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i had a sad day bc i forgot to take my medicine :/ also hey! can u rec me some good dnp blogs?? i recently remade and my dash is dead af as fuck,,,, thanks bunchies!! 🌠🌠

awe im sorry beeb :(( i hope tommorow’s a brighter day 

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hi everyone! it’s aleena aka kihyunsgirl and i’m making my first follow forever!! (well…at least on this blog sdlfkjsf)

i had remade my blog two weeks ago for a mess of reasons, mostly with the mindset that no one really liked me/my blog anymore and that no one was gonna refollow me sldkfjsdf but damn u guys proved me wrong :/ lsdkfjsdf thank u for making me feel loved and like i’m not a Total loser and thank u for making my dash and this website an amazing place! i was so happy seeing so many ppl refollow me and so many new blogs follow me i didn’t think 500 ppl would give me so much love in just two weeks :(((( i love u ???? i don’t even make content i just show up here and gush abt kihyun…. some of yall aren’t even mx stans so thank u for putting up with me sldkfjsd

also i’m making this as more of a mutuals appreciation post bc this isn’t a full list of everyone i follow, but it is all my mutuals!! just know that if u follow me, whether it was today or yesterday or refollowing from my old blog, if we became friends last week or a year ago, or whatever it may be, my heart is so full of love for all of u!!! the sun shines for u the birds sing for u and my heart beats for u !! i hope all of u are having an amazing day and an amazing life and i hope that u are feeling happy and loved… im love u 

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Address in the Stars

I apologize in advance.

“Nesta! Nesta!” Cassian came running into the house in a full blown panic. He could feel Nesta’s heart racing, he could feel her panicking. He had left the camps, in the middle of sparring, because he had to make sure she was okay.

“Nesta!” He called for her over and over again, his own heart racing. His hands shook as he searched for her. He was sure she was here, the bond had led him to this very place. But their bedroom was empty, so was the living room.

When he found her the tightness in his chest loosened as he stepped out into the backyard. She was facing away from him. Her scent wrapped around him, calming his panic. He could still feel hers, but it was nothing compared to what his had been. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“Cass,” tears were on her cheeks as he pressed soft kisses against her neck, “I didn’t hear you come in. You’re early.”

He kissed the back of her neck, making her shiver. Cassian smiled, “I felt your panic. I felt you, I didn’t think I just followed the bond.”

Nesta went stiff in his arms, “the bond.”

Cassian then realized where her fears had come from, why she had been panicking. Because she felt the bond snap into place. She felt him, she felt everything the way he had felt her for months. He didn’t know why it had happened now, when they had been doing everything exactly the same as before. But Cassian had never been happier. Or more terrified in his life.

Cassian ran the tips of his fingers over her arms. Waiting a full minute before speaking. He knew she would push him away, keep him at a distance like she had before. She never wanted the mating bond, she told him that the day she was remade and he woke up to broken wings. But somehow through the bluster and bullshit of their life, they had found each other.

They had chosen each other.

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HIIII! I'm kinda new, and I was wondering if you had any fic recommendations and everything you want to add. In summary, everything you think a Voltron fan should know or see! I hope it's not a bother. Love your blog♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

aaaa im sorry i answered this so late !!
(fic recs)

well ok- so the ages of the paladins are very important to know!
keith, lance, and hunk (and shay) are all 16/17
pidge is 14
they said allura is a teen
and shiro is an ADULT!! but the creators havent confirmed his age-just the fact he’s an adult

season 3 will hopefully and most likely work on lance’s insecurities a lot!!

jeremy shada and bex tk ship klance , but jeremy has been more obvious about it !

the romance is going to be slowburn (jeremy said this in an interview)

there was supposed to be a scene where shiro couldnt find a parking spot in the space mall ep
and a scene where allura and shiro washed the mice !!

coran had an emo-classical music phase

i think thats it?? feel free to add on more !!!

Red and Gray Hearts as One

(This is a remake of the original One Shot of WildeHopps as I loved the type of style that Part 2 had than on the first. So I remade it. Enjoy this new one and I will get to working on part 3 after I deal with my boyfriends story of his OC [I love him and he loves my writing skills so sorry] Link to Part Two: https://spazziebunnie.tumblr.com/post/159463687456/red-and-gray-hearts-as-one-part-2 Enjoy)

In the land of Zootopia, the summer morning was of course clear and the shining of the orange and yellow mixed sun was starting to rise up to awaken the sleeping city. It has been that since the beginning of summer and so far no rain in any other districts besides the Rainforest District, thus giving the name for a very clear reason.

In the Savanna Central of an apartment near the location of the Zootopia Police Department lies a sleepy male red furred fox who not only happens to be a cop but also is snoring loudly with only his light green boxers on and with his feet and head about to touch the top and bottom side of the bed as he was almost bigger than the bed itself.

