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Any rainy day kiss headcanons or scenarios for our chocobros and their s/o's? :) thanks!

Yay, first request! I’m gonna do them as scenarios if that’s okay!


One thing you came to know about the prince–he loved to fish. At any time, in any weather. So when he decided to bring you to his favourite fishing spot one day, you were not surprised when it started to rain and he didn’t exactly rush to stop.

“Noctis!” you whined, unprepared for the rainy weather. “I’m getting soaked! Please hurry!”

Noctis was hastily packing up his fishing gear, as he was already soaked to the bone. Once he had everything, he grabbed your hand. 

“Quick, we can wait in here until the rain passes,” he said, bringing you into the abandoned cabin that had once been a small fishing store. Once you were inside, you had a full-body shiver. Noctis came closer. “Cold?”

You shivered again, your arms hugging yourself. “Yeah, a little.”

Noctis wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss to your lips, his tongue dipping into your mouth. You let out a bit of a squeak as the kiss deepened, and you looped your arms around his neck.

After a while, he pulled away. “How about now?


Prompto had taken you to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The day started off great–the sun was shining, the sky seemed clear. He laced his fingers with your and excitedly brought you from one attraction to another. Around mid-afternoon, though, the sky started to get dark. You looked up and frowned at the heavy storm clouds that loomed overhead.

As soon as the first droplet hit Prompto’s nose, he immediately yelped. “My hair! We’ve gotta take cover!” He dramatically pulled on your arm and started running towards the closest cover, but the rain had already come down in droves, as if someone had dumped an entire bucket of water over the carnival. 

By the time you reached a covered bridge, Prompto’s hair was limp and he sported a disappointed pout. 

You giggled, stepping closer to him. “You still look cute, if that’s any consolation,” you grinned, giving him a peck on the cheek. He still pouted, so you showered his face with kisses until he became a giggling mess. 

He pulled you close and just as you were about to kiss him again, he shook his hair out like a wet dog, earning a scream from you. He laughed when you smacked his arm lightly, but then he kissed you again and you instantly forgot why you were mad in the first place.


You hadn’t expected so much rain on your weekend camping trip with Gladio, but there you were, trapped in the tent with your boyfriend, the zipper flap opened ever so slightly so you could see the droplets falling onto the stone landing outside.

It had rained for two days straight, and it was the evening of your last day at camp. You wished it had been more eventful, with more hikes and maybe even a hunt or two, but the rain had kept you at bay for most of the trip.

“Hey,” Gladio snapped you out of your thoughts. He was sitting back, one of the books he brought in hand. “C’mere.” 

He motioned for you to come sit in his lap, and you complied. You sat between his legs, your back pressed against his chest. He wrapped an arm around your middle and held his book in the other, and began to read aloud.

The baritone of his voice rumbled against your spine, causing heat to shoot up into the pit of your belly. You turned your head to look up at him. He stopped reading his passage and leaned down to kiss you. It was meant to be a chaste kiss, but once you tangled your hands in his hair, his book was abandoned and…well, let’s say the camping trip wasn’t a total loss after all.


On your first date with Ignis, he’d taken you to a quaint little cafe down the street from your apartment. It was one that you’d heard of, but never actually visited before. It served fancy coffees, fruit pastries and macarons. The two of you had been so deeply engaged in conversation that you barely noticed the rain coming down hard against the cafe’s window.

You looked outside and frowned, realizing that neither of you had brought an umbrella. “Not to worry,” he said, removing his suit jacket. “I’ll cover you.”

You protested, but he merely shook his head with a smile. Once you’d finally decided to brave going outside, he held his suit jacket over both of your heads (but mostly yours), and the two of you made a mad dash back to your apartment.

You hadn’t remembered the last time you’d laughed so hard from just running in the rain, but being with Ignis made your heart flutter. At your front step, he shook some of the rain water from his jacket and turned to you.

“I had a lovely time,” he said, taking one of your hands in his. “I’d like to see you again, sometime. Perhaps on not such a rainy occasion.”

You blushed. “I’d like that.” Ignis turned to leave, using his jacket to once again shield him from the rain. He’d made it down the first few steps when you called out his name to wait. He turned, and you stepped out of the cover of your front porch and kissed him, your hand coming up to stroke his jawline.

