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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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(This won’t end well…)

U////U anywho, a smol bday present for the ever lovely @fetchmythings / @mini-toaster . She came up with this crazy idea and it went downhill from there.

It was gonna happen at some point or another. This pillow design is so wrong, it’s right. Have a Happy Birff Day, chic :y

Saitama & Genos © ONE and Yusuke Murata 

Art © Jellybobsensei (aka @anjelzjelly129)


I’ve read so many fics lately my heart has been bursting with feels and i hAVE to share them with you! The writers below, god I love every single one of them and hope my writing is as good as theirs one day!!!

But in no particular order, here we go!

(** = favorites)


OK but honestly now, there’s a whole lot more so I recommend just following her and binge-reading her stuff cause they’re all so fluffy and heartwarming and gahhhhhh. Traci. You da girl. 


This scenario made me feel all kind of ways after I finished it. It was one of those fics that I couldn’t just forget. Her writing is absolutely beautiful and it’s like I’m reading poetry. 


  • run (college au) **
  • grow (fantasy au)

ok yes I’m aware that both of them are yoongi scenarios yes I’m yoongi trash ok? ok but god…dreamscript and your writings…FRICKING A+


no its not smut. It’s actually one of the cutest, most adorable jimin scenario’s ive ever read and I’m not joking, I legit squealed.


(is it just me or did I seriously just rec all her fics that start with an m….)



  • give you the world (streetartist au) **
    • God. GOD. THIS ONE. tHIS ONE IS BY FAR one of the best fics I’ve read. It held so much emotion and the plot was beautiful and honestly the story just felt so real to me, I’m amazed. Jen, you are the definition of writer goals. I LOVE YOU! <3


  • dearly beloved (2 parts) (READ IT) **
    • *SCREAMS* is an accurate represenation of me the whole time I read this, goshhhhhh Jimin scenarios are honestly my weakness and tie in the whole “I hate you and you hate me but I actually love you but my pride and ego won’t allow for that ha nope” 

@exoticarmy127 **

Yes I just gave her actual account stars because I have read (I’m not joking) every single one of her stories and loved every single one like her writing is beyond this universe and yet it’s so simple and beautiful at the same time. I can even say that Kaye was the reason I wanted to start writing because I wanted to be able to read my works one day and say that “i wrote that” and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Kaye. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYE for being an inspiration, an amazing and beautifully talented writer who manages to blow my mind every single time. 

For my followers who don’t know her, don’t even hesitate to read her works cause you will love them, a 100% guarantee from me. BUT I’ve still managed to compile my favorites from her writing below (probably the most difficult thing I’ve had to do lol)

  • cold & hold me tight 
    • these two were one the first scenarios I read of Kaye’s and they had pulled me in asdfghjkl it was just so cute and so angst and so ajdnififisn
  • as promised 
    • daddy taehyung has got me weak in my feels. 
  • you, me, & the little things in between 
    • I think I cried a good bit with this cause my heart was too fragile for all the angst and cutesyness. 
  • laws of motion and attraction
    • low and behold the holy grail of Kaye’s work. This one was a rollercoaster of emotions and there were surprises at every single chapter that I had never anticipated and in a honestly, this was a real piece of art. 

BUT that’s all for now guys! Once I read any more, I’ll definately update the list and let you in on the great fics floating around on tumblr. But if you guys have any recommendations for me ( I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING SEND ME ANYTHING I LOVE ANYTHING ), just drop them in my ask or message me and we can fangirl about it together once I read it hahaha! 

Hope you guys enjoy the list and don’t forget to check out the other works of these writers too! They’re all amazing and truly talented!


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Falling for you

This is a gift for @avelyst who came with this genius idea of Chat sneaking in Mari’s room and Mari decking him. 

Chat Noir took a deep breath as he opened the skylight to Marinette’s room. Now, one may wonder why he did that. Well, there is a funny little story. Earlier that day they had been at Marinette’s place, working on homework. Which was a wonderful experience of bonding and mutual suffering. Only if Adrien didn’t use most of the time to write Ladynoir fanfiction. And after they were done, he had to rush out because otherwise, he would have been late to the piano practice. And he forgot the page with Ladynoir fanfiction on it. And he wanted to get it back before Marinette reads it. If she hadn’t read it already. It would have been bad if Marinette discovered it, given how much she didn’t ship Ladynoir. He glanced down to make sure Marinette was asleep. Her blanket was thrown off entirely, she was sleeping in a position that looked rather painful and she was drooling. Yes, certainly in deep sleep. Now time to be as sneaky and smooth as his alias.

What he didn’t take in consideration was the fact that he just managed to be as unlucky as his alias. Which, he certainly was given he managed to trip over himself and falling over Marinette’s sleeping body. For a few seconds, he didn’t move and neither did she. Chat almost thought she kept sleeping even thought that. But before he got the chance to thank his lucky stars, he was decked in the face.

“Wait, I’m… “

He didn’t have the chance to answer as he was hit with a pillow multiple times. By the time the pillow attack ended, Chat was so dizzy he didn’t even register a piece of cloth being shoved in his mouth. What he did notice however was being lifted up and thrown over the side of Marinette’s loft. And just when he thought he would face plant the floor and wake up the whole building, Marinette caught him by the tail and left him hanging over.

“What do you… mon dieu, Chat Noir?!”

He was immediately yanked back and fell on his back on the bed. Marinette immediately began fussing over him.

“Oh my god, Chat, I’m so sorry for punching you in the face and hitting you with a pillow and gaging you and… “ she squeaked, realizing he still had that piece of cloth shoved in his mouth. She took it out and threw it aside.

“I’m so sorry. Chat?”

His green eyes were fixed on her. “You have one hell of a right hock, Princess.”

“Are you bruised? I can bring you some ice if you need. My God, Chat, don’t you ever sneak up on me like that, I could have seriously hurt you and… hold on.” she narrowed her eyes. “What are you doing sneaking up in my room in the middle of the night?”

Chat pulled the best innocent look he could muster.

“You see, it is quite aa funny story.”

Marinette crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh, I’m simply dying to hear it.”

Chat gulped. He was fucked.

Every Second of Everyday (Dan Howell x Reader)

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Hey guys! I’m finally on break and finals are over! (thank lord jesus) so now I will be posting a lot more than I have been so I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

xxx Megan


Dan’s POV

 I miss her every second of everyday. I can’t help but wonder what she is doing and most nights I end up punching a pillow or screaming at the top of my lungs thinking about how I treated her. Thinking about how she left one night in tears. Thinking about the disgusting words that left my mouth that I would constantly throw her way. Guilt couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling that was devouring me when I thought about the fear in her eyes every time we were argue. 

 Y/N had left 2 years ago. I could never blame her though. I treated her with such disgrace and constantly regret everything I did to her. At first we were fine, an average happy couple, but then my career exploded and stress was running my life. And unfortunately I would take out all my stress and anger on her. Every night we bickered about something for a good 3 months. Then the bickering formed into top of the lungs screaming at each other until one of us ended in tear or had lost the will to fight anymore. The worst part is she was the one who stopped almost every single time. She was the one trying to desperately fix us and put us back together. And me being the dick I was just decided to ignore her and push her even farther. The night I came home and saw our bedroom only filled with my stuff didn’t surprise me at all. Hell I wasn’t even upset. That was until about a month later where I found the letter in her old underwear drawer.


 I bet you will either throw this in the bin, set it on fire or not even bother to read it but yet here I am writing it anyway. I’m tired. Dan I’m so tired of you complaining about shit and not even realize that the most important thing was broken. Dan Howell I love you so much and I feel like I always will but you are not willing to fight for the most valuable thing in my life. Us. If you’re not going to try to fight then I guess I should just give up too. I know it’s a shitty thing to just pack up and leave but I was already bawling writing this and I have to leave. If I talk to you in person you will make me stay and I can’t keep doing this. We’re broken. I’m broken. I’m done and so is our relationship. I can’t say I wouldn’t miss you holding me or kissing me or even looking at me cause we both know I’d be lying but I am doing this for you. You’re obviously caught up in work right now and I know how much stress and frustration you have bottled up and I know I’m just an obstacle in the way. I love you so much baby and I hope you have a good life without me getting in the way.

xxx Y/n

 I punched a hole in my wall that day. Anger filled my veins at the thought of her crying over an asshole like me, making her think she was justing getting in the way of my life. I loved her with everything I had and still do and yet I left her feeling broken and worthless. I miss her every second of every day. 

 I was currently laying in my bed, alone, staring at a picture of a beautiful couple. It was a tall, dark haired boy smiling down at a perfect girl with y/h/c. He gazed at her lovingly as her eyes were squeezed shut with a wide opened mouth on her face laughing at a dorky joke the boy had tolded her moments before. This was my favorite picture of us. We both looked so innocent and in love. So happy. My thoughts were interrupted as there was knock on my bedroom door.

 “Dan?” I heard Phil questioned on the other side of the door.

 “Yes?” I spoke weakly as I heard the door creak slightly. I heard a sigh escape his lips ashe walked over to me removing the photo from my hands.

