i had to share it!

Went and saw Beauty and the Beast, and I just had to share my experience because it was so pure?

So, like, I get into the theater, find myself a nice spot smack dab midscreen, which is WAY EASIER without thirty people traipsing in behind you in a group, lemme tell you, and I’m just sitting there, by my lonesome, scrolling tumblr and watching whatever weird stuff they’ve got on screen, and a family comes to sit in my row, which was the only empty one not right in front of the screen. Sat down what I thought was a seat away from me until I saw a little girl in an adorable ass red dress climbing over mom and dad to sit next to me. 

Totally fine. I was just off of center and they got to sit right in the middle of the screen, and when she finally gets settled this little girl looks up at me, with a soda half her size in one hand, and somehow both popcorn and candy in her tiny little lap, and she stage whispers to her mom:

“She’s by herself!”

Mom looks embarrassed, but I smile and wave off the apology. 

I go back to my phone, only to realize someone is tugging at my sleeve. Little girl looks up at me, all wide eyes and curiosity, and holds out a napkin filled with popcorn and chocolate. Like, I remember being a kid, and I remember how important candy and popcorn at the theater are, and I think she thought she was saving my life by offering this sustenance.

I almost fucking cried guys, kids are the best.

So I take it and thank her and let her talk my ear off for a few minutes until she needs a drink because she has been talking SO MUCH her mouth is dry. This kid is going places, guys, I’m telling you right now, because she picked up that cup the size of her torso like a champ and angled the straw just right and continued to try to talk to me around her gulps.

While this is happening, on the other side of me another mom and daughter sat down, and, turns out, the girls know each other. I’m guessing, based on the gumption of Red Dress, that they probably met in the lobby before they went into the theater. 

Girl number 2, I’ll call her Princess Dress, because it was a fantastic dress and when I told her so she proceeded to point to every princess along the neck and name them and give me their Stats, proceeds to have a conversation across me with Red Dress.

Both sets of parents were looking like they wanted to bury their heads in their hands, but I was having a blast.

Anyway, eventually lights go down, we get into the movie, and for the most part Red and Princess were content, although every so often Red made sure to pass me a handful of sticky half-melted chocolate. 

Watching a live action version of a movie that I watched for the first time when I was their age was a fuckin’ trip, man. Like. I got super emotional over things I didn’t expect to, and during the wolf scenes I was actually mildly distressed, because Princess was gripping the hand rest so hard on my right I thought she was gonna break it. Any scene I laughed or snorted at got a peal of laughter from my two new best friends, so hopefully no one has to go home and explain why I nearly snorted out my drink during “Be Our Guest” when they went for a visual gag for “After all miss, this is France!”.

During the ballroom scene, Red turned to her mom and whispered “The Beast is handsome!” and it took so much for me not to lean over and whisper back “Girl same.”

But my favorite, MY VERY FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when Gaston shot the Beast - FOR THE THIRD TIME HOLY HELL I KNEW IT WAS DARK BUT GODDAMN THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE ISN’T IT - Red patted my arm because yeah, okay, I was maybe crying a little, look, I know what happens but the movie made me feel things okay. Anyway, she like, pushes herself up in her seat and leans in close and she goes “It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

The point is, children are so pure, and everyone should always watch movies with strangers.


I love this youtuber works, all her rooms are so detailed and relaxing! Of course I had to share this here u.u


I had a friend send me this and IMMEDIATELY thought of you, it’s apparently from a show called Galavant (never seen it myself) 

I love this video SO MUCH

online gaming as a woman is a fucking wild ride and I’m here to tell you why 

I was in quickplay on overwatch and my team kept playing against the same people and absolutely crushing them. a person I’ll refer to as “this motherfucker” kept talking trash every time they lost and whining about how something or another wasn’t fair aka being a big baby and every time I hit him back bc he’s a big baby 

ex. 1, this motherfucker in orange bc I’m not a call-out asshole 

dude goes on a tirade about how “that meme is stupid”, I can’t spell, and I keep telling him I must be too dank of a memer for him to get it, he says I must be pathetic and……

and I got this in 

before the next game this person tells me “she’ll be on later” and stops trash talking 

during the game…..this motherfucker…..SENDS ME A FRIEND REQUEST after trash talking me for AN ENTIRE HALF AN HOUR because, as my teammate told me, “you have boobs now” 

anyway, I don’t have time for this shit and have never insta-denyed a friend req so fast in my life, thank you 

Swamp Sounds aka FROGS PLAYLIST 2K16

Congrats to @rushingsnowy for winning my 500 follower giveaway! As requested, here’s a platonic Frogs playlist. This is my idea of what might be on a collaborative playlist that all the Frogs share, and I had a delightful time making it. It’s at least 1/3 chirps. Please share with me who you think added which songs. Track list below the read more. 