His dreams of any kind were starting to fade as the fox started to get the sun’s glare from the opened blinded window right into his closed eyes. He slightly frowns and does a soft fox like growl from Mother Nature not letting him rest in his lazy self.

“Nggh. Common Miss Nature, don’t be a pain today.” He sighed in defeat as he slowly started to move all of his muscles and lazy willpower to get himself up and to open his eyes til the light wasn’t blinding him anymore.

The tired fox then does the annual waking up stretches to crack his bones and to get up rising and shining like the sun itself. He then noticed something odd as he sit up on the bed and placed his feet on the cold wooden floor.

“Odd. I don’t have a desk. Or wallpaper like this. Hell, not even a microwave.”. The fox continued to use his 3 months detective skills discover and figure out his mystery he was facing right before his own tired eyes.

The suspense of the mystery was very short lived as while the fox was sleeping something was moving the bed and blanket that the fox was sitting on. He turned around to see the culprit but was hit with the fact hard to the point he wanted to be wrong.

He wanted to be so wrong in so many levels that he isn’t joking around. Next to him was a female gray furred sleeping bunny who had a white tank top and having on black shorts on as she was doing tiny little snores that was both questionable but oddly adorable on only her to the fox.

She has the average height of a adult rabbit, the round tip of her ears being charcoal black, and having her little pink nose twitching as she slept. He was afraid. This was Judy Hopps. She is his best friend and partner.

“Oh crap I’m either going to die or I am dead and this is my hell when she wakes up and attacks me.”. The fox was nervous and frightened to the point that as he was standing up his body was shivering and his fur sticking up in fear while his eyes still was staring at the peaceful and, in his mind, dangerous fluffy carrot that will make his day go from bad to worse.

He kept thinking she will not be so mad at him. “It will be fine. This is Carrots i’m talking about here! She loves me.”. He was thinking of those words like it was a loop inside of his mind as he went to the table by the other side of the room and noticed a coffee pot.

He decided to get a cup of joe and calm his nerves before he had some sort of panic attack. He put in a some coffee grinds into the opened top of the pot and puts it in and also adds hot water as he filled up the pitcher and pours it in.

He waits while he feels his death coming by soon and for the pot to be filled with hot coffee. He doesn’t remember how, when, and why he slept with Judy. He was trying not to think of him actually quote on quote “sleeping” with her. How would it be possible? What would their kit be like? “Wait! No no! No cub or kit or whatever. Uggh.”

He groaned as then places his arms on the table and crosses them as he stares at the coffee being poured into the pitcher. He rests his head and chin on his arms and looks at the reflection of him from the dark liquid being poured into the clear glass pitcher. He looked like a nervous, scared, and mostly tired fox.

He sighed deeply as he knew that he wouldn’t need to worry about Fluff. “It’s ok Nick. Judy is a understanding bunny. That cute fluffy carrot wouldn’t harm the one who she saved. The one who she cares deeply about. The one who-”. Nick’s words trailed off as his brain starting to work again from the strong smell of dark roast coffee and from hearing his own voice say that.

He called her cute. That forbidden word is what he said but he wasn’t joking about that word this time. It felt like he was meaning it. His heart was skipping beats in his chest from his belief as he was processing it while he noticed the coffee was done.

He turned off the pot and let the pitcher stand there for a couple of minutes as he heads to one of her drawers in hoping to find one. The first drawer was his luck. Cups for drinks and coffee. He finally felt like peace and his mind going at ease. It was like he thought he even said that banned word at all.

“Morning Nick. You made some coffee?”

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Incredible - Luke Hemmings

A/N: so I wrote a really long fic and then I accidentally deleted it because I’m just that stupid. So here is my remade version of that. (I’m so sorry I haven’t posted I’ve been traveling heaps and haven’t had internet)

You were stumbling through the door half frozen in the cold when your phone started vibrating, indicating a call. You hastily pushed the door shut, blocking out the wind that was howling. You dumped your bag on the floor and shuffled your keys around in your hand until you could manage to hold your phone well enough to answer it.

‘Hemmo what’s going on?’ You answer reading the name as you pick the phone up. 'Hey.’ He answers in reply. 'What’s going on in your busy rock star life?’ You ask your best friend.

You’ve been best friends since high school and even though Luke’s been away so much and so famous your friendship hasn’t faltered. If anything it’s proved the old saying; absence makes the heart grow fonder. 'Not much how about you?’ He asks directing the conversation towards you. You sigh. Your life isnt half as interesting as his. 'I’ve just gotten home from work, it’s freezing here. What about you? You’re so much more interesting than me!’ You protest hoping to get him to speak about his day. He sighs this time, 'interviews and then a show in about two hours, we’ve got a signing coming up soon. They freak me out a little just coz its so much social stuff like meeting the kids they freak out I just want a normal conversation yano?’ He explains opening up to you. 'Yeah, but you’ll be right, you’re fun and engaging and the kids really love meeting you all because of the impact you make in their lives.’ You say trying to persuade him to see this meet and greet differently. 'Yeah I know it’s just hard sometimes. And I know I should be so grateful for them all and I am it’s just not as easy as I thought I’d be when we were kids.’ He says referring to his debut as a teenager, a tumultuous time for both of you. 'Fucking hell Luke!’ You hear Calum yell from somewhere nearby and then a muffled scuffling.