 “Still thinking about y/n?” He spoke quietly as I nodded slightly. He frowned slightly looking at the picture shaking his head slightly. Y/n and Phil were so close when we were dating. Besides me she would tell Phil everything but since the letter neither of us had seen her. 2 years she had walked out of our lives and yet both of us remember it like it was just yesterday. Phil shook his head setting the frame down as he gave me a small smile. “Wanna go to the store with me? Get your head off things?” Nothing could make me stop thinking about her. 

 “Sure Phil.” I smiled slightly as I sat up from the bed.

Your POV

 I strolled down aisle 3 searching for eggs. pushing my cart slowly.  My eyes scanned as I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it quickly answering the phone call, not glancing at the caller ID already knowing who was calling. 

 “Hi honey.” I spoke still looking for the eggs.

 “WHERE ARE YOU?” His phone boomed through the phone causing me to wince slightly

 “A-at the store. We ran out of eggs and the recipe calls for 2…”

 “You knew all my colleagues were coming over at 7 and I told you to have dinner ready by then!” Ryan’s voice was demanding and loud as I reached down finally finding a carton of eggs.

 “All of it’s done except for the cake you specifically asked for!” I spoke harshly into the phone setting the cartons in the cart.

 “Don’t you dare use that tone with me young lady.” He hushed into the phone causing me to roll my eyes.

 “Okay Dad I’m gonna go now see you at home.” I hung up before he could say anything else. Ryan was my fiance, a well paid, intelligent doctor who thinks he is better than anyone who is younger or earns less money than him. Me being 2 years younger and a mediocre photographer makes him feel twice as powerful towards me. We had been dating for a year and a half and to say we weren’t in love with each other is an understatement. The only reason we were getting married was because his parents loved me and told him to “claim me”. Being the suck up he is of course he proposed. And me being the most awkward person just happened to say yes. I was so busy trying to place my phone back in my pocket I didn’t realize I was walking I ran face first into someone’s chest.

 “Sorry about that love.” A thick british accent spoke causing my breath to hitch. I’d know that voice anywhere. 

 I lifted my head up slightly to look at the stranger’s face as I met a pair of two familiar brown eyes.


Dan’s POV

 “D-Dan?” Her voice squeaked out causing me to freeze. It was her. Here. RIght in front of me.

 “Y-n?” She gave me a polite smile as she looked down at her feet, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, biting her lip, like she always did when she was nervous. I just wanted to pull her lip from her teeth and kiss her. But I’ll I could do was shuffle awkwardly and place my hands in my pockets.

 “H-how you been?” She asked quietly as her beautiful y/e/c eyes met mine once again.

 “I’ve been better…” I gulped as I saw a streak of guilt fill her eyes. “How about you? How are your photos doing?” She smiled slightly as she nodded slightly.

 “I finally got a job. Somebody saw one of the pictures and fell in love with it so they asked me to join their company.” I grinned at her happily. She had always been struggling trying to get her dream job but I had always told her she could do it. That was until all we did was fight…

 “See! I told you you could do it!” I spoke happily causing her to giggle. Oh how I had missed that sound. “What picture was it?” I saw her face freeze before she whispered 

 “The one of you and I…” I opened my mouth to speak when I heard another voice chime in.

 “Dan I found the… y/n?!” I heard y/n squeal as I saw her jump into Phil’s arms


 I felt a pain in my heart as I watched them hug before she pulled away. Phil looked at her gleaming as he suddenly noticed something that I hadn’t.

 “Are you engaged…?” My eyes immediately darted to her left ring finger where a sparkling diamond ring sat. No. I thought to myself. She can’t be. That should be MY engagment for her. I felt my heart physically break as nausea took over my stomach as I saw her nod slowly. She looked down at her finger before looking up to meet Phil’s gaze again. I felt my eyes become glossy as I looked down at my shoes rapidly blinking trying to keep from crying. Phil seemed to notice my pain as he quickly spoke up. 

 “Congratulations! Well Dan and I should be headed out. We have a bunch of editing to do tonight and we have to watch some new anime episodes as such.” I looked up to see y/n gazing at me sadly as she nodded understandingly. She pulled Phil into another tight hug before turning to me and opening her arms slightly. I wrapped my arms around her petite figure as she hugged me tightly. Her vanilla perfume filled my nostrils as she squeezed me tightly. She pulled away slightly before waving a small wave smiling a little. 

 “Bye guys.” Her sweet voice filled my ears one last time before I saw her turn and continue walking the opposite way. I felt a small tear fall from my eye as Phil placed a hand on my shoulder squeezing in reassurance. 

 “I’m sorry Dan….” He spoke softly causing me to shake my head and wipe my tears.

 “Don’t be…” I spoke, “I’m the one who left her go…”

Your POV

 The radio quietly played in the background as I drove to Ryan and I’s apartment. My mind screaming Dan’s name over and over again. I had never gotten over him and the disappointment in his eyes when finding out I was engaged broke my heart. As I pulled into the parking lot of the apartments I felt my mind become cloudy when I tried to think about why I was with Ryan and not Dan. Dan and I had so much in common while Ryan and I were polar opposites. Ryan didn’t have the sense of humor like Dan did. Ryan didn’t care for me like Dan did. And even though all Dan and I did was fight and bicker, at the end of the day, I didn’t love Ryan the way I loved Dan. I carried the bags of ingredients up to the apartment where I opened the door to reveal multiple doctors and nurses filling up the living room. Sophisticated conversations were being spoken as laughter filled the room. I dropped the bags on the table causing a few to glance over at me and Ryan to notice my arrival.

 “Took you long another! Everyone I would like to introduce you to my friend y/n!” I stared at him blankly

 “Fiance.” I spoke angrily only causing Ryan to roll his eyes and nod softly before grunting out 

 “Yes… my future wife.” I scoffed before turning back to unload the bags when something caught my eye. The walls were empty. Nothing was hung or displayed on any wall of the house,

 “Ryan!” I spoke loudly over the voices making everyone go silent and turn their attention towards me once again.  

 “What?!” He spoke harshly, obviously annoyed by me interrupting his company for a second time.

 “Where did my pictures go?”

 “What pictures?”  


 A snotty brunette then piped up.

 “Job? Ryan I thought you said she was a lawyer not a picture taker.”

 “Photographer.” I gritted my teeth trying to calm my anger before turning my attention back to Ryan. “First you don’t want to announce me as your fiance and now you’re embarrassed by my job?!” I shrieked angrily as Ryan just chuckled. 

 “Y/n, I have a very important job and so do all these people. I didn’t feel telling them about your hobbies.” I felt my blood boil as he spoke.

 “Well you know what. I’m sorry I didn’t graduate from a fancy college with a perfect GPA. I’m sorry I don’t make as much money as all of your “perfect” friends but I’m not fucking sorry for who I am or what I enjoy doing. I like my “unimportant” job thank you and I know lots of people who support me.”

 “Oh yeah like who?” 

 “Like Dan…” 

 “Seriously y/n?! You’re bringing up that loser again! He doesn’t do anything either. Worthless piece of….”

 “Don’t you dare finish that sentence Ryan…” I spoke in a low, demanding voice. “Plus I know one thing Dan has that you will never EVER get.”

 “Oh yeah what’s that?”

 I looked down at my ring before sliding it off my finger and slamming it on the table “My heart.”

 “Y/n you’re gonna regret this…” I shook my head staring at him dead in the eye

 “Actually this is the best decision I’ve ever made. Have fun at your fucking party Ryan.” I pushed through the crowd grabbing my keys and open the door as I hear Ryan call from behind me.

 “You walked out that door y/n you can never come back. Do you hear me?! You can just send someone to get all your shit.” I stopped dead in my tracks before calling back.

 “Gigi will be here tomorrow to pick it up.” As I walked out slamming the door. I quickly rushed down the stairs as I reached my car hopping in and rushing down the street driving to the first place that popped into my head…

Dan’s POV

 “Phil make some popcorn!” I shouted from the living room as I searched through the TV for the episode we were gonna watch when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Who would be delivering something at this hour I thought as I slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. I reached the door unlocking it slowly to be met with a petite girl. Tears filled her y/e/c eyes as her y/h/c hair was tangled slightly. I opened my mouth slightly as I stared at her standing at my door. I never thought I would something as beautiful as this moment. Even with her ratty hair and her makeup slightly smudged under her eyes she still managed to be the most breathtaking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I felt a smirk creep on my lips before I let out one of my remarks trying to lighten the mood.

 “Long time no see.” She giggled under her breath before I heard her mumble.

 “God I’ve missed you.” Before I could respond I felt her grab my shirt and tug me toward her. I felt her moist lips connected with my slightly chapped lips as the taste of her cherry chapstick invade my mouth. My hands found her waist as I tugged her inside with my closing the door by pushing her back against it. I tugged on her bottom lip as I pulled away smiling. She giggled resting her forehead on mine as I whispered.

 “I thought you were engaged?”

 “I was.” I grinned before reconnecting our lips

 I missed her every second of everyday. That was until she was mine again. I ended up marrying that girl. To ensure, that I wouldn’t have to miss her anymore.

want • Shawn Mendes

A/N: There aren’t enough emojis in the world to describe how I’m feeling rn.