Once you finally pulled away, you saw how red his cheeks were. “You’re all wet,” he said finally.

You bit your lip. “Wanna come upstairs and dry off?”

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tumblr users themed questions meme: 1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15. 17. 19.


1. What blogs are in the “Recommended blogs” section? 

I actually don’t have recommended blogs showing up anymore on my dash. I installed this thing that blocks it. To be honest, I wasn’t annoyed or anything with the recommendations, it was just more of blogs that made me severely nervous/scared were popping up - even blogs that I had blocked/blacklisted. It was just better for my anxiety that I remove the recommended blogs so I don’t risk any of those blogs I’ve blacklisted showing up. 

3. Who is your best tumblr friend(s)?

I could honestly list a whole heap, however there are some who have been with me through my entire tumblr years as well as those who have been with me way before that - during my bebo years - and those would have to be Grace (@omnipotenceisoverrated), Hayley (@screamiiisms), Mickey (@amongwclves) and of course, you ;)

5. How many blogs do you follow? 

About 184.

7. Favorite blog(s)? 

Far too many to name, to be honest. Seriously, that list would go on forever. I haven’t done a bias list yet but when I do that would be a good go-to for this answer.

9. Who made your icon? 

I’m assuming this means my side icon and that would be the lovely Grace (@omnipotenceisoverrated). As for all my rp icons, I make them. 

11. Recommend 5 theme blogs 

I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what this means by ‘theme blogs’ o.O

13. Which blogs are your biggest fans? 

@tokenhxman & @gilbertvatore

I’m my 2nd and 4th biggest fan cause I constantly reblog memes from myself XD

15. Do you share a blog with anyone? If so, who? 

Nah, all my blogs are my own. I probably wouldn’t ever share a blog with someone unless it’s a resource/help blog sorta thing, but even then I have no intentions of joining one any time soon. 

17. Who told you about tumblr? 

I actually have no idea, to be honest? It’s been so long that I don’t know if someone told me about it or if I just discovered it for myself. The same also applies about tumblr being used for roleplay though I have the feeling I was aware of tumblr before I knew people were roleplaying on the site. 

19. Do you consider yourself “tumblr famous” or famous in your fandom?

Bahaha, hell no. I’m the furthest thing from tumblr famous to be honest. It would be nice though (having your oc well known) but yeah, I don’t consider myself famous in any way, shape or form. 

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Can you please write a long dirty Kai sexbot smut? Love your blog by the way

A/N: be careful what you wish for :D

Kai had discovered selfies. Oh at first it was harmless. The experimental ones and the derp faces made you howl with laughter. When you were at work and he was lonely, he would send send a photo of him smiling shyly saying he missed you. Then there were the cute before you got home pictures of him with two cups of hot peppermint saying that’s what was waiting for you when you got home.

But then he got good at them. He discovered the perfect angle to highlight his angular jaw. Soon, the selfies started to make your palms sweat. He would peek up through those long, sooty eyelashes and make your heart skip a beat. Once, you were naive enough to glance at a selfie he sent through snapchat. He was lounging on the couch, not even looking at the camera, but that didn’t matter. Just from a peek at the photo, you already wanted to rush home and climb on top of him.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. Once Kai had gotten his claws into selfies, it was only a matter of time before they got smutty. You braced for impact every time you dare open a selfie in public. All that beautiful brown skin on display. Those collarbones, his abs… and everything below. He killed you slowly with each picture sent. If he was really feeling a particular mood, he’d send several in conjunction and then your panties were a mess that whole day.

Then he started to demand for some in return.

“Nonono,” You raised your hands in protest. “I can barely take a picture with the camera looking forward.”

Kai coaxed you to let him teach you. Hours were spent lounging on the comfy stuffed chair you had, sitting on his lap as he guided you. Fingers tipped your phone, overlapping yours. The low rumble in his chest as you made a frustrated face at the phone. The warmth as he hid his face in your shoulder while you took the selca as he coached you.

In fact, you were at work, staring at that exact photo. It was your lock screen now. You sighed deeply, having spent the past 5 minutes staring at it now. You missed your erratic bot boy. Your phone wouldn’t lie to you about the time so you knew the last hour was going to go by very, very slowly.

