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Ichigo & Rukia - Bleach

I grew up reading Bleach but got lost after the Aizen arc….but when I saw the first three seasons were on Netflix I had to (re)watch the anime :’) brings back a lot of fun memories with these two. It’s weird to think I’m older than Ichigo now too :’0

Might draw the rest of the gang later but just wanted to get these done first! Hope you like!

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Relieve The Stress

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1,444

Warnings: Unless you get stressed about reading stressful situations, then read with caution

Summary: You have a stressful day and your husband wants to help. (should I still do these? I suck ass.)

A/N: This fic, I do not like but I really wanted to post something. I have just finished writing a 4,000 word Dean fic that may be up tomorrow or Wednesday. So keep out a look for that. 

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Today has started out great; you got to convince Dean to take his precious car out on a supply run. You say convince when you really used the puppy dog eyes that you learned from your husband, Sam. Within no time, you had the keys to Baby and was driving her down to the local supermarket to get food for the three of you.

You knew what Sam and Dean both loved to eat and you always seem to get the right non-food items so they always let you go out by yourself with the money they give to you.

You parked fairly close to the store and got out, making your way inside with a cart, ready to fill it up with food. You took out your list and checked off each item one by one until you got to the pie. Your whole shopping day trip was ruined because you couldn’t find the pie Dean loves.

You were the type of person who would stress over every little thing. You try to not let things get to you but you can’t help it. You always worry and if you didn’t get the things you wanted or needed, you would stress about it until you had it.

You knew that Dean wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t get apple pie but you knew that was his absolute favorite. He’s been so good to you and Sam this past couple of weeks, you wanted to get him all the apple pies there were but none were available.

You walked right up to the deli and caught the eye of an employee.

“Hi, do you happen to have any apple pies in the back? I see you must be out.” You said in the sweetest voice you could manage.

“I’m sorry, miss, but we are actually all out. We did order more but won’t come until next week.” You sighed at the answer you were afraid of. You nodded and gave her a smile, walking away. You picked up the pecan pie and went about your business. Pecan wasn’t Dean’s favorite but he’ll eat it.

All the rest of the items came easily to you and you were ready to go home. You went to pay for your things and got out the credit card that Dean gave you. The three of you have jointing accounts for one card so that if any of you could ever need it, it would be easily accessible.

You swiped the card and put in the pin but frowned when it said declined. You looked up at the cashier, waiting for her to tell you what went wrong.

“I’m sorry, this is what it’s saying.” She slid over a piece of paper with the reason why it was declining.

Debit not available

“I am so sorry for this. Let me check my account and transfer over some money.” Your cheeks were burning with embarrassment. This just added to your stress levels and you wanted to go home. You checked your bank account and saw that there wasn’t enough money in there.

Damn Sam and Dean; they always spend money without letting you know and you think you have enough money but you really don’t. It bugged the shit out of you, always nagging them about this but they never listen.

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I look back on that night I broke your heart every time. It’s been four years, and I still want to tell you what was really going through my mind. How I felt suffocated, inferior, and damaged. You didn’t do anything to help fix me. You let me cry in peace, telling me to call you once I felt better. Our relationship was damaged and doomed from the start. And my only regret is that it took me three months to realize that you had total control over me. You were always right, even when you weren’t. You always had to approve of what I did. Anything I ever did was never enough for you. You were superior to me, and we both knew that. You read me like an open book, and knew all of the button you had to press to get the right reaction. I’m not at all sorry for breaking your heart. It wasn’t the first ache your heart had felt, and it wasn’t the last, but it was an important one, I know. However, as our faith tells us both, I will tell you. Peace be with you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1170
Protect You.

Request: Please do prompt 4 and 14 with jughead!! Thanks:) 💖

4: “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”

14: “I promise that i’ll protect you.”

A/N: Okay, when I read this i got super excited. I love the prospect of protective Jughead, so thank you so much! <3

Warning: abuse.

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“I think i’m gonna head home, Jug.” 

“You sure?” You didn’t miss the way Jughead’s eyes narrowed in worry. He didn’t like the idea of you going home, neither did you yourself but it had been three days since you’d been home and any more time and you’d be in even more trouble than you already probably were.

