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two rotten apples [m] | pt. 3

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 21.489

GENRE → smut | angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | threesome | oral sex | explicit language | penetration | public sex | grinding | graphic dirty talk | slight female masturbation | overstimulation


As the back of Jungkook’s head rested against the driver seat’s headrest, catching his breath, your glare hardened.

Once again, he’d fucked you and not cared whether you came or not. In fact, for the duration of his penis being in your vagina, he’d barely even touched you. And sadly, it hadn’t even occurred to you he’d used you once again until it was too late. Your clit didn’t matter to him apparently; your pleasure didn’t matter to him either. All that mattered was his dick. That’s all that ever fucking mattered.

After that weekend at the camping grounds where you actually came for once, you were expecting something better than whatever the fuck he called this performance. Your horny brain had quickly forgotten that it’d been your own fingers that got yourself off—not him—and those nights you spent in his tent were no exception. Why were you so surprised? This was Jungkook you were talking about—he would never fucking care about you or any part of you.

And that’s why this was the final fucking straw.

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psa?? please reblog??

I’m letting people know, this is the first post im making on this blog and it’s more of a PSA??

y’all can unfollow @caplanbuckybarnes and follow this one instead, no hard feelings. I won’t be posting much of anything on here until my other blog is completely deleted from tumblr’s existence in every way possible.

As of October 8th, this will be a fully functional blog. I will slowly repost my fics onto this blog as well. They are all currently sitting on A03. But a lot of them are in need of some serious beta’ing or just an redo. (if you’d be willing to beta/help me clean up some drabbles/one shots, please lmk!)

@caplanbuckybarnes will slowly stop posting things. I’m not posting any new fics on A03, at least not until I get this blog situated first. Once I get this all situated and my mind has been cleared, you’ll see this blog a hell of a lot more.

I’m not going to restrict this blog as I have done with my other one. I’ve lost a lot of friends because I had done that and even months later, i still feel shitty about it.

People of any and all age can follow this one and I wont be monitoring new followers to make sure they are of legal age. And yes, I will be reposting my smut fics. 

Speaking of fics. I will greatly appreciate it if y’all could reblog my fics more? Or at least leave more feedback on them? I know when i first started posting fics, I was getting comments galore, and over the last few months, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get anything out of y’all. I don’t want this blog to become negative like @caplanbuckybarnes had become in recent months.

It’s not the person I am, and I don’t want that on my blog anymore. So please, leave the negative things away from this blog.

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anonymous asked:

"Call me now, it's urgent." And "Actually... I just miss you." With Midoriya pretty please with ice cream on top?

Thank you for requesting, lovely anon! I’m sorry it took so long, and I would also like to apologize for what you guys are about to read (whoops small tangent about to occur) I am posting this before proof reading and editing it (so it’s basically my rough draft) because I just felt so awful for not posting anything at all yesterday, and felt like I needed to put something out for you guys. Things have just been an absolute mess and I have just been devastated. Remember that all nighter I pulled to write up requests (All the matchups and five word prompts)? All of them got deleted. Every. Single. One. So I have to redo all those, and just ughh. I know it’s a really shitty excuse, but it just made me feel so awful- and just ugh. I honestly can’t explain what I was feeling, but it was something along the lines of frustration with myself for not having backups of my work. Anywho, I hope you guys can enjoy this hastily put together junk. It’s late, so hopefully I can correct stuff tomorrow morning when I have more of a level head.

A soft, unwarranted sigh escaped your slightly parted lips as you exited the bus that had stopped a block away from your house, the grip on your black duffle bag became tighter as you began to walk along the pavement . You were glad to be back, of course. After spending three weeks in America and sticking to a strict training regimen provided by an oh-so merciful aunt, any one would be tired. However, you couldn’t complain too much, seeing as the training was originally supposed to be a month long. Of course you were happy to be back, seeing as you hadn’t really had the chance to talk to any of your friends. You felt kind of bad for not replying to anyones’ texts or calls, but it couldn’t be helped. After all, becoming the top hero was your dream, so you absolutely refused to even spare a moment to glance at your phone, since it would take time away from either training, eating, or sleeping. Not that you got much of the last two anyways.

Having been lost in your thoughts for such a long time, you almost walked right past your house. In fact, you would have had it not been for your mother her happily shouted your name as you came into view.

“Oh, (y/n)! I’ve missed you so much! Did you tell your aunt I said hello? More importantly, why didn’t you answer any of my calls! I was worried sick young lady!” Your mother tsk’d, but couldn’t be too mad. She knew you would be busy, and she knew just how strict her sister could be.

“Yeah, I know mom. I’m sorry. I was busy the whole time! Thankfully, she said I had improved enough to be sent home early. Though, she does want me to return every few months…” Another sigh escaped your lips as your thoughts wondered to your very intense aunt, and how much more brutal would be once you came to visit her again.

