i had to put a watermark to this

guess who got m&g tickets for ari’s concert ?!?!?!?!??!?!? h*ck!!!!! 

also since the other ariana pic i drew went everywhere and literally got to ari (as in she liked it, but a reposted no cred version) i put a rlly ugly watermark there sorry woops

art theft in the phandom

This morning I woke up to several panicked messages from friends letting me know that somebody had tweeted a drawing of mine, claimed that it was their own, and that Phil had ‘liked’ this stolen artwork on twitter:

This person not only had the gall to upload it and suggest that they’d made it, but they also criticised the way I had drawn his face and then accepted compliments from other people, as seen in this screenshot:

This drawing means a lot to me. Ready Player One has been my favourite novel for four years now, and I was thrilled when Phil first mentioned it in one of his liveshows. It’s not a particularly well-known book, and it made me so happy to hear that Phil also enjoyed it.

I spent nine hours on that drawing. Nine hours hunched over that damn graphics tablet with a cramping hand and shoulders. I constantly redrew the pose even though I suck at anatomy because I wanted it to be perfect. I worked right into the early hours of the morning because I didn’t want to stop. I was so excited. I knew that Phil would enjoy this drawing.

The only other time I’ve been noticed by Dan or Phil was in 2015, when I tweeted another artwork at Phil. He ‘liked’ it and I almost had a heart attack.  It was an incredible feeling and I wanted to feel that again.
Everybody here knows how difficult it is to be noticed by Dan and Phil. Most people never get it. I was certain that this artwork would be recognised, and I was correct. It just wasn’t in the way that I wanted it to be.

The art thief deleted the tweet after being called out (they haven’t apologised or answered any of my messages yet), and I’ve posted my drawing again in an attempt to have it rightfully credited to me. Despite my best efforts, I doubt that Phil will see it again, or, if he does, I don’t know whether he’ll act. The pride and accomplishment that I felt after completing this drawing has been marred by this shitty, talentless person with low self-esteem and weak ethics. And what happened to me isn’t an isolated incident.

Take, for example, @phantheraglama and @maddox-rider’s constant struggle with people who repost their art. Or when @arctoids and @incaseyouart discovered that their work was traced and used in Dan’s The Urge video. I was there when @pinofs found themselves in a situation similar to mine, when Dan liked a tweet from someone who traced their drawing. 

It’s not limited to ‘art’ artists either. Some of my friends, @phansdick, @insanityplaysfics and @crescendohowell have their incredible phanfiction reposted constantly. @moaninghowell, @themostfuniveverhad and @moonlitdan’s edits have been stolen and posted, too. And this isn’t everyone. These are only the people I’m aware of, and the ones who are lucky enough to have had their plight seen by others. There are many, many other artists who don’t have enough followers to be noticed, or who never get the recognition they deserve because the thief has more followers than they do, and anything they say is overshadowed by that.

After scouring through copyright and code of conduct laws for various social media, I’ve learnt that unfortunately there is nothing you can really do except report the problem and hope that staff are able to delete the offending post. Since most phan artists don’t actually legally buy a copyright, we are completely reliant on the decency of others to prevent art theft from occurring. Most of the phandom is great and works to support artists, but unfortunately, the bad eclipses the good. The ‘good’ majority is irrelevant when there are ‘bad’ people out there, doing bad things.

So how do you stop this from happening? You can’t. There are, however, ways to make it harder for people to actually steal your art, a lesson I wish I had taken to heart before this happened.

1. Put your watermark in a noticeable place and make it your username, not your actual name. Write it somewhere that has a distinctive pattern or colours that are hard to replicate so that nobody can brush over it easily.

2. Specify in your caption what you’d like done with your art. Every artist is different – some are okay with people reposting their art with credit, others aren’t. Make sure you tell people what you want, as many people repost things with the good intention of getting it more recognition. 

3. If all else (including nicely messaging them) fails, report the shit out of the person.

And to anyone who has ever stolen art, know this: Your way of getting recognised by Dan and Phil is crap. Any reblog, like, note or compliment that you get is OURS. None of that goodness is directed to you. You have done nothing but shit on the hard work and achievements of other people. You’re the scum of the phandom.

I think that Vic, from @incaseyouart, phrased it really well: It takes many years to develop a fine skill such as drawing, because to learn is to develop your style by referencing other artists and material. Tracing and reposting someone’s image, and other forms of art theft, are cheap ways of reproducing art. It is plagiarism of great effort. Not only does it steal from the original artist’s feelings of accomplishment and pride over their creation, it also discourages proper skill development. Do not repost, create. Do not steal, learn.

I hope that we can start up a discussion about art theft again. I really don’t want anyone else to go through this stressful and disheartening experience.

Update: The person has apologised and seems to regret what they’ve done. Phil also liked my post on Twitter again! Thanks to everyone who helped, and Phil for seeing the issue and fixing it :) Even though this was a win for me, unfortunately art theft is still a huge issue. Let’s not forget that.

Arashi no Rhapsody
Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Uchiyama Kouki
Arashi no Rhapsody


Ok so Toyonaga Toshiyuki ( Voice of Yuuri Katsuki ) and Uchikayama Kouki ( voice of Yuri Plisetsky ) also voiced the two male leads of Zetsuen no Tempest and had a few character songs together for the series. 



In the last 36 hours I have now had four people reblog my work and completely remove my comments from the post so it’s just the image and that’s it.

