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Anonymous said:Can you do a happy lowman imagine where it’s the scene where the boys are tied up from the police and miles mentions about happy reusing condoms and y/n is there for it ?

AN: I wrote it from memory, and made some stuff up. 

Sitting next to Happy, handcuffed next to a post, we waited for the dipshit Deputy to talk to the sheriff. He had pulled us all over for some bogus reason. It was bad enough this little impromptu meeting with the Russians was screwing up my plans, but now this pit stop was screwing with it even more.

Today was Opie and Lyla’s wedding, and I had a million things to do, and now it was a million and one. 

Clay had discovered that I had a valuable skill set when I started doing the books for the club three years ago, I could speak five different languages, and had become club translator. It was a useful asset, that put me into more dangerous situations then I could count.

His solution was to stick me with Happy Lowman as my body guard. Anytime we went to meetings, things were getting ugly, or we were on lockdown; Happy was my protector. The man was a pain in my ass most of the time.

 I closed my eyes ignoring the guys shit talk, most of it was what they were getting the couple for wedding gifts.

“Well you reuse condoms you cheap bastard.”

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Rajigaze Dec 16

Reita: Okay, shall we go to Christmas mail?

Uruha: Okay~

Reita: Ah! It says, “I want Uruha to read it!”

Uruha: Huh!?

Reita: Can you do it? I know you’re bad at this stuff.

Uruha: But it’s so long…

Reita: It ok  

Uruha: …It’s this one right

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah…what nice BGM for this

(*It’s Last Christmas)

Uruha: “Radio name, I love sweets. Reita-san, Uruha-san, good evening. Since the theme is Christmas, there’s something I want to ask you. Of course you ca…can’t have Christmas without cake”

Reita: Yes (laughing at Uru’s slip-up)

Uruha: “So, what is your go-to cake for Christmas? Is it the standard whipped cream cake that looks like fresh white snow? Maybe chocolate cake that goes perfect with red wine? Or is it the special Christmas cake, buuche dee N..oel …?? Kugurofu …the fairy tale-like….hekusen house…!?”

(Reita laughing cause Uru can’t pronounce shit)

Uruha: “By the way, for me, it would have to be buche de noel if I’m making it, or if I’m buying it it would be either buche de noel or chocolate cake. Also, Christmas Eve and Christmas day fall on a weekend this year. Everyone will be …kyakyaufufu –” THIS IS TOO HARD TO READ THERE’S TOO MUCH KATAKANA (giggles)

(*That last bit was supposed to be the sound of people partyin and havin a good ol time)

(Reita dying laughing)

Uruha: “Everyone will be having a happy time. But I’ll be spending it quietly at home alone. I hope everyone has a happy Christmas!”

(long pause)

Uruha: …Yeah

Reita: I have no idea what you were saying

Uruha: Yeah same

Reita: Like what’s ‘kugurofu’… (*trying 2 say kouglof)

Uruha: What’s buche de noel…

Reita: Idk….

Uruha: 'Hekusen’…they said it’s a special Christmas cake, so maybe we’re the only ones who don’t know what it is.

Reita: Yeah probably

(both laugh)

Reita: I don’t know what any of them are.

Uruha: But like red wine with chocolate cake sounds good.

Reita: Of course u would

Uruha: Ye

Reita: Well like obviously I know what chocolate cake is but 'kugurofu’ and like 'buche de noel’…

Uruha: And also 'hekusen house’…it’s a house?

(Reita bursts out laughing but like it is a house it’s a gingerbread house fuck off Reita)

Uruha: Eatin some kugurofu at the hekusen house

(Reita dying)

Uruha: Yeh u kno? Yesterday I went to the hekusen house and had me some kugurofu

Reita: Ur crazy man…

Uruha: (giggling) And then the buche de Noel came out and man…I lost it…

Reita: Really!! Oh cause you drank too much wine?

Uruha: Ah yes because I also had some rich chocolate cake that paired nicely with red wine…

Reita: (laughing) You’re an idiot.

Uruha: Ye that was my Christmas.

Reita: Dude I just pulled up a picture of hekusen house and it’s really a house!!!!

Uruha: What!?

Reita: So I guess you break the house and then eat it?

Uruha: …Ohh, is it a house-shaped cake?

Reita: Ahh I see, so it’s like you’re demolishing the house as you eat it…

Uruha: Well…yeh I guess… [some other joke about kouglof idk]

Reita: So anyway back to the question…

Uruha: Which one do we like?