Your mom began to walk inside the house, motioning for you to follow behind her. As the two pairs of feet padded in to the small, but comfortable house you couldn’t help the wave of happiness that overcame you due to the familiarity and comfort of being back in your own house.

“Hey, mom,” you began, as you toed off your shoes and neatly placed them on the mat by the door, “I’m just going to drop my stuff off in my room then take a short walk, if that’s okay? I kinda just want to revisit everything before I call it a night. I’ve missed this place.” You glanced up at your mother, who had a thoughtful look spread across her features.

“Yea, dear, that’s fine! Just make sure you’re home before sun down,” she stated as she swiftly turned around and walked into the kitchen, more than likely to clean up after dinner.

You nodded your head before making your way upstairs, passing both your parents’ and sibling’s room before reaching your own. You lazily tossed your bag onto the bed. Walking over to the abandoned bag, you quickly unzipped it and brought out your phone which had gone unused for such a long time. You quickly stuffed it into your pocket before dashing back down the stairs and out the door, shutting it loudly as your exited your house.

Your feet padded along the warm pavement, a small ‘thud’ following after each calculated step. (s/c) fingers fiddling with the phone in your pocket before finally fishing it out. You stopped walking for a moment as you thought about what to do. No one knew of your early return, except for your family of course. You could send a mass text to inform your friends and boyfriend, but you’d much rather surprise them by being in class the next day. However, since you were feeling a bit on the playful side, you decided to toy with your green haired angel. As you pressed his contact, you were weighed down by a bit of guilt. Seeing all the missed calls and messages you received from him was a bit heart wrenching, but you still decided to go along with your plan. You could only hope the poor boy wouldn’t have a heart attack when he read the first message he has gotten from you in weeks.

To: Izucute

‘Call me now, it’s urgent!’

Your tongue poked out between your lips as you typed that simple, yet alarming sentence out on the keyboard before sending it. After doing so you began to walk yet again, though not even a minute later was your phone buzzing with life.

Your (e/c) eyes shifted to the phone in your hand. The image displayed was one of a smiling Deku, which you had taken right before the both of you started dating. A faint smile tugged at your lips as you pressed the green button, bringing the phone up to your ear.

“(y/n)?! Hello?? Is everything alright? Are you okay?” Izuku began to shoot off one question after the other in his state of panic. He probably would have continued if you hadn’t cut him off.

“Izuku,” you began, an airy laugh fell from your lips, “I’m fine I’m fine. I just got some time off of training, and I wanted to call you! I felt kind of bad since I never got to respond to any of your calls or texts…” The sad tone your voice took on near the end of your sentence was more obvious then you had thought, and Izuku was immediately able to pick up on it.

“Oh! Don’t worry about it (y/n)! I understand how busy you must have been, especially considering how badly you want to be a pro hero.” It hadn’t been that long since you’ve heard Izuku’ voice, but it still sounded so different to you. Deeper, but not by much.

“Anyways! How have you been Izuku? Have I missed much?” You began to pick up your pace, hoping to get to your destination and back before it got dark. You breathing began to get shallow as your speed walk shifted into a jog, and then a run. You were careful not to drop your phone though, which was still pressed to your ear.

“(y/n)? You sound winded? Are you training again? You can hang up now, you know. I wont mind. I’m just glad you were able to call me at all,” Izuku murmured, a bit disheartened that he couldn’t talk with you longer.

“Ah? Okay, but before I hang up I do have something to confess,” your pace slowed back down to a walk as you approached the front porch of a small, quaint house which you had come to know so well. “I kind lied as to why I called you. I actually just missed you.” You brought your balled up fist to knock on the door, waiting for someone to answer, a soon enough a short, chubby green haired lady did.

“Hello, Mrs. Midoriya! Is Izuku home?” You placed your hand over your phones mic, and kept your voice in a whisper-like tone.

seeming to catch on, Inko nodded her head and pointed up. She mouthed ‘his room’ and offered a small smile and she ushered you inside the house and up the stairs.

“(y/n), that’s sweet and all, but I don’t want to distract you from your training! I’d feel so guilty if your aunt reprimanded you for being on your phone while working…” Izuku sighed, his words becoming solemn, realizing this conversation would come to a quick end.

“Yeah, you’re right Izuku…I just felt bad for not being an active part of your life for such a long time…but I promise to make it up to you soon enough.” With that being said you quickly hung up your phone and shoved it into your pocket. You made your way across the top floor to Izuku’s room. A small, smile found it way on your face as you placed your ear next to the green haired boy’s room. After not hearing much, you pulled away and knocked on the door.

“Come in, mom!” he called out.

