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Justice League is a movie I’ve been waiting for for my entire life so let me make one thing abundantly clear: it literally doesn’t fucking matter right now.

If you are glad Zack had to leave, if you are glad Whedon (who two weeks ago celebrated his own mother being dead) is taking over, if you are glad the movie is delayed, if you give a shit about a movie right now when a man who receives nothing but unjustified hate on a near constant basis has had to stop working out of intense emotional grief, you are literal fucking garbage.

I have already read multiple comments saying they’re glad his daughter is dead. I’ve read people insult him because this is “the first they’re hearing of it” so they don’t believe him. And everybody’s probably read people just celebrating the shift in general by now.

 I don’t subscribe to the idea that the internet is the worst of the worst, there are clearly worse people in the ‘real world’, but it’s really fucking hard to keep that belief when I see people celebrating a human being losing a fight that myself and millions of people have fought. It’s fucking disgusting.

A little advice
  • Lena: I was raised by monsters and still turned out to be a beautiful, powerful creature with amazing posture and a soft gay soul.
  • Lexa: I would fist bump you but I am Heda so an approving nod will have to do.
  • Lena: Understandable. Also, I'm in love with a beautiful blonde who fell from space.
  • Lexa: I have, as Raven would say, been there sister.
  • Lexa: *if she says it's Clarke I will have to kill her no matter the bond we now share*
  • Lena: But she's seeing a man-child because she's unhappy and heteronormativity drove her to him.
  • Lexa: A particularly irksome problem which I myself have had. You know what to do.
  • Lena: Invite her on dates and gaze lovingly at her?
  • Lexa: Well yes, an impeccable strategy to be sure. Also you should arrange to have him killed.
  • Lena: I'm listening...
Once Upon a Time

Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky bond over a shared love for fairy tale endings.

Warnings – Pure fluff…be warned…it could rot your teeth out!

Word Count – 2,381

Notes – This is a birthday fic to the beautifully sweet Mariana @buckysberrie.  Happy Birthday my dear!!  If any of you have ever read one of her fic reviews, you’ll know how much she loves her inner dialogue.  I’ve written her a Bucky fic in this style before and it turned out really cute!  I hope this one is just as adorable.  For those of you who watch OUAT, I didn’t start with this season…you’ll see why when you read it!   As always, feel free to leave me any comments or feedback!


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Words in italics are the Reader’s internal dialogue

When the Quinjet touched down on the roof of the Avengers Compound in Upstate New York, all you could think about was a hot shower, something to eat, and a Netflix binge of your newest favorite TV show.  You and Wanda had been undercover for the past month and you had just made it the end of Season One of Once Upon a Time.  You were desperate to get caught up so you could watch the newest season live this fall.

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FIC: The Fire in my Soul

A one shot send more or less in canon, shortly after the return to the Ridge in MOBY . Claire reflects on when she first fell in love with Jamie.

As always please let me know what you think and if you enjoy it reblog :-)

My other work can be found on A03 here 

The heat of him. That’s what I remember most about that moment. The white hot feel of his skin under my fingers as I examined his arm. I was cold to the bone and yet when I touched him his heat was catching. In that moment he warmed me better than any fire could have. Just to be close to him was to feel the thaw in my frozen bones, to feel something melt in my very core. I didn’t know it at the time but I was irrevocably changed in that moment. Almost like the heat of him melted me and I reformed into someone else. Into Claire Fraser.

I fought it, or at least I thought I did. I can see now that I was lost to my old life in that very moment and all that I thought I was or wanted had been dashed away. But I had tried… Guilt, I suppose, and obligation. I had given a vow to Frank and I had loved him, I wanted to honour that, but all that was nothing from the moment I laid my hands on that scorching hot skin, from the moment those blue cat eyes met mine. But to admit that to myself, even for many years after my choice was made… I hadn’t quite been able to make my peace with the extent to which I was lost in those very first moments.

