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a/n: hey remember when i said the Doritos one would be next? well i can’t find it :( i gotta label my fics better, anyway, for tonight i’ll give ya a couple of random blurbs from blurb nights! a re-upload, here’s why x [masterlist]
synopsis: the one where she gives him car head, but without the actual smut?
warnings: nsfw talk

You blow a bubble out of the mint bubble gum you’d popped into your mouth upon getting out of the car, and then another one at the front door just for good measure. 

Shawn had watched you do so with a smug grin on his face, skin glowing in a natural highlight - cheeks blushed a deep red from the events earlier. 

The image of you leaning over and unbuckling his pants while on the freeway is one that’ll stick with him forever, and he’ll take the words you spoke to him to the grave “Pull over, don’t wanna die with your dick in my mouth - can’t have that etched onto my grave stone” 
“You fucking wish” 

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Oh my God she’s up loading twice in one day! It’s taken me ages to finish this… my first ever smut. Of course if you’re not a fan of smut, don’t read. Anyway, here’s a Tommy smut focused on his smoking. (Let’s face it, he does look sexy af smoking) Honestly I’m not sure how I’ve done having never written smut before but I hope you enjoy it! Feed back welcome! It’s also the longest thing I’ve uploaded here…  

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I hated smoking. I’d never done it, and I had no intention to, but they way Thomas Shelby smoked was seriously distracting. Something about the long casual drags and the smoke dancing over his lips as he exhaled drew my attention in a way I was ashamed to admit.

Tonight it was just me and Tommy left in the office, he sat opposite me at his desk, brow furrowed scanning document after document. I was meant to be helping to write invitations for a charity fundraising event but from the moment the glowing tip of the cigarette had mixed with the dim light from the candles I’d suddenly found myself unable to write. Tommy discarded the latest document and raised the cigarette to his lips once more.

‘Do you want one?’ he asked, without raising his eyes off the next sheet of paper.

It took me a moment to process what he’d said, my head still full of thoughts far away from work.

‘No, you know I don’t smoke.’

‘Well you’ve been watching me so intently I thought you might want one.’

I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I ducked my head down, eyes firmly glued on my work again.

‘That wasn’t why you were watching then?’ Tommy prompted.


‘Why then?’

I took a moment to respond, carefully measuring my response.

‘There’s just something… interesting about the way you smoke.’  


I heard the noise of Tommy’s chair scraping back, followed by his footsteps as he made his way over to me. Still I didn’t look up from my work, I knew if I looked up at Tommy he’d see the embarrassment on my face – and knowing Tommy he’d reveal in it. Suddenly strong arms pushed my chair back from the desk slightly, turning it to fully face him. The paper was whisked out of my hands and thrown onto the desk, a single finger lifted my chin so our eyes met. Thomas slowly lowered his hand, a smirk playing on the corners of his mouth as he lent back against the desk. With a very deliberate movement, he lent one hand against the desk and with the other raised the cigarette back to his mouth. As smoke fluttered out over Tommy’s lips he slowly raised one eyebrow, deliberately toying with me, knowing the effect he was having.

‘Stop it, Tommy.’

‘Stop what, love?’

I wasn’t going to let Tommy play with me like this. I stood up, my heels making me almost as tall as Tommy, ‘I think I’m done here for the night.’

I turned and made to walk away, only to find a hand griping tightly round my wrist, pulling me backwards. There was barely time to register what was happening before I found Tommy’s lips pressed against mine, his hands gripping tightly onto my hips. Instinctively my hands came up, my fingers wrapping themselves in Tommy’s hair. He pulled away, his mouth in his trademark smirk knowing that he’d got me.

‘I thought you hated me smoking.’

‘I do.’

‘No love, you really don’t,’

‘I do, It’ll kill you Thomas Shelby.’

‘A lot of things could kill me… do they do this too you to?’

‘Do what?’ 

Tommy slowly pushed me back against the desk, his hand pushing up under my skirt until he found what he’d been looking for.

‘Do that.’

I couldn’t help a small whimper escaping as Tommy traced a line along the front of my underwear. It was pointless trying to pretend anymore, Tommy had won this time and he knew it. In one smooth move my underwear was pushed to the side and Tommy’s finger continued to trace up and down, prolonging my growing need for more.

‘Tommy… please.’

