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So I re-set up my altar this morning.

When I went on my spiritual hiatus I took it all down and packed it into boxes.

Unfortunately the space where my old altar was isn’t there anymore so I’ve had to make do on top of a book case, but I like it. I’ve laid out all my crystals but my favourite is my Celestite geode. Celestite is good for communicating with angels so it makes sense to have it in the middle :)

The incense I use is pictured, it’s my absolute favourite incense ever, especially angel’s touch. (If you hadn’t guessed I have a thing for angels).

I’ve also put my new golden thread tarot cards in there to give them a thorough cleanse and charge.

I’m feeling good :)


Requested by anonymous

“Hey brainiac whatcha reading?” Leo said sitting next to in the grass. You were happy to see your boyfriend but yet again you were also a bit annoyed. You were finally getting through this book but you had a feeling Leo was going to distract you from it.

“Nothing important” you answered simply not even looking up from your page. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Leo frown, clearly he wanted attention to be on him. Sighing you put you book down.
“What is it Leo?”.

“I just wanted to spend time with my girlfriend is all” Leo said giving you a sheepish smile. You narrowed your eyes, just as you expected.

“Fine Leo I’ll spend some time with you…”.
This made him smile but you weren’t finished.
“Right after I finish my book” you smirked diving right back into your story.

“That was cold [Y/N]”.


anonymous asked:

do you have any advice on how to perk yourself up? seems like over the past two months already I feel like I've been slipping into a state of "meh whatever" and it's kind of concerning me.

The things I do may or may not apply to you anon, since I’m like…85% neurotypical here, I’ve never really struggled with depression or anxiety or other brain weasels the way a lot of others have. People may have different ways of approaching their problems! So take it all with a grain of salt. 

But honestly? Considering I am very much an indoors homebody, actually going outside and being in nature will perk me up. Just the vitamin D from sunshine, endorphins from walking, whatever chemicals trees put out that make “forest baths” a thing…these are all quick fixes that pick up my mood when I’m feeling down. 

Hugging the nearest sweet and good animal also does wonders for the brain. I wish I had a pet! Have to settle for coworker doggos. Sometimes listening to specific songs on repeat I find relaxing or encouraging, depending on the song. 

I guess the rest depends on if you’re feeling a disaffected “meh” or a depressed “meh?” Since dealing with those kinda requires different thinking. 

Regardless, I hope you start feeling better soon! I know there’s a lot of total crap in the world right now, but there’s certainly good things out there, too. They’re things worth caring about. 

some bits of jacob tobia’s interview with allure:

  • “being female, being feminine is about being hairless and sleek, being waifish and floating like a reed.”
  • “you could either be physical and play sports with the boys, or play on the jungle gym with the girls.  i wanted it all!  i would not settle for any rules about my gender because i was like, i wanna go in the woods, play with bugs, dig out some clay from the creek bed, make my mom a cute li’l pot for her flowers, fight with sticks for a little while, get cleaned up, put on a tu-tu, dance around my house to like some britney spears songs, play with some barbies, read a science book about planets, and then go to bed.”  (great… maybe we shouldn’t gender those activities, so then everyone can enjoy the freedom you had to explore your personality.  oh, but if we stopped calling tu-tus ‘female’, you wouldn’t feel special any more.  my bad)
  • “i’ve just always had so much gender.  i just had gender, like, oozing everywhere.”
  • “i can’t really date gay guys any more.  i mean, i could try, but it’s like, this is not a man.”  [he holds up his painted nails]
  • “even saying ‘i am gender-non-conforming is a lie.  there’s no such thing as gender-conforming.  you can’t be an outsider to human gender.  if you are a human being, you are inside gender, and ya got one, and it’s great, and it should be there.”
  • “i just want us to take gender from two dimensions and give it so many dimensions, that it’s like an extravagant jewel that just shimmers everywhere, and captures the light, and plays with it in a way that we can’t understand is possible right now.”

what’s your favourite part?  being female is about being hairless & waifish?  painted nails mean someone can’t be a man?  gender roles are innate & “should be there”?

this is just bare-faced sexism.  it’s foul!  i am incoherent with frustration.  watch the bit at 3:30 when he says “this is not a man” & you’ll be frustrated, too.  what if a little boy watched that & decided he had to choose between painting his nails & calling himself a boy?  aaaaaahhhhhh!!  aaahh.

I’ve been wearing a kippah more or less full time for six months now and I want to put down some thoughts. They’re kind of rambling and I still don’t think I’m sure about the decision but here we go.