When the noise clears a little Luke returns. 'Look I’ve gotta go but I’ll chat again soon. I miss you.’ He ends the conversation before you can reply but not before you hear Calum yelling in protest again. This time all you hear is 'no Luke you chickens ass!’ Just before the line goes dead. You smile a little. Luke’s day is always more entertaining than yours. You sit down after dinner and look up the boys schedule, checking out this signing. You smile a little, it’s not too far, only about an hour an a half flight away. Your smile widens when you realise it’s on a Friday evening. You decide hastily to take the Monday and Friday off and book flights for yourself.

Luke showers you with gifts and experiences being the rock star with money he likes to spend on his friends but this you know is something you can do to cheer him up. You’re going to go to this signing and have a normal conversation. Surprise him and make him happy. Knowing this makes you smile to yourself even more.

When the day of your flight comes you’re ready to go, it’s an early flight so you can arrive in time to get a spot in line. The flight is a nonevent and you’re pleased about that. No screaming kids and rude people always makes a flight just that much less painful.

You arrive, getting your luggage as quickly as possible and scurry through the arrivals to where your taxi is waiting to take you to the hotel the boys are staying in. At the hotel you check your bag into the lobby lockers and race out down the street to the music shop the signing is being held at. You’re making good time which is good because you’re so excited about seeing Luke and the boys being late to the line would just about kill you. You arrive and the line is not too bad, you’re about a third of the way down the block. A solid effort you think considering the time your plane got in. The line quickly grows and before long it’s out of sight. You know that the guys won’t see all these people which makes you sad but your pleased you can surprise Luke like this to cheer him up just a little after all he does for you.

You wait not so patiently on sidewalk in the freezing cold. Despite being older than most of them them the girls in front of you are taller than you by at least a head. The dedication of these fans is incredible. You check your phone meticulously, your twitter feed and Snapchat looking for any signs of life from the boys, not different from many of the others in line you’re sure.

The line gradually moves along when the doors open. Excitement spreads like wildfire through the line. Even for someone who sees the boys a lot, especially Luke, the idea of being so close to them is excruciatingly exciting.

You finally get into the store, the heaters blasting hot air on your freezing form. You’re too short to see the boys but you can hear them, their laughter and their smiles through their voices. The kids ask questions all the way along and you are finally able to hear their answers. The girl about six in front of you asks if they have girlfriends. Calum barks out a laugh, the tall boy has a laugh that always makes you smile. 'Luke wanna answer this one.’ You hold your breath, this is news to you. 'Yeah Luke wanna give us an answer.’ You’re busting to hear this, nosey little mother fucker that you are. Luke let’s put what you know to be an extremely awkward laugh. 'We’re all single.’ He says in reply. The boys huff and puff and generally call bullshit. 'It’s true!’ He exclaims.
'Yeah but wouldn’t there be someone you’re pretty interested in?’ Calum says pushing the topic. 'Please tell us!’ The girls beg Luke and you feel like begging too. 'What’s her name mate?’ The boys ask cheekily. Luke mutters just loud enough for you to hear. 'Y/N, and she’s incredible.’ You gasp which is quite an achievement considering the lack of air already in you. Unsure what exactly to do with this information you do something quite out of your comfort zone.

You grab your phone out and hastily write on the case of it with the sharpie that was in your bag. It’s so middle school but you’re running out of time. You hastily scribble, 'sign if you think I’m incredible’ at the top.

Before you know it your turn is up and your standing in front of the boys who are currently sharing a joke and laughing hilariously at themselves. 'Hey Hemmo, sign this for me will you?’ You say pushing god phone across the table. He startles and faces you immediately. 'Y/N?’ He seems to question. You just smile nervously, something you’re not ever like with Luke. But a lot is riding on this signing.

He grabs the phone and a sharpie a grin on his face until he reads your scribbled writing. He looks up. 'You heard that?’ He says softly and all you can do is nod a small smile on your face. He quickly signs the case and looks back up at you. 'Does this mean you’re free tonight for an actual like date?’ He questions. You grin and nod, 'I’m here all weekend, I fly home Monday afternoon, so yes, I’d love that.’ You reply and he stands tall frame towering over you. He reaches across the table and gives you the best bear hug he can considering the table in between you both. And then rather shyly he kisses you. Your insides are doing a little dance but you manage to kiss him back softly to the sounds of the other guys cheering.

Sebby Drabble

Quick drabble I came up with at 3am…well it was meant to be quick but apparently it’s longer than I thought!

Summary: The reader is an actress, working on the new Avengers film with Sebastian Stan, and they have become close after working on two more films together. She has been with Tom Hiddleston for nearly a year, in secret, and agreed to his media relationship with Taylor Swift in the hopes it would raise his profile in America.