Reita: (laughs) UM I DON’T KNOW??

Uruha (in very sweet voice): I like chocolate cake.

Reita: Yeah I gotta go with kugurofu. I probably eat it once every three days.

(Awkward pause and giggling)

Reita: Ohhh so this is kugurofu (*looking at a pic now)

Uruha: Ohhhh oh oh

Reita: I’ve seen it before, I’ve never eaten it before tho (laughs) …what was the other thing again?

Uruha: Buche de noel

Reita: Buche de noel…Oh I think everyone knows of this one…especially girls know this one.

Uruha: Yeah cause girls eat it

Reita: But I don’t think guys – ohhh okay, it’s that one that looks like a log!

Uruha: Ahhhh!

Reita: Yeah!

Uruha: I didn’t know it had a name!

Reita: Yeah! Okay, so next time I go to the store I’m gonna be like 'yes could I please have this buche de noel’

Uruha: Yeah…buche de – oh 'bush’??

Reita: Huh?

Uruha: Like in the woods???

Reita: Huh? Does 'bush’ mean woods?

Uruha: I don’t know??

Reita: Oh like 'forest’???

Uruha: Oh really??

Reita: Man idk (laughs) I’m gonna shut up now

Uruha: But ur guess is probably more far off than mine

Reita: Yes it’s GEGEGE

(*He’s reusing his stupid joke from the previous mail don’t even worry about it)

Uruha: Well anyway…

Reita: Yeah..

Uruha: They said they’re spending Christmas alone….damn even though they know so much about cake they’re alone…

(Reita dies laughing)

Uruha: Yeh

Reita: But they still wish we will have a happy Christmas! I mean, some people who are lonely would wish everyone else is lonely too. I’m glad they’re not that kind of person.

(buzzer goes off)

Uruha: What a great mail

Reita: What a great mail

Black Sails Misc. Thomas Hamilton Silliness.

I was cleaning up my Black Sails transcribing notes from meta posts, and did have to laugh at some notes I made in regards to the following:

1. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not by Rupert Penry-Jones, but when we first meet Thomas, you can hear Thomas/Penry-Jones speaking in his normal voice off screen. McGraw introduces himself to Thomas off-screen, and we see Thomas doing his entirely unsubtle ‘oh shit, he’s hot’ look. On the introductory ‘Ah. Are you the liaison sent by the admiralty?’ line, Thomas’ voice is suddenly very flat and deep on every single word in a way that we never hear from him again. In the next shot and for the rest of the episodes, Thomas’ voice pretty much just generally sits in the same place that Penry-Jones’ tends to naturally, though just a tad deeper.

I have no idea if it was a conscious choice from Penry-Jones to deepen Thomas’ voice for that opening line, I’m assuming not. There is a possibility that the show filmed the scenes of the episode in order and Penry-Jones was just trying to sort out the voice he wanted to give Thomas that later changed. Within the context of the show himself, I take the moment as an hilarious little character tic of Thomas going, ‘oh, fuck, the lieutenant is hot, better impress him’. Thomas then proceeds to try and sound as deep, regal and important as possible to his dashing new liaison. Very subtle, Lord Hamilton.

(My comment in my rewatch notes was ‘why does Thomas sound so fucking deep?’ with a lot of question marks.)

Bonus character/actor overlap silliness - I think Stephens made a joke about reusing an old ear piercing hole for Flint’s earring? At any rate, the mark is understandably still there in the McGraw flashback scenes. It wasn’t until I happened to be watching the flashback scenes up close on my computer as opposed to far back with TV that I realized Thomas/Penry-Jones had an old piercing hole on his ear, too. Within the context of the show, I like to think Thomas had some very adventurous drunken times at Eton and made a few questionable choices he may have regretted the morning after. I’m assuming McGraw made some similar questionable choices in his early Navy days, bless them both.

Episode Thoughts

(I try..key word: try, not to get too mean-spirited in these things. So I may have held my tongue on a few points. Nonetheless, if you feel these comments deserve an ‘anti’ tag, please let me know.)

- We now join Lord of The Flies: Neverland Edition already in progress.

- Hook regrets not switching out his regular hook with the grappling plug-in one he got last Christmas.

- Okay, so far this season Hook has offered rum to children and a pregnant woman.

- We apparently interrupted Emma while she was in her Wednesday Addams cosplay.

- Charming, the last time you and Snow charged ahead on a idea without thinking it over was how you ended up with half a heart in the first place.

- Everyone get their first season wigs back on!

- Retcon time!