Jughead’s parents were rarely home and your father wasn’t exactly someone you wanted to spend the night with, so you’d been staying at Jug’s house for the past three nights. It had been wonderful, the feeling of safety and finally being able to get some well needed rest. As well as Jughead was sweet and you loved him dearly, so being able to spend that much time with him was amazing.

“Yeah, i’m sure.” You sighed, hating your own decision. “He’ll only be angrier if I wait any longer.” You stood up from your seat at Pop’s, Jughead following as you walked out of the door. You pulled your thin sweater tighter around you, shocked at the colder air hitting you.

You felt a jacket fall around your shoulders, and looking up you saw Jughead smiling down at you. You hugged his jacked loser around you, thanking him as you both silently made your way to your house. He didn’t even need to ask to know that you wanted him to walk you home, and he wouldn’t leave you alone anyway.

When you reached your home, ten minutes later you sighed. You began to shrug off hi jacket before he placed a hand against your shoulder. “Keep it.” Was all he said and you smiled up at him. 

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” With a moment of silence, you looked down at your hands. 

“Well I should go.” You said and Jughead nodded, leaning down to hug you as you gratefully accepted it. He wasn’t much of a hugger and you appreciated him sacrificing that for your sake.

“I love you. Please be safe.” You nodded, staring up at him sadly as you made your way to your front door. You looked back one final time, your heart quickening as you saw him smile reassuringly at you. With a final, shaky breath you opened the door and stepped through the path way.

Almost immediately you wanted to run back out. There stood your father, a angry look on his face as he huffed and puffed at you. You gulped, hugging Jughead’s jacket closer to you. “Hello…” You whispered.

“Where the hell have you been!?” He yelled, spitting in your face. You flinched, wanting to run out the door but knew better. Over all these years, you still haven’t heard him as angry as he was in this moment.

“I’ve been staying with a friend…”

“Don’t lie to me!” He roared, walking closer to you so you were trapped between the door and him. You closed your eyes in fear as you tried to calm your breathing. “I know you were out with that boy, you even have his jacket!” He spat, pulling on the warm jacket around you. You stumbled forward when he pulled a little too hard.

“I-I-i’m sorry.” You stuttered.

“You’re sorry? I’ve been hearing doing your pathetic chores while you’ve been out whoring around.” You sucked in a breath, staring fearfully up at your father. Scared of the pure rage in his eyes as you began to shake and tears began to fall. You were fully pressed against the door, trying to distance yourself as far away as your father as you could.

You watched your father’s hand began to raise and you panicked, turning your head to the side as you waited for the hit. Though it never came and instead the door behind you, which had been supporting you gave away and you fell into another’s arms.

As quickly as the arms came they disappeared, destabilizing you somewhere else.

You watched in shock as Jug stepped in front of you, swinging at hit at your father who let out a grunt of pain. You’d never seen Jughead hit anyone and with a gasp you watched your father fall to the ground.

“Jug…” You whispered. He dismissed you as he leaned angrily over your father. Your father reached up for you, a pathetic attempt at trying to reach you before Jughead spat, “You don’t get to touch her! Not anymore. Not after what you did!”

And with that Jug turned to you, a look in his eyes that you’d never seen in his eyes. But upon that look you forgot yourself and you become sobbing, scared out of your wits but completely thankful of Jughead. He walked toward you, engulfing you in another hug as you sobbed against him.

“I promise that i’ll protect you.”

Stop and Smell the Coffee

Tracer is gay confirmed, and her GF Emily is super cute. So I thought I’d write up this idea I had about them meeting for the first time. Enjoy.

Ever since the incident, Lena had been moving about faster than she ever had before. But no matter how fast she could move, she couldn’t move through long lines any faster. It’s not like she was running late. It’s just that slowing down always bothered her. She groaned as she was able to move forward a step. There was still three people ahead of her.

Her foot tapped against the wooden floor, clacking like a ticking clock. It wasn’t until she looked to the cafe window that she stopped. It took a lot to get Tracer to slow down, much less stop all together. At the table by the window had to be the most beautiful woman Tracer ever saw.