Hey guys; today I’m posting a smut piece (as if it’s some 19th century painting - this piece is from the Victorian era and it’s crafted by hand) no, it’s not, well it was crafted by hand (and a lot of hormonal pent up feelings) but this is just smut. Just some filth, and I also feel as if I have to put a warning before? So:

⚠️ Warning: contains smut ⚠️

Enjoy! And feedback would be lovely! I might write a part 2 if y'all want it?

18+ I guess?

Requests: open? (Smut pieces will take longer and I also can’t see the future - sadly - so I dunno how long it’ll take)

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MASTERLIST: Come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

It’s pathetic really, the way he’s watching her.

He knows that he shouldn’t be, but damn, he’s sure that even the Lord could forgive him for sneaking a peak at the beauty before him.

Moving her hips languidly to the beat flooding through the speakers she dances, the globe of her ass rolling along with her wide hips and her hands flutter down, clasping her hips as she whines, turning full circle.

He’s surprised that no one else is watching, but then he glances around the patio and sees that she’s caught the attention of a few others – men and women alike.

He can’t help but feel jealous, even if he is the one dating her – even if he was the one who had his hands on those hips hours before, guiding them to meet his aching cock.

Their eyes flicker over her sculpted body and they flush, turning red as if they’ve walked in on a private moment, but his girlfriend doesn’t care. She’s having fun and so is Shawn, sitting on the couch and dreaming of all of the ways he’s gonna take her – and let her take him – later on.

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Now We’re Even

Summary: Based off this prompt I found on Pinterest: "Are you sure I can’t punch him in the face?“ "Yes.” “What if I just break his nose a little?”

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: 665


“Are you SURE I can’t punch him in the face?” Bucky asked.

“Yes,” you sighed, not even bothering to look up from your book. You stretched your legs out even more, taking up almost half of Tony’s expensive leather couch. Nestling back into the pillow you had placed against the armrest, you continued your afternoon reading.

Bucky stared at you from the other end of the couch and hummed thoughtfully. He slowly scooted another inch closer to you. You felt the couch shift with his movements but chose to ignore him.

Bucky slowly moved again, his muscular thighs grazing the tips of your toes. A small smile threatened the corners of your lips, but you held strong. You started back up at the top of the page when you realized you hadn’t comprehended a single word.

Bucky pushed your legs apart and crawled up the front of your body until his head was resting underneath your book. He tucked both arms under his chin and looked up at you expectantly. It was quite comical really, and he almost reminded you of a cat. A much heavier cat with a metal arm, but a cat nonetheless.

You lifted your book up and quirked your eyebrows at him. Ice blue eyes stared back up at you with a faux-innocence.

“Can I help you?” you asked, amusement lacing your voice.

“What if I just break his nose a little?” Bucky replied, hopefully.

“Bucky!” you yelled exasperatedly. “It was just a cookie!” You bopped him on the head with your book for emphasis.

“But it was MY cookie, doll!” he groaned, shoving his face against your chest. “Do you have any idea how much I wanted that cookie?” You giggled as his deep voice vibrated against you.

“Aww, my poor baby,” you cooed.

Bucky glared up at you. “This isn’t funny,” he mumbled, looking dejected. “He does this crap on purpose, you know.”

You rolled your eyes and tossed your book on the floor. Grabbing his ear, you dragged all 200 pounds of muscle out of the living room.

“Ow, doll, what are you-” Bucky complained as you pulled him along. “Hey! Ease up a bit, would ya?”

You ignored his pleas and refused to show him mercy until you reached the kitchen. Sam and Steve sat at the island, laughing over some story you had zero interest in.

“Hey, Y/N!” Sam exclaimed. His gaze wandered to a hunched over Bucky. “What’s up?”

“Sam,” you said calmly as you continued to hold Bucky’s ear, “can you PLEASE refrain from eating Bucky’s cookies from now on? It’s seriously interfering with my reading time.”

Sam paused briefly before busting out in laughter. “That’s real cute, Y/N,” he guffawed, clutching his stomach.

Steve knew better and kept his mouth shut. You clenched your jaw and finally released Bucky’s ear. You stalked over to Sam and he nearly fell off his stool as you stood so close that you could see every pore on his face.

“Sam,” you growled, “stay away from Bucky’s food or I will personally bury your dead body in the backyard where not even the heat sensors Tony installed can find you. Clear?”

“Crystal,” Sam gulped.

Your dark expression faded and you smiled brightly. “Good!” you exclaimed. “Now, if we’re all done acting like children, I’m going to go back to my book.” You sauntered out of the kitchen back towards the living room.

“Man, I can’t believe you ratted me out to your girlfriend,” Sam muttered as soon as you were out of earshot. He glared daggers at Bucky, and Steve held back a snort.

“Don’t touch my stuff, Bird Man, and we won’t have a problem,” Bucky replied, rubbing his still-sore ear. He strolled over to the freezer and took out the last ice cream sandwich. He unwrapped the paper and took a huge, satisfying bite.

“Hey!” Sam yelled. “That was mine!”

Bucky just smirked as he backed away, taking another bite.

“Now we’re even.”

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dazzle me. ((jondami))

i was listening to this song and a idea came to mind. ‘’you’re getting higher than the ceiling lights, and falling hard, hard enough to lose the fight. not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill.’’ -dazzle, oh wonder. 2.7K+ words.

   Damian’s fascinated, utterly hypnotized.

And it’s all the fault of one special Kryptonian.

He doesn’t do love, what’s the point? It makes you weak. Gives people a way to get right through your armor and shatter you in a way that nothing else does. His mother explained that to him many a time. He had listened to her stories as a child.

There was someone once, someone that she had truly loved. Ra had found out. He killed them right in front of her. She vowed never to love again. It was foolishness. 

Damian learned from her mistake just like she wanted him to.

‘‘You will never let yourself sink as low as petty humans. You, my son, deserve a god for you will be one someday with this mighty empire of ours.’’ She spoke, it was a miracle she was giving him the slightest of affection, running her nimble fingers through his hair. For a moment, he believed that he saw love in her eyes. Then she steeled, abruptly standing up from her seat beside him. ‘’We need to cut your hair at once.’’

And that was that.

He never loved, scoffed at admirers, pretended to retch at the romantic scenes in the movies Dick was so fond of watching. Poked fun at the silly novels he occasionally caught Jon reading.

Then puberty happened.

Hormones, hormones, hormones.

He was laying back on his bed. Titans Tower was completely deserted. Everyone hadn’t yet come back from the holiday break. Not that he blamed them. The ones who didn’t have family simply stayed with another of the teens. 

Damian had come back as soon as the clock struck midnight, announcing the presence of the new year. 

He stared at the ceiling, trying to count exactly how many bumps were on the roof of his room. The Titans had repainted his room, which had been a chipped, bloody mess. He was grateful, but none of them had any futures in designing rooms or anything of the sort. Some paint was layered, to cover the dark crimson stains, and you could tell the difference right away.

He said nothing.

He was restless. He couldn’t get to sleep, no matter which way he turned, or punched his pillow. He tried sleeping on his stomach, but that was just uncomfortable in so many ways. Plus, he didn’t feel like getting accidentally turned on which was happening quite frequently nowadays.

‘‘It’s perfectly normal-’‘ Dick crooned. ‘‘Another word and I will smother you in your sleep.’‘ Damian interrupted.

Robin sighed. It was so quiet without any members of his team. Usually there was at least one insomniac hanging out in the living room, watching some sort of program on the TV, which Damian could hear from his bedroom.

Not today. 

A ear-piercing sound rang in the air.

He shot up in bed, blindly going for his suit, pulling it on in record breaking time.

Adjusting the mask as he went, he ran out to the living room.

‘INTRUDER ALERT’ flashed across the screen and the wail continued.

What, the Tower was impossible to break into. He had been making sure of it. Great, now he had to say that the Tower was nearly impossible to break into. 


He started pressing buttons to at least stop the sound so he could figure out where the hell this intruder was, so he could beat the living hell out of them. He was a bit antsy.

Then, the alarm stopped.

He glanced down at the electronic keyboard and found that he hadn’t pressed enter yet. 

Damian froze.

‘‘Sorry ‘bout that, I slipped up on the last number in the code.’‘ A voice came from behind him. A laugh as well, a low one that managed to make his heart beat the slightest bit faster. Not that he would ever acknowledge it.

Damian tucked away the batarang that had been taken out in the blink of an eye. 

He turned around, seeing Superboy vault over the couch. 

Jon placed his feet over the top of the couch as his head hung off the couch, strands of hair coming loose with gravity and framing his oh so perfect blue eyes and delicate, dull pink lips. Ones that were forming a word.

–you’ve got diamonds in your eyes tonight–

‘‘-me.’‘ Jon was smiling at him, it sent an unfamiliar warmth through him and he had to fight back a shiver. 


‘‘Huh?’‘ Had he really been so distracted by the boy hanging upside down?

No. Yes. 

‘‘Nothing,’‘ Jon laughed. ‘‘What’s up?’‘

The question snapped the youngest Wayne out of his daze and back to his senses.

‘‘What’s up?’’ Damian mocked. ‘’How the heck did you manage to get into my secure building? Why are you here? What is the meaning of this?’’