Words: 2039

You lay on the hotel bed staring at the news. If you could call it news, being the E! network. Another day, another sighting of your boyfriend and his media girlfriend at a swanky restaurant. You sigh. It should be you on this stupid show, not her. It kills you every time you se a new picture or tweet about them. Especially when the messages from him are getting few and far between; he hadn’t even told you he was in LA, you had found out from a tweet. 

You roll over to stare at the ceiling, wondering if it would be worth it in the end. When Tom had approached you with the plan his PR company cooked up, you can’t say you weren’t concerned. He’d promised you that it would only be for a few months, and as you were going to be away filming, it would mean that meeting secretly wouldn’t affect the plan. He’d sold it to you with that perfect smile, his hand cupping your face as you slowly nodded your acceptance, and he kissed you on the forehead. 

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath, willing yourself to accept that maybe you wouldn’t be getting your boyfriend back after all. You knew how good an actor he was, but you’d seen the looks in the photos he’d given Taylor. Usually they were only reserved for you. You had to accept that maybe the plan had stopped being a plan, and become a reality. 

Hearing a knock on the door pulls you out of your reverie. Opening your eyes you force yourself to get off the bed, turning off the TV as you did. As you reach the door you try to rub your puffy eyes, you knew you’d been crying even if you hadn’t really felt it. You take a deep breath and opened the door.

“Hey Y/N, I’m heading to the gym if you want t-” The rest of the sentence was cut off and you are pulled into a bear hug by your best friend Sebastian. “What happened? Are you okay?” 

Working together on the last two Captain America films had brought you two closer than you’d been with anyone, even perhaps Tom. So close in fact that he knew at a glance why you looked the way you did. You just look up at him, his striking blue eyes boring into your Y/E/C ones, and collapse into him. He picks you up as if you weigh nothing and brings you back to your bed, lying down first and pulling you into his arms as you break down completely.

You have no idea how long the two of you lay together, your face scrunched up on his shoulder, one hand running through your hair as the other wraps around, stroking your back, all the while he’s whispering into your ear. “It’s going to be okay Y/N, just let it all out. Just breathe.” Resting your arm on the bed you lift yourself forward, wiping your tears away and take a few big gulps of air, not realising how little you’d been breathing. Sebastian leans forward, hand still rubbing your back. “Talk to me Y/N, come on doll, you know you can tell me anything.”

You chuckle slightly as you turn to face him. “You don’t need to be Bucky all the time Seb, you can use your own words.” He looks at you questioningly. “‘Doll’? It’s a Bucky word, not a Seb word.” 

“Yeah well I’ve taken a liking to it, besides you never minded me calling you doll before.” He wraps his other arm around you, pulling you into his side, and kisses the top of your head. 

“Well maybe right now I don’t feel like anyone’s doll, or anyone’s anything” You sigh into him and he squeezes you tighter against him. 

“So what happened, did you have that stupid E! network on again? Why do you do this to yourself doll?” 

“Can you blame me? I don’t get any calls; I’m barely getting one word answers to my texts. I had to find out from twitter that he’s in LA. With her. He’s moved on Seb, he just doesn’t have the guts to tell me himself. So I’ve decided I’m letting him go. I know my worth, and he clearly doesn’t.” 

Seb looks down at you, at the pain written all over your face, trying to find the words to make it better but he knows he can’t say what he desperately wants to. “Okay doll, whatever you decide I’ll be here for you.” He pretends to breathe in deeply. “Now, you stink, when was the last time you showered Y/N?” Despite your pain, you can’t help but laugh. 

“Screw you Seb, I showered last night. Can’t say the same about you though.” You smile as you elbow him in the ribs. His heart flutters as he sees the grin on your face. 

“Go on, hot water does a body good.” As he pushes you off the bed, you drag yourself to the bathroom, knowing he’s right. 

Just as you shut the door, you can’t resist getting in the final word. “Isn’t that supposed to be milk?” Through the wood you can hear him chuckle to himself. Turning the shower up to maximum pressure, you strip out of your pyjamas and stare at the water for a while. You know it won’t be easy but you can feel in your head it’s the right decision, even if your heart is screaming in pain, or was it grief? Grieving over something that perhaps never was. Getting under the hot stream, you go through the motions then sink to the bottom of the shower, just letting the water run over you for what seems like hours. You let out a soft sigh, thanking the water gods that the hotel seems to have an unlimited supply of hot water.  

Seeing your fingers starting to shrivel up, you go to lift yourself up when you hear shouting from the other side of the door.

“I don’t care if it’s good for your career, nothing is worth losing someone you care about. Did you even love her to begin with?” You get out of the shower, sneaking closer to the door. You can hear muffled noises, which you presume is whoever is on the other end of the phone. “God Tom do you realise how fucking stupid you are?” You freeze. Surely Seb isn’t on the phone to Tom? You know they’ve met a few times before but you didn’t think they were close enough to have each others numbers. “I promised you I’d look after her, but clearly I should have made you swear the same.” 

