i had to put on a shirt for this


Hey @taylorswift I have the best squad!!! And they are pissed cause I didn’t film it but here’s how the story goes:

Kelvin said he was going to send Christmas cards and didn’t send mine and days after said he had posted the card and I though I was gonna get a home made bomb.
Like 3 weeks after that aka today, I was sleeping as an angel and my dad woke me up throwing a huge pack on my face and almost giving me a heart attack and of course I’m too anxious and was still kinda asleep so I opened it ASAP and didn’t give a shit about filming 😂
So I opened it and found out my whole gc had put their money together to buy me stuffs and send from USA to Brazil cause they are amazing and now I feel like I’m “finally a official swiftie” cause I have a Blanket and a shirt and mainly cause now I have the tour bracelets even if I never could go to a concert!!!

Shout out to HYGTPPK people and thank you guys so much I love you ❤️

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P.s.: can you see how happy I am to finally have a Taylor blanket to be a burrito??? And I’m melting cause it’s 85°F here


Things I Didn’t Buy at The Thrift Store Today

I always post the good finds, and thought it might be fun to see the fails.The last one was this magnificent Liz Claiborne pin print set but it was not only size 10, but had a giant hole. I almost got the blue dress and the guitar shirt but figured they could find better homes. The green sheer top was an OS size six and had the smallest shoulders of all time. The barfier green top had to be pulled down an insane amount just to cover my chest.

PS. The horse head is a squirrel feeder. The bear just puts fear into the hearts of men, and Prawns in Love deserves to be in a museum.

Random cute Saitama musings

Hmmm I’m a bit restless and taking a break but don’t feel like doodling right now so here are my little Saitama musings that I guess you could call headcanons? But that’s sometimes like putting blood in the water and hoping sharks don’t come and right now I’m like NO, NO FIGHTING OVER HEADCANONS DAMMIT. SO JUST MUSINGS.

- Saitama is self-conscious about his blush showing up not only on his face, but also on his ears and all over his head. He probably hates that Genos can detect a rise in body heat in those areas, not to mention detecting the change in color due to his cyborg eyes.

- I want a damn flashback to how he won that Nezumi Sushi shirt. He said he had to “eat a ton of sushi” to win it, so let’s see it, hmmm?

- Saitama didn’t seem to have much of a social life even in his flashbacks to being a job-hunting salary man, or during training. Given how young he was then, and the fact that we never hear anything of high school friends or anything, could it be that our sweet egg is a virgin? I want Genos to be his first.

- Do you think if Saitama farts, Genos logs it? “8:45 am- Sensei passed wind in his sleep. 10:00 am - Sensei audibly passed wind when he tied his sneakers, perhaps due to his impressive intake of breakfast-” “GENOS CUT IT OUT!” 

- I say this as a fellow bald person currently. Saitama must get cold as fuck at night, so I wonder if he buries himself under his covers sometimes or grabs at Genos for warmth (not a unique musing as the fan art has been wonderful in this department)? Aaah but just imagine, Genos gets up and when he goes to wake Saitama up for breakfast all that’s exposed is a little shiny egg scalp peeping up over the top of the covers on the pillow. Like a hiding egg. 0w0 so cute! I personally have an Umaru-chan hamster cape that I wear to bed sometimes with the hood buttoned so it keeps my bald head warm. Sometimes the cool side of the pillow is great…for a bald head though it can spell COLD DEATH and CHILLY EARS ALL NIGHT. /PSA. NOW I CAN’T STOP IMAGINING SAITAMA IN A CUTE LITTLE NIGHT CAP. He needs a hamster cape.

For reference she looks like this- pic behind the cut. Click, you won’t regret it.

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Currently getting ready for my date with that doctor on the train because my mom took 5ever to leave my dorm so I basically only ha time to put clothes on 🙄 I haven’t eaten all day so I hope he made reservations or something because I can not wait to eat. I guess I’ll call him Dr. Clinics ? Lol idk but in wearing tailored pants with very small white polka dots and a black cut out shirt and boots. It’s a simple outfit. Not the cutest but pretty good given the amount of time I had to get ready lol. Pray this date goes well 🙏🏾🙏🏾


“The killer, victim and another student, Masae, were in the gym. Masae annoyed the killer, mixing that with the effects of the disease they were suffering, it gave them a true motive. Instead of outright killing her, he went the sneakier route and plotted to frame her for the death of the victim.”

“They waited until the three were leaving before taking a weapon from the trophy room, waiting until specifically the coast was clear. They said they were going to hang back and check something out, which wasn’t suspicious to start with, but is now.” Masae added.

“It was in that moment they got the katana, and somehow managed to sneak off with it. If I had to guess, I’d assume that they took it, hid it under their shirt and then put it in their room.”

Dean Forester’s cameo

Okay, I need to talk about Jared’s Dean scene in more detail now that I’ve watched it a couple times.

