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Coffee Boy | Pt. 5

A/N: Alrighty so this little series is loosely based off of this quote.  Each installment will be tagged with cbfic so you can either track the tag or search my blog if you’d like to stay updated.  I hope you enjoy it!

Pt 1 | Pt 4

You had thought nothing seemed off when you told Thomas about Calum sleeping over at your house a few nights ago, but as the past few days had progressed you realized there was a slight change in Thomas’s demeanor.  He stuck around you longer and asked to do more activities with you on your free days.  Of course you had no problem with this, he was your boyfriend after all and you definitely didn’t mind having a cute boy around.  You did, however, have a problem with the fact that Thomas seemed to have ‘infiltrated’ the cafe. 

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