You’re frozen in your position, dripping water all over the floor, but you don’t care. Your heart skips as you hear this, and you love Seb even more for standing up for you and trying to protect you. You realise how close you’ve both gotten after all this time, and it dawns on you now that maybe it isn’t just a friendship love you feel for him any more. You shake your head, knowing you can’t trust your heart with feeling anything right now.

“So what if I am? Why is that any of your business?” He’s getting angrier now; you can hear it in his voice. “You should be the one telling her that, not me. It’s your life Tom, do what you want. But just know that I won’t let her get hurt again, by anyone.” You take a deep breath and turn away from the door. You shiver, not sure whether it’s from the cold hitting your damp skin or from what you’ve just heard. Wrapping yourself in a towel, you turn the shower off and attempt to untangle your hair. After drying your body and changing into jeans and a tee, you brace yourself to go outside. Just as you turn around to open the door, you hear a soft knock. “Y/N is everything okay? You’ve been in there nearly an hour.” 

Opening the door, you look up at him. You see the anger leave his eyes as you focus on his blue orbs. You briefly wonder why you’d never realised how blue they were until now, before smiling. “Yeah, sorry, lost track of time. You were right, the shower helped a lot.” As you walk towards the bed, which he’d remade, you glance back at him. “Is everything okay? You looked upset just now and I thought I heard you talking to someone.” 

Seb catches your eye, his inner turmoil not showing on his face, trying to decide what to say to you. He knows he won’t lie to you, he never had done. You tilt your head to the side slightly and smile up at him, your eyes boring into his, willing him to open up. 

“I spoke to Tom.” He notices your lack of reaction, and realises you must have heard at least a part of the conversation. “I couldn’t help it. It just made me so angry how he’s been treating you, and after today I knew I couldn’t keep it in much longer. So when I say I spoke to him, it was more like yelling.” His mouth twitches upwards on his left when he thinks of Tom’s reaction to him calling. 

You move towards him, wrapping your arms around him as best you could and squeeze him tight. He stands frozen for a second before softening and returning the bear hug. You look up at him, resting your chin on his chest. “I heard a lot of what you were saying. Nobody else would do that for me, I’m so lucky to have you in my life Seb.” You lean your head back down, burying your face in his chest and inhaling his scent. He smells like aftershave and washing powder. You stay like that for a few minutes, when finally he kisses the top of your head and pulls you away from his chest. Taking your hand he guides you onto the bed, shuffling up so you’re both sitting against the wall. You realise you like the sensation of his hand in yours, and neither of you attempts to let go. 

“There’s one thing I heard that I didn’t understand.” Looking up at him you see him frown, his features showing his apprehension of what you might say. “You said something like ‘why is that your business’. What did you mean by that?” 

He lets out a deep sigh, not able to take his eyes off yours, and realises once again that he couldn’t lie. “I don’t think now is the best time to talk about that. I meant what I said though; about not letting anyone hurt you ever again.” 

You squeeze his hand. “Seb come on, please? We tell each other everything. What can be so bad you can’t tell me this now?” You felt him tense and the hold on your hand got tighter. 

He turns away, looking at your hands, and speaks so softly. “I can’t.” 

You bring your hand up, cupping his face as you force him to meet your gaze. He leans into your hand, closing his eyes, and when he opens them he looks tormented. You sit in silence like that for a few minutes before you hear him, barely a whisper. “I’m in love with you Y/N.” 

You stop breathing, your hand frozen against his cheek. You’d seen his lips move, you’d heard what he said, but you couldn’t quite believe it. In nearly a year, Tom had never said that to you and you recalled you hadn’t said it back. In that moment your mind comprehends what your heart has been telling you all along. You could see the crushing effect in Seb’s eyes as you realise you haven’t said anything. As he turns his face away from your palm, you reach around, pushing your fingers into his hair as his eyes close, almost waiting for rejection. Instead you reach forward, lightly pressing your lips against his, marvelling in how soft his lips are, as you whisper into his mouth. 

“I’m in love with you too.”

(I was pointed out to that @goodra-is-slimy had this idea before me and that @starfallenwolf made a comic about it. I am so sorry, I didn’t know, I swear =) Just call him Noise. And I remade the glitching around him ^^)

I was a bit late to the party of all wonderful Undertale AU characters. There are so many creative ones I really like, so, instead of making a new one I decided to try to make a FUSION character XD from @loverofpiggies two characters Fresh and Error. ( @loverofpiggies you are such an inspiration!)

So, meet Noise!

<3<3<3 All love to you AU creators out there.

silvergirlworld  asked:

there's something i'm curious about. please don't take this as rude, because i'm not trying to be, but why did you decide to finish Cardinal Cross and LinenTale before ETD and Calling Cipher when you started them after the other two?