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nooks and naps

ExcerptJeongguk had fallen asleep with his head on your lap while you were studying for the final. And his rabbit ears had sprung from the top of his head minutes later. 

Genre: Drabble, fluffy fluff, sweet bunny love

Length: 1.1k

A/N: a small drabble after tell me your secrets (I’m all ears). ;)

Music as Discourse: Semiotic Adventures in Romantic Music. Analyzing Atonal Music: Pitch-class Set Theory and its Context. Explaining Tonality: Schenkerian Theory and Beyond

You stared at the shelves of books opposite you, mindlessly reading the titles and ignoring the dawning exhilaration creeping up on you, rioting in a wave of goosebumps down your back. It felt like an out-of-body experience, as though you were floating above the stacks in the music department library and staring down with some pity at the seniors desperately cramming three months of theory into one cheat sheet, but the warm, heavy weight resting on your thighs tied you unwaveringly to the ground. You’d lost feeling in your legs somewhere between reviewing vocabulary flash cards - he kept mixing up accelerando with con moto - and now the tingling numbness as subsided into the pins-and-needles sensation of a genuine disruption of blood flow. 

You should be concerned. You should probably shove him off and roll around on the itchy old carpet in agony until the feeling came back and you could stand without your knees buckling. At the very least, you should take your hand away from the plushy softness at the top of his head while he was sleeping. That was maybe a bit creepy.

You did none of those things. 

Jeongguk had fallen asleep with his head on your lap while you were studying for the final. And his rabbit ears had sprung from the top of his head minutes later. 

You bit your lip and glanced around the shelves again, but the small, abandoned area of theory you’d found to study in remained quiet and undisturbed, the faintest traces of life only to be found in the quiet, barely audible snores that slipped past Jeongguk’s parted lips. 

He’d been working hard these past few weeks, juggling his vocal lessons with dancing and composition, spending time with Taheyung and Jimin and with you. This little furrow between his eyebrows had formed last week that you wanted to smooth away with your finger, maybe kiss the spot or nuzzle your nose against his neck in comfort. The bags under his eyes told you he’d not been getting enough sleep, although the coffee smell lingering on his close and breath every time you saw him had hinted at that all the same. He needed the rest, even for just a half an hour or so. However long he managed to sleep on this unforgiving, crusty sponge of a carpet that probably hadn’t been refurbished since the eighties. 

But the ears….

In the seven months since you’d met him (four of which you’d been dating), Jeongguk had only ever half-shifted in front of you once. When you’d gone to his apartment that day after he’d missed the meeting at the library and he’d been so shocked to see you there, he’d half-shifted out of reflex. You’d wanted to ask him about it recently, about why he never shifted form when you were together or if he was waiting for you to do it first. You’d danced around the topic a little bit but hadn’t managed to work up the nerve to be upfront about it. His friend Taehyung had no problems popping tail and fur whenever he felt like it–on the couch watching k-dramas, hungover and eating cereal in the kitchen, running through the halls when he was late for class. His roommate Jimin used his ears and nose all the time to get his boyfriend Mint Yoongi (as you had begun to call him, even though his hair was now cotton candy pink) to buy him coffee and snacks from the convenience store.

But not Jeongguk. Even when doors slammed nearby, surprising even you enough that your ears popped instinctively, or when he got extremely excited about the latest BigBang comeback and practically hopped around the room with joy. No ears. No nose. No tail. 

You were starting to suspect he was uncomfortable shifting around you, and you’re not sure how to react to that.

You glanced down at the shifted parts in question, the tips of your fingers lightly stroking up the long, velvety soft curve of his right ear. It twitched under the touch and a hitch interrupted Jeongguk’s snores, his head rolling slightly on your thighs until his face was angled toward you. His eyes were firmly shut, lips parted, still dead to the world. So you dipped your hand inward slightly and brush the pitch black fur in the shell of his ear, something melting in your chest when Jeongguk sighed. 

