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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

two girls kissing in paris, ignoring the politics in this // a film about two girls who are not depressed because they are gay // a film about two girls who are not dead because they are gay // they give each other flowers // there is no grave in this //  no scene in which the heartbroken walk back down the street, away from the camera // the end is not elegy // the end is not blue // running cornflower // fistfuls of cerulean // cold sky // they know how to love each other // there is no choreographed sex // no brief infinite tenderness // they learn how to use their mouths // a folding of soft // no crash // no broken windshield bodies // no tears // just imagine: a movie about two girls where neither of them have to cry
—  Girl is the Warmest Color, Lydia Havens

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I love that the umbrella scene feels so different but at the same time the same as the rest of the series. The music in the series is most of the time flashy and peppy and feels really cartoony. but this scene was so perfectly slow and god the music is so 'this is between us' but also had that romantically magically feeling. Thomas could've make it very typical with quirky music and heart sparkle effects, but he didn't. The whole scene was just perfect. I hope you understand what I mean haha

MAN I totally feel you anon!! The scene has a sort of weight, presence, and pacing to it that’s different than the rest of the series.

I was just talking about colour keys with @gabzilla-z and how this episode in particular seems to use colours very deliberately. Like!!! You’re right, the show itself is bright and colourful and playful. And if you were to think about the general mood of the show in terms of colour, you’d probably come up with warm tones: reds and oranges and yellows. Ladybug colours, washing through the screen and bringing a sense of action and security. A beacon of hope, like the hero she is.

And in the moment with the rain, it’s /so/ different from what we’re used to (I don’t think we’ve gotten a rain scene before now? Rain is really expensive to animate). It’s shades of blue: more Adrien’s colours, reflecting back to his favourite colour and also his mood. And it makes sense because he’s the one who opens up in this moment and tells Marinette, rather honestly and with a kind of vulnerability, what his intentions were and how this is all quite new to him.

In a way, that moment kind of echoes their ladynoir interaction: there’s a kind of understanding and charge of emotions that’s implicitly understood but not necessarily articulated.

The piano music (also!! a great tie to Adrien’s character), the slower pacing of the scene (because half of that moment is told through the character animation, with the wide eyed states and the laughter and the /passing of the umbrella/ good grief I’m not over this at all), the rain, the darker and cooler palette of colours- it is very different from everything else we’ve seen. And it fits magically within the narrative because that choice is so deliberately and purposefully done. The contrast sets the emotional beat apart and is what consequently wrecks us all.

This show really blows a lot of typical character and story tropes right out of the water and I’m SO glad and astonished that it translates into the animation. That they worked with subtlety and used the gravity of maturity to drive this moment home.

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oh god i love that first mirror screenshot so much (subtle ym is ❗❗❗) but their faces??? are also??? so fucking funny to me?? yg looks so fucking shifty, like he's trying to convince himself he didn't move across the room just for the sake of getting his arm/hand on jm's lower back/ass, and jm?? is not having it?? his face screams 'goddammit, yoongi, not this shit again' while also, like, enjoying it lmao i just had to share that i was staring at that screenshot for what felt like five minutes

YOONGI REALLY LOOKED ALL SHIFTY TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK CASUAL sjnsjjfj look at him before and after making his move


Ai Ai Gasa

 An umbrella with the names of the couple as a symbol of love  (´▽`)♡

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The only time James truly cares

Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you plan. Sometimes you find that out when your best friend is practically dying and you had a gut feeling this entire time.

words: 3,048

warnings: I mean this is Fake Chop, so mentions of injury/ blood

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