It’s not rude at all! This is entirely my fault, and I am very very sorry for this.

I’ve actually started Linen Tale at around %30 of ETD demo. It was just an idea, and I was just learning programming it at the time.

And Cardinal Cross script started at around %50 of Calling Cipher demo. It was just a fun side project for me.

As you remember, ETD had a technical problem which made the whole progress go back to 0, and Linen Tale’s Programming went ahead.

By that time, I also started talking with VeggieStudio about LinenTale as a project, and they were interested in it. So the artwork work(?) started.

Then, I had a big plot hole in Calling Cipher, and while I was working on the plot hole, I occasionally needed time to relax to stop thinking about Calling Cipher for a while in order to fix the plot hole. Focusing on something else, VERY often help with my blocks, so I kept writing, and writing the script of Cardinal Cross.

And it went way ahead.  (Tbh, it was more interesting too, so I had a sort of plot affair with Cardinal Cross. Cheating on the plot of Calling Cipher. T_T)

Then when a lot of people had trouble with the skill building system in CCI, I realised I had to reset the skill building system too, and turn it more into a choice based otome game. But by the time I remade the system for CCI, I found the right artist for CardinalCross.

I had to make a choice, and I choose what I loved the most. :(
Cardinal Cross.

Right now, the progress is in this order Cardinal Cross > Linen Tale > Calling Cipher > ETD.

But because I like ETD more, I think I’ll start working on it after Linen Tale.

Linen Tale and Cardinal Cross should be done around the same times. Maybe months apart.

=) This is entirely my fault. I am so sorry.

I should have started working on renpy with smaller projects. But I usually learn everything by creating stuff, so I said why not learn by working on the games. In theory, that’s a great idea.

But because I have OCD, these games just had to be “perfect”. Which ended up with me f*cking up even more.

I am really sorry about it all. But this time, I promise. I’ll release Cardinal Cross first, even if I have to die.

The story is very solid with no plot holes so far. There is very little chance that I’ll f*ck it up this time. There is no technical problems, it’s VERY simple programming.

I won’t even rush the ending, I have everything planned.

The artists and musicians are working very hard.

No doubts, no fears. I’ll get it done. =) Then off to Linen Tale and finally, my baby ETD.

As for CCI (my arch-enemy). I’ll hire writer(s) for the plot because I’m REALLY bad at pure romance. I just want to add more plot, then I make things confusing, and big, and messy. Very messy. So…I’ll leave it up to professionals. =)

But I’ll need some time for that!


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In All the Right Places: A Fred Weasley Imagine

Requested by grilledcheese-has-feelings:
Can I have a REALLY long Fred Weasley about our life after the battle 

Sorry this took so long! Also, I don’t know how long this is. I made this while on camp. 

I hope you like it! I accept requests!

Things were difficult after the war. No man went unscathed. Scars and wounds from fighting had appeared on once soft, innocent skin. Lives were lost, loved ones dead - faint screams and green lights and nightmares that won’t ever go away. People tried to rebuild themselves, some failed while others succeeded. But life went on. Structures were built and Hogwarts was remade. Children were born and couples married. And love… Love prospered. Families united, bonds mended and friendships established. 

It was difficult to look at a certain area and not immediately associate it with a certain death. It was even harder to face tomorrow without someone beside you. Everyone lost someone in the war - friends, family - there was no exception. She thinks that maybe she lost herself. 

“Hello,” says a voice with no longer the same tone of happiness it once held. She looked at Fred Weasley, studying his features. His eyes no longer had the mischievous glint it was known for. His smile was not as wide, not as sincere. There were bags under his eyes - probably from the nightmares. People had different ways of coping. 

Arthur and Molly Weasley like to hold each other when they were having a bad night. Harry Potter liked to fly, as high as he could manage, with his broom. Hermione Granger loved to read. Ron Weasley indulged in sweets. George Weasley worked on the joke shop. Ginny Potter took hot baths in the middle of the night. Bill Weasley looked at the moon, and Fleur Weasley enjoyed playing the piano. Charlie Weasley watched the dragons. 

Y/N liked stargazing, and, it so happened, so did Fred Weasley. He sits beside her, their bodies touching ever so slightly. 

The outskirts of the Burrow was a beautiful place to be. Molly, bless her soul, insisted that she stay with them after the war because she was family, and Molly needed her family right now. Maybe she did, too. 

“I miss him,” she tells him, as she often did whenever they were together - in this exact, same place. She thought of it as their spot - something only she and Fred shared. 

Sirius Black, who was as close to a father that she had, died protecting her. Harry, brave, kind, Harry, always told her that it was not her fault - his death was not her doing. She never believed him, of course. He was a good liar, after all. 

“I know,” Fred says, “I miss him.” They do not need words to know who the other is talking about. Fred misses Percy Weasley. Like Sirius Black, Percy died saving his brother - his own blood and bone. 