‘‘Pretty sure that it doesn’t belong to you and one question at a time, please.’‘ A lopsided grin. 

He hid his reaction to it, waving his hand so the keyboard disappeared, leaving the coffee table just that. A plain table.

‘‘Okay, then answer them.’‘

‘‘Someone’s grouchy. Ooh, an apple.’‘ Jon sat up, grabbing the fruit from the bowl placed there. He made a face after biting into it. ‘‘Ours are better.’‘ He gingerly set it down on the table.

Damian rolled his eyes. ‘’I’m waiting, Kent.’’

‘‘Really, Wayne?’’ 

Nope. He noped everything. This was karma, had to be.

He watched in silence as Jon lent forward, placing his somehow soft fingers on the side of his face, it was unusual and it took him off guard. His own hands were rough from years of handling his equipment. Little cuts littered them. Permanent.

Breath hitched in his throat.

Why was he reacting like this?

Then, Jon’s fingers brushed higher up and they pulled at his mask, successfully removing it. He pulled back, casually dropping the thing in his lap.

‘‘There, so much better.’‘ The shaggy haired teen smoothed out the creases in the mask.

Damian let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

‘‘So, now to answer your many questions.’‘ Jon waved his hands around in a flourish and Damian found himself staring at their every twitch.

Huh, he has really pretty hands. 

He found himself wanting to get into contact with them once again. 

‘‘Kon gave me the code by the way, so don’t worry. Your security is still perfectly intact.’‘

‘‘Of course it is, I built it.’‘ The vigilante responded with a huff.

Jon tilted his head back in a laugh, and Damian should have found that offensive but he was trapped. 

Enthralled by the way Jon’s eyes shut when he did so, a sense of disappointment stirring in Damian when he could no longer view the wonderful shade of blue, lips curling upwards, collarbones just about showing from the top of his hoodie that wasn’t zipped all the way to the top, and it being yanked up a bit when he brought up a hand to muffle a laugh, exposing some of the beautiful pale skin right underneath his navel.

–dazzle me, dazzle me–

Whatever deity existed, they were torturing him. 

The one across from him took a moment to calm, taking a deep breath in and then out.

‘‘I’m-,’‘ Superman’s son snickered again, ‘‘fine.’‘ He waved his hand in dismissal of the laugh that had just occurred. ‘‘Listen, I was in the area, and Kon told me you were hanging around here alone. Thought I would keep you company.’‘ There was a pause. 

Damian didn’t know why but his heart pounded with fear, drowning out any other noise.

‘‘…And maybe we could talk about what happened at my party?’‘

And there it was.

‘‘Damian, c’mon,’‘ Jon whined, bringing a smile to Damian’s lips. ‘‘It’s my fifteenth, we’re here to have fun. Not lurk in a corner and be depressing.’‘

‘‘It’s what I do best.’‘ He replied, and full lips formed into a adorable pout.

He didn’t like parties, and Clark and Bruce, God knows how those two conspired to do this, had thrown the biggest one ever. They had left once it started, trusting the boys to not let anything get too out of hand.

‘‘Well, we’re dancing.’‘ Jon spoke, a certainty in his voice.

–give me neon lights–

‘‘No way.’‘ He scoffed, settling in on the couch.

‘‘It’s my birthday, I get exactly what I want.’‘

Damian didn’t understand why that sentence affected him so much.

He let Jon pull him up, dragging him into the fray.

Swarms of warm, teen bodies. They didn’t know half these people but it didn’t matter right now. The smell of sweat, and excitement buzzing in the air like electricity, his veins absorbing it.

–see the plastic life through my bloodshot eyes–

They fumbled, awkwardly stepping, not really knowing what to do but that made it better. 

–you’re getting higher than the ceiling lights– 

Jon kept getting closer and closer.

He didn’t notice.

–and falling hard, hard enough to lose the fight–

They stepped on each other’s toes a couple of times.

Jon was swaying, and was humming along to the beat with his eyes shut. 

‘‘Having fun there?’‘

Red colored the boy’s cheeks, as if he’d been caught.

A blush (?) 

He stuck out his tongue at Damian, childish.

They broke out laughing.


‘‘You’re looking at me like that again.’‘ Blue eyes, narrowed. Calculating.

‘‘Like what?’‘ The Arabian male said, confused. 

‘‘I dunno, It’s just-’‘ Jon shook his head. ‘‘I should shut up.’‘

‘‘No, really. Like what?’‘

Raven hair fell into his eyes as Jon stared down at his worn out sneakers.

He mumbled something, but Damian didn’t catch it with how loud the conversations around them were.

A fist gripped his shirt, balling it up. Damian thought that Jon was going to punch him for a second and he went to remove the hand.

Jon was faster.

A rough tug to the front of his shirt, and lukewarm lips crashed against his slightly chapped ones.

–not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill–

A weird sounding noise escaped his mouth, and the grip on his shirt loosened but the hand remained there, pressing against his chest.

The other was brought up, skimming the back of his neck.

–living in the moment, paying for the kill–

His eyes fluttered closed, body relaxing in way he didn’t know was possible.

Damian had no idea how to respond so he just did. No thinking.

Hands on Jon’s waist, fingers curling into the belt loops on his jeans, tugging.

More, more, more.

Him, him, him.

Invading his thoughts, poisoning his mind until there was nothing else.

–i am wild alive, i am wild alive–

His head started to feel dizzy, and with irony he remembered, ‘I need air,’ and pulled back, although Jon was hesitant to let him go, and gave a whimper.

They stared at each other, eyes going wide as if only now realizing what they had just done.

‘‘Oh my God, I’m-’‘ Jon began but Damian’s mouth was already back on his, muting any further words.

–golden grill of sadness, mid-life wasted youth–

The rest of the night was a blur.

They broke apart, snuck away from the crowd. 

They made their way onto the roof, and talked. Nothing about what had just happened. Just…life.

–there’s a human in your heart of hearts–

There was a new feeling in the air between them, however. 

Damian liked it.

–hiding true colors made you fall apart–

The party ended, and Jon went home while Damian helped clean up the mess left behind by everyone.

‘‘What about it?’‘ Damian’s voice sounded choked, even to him. Scared, even. He talked fast. ‘‘There’s nothing to talk about. Absolutely nothing.’‘

‘‘It’s been three months, we ought to talk about it sometime.’‘ Jon’s voice was soft, as if trying to lure a frightened animal from their hiding place.

–throwing fire, trying to make it right–

‘‘No, we don’t.’’ Damian continued stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest, purposely avoiding his friend’s eyes which were probably giving him the signature Jon Kent look.

If you thought puppy dog eyes were bad, Jon’s version of them were the absolute worst and could get anyone to do anything.

Hence, why Damian refused to look Jon in the eye. He’d give in.

Jon threw up his hands in frustration, giving a long, annoyed exhale.

–always ends up like this, always gonna lose–

‘‘Fine! How about I talk, and you listen?’‘

Damian didn’t respond.

‘‘What, was I that bad a kisser or something? Is that why you’ve refused to partner up with me on anything unless told to, huh? Do you just not like me? A fluke, a mistake. You could have just told me instead of being a, a, thing about it! If I remember correctly, you kissed me back! That’s gotta mean something. Doesn’t it?” His voice got progressively quieter, more shaky as he went on, as if he were scared to have a answer to his many questions.

It almost hurt to hear him ramble.


Jon stopped, anger still visible in his eyes, and the way his hands were clenched at his sides. 

Damian groaned, leaning forward and dropping his head into his hands.

‘‘Explain it to me then.’‘ A unspoken plead was in his eyes and that did it for Damian.

‘‘I-I got scared, alright? It’s not just everyday that your best friend for five years kisses you! I didn’t want to, didn’t want to ruin it, okay? I’ve freaking done things but what if me, me being me is the thing that makes that disappear? That’s a heck of a lot worse. So,I distanced, maybe you’d forget all about it.’‘ Damian’s voice rose and lowered throughout his rant, shouting and then dropping into a barely audible whisper that would have gone unheard if not for Jon’s super hearing.

Jon looked at him and gave a bitter laugh. Nothing like the one that made warmth flush to his cheeks and his heart thump that much faster.

‘‘I was the one who kissed you, don’t you think that means anything? I know you. I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing.’‘

‘‘Don’t you mean, was?’’ Damian said.

Jon looked at him, a determined expression on his face.


And then he kissed him, again. 

This time was much different. It wasn’t sped up, this was drawn out.


The other was pent up feelings being let out, this one was expression.

Damian found himself returning it, before he even realized what he was doing. 

A hand cupped his cheek and Damian gave a content sigh against Jon’s mouth. He tangled his hands in the shaggy mess that was Jon’s hair, gently pulling on the strands.

Hands were on his chest now, moving.

Blunt nails dug into his back, not enough to hurt, but he definitely felt the pressure.

Jon pulled away this time, red plastered on his cheeks, lips slightly swollen.

Their foreheads resting together as they caught their breaths, panting.


‘‘That was something.’‘ Jon deadpanned.

‘‘Agreed.’‘ Damian nodded.

