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Brook casually sliding in to save the day, again. I love that skeleton. A lot of people can say what they want about him, ive heard them say hes pretty useless and has no place but goddamn he has saved the strawhats asses on multiple occasions in this arc. Thank you Brook!

yessS i love how not only is he doing all this hella important stuff but he’s so???  chill about it???  like i wonder if he’s even gonna get credit for this, because i wouldn’t be surprised if he just doesn’t bother telling anyone he did it. 

when he revealed he’d gotten the poneglyph rubs he was just like “oh yeah i got them btw here you go” without showing it off at all 

and then later in the bath luffy was like “wtf brook you didn’t even fight get it together” 

and even though brook STRAIGHT UP FACED OFF WITH A YONKOU AND WAS ALMOST KILLED BY HER he didn’t bother correcting luffy.  and now here he is, casually keeping the entire plan from falling apart with a tiny hammer and a “yoho”.  

tl;dr not only has brook been coming in clutch this arc but he hasn’t bragged about it or asked for thanks at all.  it’s extremely admirable.  GO BROOK.

carly’s pynch fic rec

basically, i’ve read a lot of fic, some of which i haven’t seen on rec lists on tumblr anywhere and i just thought that had to be remedied so: here we go. ten fics sorted by word count. most of them are multichapter, and rated M or E.

★★★★★144k+ words, rated M, completed

light with a sharpened edge by poetic_leopard aka @winterblues

Adam Parrish works as a sober companion, but he has no idea of the storm that’s soon to hit him when Ronan Lynch turns out to be his newest client. (Or the one where Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are trapped underneath the same roof for six weeks.)*Ronan, to his surprise, opened his eyes. For a breathless moment, Adam was transfixed in them. They were the color of the ocean on the most azure of nights, lightning right before it struck the ground, damp hydrangeas on a fog-swept morning. Those eyes gave him chills.

this fic!! solidly one of my favorite fics! (although, i’m only recommending my favorites) ronan is a little more of an asshole than usual, but, it’s an AU so.. it works. the writing in this is lovely and poetic and leaves you hanging off of every word. 

[more recs under the cut]

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When I started my first tumblr blog, one of the very first things I posted was this set of avatar posters. They kind of exploded, racking up 10k notes within a few days. Needless to say it was thrilling for 15 year old me, having barely just started drawing seriously.

Unfortunately they pretty much defined my old blog, which was a big reason for me to let it go and start fresh here. For the most part I was content leaving them behind me. But especially this summer, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they weren’t a good example of my current skill as an artist, so naturally I had to remedy that!

I finished the sketches about a month ago, and finally found time to sit down and finish painting all of them, in this final week before school. I also made them available to buy on my society6 store - check it out.

Please (don’t delete my comment) and enjoy them!

Fight For Love - Theo Raeken and Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by procrastinationoutlet

Summary: Theo brings an injured Stiles to (Y/N)’s doorstep after a brutal fight over her love.

“(Y/N). Help!” I heard from outside my door followed by loud knocks. I quickly ran to the front door after putting on my dressing gown due to me being in my pj’s. I swung open the door and Theo shoved past, holding a bleeding Stiles.

“Oh my god! Quick, put him here.” I say as I run into the kitchen and shove all the books off the counter. “I think I still have a kit from Deaton; give me a sec.” I run out the room and search for a small green box that had needles and supernatural healing remedies. I spot the box in one of my draws and grab it, sprinting back down to Stiles. 

“Okay, what happened? What creatures done this to him?”

“Uhh werewolf.” Theo mumbled and I raised my eyebrow giving him a quick glance. 

“Stiles, you okay?” I say as I hold his cheek making him look me in the eyes. He cries in pain and shakes his head, unable to talk. “We need to work quickly.” I rip his shirt off and grab a cream, needle and thread out of the box and lay them out in front of me. “Stiles, I’m sorry but this is going to be one of the worst things you’ll ever feel.” I say before applying the cream to his wounds. He flinches and wails in pain. “Hold him down, Theo!” As I begin stitching his wounds I see Theo’s veins turning black. I smile at him softly when I notice how much pain he’s also going through by absorbing Stiles’. I look back down at Stiles and notice that he’s now passed out which will make it easier for me to work on his cuts.

“What happened?” I ask Theo as I continue to stitch Stiles together.

“There was this uh.. giant pack of werewolves.. and uh..-”

“I know it was you. I can see his blood on your fingers. Why?” Theo inhaled deeply and sighed. 

“He found out something and went crazy angry. Started yelling and punching me. It was like he was out of his mind. And then something came over me and I just… You get the picture. When I came to my senses I realised he was hurt. You were the first person I thought to come to. You know, with all your training with Deaton and stuff..” Theo said but it was obvious that he left some parts out. I decided not to press further on the subject and I finished stitching Stiles in quiet as Theo fumbled around looking at all the different creams and liquids I had stored. 

“All done. He should be awake in an hour or so. I’ll just put him on my couch and watch over him.” 