Somehow, their hands find each other, as they usually do. They stare at the sky for a while before curiosity overtakes her with a question she’s been wanting to ask for quite some time, but never really knew how. 

“Why do the stars comfort you?” She asks him quietly. She feels his thumb rub across the back of her hand. 

“The stars?” 

“You always look at them with me. See that one?” She asks him, pointing to a bright star. “That’s Sirius. It helps when I look at it. Do the stars remind you of Percy?” 

“No,” he tells her, kissing her hand softly. 

“Why do the stars comfort you, then?” She demanded, looking at him. She’s shocked. For a moment, just a short moment, she saw his eyes - the exact, same ones that she missed so much. It bloomed, if only for a short while, with a mischievous glint that was all-too familiar. If only a moment, she felt like they were 17 again when the world was simpler and happier and she was her and Fred was Fred. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to go back. 

He remains quiet, looking at her, and she begins to question herself. She might have stepped on forbidden ground. She may have hit a nerve - she didn’t know. It was difficult to walk through a field of mine bombs without one exploding. “I’m so sorr-” 

“Not the stars,” Fred says, almost shyly, and it takes him a few seconds before he finds his voice, “you.” 

“Oh,” she says, unable to comprehend exactly why he would say that. Her cheeks begin to redden, and she holds his hand a little bit tighter - she was afraid that he might just slip away. 

A long, comforting silence overtakes them as they look at the night sky. As the sun begins to rise, he tells her, “I love you. I hope that’s okay.” 

She smiles at him reassuringly, and they watch the sunrise in silence. She realizes, then, that it wasn’t the stars - maybe it never was. 

The first time Fred tells her that he loves her, it’s in the beautiful, peaceful outskirts of the Burrow. 

They move in together after six months of being a couple. The nightmares were too hard to handle on their own. Fred’s are worse than hers, and there are nights when she has to hold him until he falls asleep again. She doesn’t mind, though, because sometimes she hugs him so tight that his bones may break, and his breathing reminds her that he’s alive, and he won’t be going anywhere. Some days are harder than others, and sometimes Fred doesn’t go to work because she’s afraid that he won’t come home. 

Other nights are better than most. They get nice dreams instead of complete, solid darkness. Dreams, Fred admits, that usually involve her and small, tiny feet. Within the course of their relationship, not once did she ever tell him that she loved him back. He makes an effort to tell her as often as he can, but she only kisses him on the cheek and smiles. It was worrying sometimes. 

One night, as they are lying in bed, during one of her bad days, Fred tells her about what once happened during his school days. She’s heard the story countless times before, though. She seems distracted, as she usually was on the worst days. He makes an effort to make her smile, and she makes an effort to do so for him. 

“I love you,” she tells him mid-speech, “so much.” 

He’s smiling now, the biggest smile he could manage, and he’s holding her a little bit tighter, and he kisses her a little bit longer. “Okay,” he replies, and she smiles back at him.

The first time she tells him that she loves him - they’re at home, in their beds, and one of her worst nights quickly becomes one of the best. 

Things were easier after that. Fred’s broken pieces fit perfectly into hers. She smiled again, and so did he - his old, wonderful smile. She remembers the first time she sees it again - she remembers almost crying. She remembers hugging him even tighter because he’s back, oh Merlin, he’s back, and she won’t let him slip away. 

Spending every day with her has been nothing short of wonderful. Sure, they had bad days - every couple did - but they somehow got through them. Fred loved her, with all the love he could give. He loves the way she would hold him so tight that sometimes he bruises. He loves the way she smiles because she smiles so wide that her eyes disappear. He loves her laugh because it’s loud and contagious and wonderful. 

They grow back together - they become happy again. She doesn’t say it very often, but he knows that she loves him back just as much. He can feel it when she holds him at night, he can feel it in her touch, he can feel it in her gaze. Home is a place in her heart. Home is cuddling up to her in bed while she’s reading a book and home is wrapping his arms around her waist. Home is eating breakfast in silence. Home is holding her hand when they walk. Home is her telling him that she loves him. Home is her. 

Home is where the heart is. And every man needed a home. 

Eternity didn’t seem so long if it meant being with her. He looks at her, with her hair a mess and streaks of ruined eyeliner on her face. Morning glories rested themselves on her eyes, and her teeth had some bits of broccoli. He wouldn’t mind waking up to the sight everyday. 

“Marry me,” he tells her and it takes her by surprise. Her coffee mug stops midway to her mouth, and her heart is beating against her chest. 

“Okay,” she tells him after a few moments of stunned silence, as if it was an everyday answer to an everyday question. “I’ll marry you,” the words rolled off her tongue. 

“Okay,” he tells her and she smiles at him. There is no long declaration of unending love. It was very simple, as if he just asked her to go out for coffee with him later today. To be honest, she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This was theirs. Every item, every inch of space held a memory so beautiful it could be a painting. Every tile gave her comfort. She did not need every man and woman walking in Diagon Alley to know about their love. What she needs is him when they first moved in, and he wanted to carry the heaviest items, and it ended up falling on him. What she needs is him when they decided that they wanted to live in Muggle London because some time from the Wizarding World would do them good. What she needs is him dancing with her until 3 in the morning in the living room, him singing to her on the worst days. 