With a small chuckle you opened up the door and walked up to his desk. His back was turned to you as he diligently worked on some school work.

“I never pegged you as the type to have a mommy kink,” You murmured, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

“Eh??! (y/n)? I thought you were still training in America!” Izuku whipped his head to the side, straining his neck to see you.

“Well, I got let off early. I missed you a lot…and felt guilty for not talking to you for so long, so I decided to come over. Should I not have?” You murmured as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“No…it’s fine. I’m happy you came to see me. I’ve been missing you a lot as well,” he murmured, turning around so he could embrace you fully.

so i’m moving the kickstarter date to ‘about a week after e3′, considering i learned a little too late that e3 is actually a much larger event then i expected and for financial business exposure-type reasons i should, instead of launching the kickstarter basically right now, give it a month and wait for the e3 hype to come and go before stealing the show with Jack and Casie

… says most of the people who i have asked, at least

in my head, that just gives me license to improve the ks demo, because over the past couple weeks i have been in full power crunch mode to redo all the especially shitty early art assets, sort out towns and conversations and add a new area and system of plot hooks to engage the player and leave them wanting more by the end of the demo, and it hasn’t exactly been the smoothest sailing

so here are some goofball bugs and other fuck-ups i’ve come across in these last weeks of rushed development

there’s a lot to this one (and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg) so i’ll put some under a cut

so, this is Tortuga.

you may remember him somewhat dumpier and less threatening, which is strange considering he’s just an even more threatening vanguard (who isnt so hard to deal with once you work out type weaknesses) (i’ll get to that later), so i ended up redesigning him to look like a bigger threat

he ended up being somewhat larger then anticipated

but the real problem is that the actual reason i redesigned him was because the original tortuga was

also too big

if you’ve been following jnc’s development- first, thank you- you may be noticing a trend here; i tend to make especially enemy sprites (but pretty much everyone at one point or another in development) like just slightly too large. it’s baffling. it’s the weirdest problem in the world. at some point i just started to swallow my pride and reference a mockup for proper sprite height size but then i changed the size of the visible area on screen and didn’t update the mockup and the problem just got even worse

like here’s a gun casie fight a fuckin house

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Run, Baby, Run

*sequel to Tech Yes, Juliet*

summary: dan and phil’s relationship is a secret until it isn’t, which is bad because they’re in feuding majors at their university

word count: 4.2k

genre: fluff 

warnings: slight angstë?? also swearing

a/n: IT’S FINALLY HERE! i have gotten so many requests to do a sequel to tech yes and i finally gave in and this took 48 years but w/e. ps don’t ask what sport the feud games are bc i don’t know

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I’ll Be Here, Part 2

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,700

Author’s Note: Here is Part 2 of my Stanford!Sam series. Please forgive me for the smut, I know it’s bad, but I wanted to write some. I hope all like this and send in those request! - Haley xx 

Read part one here

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Part 2

I woke up to the sun filtering through the curtains and splashing all over the floor and bed. A warm body was pressed against my side and I felt soft breaths against my ear. Everything that happened between Sam and I flooded back to memory as I smiled. Sam had one arm wrapped around my waist, so I slowly rolled over and faced him.

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lips like sugar

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Eren/Levi

Summary: The last thing Levi wanted was charity. But a sugar daddy? That doesn’t sound too bad.

FULL -  1 - 2 - 3

chapter three 

It doesn’t take Levi long to make his way back to the apartment complex, plastic bag in one hand, the other safely tucked away in the interior pocket of Eren’s suit jacket. The snow has thankfully stopped falling and is now just left to sit in inconvenient piles alongside the road. Levi was able to sidestep most of them, only landing ankle deep when the entire sidewalk was covered. The walk back is definitely not as bad as he was thinking it would be, but that’s probably because he was driven most of the way. And this stupidly warm jacket, Levi thinks. 

Yeah, that, too.

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So I’m going to do my best to give a play by play of the experience I had as best as I can.

First off, I never win anything. That’s not an exaggeration in the slightest. I don’t win. Ever. So the fact that I won, and they only picked 70 people, still feels incredibly surreal. I was completely panicked basically for the last 24 hours because I was convinced something would stand in my way from actually getting in. I had no idea what to expect AT ALL. 

First we were emailed a time and an address. It was literally just a parking lot. I got there 2 hours before the set time and was probably 25-30th in line. Immediately felt relief. Once I got over the fact I was DEFINITELY the oldest person there haha, I just relaxed and tried to enjoy the experience. We were wristbanded and had to sign a photo release waiver because it was all filmed. Then we were escorted in groups of 10 a couple blocks away to this office building where we were then escorted in groups of 10 onto an elevator where the security guards weren’t even being told where they were or what was going on. Top Secret was no joke. We get up to the roof of this building and it’s a perfect view of the Hollywood sign on one side and Downtown LA on the other side. They held us to the side for about an hour and gave us water and rules and what not. Then they escorted us in groups of 25 to where the stage was set up.