“I’ll stay too!”

“What?” I giggled.

“I mean, to watch over him. I’ll stay and take him home when he’s better.” 

“Okay… I’ll go and set up the couch one sec.”

“You grab his feet.” I say as I walk back into the kitchen after setting up the fold out couch. I grab ahold of Stiles’ arms/shoulders as Theo grabs his feet and together we carry him to the couch. “Get me when he wakes up, will you?” 

“Oh, I thought I was staying with you?”

“You’re staying there.” I laugh and point at the other side of the pull out bed, next to Stiles. “Goodnight!” I smile sweetly and head off to bed to get an hour or so of sleep.

“(Y/N), wake up.” I feel a hand lightly shaking me. 


“Stiles, he’s waking up.” I shoot out of bed and quickly make my way downstairs. When I see him propped up on his elbows I smile widely.

“So? How are ya feelin?” I ask smug.

“Not too great, if I’m honest.” He groans.

“Yeah, Theo told me what happened.”

“What? You told her? What the fu-”

“No, not that part.” Theo said with a look that said ‘shut up’.

“What part?” I cut in. When no one answered I got annoyed. “Theo?” My voice deepened. 

“Okay, okay. We were fighting over you.” 


“Theo said that he was going to ask you out and I got angry at him” Stiles interjected, guiltily. 

“And so Stiles here decided to throw a few punches.” 

“I would’ve beaten you if it weren’t for your dumb powers. It’s cheating.”

“Oh, you wanna go again? No werewolf powers and I’ll still smash you.”

“Stop! What the hell has gotten into you two? You’re acting like children. Can someone please actually explain what the hell happened?” I yelled which shut them up.

“Theo told me he was going to ask you out and he’s known for months how much I like you. It’s as if he was doing it to spite me.”

“Oh, because I can’t like a beautiful girl who doesn’t treat me like they think I’m about to kill someone every second of every day!” 

“Well, have you ever thought about not killing people?” 

“I haven’t since I developed feelings for (Y/N).” Theo turns to me and his whole aura changes. “You honestly changed me for better, (Y/N). I don’t know what I’d do without you. Frankly, I’m scared of what I may become.” I stand there, looking at the two in shock. 

“T-this is a lot for me to take in right now. I love you both so much but… I just don’t know in what way I love you. I think I need some time to figure out my feelings… Theo, can you take Stiles home? Without hurting one another?” I say softly. He nods and they leave quietly before Stiles turns around and thanks me for helping heal him. I smile and close the door, locking it. I lean my back against it and huff. “Jesus Christ. How am I going to do this?” I mumble to myself before making my way to bed, eventually coming to a conclusion.

I love…

If you guys enjoyed this let me know and I’ll write an alternate ending for each of them! It should only be a short epilogue of some sort, though.

Breathe You In - A Sidlink playlist

(I couldn’t find any Sidlink playlists on 8tracks, so I had to remedy that.)

Track List:

1. King - Lauren Aquilina (Link’s past as a Champion)

2. Believer - Imagine Dragons (Link fighting in the wild)

3. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake (Meeting Prince Sidon)

4. Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)  - Hozier (Struggling with feelings)

5. Underwater - Mika (Mutual feelings!)

6. Help I’m Alive - Metric (Overwhelming feelings)

7. Animal - Neon Trees (Growing physical attraction)

8. Flesh - Simon Curtis (You know where this is going)

I’d apologise, but I’m not sorry.

Negative Character Development: Can My Protagonist Make Bad Choices?

Writing a good protagonist doesn’t have to be all sunshine and roses. Advice blogs often talk about letting your characters succeed and having them learn from their mistakes, but this doesn’t always happen in real life. Sometimes we make bad choices and we don’t learn from them—and sometimes this leads to failure. It is absolutely possible for character development to be negative.

We don’t often talk about this because a lot of readers like happy endings. They want to see their favorite characters end up on the path they belong. However, these don’t always make great stories. Sometimes our characters head down a path that isn’t right for them and they are unwilling to learn from their mistakes. Or they’ve been lead astray by other characters that negative influence their lives. There are many reasons why negative character growth can happen.

A good protagonist doesn’t necessarily mean that your main character is a good person. Making mistakes doesn’t make a character a bad person either. Understanding the complexities of human nature and how differently we all respond to adversity is one of the most important steps of developing a good character. Also, take into consideration privilege and circumstances. You need to decide where your story is going and how you want your characters to grow.

Here are a few ways to approach negative character development in a story:


A character can have negative growth, but there should be a reason for it. A protagonist can make bad choices and your audience will accept those choices as long as you explain why. If a character suddenly runs away from home, despite having a great life, family, and friends, your readers are going to be angry about it and not necessarily understand why. If there’s a reason, however, your audience will accept it. Explain your character’s motivations and needs!

Character Flaws

One of the best ways to show negative character development is to make their flaws apparent and visible. If your character is jealous, show how they’re jealous. Maybe this contributes to their development throughout your story. Everything you say about your character should play a part in the story. Every character should have flaws, but not every character has to learn from their flaws. 