For one thing I’ve realized my reasons for wearing it are more complex than I had thought, which I found out mostly when people asked me why I was wearing it.

  • my major impetus was the inauguration and the freeze instinct that took over, and the idea of having a touchstone to God to remind me there was a force for justice behind me
  • hoping that wearing a kippah would remind me to do some of the ritual stuff (primarily daily blessings) that I often forgot, which it sort of has
  • and also like… reminding me to think of myself as a Jew. my observance can sometimes wax and wane and I have feelings of frustration about feeling connected to a Jewish community, and a kippah was supposed to help with that
  • and in general because a lot of Jews in the spaces I’ve moved through have been leftist, mostly secular, and very apologetic about being Jewish, and I want to be proud and open about being religious and I don’t want that to be a bad thing
  • being visibly Jewish to non-Jews, especially in leftist spaces–again, this was sort of inspired by the backlash against the small but visible minority of pro-Trump Jews, and wanting people to see me at rallies and protests and know I was Jewish
  • being visibly Jewish to Jews! wanting to bond with people because bonding with people is not my strong suit. wanting to flag that I’m Jewish even though I’m not ethnically Jewish so I don’t have a “look” or a name or a background that lets people find me
  • and also a sense of… solidarity? I guess? with other religious minorities, Jewish and non Jewish, who are visibly recognizable as being from a religious minority, and wanting to align myself with them

more under the cut:

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Let me tell all of you a story about last night, in minor details.

I have anxiety issues with making sure people feel good or are happy. I truly, and I mean this, have terrible panic attacks if I think I upset people I like. In a small group chat, I started believing I was annoying people and I bolted. Ran right out of there and hide.

Little later I went back in and apologized for that. It’s honestly childish behavior and I did feel bad for it. So I said my apologies and hoped I didn’t upset anyone and went on my way.

Before bed, I always have a ritual of checking Discord and Tumblr, seeing what’s going on. Logging onto Tumblr, I discovered I had five hateful messages put on anon sitting for me and waiting for my eyes to see.

It was no one in that group, I know this. They’re all sweethearts, and all of them had better things to do. Normally, I’m not bothered by anon hate (the amount of times I’ve been told to ‘kill myself’ since April is actually impressive) but this one was different.

For lack of better terms- it was essentially telling me to 'stop stroking others’ egos for attention’. It was, of course, worded much more vulgar than that, but I don’t care to repeat it. The messages are deleted now and IP blocked, water under the bridge.

But that segues into that picture above. I’m not very smart. I mean this, I’m a very average person in intelligence, at best. As such I live my life with one simple thought: Be kind.

Not everyone is me. Not everyone can do what was listed above in the photo. Treat it like an Aesop fable. I’m not asking you to 'love thy neighbor’, 'turn the other cheek’, or even 'letting bygones be bygones’.

What I am asking you to do is tell your mother you love her. Call your dad and see how he’s doing. Give your pets treats for no reason. Check if you have friends having a birthday, tell them happy birthday or go get them card. Tell your significant other they’re beautiful. Reconnect with your best friend;

I’m telling you to enjoy life and to be kind to the people in it. Be kind for the sake of being kind. No expectation of something for it, just being it. It’s something you should be doing every day.

I don’t expect messages for this. I don’t want pity or sympathy. If you want to do something nice, read through Hina’s journals or my goofy ;VS Discord posts. But don’t offer me sympathy. I’m fine.

What I want is for all of you, that took the time to read this or skipped by it or never even saw it, to have a good day. Have a great day! Get plenty of water, treat yourself to a nice snack, and smile. Smile and laugh and enjoy yourself. You’re important to someone, even if it’s just me.

Just be kind. Stay safe and stay happy, you’re all loved.

With my dog feeling much better, we got in my car and got some ice cream. 

He only had a little bit lol rip

I’m glad that I helped out to pay for his surgery, I was extremely worried that we would have to put him down, but we didn’t. 

