door flung open and there stood Jaebum with an awkward smile on his face, not knowing what to say.

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How he would apologize: After a week of avoiding him he would become quite irritated as he tried apologizing multiple times but you ignored all of them. So he would corner you in the kitchen one day telling you countless times that he was sorry and that he really didn’t mean what he said. You would try to argue back but he would shut you up with a kiss, whispering that he really was sorry and that you meant everything to him and after you accepted his apology he would plan for a vacation to your favorite place.

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When he notices you: You would be visiting the dorm, wanting to surprise them with a meal knowing they haven’t eaten yet. You would quietly open the door but as soon as you entered you would hear Jackson’s loud voice complaining to the others about how he didn’t like the fact that you had rough, bumpy skin. He would go on to compare you to other people and how they all had smooth skin yet you didn’t. Jaebum would begin to scold him but before he could get far, they would hear something clatter in the foyer. They would all run to see you standing among spilled food, tears in your eyes as you gazed at Jackson. He would try to act like none of that ever happened.

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How he would apologize: Jackson would go above and beyond to get you to forgive him. First he would cook you an extravagant breakfast, complete with a small gift. Then, he would take you out to the mall and buy you anything you wanted. He would buy you the most beautiful, expensive things, ignoring your pleas to not do that. He would then take you out to an expensive restaurant and as the night drew to a close, he would hold you tight, kissing every part of skin, saying that he loved you, flaws and all.

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When he notices you: You would be in the bathroom at the boys’ dorm, washing your hands. You would hear quiet mumbling coming from the living room. Curious as to what they could possibly be talking about you would quietly walk out the bathroom and down the stairs, hearing Jinyoung talk about your acne and how it was embarrassing to go out in public with you. You would be deeply hurt but try to shake it off as you walked down the next step. However that step would creak and the boys would run to the stairs, sympathetic looks on their faces. When you saw Jinyoung, however, you would begin to cry, hiding your face as you ran back upstairs.

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How he would apologize: Jinyoung would apologize by doing that cheesy thing where he would write notes about why he loves you and have the notes lay on every single surface of the house and as you were reading through them, little gifts would be placed around as well, such as flowers and teddy bears. Once you arrived at the kitchen, a box would be placed on the kitchen counter with a note laying on top. You would open the box to see a beautiful dress/tux and the note would say ‘Turn Around.’ You would slowly turn around to see Jinyoung holding a big bouquet of flowers as he apologized for his words.

(credit to original gif owner)

Let's talk about split attraction

So the thing I always see said in response to split attraction is “well we don’t want nonace or aro people to use it because it could be confusing.” Well let me tell y'all about my brother.

My brother is both romantically and sexually interested in women. He has been with women. He is attracted to women. He thinks ladies are just the bees fucking knees.

My brother is only romantically attracted to men. He has kissed men and he likes kissing men. He has dated men and he likes dating men. He has experimented sexually with men and he did not like it. Not out of shame or self hate he has just never wanted to be with a man in that way

He told me all of this because I’m pan. I had never once explained the split attraction model to him. I had never taught him about romantic vs sexual orientation. He has never been on tumblr. He had never heard of it before and yet in his mind he was already using it.

Now tell me. Why would the community implode if my brother called himself biromantic? Why would it implode for him to express what he would be open to as far as relationships?

Would it be confusing at first? Yes, but gender is confusing too and for the most part we have adapted to nonbinary identities.

If your concern is that it will be confusing for ciscentric heteronormative society, who cares? They don’t need to understand us to understand that we are people.

If you’re scared it will keep people from coming out this same argument has been used against bisexuals and nonbinary genders as well. Giving LGBT+ people a stepping stone into the community is not a bad thing. Coming out to yourself is scary you all should know this. I know I came out to my self in stages before deciding who I am and that could still change with time. It’s alright if younger LGBT+ kids take a little extra time to find themselves as long as we stand here with open arms for them as they do.

[image description: a clear plastic capsule pendant containing a clear liquid bubbling at the top and a combination of dark blue, light blue, silver and light pink heart and star-shaped sequins along with small silver glitter pieces. The pendant is attached to a silver-coloured chain and split ring, making a keychain. The keychain rests on a light tan surface against a white binder with gold-coloured clip rings.]