But I should have known. How safe I felt wrapped in his arms on that indeterminable ride to Leoch, how in that moment of conflict in the glade after the red coat ambush when he cornered me trying to run, I had wanted nothing more than to lean forward and kiss him. To taste him. I should have known, I should have admitted it to myself. But how could I? I wasn’t supposed to be there, or so I thought at the time. I l know differently now.

When I look back I laugh at myself. The manufactured meetings in the corridors of the castles or out at the stables. The way that we always seemed to find ourselves sat together at meals. The way we rode that little bit too close to each other whenever he accompanied me anywhere, knees jostling. I’d tried to chalk it up to good old fashioned lust or the fact that I needed a protector and he was as good as any, but it simply wasn’t true. I believed in love, I thought I had experienced it, but I had never thought until that moment in the crofter’s cottage that it was possible for a soul to call to another, to yearn so. But it is possible. And I think, now, that that was what brought me there, to that time and that place out of all others. My soul called to his across time and space and he answered in kind.

My marriage to him had been more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for. Again, I fought it, tried to deny my feelings, and succeeded. For a while. I convinced myself again that the connection between us was purely physical, that it was gratefulness on my part for saving me from Randall and the Tolbooth. But then when he rescued me from Fort William, I knew. I let myself admit my feelings. I understood what it had cost him to go there. I knew what he had suffered within those walls, what would have awaited him had be not been successful in freeing me. And he had risked all that for me. For the vow he had given me. Even after he beat me and I was so angry I could barely see straight, when for a silver penny I thought I could have cut his throat and made a run for Craigh na Dun without so much as a backward glance, I knew. I saw him flailing between the man he thought he should be and the one he truly was. I saw him struggle to find the justice he wanted to meet and that which duty demanded. And I saw his terror, the fear of the place and the man that held me completely consumed by the fear he felt for me. When we came together then, there was no more fighting. No more denying. Although the declarations did not come until after, we laid ourselves bare to each other then. I was his and he was mine and that is all that there would ever be.

In the years that we were apart, when I thought him dead and he thought me lost to him forever, my soul had never been my own again. It had always been reaching, searching. Brianna had lessened that tug, anchored my soul to the life I was living, but it was never fully mine. The gnawing hollow in my stomach where I always fancied my soul to be never went away. I was never at peace again. Not until I came back. Until I found him again. When our eyes locked in that Print Shop in Edinburgh. When I put my hands on him again and felt the heat of him.

And I watch him now. He is still so tall and strong. His back does not slouch and there is no sign of frailty in him yet. Yet the years have touched him. There is grey among that fiery red, the lines of his face etched deeper. He wears spectacles, as he sits and whittles whatever toy he is currently making for one of the children. But when I touch him he still burns. He is still that boy on the cusp of manhood sitting on a stool, his jaw clenched in pain. I still reach for his body as well as his soul. War is coming and this idyll will not last. We will leave the Ridge once more and he will do his duty. But this time I will not leave him. I cannot live without my soul.

Romeo and Juliet - Jeff Atkins (Requested)

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

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“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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I am heartbroken. I have no words. I myself, was in Manchester on Friday last week seeing my favourite band live. I remember thinking at the time that for the first time in months, I finally felt free of anxiety. I finally felt safe, in a place where people understood me and my interests and even shared them. Yet that could be me dead. Had the soulless monsters decided to target the metal band I was seeing live instead of Ariana Grande, I might not be here to write this.

All those children have their lives taken from them before they could even begin. Just because they wanted to celebrate the music they loved. Those parents will be consumed with guilt over something that isn’t their fault for the rest of their life. Other parents will now be hesitant about letting their children experience the joy of seeing a musician live.

Music is an escape and a safe place for so many people and I have been crying this morning thinking that the safety and peace music once gave me and millions of others is under threat. 

I’d ask those in the community to please keep Manchester in your thoughts today and light a candle if you so wish to.

