i had to print this

My final print for AN!! I spent 2 days on this it was pretty rushed. My other ones were like subtly gay but this is outright gay HaHA. It’s Yuri on Ice! Yuri and Viktor are dancing; it was a parody on the Dancing Couple from Leyendecker (a prominent gay artist in the 1900s, so it’s also a tribute to him). I ended up doing parodies for all my prints to keep it consistent. I actually had the idea earlier of doing parodies of famous romantic works of art in the past but replacing the het couples with gay couples, so I’m glad I finally did it. I wrote “born to make history” because it’s a famous quote from the theme song but it’s also fitting because the show was kind of revolutionary. It showed a mixed race gay couple openly and got really big in the LGBTQ+ community. Viktor and Yuri’s relationship is really genuine… my favourite parts are when Yuri is teaching Viktor about Japanese culture and he seems so interested, it’s so cute. I also included his promise ring!! 

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I just saw your book is gonna be printed (idk if I'm expressing myself correctly) but I wanna know if it's gonna be available in Brazil :)

your english is good, don’t worry!

i don’t know if amazon distributes to brazil, however a thought i had was that i could buy a few extra copies of the print one and sell them through etsy, and that way i could ship it to anywhere

that might take a few more days, i want to update the grammar in it first

Advantage of living in podunk town: pretty much none of the WW Her Universe collection had been bought. Disadvantage of living in said podunk town: small Hot Topic so I didn’t get to try on the boots like I wanted. Literally ALL they had were this jacket and the screen printed dress, plus some accessories (wallet, purse, necklaces). But this was what I wanted the most so I’m happy.

So far I’ve gotten 3 compliments before noon and my Otterbox Defender-encased phone fits in the pockets so I’m living the Dream.

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anxiety sucks, right? today at school, i had to go to another classroom to print something off and i stood there for ages wondering how i wasn't going to make a fool of myself. it was all good though, no one even said anything to me. i just worry about things that don't even happen half the time anyways

everyone is too focused worrying on themselves to notice you anyway i promise

Dream of a

I was lost in ocean caverns
wandering into never ending markets
There was an invoice I had to print out but none of the printers were working
Miles and miles of Costco, an aquarium and some bars
No one could lead me out, with shrugs,
after she gave me a glass bracelet, that vaguely reminded me of a row of teeth
Going uphill, I was swimming in the air, legs, Indian style
They gawked, I hoped because
wishing they could swim

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚


Story Time: Attack of the Pepes

So about sometime last school year, I drew a pepe in the class

and this kid from another period liked to draw over it and as each day passed, he kept drawing on it and i kept trying to draw it back to how it was, but then it sort of progressed to where we would sent messages to each other

I didnt document the first ones

He asked for an army AND OH BOY DID I BRING HIM ONE

The teacher had let me print a bunch of pepes and we built our “army”

Then I put them literally everywhere in the classroom (including the books bc the teacher let us know what page they were going to work on)

The main focus was the table where the guy sat in. We spent all period attaching pepes on doors, windows, walls, stools, tables books, everything

This kid had the class for first period while i had it for sixth so the teacher told me he was going to tell me the reaction at the end of the day. HOWEVER, I got the reaction sooner than I thought because as i was passing to second period I saw this


We later on met and honestly, this whole thing will be the highlight of my life and I hope to be remembered for this.

“La Canción de la Madre" 

Cracked the whip to finish a Beyoncé tribute illustration for Pensacon 2017. Her Grammys performance and outfit threw me ALL the way back to my art history days and I just had to get it down! This print is debuting at Pensacon, but I’ll be working on some limited gold-foil prints to sell online, too.

i had a really good (bad) idea for a print: an 8x10 print of this with the dimensions so you can put your own “her” up where shes supposed to go