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tumblr user @gay-treecko, who tumblr won’t let me @ for whatever reason. drea this awesome picture of the dancing samsung emoji girl in my icon and I had to share it!!!!

Reasons I am happy.

I have nothing else relevant or new to share other than today rocked.

1. I had an interview for a position to coordinate an orientation program that I also did last year, and feel pretty good about it. Got a bunch of compliments on my business casual outfit which made me feel good!

2. I got an A on my Orgo exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that was even possible… I may or may not have teared up a little bit with happy tears.

3. The president of the departmental organization I am most involved in asked me to have coffee with her and it ended up being an hour of her telling me how everyone notices how passionate/dedicated/qualified I am and how much work I put in to all that I do, and then convincing me to apply for the president position when she graduates this year. I’ve wanted the position, but honestly wouldn’t have had the courage to go through with it until now - plus, hearing that someone actually recognizes how much passion and work you put into something is so rewarding. The application opens tomorrow and I think I’m going to go through with it. My boss (the head of the department, so also the advisor for the org) then also asked me to come into her office and told me she thinks I’d be great on the leadership team, the summer internship, and/or in the brand new position as the year round intern. Eeeeeeek, can’t even say how happy this and these people make me. 

So you might notice I’ve deleted a number of posts regarding what’s happening; it has been requested that I keep online Rusty and offline Rusty separate. That had always been his preference, and thinking it over, I think I have to agree too.

So I think that’ll be it for now. I’ll give you some minor updates here and there, but I would like to request that posts containing medical information beyond “he’s in a coma” be deleted, as per the family’s and my’s request. I had thought it was okay to share that, but I honestly should have clarified, and that was a pretty bad oversight on my part. So if you all could help me out there, that would be amazing.

I’ll leave with that he seems to be doing really good, and he’s been very calm. Think it should go real soft.

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i ship jarchie and my sister ships b*ghead but we still watch the show together every thursday (we don't live together anymore bc she moved out years ago and has a baby *shes 25*) i come over and we watch it after her baby goes to sleep and i'm really happy this show brought me and my sister close again

Oh this is soo cute! Thank you for sharing your experience! I wish we all had someone to watch our beloved riverdale with.

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CUTE HEADCANON THAT I HAD TO SHARE W/ YOU: what if dick couldn't speak english when he was took in by bruce! he only knew a handful of english words in a full sea of romani words so alfred and bruce start teaching him english! bruce helps him when he accidentally mispronounces something at a gala one night and everyone around them goes "AWW" (it actually makes sense, since YJ dick uses words like "whelmed" and "aster" for the good equivalent of "overwhelmed" and "disaster" 😂)

And because of this he would still have a lingering Romani accent, but he lost most of it by the time he was a teenager. But sometimes even now if he’s really tired or really angry his accent will slip through, and anyone who wasn’t aware of it beforehand is like “ummm”. 


i’ve reached 1,000 followers on this little old side blog of mine and i just can’t actually believe it. i started this blog because i had all these headcanons about robron to share and i wanted to keep them somewhere, i never expected this reaction at all! so i’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed this blog, liked or reblogged a post and left their thoughts in the tags for me to see. it’s much appreciated 💗💕

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- as a way of saying thank you to you all i would absolutely love to write little ficlets out of your favourite headcanons of mine. if you’re interested, send me an ask using the #no. of the headcanon and i’ll write a little something. or if you like you could send me one of your own headcanons and i can turn that into a little ficlet for you as well 💜

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Just letting you know that I really enjoy you drawing Allurivan and also enjoy those fanfics of those two~ I never thought I would get into this ship but I'm completely sucked in to it now. <3

SAME? The fanfics gET ME. I don’t go on ao3 but some fellow users had shared some one shots of these two and just made me love them even more. I’m just…AHHHHH//