- Grumpy had a job?

- The biggest surprise so far is them actually giving Belle 10 seconds of screen time.

- How in the hell? Rumple, put the Club on your dagger or something! 

‘Time of the Dark Curse’, that or present day Rumple magically grew his hair back…oh, why couldn’t it be the latter??

- I miss Rumple’s cane almost as much as his floof.

- Pre-Emma Rumple was limited with his insults. Hence him reusing the Dr Hooper joke.

- (Pixie’s the name of my youngest kitty cat, so I’m a little delighted everytime her name gets mentioned in this episode)

- Tiger Lily was a fairy?? That or they couldn’t get Tinker Bell to come back for enough episodes to play whatever plot role Tiger is gonna have.

- I can only assume that Mary Margaret keep scissors in her pocket at all times to trim her hair on a daily basis.

- Oh, no, they killed Pumbaa!

- Don’t suppose we want to give a flower to Rumple so he could find his child….?

- I kinda prefer Shadow-Hook to the real deal..

- Hey, come back!

- Did I hear that right? “It’s my fault you didn’t tell me!” Or words to that effect? I’m….You know what? It’s not my ship. Not my problem. Let’s move on.

- The characters from the earlier seasons who can no longer get screen time, gathering around for for their last moment to shine.

- Regina recaps the latest retcon to get them all up to speed.

- Shockingly, Hook is the first one who wants to drink something.

- I’m not even sure how this is suppose to work..? Guess I should have been paying attention rather than writing sarcastic comments, but hey, it gets me through the show.

- Don’t suppose this could have worked back when Rumple needed to wake Belle up from her sleeping curse….?

- Oops, everyone’s dead.

- Rats…I mean, oh, they’re not.

- Huh, guess they cut Moe French’s scene. Must run in the family.


Samar Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favourite Samar scene/quote/moment of Season 3?

Ugh, again. I have so many. Do I go with substance or sass? I love them both. I loved that in 3x07, we actually got to see a snapshot of not just her past, but her childhood too. We get so little personal information about Samar, that to see that story of her parents and her brother play out, was both heartbreaking, and one of my favourite things all season. The ending of that particular episode was decidedly not my favourite thing of the season, but we don’t need to talk about that.

Then of course, there’s the sass. Season 3 gave us some great moments. From ‘you boys about finished?’ to ‘going somewhere?’ to jokes about Aram’s music choices and Marvin Gerard’s complaining about stripping down to his boxers, Samar had some truly great one-liners in Season 3, and I will be forever grateful for it.

Then there was the silent, outstretched hand for Aram’s weed when Ress was already so horrified over it. I shouldn’t have laughed there, but I did. The raised eyebrows were just too great.

*strums guitar* people are allowed to be upset about stuff that happens to their favorite characters, people are allowed to be tired of the same tropes and stale jokes being reused over and over, and people are allowed to voice these feelings and you shouldn’t be an ass about it.

tsume817  asked:

🔥 !!

shit son you have to give me a topic I already dropped my pinapple pizza card I can’t get any lower from there. but I’ll dig:

I’m not going to name names but I’ve seen people digging at a certain popular cartoon strip artists for reusing drawings/concepts. “copy pasting” as it were.

this. is not a bad thing to do ESPECIALLY for a cartoon strip artist. its a trick as old as time and isn’t damming in this particular medium becuase the joke is what’s important here. not the art.

I mean by god one of the most popular webcomics today is fucking stick figures.

people are mad because “he makes money off of this” but guys that’s the point you have to work fast to monetize art these days. hell for all of days.

how many times did Garfield trace/reuse jokes? Dilbert? even my childhood favorite Calvin and Hobbs did a lot of reusing. if they had the technology to copy paste as we did today hell yeah they would have.

This is not a Bad Thing for this particular style of comic. Especially because the stuff he is copy pasting is actually pretty quality and he does way, way more new drawing than another not-to-be-mentioned artist that people are honestly fucking trying to compare this too.

it’s not a trick people. its an actual, literal necessity at some point. a lot of artists will look you dead in the eye and tell you they do this if you ask.

Re: this whole adam tots situation

I dont even have anything against comics that are low effort or use copy/pasting on a regular basis. XKCD uses literal stick figures, and yet its a widely-loved webcomic. Dinosaur Comics reuses the exact same graphics!! But its a good comic too! 8-bit theatre has long ago concluded, but it used sprites that had a few set appearances, and it’s to this day one of my favourite comics on the internet!