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Hey! Could you write a kinda cute/smutty/funny imagine where the reader lets it slip that she has a thing for harry in that mick Jager outfit. So he kinda teases her about it.

Anonymous said:Hi I really need a blurb or imagine? Idk what you call them sorry where you go with Harry to SNL and you get excited about meeting Colin Jost and Michael Che because you love their skits and Harry gets a bit jealous of your attention on them?? You can end it however I just need this in my life please

—- —-

Hahaha I’m laughing at myself right now, this is so corny. But I hope you like it anyway.
So I’ve had these requests in my box since I wrote the last SNL blurb, so I truly apologize for taking so long to write them. As you can see, I decided to combine them since they’re both about the SNL night.
P.S. I hope you get the Stones references in the end.

Live From New York

We gotta get away from here…

Harry’s lyrics were still ringing in your ears as you watched the stage being set up for the next skit. Your stomach flipped when you realized it was going to be the Weekend Update segment. You liked this skit in particular, having always had a little secret crush on Colin Jost and Michael Che. Perhaps it was their humor, and the way they would sometimes roast each other that got your juices flowing, but they always managed to crack you up.

“Hey, come with me,” you heard to your left.

You turned your head in time to see Harry walking toward the dressing room. Hesitantly, you followed him, quickly returning your focus to the monitor set up on the wall.

“Sit with me for a minute,” he requested, beckoning you to the sofa where he sat.

Smiling, you did what he asked, taking his hand.

“You were great.”

“Yeah?” he grinned.

“Mmm hmm,” you nodded. “I especially liked seeing you in that white Mick Jagger suit.”

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Maybe I was wrong about everything that happened between us. Maybe I thought it was you whom I had been wishing for to come into my life. Maybe I was too indulged in the thought of being someone’s special and loved one. Maybe I trusted you too much that I didn’t see that you could hurt me more than the way I had been hurt before. Maybe I was so engrossed that I was the one who saved you when you felt deserted. Maybe I cared for you so much that I had forgotten as well how I should do the same thing for myself. Maybe I fell too much for you and I thought you felt the same way. Maybe you didn’t love me at all because we don’t hurt the people that we love. Or, maybe now I am the only one hurting after all because I genuinely and deeply loved you.
—  Thoughts of Dessa

It took a breakup to get me to learn an instrument. I needed something to keep my mind busy, lest I fall back into thoughts of ‘what if?’ as I mourned the death of an entire life that would now never come to be.

One day, my brother visited; a musical prodigy on the piano that lived the wrong life. He asked me to show him what I had taught myself. After I played, he smiled and shook his head. “You were always the softest of the three of us. No wonder you chose the guitar.”

I didn’t understand, and he could see it on my face.

He put his hands out, his knuckles scarred from countless brawls. “Music comes from the soul, and what instrument you play is often a reflection of what you feel, how you live your life. I am a fighter, I play the piano because a piano is an instrument you battle with, pushing it away, slamming at its keys.”

He smiled and looked at me. “You love. Even when someone steps all over you, you love. The guitar is an instrument you make love to; you pull its curves into your chest and caress it, and it sings for you when you touch it perfectly.”

I was stunned. My delinquent brother, years in juvenile, arrested countless times, drug addict and jobless; a genius that had slipped through the grimey fingers of our broken society.