So thank you to those who commissioned me/donated to me during that time, I really appreciate it! You guys gave me more time to bond with my precious doggo and I couldn’t be happier. ^.^


❝The reason I put out “Bow Down” is because I woke up, I went into the studio, I had a chant in my head. It was aggressive. It was angry. It wasn’t the Beyoncé that wakes up every morning. It was the Beyoncé that was angry. It was the Beyoncé that felt the need to defend herself. And if the song never comes out, okay! I said it. And I listened to it after I finished, and I said, ‘This is hot! I'ma put it out. I’m not gon’ sell it. I'ma just put it out.’ People like it, great. If they don’t, they don’t. And I won’t do it every day because that’s not who I am but I feel strong. And anyone that says 'Oh that is disrespectful’, just imagine the person that hates you. Imagine the person that doesn’t believe in you, and look in the mirror and say ’BOW DOWN, bitch,’ and I guarantee you’ll feel gangsta.❞

Lockers - Peter Parker

request -  hey, welcome to tumblr ! great username XD i was wondering if you could do a scenario where the reader was in the elevator then as spiderman pulls her up, she recognizes his voice then the next day, she confronts peter in at school, in an empty classroom and says she knows who he is and then hugs him out of nowhere and so much fluff ugh. thank you and i wish you the best with the blog !

a/n - i went through many different plots/settings with this fic so it took a while but, writing this was really fun. it sort of become rly super duper long so i apologize for that LOL and hopefully the fluff isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The elevator began to shake even more, dropping one more time before I felt as if our fate was waiting for us down at the bottom floor. The broken glass made it hard to stand up, but what was even worse was that I was the only one left in the doomed elevator.

“Grab onto my hand!” The officer shouted at me, extending his arm to be the best way he could. I tried to desperately to reach it, but I couldn’t. The mix of adrenaline and fear had struck my body to the max.

“Sir, I-I can’t.” I cried, my heart breaking even more. Just then, the elevator went down another foot, and I felt my back press up against the tarnished wall. All I could hear was the harsh beat of my heart and the yells for help from the people up top.

“(Y/N) please! Try again!” I heard Liz yell from above. The situation had become to surreal to me that I almost became numb to it, with what could happen in a matter of seconds not scaring me as much as it should be.

Before I could register anything else, the sound of glass breaking snapped me back into reality. But surprisingly, it wasn’t from the elevator.

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I asked my dad a while back if he had any funny D&D stories because he’s been playing for over 30 years now. He told me about the time he was DMing a 3.5e game and his group stumbled upon a lake, which one of them did not believe was actually there.

Skeptical player: I put my hand in the water to see if it’s real.

DM (my dad): It feels like real water.

Player: I still dont think it’s real. I wade out into the water.

DM: Okay, you wade out into the lake.

Player: I put my head underwater.
(Note: this particular player did not have a Swim skill)

DM: Okay, you drown.


July’s Featured Game: SLARPG

DEVELOPER(S): Bobby “ponett” Schroeder
GENRE: RPG, Fantasy
SUMMARY: SLARPG is a short, turn-based RPG following the story of Melody Amaranth, a kindhearted but meek transgender fox who’s decided to learn healing magic and become a paladin. She’s joined by her adventurous girlfriend Allison, as well as their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch)(she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight). Over the course of the story, our inexperienced heroes will meddle with forces beyond their control and find themselves responsible for the fate of their quaint little hometown. They’ll also fight some spherical frogs, travel to a forgotten land in the sky, befriend a robot or two, and anger the local librarian. But that should go without saying. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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I never listened to Linkin Park when I was a teenager.

I know everyone talks about going through their “edgy phase” as a teen and then growing up and “cringing” at those interests, but that wasn’t my experience. When I was a teen, I was in a “pretentious” phase. Classic rock and independent films and the “great works” of literature, and acting like they made me better than everyone else. Hanging around with people who were snobs and who would sneer at anyone who was actively interested in anything that was too lowbrow, and desperately trying to please them. Hiding emotions because all my friends kept everything behind at least three layers of ironic detachment and performative sarcasm.

And you know what? It never improved my life. Being like that only made me unhappy and made me feel ashamed of the things I liked in secret. Made me afraid to show my emotions so I bottled them up and let them eat me away from the inside out. It took me years to realize how damaging that way of thinking was. I’m still trying to put the pieces of my identity back together, trying to find all the parts of myself that I had buried deep underground to protect them from ridicule and rejection. But I know now that I hate snobs, I hate cringe culture, I hate judgemental assholes who sneer at people because their interests are easy to mock.

I didn’t start listening to Linkin Park until I was 20.

Someone who was very important to me mentioned that they were into it. At first, I laughed, just as a reflex, but then I listened. I listened to the music and I heard people putting a voice to pain that I felt, saying things about me that I was struggling to say about myself. They played the album “Reanimation,” a more obscure album where Linkin Park collaborated with a bunch of underground hip hop artists to remix their original songs. I convinced myself that was why I liked them. This was different. This wasn’t just Linkin Park, this was “true artists” taking what Linkin Park made and turning it into “true art.” We listened to the album over and over and I fell in love twice, with a person and with the music they shared with me.

