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Bruce Wayne Imagine

I’ve found a gem! Amongst my drafts i have found one imagine i didn’t publish! And since study has consumed me, i thought i would post it because i didn’t want to not post anything this week.

FOR REQUESTS: I will be doing them very soon. Only four more days till i’m done!

Bruce, Damian, Jason and yourself come home from a night out. (a little fluffy)

The soft rumbling of the car had hummed Damian too sleep. The moonlight lit brightly; over-shadowed only briefly by the translucent grey clouds which illuminated slightly in front of the moon.

As you guys drove further to the outskirts of the city, the lines of lights outside the windows that went past, transformed from littered lights, to eventually scattered ones, the darkness soon out weighting the light. The buildings turned into trees, and the street was a lot less busy. The small jolts kept your eyes open, and only helped your body in the slightest with trying to keep awake. Bruce occasionally turned to you, watching as your eyes fought with your body, closing softly then jotting back open again. He smiled, before looking in the rearview mirror.

Damian was fast asleep, leaning on Jason’s arm. Jason, who was wide awake, and stared blankly in the dark night, didn’t seem to mind.

Soon, the lit manor had come into view. The manor stood tall, the lights of rooms alit in random places. Bruce pulled in slowly, the quieting of the motor easing into a silence. When Bruce turned off the engine. He sat still for a little while, Giving his arms and eyes a rest. Everyone sat still, almost too tired to resume to bed. You turned your head, leaning into the seat. Bruce turned to look at you, bags evident under his eyes.

He smiled,

“Damian’s asleep” He whispered. You turned back, watching Damian breath in a slow rhythmic beat whilst leaning on Jason.

“It was a big night.” You whispered. You looked to Jason,

“Did you have fun?” He looked to you, suppressing a yawn. He nodded, stretching his arms, causing Damian to stir.

“It was good.” He said. His voice cracked from the tiredness, “But i think Damian had more fun” Jason held a small smile, recollecting memories of Damian and him chasing down the dogs belonging to the parties host.

You and Bruce smiled, before getting out to go to bed.

Everyone exited the car except Damian, of which Bruce carried. In a line, Jason led the way into the manor. You put your arms on his shoulders, following his lead, Bruce carrying Damian right behind you.

Entering, Alfred had already gone to bed, leaving the manor very quiet.

You patted Jason’s shoulders gently, “You should probably head to bed soon.” You suggested. Jason nodded, rubbing his eyes.

“I will.” He said, “I’ll see you guys in the morning, Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Jason.” You and Bruce said.

Jason walked upstairs, his yawn echoed through the hall. You looked at Damian in Bruce arms. His head was rested on his shoulder gently, his breathing calm.

“He looks so small.” You say, running your hand through his hair, watching his face burrow deeper into Bruce’s neck.

“It reminds me that he’s still just a kid.” Bruce said, watching you. You nodded, your body tired from the long night.

“Let’s put him in bed.”

You and Bruce walked up the stairs. You walked behind him, turning off all the lights downstairs first. You walked into Damian’s room, and pulled the blanket down for Bruce before he laid him down in bed. Gently, Bruce placed him down, tucking him in lightly, before walking out with you to your own bedroom. Upon entering, he kicked off his shoes, letting out a sigh of relief.

He took off his jacket, throwing it on the floor, too tired to hang it up. You slipped off your shoes, throwing your bag next to the door. You tried to reach for your zip on the back of your dress, but your failed attempts had caught the eyes of Bruce, who walked over to unzip you.

You muttered a small thanks, before slipping off your dress. Too tired to reach for your own clothing, you spotted one of Bruce’s shirts and you picked it up, showing it too him,

“Can i wear this?” You asked as you began putting it on.

“That wasn’t even a question,” He smirked, “You would’ve worn it anyways.”

You shrugged, “It’s always polite to ask first.” Bruce stipped off his shirt and pants, slipping on his baggy tracksuit pants instead.

As you had taken his shirt, and he was too tired to retrieve another one, he opted for no shirt that night, leaving him wearing his old and fresh scars.

“You know it’s almost mid winter right?” You said, before Bruce joined you in bed. You cuddled the pillow, watching Bruce nod as you did.

“You’ll freeze if you don’t wear a shirt.” You said.

“I won’t need one.” He said.

And you smiled at him, moving closer to create warmth. His arm tiredly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer.

Even though his arms were tired, they still held incredible strength.

“It was a good night.” You mumbled, your eyes closed.

Bruce was watching you, your breathing becoming more slow and steady.

“It was.” His voice was low, and could sing you to sleep. “Watching Jason slowly get drunk was a highlight.” And you laughed, you’re tired giggles bringing life the to room.

“I thought he would of been very talkative when he’s drunk.” You say, eyes still closed, “But he’s a man of few words when he’s intoxicated.”

Bruce nodded, “Damian was encouraging it.” He stated,

“Encouraging what?” You questioned,

“The drinking.” He replied.  “I think he even filmed Jason copying him and chasing the dogs.”

And you laughed, your laugh rather less vibrant as your body found relaxation in Bruce’s arms.

In the silence, with his eyes closed, Bruce could hear the cricket chirp, and the soft wind passing by the manor. He slept peacefully that night, with no sense of cold infiltrating him. There was enough heat between the two of you, and he held onto you tight; your body giving him warmth.

There was no need for a shirt.

None at all.

Because his heart was warm enough with you.

-You have no idea how weird it was to write (tracksuit) instead of ‘trackies’

-Also, apologies for any spelling, my eyes and brain are too tired right now to triple check.

-Hope all is well! I only have two more exams! English was a bitch, and oh my god math. Don’t even talk to me about that.