The smirk grew at my begging, the power completely in his hands. Swiftly his hands gripped the top of my thighs and pulled me closer to the edge of the desk before one hand returned to it’s previous position. The other hand gripped my hair at the back of my head pulling my head back forcing me to make eye contact with him. My breath came in gasps as Tommy expertly brought me closer and closer to orgasm, his thumb rubbing my clit in circles. As the pleasure built up within me my eyes automatically closed, in an instant Tommy removed his hand bringing it up to my face, the smack making my eyes fly open.

 ‘I don’t remember telling you to stop looking at me, do you?’

I was silent as Tommy’s ice blue eyes stared into mine. He pulled me off the desk, slowly Thomas slid undid the buttons at the front of my dress, pushing the shoulders down until it pooled around my ankles. I stepped out of the dress leaving me exposed to Tommy in just my underwear and heels.

‘You’re wearing too many clothes.’ I murmured against his lips.

‘You best get them off me then, ey love?’ a smirk playing on his lips again, knowing full well I’d do exactly as he said.

‘On your knees.’

Tommy didn’t have to tell me twice. It was one order I was happy to obey, for Tommy at least. I sunk down onto my knees in front of Tommy, looking up at him as I slowly pulled down his underwear. Slowly, deliberately, without breaking eye contact I wrapped my lips around his head, sucking in my cheeks the way I knew he liked. His head fell back as his hand gripped the back of my head, slowly pushing my mouth further down.

‘Good girl.’ He murmured, realising my head so I could gasp some air back into my lungs.

Slowly I ran my tongue up and down his length, enjoying the momentary control I held over him.

‘Don’t tease me, dear. You know how that ends.’

Slowly I worked my head back down. Teasing Tommy is always fun but I was eager to escape a punishment.

Tommy allowed me to continue for only a few moments longer before his next command came, ‘Get up.’

I stood up slowly, looking straight into his eyes, trying to figure out what his next move.

‘Turn around, hands on the desk.’ 

I could feel the heat of Tommy’s body pressed against my back as his hands roamed from my shoulders down to my hips, it combated the cold air of the office in a way that made my every nerve stand on edge. Agonisingly slowly Tommy pushed inside of me, he pressed his lips against the side of my neck as a gasp escaped from my mouth. The moment of sweetness didn’t last long. Tommy moved a hand around my throat, arching my back more so I pushed into him. 

His pace quickened quickly, whispering words that would make the devil blush into my ear as I struggled for breath. Eventfully he released my throat moving his hand to wrap itself in my hair, pushing me forwards so I could hold myself up on the desk.

Tommy grabbed at my hips, holding so hard I knew I’d be left with bruises later.

‘Tommy – I’m…’

‘I know.’

One hand slowly moved to touch my clit again, sending me closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking, my breath coming in short sharp gasps.

‘Hold it a little longer for me.’ Tommy commanded. I knew he was nearing his own orgasm, cursing under his breath, his breathing ragged.

‘I can’t… Tommy. I can’t.’


The single word signified the one command I’d been dying to hear. I allowed myself to envelope the feeling, the feeling of all consuming pleasure that only Tommy had ever truly managed to make me experience. The shared moment of bliss seemed to last forever and no time at all in equal parts.

Tommy slowly pulled away from me, he turned me to face him before slowly wrapping his arms around my waist. ‘You realise I’ll be smoking all the time around you now, right love?’ he muttered, pressing a kiss onto my temple as I moved to sit on the desk, by legs no longer able to take my weight.

‘Thomas Shelby, you’re impossible.’

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We're icon buddies Every time I see you on my dash, I have to read the name because I don't remember making that post! xD We love our Yuuri blushing right after putting a ring on his fiancé's finger!

No kidding! I just saw the icon before I read your message and did a double take. That’s happened to me before too when I’d had a “Stammi Vicino: Duetto” icon. 

Our Yuri is too precious/pretty for words. 

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I downloaded your Newlyn Hills file and gave my computer a virus.

Yikes! That means my personal webspace got hacked somehow. I’ll see if I can re-upload it to safe site like SimFileShare. I’m very sorry about your computer. :( I’ve had this webspace for years and it’s generally very safe. Thank you for letting me know, and I hope you can get rid of the virus on your machine. :-/


Face tutorial for Anon!

I wasn’t sure whether you meant heads or facial expressions, so here’s a very basic head tutorial! Of course not all faces are the same so proportions and the size of ears/eyes/noses etc. can vary! Feel free to explore and play with them to create unique and interesting characters!

I hope this is somewhat helpful, and let me know if you’d like a tutorial on expressions as well!