Sex with Seulgi

REQUEST:  Hi can I request a “Sex with Seulgi” (: please and thank you

A/n: I literally want to kill myself because hello, fucking bias. xoxo - G

*gif not mine unless stated*

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  • where do i start jfc
  • kang seulgi is dominant as hell
  • just like irene but like
  • more
  • dominant 2.0
  • i can very clearly see her being into some freaky shit, like bondage 
  • unlike joohyun seulgi would fucking love it when you called her mommy
  • seriously she wouldnt even tolerate any other name in the bedroom
  • “ah ah, kitten. wrong name.”
  • god bless us all
  • she would be really into punishing you whenever you broke on of her many, many rules she had set out
  • “princess didn´t i say no touching without my premission?”
  • “how many spankings do you think bad girls deserve”
  • ohmaghad
  • and since seulgi would be really into exploring the wonders of sex life, she would also be into trying different places
  • it didn´t matter to her if the public place was crowded or not, if she wanted to make you cum, she would
  • only if you were comfortable with it ofc
  • and like no matter hiw high her sex drive may be she would always make sure u were in the mood and were comfortable with everything
  • very caring dom, clearly
  • she also loved pushing your boundaries ever so often
  • “how many times do you think i can make you cum, love?”
  • obvi her favorite thing to do to you would be to overstimulate you
  • bc she lived for they way you were writhing undernneath her
  • all unsure if u wnated her to stop or continue
  • oh and she would thoroughly enjoy you giving her oral
  • like damn
  • “make mommy feel good”
  • stroking your hair and pushing you closer to her core 
  • jesus have mercy
  • but at the end of the day (or night (; ) she would always take good after care of you
  • seriously she could wreck you to the point of you forgetting your own name but the secon she caressed your cheek and told you how much she loved you you were okay all of a sudden ??? 
  • ofc if u wanted a really deep and sweet love making she would be all up for that
  • because love and appretiation bby 
  • in other words i believe that kang seulgi would be a goddess in bed, just like she is in everything she does, the end
  • come @ me if u disagree im ready to fiTE

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natasha romanoff + hickeys

Hope you like it!

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“Why are you wearing a turtle neck?” Tony immediately chimed as you entered the room.

For a former assassin Natasha sure wasn’t very good at the ‘keeping your relationship a secret’ thing. She had given you hickeys all over your neck the night before, although you weren’t complaining much when it was happening.

“Steve! She’s wearing a turtle neck. Why are you wearing a turtle neck?” Tony started to harass you, his curiosity getting the best of him.

“I burned myself with my hair straightener, it looks gnarly.” You lied.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see Natasha trying to hide her smirk.

“Bucky, do you know why Y/N is wearing a turtle neck?” Tony asked, ignoring your response.

“Tony, I told you–” You were cut off.

“She and Nat fucked last night, and they weren’t fucking quiet about it either.” Bucky replied giving you a glare.

Your eyes shot open as Nat stifled a giggle.

“BUCKY!” You screamed. “What the hell!? Were you listening to us?!”

“I’m in the room next door sweetheart, I can hear everything and for the love of God I mean everything. Seriously you two, you’re not subtle.” Bucky groaned.

Nat was in full on hysterics laughing this point. Your face was red in embarrassment and horror as you just stared at Bucky.

“You owe me 20 bucks Wilson!” Tony yelled as Sam entered the room.

“God dammit! I can’t believe you were right!” He had heard the whole conversation as he came down the hall.

He pulled out his wallet, slapping a 20 in Tony’s open hand.

“Oh my god, I’m never speaking to any of you ever again.” You whined as you left the room.


Decided to eat my mango all by myself while no one was home. (Yes, I didn’t want to share.) Was aware of the GIANT ASS SEED in it this time.

Look isn’t that beautiful. Last time I just ate it like an apple. Then I decided to go all in and see if the glass thing worked to peel it.

Holy shit it worked

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! This is amazing!

What an adventure! Bon appétit!

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CAD anon here. Okay, not only is the group anti-science, they are also homophobic, racist, xenophobic and full of shit. Despite "slipping up" many times, the fuckers never suspected anything until I had enough and outed myself on their facebook.

None of this is much of a surprise. 

I’d be curious to see how antisemitic they were? Just to up the tally of “fun” 

Also do you have screenshots of outing yourself because I imagine it’s spectacular


So I did an experiment today. I starve a lot of days on weight watchers (because I make shit choices) which tends to lead to me bingeing. With the bingeing comes all the guilt and recently some things I don’t want to talk about. I’m tired of that! I’m going back to counting calories but first I wanted to know what exactly was happening.