They laughed in unison, clutching each other’s shirts while they howled with laughter. 

They calmed, but didn’t move from where they were.

Jon wrapped his finger around a small silver chain that had a tiny cat pendant, he had gifted him it the Christmas before, saying that it had reminded him of Alfred, Damian’s cat that is.

‘‘You kept it.’‘

‘’Why wouldn’t I?’‘

‘‘It seemed that you didn’t like it.’‘

‘‘Oh, well I do. I like it, since it came from you, and I like you.’‘ The words were just slipping out of his mouth by now, and holy- Jon looked so pretty like this, all flushed and out of breath and wow. He really needed to make him look like this more often. ‘’You’re even more pretty up close.’’

Jon couldn’t possibly have gotten more red, but he did, ducking his head.

‘‘Yeah, same goes for me.’‘ He murmured.

‘‘What was that?’‘ Damian teased.

‘‘I like you too. There, happy.’‘ He looked up, meeting Damian’s lovesick gaze.


–dazzle me, dazzle me–


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Whatever. a YA novel by S.J. Goslee

Mike Tate’s junior year was going to be awesome. He had plans, big plans – hanging out with his girlfriend, watching his best friend try not to accidentally kill himself doing crazy stunts, rocking out with his crappy garage band, and maybe, definitely, drinking his weight in cheap liquor and beer. There were going to be parties, good times, weed, and an overabundance of lazy weekends spent building pillow forts with his nutty little sister, Rosie.

But an accidental drunken hookup with a guy turns all of Mike’s plans both upside-down and backwards, and suddenly he’s dealing with a smugger-than-usual arch enemy, student council elections, the fall prom, and some truly spectacular Awkward Moments – he’s not so sure he’s going to survive.

With the help of his friends, ex-girlfriend, nosy cheerleaders, and his possibly completely insane family, he might just figure out what the heck is up with his brain, his dick, and Rook motherfucking Wallace.

It’s like the apocalypse came, only instead of nuclear bombs and zombies, Mike gets school participation, gay thoughts and motherfucking cheerleaders…


“Goslee’s portrayal of this existential crisis is as humorous as it is grounding. All the feelings of disbelief and anxiety that one might expect are delivered in the way only a 16-year-old boy could articulate… Recommended for young adults who enjoy realistic fiction such as Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” series or books by John Green, Adam Silvera, or John Corey Whaley.” ―School Library Journal, starred review

“Let’s face it, dudes and dudettes: Goslee’s debut is seriously cool… Everything is just right: the tone, the style, the right-on dialogue, the characterization, the apposite amount of angsty drama, the pace of the genuinely sweet-spirited story. Fans of David Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy (2003) and Becky Albertalli’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (2015) won’t be disappointed.” ―Booklist, starred review (also a 2016 Booklist Youth Editors’ Choice)

“Goslee’s Mike is a typical teenage boy, and she captures his voice effortlessly… This is a delightful story that many young people need to hear―that it is okay to be different and it is even better to be yourself.” ―VOYA

“The third-person narrative moves quickly with plenty of realistic teen banter… A humorous account of a teen’s reluctant and awkward journey to acceptance of his emerging bisexuality.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Tequila Tears

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, breakups, swearing, heavy alcohol consumption, self hate, self blame

Word Count: 1003 

Summary: Bucky cheats on you and your trying to deal with it the best you can.

It had barely been a week since Bucky had confessed that he’d cheated. Not that he’d used the word cheated of course, that was too blunt, too dirty. ‘Fooling around’ was how he put it, whatever the fuck that actually meant I wasn’t sure; but I found myself stuck somewhere between wanting to know every lurid detail and blocking my ears so I never had to hear the words tumble from his lips. It was all the same in the end anyway though, whether I knew the details or not, Bucky was a cheater.

It was a brand against his name, a title that flashed as bright as neon sign behind my eyes every time I thought about him. Every memory I had of him, every thought I’d ever had of him was now paired with that word. Tainted by his own confession.

It had been at one of Tony’s famous, high end parties, with a girl he didn’t know, a girl that he confessed he wouldn’t have been able to pick out of a crowd the next morning. I wasn’t sure if that made it worse or better truthfully. She’d come up to him while he sat at the bar, settled herself in against his side and well…cheater.

I wasn’t even all that sure about what had happened after Bucky had told me, it was all a blur in my mind. He’d sat me down on the edge of our shared bed, pacing back and forth in front of me, his fingers tangled up into his hair. I remember laughing at him, telling him not to be so nervous to tell me whatever it was that he wanted to get off his chest; I also remember the way the smile had slipped off my face. After that though it was a mess of curse words and insults, both of us firing off at one another. Bucky had been defensive and I had been angry.

It all came to an abrupt end when my hand slapped him hard across the face, leaving behind an angry, red mark and killing any words left on his tongue. After that he kept his distance, making sure that we were never in the same room together. I was sure that he’d somehow convinced everyone to tell him where I was at all points in the day but I couldn’t bring myself to care; I didn’t want to see him anyway.  

I’d kept myself busy as busy as I could, spending hours in gym sparring with Natasha or taking my anger out on the punching bag; working tirelessly in the shooting range, perfecting my aim. And when I ran out of ammo or Nat got called away I found myself back in our once shared room, his pillow clutched to my chest as fat tears rolled down my cheeks, my sobs muffled by the fabric.

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Everything comes back to you - Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie realises he has made a mistake. 

If Archie sang to me I would probably also cry.

Originally posted by archic-andrews

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard
Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars

When you broke up with Archie his world fell apart. His first love decided to shatter him though not without reason. He knew that. That probably also made it worse. The fact that it was his fault you left felt like karma slapping him in the face. He thought back on how most mornings were rushed as you slept too long and had to hurry to school. Although they were lovely, he cherished mornings where you slept in cuddled almost impossibly close. Small kisses were left on whatever space free; knuckles, noses, foreheads and lips. Today however the space next to him was cold and the smell of your perfume was still stuck in the pillow tormenting him further. 

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

That summer he made the greatest mistake of his life. Mrs. Grundy with her desirable lips and sinful eyes made it impossible for him to think of anything else. Even you were forgotten. Her hands running down his body made him think of nothing but how to please her. How to make her sigh and moan. These thoughts were usually reserved for you. When the summer came to an end and he had to go back to school- and you- guilt filled his body. Mainly for betraying your trust but also for not wanting to stop. How could he when he had Mrs. Grundy? Her expertise and the forbidden nature of it excited him. He had never felt this way with you. You were innocent, calm and soft while Mrs. Grundy was danger, uncertainty, excitement. You were the safe choice - the girl next door. And you really were the girl next door. That’s how you met; growing up next to each other formed a strong bond between you two. Or so you thought. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

You had suspected something was going with Archie ever since his messages got shorter and the phone calls grew nonexistent. Excuses like “I’m busy working for my dad, so I can’t text you all the time!” were sent and you stopped trying after getting similar texts 4 times in a row after a simple “Hi, how are you? I miss you.” Before this summer he would be to one to be considered clingy out of the two of you. He was always touching you in someway whether it be by holding your hands, slinging an arm around your shoulder or a slight hand on your waist. When he met you this morning the hug you gave him was awkward. His body was leaning away nothing like the usual hugs you shared. When the others joined they also felt the awkward tension between you two. Betty caught your eye and you simply had to shrug no wiser. 

After his confession you had expected to fall apart, cry into your pillow at night, feel angry at him or just something. Instead all you felt was numb. Utterly and completely numb. No tears escaped the corners of your eyes. No angry punches were thrown into your pillow. But also no smiles appeared, no laughter sounded at your favourite tv-shadow, nothing at all. Your face was as blank as a canvas that had yet to be painted. Betty, Jughead and Veronica took it upon themselves to care for you while also knocking some sense into Archie. When they discovered his escapades, disbelief was the main emotion. You and Archie were endgame. 60 years from now you would be sitting in your garden watching your grandkids run around. That was the belief of the entire town. Was

I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard

Months after the break up Archie felt like he finally would be able to move on. Well, until he saw you again, holding hands with someone new. Someone that wasn’t him. The slight caressing with the thumb was something he used to do absentmindedly and when he caught sight of the slight pink tint in your cheek he vowed to himself to keep doing it, so he would never forget the look of you blushing around him. Now he instead had to watch someone else make you blush, the adorable pink tint, he loved. He had to watch you smile lovingly at them while they looked away. You probably did that when you were together. The sound of your laugh was probably the hardest thing to hear again. He remembered being the one to make both giggle but also let out the ugliest cackles at his antics. He felt proud every time he made it happened knowing it meant you felt completely safe and relaxed around him. 

And I know that it’s wrong
That I can’t move on
But there’s something about you

Even after everything he had done, the thought of you still circulated in his head at every hour awake or not. His attempts to justify his behaviour all fell to the ground the same day he realised the scent of your perfume was gone. His pillow no longer fooled him long enough to sleep anymore. You were gone. You were actually gone. Everything crashed upon him that day. How could he let you go for a moment of danger and excitement. How could he let the one he loved slip away, willingly watching from the sideline. His first heartbreak hurt more than he could have imagined. An ache that was simultaneously unwelcome but welcome. The ache he knew you had gone through made it an easy decision to let it overpower his senses. He deserved to feel bad. 