-can we talk about the outfit they put him in?  Pea coat with popped collar, really nice grey shirt that, had he NOT been wearing the pea coat with popped collar, would have left Rory in a drooling mess.  PLUS skinny jeans?  Like guh.

-that even though it is a small scene, the dialogue reveals a LOT about what Dean has been upto:
- he lives in Scranton with a wife.  They have three kids, all boys, with another on the way.
-This means he’s in a dedicated and healthy relationship.  He’s not spent his life pining.  The mistakes he made as a 19 year old are not haunting him the rest of his life.  He found someone to be happy with and that makes me happy.
-That Rory’s lack of surprise when he talks about said kids or wife says that this isn’t the first time they’ve run into each other over the years.  She knows he’s married, she knows he’s got kids.  It means they’ve stayed in (at least peripheral) touch, even if its only through perhaps Christmas cards.  
-His clothes say ‘success’ to me.  Not rich, but he’s not struggling.  Maybe he did go back and finish college?  I’d like to think so.  Maybe that’s where he met Jenny.

-In all, it seems like he got himself together.  I’m happy about that.

Next, can we talk about how Jared was able to revert to Dean’s cadence, body language, and speech patterns really flawlessly I felt?  After playing one role exclusively for years, matured physically a whole ton, and been away from this character, I was pleased to see Dean’s speech patterns and body language matched pretty well.  Especially when he asks Rory if she’s “just okay”.  

Also, and I’ve already spoken about this in a previous post.  But it was absolutely NO ACCIDENT that Dean’s wife was named ‘Jenny’ and was referred to as a ‘Saint’ helping take care of young boys.  It was absolutely a shout-out to Gen and what she does for Jared, and I was pleased as punch to see that.  That ‘Jenny’ was pregnant with a girl on the way was just icing on the cake (tho the timing on that line HAD to be an accident).

Also this:

Sorry for crossing the streams here a bit in my Tumblr. I’ll put up a bunch of new photos of the crew to make up for it. 

Here’s the Good Dog version of the poster series! (It’s a 13 x 19 like the cat poster is and on acid free paper.) I’ll be adding in more Bad Cat/Good Dog things they do as we keep going with the series. Probably going to do some cards and a shirt or two! (Had a very fun time with cat vs dog people at Rose City Comic Con, we were all playing pet bingo with these posters. *laughs* (My cat/dog does this!) was what I heard a LOT from people. Also got to look at everyone’s pet phone pictures, awww.

carl gallagher is the definition of unexpected. the little boy who melted dolls together, tortured animals, put a goldfish in the microwave all while his siblings just watched in some kind of amused horror. the little boy who bullied the other kids because he wanted to make people cry, who fantasized about pushing people on train tracks, who never had a problem with death or murder. the teenage boy that ate out almost every girl in his grade just for the hell of it. that boy is the same boy who put his shirt back on and had zero complaints about it because his girlfriend didn’t like sex, the same boy who took her entire family in even when his siblings resisted (”they live in a van.” “why is that my problem?”  “it’s winter”). it’s the same boy who was so devoted to his best friend that he gave him a place to live, never complained about or mocked the things that made him feel safe and did them with no judgement (watching his back in the shower at home, letting him sleep on the floor). the same boy who saw a (not his first, but his first fresh) dead body and knew he couldn’t keep going down the same path he was going anymore because he didn’t wanna see that. the same boy who only questioned ian’s sexuality because he wanted to know more about it and no one would give him any answers, the same boy who accepted caleb’s sexuality even when ian and even caleb barely did, the same boy who comforted mickey when ian was being diagnosed. the same boy who said he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend but he would do whatever she asked as long as she liked him (he literally cut the tip of his dick off for that girl). he never said any rude things to her, after the whole sorority ordeal he didn’t even speak to her. he just hung out with her dad, the only positive father figure in his life, and bettered himself. he even almost gave up his newfound dream to be with her after she cheated on him, but he went anyways after she just broke his heart again. he went to military school, he’s trying to be a better person. this is the same boy who tried so hard to help his father so many times, and in the end his father tried to force him to stay in the business he was in despite the fact that he was terrified and miserable. carl is so devoted and loyal to everyone, not just the gallaghers, and even the people who hurt him, and he’s the most well-rounded character on the show.

and this is why i shouldn’t be allowed to pull all nighters

Please do not repost my art.


I remember being told at a young age to put my shirt on at sleepovers, that I wasn’t one of the boys.
I remember trying to pee standing up at age 8 and making an absolute mess.
I remember the envy I felt and couldn’t explain over my guy friends’ Adam’s apples
And voices
And muscle tone.
While my body softened, though never became quite womanly, during puberty.
I remember my grandmother telling me to stop slouching
And never knowing why I wanted to hide my chest.
I remember starving myself to prevent any curves from staking claim on my body.
Looking back I remember these things, but it would be years until I came out.

