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Ofdaniel has been convicted of endangering a child. The punishment for that crime is death by stoning. I know how difficult this is girls, I do. But God gives us blessings and he gives us challenges. The price of his love is sometimes high but it must be paid.

inktober day 26 - mob + reigen


longest post ahhhh. i had so much fun with this comic (and taking a small break from commissions and requests). it was supposed to be split up into parts but nopeeee.

hope you all enjoy it~~


We’ve redone the spider zombie in HD. He creeps me out. Also we’re getting heavier into testing and balancing, here are some random screens I took while playing. The game is harder than ever. Zombies don’t get stunned easily like before, so they are attacking you as much as you are attacking them. I added a mocap zombie attack so them attacking you is a lot cooler looking too. And with reduced quality level weapons early game it’s much more difficult those first few days.

We had a blast mining and exploring huge caves and caverns. If a slope is too steep you can literally lose your footing and slide down out of control and often die. Robert found that out first hand taking the wrong turn in our cave a few times lol.

As always this is hands down the best build ever. The caves are just so cool, the zombie combat is really more dangerous now and the world is a lot more organic feeling with curved roads on hills and a lot of other random gen improvements.

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i think that even though there are some fans who hate steve/sharon because they're too deep in hoping marvel would make a gay pair canon, a lot dislikes this pairing because it was poorly executed in the movies. i personally feel like even the russos weren't up for it - after all, TFA shows how important peggy was to steve and suddenly we're supposed to believe he's in love with a woman he barely knows? we've seen them speak once, right before sharon told steve she was actually spying on him.

Kissing doesn’t equate love. It was ONE kiss. The same amount of kisses Peggy gave Steve. They like each other. People who like each other have been known to kiss in the past. Shocking…I know.

I love Peggy Carter with all my heart and soul, so I don’t want to diminish her role in anything because she’s so important. However, Sharon isn’t Peggy. And the mere fact that I’ve had to defend Sharon from the get-go, before Civil War came out, is really disheartening. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised because how dare we have more than one capable woman in anything…ever.

The Winter Soldier already set up the attraction between the two. I mean, maybe you weren’t watching OR listening. I don’t know. Not my problem there, but it was set up rather cutely. They had a moment in Civil War before shit hit the fan. Steve realized that the qualities he loved about Peggy, Sharon also inherited. This woman was willing to put so much on the line, much like Peggy, much like himself. Why wouldn’t he be interested in her? And who’s to say that they both made it out alive once things started rolling? I saw the kiss as a “I’ve already wasted one life, I don’t want to do it again” sort of thing.

You, and so many others, have reduced Sharon Carter to nothing more than a love interest, when in fact, Cap wouldn’t have gotten his rebellion off the ground if it wasn’t for this woman. Bucky and Sam also owe her. 

But, yeah, keep sweating one fucking kiss.

Japanese Last Ditch rifle vs. Normal Type 99

During World War II the Type 99 rifle was the standard long arm of the Japanese Imperial Army.  However as the tides of war turned against Japan, Japanese industry found that it had to produce more and more rifles using less and less resources.  This involved several modifications to the Type 99 which simplified it.  By the last year of the war Japan was manufacturing “last ditch rifles”, which were Type 99’s simplified so much that they were basically reduced to nothing more than a working rifle.  While they fired, the effectiveness and quality of such rifles was questionable.

Thanks to spike762, I now have side by side pics of a normal Type 99 compared to a last ditch model, so I show in more detail the changes made.  The regular Type 99 is on top, the last ditch is on the bottom.

One of the most noticeable changes that would have affected the accuracy of the rifle was the simplification of the rear sight.  The regular Type 99 has an inclination peep sight.  On the last ditch rifle the sight is nothing more but a fixed stub that was non adjustable.  The front sight would have also been non adjustable, which means if your rifle was shooting off, you were SOL.

On the bolt also note that the knob on the last ditch is more square where as the Type 99 is rounded.  This was done to save on machining time.  The last ditch model has no stampings, but they were ground off post war as per orders of the Japanese Emperor and Gen. Douglas MacArthur.  Japanese WWII weapons with an intact Imperial Chrysanthemum seal are quite rare.

Note on the last ditch rifle how the sling hoop is mounted with one bolt instead of two.  In the latest models sling hoops were discontinued altogether.  More importantly note the difference in buttplates.  The normal Type 99 has a steel buttplate, but the last ditch rifle has a wooden one.  While not shown the wooden buttplate was hammered in place with two iron nails.

Also note the finish on both rifles, the Type 99 has a smooth lacquered finish.  However the last ditch rifle has a rough stain on a roughly carved stock.

Note how on the last ditch rifle they no longer carved a groove on the forward grip.  The forearm on the Type 99 consists of two wooden pieces, however the forearm on the last ditch rifle has an exposed barrel.  In addition, the famous monopod accessory common with Type 99’s was discontinued.