It wasn’t until I was 22 that I let myself dive deeper into their music. The person who had introduced me to their music had cut ties with me. I told myself that I was only listening to the album out of nostalgia, and a desire feel what I felt with them before. But that wasn’t true, I wanted more. So I let myself listen to the rest of their music. And when I did, I found a depth of emotion and passion that I never realized was there.

When I first heard “Breaking the Habit,” I cried. And that never happens. But the lyrics spoke to me that much, it seemed to describe exactly what I was dealing with at the time. And as I listened to more and more of their music i found more and more pieces of me that I had lost. Feelings I was scared to feel. Thoughts that I was afraid of. Ashamed of. I let myself acknowledge them for the first time in years and I started to delve deeper into what this band was really about.

You know the song “Crawling?” Yeah, the “teen angst” song that everyone likes to make fun of for being so “edgy” and “cringeworthy?” Did you know that song was about Chester Bennington’s struggle with getting into alcohol and drug addiction at a very young age? Yeah, it’s not about “being angsty and your parents not understanding” or whatever shit you all like to claim it’s about. It’s about actual something that millions of people really struggle with. And honestly, if you ever listened to the lyrics, it’s hard to misinterpret it as being about “angst.” It’s a powerful song, and it’s a good song, regardless of how many Naruto AMVs it was used in.

People have been mocking Linkin Park for years. People have been shaming them for continuing to make these “cringeworthy” songs where they bare their emotions- ugly emotions, emotions that are hard to deal with from any angle and even harder to admit openly. And yet? they’ve never stopped. Over 15 years since Hybrid Theory first came out and they’ve never stopped releasing music which is sincere, which is passionate, which exposes the raw emotions that so many people deal with but are afraid to acknowledge out of fear of judgement. They’ve given hope to so many people just by saying “Hey, you’re not alone. We struggle with these things too, and so do the people around you who listen to us. Reach out to them, you don’t have to be ashamed.”

And they never stopped growing and changing, either. Almost every single album they’ve released has experimented with their sound, trying out bits and pieces of different genres and seeing how they might be better at delivering the message they want to send. And while I haven’t always appreciated the results, I’ve always appreciated the experimentation.

I’m getting off track but the point is, Linkin Park means a lot to me. Their music is important, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that fact. And the world has undeniably lost someone important today. Chester Bennington, a person who went through so musch trauma, who struggled with drug addiction and alcohol addiction since he was a child, who was sexually abused as a child, who was bullied and beaten as a child, who grew up with so much pain and damaged mental health because of that, and who tried so hard to turn that pain into something positive, something that would help other people, is gone. He couldn’t make it, and that breaks my heart. And honestly? It scares me.

But I’m not going to let that destroy the message that his music sent. Chester Bennington always had hope. Even to the end, he was writing music telling people that they mattered, and urging them not to give up. Even if he couldn’t take his own advice, I know he still meant it. And that he was saying it because he needed to hear it just as much as we did. That message will live on past him.

“Who cares if one more light goes out? Well I do.”

tw: ed mentions

OKAY SO for those who don’t know i had an eating disorder and am currently recovering. and this is relevant because after over a day of mental preparation, i watched To The Bone on Netflix

for those who don’t know pt 2- To The Bone is basically a movie about a girl with anorexia, and a couple other kids with different eds.

you see, that already had me concerned because, you know, Netflix made 13 Reasons Why and I don’t need to go into detail about that. So I watched it today to make sure it was done right, I guess? Basically to make sure it wasn’t A Mess.

And I’m here to tell you that, in my opinion, To The Bone was a great movie. 

I did some research about it beforehand and I learned that a lot of people who were part of the production (writers/actors/etc) have had EDs, and that a lot of the movie was based off of true events. This already puts To The Bone under different circumstances when compared to 13rw, and I was incredibly happy about that when I did my research. Although, of course, a part of me was still worried.

But, like I said, it turned out to be a great movie. But before I write down what I liked about the movie, I need to put it out there that it is, indeed, an incredibly triggering movie (which is why I needed a day of preparation before watching it) so please don’t watch it if you feel you’ll be badly triggered.

