i had to reupload my bad

if you were following lynx carolnein i had to remake and i’m here now

my whole account got deleted because tumblr is a functional website

they apparently have absolutely no caching or recovery or a “hold the blog data for a couple days before permanent deletion in case something goes wrong so we can return it”

i’m gonna reupload some of my old shit to attract people back here i guess

|  kim kai   |   a somewhat fictional bad boy  |   

please do not edit/reupload/use my artwork for commercial purposes
본 이미지의 이차가공, 상업적 사용을 금합니다

# 05: Teh end

If you haven’t seen the previous ones, this will not make any sense.

Took me roughly 7 months to finish this, but it’s finally completed. Probably the most work I’ve put on a cartoon. I had to cut a lot of stuff, but I’m pretty satisfied with how everything came together. Did a lot of stuff that I haven’t done before like shading the characters, lighting and color effects, custom musical score to accompany the movie and some other stuff.

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Making the journey to meet with Zeus~

EDIT: Reuploading the image because I fjhdkghfdfakjhk forgot something lol

Listen, he has a tail under the surface, fight me on this.
My first real piece of artwork in soooooo long, it’s a miracle! I’m really bad at water, sorry about that, but I just HAD to draw Fish Jesus. He is fantastic! My inner mermaid could not resist. This was as fun as it was a load of hard work but I’m quite happy with the end result.

His crown was being a hecc so I left it out. My excuse is he doesn’t need his crown for friendly meet ups.
Hope you enjoy it, guys~

under pressure precious things can break [reupload]

[reuploaded because i deleted my account on accident :/]

on Ao3

7. fake dating au

“Date me.”

Percy looked up from where he was doodling on her floor in surprise, his favorite pen hanging out of his mouth and a hand tangled in his hair. “Wha?”

“I said,” Annabeth said sharply, “date me.”

He slowly pulled the pen from his mouth. “Why?”

She huffed and crossed her arms. “Because I need a boyfriend.”

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Well, YouTube blocked my video worldwide, so I had to reupload it.

Glad I was able to change it, since I wasn’t fully satisfied with the result (it was kinda rushed), too bad it won’t gain as many likes and views as the old one.

*takes break from drawing slightly creepy background characters to draw more slightly creepy background characters*

If you want to see the movie:

  1. Send me a message asking for the password. You’ll need it to extract the .rar file. 
  2. Do not ask me as “anonymous”
  3. DO NOT SHARE the link or the password ANYWHERE. 
  5. I will only have this available for a LIMITED time. 

If I find that it’s been shared outside of tumblr, I will take it down IMMEDIATELY. Please understand my guidelines. I’ve had bad experiences in the past and this is the first time I’m sharing again after some years.


Do enjoy this movie. 

Edit: I should add, that this is the RAW version. So no subs, sorry. 
Edit #2: I will not send the password through email, so please please do not ask me to. I will reply to your message here on tumblr with it. Thanks! 

anonymous asked:

[rolls in for a critique] The recent and HEARTBREAKING comic of Sans and Papyrus was really good but I just wanted to point up that you missed a few lines! Also Its probably hard to do with Sans' voice being 24/7 chill but he needs a little more emotive. I suggest just getting a little louder and letting your voice get just a lil bit hoarse. If you can't due to space [like if you live in an apartment ect] then its understandable. Still great job!!!

At the point I was recording, it was 2 AM and my visiting family was all sleeping :V

And there was actually a second version with all of the missing dialogue there, but for some reason it still uploaded the old version. By the time I noticed, it already had 1000+ notes so I figured it would be bad to reupload it.
If I had it my way, and I could yell ad much as I wanted whenever I wanted, I’d always be hoarse : þ

Thank you for the polite critique!