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you
Everything comes back to you

The last line rang clear and through the completely silent room. The sentimental meaning was not lost on you and the tears you had kept at bay finally fell. His gaze that hadn’t left since he began was still trained on you, not once wavering. Well, until the tears fell. Tears of his own gathered but slight hope grew inside of him. Maybe this broken love could still blossom. Maybe he could fix this. 

Second Chance - Part Five

Originally posted by rain-tea-coffee

Heeeeeeeey everyone. How’s it going? I’m sorry this took longer than usual for this update, but to make up for it, this is like…a loooong chunk. I will always try to update on Sunday, but sometimes it might take an extra week if I have too much going on. Thank you to everyone who has reblogged, commented, or messaged me about how much they love this fic or asking to be included in the tags! You all make me so happy, and I’m so grateful to have such awesome readers! As usual, special thanks to @sannvers for editing!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 10,486 (holy crapoli!)

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @hobbithorse19 @leah5684 @princessbelgoof @captainskyline @theoncergames @geeky-girl-394 @were-allstoriesinthe-end084 @brooke-supernatural16 @certainasthesvn @jordyhaley @superlokidwholock @smilesnjh @prongspower @bitchingqueenoferebor @scarletdarkholme @hemmingbaes @bae-kage @areuslow @lovelylpevensie @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @moonbeams-and-pie @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @superwholockedrosx @panda-reads-stuff @ultimatetrashlord @elenawrit @the7thsilence @blackxthexbeast @rainwing-galaxy @arkhamsnight @imoyu-trashblog @martapetrovic @ciaprincess @juggernaut-jones @admerxin13 @fangirlx26 @epicfallenismine @izzymaria1994 @loveablelulu13

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Sick Days

marvel-is-my-life2099: I love your blog. I am sick right now and was wondering how the lost boys would deal with a girl getting sick without Peter.


“Y/N, it’s time to get up!” called the Lost Boys. “Just because Peter isn’t here doesn’t mean you can just lay in bed all day.” The boys snickered. But you didn’t care. You hadn’t been feeling well the past couple of days, and when you woke up this morning, your throat hurt and your nose was stuffy. It felt like someone had punched you in the stomach.

Several times.

“Go away” you mumbled, your face buried in a pillow. You had been on the island for several weeks now, and this was the first time you had gotten sick. And, it was the day that Peter was gone to deal with Hook. GREAT.

“If you don’t get up, we are coming in there,” Felix said “and I mean ALL of us.” You growled into your pillow, but it was no use. If you stood up, you might puke, and that would not be pretty.

All of a sudden, the boys came jumping into the tent, throwing the blanket off your body and outside the tent. You kept your eyes closed, hoping that would all go away. But sadly, you were mistaken. Some of the older Lost Boys, including Felix, Peter’s right hand, grabbed you by your arms and legs and forced you to your feet.

“Guys, let me down! I’m serious!! If you don’t, I swear-” You felt your stomach start to quiver and before you could warn the boys, you lost your meals from the days prior.


After your little mishap, the boys helped you change into clean pajamas and lay you gently back into bed. The boys held solemn looks on their faces, knowing that they had caused it. You tried to give them reassuring smiles, but you hurt to much, so you rolled over, closing your eyes. Everyone but Felix had left the tent. He moved closer to you, and started rubbing small circles along your back.

“Go to sleep, Y/N. You need the rest.” You proceeded to try to mumble a thank you, but your eyes drooped, and you fell asleep with a slight smile on your face.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little story! xoxo


Title: Nobody
Summary: The Winchester’s little sister deals with high school and wonders how Sam and Dean survived it.
Word Count: 2136
Pairing: Sister!Winchester x Sam, Sister!Winchester x Dean
Warnings: Older brothers, cussing

Tags below the cut

     My alarm went off and I rolled over and hit snooze. 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Dean yelled down the hallway.
“Y/N, get up. You’re going to be late.” He called.
“I don’t wanna!” I whined.
“Too bad.” He added.
     I crawled out of my warm bed and went and took a quick shower. Sam and Dean insisted I go to school since I had the chance. They didn’t want me to end up like them and spend their whole life hunting. I pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. Grabbing my bag, I headed for the kitchen. I set my bag down and poured myself a cup of coffee.
“Morning.” Sam chirped.
“Not all of us are morning people, Sammy.” I grumbled. “Why do I have to go to school? It’s not like they have the right information.”
“You’ll thank us when you’re older.” Dean said when he walked in. “There’s more to life than hunting.”
“I know.” I sighed. “I should get going. I’ll see y’all later.”
     The boys called their goodbyes as I walked out. The school wasn’t far so I walked every day. I hated school more than the average kid. Eventually the ugly brown building entered my line of sight. I took a deep breath and kept walking. I walked in the door as the first bell rang and students made their way to class. I blended in the crowd as I made my way to my locker. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.
“HEY WINCHESTER!” A voice yelled.
“Shit.” I whispered while closing my locker.

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Name Changes - Harrison Osterfield x reader

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x reader

Summary: Harrison hadn’t expected to fall in love with how someone says his name, but it happened. 

Warnings: Slight smut (It’s honestly nothing but a heated make out session) and a little angst 


“My name’s Harrison, but people call me Haz.” He stuck his hand out towards you, “Haz.” You repeated as you shook his hand lightly. The way you said his name resonated in his mind. He had never thought that he could love the way someone would say his name, but every time his name tumbled out of your lips, he was infatuated. He thought it could be just the alcohol getting to him, but he was intoxicated just by the sight of you. You turned your attention back to the drunken Tom who had introduced you two. He watched as your fingers tucked a piece of hair behind your ears, you laughed at Tom’s foolish actions. His heart soared once again.

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Phases of the Heart

A/N: I’ve had this idea for a while and I’ve just been thinking about it, trying to come up with how I wanted to write it, and I hope it makes sense. It’s basically just little blurbs of how Shawn would react to the different phases of Y/N as a person. I feel like ( at least for me) everyone has different sides to them, and I thought it would be cute to write about how a person ( Shawn ) falls in love with each and every different aspect of another person ( Y/N ). A lot of the phases are just basic emotions so yeah. I think I may do a part 2 to this if you guys like it.

Phase 1; Happy

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Shawn had plenty of his own definitions. Being on stage of course was a big deal, that made him happy. There were plenty of things that made him feel good, but there were also plenty of things that made him sad. But something that he did know, was that Y/N made him happy. Seeing her happiness, is what made him feel the best. Like whenever he made her laugh, her eyes would get so small it looked like they were closed, and she got this little dimple below her lower lip if she was smiling big enough. Her laugh itself, was so contagious. She always tried her hardest not to laugh out loud, she hated her laugh. But he loved it. It was loud, and a little high pitched.

“High pitched enough to annoy someone!” is what she always said, but Shawn was never annoyed. He wished he could always be laughing with her. It was one of the best feelings in the entire world, to laugh with someone you love.

“I can’t breathe!” Shawn remembered her saying one night they spent together after one of his shows, and they sat on the floor of his dressing room, talking about something Geoff did that was apparently hilarious to her. She was laughing so hard, there were tears rolling down her cheeks, and she was rocking back and forth, holding her stomach. Shawn didn’t even think it was that funny, but seeing Y/N in a state like this, made him laugh. So that’s what they did. They just laughed until they ran out of breath, and once they stopped, she was still smiling, looking at Shawn. He remembered this moment vividly because, this was when he knew he loved her. During this time, everything clicked, it all made sense. Her energy was connecting with his, and the world was perfect. Everything was okay, and they both felt complete. Pure happiness. And he smiled so much that by the end of the night, his jaw hurt.

Phase 2; Focused

“What are you doing?” He remembers asking her this, one morning at some hotel. She was sitting on the balcony, with a little brush in her right hand, and a mirror in her left. “Makeup.” She said, her eyebrows squishing together, creating a crease on her forehead. And whenever she was focusing really hard on something, she’d bite her bottom lip. Sometimes she’d even chew it until she tasted blood. Shawn loved watching her focus, he thought it was adorable. He would even make fun of her sometimes, and call her out on making a “concentrate face” as he called it.

“Busy with something?” He said to her once, as she concentrated on a game she was playing on her phone. Her lip was red from chewing it, and her eyes were squinted.

“What makes you think I’m busy?” She’d said not looking away from her game. “You’re making that concentrate face!” He laughed simply. She just shook her head and continued to play. Shawn didn’t want to take her focus away, so he watched her play and each time she got a higher score on that silly game, he’d kiss the side of her head.

Phase 3; Sad

Shawn hated watching her cry, and he hated having to see her ever be sad. This was another reason he knew he loved her so much, because whenever she was sad, he did everything in his power to change that. And all he ever wanted was to see Y/N smile. He had many memories of her crying so hard she couldn’t even speak. It was always hard for Y/N to explain what her feelings were, but crying always made it harder.