This was wrong. An invasion of his privacy. If Jeongguk wanted to shift with you, he would in his own time, and you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the fact that he’d unknowingly shifted while taking a nap in your presence. But his ears were so soft. He looked so soft and cute, curled up on his side and sleeping like he hasn’t in days, his hands balled into little fists and those tiny snores, and the fact that he trusted you enough to let his guard down– he couldn’t have pressed more of your buttons if he’d tried. 

Jeongguk was so shy about his rabbit form, even with you. You’d figured he thought he needed to put up a ‘manly’ front with you, that you’d fallen for the muscles and the black t-shirts and the smirk he tossed out when he caught you staring at him for longer than appropriate. And those were nice (read: hot as hell), but… more than that, the awkward, soft-hearted Ironman and G-Dragon fanboy that complained about his best friend’s neediness but still walked ten blocks to pick up his favorite soup when he was sick, that brought you a banana nut muffin to class when he knew you’d woken up late and hadn’t had time to eat. The guy that gave you his sweatshirt on cold days and pretended he wasn’t charmed by how big it looked on you, the guy that gave you bunny kisses on your cheek when he thought you’d fallen asleep on movie nights. 

You liked leather-jacket Jeongguk, but the boy with the sweet smile behind him…. You were maybe close to falling in love with that guy. Closer than you could admit for now. 

So you bent over and pressed a kiss to his temple as lightly as you could to avoid waking him and you sat in between those shelves, gently petting his ears as he slept.  And thirty minutes later, when he started to wake up and his ears disappeared beneath the dark chocolate bedhead, you didn’t mention it. You just laughed quietly when he apologized sheepishly, brushed the hair stuck to his cheeks behind his human ear, and smiled. 

You could wait until he was ready to share that part of himself with you. 

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All right, fuckers. Lets talk about Rat Queens, the comic so amazing I breezed through all three volumes in a day and a half and then almost cried because there was no more to read

For decades, the fantasy genre has had that moniker not just because it dealt with fantastical things like dragons, magic, elves, and other such things, but because it was also a genre where men’s chauvinistic fantasies ran wild, where women were often little more than helpless damsels in need of being rescued, and even the ones who weren’t were dressed up as objects of male fantasy, wearing armor that made no sense, which served no practical purpose. It was all about the male gaze, it dominated the genre for a very long time.

In recent years there has been an effort to overthrow that long standing norm. Many have pushed back (such as the pathetic “Puppy” movement at the Hugo awards recently, a group of voters who banded together specifically to get works that were pro-women, pro-poc, and pro-lgbtq+ to lose) and the result has been a renaissance of the genre, with projects that are inclusive of all genders, sexual identities, and races. Recently these previously ignored or demeaned groups have come to the forefront, leading several titles in the genre.

One of those title is Rat Queens, a comic about an all-female team of adventurers living and adventuring in a D&D style world.

Note: I read all three volumes, so there are some teeny spoilers, but I avoided anything really big. And most of it is character stuff and not plot stuff.

The Rat Queens are violent and magically inclined badasses, but they’re also introverts, nerds, hipsters, stoners, and emotional fuck up. Despite the fact that they use swords and magic to take down monsters in a fantasy world, they’re real.

They also obliterate the idea of what a sexy female fantasy character is. They have wide hips and big thighs, flat chests and real boobs that are sometimes floppy. Their tummies roll when they bend over. These aren’t four female fantasy characters with the same unrealistic, typically sexy body. Their bodies are all very different, and they’re all very sexy.

Hanna would probably be considered the leader of the group, if the Rat Queens really had a leader. She’s a half-elven demon who desperately tries to had that latter part. She’s also a skilled magic user, relying more on her spells than her blades in a fight. She’s a loud mouth, surly, combative, and wonderfully vulgar. 

She’s also in an incredibly complicated relationship with the head of the city’s guard, Sawyer. 

Her story and backstory really does seem to anchor most of the story, but I really think that’s just because the story is unfortunately finished. We were definitely getting foundation to really explore the other characters’ stories in more depth, but stuff behind the scenes caused the series to be put on hold indefinitely, so they never got to the point of digging into the other characters like they did Hannah. (I’ll talk about the behind-the-scenes drama at the end of the post).