This is a fabulous submission from @hoboraptor in somewhat changed form because Tumblr ate her original post when I added it to the queue. (I hit “queue” after adding image descriptions and the post, which did not post at all, vanished from inbox, queue and draft. Of course this happens on a day of terrible hand pain!) Thankfully, I still had the link to the product page open in my browser, so I remade the post, but I apologise for doing so in a more abbreviated form!

This pretty epic find is a HN Glitter Quicksand Star Keychain, retailing on Amazon for the fabulously inexpensive price of $1.25 USD with $1.99 USD (within the US) shipping! The link offers five different different colour combinations, all at the same price. This would be pretty easy, too, to turn into an oversized necklace pendant…

Thanks so much, @hoboraptor!

The bard stood above the gate
As goblins sent his party’s end
He lamented but received their fate
A song that held a hand to death, a friend

Geoffrey pogue knew the song was strong
As his bardic arts had honed
But he held out twice as long
Because his his death dirge droned

But twenty and twenty arrows ripped
Split his lyre of two strings
They say the goblin bolt is poison dipped
For he fell from the tower as if clipped wings

So remember as his party’s spirit ascend
This humble bard of great craft
Who had a revernants knee bend
And sung songs that had death laughed

( @brutusfeels’ DnD character died and I am hung up about it)

anonymous asked:

Hi so I'm new to tumblr and first of all I want to thank you so much for helping me learn more about DID! When I was diagnosed I was terrified because I had only seen it in movie (like split 😐) but you helped me find ways to navigate! So thank you so much you're so amazing! Also do you know any blogs that are DID positive and informative? ❤️

Oh goodness there are so many!

And I’m so pleased! 😊 thank you!

Off the top of my head you could try:

But check out anyone who likes our posts (or maybe if I ask everyone if you’re a DID blog to like this post if you’re happy with a new follower) and you’ll be led to lots of different pages! The lovely systems here are just so unique you’re bound to find a blog you like!

Mostly About Being Queer, And A Little Bit About Why Trying To Police That Word Is BS

Hey everyone, I know that this might seem like kind of an odd time to post something like this essay about my identity, given other real-life stuff, but I actually wrote it a couple weeks ago and just finished reading it over now. And I still want to say the things in it, so I am.

This is a long piece, about 6000 words.

All this is kind of a knot in my mind, so forgive me if it doesn’t come out like a 5-paragraph essay.

Right. I’m going to start off with sexuality. If you follow me you probably know I’m asexual. I didn’t know about asexuality until my time on tumblr, and I first noticed conversations about asexuality shortly after I created my blog, in early 2013. Luckily, this was during a time when the posts I saw were mostly either explanations of what asexuality was, memes and jokes about being ace, and posts stating clearly that the A in LGBTQIA+ (and other versions of the acronym that included the A) stood for asexual, not ally. The atmosphere I encountered at that time was highly inclusive. Remarks that aces shouldn’t be in relationships with allosexual* people, and suchlike, were met with wide rebuttal.

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Glitterbug - The Wombats - pt. 1 (tracks 1-7) - part 2

favourite lyrics + my (edited) film photos

songs: Emoticons; Give Me A Try; Greek Tragedy; Be Your Shadow; Headspace; This Is Not A Party; Isabel

This is Part 3 of my EXCLUSIVE 3-part interview with  Majesty.

NOTE: I would strongly advise you to read parts 1 & 2 if you have not done so.

(…continued from part 2)

Muse: But if he had never harassed you and sent Nikki to harass you, he would’ve never faced any consequences.

Majesty: Exactly. So after a long talk he apologized and I accepted his apology. Then he said he wanted to be friends and I was like….whatever. Sure. We’re good. Like…. I was just tired of the drama and wanted it to end. So he asked me if we could work together again and I was thinking…after all this crap? um…i need some time. Like….my head wasn’t even there. So we left the chat on a decent note. But naturally, that peace didn’t last for long because the very same day he apologized, he and I ended up having another argument. 

Now this is important: before this next argument occurred I had messaged Jess, the CEO of Diamond that Joseei had just apologized - which she said she already knew. I was willing to end our company’s separation because Jess was and is a sweet person. I just think Joseei has a way of manipulating her and telling her whatever he wants to tell her and she…for reasons I do not know…seems to just take his word for everything as fact. ~shrugs~ And it’s unfortunate because…I wonder now if she has something personal against me? I remember us being friends…and even when her subsidiary company was harassing me, I wasn’t necessarily upset with her. I was just frustrated that it kept going. She did explain that she was asleep at some point and I understand that.  I also work hard and I get tired. But unlike Jessica, when I tell my employees to do something….I don’t have to say it twice. Anyway..after I told her that Joseei had just apologized, he invited me to a chat about 3 hours later and then we ended up arguing again…once more over something insignificant that he over reacted to.