What she needs is him holding her because she dreamed that Voldemort killed him and he killed her family. What she needs is the Fred looking at her right now, just woken up from a fitful sleep, as if she was the most beautiful woman to walk on this planet. 

What she needs is a Fred Weasley that she wakes up to every morning and sleeps next to every night, a Fred Weasley that loves her and wants to marry her. What she needs is Fred Weasley, with all his faults and imperfections.

He asked her because he needs her. 

She said yes because she needs him. 

They’re going to make it because they need each other.

It was odd, to know that there was a life growing inside of her. She and Fred had been married for five years now and have been trying for a baby for one. She put a hand on her abdomen, feeling fear and happiness at the same time. 

She had her suspicions earlier today when she had vomited out her entire breakfast. Fred wanted to stay with her, to see if she was sick - take care of her if she was, but she knew that he and George were working on a big project, and they needed all the time they could get. She declined his offer, and ushered him out of the house, telling him that she loved him and kissing him on the cheek. 

She didn’t know how to tell him. She’d figure something out, she’s sure. She is a Weasley, after all. 

She wondered if it was he or a she. She wondered if it would have Fred’s eyes. She wanted it to have Fred’s smile, though, and maybe his hair. She’d be very happy if he’d get her eyes. She would be the best mother. And Fred would be the best father and they would be the best family. 

“Hi, sweetheart,” called Fred from the living room, “I’m home.” 

She walked to him, and gives him a peck, knowing what she wanted to do. “Hi, home,” she grinned, “I’m pregnant.” 

It took him a few minutes to respond, to analyze the information. But when he did, he smiled wider than he ever did, and kissed her gently, smiling against her lips, “Hi, pregnant…. I’m Dad.” 

She smiled at him and put her arms around his neck and he spun her around, laughing and singing and shouting. 

Then, without the other knowing, they both promised their child a happy home, filled with love and understanding, without the horrors that they had to face in their own youth. They promised their child that it would never be as broken as they were - they promised their child a happier, safer world than the one they lived in. 

And they promised themselves that they would love each other until their dying day, until their hearts stopped beating and their lungs gave out - and probably even after then. 

I hope you liked it! 

I do requests! :) :)

callout for opal/@kalantosa

this has been a long, long time coming… twitter and tumblr user @kalantosa has been making my life hell for the past year along with some other individuals, and im really tired of being scared. im going to share my experiences here and show you how abusive they are. please, keep in mind that I have a bad memory so not everything here will be 100% pieced together but i’ll try my best.

(trigger warnings for abuse, transmisogyny, ableism, suicide baiting and tons of other bad shit)

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Drift the Dishonorable Samurai: An ~Illustrated~ Essay

I figure by now it’s time to discuss my headcanons on Drift’s personality. I’m posting this specifically for use in my RP blog, but it also applies to how I see Drift universally.

It’s under a cut for length and abundant screen caps from the comics, and divided into four sections: his outer personality, his inner personality, his name, and his samurai symbolism. (The latter two much shorter than the first.)

The first thing worth noting is that Drift is not a strong person. He’s easily swayed by whatever new, sufficiently charismatic speaker he runs into. That’s why–among other things–he was so easily persuaded to fall in with Megatron’s cause and let himself be warped into Deadlock even though that was so different from the cause he’d originally set out to support. And then why Wing was able to so easily and quickly undo and reverse all of Drift’s Decepticon conditioning.

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It occurs to me that u might wanna stay anon, but I don’t think I have fan mail? I thought I heard that only older blogs who already had it got to keep it, and since I remade I don’t have it I guess? :c

I’m very sorry abt that!!

Favourite Blogs and Why

astro-allie- she’s rad as heck and her blog is amazing and hilarious


astroadvice- she’s super sweet and I admire how she puts so much effort into her posts they’re always so accurate and original

bombasstrology- they’re so sweet to their followers and they always have original posts

cakestrology- her blog was the first one I followed and what inspired me to make my own plus she’s a super good pal and helps me out with my blog


cutestrology- Hannah’s has the best hair ever and I’m jealous plus her blog is so cute ha get it and she’s super sweet to her followers

fauxastrology- one of the nicest people on here tbh, and their blog is 100000000/10



hostrology- hanna is the best and her posts are always accurate her blog is goals tbh and she’s a good pal of mine

koi-strology- they are officially my favourite cancer and everything about their blog is perfect

kickassastrology- they’re blog is wonderful and they’re super friendly :))

pastelastrology- their blog has always been one of my favourites plus they’re super sweet and hilarious

pureastrology- missy is actually hands down the sweetest person on here and they’re the best and they’re super great to to talk to 💕💕