So why is blandy mcbuzzfeed so awful? I think it has to do with premise. All the examples I gave never claimed that they have phenomenal art. But they use it as a vehicle for jokes and messages with great effect! Adamtots on the other hand seems like it ought to be hand-made every time, but instead the copy/pasting makes it look bland. Couple that with the uninspired jokes and the “I deserve all this, fuck you” attitude, yeah. I find that comic genuinely distasteful. 

A Single Night

Fic Request: I don’t think this has been done before; the missing moments in 1x11 between the Macy’s scene and the arrival to the Formal? Including that dress shopping afternoon, haha. I’d love to have Lydia’s perspective on the turn of events :) Thank you!

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Missing Scene

Author: @bhanesidhe

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What Used to Be

Originally posted by kaibility

A/N: To the anon who requested for a “Kai angst scenario,” here you go. 

Since I was lazy, though, I just reused one of my drabbles and changed the characters’ names. 


You had never imagined Jongin to be wearing the color he hated the most. 

After all, he’d always say that orange reminded him of that “ugly, tabby cat” Mrs. Kim, your elderly and possibly borderline blind neighbor, brought with everywhere.

“Even to the movie theatre,” Jongin said to you one night, and you both had laughed at his little joke back then.

But now the situation had changed, for there were no more smiles, no more silly banters, and certainly no more intimate hugs between the two of you anymore.  

You wished you could turn back time.

“You look like you’re doing well.”

You started playing with the ring on your finger. “Yeah, I suppose.”

Your reply was short, but you didn’t attempt to bring up another topic to prolong your conversation. 

“What’s the matter?” Jongin leaned back against his chair. “Cat got your tongue?”

You were itching to punch him, but you remembered that Baekhyun had always reprimanded you for acting recklessly. 

Right, you were holding back for Baekhyun, and also because there was a glass wall separating you and Jongin (you tried it once and your hand turned ten shades of purple). 

“Why did you do it?” you asked, willing your voice not to shake. 

“Do what?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, that.” Jongin made direct eye contact with you. “It’s the first time you’ve mentioned what I’ve done, you know?” He ran a hand through his hair. “What more can I say? I was jealous and I didn’t want him to be the one for you.”

“That gives you no right to murder Baekhyun." 

"And apparently the court had thought that as well.”

“You don’t regret it at all, do you?” You closed your eyes. It was the only way to prevent your tears from forming. 

“How can I live knowing that you’re not by my side?”

Jongin, you thought, was nothing more than a monster.

spooky-little-boy  asked:

Don't get me wrong, the games are pretty good, but the persona series does have a nasty habit of recycling ideas. Ryuji is a genderswapped Chie mixed with Mark and Kanji, Ann is Rise with the personality of Yukari and the body and problems of Lisa, Morgana is Teddie, Makoto recalls Mitsuru, Haru's "story" is much like Yukikio's and she's similar to Fuuka it seems, Yusuke is Jun, Mitsuba is a "good" Jin, and Goro is Naoto's successor. Even our first boss is Ginji and Kashiwagi's lovechild.

I feel you might be a bit too harsh here. While I agree that there’s a lot of reused character types, that doesn’t make them the same character. I like to teasingly call Rise “Lisa 2.0″, because I know that that’s pretty much the template the character was built on, yet I don’t think this means Rise was “lazily written” or anything. The same goes for any other time the game has used similar character types. Junpei and Yosuke, for example, were built on the same character type to the point that Character Designer Soejima even stated that the dev team themselves had a habit of joking that Yosuke and Junpei were the same, yet in the finished games, if you put those two next to each other, they have entirely different motivations and intentions, and, in fact, in Persona Q they don’t even get along all that well, because the far more childish Junpei is just too much for the way more down-to-earth Yosuke.

Character Creation is not easy. As someone who’s worked on several original stories (and not fully released any of them because whoopsy-) I’ve experienced myself what a daunting task it can be to make a cast colorful, distinct, and, most of all, diverse. We joke about tropes and character types, but the truth is that these archetypes are what our mind latches onto for recognizable. Even if a character is not designed around any sort of “character type”, the human mind will end up assigning them one. Name me one fictional character who is absolutely “unique” without falling into any common tropes or types, and I’ll show you an incoherent mess of a character. Characters resemble each other because they are supposed to be humans, and humans are as similar to each other as they’re different.

Being original isn’t easy. Fun fact, I actually ended up rewriting several characters in my current passion project, UnEnding, from the ground up once the first Persona 5 trailers came in, since I realized that a couple of them were eerily similar to characters from P5. Note that I had written these characters BEFORE the first P5 trailers came out. I had NO way of knowing what was gonna happen. It was a coincidence. 