Dee is an incredibly powerful cleric who just happens to not believe in the deity that grants her powers. She was raised in a cult that worshiped an ancient god and she learned her powerful magic there, but she had doubts that led to her leaving home to figure things out on her own. 

She’s also a nerd and an introvert who prefers a book to most people. She struggles with how much she misses her family, and the pain of leaving behind her parents, her siblings, and her husband while also struggling with her faith. 

Like Hannah, she also favors magic in a fight, but where she really comes in handy is with her curiosity and her fondness for research. One of the things that I really like about Dee is how not sexual her character is. Not because the sexuality displayed by the other characters is bad (quite the contrary) but because every woman is different when it comes to their sexual appetite and their enjoyment of sex, and it’s wonderful to see a character for whom sex and romantic relationships is not a major part of their arc.

Violet is a hipster dwarf who loves stabbing things with her sword. As long as too many other people don’t start loving it, too. Whereas Dee and Hannah use powerful magic in fights, Violet charges in pointy end first, looking to cut apart as many baddies as possible.

She’s also a huge dork who tries so hard at being badass that it almost negates her actually badassery at times. She’s very, very much a hipster, who left her life with the dwarves and shaved off her beard because she felt stifled by her culture, and then grew the beard back when she saw that other dwarven women were shaving their beards, too.

She also really likes sex. While Hannah and Betty are definitely sex-positive and definitely have sex during the course of the story, I think Violet is probably shown to be the most sex-positive and most sexually active. Her boyfriend is an Orc named Dave (or “Orc Dave”, as he’s a member of a group of adventurers called “The Four Daves”) and she is not subtle about the fact that she wants him, and she is not shy about sharing the facts of their sex life once she has him.

Finally, there’s Betty, the cutest little smidgen ever (from the art, I’m guessing “smidgen” is equivalent to gnome). Betty likes drinking, fighting, candy, drugs, and girls. And, specifically, one girl.  

Betty’s got it bad for a chick named Faeyri, but Faeyri’s not crazy about Betty’s friends, especially Hannah, who can get pretty combative when drinking. In between all the fighting, the adventuring, and the magic, we get a sweet little love story that actually presents a relationship with very real and honest problems.

While Betty loves to get stabby, and while her small size often serves as an advantage in battle, her greatest contribution to the group might be her skills as a thief and her ability to read people. She can look at any place and figure out how to get her teeny tiny form into it in the most covert way, and she can look at any person and read them look a book. 

But no matter how clever she is, she’s still a huge weirdo who loves candy, drugs, and her friends.

The women of Rat Queens are all so different in so many respects, and they’re all so flawed and real. The series is hysterically funny, full of so much heart, and a must read for any fantasy fan who loves well written female characters. This fast became one of my vert, very favorite comics of all time.

Unfortunately there are only three collected volumes + one issue. The original artist was arrested for domestic abuse, and though he ultimately wasn’t charged, he was not brought back to continue as the series’ artist. They did find a new artist for what would be the third volume, but ultimately, according to the series’ writer Kurtis Wiebe, they didn’t really mesh, and now the comic is on hiatus indefinitely. From searching around the internet it looks like the plan is to eventually continue it as a web comic, but Wiebe is currently writing the new series Bounty (which is another great female-led comic, this time taking on the also-until-recently male dominated genre of sci-fi. I’ve only read the first issue but I adored it, and I can’t wait for the TP to come out, which will happen the day after my birthday), so I’m not sure when it’s actually going to happen.

While it’s definitely a bummer that the story just kind of… stops, and we don’t know for sure when it will continue, you have to read Rat Queens if you have any kind of appreciation for stories led by strong female characters, and especially if you’ve been disappointed by other fantasy stories, and especially if that disappointment largely came from the misogyny, lack of diversity, and homophobia in the writing. I’m getting emotional from how much I love Rat Queens, that’s how good this series is.

Mouth Like Heaven, Kisses Like Stars

aka, the time when everything goes downhill and bellamy just goes down.

