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4/7 of Jongdae’s birthday edits

ok look… i had a yellow one prepared but something happened and i can’t fix it so i had to make this one. i honestly like the one that i made before… kms ;-;

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<p>JashiWeek : Timeless Tuesday

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This is really embarrassing Timeless Tuesday on a Friday, 😥but what was I thinking I could do a comic in a day. After the last samurai jack comic I posted before the finale less just say I was So OVERWHELMED by the amount of likes and reblogs from that little comic 😭from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Now.. this was an idea I had for a while during the 5th season for an epilogue I think a majority of us like to think that Ashi and her sisters sill be reborn again in the new time line long after jack has passed away. So what if one day there just so happens to be a exhibition on ancient Japan and a Morden day Ashi drags her sisters to it, but something catches her eye a old painting depicting the defeat of a ancient evil (according to folklore) by an emperor with no name.

Page 2:
Ashi: thanks for coming guys I know this isnt your sort of thing

Sister: well it was either this or shopping with mom.

Another sister: hah!

Ashi can’t explain it but she feels drawn to it and a certain samurai pays her a visit, happy to see his precious Ashi has had. Chance to live a peaceful life 😢and now I made myself cry

I fully intend to put Wednesday and Thursday up however I think after this I think’ll keep it simple

Here it is!! @spaaaaarrow, I was your secret gifter!! I hope this finds you since you changed your url ( ; ω ; ) when I saw you liked hp au’s, I thought huh, wonder if iwa ever sent oiks a howler….? I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you enjoy!! (here’s the twitter link for better quality)

Submission by melbournagain
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Put your arms around me.

I would not have thought of this crossover myself- and it’s super cute :)

I wanted to do more than one picture, but my schedule is just not allowing it- so I had them kiss to make up for it :D These prompts have been really fun! 

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Located in the Milky Way Galaxy, more specifically in a system that -with much originality- called itself The Solar System, Mars and Pluto’s guardians, called Phil and Dan, smile at each other across the stars, cheeks flushed red.

an AU type of an idea i had where each planet is born with its own guardian to protect it from evil and care for it.

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day off     ,     home alone     ,     feeling like quickly doodling my peachy girl ~  !       i wanted to do something ballet-inspired since i headcanon Peach does ballet     &&     here we are     .       it’s not perfect but it was just a quick thing i had fun doing c:

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First request made by @amozon28!

I had a lot of fun with this one, since I love Pacific Rim- I would totally read a fic based on this :D

As usual, click on images for better quality! The coloring looks different between beginning and ending pics because I wanted to experiment with colors based on environment. 

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so @gayradsaddad and @slaygoldponyboy have this awesome Be More Chill Spider-Man AU where Jer is the spider boy and it’s so awesome!! I was itching to draw something Spider-Man after seeing the new movie and I’ve had the BMC soundtrack bouncing around my brain for the past month, so here we are!

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02 quartet-tri.- (OpenCanvas and Photoshop) Click to view it larger!

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Ahh! had so much fun drawing my favorite quartet. I hope some mention of them will be made in the movies…or better yet they show up! (Ken would likely be at a private school, in my opinion)

Enjoy! ^^)

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