Colin + Bradley week 2017
Day 4:
Colin/Bradley quotes

A smile spread across the actor’s face as talk turned to his real-life relationship with Merlin actor Colin Morgan. “We share a lot of laughs and we have a lot of fun,” James said. “We are quite ridiculous in our humor sometimes, which I think only the pair of us can relate to, but ultimately we have gotten on quite well because we had to spend so much time together anyway with filming the show. It’s helped out no end with what audiences see onscreen because inevitably that’s going to carry itself onto the screen as well.

“I imagine myself and Colin, when we do manage to get some time away from each other, we try to separate ourselves from each other as much as possible,” he laughed. “I think we both need that breather to realize there are other people and other ways of telling jokes!” x

Local Dad Orders a Burger at The Coffee Spoon

(Based on the video: Local dude orders a burger at Starbucks)

Mat: Can I help the next guest please?

Mat: Ah hello sir, welcome to the Coffee Spoon, what can I get for you?

Robert, heavily distorted: Yeah, can I get a motherfuggin’ uhhhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Craig and Joseph: *giggling in the background*

Robert, still going strong: hhhhhhhhhhhh, burger?

Craig, Joseph and Brian: *breaks down laughing*

Mat: Sir, we don’t sell burgers here.

Robert, distorted: What do you mean you don’t se- *cuts off*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing in unison*

Mat: We sell, we sell paninis and breakfast sandwiches-


Mat: -and coffee.

Robert, distorted: You think I know what a panini is!? *white noise*

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *wheezing in laughter*

Robert, distorted: Just give me a burger! Extra cheese! *more white noise*

Mat: No!

Craig, Joseph and Damien: *giggling now*

Mat: We don’t have burger extra cheese! We have paninis-

Robert, distorted: You don’t understand-

Mat: No!

Robert, distorted: I need this. *white noise*

Mat: Sir!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling*

Mat: I’m gonna have to ask you-

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *giggling so hard it overpowers Mat*

*Hugo walks in*

Robert, distorted: Why are you suppressing food from the public!? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *still giggling so much that nothing can be heard*

Hugo: What in the hell did I walk in to?

Joseph: I’M CRYING-

Mat: Do you want coffee? Tea?

Craig, Brian and Damien: *cacophony of giggles*

Joseph: I’m crying…

Hugo: What happened?! Hold on, hold on…

Mat: Can I get you a caramel macchiato?

Robert, distorted: Yeah, I’ll have a burger, extra dip. *white noise*

Mat: We don’t have-

Hugo: Oh my GOD, the voice changer?! Really?!

Craig: I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large…

Joseph: I’m crying, oh my god…

Mat: Sir, this is the Coffee Spoon, not a McFridayz…

Robert, distorted: Please, they’ll take my wife if I don’t give them the burg- *cuts off, white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *laughing again*

Mat: Sir! You’re at the wrong store!

Mat, sounding exasperated: You want a McFridayz, not the…

Damien: Why are you buying clothes at the soup store!

Robert, distorted: Hello? *white noise*

Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *burst out laughing again*

Mat: Hello??

Robert, distorted: I would like a burger. *white noise*

Mat: No!

MC, Craig, Joseph, Brian and Damien: *a mixture of laughs and wheezes*

Hugo: Oh my goooooood…

Mat: We sell, we sell coffee, and, and confectioneries here, Jesus Christ…

Hugo: Geez…

Mat: Boss, agdaj, I need to get the Manager…

Craig: Bro, how much of that did you get?

Joseph, Brian and Damien: *quiet giggles*

Robert, now echoing: COMPOUND!

Hugo: Eugh…

Joseph: What?!

MC, Craig and Damien: *wheezing*

Mat: Sir, do you want to-Sir, do you want to speak to the Manager?

Joseph: He’s ordering from the ether…

Mat: He’s ordering a burger-

Robert, distorted again: Can I get a fucking uhhh-

Mat: No…

MC: Oh my god…

Mat: He’s ordering, he’s trying to order a burger with extra dip at the Coffee Spoon…

It really sucks how the Great Comet broadway boot got taken down. I know that video helped the show to be way more accessible to lots of people. I wish we had another link to give to people or something. Maybe something that people could watch, download, possibly re-upload again if it got taken down again. If only such a thing existed. (x)


well this took longer than it should ^^; meet my new Ocs!! Salus and Andrea!! i haven’t fully developed a story for them yet (actually i have but im afraid some might say its pretty dumb ;v;) and i might make more comics about them soon!!