Muse: Smh. What was it about this time? 

Majesty: In the cordial conversation we were having, I mentioned that I was experimenting with selling certain products and he was asking me how it all worked and I jokingly said “…i’m not telling u lol” and was teasing him about it, trying to get back to a friendly dynamic in our relationship. you know how friends tease each other? that’s all it was. i was literally about to say “jk, it’s not hard at all” and explain to him how I did it when he started going off on me again. Like…his reaction was just…sooo disrespectful and incredibly hostile. I was kind of left wondering….what on earth was happening??.

Muse: wait so…once again, you didn’t give him something he wanted. this time it was information…and because he didn’t get what he wanted… he started… doing or saying what…?

Majesty: his usual stuff. insults.  and once again that led to him telling me to fuck off. so i was like…this guy really has some issues. The fact that he was going off on me yet again over something stupid less than 3 hours after he apologized…was just proof to me that he wasn’t going to change. So I was like you know what…fine…if I’m such a bother. block me. because last time when i blocked you, you were saying u were gonna kill yourself and telling people u were cutting yourself because of me and whatnot. so why don’t you just block me. since I’m all kinds of bitches and hoes, according to recent messages you’ve sent.

Muse:  If he wasn’t about drama, he would have left u alone. but let me guess. he didn’t?

Majesty: Of course not. when he saw how tired I was of his bullshit he changed his tune completely and then started to ask me to come back to the chat. because i had left the room. Then all of a sudden he was apologetic again,  talking about how he just wanted to be my friend and how everyone in the industry hates him…trying to make me feel sorry for him. He was…very emotionally manipulative. But I was done. 

Muse: So did you block him during this time?

Majesty: No. This time I was like, if I’m such a bad friend, block me. Unlike you, I’m not gonna make 5 different alt accounts and send my friends to keep bothering you. 

Muse: And then what happened?

Majesty: he apologized…i accepted…and then he was saying he wanted to do a second scene with me…

Muse: Wait…what? It sounds like an emotional rollecoaster. One minute the guy is calling u names and the next he wants to do a scene with you. 

Majesty: I said, ok, listen….we can be friends. sure. whatever. but I’m not working with you again. I’m tired of the drama. and I don’t want to risk more drama…Like I was honest with him and told him I was scared to work with him. and he was like “there’s no reason to be scared, i was gonna ask you to work with me for a second scene” and I was like…….after the way you keep treating me? Hell no. So, time passed and I got this message out of the blue from him saying something like “I guess you’re not gonna delete your tumblr huh….i had to leave Diamond but yours is still up.”

Muse: So it sounds like he was taunting you to delete your tumblr?

Majesty: Idk, I had mentioned in earlier arguments with him that I was thinking of leaving the industry during the time when Lowlife Ent had split up. And I was already feeling depressed as hell so when he sent me that message I just deleted my tumblr. And I told him that. I was so exhausted at this time, that I was just like… over it all.

I told him that we were fine, we’re good, i’m done. I’m out of the industry, which is what he seemed to want. Why else would he be messaging me stuff like “so i see your tumblr is still up even tho i had to leave diamond…” like it sounded like he was salty because i hadn’t deleted it. so i did. i was so tired. and then he sent me a series of messages saying that he ruins everything and that it was all his fault. and i never responded.

Muse: It really sounds like it took an emotional toll on you. So how long were you off tumblr?