“She…I, I had t-to go.” Shawn had a flashback to when Y/N and her best friend/ roommate got into a huge fight, and Y/N had such a hard time explaining to Shawn that she had to leave her apartment because of how bad the argument was. Of course Shawn let her stay with him. And that night, he held onto her so tight, doing his best to calm her. He made her food, and tea, and cuddled her until she wasn’t crying anymore. There was even a point in this time, where he thought about calling her roommate, to try and make things okay, but Y/N only told him not to, and that this mess was hers to clean up. For the rest of that night Shawn rubbed her back, and whispered several I love you’s until she fell asleep with her mouth open.

Phase 4; Angry

Y/N was the type of person to break things when she got angry. She’d throw dishes while yelling, or chuck a pillow at Shawn whenever she was upset with him. She even had gotten bruises from punching the wall, or kicking the door. She wasn’t a violent person, she just hated having to hold in her anger for too long. Shawn understood. Shawn remembers one night Y/N and him got into a heated argument about some disagreement they had. He barely remembers what it was about, but he does remember how Y/N acted.

“YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN TO SHUT UP DO YOU?” She interrupted Shawn, and yelled at the top of her lungs, her face was bright red and her eyes were glossy. Whenever she was this angry, she’d try not to cry by clenching her teeth and looking down, or walking away from him. Soon enough, she grabbed a mug on the counter filled with tea, and threw it across the room. It hill the wall, breaking into pieces, tea spilling everywhere. Shawn remembers getting angry at her for doing that, but he didn’t have the energy to yell at her the way she had yelled at him.

“You wanna break things now?” Shawn walked over to the coffee table in the living room of her apartment, and picked up the vase that sat in the middle of the table. It was old and empty so he figured she wouldn’t care. Hopefully her roommate wouldn’t care either, when she got back from shopping. Shawn hated that him and Y/N both were always having to clean up after arguments and lie to Y/N’s roommate, and hide the fact that they just threw tantrums. He did this often, whenever Y/N broke something he’d break something back, but he was always careful of what he broke so he didn’t make her even more angry. So he threw the vase in the same direction of the mug she broke and it shattered, falling to the floor with the mug.

“Fuck you YN”

“You wish Shawn.” Y/N rolled her eyes and walked straight out the door. This moment was strange for Shawn because he was incredibly upset with her, and he wanted to yell to the sky asking why she had to act the way she did sometimes. But when she said that snarky comment and walked out, moving her ponytail back and forth as she walked, Shawn was crazily in love with her. He was in love with the fire inside her, and he was in love with the way she acted like a queen, like she deserved better all the time. She was a queen, and she did deserve the absolute best. And so, Shawn being taken over by his emotions, followed Y/N out the door and chased her down until they worked out that argument, and ended it with apologies and a kiss.

the sequel to this ficlet i posted yesterday literally none one asked for. (I blame @sapphicsugden for mentioning wanting to see robert react to the voicemail. oops.)

home is wherever i’m with you 

robert gets a voicemail from aaron that has him running to leeds train station to reassure his husband of his love. 

1,669 words.

Robert got out of the shower, towelling his hair dry as he turned to look at himself in the mirror, sighing at dark circles that had found a permanent home there. If he’d ever assumed marriage would make his life, their lives easier, he’d been entirely wrong - even after therapy, even after marriage counselling, regardless of how hard they’d worked on their relationship, they could seem to shake the petty arguments and sniping that always seemed to put a strain on their relationship.

He couldn’t even remember what they’d been fighting about, really, but Aaron had left for meetings in London two days previously, and they hadn’t even been on speaking terms.

Robert had only heard about Aaron’s trip from Liv, the blonde as perspective as ever and knowing Robert would only worry if he didn’t hear from Aaron, but was too stubborn to call (and vice versa, he could only assume, or hope, either or either.)

Going through his usual post shower routine, Robert fished about their messy ensuite for his moisturiser. He’d gone for a shower in the middle of the afternoon in the hopes of relaxing the stiff, sore muscles of his body, easing the tension he’d been carrying for days.

It hadn’t worked, really, but at least he looked less terrible than he had done a half an hour previously as he padded into their bedroom, rooting for some fresh clothes to wear. He really needed to put on a load of washing, the hamper in their room overflowing.

Robert dressed quickly, in a neat blue shirt and navy trousers, pausing to sit on Aaron’s side of the bed as he laced up his shoes. He might as well be productive while he waited for Aaron to come home that evening, he supposed, stuffing his damp towel into the hamper before he headed downstairs, navigating the spiral staircase.

Robert couldn’t help but laugh as he noticed Liv’s overflowing washing basket plonked down by the washing machine. At least it was a step up from leaving her clothes all over her bedroom floor, he supposed.

Separating the colours was a blissfully monotonous task as Robert set about making piles of darks, whites, and colours, Aaron’s clothes overwhelmingly in the darks pile.

Some things would never change.

Washing on, Robert headed for the kitchen, flicking the kettle on before he picked up his mobile, surprised to see a new voicemail from Aaron. Holding it to his ear, Robert leaned against the kitchen counter as he listened.

“I know the last few weeks have been hard, but I want you to know that I love you, and no one makes me happy the way you do. I’m sitting on the train home, and I just… All I want is to be with you, right now, and for the rest of my life. Yeah? So whatever else is going on, we’ll sort it, because I love you, Robert.”

Robert’s heart was racing as he listened to the voicemail, the emotion clear in Aaron’s voice as he spoke. Sometimes, even now, three years on from their wedding day, Robert had moments where he wondered if Aaron would stay, if Aaron would always think that he was worth the hassle, worth the stress.

Robert didn’t always think he was worth the hassle, but here his husband was, telling him that he loved him, that all he wanted was to be with him, that he loved him, and Robert’s heart could have burst out of his chest.

“I’ll be home, soon. Pick me up in Leeds, yeah? We can go for dinner or something, I want to spend some time with ya.”

Robert pressed the palm of his hand into his eye, taking a few seconds to breathe deeply before he did anything else.

Aaron always did floor him.

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You Got Me Baffled, Baby

Pairing : (platonic?) Wilford X Reader

Request : Can you do 61. “That’s the worst reason I’ve ever heard to have a baby.” Please with Wilford Warfstache and the reader

Warnings : mediocre swearing

A/N: I’ll bold the prompt for ya’! And yes I’ve head a teenager say this… mentally scarred

You threw your bags into the passenger seat and slid in. At this point in the day, you wanted nothing more than a hot shower, some french fries, and hours upon hours of Netflix. This job had a way of wearing on you. Listening to kids whine about losing their phones for cursing their parents out and then being treated like some kind of joke by the other teachers, when in reality, you probably made a little more money than they did was exhausting. So yeah, being a high school counselor sucked now and then, but it wasn’t all bad. Lately the appointments you’ve had have been genuine. 

At least two students had come to you saying they were freaking out over finals, so much that they’d lost sleep, one of which confessed that he’d turned to drugs. It took some time, but you’d talked him into telling his parents. He nearly lost his mind at the suggestion, but you offered to them come in so you could be there too. That appointment was scheduled for next Thursday after school. 

You hadn’t even realized you were home until you pulled into your driveway. It’s weird how second nature things become. You sigh, grabbing your bags as you open your door. Loud yelling from inside the house causes you to roll your eyes. You were not about to listen to their bickering all night. It was Friday and if they didn’t clear out, you’d raise hell. 

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Dan x Reader - Abusive Relationship

Plot: Dan rescues you from an abusive boyfriend. 

I kept telling myself it would get better. Brett loved me, and I knew it I reminded myself. Look at the way he smiled when he saw me, I’m like his drug, I keep him happy…until I don’t and that smile fades. The smile turns to force, screaming, slaps and all the other horrible things. I tried to leave before but he’d tell me that he loved me, that this was his love. He pushed me, it turned to shoves then slaps, and worse of all, he’d force himself onto me. He starts to take off his boxers while I’m busy planning my escape, but I never escape. He kept pushing me, but I’m still here. I tell myself I’m not staying but I can’t leave. This is love, I tell myself. I love him and he loves me. I have to stay loyal to my boyfriend, and this is loyalty, or some sick twisted version of it. 

“Y/N!” The door slams shut. The 6’ stature man walks through the door. 
He looks like he’s had a bad day, good thing I made dinner. 
“Hey Brett, I made you dinner babe.“ I say stretching out the babe sweetly.
"Good.” He sits down and starts to eat. 
*beep* I look at my phone, it’s a message from Dan. 
“hey whatcha doing"  
I respond, "just at home, not doing anything”
“cool, i finished getting stuff from town. i’m super close to your place. i’m gonna stop by because i haven’t seen in forever.”
Oh no. Of course, this is the one time Dan decides to stop by. He wants to visit me because I haven’t seen him in awhile. Because of Brett. I love Dan to bits, but he can’t come right now. Brett’s here and who knows what might happen, if Dan gets hurt… I don’t know what I’d do. As fast I can I start typing to respond telling him I’m busy, before my phone is aggressively grabbed out of my hands.