I came out as queer (at the time, a lesbian) at 18 when I was out from under my parents roof.
I thought I had finally found my niche, my thing, my explanation to a lifelong unnamed unease.
I chopped my hair off, I loved women openly, and they loved me.
I was “happy” in my newfound confidence as a masculine of center person.
But I wasn’t.

Sometime around 20 I discovered that people could transition.
That gender wasn’t black and white
Or just what was assigned.
I came out as trans for the first time crying on my bathroom floor,
my girlfriend at the time tried to console me.
I never came out to my twin, she just knew
And though it took time, eventually she came around.
The first time I told my mother we were in Vegas
And I’d say it ruined the trip.
The first time I told a stranger my new name was at Starbucks
I was thrilled to hear someone call me Christopher
Even if they didn’t know any better.

It would take me the next two years to come out slowly
First to the my close friends
Then to strangers
And eventually a post on social media to address everyone else.
I had been going by Chris in private for about two years before the day I actually “came out” (again).
Some of us take time, and that’s alright.

Happy National Coming Out Day.


That moment when the kid you rescue is wearing your wrestling rival’s t-shirt!(plus a bonus wrasslin’ episode drawing that I forgot to put up here, whoops).

… I really, really, really loved the wrestling episode, okay. I had way too much fun doing Magnus’s horrified expression on the second page of that comic. Thank you TAZ for inspiring me to try drawing something resembling an action scene!

Sweet [M]

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: Sugar daddy!Jin, smut, smut, smut

Word Count: 5.7k

Originally posted by wintaeangel

“What’s the address of the coffee shop, again?” Sulli asked you for the 5th time.

You were scrambling to get dressed as you had decided to snooze through all of your alarms that morning. “I’ll just text it to you so I don’t have to keep repeating this damn conversation over again” you snapped as you fumbled to put your boots on.

She walked into your bedroom and gave you the once over, “Isn’t that a little fancy for just getting coffee with the guy?”

You looked down at your choice of clothing, high waisted black jeans with a loose white shirt tucked in, and your lucky ankle boots. Your threw your leather jacket over your shoulders and pushed past her, “I have to make a good first impression” you told her without taking your eyes off your reflection as you gave yourself one last look in the mirror.

“I’ll you know when I get there and when I’m leaving” you shouted as you  grabbed your keys off the kitchen table and made a dash for the door.

“He better keep your hands off you!” She shouted back.

You were out of breath my the time you had walked into the coffee shop, cursing yourself for not taking advantage of the gym membership the last guy had paid for. The shop was packed and you scanned your eyes for an empty table when you spotted the guy from the website.

Seokjin was sitting at the window counter and he was the most handsome man you had ever seen. The light was reflecting off his face in a way that made him look like an angel. He was dressed simply in a black sweater and distressed jeans that you knew didn’t come from Target. You took a deep breath and tried to get yourself under control. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to show up drooling on the first meeting.

“Seokjin?” You asked cautiously as you pulled out the empty chair next to him. He turned to look at you and flashed a smile that made your legs weaken in the knees, “Please, call me Jin” he assured you as he motioned for you to sit in the chair next to you.

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i found a filter that makes me feel like i could be in a really edgy silent movie that includes a love story that isn’t soppy or romantic or even really a love story and it makes u feel empty at the end and is all together a masterpiece


My Tatinof Berlin experience!!

Some highlights from the show:
-for a 7sc phil imitated hello internet in german and dan hated us all bc we screamed so loud for phil
-dan had a beer and we all screamed “chug chug chug” and he was like “despite having european accents you guys are really good at peer pressuring me”
- phil rapping dan’s diss track
- dan wearing philtrash # 1 shirt made out of a trash bag
-“Danny” “Philip Michael Lester”
-The group project during the song
-Senpaii Dan literally noticed me.
-them speaking German
-Dan’s llama is now called “Merkel” like our president
-Someone literally put a sticker of Dan’s face on a trashcan near the theater..

i filmed some stuff as well..the song and some stuff during he show. Dunno if I should post it though.

Here are the videos!! https://youtu.be/9bitkcJWr8c


Claire in every episode of Outlander1x13 The Watch

A few days later, near sunset, I was on the hill behind the house, digging up the tubers of a small patch of corydalis I had found. Hearing the rustle of footsteps approaching through the grass, I turned, expecting to see Jenny or Mrs. Crook come to call me to supper. Instead it was Jamie, hair spiked with dampness from his predinner ablutions, still in his shirt, knotted together between his legs for working in the fields. He came up behind me and put his arms around me, resting his chin on my shoulder. Together we watched the sun sinking behind the pines, robed in gold and purple glory. The landscape faded quietly around us, but we stayed where we were, wrapped in contentment. (Chapter 32)