(or, bellamy called clarke princess again so obviously i had to take that and run  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

wc: 2 417
rated: E
read on ao3 here

“If you keep frowning like that, you’re going to get stress lines before you’re thirty.”

Clarke doesn’t even bother to glance over at Bellamy, who’s leaning against a tree and definitely not helping while she looks for the herb they came for.

“As if you’re one to talk,” she scoffs.

“I have a youthful glow,” he shoots back. “I’m going to continue looking twenty three even when I’m well into my forties.”

“If you live long enough to be forty,” she mutters under her breath.

There’s the sound of his foot hitting the undergrowth as he stands straight once more. “Clarke,” he says, the fond teasing cadence of his voice from before all but gone now.

“I know, I know. Stop talking about death so much.”

“You need to loosen up, princess.”

“I have no idea how to that.”

She can hear him shuffling around until he’s right behind her and she turns to look up at him, his overgrown fringe falling into his eyes like a sheepdog’s.

“Well,” he starts, “You can read a book, take a walk, try to knit. Maybe even join Harper for some beat time on the train dummy.” He pauses and then throws her a wicked smirk. “And there’s also sex of course.”

She doesn’t quite choke on nothing, but comes fairly close to it.

“Come again?”

“That’ll help loosen you up even more.”


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I finally had the chance to read the three Bnha chapters I needed to read and damn.

I just got reminded why I love Katsuki so much.

You can tell me what you want, but he looked fucking desperate. He desperately wants to fight Izuku just to show himself that his aspirations are still valid. This fight will most likely bring Katsuki to the point where he acknowledges Izuku’s abilities completely.

He shows Izuku the most vulnerable side of himself and he insults him just one time when Izuku interrupts him (if I was facing a mental meltdown, I would do the same tbh. You can’t interrupt an emotional speech Deku). I think he wants to find out what their differences are exactly.

I’m so looking forward to their fight. It will get violent and emotional and these two components… daaaamn. The character development will be strong during and after this and we either get an even more pissed Katsuki after this or beautiful times are laying ahead of us.

I just love how complex Katsuki’s character is and Ugh. I just love him.

Saihara Shuuichi as a Husband

i swear we didn’t forget about this one i just haven’t had the time to transfer this from my notebook to here ooPS 

sorry it took this long! here it be at long at last - Mod Saihara

  • wherever you both are living, it’s always spotless. like this boi is on top of everything that has to do with cleaning it’s almost scary
  • he is on top of things when it comes to cooking as well. like honestly this man’s cooking is top notch except if it’s baking he will burn the house down, he probably constantly googles how to operate an oven
  • probably spends time reading some mystery novel when you’re away and nothing needs to be done
  • he always gets home a bit later than you do after work though, like one night he came home around three am from his office, trying to figure out who the heck would do this to a person
  • he sleeps in on the weekends. let this man rest.
  • sometimes you both will just relax and unwind, while reading books and drinking tea.
  • it’s really peaceful with him around
  • he always reminds you that he loves you. no matter the time, he’ll just pop up from literally anywhere and give you a smol peck 
  • you return the feelings with another smol peck to his cheek.
Steve and the Sokovia Accords

I keep seeing a lot of posts about how Steve was in the wrong in CACW because while Tony had a plan, Steve didn’t offer any alternative to it, he was just like NOPE. The thing is though, something that immediately struck me when I watched the movie was the timing of everything. Ross and Tony bring Steve and the others the Accords THREE DAYS before they are to be signed. Those Accords were not drafted, approved and supported by 117 countries in a week. This was 100% intentional. This is also very, very common in American politics. When politicians want to pass a bill they don’t want people to look at closely, they schedule votes at weird times or when a large # of people are away from the Hill (Capital Hill). So you get these 11th hour bills that are hundreds of pages long that no one has had a chance to read, ask questions about, or negotiate on about changes. These bills are stuffed with completely unrelated stuff that gets passed as well because the whole thing has to be signed off on/approved. It’s called “pork barreling.” Those are the questions Steve tries to bring up to the group. When he’s like ‘what happens when…?’ And Tony brushes aside his concerns like ‘oh, I’m sure we’ll get to make changes later when everything dies down.’ But Steve is like what are we agreeing to NOW though? And practically as soon as they are given the “generous” 3 day warning, Peggy dies. Steve flies off to London and everything goes to hell. What time is there to propose or discuss an alternative plan??