“What? You don’t even ask me how my day was?” Brett snarled.
 Shoot, he’s right I quickly ask him scared of what might happen next. 
“How was your day?” I gulp, Brett’s been breathing down my neck all week, I can’t upset him.
“It’s too late now.” His hand hits my cheek. I wince the pain rushes through my face. 
“Who the heck are you texting anyway huh?!" My left cheek burns of pain, it’s pink from the reflection on the window. He raises his hand once again and now I know what’s going to happen next.
 "Stop!” I shriek to no effect. The hand hits my face once again this time on the other side, hard. 
“Who is this stupid Dan guy anyways huh?" 
"No one.” I spilt out feeling lightheaded. I could feel the blood rushing through my head and the throbbing pain began.
“Then why the heck are you texting him so much are you cheating on me? HUH?”
“No, baby you know that.” I say trying to calm him down. Tears stream down my face from pain or sadness, I can’t tell. Why the heck do I stay in this place? My face is burning from the two sharp slaps. I try blocking out all the shouts and insults, but everything is too loud.

“HEY ANSWER ME B***H. Why is he coming over here?!" I already start to feel everything already, the burns of skin hitting my body. It’s been 10 minutes now and I’m scared to be hit again, so I whimper, "I–I don’t kn–ow. Here, let me text him not to come." I try to grab my phone. Smash. Brett moves it from my reach smashes my iPhone screen angrily. It drops and sinks into the floor. Now it’s my turn. I fall to the ground from a punch aimed at– I don’t even know where anymore. Everything hurts too much to even focus. Then I get pushed up to the wall.  Brett’s strong hands hold me back whole forcibly kissing my face. My head hurts and my back is forcibly arched back in pain. "Now you’re going to get punished.” Brett deeply growls.
There’s a knock on the door, it’s Dan. Oh god, he can’t come in now and see me. The kiss deepens as I struggle to escape. 
“I’ll show him who you belong to.” Scott pauses and I cry “HELP!” I scream before getting punched again, this time I feel it near my ribs.
Dan walks in from the unlocked door seeing the punch, “Hey y/n, I heard shouting– WHAT THE HELL?” The brunette boy’s eye widen and then begin to fill with rage. His eyes see my battered face with Brett’s hands all over me. 
“What are you doing to her?!” Dan shouts trying to make him stop as rushes over to the wall where we are from the hallway.
“Shut up.” Brett’s grip tightens while I try to hold the tears back. I try to squirm but it gets me nowhere. “Shut you little b—h, stop f—–ng moving!” I see a horror in Dan’s eyes before I shoved back again.
“Hey get off of her!" Dan begins to clench his fist. "I said get off of her!”
Dan punches Scott straight in the neck.
“You little–” Brett stands up but Dan still towers over him by a few inches. Scott’s hand aims for Dan’s face.
“Dan!” I scream. I don’t wanting him to get into my mess. I can’t let him. I shriek holding my collapsed figure watching the two men over the counter. Dan ducks and the punch hits his chest. Before anything else happens, a fist hits Brett’s jaw and Dan kicks him on upper abdomen to make sure he’s out. His 6'2 body towers over the shrivel of Brett while my beaten figure is trembling in the corner. Dan begins to help me up while calling the police on his phone. While Brett’s attempting to clutch his ribcage, I look to see a grim Dan and his red fist. I grab onto Dan’s arm and he protectively holds me while he soothes the wounds on my ribs with gentle rubs. I begin to cry in his arms from either external pain or internal pain. I don’t know which, all I know is that it hurts. Everything hurts.
“Hey–shhhh…” Dan whispers slowly to me. “It’s okay, it’s okay now. It’s all over. I’m here and you’re safe.” I let out a sigh of relief and pleadingly look up.
“Are you sure?” I whimper while saying. He looks down at me with despair, trying to fake a grin to make me feel better.
“I promise y/n, nothing’s gonna hurt you anymore.” Dan says gently trying to calm me down while cradling me in his arms. The police come and arrest Brett. As they begin to take him away, I weep straight on Dan’s shoulder turning around to avoid seeing Brett. I couldn’t bare to look at him now.
“Is he gone?” I whisper shaking and griping tight to Dan’s hands.
“Yeah, he’s gone.” Dan says in a state of shock while still trying to calm be down by running his hands up and down my hair.
Dan looked at me in red eyes for a second in pain, as his face changed to expressionless and solemn with either disbelief, disgust or both. But he continued to hold me careful not to let go. He then hugs me tightly while rubbing circles on my back. Everything suddenly became lighter, a white light making everything become fainter before it was replaced by black.
“y/n! y/n, y/n you gotta stay awake. y/n…” I feel my shoulders being shaking but everything feels like its floating further and further away. I close my eyes as I see Dan’s rough figure, and see his mouth moving but even the yells are powerful enough. The rest of the night is blurred and detached from me, when I suddenly open my eyes to wake up in Dan’s living room. 

I open my eyes. I look at the roof and around to see I’m laying on Dan’s sofa in the lounge.
“Hey.” Dan says gently rubbing my shoulder. “How are you feeling? Did you get a good sleep?”
“Hi… What time is it?” I ask sleepily. I begin to sit up and feel soreness in my face.
“1AM.” Dan smiles sweetly at me while helping me up, “Are you in pain?” He looks down at me carefully with a look of worry.
“Yeah, my back is aching and my face hurts.” Dan looks concerned while putting a warm cloth to my face. “Here." 
"What happened to my body?” I say wincing in pain from my bruised face to my abdomen.
“Your face is bruised, your torso is sore and very fragile, there is a small fractured bone. For now it’s wrapped in tape to prevent any more fracturing. No permanent damages luckily.” He says with eyes looking sad. I see a wrapped fabric underneath my shirt.
“Did you stay up this whole time?” I ask curiosity, with a slight bit of sleepiness in my voice.
He nods his head.
“Oh I’m sorry Dan, you didn’t have to wait up." I feel bad for making him watch over me.
"Yes I did.” His voice deepens lovingly. “I had to take care of you.”
“Thank you.” I say grateful as I remember his somewhat ducked punch from Brett. I look at his violet flesh and red marked arm.
“Dan, your chest! The punch…”
“It’s fine, nothing compared to your injuries. It’s a bit tender but that’s all.” Dan responds while putting a pillow on my back to be more comfortable.
“I’m sorry for getting you into this mess.” I murmur as he looks up.
“No, no, y/n, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Was he seriously apologizing for something that was all my fault?
“Dan, stop it’s not your fault." 
"But I should’ve have noticed, there were so many signs and they just went past me.” Dan sinks his head into my neck while I flinch, he pulls back quickly, scared that he hurt me. 
“Dan, it’s my fault, it’s okay.”
“It’s not y/n! You can’t blame yourself. Nobody should ever treat you like that and hurt you.” He said in a serious tone, but I could hear how much he cared in his voice.
“I know.” Tears begin to stream down my face. All of my pent up sadness, stress, angriness and pain pours out. It felt good to have someone hold me. It felt good to let it out. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I mutter many times before Dan shushes me.
“Shhhh, you have nothing to be sorry for y/n. Let it out it’s okay. I’m here.” I cry even more in Dan’s comfort.
“I’m stupid, I’m sorry.” I begin to weep into his arms and he cradles me, “y/n, please stop apologizing.”
“You’re not stupid. y/n you’re an amazing person and you’re so smart, and funny and beautiful.” He smiled at me sadly and wiped the tears of my cheek, careful not to hurt me. Dan knew exactly how to soothe me and relax me, gently resting his head side my cheek.
“You really think so?" 
"Yes and you deserve someone who loves you.” He whispers softly, delicately moving my hair behind my ear.
“I thought that was love.” I muttered out holding back my tears. It was tragically true, Brett somehow led to believe that this was what I deserved.
 He looked at me confused and then murmured a light “What?”
“I thought it was some twisted sense of loyalty. I thought love meant you might have to pay sometimes, but it’d be worth it because you get love in return.” I said telling Dan the words I knew so well, it was exactly what Brett told me and eventually I told myself that.
Dan had a look of sorrow in his eyes while I sniffled. His eyes were filled with regret and he gulped becoming choked up, before looking up at me with his beautiful eyes with a sad expression.
“Love is one of the few things in life that’s free.”
That was true. Now I finally knew it.

Both of our eyes began to tear up, I don’t know why. I wiped a tear from his smooth cheek and he lightly tucked a hair out of my face. Dan’s nose was now touching mine and I nodded my head for permission. He leaned in closer and gently placed his lips on mine. This kiss felt different from all the other ones. For the first time it meant something, I felt something. This one was genuine, this one was true, caring and kind. This kiss was what love truly stood for. I pulled away for a second and whispered 
“Dan. I love you.” I haven’t said those words and meant them in awhile, it was scary, but this time it was true.
 "I love you too y/n, so much.“ With both of our eyes watering, Dan kissed the top of my forehead, "I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again." 
He said with sincerity. "You’re safe now.” I cuddled into his arms as he gently wrapped them around me. His warm body clutching onto me and as I finally let myself breathe.
“I know, thank you so much.” I said with relief that I was finally safe with Dan. 

Reality Bites Me - Veronica Lodge x Reader

Warnings: Really light swearing

Request by @riverdalexoxo : Hey, can you do a Veronica x reader where Veronica is angry at the reader bc she forgot an anniversary and she makes the reader sleep on the couch but they make up at the end with a lot of ~kisses~ thank you ur awesome ilu

I really hope you like this :) ilu2

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