Originally posted by 50-shades-of-fuucked-upp


The comments are there for a reason. I sacrifice sleep in order to put this stuff out because I want to show my love for this series and give back to the fandom, but I don’t just crap out artwork for people to use however they please. This is precisely why I have to watermark my work the way that I do, and it’s stupid. I shouldn’t have to.

Just leave the post in tact, please. It doesn’t help artists when you strip their voice from their work.

anonymous asked:

how did the fandom destroy your love for mystic messenger?

Imagine all the hard work you put into doing fanart only to have your name erased and slapped with some other person’s watermark. Of course it would make you hella salty and want to stop doing any sort of fanart.

Then there’s seeing artists get flamed for telling people not to repost their artwork on other sites.

In other cases, my friends had their fanart turned and sold off as merchandise without their permission. People PROFITED off their drawings for personal gain.

This made me lose any sort of love for MM because I CANNOT tolerate the shitty fandom. The MM fandom is mega nasty. I’ve dealt with art thieves who immediately blocked me for telling them to take down my stolen comics.

There are a couple of good people who call out the thieves, but honestly…I’m no longer interested in doing any sort of MM related stuff.

It just hurts a lot.

Finally finished! I got a wild hair to put together an anime-style Voltron OP, but I wasn’t sure what OP to use. I ended up being torn between this and Haruka Kanata, and this won out. Of course since I’ve done some actual subbing in my day I had to go hard or go home, and I decided to make it look as 2008 as physically possible. That includes at least one awkward translation (”Defender of Legend” instead of “Legendary Defender”), badly-timed title splash watermark, and a horrendous hardsubbed .avi encode hosted to an off-beat streaming website.

Enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this, and please excuse my rusty Japanese in the onscreen credits. Transliteration can be hard. 

I just need to get this of my chest...

ok so, not too long ago I accepted an anonymous ask about them using one of my reaper76 art on a couple shirts for themselves (hopefully). I’ve later come to really really regret that decision because I was too hyped and happy for someone to really like my art so much that they would put it on a shirt, that I completely ignored the fact that they asked it anonymously and that there might be horrible consequences. You really can’t know for sure that the person is sincere when they ask such things anonymously because you don’t know if they’re going to make more shirts (or other products) and sell them for their own gain, and I see my mistake in that…

This has kept me up in the middle of the night because I’m panicking over the fact that I was way to ignorant of the consequences, but since I now have had time to think I am aware of what might happen. So in the future I won’t accept any ask about using my art for anything personal (then I’m talking about cards or prints to hang on the wall or even shirts or other products.)And I will especially not allow it if asked anonymously. When it comes to icons or whatever for tumblr then I might let you, but only if not asked anonymously.

I love my art very very much. I put on a watermark or signature or whatever you want to call it for a reason because I’m afraid that someone might steal it… And I will never sell my art, so if you find my art on any products around on the internet, that is differently not me selling them.

PS: I have deleted the post where I accepted the anonymous ask about using my art because I’m afraid that someone else might misunderstand it and think that I do allow people using my art for anything, even when it is asked anonymously, when in reality I don’t accept it.

I just really needed to get this of my chest because I’ve been struggling with this for a while and hopefully I can sleep easier now, and I really want you guys to know where I stand on the subject. And sorry for this kind of a lengthy post, I just needed to put my thoughts into words.

Still have a great day and thank you for listening! ♥        

anonymous asked:

Hey there bud !! First of all just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for you and I love your art a lot!! Second I was wondering if you had any tips on starting an art blog ? Ily!!

tysm!! and tips hmm.. i think what most people find appealing when they come across an art blog is how active it is (both with posting, reblogging art-related stuff, and interacting with the artist). 

take good pictures of your art if you draw traditionally (natural lighting is the best). consider putting a watermark or signature somewhere in the photo too. even if theft is often inevitable and it can be cropped out, at least you make it more difficult.

perhaps post work in progress photos, such as the sketch, lineart, and then final product along with mentioning what you used

support other people’s art too by reblogging and interacting with people in the art community

 do those little challenges where people send you prompts to draw and things like that

be sure to tag your posts appropriately, its more likely something will notice your art if you use tags

set up your blog with a nice theme too; this isn’t important of course but its cool to customize! 

uknownada  asked:

How do you deal with thieves? I've been making little Samurai Jack parody videos (inspired by you), and all of a sudden they got kinda popular. So much so to the point where now I'm starting to see them in Youtube compilations or on tumblr or twitter without permission, credit, or even a link back to where they got it from. It's honestly annoying to me, but I assume that it's something you've gone though yourself in the past. How do you deal with people like this taking your videos?

Ah I am sorry you’re having to deal with that! I haven’t had *that* big of an issue with people stealing my videos, but when your channel is growing it can be more of a problem. I know lots of people use watermarks (you’d need to put them where they can’t just be cropped out if the video is cropped into a square). When you see someone stealing your video, contact them and ask them to credit you or just take it down. But otherwise that’s pretty much all I know to do :/ anyone else have better suggestions?

Interstellar | Oneshot

Summary: interstellar (adjective): occurring or situated between the stars
Word Count: 2,231
Genre: angst??, fluff??
Member: Lee “Dino” Chan 
TW: none i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

A/N: this is bad, late, and not proofread :/ not the best i’ve done so far, but hopefully the next one will be better!!

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