Majesty: I think i was gone for a week or two? Within that time, Lowlife Entertainment had come back together after sorting out some differences and I was encouraged to come back to the industry. However, I knew that I wasn’t going to deal with Joseei anymore. I was tired of the bullying. Tired of the manipulation. So I blocked him on tumblr and on imvu. I announced that I was back. and Lowlife Ent announced that we were back together and then….here comes Joseei all up in my inbox with

 not one.

not two.

but over THREE different alt accounts. this is in addition to the 5 he had made before. This is the same guy who had told ME to “fuck off” multiple times. I wasn’t bothering him. I wasn’t posting about him. I was minding my own business and here he comes all up in my inbox cursing at me, calling me names, and well….harassing me. as usual. But don’t take my word for it. Here is the proof:

Muse: Now let’s pause here because I looked up the link…and I encourage my readers to as well. She never calls you a bitch. All she says is that she doesn’t believe that you will quit the industry. She never calls you a bitch…yet he says she did and posts a link…in which she does not call you a bitch….smh. There’s a difference between liking attention and seeking attention. And I’ve been hanging around you long enough to know that attention comes your way regardless…you don’t have to seek it. zzzz 

Majesty: Aww, ty but…Right! LOL. I actually don’t have an issue with what she said in that link…and it’s nothing bad. And also me and Khy are friends to this day. So his attempt to turn me against her was an epic fail. He was actually angry at her because he kept trying to get her to message me on his behalf and like a true friend, she refused

Muse: smh. go on

Majesty: Also, notice how he uses his manipulation. He likes to say that I’m attention seeking….yet he’s the one who messaged me first. He’s the one who made alt accounts nonstop to bother me.  Like…just let that sink in. Imagine the amount of time on his hands. For him to constantly get his alts blocked and go through all the trouble of making multiple accounts….like…..am I the only person who doesn’t think that’s normal??? It is really creepy and it is the very definition of harassment.

Muse: I don’t think anyone would disagree with you there. So you weren’t responding to any of this?

Majesty: Of course not. I had moved on. When I came back to the industry…I wanted to be free of the drama and the harassment. And btw these messages that I’m showing you spanned the course of several days. I ignored each one.

Muse: Girl…smh. Obviously the only reason u said everything was ok was because u were tired of arguing with him and wanted to move on. 

Majesty: Right! Like, I was still hurt over the things he had said to me. And he wanted me to just magically forget everything he had done and hop on tumblr doing scenes with him like nothing had ever happened. And I just couldn’t do that.

Muse: Of course. I think that anyone with a logical mind can understand that. So let me ask you this. After that, you never responded?

Majesty: Nope. As you can see that was months ago. And nobody can say that I’m about causing drama because if I was, I would not have been silent for 2 months, trying to move on. Me and Lowlife Entertainment chose not to put him on blast on tumblr. We were hoping he would kindly move on with his life and but he did not. So once again, he had his friend send me another message, this time threatening me with lawyers for “messing with his depression”

Muse: But all you were doing was ignoring his harassment….so how could they blame that on you? That doesn’t even make sense. He told you several times to leave him alone and you did…

Majesty: Exactly…

Muse: So that is very clearly a legal threat. Which should always be taken seriously. What did you do?

Majesty: *smiles* I took it seriously. First of all, I was tired of him using his depression as an excuse to justify his harassment. I have been depressed before and I never used it justify hurting someone. Secondly, I come from a family of lawyers and federal prosecutors. So I went straight to my uncle who called a friend of his and the gentleman told me, after seeing everything I showed him, that he would be more than happy to represent me should I ever press charges. He told me that legally, I needed to contact imvu staff. and I did.

Muse: Wow. Good for you, and what did they say?

Majesty: I spoke to three people and they all surprisingly knew who Joseei was saying that his account was under investigation for violating several company policies. Going to imvu staff was risky because I knew that my involvement with the imvu porn community would come up - and it did. they took all my products at the time and gave me a warning but they told me that the best thing I could do was lock my account. So I did.

Muse: That’s amazing. and did you speak to tumblr staff?

Majesty: I filed a report and was told that it would be handled. 

Muse: So now that he can’t contact you and his friends can’t contact you, has the harassment stopped?

Majesty: Well even though I have since moved on with my life, Joseei tried one last time to ruin my reputation in the industry and it failed epically. He posted this on his page:

Muse: I saw that post…and before you comment on it, I have something I want to say and then I have some questions after that, ok?

Majesty: Sure, go ahead

Muse: Well first of all…He says in the caption that you’re “wishing death upon someone online.” but the picture doesn’t say you WANT him to die. It says that you don’t care. And forgive me, but logically speaking…after the way he treated you…I don’t think anyone would expect you to care. That doesn’t mean you want someone to die.