The timing was 100% intentional to make sure the Avengers would be subject to the Accords as written–no matter what was lurking on the bottom of page 440 in fine print. Steve is 100% right to be suspicious. This is one of the dirty tricks of American politics that Steve would be totally aware of. And sure, maybe there’s a chance that everything was above board, reasonable, and so on, but you would NEVER sign a thing like that w/o actually checking/reading it. that would be foolish. I mean, did we forget that Project Insight was authorized and approved by The World Council? I guarantee you that Steve hasn’t. I absolutely believe that Steve would have been willing to talk everything out, negotiate, listen to everyone’s pov, and really consider everything carefully…but there’s no time given to do that. It’s all last minute, non-negotiable, and shady. Steve is a master tactician, natural leader, and a reasonable, thoughtful person who is a Big Picture thinker. It’s weird that people just assume he rejects the Accords because he’s being childish or something. That’s not Steve Rogers at all. 

“This has always been where I’ve come when I just want to get away,” Khan said, pulling back to meet Arthur’s gaze. “I’ve never brought anyone here before. I’ve never wanted to bring anyone here, actually.”

“So, why have you brought me here?” Arthur asked quietly. “What made you change your mind?” Khan reached up and brushed a lock of hair off of Arthur’s forehead.

“You changed my mind,” Khan replied.

Part Three of Fic/Art Collaboration with Ashley. we’re doing Freebatch pairings with DragonAU. I reposted this because it seems like the original post had been deleted? and I do not know what causing that. But what more important is me and Ashley gonna continue this AU, adding few more Freebatch pairings such as Stephen Strange/Everett Ross, Wallace/Lester Nygaard, and many more. thank you for sticking with us for all this time!

[Read the fic here!]

[The art for Guixon here]

[The art for Juliver here ]

anonymous asked:

How would the skaters fair with an s/o who's a competitive show jumper? Like they raise and train horses competitively for competition? Sorry if it's vague this is my first time doing this ;3; I'm always too shy...

((You didn’t specify which ones, so I’ll do the main three))


-Finds it amazing

-Adores watching s/o because they look so beautiful when they’re riding horses

-And elegant as well

-Begs s/o to to teach him

-Probably falls while the horse is astride (I think it’s called astride in English…?)


-His biggest concern is s/o falling off the horse

-I mean, did you read the statistics on injuries??

-His heart stops every time s/o jumps

-He does, however, like helping them take care of the horses

-But there’s no way he’s getting one one thankyouverymuch


-He really likes horse riding as a sport, so he’s happy that s/o does it

-Always comes to their competitions (with his best disguise, of course)

-Buys s/o shirts with horses on them

-When he’s helping s/o with the horses, they often bite his hair (it reminds them of straw)

-So he starts wearing it in a bun when he’s in the stable

Unarmed (Part 3 - Bucky’s POV)

Summary: Bucky deals with the aftermath of that horrific mission.

Word Count: 7,698

Warnings: Language, blood, violence, ANGST (it does end in fluff, though)

A/N: So a couple of days ago, a lovely anon came to my inbox asking if I’d ever considered writing Part 3 of my Unarmed series from Bucky’s perspective. I hadn’t, but once I had the idea to do it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It ended up being about three times longer than I thought it would, but it is what it is. So anon, if you’re reading this, thanks for the idea - even though this was the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Also, I love you.

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It was overwhelming. He had never felt anything like it before, not in this concentrated dose. It made his heart feel as if it were lodged somewhere in his throat and his pulse quicken. He stared at the girl below him, her eyes wide, desperate, and pleading. Like so many eyes he’d seen before, just before they lost their shine. Her fingers tingled against his cheek, and something broke. Suddenly, he recognized the dying girl on the table. Bucky staggered back, eyes wide with horror. The feeling she pulsed through the room, the love that Bucky felt coursing through him, faded as her eyes slid shut.