The set up was so cool. Like a miniature version of their big stage but not elevated at all. No barricade. No security. Legit just a piece of tape on the floor we were told not to cross and we had two people between us and the band. Phones were not even allowed to be held otherwise they would stop the show and kick us out. We couldn’t even consider touching our phones until we were off the roof. 

It was so chill. Nobody was freaking out or acting stupid or ruining it for everyone else. No one pushed or reached over the tape. They totally respected the invisible barrier rule and when they all came out it was just so incredibly relaxed. Matty had on his YSL zipper leather pants and a short sleeve black button down and his fringe leather jacket. His hair was perfect. He is so incredibly small. He argues that he’s 5′10″ but that bubba is MAYBE nearly 5′9″. I’ll be generous and say 5′8.5″. 

The set list if I can remember correctly was:

Love Me
Heart Out
She’s American
Change of Heart
Somebody Else
The Sound

Not necessarily in that order. Paris is a lot like Change of Heart tempo wise and simplicity wise but it’s really sweet. 

Matty was being the sweetest peanut alive. He was so happy and smiley and awake. He wasn’t being campy or over the top at all. He was being very relaxed and just seemed to be truly comfortable and not put on at all. He kept smiling. Or he’d go over and stand up on the light rig and stare at the skyline. You could tell he was taking it all in and appreciating every second. He kept saying how special it was and how it was by far the coolest thing they’ve ever done and he kept saying thank you to us for being a part of it. At one point he came over by our side and he looked at me and mouthed “Are you okay?” with his thumbs up and I shot him a thumbs up back and he did his stupid cute scrunchy smile with his tongue held in his teeth. 

After the set he came back and said “This is when it gets very TV cause we’re gonna do a couple of the songs again cause we fucked it up.” And he just hung out and was completely chill with everyone. He walked around and had a cigarette and gave some people hugs and giggled when they wouldn’t let him go while he was trying to pull away and going “I gotta go do my thing now.” They redid Change of Heart, Somebody Else and Paris which was awesome. Before Somebody Else,  I could tell they were trying to convince him they didn’t need to redo it and he was telling Adam and one of the crew members he really wanted to because he fucked it up with his vocals. 

At another point his guitar pedals were doing this weird reverb thing and he kept going “Oh somethings wrong,” and hitting it and kind of giggling about it then he told us all to cover our ears. And he checked his levels by singing a bit of Paris acapella and it was so beautiful. 

It was really cool to see how he kind of conducts everything. It’s like he’s speaking a different language but he very much calls the shots on everything. He can tell when even the tiniest bit is off. He wants everything perfect. He’s such an artist.

On one hand it was incredibly normal, just a small gig on a roof top. And on another hand it was so obvious how special it was to them and it made it incredibly special to us. 

Matty was being so gracious and humble and wonderful. I can’t express enough how far he’s come from last year. He was so awake and vibrant and him. I know he puts his foot in his mouth sometimes and says some shitty stuff without thinking but when you get to see him just being him, it’s impossible not to love him. He loves his fans so much. He didn’t once treat anyone like they were beneath him. He didn’t once ignore a single person who called out to him or asked him something. He treated everyone like we were close to him and he loved us. The only time he got remotely “that’s a bit weird” towards a fan was when someone was concerned about where his jacket had gone when he took it off and he was like “It’s over there. I haven’t misplaced it but thank you for your concern about my jacket?” with this chuckle and raised eyebrow. 

I’m just incredibly grateful that he’s the front man that he is. That he treats his fans and everyone around him so kindly and so graciously. That he doesn’t take a second of this for granted. He even took a second to literally give a shout out to the moon cause it was full and right over us and so beautiful. It was so amazing to stand so close to him while he took in everything. 

I’m so beyond grateful for the experience and for getting to see them in a small intimate setting since I’ve only ever seen them from the back of a decent sized venue. I can’t wait to watch it back on Thursday. I’m so happy I get to relive it over and over again. 

This band is so fucking special.

Finn Fancies the Bus Girl: Chapter 11

others chapter  
kneekeyta- i’ll tag anyone else that would like it,

Rae went home the next day. Reluctantly she let Finn go with her. He was hoping he could persuade her to go back to his house with him, but she was stubborn.

“I’ll see you at yours tomorrow. Before the funeral.” She said after he jutted out his bottom lip and widened his eyes a few inches more.

“My bed will feel empty.” He said.

“Finn, I know you need me right now, but I just need a bit of time for myself. I’ll call you later okay?”

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