Many characters will make bad decisions due to fear. This is an important motivating factor, so keep this in mind when you want your character to make less-than-perfect choices. I’ve done a lot of stupid things due to fear, which could have been remedied if I had taken a moment to calm down. Your character will lie to protect themselves out of fear or maybe do something more drastic in order to save themselves. Keep fear in mind.

Internal Conflict

We always have a lot of things going on in our head that we can barely explain to other people. We might have some irrational thoughts that cause us to make bad choices. You need to show this somehow and let your audience in on what’s going on in your character’s head. This will help your readers relate to your characters and understand their choices. Your character will have to make some hard decisions and it’s understandable that they might not know the right direction to go in. Make sure you show your character is struggling.

Outside Forces

Some characters make bad decisions simply because they saw other people they love and care about make those same poor decisions. They might not have had the opportunity to come out on top and that’s just the cold, hard reality of it. It might be more realistic, depending on your story, if your character doesn’t have the resources or support to be successful. It’s not always your character’s fault if they fail in someway. Take these outside forces into consideration.

-Kris Noel


The gift guaranteed to bring out the kid in Cullen, his new mabari, Pup! He loves his little scrapper, drool and all. Cullen could barely keep Pup still for the picture, so he used a secret weapon. Head rubs! Works every time… (almost…)

My little gift to you all but more specifically @ces479 just in time for the holidays! Plus, it had been just way too long since I’d drawn this adorable dork so I had to remedy that. Maker bless you all and have a happy Christmas!



Look at where we stand
Bitter hearts and empty hands
I don’t wanna walk alone anymore
It’s cold on the floor, used to be warm

23| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3460

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Chongsu Sungmin just blinked and stormed into the Entrance Hall, snapping at his students to get out of the way.

You took a breath and began to go up the steps, suddenly Jiwoo grabbed your wrist.

“(Name).” She said incredulously, her eyes wide. “What the heck? You’ve been banned from dancing!”

You pulled your wrist away and began walking again. “I know.” You said. “But Master Jinho can’t do anything once I’m on stage, can he?”

“But we already discussed this!” She said, hurrying to catch up with you. You stopped again, remembering that she didn’t have a lot of energy. “(Name), I know that guy was a complete bastard, but really? He was just talking crap! You know what will happen if you dance tonight!”

You shook your head. “I don’t care, Jiw’. We’re dancers. We live in the moment. I will do anything to dance this solo. I don’t care about the consequences.” You grasped her uninjured hand with both of your own. “Please, Jiw’.” You said quietly. “Don’t you understand?”

She gazed at you evenly. “I do. I really do. My mom asked me the other day if I wished I’d not done ballet. I mean, look where it’s got me.” She weakly lifted her cuffed arm. “And yet I don’t regret it. I would give anything to be in those studios right now. Because I love it. I love that moment. That moment when you dance and the whole world seems perfect.” She sighed and shook her head. “I get it. I totally get it, but you at least need to know what the consequences are.”

Your impulses were racing in you, but it was important the you knew what the consequences would be. “What are they, then?”

She turned and started walking slowly up the steps. “At best, Master Jinho will see you dancing and think you’re marvellous and he’ll begin a (Surname) (Name) appreciation page.” She pushed some hair off from her face. “At worst you could risk a discussion about your place in Amour.”

“That’s not likely, more like kicked out.” You pointed out. The two of you were in the entrance hall now, following the massive group of US Ballet dancers down to the room where they were allowed to put their bags. You stopped by the staircase and sat on the bottom step.

“Yeah maybe.” Jiwoo trailed off.

“But it’s also possible that Shinn Taeil has spread rumours across the whole damned ballet world and that I’m just going to finish Amour and not have any company to go to. I have to do this. I have to prove myself to Taeil and that idiot Chongsu Sungmin. I have to prove it to everyone here because they all think I’m some stupid girl who picks fights with Shinn Taeyeon and tries to get in with Park Jimin. I have to prove it to myself. That I’m not too old for this. That everything Chongsu Sungmin just said about me is entirely false. This is my solo, Jiwoo. My dance. I have a right to perform it.”

She stared at you for a long time. “There’s still one last problem.” She said eventually.

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The forces of Light have never looked better.


So I realized that I forgot to put the AO3 link for These Aching Bones. <— I have just remedied that. (I also had to change the rating explicit)

There will be a multi-chapter prequel to accompany it. It will answer a lot of questions and shed a bit more light on the ‘whys’ of Gabriel and Jack’s relationship. (because @infinite-atmosphere and @reapers-carino are both extremely convincing motivators.)

The first chapter of the Mchanzo companion fic to In the language of flowers will be posted tonight. (Should my son not wake up running a fever)

I am still working on prompts. Worry not, they will be up soon. I like to give people the best content I can when I write a prompt. 

You guys are AWESOME. 

Stay thirsty.