Now, onto why I liked To The Bone:

  • They had a trigger warning before the movie. I absolutely hated the strong lack of trigger warnings in 13rw, so I was really happy to see that there was a warning before the movie (where they also mentioned that people involved in making the movie have had EDs)
  • Lily Collins. Honestly this doesn’t even need to be explained. Also her character was incredibly blunt and idk I liked her character a lot
  • They didn’t romanticize eating disorders. This was incredibly important to me. How they showed and described eds were, in my opinion, very accurate and so incredibly blunt and real. They showed what I refer to as the ugly parts of having an eating disorder, and I was really happy about that. It showed that eds aren’t diets, trends, and how it’s not always about getting skinny (there’s a part where they talked about this and I cried because it was just so true and I was so thankfu for that)
  • The sister relationship is just so sweet and real. Like, it’s hard to explain without giving too much spoilers and this is more on the personal side but I really love the moments when the sisters were talking (another part where I cried) because I’m personally really close to my brother and yeah
  • One of the characters is a boy recovering from an ed. This was really important to me because I feel like some people don’t realize that boys can get eating disorders.
  • It ends on a good note, but not after some shit goes down. I liked this because, again, it felt real. It wasn’t some magical happy ending or anything, but it was a good ending that happened after some struggle, which is how it is in real life. 
  • I cried a lot because, like what I’ve been saying a lot in this post, it felt real. It didn’t feel like a sensationalized ed movie that’s “fake deep” or anything, it was very raw to me. It had scenes that may seem too blunt or shocking to other people who never had an ed, but to me they were relatable. And this movie is now very dear to my heart.

In short: I liked To The Bone a lot and I wanna thank everyone who worked on it because I really love how it turned out and yall did *not* pull a 13 reasons why

Tom Holland Imagine (prompt)

prompt: 53 - “Sit in my lap.”

              97 - “Really? Right now?”

a/n: request from this prompt list (also I feel like there could be a part 2 to this, if anyone wanted?)

word count: 584

The grey sky filled with black rainclouds grumbled restlessly. The rain hammered down onto the roof of Tom’s trailer, sounding as if it was causing dints in the metal above as you were wringing out your wet clothes. You and Tom were the only actors needed on set today, so the trailer park was pretty quiet. Filming had been put on hold until the rain held off, and you were gathering your stuff ready to leave since that would probably be tomorrow. You hadn’t brought any spare clothes to replace your wet ones, so Tom offered you some of his. He threw you a towel to dry your dripping hair when the lights went out. You peaked outside the small window, noticing that the power had been cut.

“This storm is really bad, huh?” Tom though aloud, and right on cue, a flash of lightning ripped through the sky. It was still daylight, but the thick clouds made everything dark. Tom found a flashlight in one of his drawers, switching it on so he could find you some clothes. “Here you go,” he passed you some sweatpants and a hoodie.

You were about to thank him, but the knock at the door interrupted you. Tom opened the door, and the assistant stood under the large golf umbrella informed you that due to the power outage, the electric gates surrounding the area you were filming in had failed. They couldn’t be opened, so you were to stay in your trailers until further notice.

“Guess we’re stuck here then,” Tom shrugged, making himself comfortable on the sofa that leant against the trailer wall. You joined him, snuggling into the large hoodie he had given you to wear. “Do you wanna run some lines?” You agreed, and ran through a few scenes a couple of times together, including one where your characters were meant to kiss.

“Sit in my lap.” Tom instructed.
“Okay I’m pretty sure that’s not in the script, Tom.”
He gave you a cocky smile. “Oh it’s not? My mistake.” You felt slightly flustered, you’d never seen Tom as anything other than a friend before, yet here you were, your heart racing at a quicker pace than usual, an ache apparent between your thighs at the thought of sitting across his toned legs. “Shame.” Was he flirting? “Are we going to rehearse the kiss too?”
“Are you flirting with me, Mr. Holland?” He put his hand to his chest, mocking a shocked look on his face, before that cocky smile returned. “You are flirting. Really? Right now? We’re meant to be working,” you teased.
“Well technically, I think- I think, they dismissed us from set, so we’re not actually meant to be doing anything work related.” Tom sent you a suggestive look.
You opened your mouth, about to say something, but the lights came back on, taking you by surprise. You heard the same assistant from before shouting outside saying everybody was free to go home since the gates were now open.
“Guess I’ll be going then,” you stood up from the sofa. “Thanks for the clothes, I’ll get them back to you tomorrow.”
“Wait you’re just going to leave?” Tom sounded shocked, he thought he had you in the palm of his hand. You shrugged, teasing him a little.
“Yeah.” With that, you left his trailer, leaving him sat on his sofa. He laughed in disbelief to himself. Had you rejected him? Or were you just playing the long game? Tom couldn’t decide.