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You know what always ticks me off a little:

when I read anti-ace discoursers going on about how THEY once thought they were asexual (the most recent example I saw was autochorissexual, but the gist is always the same.), but it was ACTUALLY internalized homophobia.  They just didn’t know, because they were kids.  And somehow this means asexual education is a bad thing.

And it’s like, okay.  Fine.  Glad you figured yourself out.

In the mean time, I am 33 fucking years old, and I spent almost my entire adult life believing I was damaged or broken because I had been given some really bad information about asexuality when I was a teenager.

If I’d had the vocabulary and knowledge then, I could have spared myself almost fifteen years of confusion and some really harmful decisions made during the process of figuring this shit out.

I’m sorry that your access to this information caused you to temporarily misidentify yourself and thus miss out on a few extra chances to get laid.

But as a thirty three year old adult, who is pretty damn sure of her orientation, thank you very much, I think you should go fuck yourself.

My Romanian Roommate

Part Three in the “My Romanian” series.

Read My Romanian Best Friend
Read My Romanian Confidant

Words: 1377

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send me an ask.

It had been two weeks since you had seen Sebastian. He was doing stuff for the movie and had to be with the cast. You were trying to keep busy with filming. And any time you really needed him, he would facetime you. He encouraged and loved you from wherever he was. He made sure you were okay at all times. He took care of you.

           “So, I was wondering something,” you said, trying not to sound too nervous about your question over facetime.

           “What is it?” Sebastian asked.

           “Umm … you know that I get kind of … weird or panicky or whatever when you’re gone,” you said.

           “You’re fine, Y/N.”

           “Just … I was wondering if maybe … maybe you’d like to be my roommate,” you just spit it out.

           “You want me to move in with you?” Sebastian asked.

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You Never Can Tell (part 1)

Characters: Sam x Reader.

Summary: Spending the summer as a camp councilor seemed like fun but between the guy you had been talking to online for the past three months and the tall, shy cute lifeguard things could be getting a little complicated.

Word Count: 1181 words

Prompt: camp, laptop

A/N: Okay so this has kinda turned into a series! This is my entry for @chaos-and-the-calm67 and her Birthday Challenge and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy reading it.  Also in my research I came across this picture and I just couldn’t NOT write this.

Dramageek101: I’m heading off to camp tomorrow so won’t be online as much, not sure what the wi-fi is like or what time I’m gonna have to get on my laptop.  I’m gonna miss our daily chats.

Kansasboy283: Me too, don’t worry about it.  I’ll message when I can, you just have a good time and don’t forget about me lol.

Dramageek101: Like I could forget about you. Good night Kansas.

Kansasboy283: Good night Geek.

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Just watched t6t one more time

focusing very closely on the climactic scene

Norbury DEFINITELY had her gun trained on Mary before Sherlock started his death deduction, and I think he DEFINITELY did it on purpose to get Vivian’s wrath away from Mary and onto himself, judging by the glances.

That was his choice. Jumping in front of the bullet was Mary’s choice.

Until further notice, I’m still reading this as a tragedy of loss and misunderstanding between three people who sincerely care about each other, but are all messed up in various ways.

I think Mary’s death came about as a result of her past. But she did nothing to deserve it in the moment. It’s really not a fridging, IMO, because her death came about because of her own life, her own past, and her own actions - she had a story of her own. But it’s not Sherlock’s fault either. Nor is it John’s. Mary’s death was about Mary. Her past leading up to her choice in the moment.

Like all murder, it was the FAULT of the person who pulled the trigger. Vivian Norbury killed Mary. The characters who are still alive will deal with the fallout.

(Cannot WAIT to find out what “go to hell, Sherlock” was about! I’m pretty sure “save John Watson” refers to the original skip code back in TEH, though.)

And if there’s a rug pull that means all of this wrong, I hope it’s clever. I see a few places where there are possible cracks where it could happen. Predictive meta isn’t really my thing though, I like to wait and see what happens and then analyze it afterward.