Majesty: You took the words right out of my mouth. Now I don’t remember even  writing that so idk if it’s photoshopped or something. I remember after seeing it I went through EVERY message I’ve ever sent dating wayyyy back from before I even joined tumblr and I couldn’t find it so….idk what to say. I don’t even talk like that. People who know me know that I don’t even use phrases like “i hope he disappears” … like… that’s just not something I’d say. 

Muse: Ok. Now my question is…There were some women who commented on that picture. Two of whom have since been harassed by Joseei themselves. and those women are  Dolly X of Imperial XXXstasy and shasty of McNasti…how did it feel to know that other women in the industry were cosigning with him?

Majesty:  It was hurtful that other women were feeding into his harassment of me. But…whatever. I have no issue with those two ladies and I think it’s more important now than ever that we support each other. Ana and I actually reconnected via message recently, and we appeared in a scene together… As for shasty, we still haven’t met but I’m aware that she’s working at McNasti and I wish her the absolute best.

Muse: Why didn’t you “expose” Joseei at that time like the other days did?

Majesty: Because, as everyone who knows me knows, I do not like drama. I also had no animosity towards him. I truly had forgiven him and moved on. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. and I think that’s what Joseei wasn’t understanding. I am not angry with him, and I wasn’t angry with him when I remade my tumblr. I was just…hurt. People need time to heal, and it seems like he didn’t want to give me that time. He just wanted me to pretend like nothing had ever happened and…I couldn’t do that. So that’s why I blocked him. 

Muse: Would you have ever unblocked him?

Majesty: I think I would have eventually if I saw that he had changed his ways but since my experience with him 2 months ago, other women have come out more recently, showing that he’s still doing the same things. 

Muse: So with that being said, I’m going to pause this interview here and when we come back together, I understand you and the Lowlife Entertainment CEO himself will be sitting down with me to conclude this 3 part interview and make a special announcement from the House of Lowlife Entertainment. Thank you Majesty, and see you soon to finish Part 3.

@lowlifeent-vu @queenmajestyvu 

i think ace tumblr and especially the split attraction model has done an incredible amount of damage to my idea of what attraction is, especially with regard to my attraction to women. the fact that i was in my mid teens when this all started makes it all even worse because no one should be expected to know what sexual attraction is when they’re that young. ace tumblr made me question the difference between romantic and sexual attraction and this is before i had ever even kissed anyone and before i realised i actually had a big ol’ crush on my best (female) friend at the time. ace tumblr taught me that romantic and sexual attraction were two totally different feelings and guess what? they are not, at least not for everyone. i thought i was ace or demi because i never felt sexual attraction, but what was actually the case is that i had simply never felt it before because i was only 17 and still dealing with my attraction to multiple genders (especially women). and even now i’m 20 and i know a lot more about my own sexuality and desires, i still don’t know what sexual attraction is because ace tumblr has got it into my head that it needs to be this and that thing. i still need to learn that i can just be attracted to someone without dissecting everything that comes with that attraction. it has just been so damaging and confusing and honestly i’m really upset that some aro/ace bloggers are still perpetuating this, because it’s dangerous for young kids, especially lgbt kids who are learning to deal with their attraction to people of the same gender on top of learning what attraction even is. 


Merman! Nico x Pirate!will! ^^ I’ve wanted to do this since I’ve read a fanfic about the AU a loooong time ago… and now that I’ve done it I can’t find it anymore D: Do you guys know any good Solangelo Mermaid fanfics ? ^^/

P.s.: sorry for the long post, but I had to split it up because tumblr always messes with the long pictures, making them pixelated S: SO I wanted to add the chopped up  version too ^^’’

UPDATE: THAT! THAT WAS THAT ONE! “A Tail of Stockholme Syndrome” by jsuislfrost !!! Thanks @bailci !!!!! GO CHECK IT OUT, it is really good ^^

You can find it on my redbubble <3


かヂロ brought up on their Undertale twitter that Masaya Onosaka would be a good choice to voice Burgerpants and that kills me because it’d be perfect casting, honestly.

But considering that Onosaka is also Alessi’s VA… it would be fitting that Midler and Mariah would be Bratty and Catty, no?


That’s twice now, Tumblr. Get your own posts and stop eating mine.
I did a mile warm-up run and then hit leg day. It was super hot because the AC wasn’t working, didn’t have the right outlet near it, and had a mess of wiring hanging out the bottom. So I got creative with a garbage can.
Split squats are the devil, still.