i had to put a watermark to this

Arashi no Rhapsody
  • Arashi no Rhapsody
  • Toyonaga Toshiyuki & Uchiyama Kouki
  • Zetsuen no tempest bonus CD


Ok so Toyonaga Toshiyuki ( Voice of Yuuri Katsuki ) and Uchikayama Kouki ( voice of Yuri Plisetsky ) also voiced the two male leads of Zetsuen no Tempest and had a few character songs together for the series. 



Once again it’s vacation time for me so i’m taking commission till the end of december!


-For OC/real life person, must include reference!!

-Background can be discussed, if no background specified, the backgroung will be white or a solid color

-Additional character will cost half of the base price

- My watermark will be put on it, please do not remove it



- Gore

- Mecha


USD and Euros accepted!

To request a commision email me at  wendy.13600@hotmail.fr

Payment by Paypal

My Paypal: wendy.13600@hotmail.fr

I will start progressing on the commissions only after receiving the payment!

- Please don’t send the money before i give you my confirmation on your commission

-Please try to answer to the mails quickly, I might skip your commission if you respond to me weeks later -just want to add that I had problem with commissioners who responded to me very late and when it was more difficult to me to do their commissions, that’s why i’m adding this “rule”-

Reblog are appreciated!

“One goes through stages. I did a job once where I felt like the oldest person in the make-up trailer, and I literally cried for two days afterwards. I was grieving my youth, wondering where it had gone. I didn’t even feel like I was present when it was there. It is really shitty. But then it becomes about embracing what you’ve got, and so much is great about this age.” - The Guardian, Jan 2016

Gillian Anderson 2000 - 2014


Honestly getting real fucking tired of this repost shit. Just because I don’t watermark and put a glittering disclaimer on my art doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation to take it and spread it around.

I’ve had to deal with a big number of people lately who reposted my art without permission. This one takes the biggest fucking cake on the rudest and most delusional one yet. They’ve taken it down but man, I really don’t want to go through this again. It’s tiring and demotivates me from drawing.

I hope this is the only post I have to make about this.

About the repost

I guess this had to be done one day.

Is not the first time i had to deal with this, it happened to me long time ago.

A lot of people ask me about fandubs and translations about my comics, i wont have a problem with it ever, even with reposting it into other sites (like Fb, etc) i JUST ask to CREDIT me with this blog. 

Personally i dislike putting the “not-so-chaotic.tumblr” watermark in my drawings. Because I think it taintes them and reduce the quality of a good fanart.

But lately people had been acting so stupidly and can’t even follow sucha a basic rule that is getting complicated.

Put my credits on the stuff (at the end that shit is mine) so i don’t have to deal with every single one of this situations when I stumble on them. (I had to deal with that just today!)

I hope you all understand the importance of this post and stop behaving like gorillas.

/// From spanish peeps ///

Varia gente me pregunta acerca de fandubs y traducciones para mis comics, yo JAMÁS tendré problema con ello, inclusive con repostearlo en otras plataformas, solo pido que DEN el credito que le corresponde a esta pagina.

No me gusta poner la firma “Not-so-chaotic.tumblr” En todos los dibujos, pero ultimamente la gente se ha vuelto tan estupida que seguir una regla basica se les vuelve complicado.
Denme el crédito, (si alfinal la mierda es mia.) Así después no tener que encontrarmelos por sorpresa y tener que lidiar personalmente con cada saco’ huea que lo haga (Me ha pasado hoy mismo!)


I love being a caddie. It’s so much more than just carrying clubs. It’s about offering positive reinforcement. I consider myself a caddie to everyone in my life.

So, after Nebraskon I got really amped about working on prints for tabling next year (which I’d really like to do, since I didn’t get to this year!), so I dug out some of the designs I had started earlier in the year and started to finish them!  The Korrasami one was first because I am a sucker for Korrasami and art nouveau things.  Aaaand I forgot to sign this, but I’ll add it before I print it.  I was too excited to post this, haha.

Also, I have a new watermark, though it’s kinda hard to see.  I’ll be putting it up as my icon/logo thing at some point, haha.


Okay guys, so….

Something REALLY bad has happened lately

I am the author of this 2-D Birthday Gif, but a lot of people do not know that.

Why do you ask?

Well, it was a 50/50 mistake.

I did this gif the 23th at like 2 am (so its technically the 24th) because of 2-D’s birthday. But I was so done with making it that I just uploaded it to tumblr and facebook WITHOUT PUTTING A WATERMARK ON IT. 

I had never thought that it would get viral/famous, so I was like ‘Who cares? No one is going to repost it anyways’




The days passed, and this thing happened.

A guy reposted my work. ‘No big deal’ ,I though,, since he wasn’t big on Facebook or anything, so there’s nothing to worry about



A really famous page (that has over 600.000 likes) shared the gif and gave credits to the other guy.

I spammed the page and told others to do the same to just change the credits…

That hasn’t work.

The worst thing:

Another really famous page ALSO FREAKING GAVE CREDITS TO THE OTHER GUY. (this one has more than a million likes, so ya know why is this bad)





Just watermark your art. EVEN if you have just posted it, EVEN if you have to re-upload it and lose your current notes/likes. It’s worth it.

Please, I am suffering for my horrible mistake, so hear me out, ‘cause I care about you.

(P.S:In case you don’t believe I did it, I have the SAI archive)

chibi-selene  asked:

Sorry to hear about all the art theft. I have some friends that dealed with that a few years back, they made massive watermarks and put them right in the middle of their pieces so people wouldn't steal their art. I wish you the best of luck in dealing with all of it. =( hopefully someday people will get it through their thick skulls that art theft is not ok

Yeahhhh I’m sorry they had to deal with that, unfortunately most artists do >.<; My watermarks are getting bigger and bigger but I really hope I can keep them from interfering with my art aesthetic too much. I might not be able to do anything about that for comics though >.<;

A KouRenAo selfie for @quetzalpapalotl

Thank you for commissioning me, this piece was a challenge that I ended up really enjoying!  I have sent you an un-watermarked version, and hope to work with you again.

Take care!


Ever seen the Lin Kuei with loaded guns?