So I ate what I use to eat pre-weight watchers. Before I tried weight watchers this would be my average day and I lost about two pounds a week. I went to bed full every day and never really had any issues (except when I went through some shit and decided to starve myself for a few weeks.)I find myself having to force down many meals on WW because they just don’t suit my taste or simply avoiding things all together because I don’t want to use my points. Some days I’d see that negative point thing and it would just do something emotionally. I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe if I did meetings this would be different.

I think Weight Watchers is a great thing but it might not be the right thing for a person with food issues. I like eating what I want, I’m always going to make shit choices, might as well not feel shitty about it. Although the two plans are very much the same I think the big difference is choice. The limiting factor is what seems to bother me the most.

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But like tony accidentally becoming benevolent leader of the world post cw? It starts small with public good will and support. Gets bigger with small business support. Then major corporations. Politicians support. Celebrity endorsements. Soon whole us is behind him and he is just kinda like????????? Rhodey and pepper help. Then international liaison support. Foreign political support. It all just kind of snow balls

So I do have a fic rec for this, although it is a work in progress, it’s updated weekly so far. Honestly brilliant idea, but not something I see myself writing any time soon.


The War is Far From Over Link


The world keeps pushing him, demanding, because what he did wasn’t ever enough. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but that wasn’t enough, wasn’t ever enough.

Tony Stark was tired. But he had a planet to protect, even if everyone laughed at him whenever the prospect of alien invasions was brought up. He could count on one hand how many people he could trust, which was disheartening but then, what else was new?


ActuallyAVillain!Tony Stark Tony Stark, [Accidental] Overlord.

[diverges from canon at the end of Iron Man 3]

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What is your opinion on pinned bugs? Do you own any, or if don't would you one day like to?

My father had a butterfly collection when he was younger, but he ended up giving it away or otherwise getting rid of it, I can’t remember. I’t unfortunate, I would have loved to see it. 

I don’t have any myself, but I think they’re very fascinating. I was thinking of starting a collection of my own at one point, but collecting pinned bugs usually requires actively killing them, and I don’t think I can do that. All of my animal remains have been dead a long while before I acquired them. If I stumbled across a respectable bug seller, I wouldn’t mind getting a cicada or a beetle of some sort, but I don’t consider it a priority.

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I've been pretty stressed myself, actually. Friday I had to watch over an elementary school dance, Saturday I had my friends orchestra concert, Sunday I had a Girl Scout meeting, today I have a band concert(in 1/2 and hour) tomorrow I have a Jazz Band concert, Wednesday is the tech practice for the talent show I'm in, Thursday is the actual talent show(which I have to do 3 times) and Friday I have a field trip. Seeing as to how this has already gone, I'll probably have more stuff on the weekend

good luck my dude!! i hope this wont stress you out too much!


Couldn’t help myself, had to wipe and start the Miss Seventeen again after staring at her yesterday.

I got a tiny bit better under her eyes but … why don’t I like her eyebrows this time?? They’re so similar to last time but I don’t like them. Why they gotta be so difficult.

I’m going to finish her irises and probably add more blush then see what I can do about them brows.

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♥ What’s the absolute best experience you’ve had in RP?

Honestly, I have had a lot of best experiences. There’s so many with @alicienacorvin @domriblackblade @the-mage-and-the-monk @arcianmartell @brave-horizon and many others. But for this ask, I’m going to have to say the marriage between Irynswys Glazfarrwyn and Kiera. It….literally made me cry. To see Kiera find happiness, to find someone that she wanted to marry after all the hardship that she had gone through…it was inspiring. It gave me hope for myself to find someone like that. (And i secretly hope I did). I also met the player behind Iyrn’s character, and I am so, so, so, so grateful that I did. They’ve been with me through so much, been such a pillar of support. I don’t know where I would be with out you Iyrn. I really mean that.