With disgust, you tossed your phone aside and attempted to finish a few orders on your computer.

Then your phone chimed.

You lunged for it, well aware of the consequences. Your reward was a selfie of Kai: you could only see from his nose down but he was biting his lip, showing off some damn sharp collarbones, pulling his pants down just enough to show his v-lines.

“Oh god damn it Kai,” You cursed under your breath.

“What was that?”

You clenched your phone to you chest and whirled around in your chair. You did NOT want Jung Daehyun seeing your sexobot’s provocative photo. That would bring up questions you did not want to answer at work.

“Nothing! Just pissed at my workload,” You said through clenched teeth.

Daehyun sent you an unbelieving look but sat back down. That guy was always peeking over his cuticle at you. Probably trying to find a reason to get you fired.

Your phone dinged again and you jumped a foot in the air. “Pleasepleasepleaseplease…”

You quickly glanced down at your phone and then squealed.

Your sexobot was now only in his boxer briefs, the black looking lovely against his bronzed skin. Honestly, if his body alone wasn’t enough to knock you out, that sassy, cocky, motherfucking smirk made your panties so wet, you were clenching your thighs together.

“I swear to God, if you’re squealing over there because you just won a level in a game you’re playing, I’m busting your ass–”

You glared with pure venom at your co-worker. Your chest was heaving, you were breathing so hard, but you still managed to hiss, “Sit your ass down and focus on your own work, Daehyun!”

Daehyun didn’t look too impressed but he sat down nonetheless.

You quickly unlocked your phone and sent a message to Kai.

Put a hold on that stripping until I get home

Sure he would have to listen to you, right? Had you checked off the “obedient” personality trait. You didn’t think so…

Nah, I think I’ll start the party now

You sank into your chair, honestly seeing stars. The cock of his head, so rebellious. And his hand oh so casually hiding the one thing that was begging to be in between your legs right now.

“Oh my fucking god,” You groaned out loud.

“Are you alright?” Daehyun demanded. “You look pretty red right now.”

You curled your lip up, about to tell Daehyun off when you swallowed your rage down. This could work to your advantage.

“Actually you know what–” okay, you weren’t faking your hands shaking as you tried to grab your keys, but whatever, “–No, I don’t feel good. I’m going to head off early, get a good night’s rest.”

Your coat was forgotten and you almost broke the heel of your shoes running across the underground parking, but when you made it to your car, you felt triumphant.

Then your phone went off.

“What more can you torture me with?” You whined desperately.

You’re coming home now, right?

Just the text, nothing more. But damn didn’t you speed home, pushing the limits, only seeing those beautiful lips in your head. You parked haphazardly, vowing to bake the lady next door a cake or something. You couldn’t patiently wait for the elevator, you had to dash up the stairs.

At last, with the door at your back, you kicked off your shoes and ran to your bedroom. There was Kai–

–completely clothed.

“You took too long,” Kai said, not even bothering to remove his eyes from the TV.

“You have ten seconds to take off your clothes before I rip them off you,” You growled.

Kai’s eyes danced with amusement. “Yes ma'am.”

So he did have some obedience in him after all.

It was a contest to see who could strip the fastest but once you were in Kai’s arms, you didn’t remember what you were so angry about. Your lips went to his instantly, melding to them. Your eyes wanted to roll into the back of your head. Finally, you were here.

Kai nibbled at your neck, breaking your kiss but it didn’t disappoint you. Your neck was sensitive, so it only turned you on as you felt his tongue lathe your neck. “Kai…” You murmured.

“Shhh,” said Kai, voice already husky, “Just let me make you feel better.”

“You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?” You whispered.

Kai locked gazes with you. Those dark orbs knew all of your secrets. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Kai was, after all, made to your satisfaction.

“Shut up and fuck me,” You said.

“That’s my foul mouthed girl,” Kai grinned boyishly.

He pushed you into the bed, spreading your thighs and putting his tongue to work. You shuddered as the wet muscle lapped against your inner folds. But he was avoiding your clit. You couldn’t help but buck your hips. You had been so wet on the way home already.

Your hands clutched the bed sheets below you when his tongue flicked at your clit. You tipped your head back and arched your spine, because you need, more, more, mooooore.