You say Ryuuji is “Chie and Mark and Kanji”. That’s already 3 characters, and I’ll add you in a Yosuke for good measure. That makes 4 characters who have tangential similarities to Ryuji. That doesn’t sound like reused characters to me, and more like Teenagers just being teenagers and resembling each other. If anything, that description proves that Ryuuji already appears to be fairly unique, rather than based off any specific previous character, which is a feat.

As for Anne, I’ll give you Lisa and Rise, since she clearly falls into the “inherited” character type set by Lisa in P2, which Rise also fell into, but her personality being Yukari? Where do you get that from? We’ve heard 3 lines of dialogue from her so far at best. You can’t really judge a character’s personality of that. I am going to dismiss that and leave it at her being part of the obvious “Lisa Family”, which, OK, is getting old, but some patterns are fun if they are kept.

Your comment about Morgana I find hilarious, because everything I know about Morgana so far points towards her being the polar opposite of Teddie, which means they are deconstructing their own set character types, rather than retreating them.

Makoto “recalls” Mitsuru only in the way that both of them are student council presidents who happen to ride bikes. If you can have only one female character who’s allowed to be in a position of power and pilot a motorcycle, that’s kinda sad, don’t you think? In fact, the info we have about Makoto so far suggests that she is unpopular and has anger management issues which is *nothing* like Mitsuru.

I cannot see where you get the comparisons between Haru, Yukiko and Fuuka from at all. Haru has been characterized as a rich, spoiled brat by the articles so far, a character type that hasn’t been used as part of the Main Cast by the Persona Series before, ever. I’d go as far as to call her the most “original” out of the cast so far.

Yusuke looks very similar to Jun, yes, but again, we don’t know anything about his personality yet, and the couple of spoken lines we have from him so far, in fact, suggest a very different personality from Jun’s, since unlike Jun, he seems to be blunt and down to earth. Jun was a soft-spoken romantic. 

Futaba and Jin are both hackers. That’s all. You’re allowed to have more than one character who’s a computer genius in your series. Fuuka is a computer genius too (she’s one of the few people capable of repairing Anti Shadow Suppression Weapons), so if anything, you should have complained that we have another navigator who’s a computer genius on board. You didn’t mention this, because Fuuka had a strong, defined personality outside of being good with computers. And Futaba will have that too.

Goro being another detective kid irks me, but, really, let’s be real, this game is of the Phantom Thief genre. There HAD to be a Genius Detective in there. It’s obligatory. Making a second detective kid is still marginally better than outright reusing Naoto. P4 and P5 both happen to be based on literary genres where Detective Characters are common. That’s a coincidence. And as much as the repeat angers me, I can also see it having a lot of potential for exploration, so I’m putting my faith in Atlus.

And I have no idea how you know anything about the first boss yet, if all we have is 2 lines of trailer dialogue and some screenshots.

Honestly,Archetypes will always exist. We’ll always see them. That doesn’t mean we should demonize them as they occur. I, for my part, will judge the character once I’ve actually gotten to meet them.

Oh My God You Sleep With That? Pt. III {bucky x reader}

Plot: A loud noise at the base has you checking out the source of the ruckus in the middle of night. You clutch your stuffed toy cat Charlie (whom you’ve been sleeping with since you were young) for some moral support as you hunt down the intruder.

In this chapter: the morning after + lots of Avengers interactions

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (it’s more friendly though, maybe flirty)

Wordcount: 1.5K+

Warnings: mild swearing but its super PG don’t worry kids

Tags: @matteblackvevo @5secondsofmerrick  

In case you missed it: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five (final)

Originally posted by assetandmission

Ah, pancakes. And bacon.

Even with last night’s shenanigans, the smell of Vision’s cooking wafting through the living quarters of the base brought you out of your slumber easily. Brushing your teeth only seemed to whet your appetite more and more. You waddled to the dining area, groggy-eyed and yawning between steps.

Steve, Wanda and Natasha were already seated and digging into those pancakes, golden-brown deliciousness stacked tall (much like Thor). Soon after, Sam who had finished his morning jog joined you at the table.

“What took you so long, Sam?” Steve smirked. The two often worked out together in the morning.

Steve had a sense of humour, but he always reused his jokes. Sam probably heard it every morning. Rolling his eyes, he replied curtly, “ahha ha ha.”