Did you wish that was you? // Shawn Mendes

Overview: Y/n has been in love with her best friend Shawn, she finally gets the courage to tell him but instead she finds him kissing another girl. He tracks her down and their feelings are revealed. 

Authors note: okay so this is not a request but I got some inspo last night and I really just wanted to write something 

“If you don’t say anything, Shawn’s never going to realise how his best friend is so in love with him,” Shay tells me, curling the last strand of her hair before flicking it over her shoulder. Her eyes meet mine in the bathroom mirror.

“There’s no point. We have a great thing going and if I told him how I really felt- it would just ruin our whole friendship.” I scowl, annoyed at my lack of faith in myself to just tell Shawn how I feel.

“Y/n. I swear you may be book smart but you are not boy smart.” She giggles and I look at her questionably. 

“Excuse you, but I have a lot of knowledge on boys-”

“Oh honey,” Shay coos, patting my hand that was resting on the bench. “You both are actually so cute.” 

“What do you mean?” I start to pack up the make up brushes that Shay had been using.

“You’re into him. He’s definitely into you. You’re both too scared to tell each other how you feel. It pains me to watch the both of you together.” 

“He’s not into me.” I don’t look at her but I feel her turn to look at me. 

“Alright, listen. Tonight at the party. Shawn is going to be there and so are you. You’re going to go right up to him and tell him how you feel.” She holds my shoulders in a tight grip, forcing me to meet her eyes. “He leaves for tour day after next so if things really fuck up you won’t have to see him- deal?”

I nod hesitantly, stomach flipping at the prospect of what I was about to do.

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Matthew Daddario Sunday meet and greet - Italian institute

“Speaking about Alec being out of character. I had a feeling during the body switching scene where he was with valentine and Imogen didn’t give Alec time to go back to magnus. ” - fan

“Yes to make sense of that” - matt

“Why did Alec put valentine in the chair? If he obviously had doubts. He could have said NO!” Fan

“So a lot of discussion happened about that scene because to me it didn’t fully make sense. I was a little bit deterred by the fact Alec would do this. I thought it was very out of character. That’s my honest opinion. However…….. *deep breath* given the scenario it was actually written a little different… I think…… I think it was out of character and I don’t think Alec would have done that. But I sort of came to the conclusion that perhaps he was never going to allow it to actually happen…… But he leaves…….. I don’t have a good answer for you. I honestly don’t. And that scenario that to me that’s a little error on all of our parts.
You know that filming the structure of the show we just couldn’t make that work. I think more likely, he shouldn’t have been there for it.” - matt

“Before he put him on the chair, I expected Alec to say no.” - fan

“It’s not even that. But it’s the element of torture. The torture element, I’m not a fan of that. Cause the second that Alec is complicit in torture. He is no longer redeemable in my eyes. So there is a big problem I have with that because he and all the shadowhunters are complicit in torturing valentine. Valentine as monstrous as he is, torture is never an acceptable concept in my eyes.” - matt


the one thing I hate about loving junior hockey, every single year, is the raw pain and devastation on the losing team. whether it’s in the memorial cup final, in a league final, or even in the memorial cup semifinals, there’s always only going to be one winner.

hats off to the windsor spitfires. you guys played a hell of a series and were just as deserving champions. honestly? they were the better team. the best team in the tournament. and they all deserve to be champions tonight, and forever.

and to my dear, darling otters, you cannot be ashamed of how you played. you fought. you battled. you pulled ahead. sometimes the better team wins, and sometimes it can’t be you. you’ll always think what if. what if alex hadn’t hit that post in the dying minutes. what if you hadn’t taken so many penalties. what if you hadn’t given up the lead. I can’t imagine what you are all going through right now. but know this, that you are all going to be better off for having gone through this, and you’ve made 23 new brothers and bonds for life. thank you guys for making this season one for the memory books.

ottos forever. 💛

Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar - Part 2

Originally posted by brokencxstiel

Series Summary: Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Part Summary: Y/N has been with her father for a few months now and it’s been amazing. It’s everything she’d expect and more. Now, he’s throwing her a lavish party for her 15th birthday. How will he react when he sees she’s starting to fall for his protégé Peter Parker? A surprising turn of events has Y/N meet an unexpected hero.

Requested by: @hortonhearsahoeblr and @jennymagicalheart

Pairings: Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Bruce Banner, Michelle, Ned Leeds, Liz Allan, May Parker, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Steve Rogers, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Thor Odinson, Scott Lang, T’Challa 

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta for this!

Part 1

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