The most pitiful noise fell from your lips when he inserted one finger into you, receded and then inserted a second finger into you. He curled them just so, to touch your g-spot, and your toes were curling with them. Throw in Kai flattening his tongue against your clit and licking you until your spine straightened as you choked out his name, and you were done.

“What was that even? A couple minutes? Shame on you,” Kai teased.

You wearily pushed some hair out of your face. “I’ll have you know that I will not fall asleep, so you better–”

“I’m the last one that’s going to stop,” Kai became cheeky, “First of all, I’m a bot, so I have unlimited stamina. Secondly, in order to have unlimited stamina, I do need a battery charge. That, I sadly lack. So, we will be doing it several times tonight. That was just to ensure you were ready for the first round.”

“Why, what’s so special about the first round?” You asked, already feeling your mouth go dry.

The first round was taking you hard and fast with your face is the sheets and your ass in the air. You needed to be wet so that he could take you so instantly, just as you needed. The second round was sweet and lazy, with your back against the bed and Kai in between your legs. His hips would flex and his pelvis grounded into your sensitive nub, making your moan in between his hot kisses. Third round was Kai playing homage to your breasts. While he rocked your two bodies, kneeling on the bed, his fingers play with your nipples, pulling and teasing and twisting, making you ache with desire. Then he sped up, thrusting into you, grunting, and then you came for a third and last time.

Kai bundled you in the sheets, fluffing your pillow and dutifully kissing your forehead. “Rest now, because I’m fully energized. Now we need you in the same condition. Bananas should be your breakfast.”

“I don’t remember checking bossy as one of your traits,” You yawned.

“No but you did check sassy,” rebutted Kai

He had a point.

Monster Hunter 101: Basic Elemental Blight's

Hey hunter’s, today in Monster Hunter 101, i’ll talk about some of the basic Elemental Blight’s you’ll be encountering most of the game (MH3U/MH4).

 First we’ll start off with Fire Blight. When being hit with a flaming attack, or fireball, from monster’s like Ratian and Rathalos, you may experience fire blight, you’ll slightly be on fire, and it causes your green health to slowly deplete, as well as your red health, at an even slower pace.
The trick to getting rid of this blight is simply rolling 3 times, or if by water, roll into the water just once, Nulberry’s also work. Keep in mind that the weaker you are to the fire element, the stronger the blight will be.

 Water Blight is actually a tricky one, people often question what this blight does. Well when getting hit by a monsters water attack, like Plesioth's water beam, will cause you to experience water blight, and what it does is simply cause’s your stamina to recover at a much slower rate, making it hard to keep up with monster’s, and it makes keeping track of your stamina very frustrating to say the least. Using a nulberry will cure you of this blight.

 Thunder Blight is also one that raises many questions from beginners. In MH3U you’ll probably experience this blight the most, against Zinogre’s. Being hit with a thunder attack can cause this blight, and what it does is very simple. It increases your stun chance, so being comboed by a Zinogre will almost never end well, by the way, button mashing or rolling the circle pad, or control stick, can shorten your stun time. Nulberry’s are the way to go with this blight. 

Ice Blight. A status condition that i personally hate with a passion, monsters like Jade Barroth can cause Ice Blight, if hit by an ice like attack, this blight greatly increases stamina usage, making it extremely difficult to keep up, or escape monsters. In other words, if you screw up, your done. Best thing to do is to either use Mega Dash Juice or Nulberry’s.

 Dragon Blight. Okay, i lied, this in fact may be the most annoying blight in the entire game. It’s had some changes in comparison to previous games. Getting hit by Dragon Type moves, like Deviljhos Dragon Breath, will indeed cause this blight, unless you resist it ofcourse. In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, what it does is remove elemental/Status properties from your weapon. This means that if your using a thunder weapon on a Deviljho, and get dragon blight, the thunder element is blocked when effected by Dragon Blight. Nulberrys are your best friend , be sure to bring Nulberry’s when hunting monsters like Deviljho or Stygian Zinogre.

And that pretty much cover this edition of Monster Hunter 101. Some of these blights may confuse some new players as the effects they have on the player are not always as clear as day, so i hope this helps some of you hunter’s. Happy Hunting guy’s.