You were waiting for them to ask about last night. The elephant in the room. Or rather, the broken windows and furniture in the room. Vision’s pancakes were clearly more important. There was no talking whatsoever, only the sounds of metal scratching against ceramic plates, and munching, lots of munching.

“Good morning, Midgardian comrades! I made coffee,” Thor popped into the dining area with a tray of white mugs. “Extra strong for Lady Widow, and with almond milk for the Captain.”

Sam cocked Steve an eyebrow and smirked.

“Thanks, Thor,” Nat began, “so I’m guessing you’re the one behind this mess?” She took a generous sip of the coffee.

“Yes, surprise! I am back from Asgard!” Thor was as chirpy as always, even though he had crashed through a window about six hours ago.

Sam shook his head gently, talking through a mouthful of pancakes, “hohoho Tony’s gonna be SO FRICKIN’ PISSED.”

“So, last night…  ” You told them the story of the night before – how you thought the base was under attack, how you found the intruder in the kitchen but it turned out to be Bucky, and how you both found Thor in pantry with fruit loops in his hair.

“And it turns out, Thor just wanted coffee! I can’t believe none of you woke up last night, he was really loud. I was scared SHITLESS,” you admitted.

Wanda smiled at you, she knew how you were afraid to fight on your own because she was too. She once confided in you after her first mission alone with Steve where they had to split up. Without someone by her side, she couldn’t stop worrying about overusing her powers on someone, or worse – freezing up when she really needed to.

“Why don’t you join me in combat classes! Steve’s a great teacher, I beat Bucky the other day,” she offered.

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anonymous asked:

what classes will u be taking next semester//what type of school supplies will you be using? ((binders or notebooks, etc))

Next semester I will be taking:

  • Biochemistry II
  • Engineering Physics II
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • Information in the Sciences
  • Journalism Practicum

As far as school supplies go, that is always changing in at least some way for me. Last semester I tried using Cornell notebooks and I didn’t like them. Mostly because I ignored the part that made it a “Cornell” notebook. And the ones I got ended up being poor quality (they were the only ones I could find.

I’ve pretty much always used binders. The sections in my binders varies depending on the class. For science courses the sections are generally…

  • Lecture Notes
  • Book Notes
  • Assignments/Homework
  • Labs
  • Quizzes/Tests

Some science courses don’t have a lab, so that section is unnecessary in that case. Though for a class like Organic Chemistry I had a binder with 10 tabs, which I plan to use for Advanced Organic Chemistry, as well (the additional sections included “Workshops” (group work packets), Tutoring Notes, Mechanisms, etc.).

Of course, there are classes that don’t work with those tabs. For a humanities course I would have sections like Papers (ones I wrote and are graded) or Readings. Though oftentimes I don’t even feel the need to use a binder for those classes, so I use a folder instead, or just reuse the same binder for humanities classes.

The religion class I took last semester was kind of a joke, yet kind of not. The papers were sometimes hard to do, mostly because I didn’t care at all and had to make something up to make it sound like I was interested so I could get some more pages, or because the articles were ridiculously difficult for a 200-level class. And the notes were useless for writing the papers anyway. So that one didn’t even deserve a folder.

The journalism practicum is literally just me getting credit for being an editor of the paper. No folder needed. Information in the Sciences is pretty much a joke/easy A class. I will likely not require a folder there, either. But if I do take notes it’ll probably on my iPad.

I’ve found that printed paper works best for notes because I’m not confined to lines. And also because my organic chemistry notes were all on lined paper, which I think looks awful because of all the drawing I had to do with mechanisms. I also condense my notes into mini Moleskines, adding other organized detail for studying. Which is nice because they’re so small they can be taken anywhere.

Other than that, I made a post several months ago (if not longer) with a list of school supplies. Here it is.

anonymous asked:

i'm not saying it's great, but people give it a lot more shit than it deserves just because of the fact it's not the exact same show they watched way back when. there are some half-decent jokes in the new series (my favourite being the matadork one), but people only post about the cringy stuff, and even then there's only a few cringy moments

I do agree with you saying that some people don’t like the new Powerpuff Girls because its nothing like the original. There’s always people who react that way to new versions of things they like. However there are still multiple legitimate reasons on why to dislike it that have nothing to do with it being a reboot.

For example:

I actually consider the princess episode I took the clip from to be one of the better ones. And I think the new episode that just came out had a pretty good joke in it near the end with Bubbles and Buttercup. But that doesn’t change that the things listed above are still in the show and might be the reason why people are turned off by it.