i had to skip one scene by the end

Day 24 - Inktober + DGM Challenge - Timcanpy vs Cat

Still drawing the later entries. Could have skipped this one, but it was a funny idea and I wasn’t feeling that good today. Normally I’d bet on Tim, but the cat in question is my wild lady, Mikaela. She could think of Tim as a friend and want to cuddle and play with him, but she could also think of him as a toy… well, if you’ve seen Watership Down and that dog scene at the end, you get the idea. Let’s pretend Tim is rescued in either case.

Episode Review - H50 Episode 7.17

This episode proved, yet again, that the writing has been above par for the season.  Not only did we get an interesting story arc, but we had a nice twist ending that I for one, did not see coming.

I have to say I went into this episode excited about it.  I had hoped to see Elisabeth Rohm again as I am a fan of the actress and her work.  It did not disappoint.

From the moment she walked into the squad room covered in blood we were sucked into her web of lies and manipulation.  I may be skipping ahead here, but the scene with her and Steve in the interrogation room was wonderful!  Beautifully written and executed by the actors.  I’ll come back to that later….

Flippa and his new shrimp truck!  Yay for him and kudos for Kamekona for loosening the reins.  Although he obviously didn’t expect the new logo.  That was pretty funny tbh.

Danny the fanboy was a treat and loved that Steve snapped some pictures for Danno. 

Did I hear right?  Steve said Nahele was a quarterback now?  Way to go!  I wish we got more screen time with Nahele.  And I say again, why hasn’t Steve adopted him yet?!!!!

So the scene with Steve and Dr. Gray in the interrogation room was wonderful.  Both actors played it beautifully.  She was very convincing in her persona and Steve so weary of the deranged woman.  Especially when Steve jerked back as she reached out towards him. 

Let me take a moment to say how much I appreciate the effort Alex puts into that character and the subtle ways he can express Steve’s underlying PTSD.   Given Steve’s already tormented history, the entire ordeal with Dr. Gray has left scars that we can’t see.  Scars that he desperately tries to hide.

But the way he responded in that moment.  The way he jerked away from her like she practically burned him was so telling.  It was brilliant and I wonder if that was scripted or Alex at work there.   Moving on….

When we last saw Alicia she creeped me out a bit.  I love Claire Forlani, don’t get me wrong.  But the way she acted after she and Steve were rescued from the underwater cavern was just weird to me.  It didn’t play well and she seemed all clingy and weird.

So I was a bit hesitant as to how I would feel about her but I was impressed.  And it’s really sad that she has so much more chemistry with Steve than his own supposed girlfriend…. but anyway

Back up a step -  The lab had a preliminary DNA report as a partial match for Alicia.  Yeah, I saw that red flag the moment they said partial match.  *coughs*

The dinner scene was cute and I think Steve resonated with her story about being alone.  Steve has grown accustomed to his solitude I believe.  And while he craves social interaction his trust issues are so deep that he can’t bear to be around others for extended periods of time.  But maybe that’s just my own personal head cannon.

I loved that he told her about Danny and how he drives Steve crazy at times.  Once again, we know he loves Danny despite his words.

I wasn’t surprised that Alicia snuck out or that her daughter was alive.  I figured that out when they mentioned the partial DNA.  It was the only thing to explain her behavior.

Steve’s unwavering belief in Alicia was nice, as was Danny’s concern at her behavior and Steve’s well-being (always looking after his boy of course!)

Tell me Steve was not that stupid to have sent that pen in to that serial killer?  Please tell me!!!!!  I mean honestly, how did he not predict that would happen?  I wanted to scream at the TV when I saw that. 

Dr. Gray was going to use Alicia as an instrument of rage to avenge her daughter’s death by killing the killer.  That was a compelling story arc and I enjoyed the action and everything leading up to the big event and revelation that she was alive. 

So Alicia rescued Sienna and Steve brought in the cavalry to save the day!  Woohoo!

Alicia seems so appreciative this go around and genuine and warm.  I like her so much better this episode than before.  And plans to go to dinner with Steve and her daughter was a nice touch.

And then…. oh crap!  That part I did not see coming.

I didn’t expect her to show up, handing Alicia then gun and then all but asking her to kill her.  Such an amazing twist.  That coupled with the earlier concept of Dr Gray using her as an instrument was so much like the movie Seven.  I couldn’t help but see the parallels in the endings.  Very well done.

I would love for there to be follow up to this.  Find out what happens to Alicia but continuity is still seriously lacking on the show these days.  I don’t know that we will.  But again, fanfic can fix anything!

Looking forward to the next episode!


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That is amazing! How exciting for both of you. :D

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Look how cute you are! That sounds like so much fun!

It was! It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had in my short life. We even enjoyed Frodo’s scenes (we usually skip them ^^’) and had goosebumps every time the child choir sang. And instead ending the evening in an expensive restaurant, we went to his place and had a light dinner in our pjs completely alone. No parents, no siblings, no pets… only us! I still missed Fionna though hahahah