The forward barrel band on the last ditch rifle lacks any pins or screws, it was simply fabricated on the rifle.  Again note the monopod is missing.  This particular last ditch rifle has a bayonet mount, but that feature was later discontinued.  Note also that the front sight has been heavily simplified.  Finally, the last ditch rifle lacked a cleaning kit.  Rather a squad would issued one cleaning kit, which they would have to share.

I’m rereading Nature and Nurture from the beginning (since I let it sit a few months ago so that a whole bunch of new chapters would accumulate and now I’m playing catch-up). 

I just wanted you to know that, as many times as you’ve reduced me to tears (often squalls) during this fic, I got something extra from it, tonight. 

I’m a widowed single mom, and my kids and I have been moving house over the last two weeks. I’ve been feeling particularly guilty, I think, because so much of my time and energy has had to be spent packing, unpacking, setting up, moving over utilities, feeding everyone in the meantime, and dealing with folk who constantly judge my abilities as a parent (mostly family) anyway, with the additional stress of *knowing* I could be spending more quality time with my kids if only I didn’t also have to deal with making sure the roof over their heads was one that was pleasant to live in.

So, when I got to this particular part, I had to imagine Martin Freeman’s John Watson saying it, and it just pierced me. 

“Oliver is loved,” said John. “Oliver is adored. He is fed when he’s hungry and he’s changed when he’s dirty and he’s held when he needs to feel safe. When he cries, one of us is there to soothe him, and when he smiles, one of us is there to smile back, and he will never be a lonely little boy who turns into a lonely man because he didn’t know how cherished he was. And it won’t matter what side of the police tape we’re on for that, it won’t matter where he napped or for how long. What will matter is that he will be loved and he will know it, wherever he is. Now I’ve had enough of this conversation. Take me home.”

I’m pulled in so many directions all the time. I never have enough time to adequately devote to either of my girls, much less myself, much less those who give me the side-eye for not being super-human.

But dammit, my kids are LOVED. They are adored. They’re fed when they’re hungry and they’re changed when they’re dirty and they’re held when they need to feel safe. I am there to soothe and smile back and they will never feel lonely. 

And maybe, in a different situation, they would have more. 

But, for the first time in a much longer time than I may have counted, I realize that they have enough.

That I am adequate. That I am doing all I reasonably can. 

As a fellow writer, I know that one doesn’t always intend for what we write to come across to our readers exactly the way it does. We read through unique lenses.

But thank you, all the same. I really, really needed that, tonight. 


This is the most beautiful thing. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sending you hugs, and also letting you know that it’s the love your kids will remember, it really is. Not any of the other stuff: they’ll remember the love. I swear to you. 

There’s something that’s been bugging me about the production quality of Supernatural as of late.

I mean, I for one prefer the creepy half-lighting thing they had going in the first season where even the daylight scenes made you think something was going to jump out

And they pretty much kept that up in the second season so it kind of looks like they only hunted in overcast weather. “fuck, is that sunlight? no hunting here, then.”

then in season 3 they decided to finally play with the saturation

season 4: holy fuck we discovered how to reduce the contrast 

season 5: nah fuck it let’s go back to season 2’s style

season 6 for some reason was some mixture of all the styles so far and I don’t know why ??? but look at the green on those trees fuck they are some good lookin trees

season 7 was just kinda like “hey i really like the colour orange. that saturation fella was a handy doodly lil fucker let’s bring him back. also i want to see everyone’s pores.”

eeehh season 8 let’s go back to season 4’s style it worked well also sam has beautiful hair here i really loved season 8 hair

season 9: okay team i want to see more closer-than-necessary close ups and make everyone really fucking pink. Don’t ask why. Just. Pink.

seriously though whats with the pink in season 9. it’s like the raw skin of a sunburned buttcheek.

Re-posting from my Instagram because it’s either that or the awful Tumblr app that is refusing to sync the two up.

“Result! #SleepyHollow has been renewed for a third season! I was utterly overjoyed to read the good news. ~ Watching season 2 was such a tumultuous experience. From the misogynistic tropes, the whitewashing of Indian mythology, and incessant sidelining of such phenomenal POC characters/actors, it was often hard to comprehend that this was the same show I’d grown to love so dearly in season 1. But in the worst moments, above all else I clung to the work of @nikkibeharie ; this goddess of a woman moved me so much with the “Mama” episode that I was reduced to tears. ~ This photo is from last year’s #SDCC press room when I told Nicole that I was the same person that had travelled 6.5 hours to go to the show’s Hollywood screening a month earlier. She immediately asked me if I wanted a picture and was so warm and loving. I said it was such an inspiration for her to be playing such a quality WOC character and it still is! Sure, I love the magic that happens on screen when Nicole and Tom work together but I just REALLY love #AbbieMills, okay! 😘 #SleepyHollowFOX #Ichabbie #TheyMakeMyHeartSing #NicoleBeharie #NikkiBeharie #RepresentationMatters #TeamWOC #AlsoNeedMoreMillsSistersAction #NicoleAndLyndieNeedMoreScenesTogether #Sleepyhead”

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