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Because of having to catch up on freelance workins after BABScon I’ve had little to no time to work on anything personal. Sowwy =.=

I’ve had these sketches for quite some time tho and have always really enjoyed the poses, so I thought they’d be fun to post in the meantime.

They were meant to be panels of a comic response to a post I saw quite some time ago, where Vivi finally recognizes Lewis and is just like “Woah dude! You’re not dead! Radical!” which I thought was kinda odd.

I’d interpret her reaction to be an overwhelming conglomeration of sadness and joy, especially if its assumed she’s been in denial all this time. All of her memories would come flooding back and she’d be forced to realize she’d actually lost him.

But yeah, hopefully I’ll have something more pretty for you guys soon :T

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Dean x Reader

Author: oheyitscryssi

Summary: Reader begins to fear her growing feelings for Dean will eventually put the brothers in danger, so she takes off. But Dean’s not letting her off the hook that easily.

Warnings: fluff, slight language, implied smut kind of?

A/N: Soooo this wasn’t a request. Sowwy. I’ll post those in a bit. This was an idea that came to me one night and I jumped at it. Let me know what you think! Feedback is, as always, more than welcome. Enjoy! xoxo


    It had started out as fun and hunting - you and the Winchesters against the world. Life was simple. You killed monsters, ate bad food, shot pool in bars to hustle for money, the three of you falling into an easy pattern. If someone were to ask you to pinpoint the moment when things started to shift, you wouldn’t be able to. You had always kept both brothers at arm’s length. It was the safest way you knew how. You had seen what heartbreak and emotions did to others; you wanted nothing to do with any of it. So, you would turn a blind eye when Sam would flirt and Dean would take women back to the motel, leaving Sam to sleep on the floor of your room for the night. Then, like a fog creeping slowly over the still waters of a lake in the morning, Dean had worked his way into your heart. You kept it to yourself, of course. You shoved it down again and again, locking it away in some hidden place inside yourself. It would always surface, though, when you would see him looking at some other girl other than you. You knew it was selfish of you to do so; how was he supposed to know how you felt if you never told him? He wasn’t a mind reader. That didn’t do much suppress the urge you would feel to kick open the motel door and drag the tramp out by her hair. Instead, you started booking rooms farther and farther from Dean’s. It was becoming too much.

    One night, the three of you were at some random bar in some random town as usual. You were seated in the corner of a booth, far enough away from the prying eyes of others, but not far enough away to avoid watching Dean work his charm on some girl over by the dart board. The bulb in the light that hung above your table was burned out, and you were comforted by the relative darkness as you allowed a few tears to slip out. You kept your head down, studying the label of the beer bottle in front of you. Soon, all that was left were ripped and sodden scraps littering the tabletop. Sam joined you with a cautious glance as you quickly mopped your face of any evidence (hoping the dimness would mask the under eye circles and red rims of your eye lids).

    “You okay?” The way he asked told you everything that you needed to know about how much he had seen into your little act: Sam was always able to read you like an open book. You heard a feminine laugh from the direction of where Dean and the girl were talking, and you decided you had had enough.

    “I have to go, Sam,” draining the last of your beer before reaching for your bag and keys.

    “O-okay, I’ll just tell Dean we’re heading back and-“

    “No. Sam. I have to go.” You annunciated those last four words, making your intentions clear. You couldn’t stay and put yourself - or them - through this any longer. Your emotions weren’t affecting their lives in any discernible way as of yet, but if the cat ever got out of the bag, that would all change. You couldn’t risk that. You would rather leave now as things were, than stick around for the possible what if’s of the future. The future itself was scary enough to begin with. What was it your mother had always told you when you were growing up? Quit while you were ahead? Well, you were certainly not ahead, but you could definitely quit. The last time you had gotten too attached… You couldn’t even allow yourself to go there. You grabbed your bag and were scooting out the other side of the booth when Sam grabbed a hold of your arm. You looked anywhere but at his face, knowing that what you find there would shatter your resolve. Instead, you wrenched your arm away and with every last amount of will power you had, you forced yourself to walk out of that door.

    Days later, you were heading down the highway to God only knew where. It had taken you no time at all to speed back to the motel, pack what few belongings you had, and get out. You didn’t stop to think, to breathe, to consider anything other than getting as far away as possible in as little time as you could manage. You just had to go. It wasn’t until the signs on the road started to show names of towns very familiar to you did you see where fate was taking you - it was taking you home.

    You pulled into your parent’s driveway, killing the engine, and white knuckling the steering wheel as you cried. A hole in your chest had opened and it seemed that the only way your body could figure out how to fill it was with as many tears as it could produce. It was dark out, the streetlights illuminating the hedges and mailboxes and flowerbeds that seemed to never change. From behind your parent’s house, a small swing set still stood rusted and forgotten. The only child that had ever used it was now far beyond that stage, but now you felt the rickety structure calling to you like a long lost friend. You eased the door to the car shut, not wanting to wake your parents inside as you padded silently across the lawn already becoming damp with dew.

    The metal chains and hinges of the swing protested as you sat down, your legs falling into the back and forth rhythm almost of their own accord. Your hands wound themselves around the cold links supporting your weight, and there you sat as you thought about your situation. The last you had seen of this house, your parents and you had been at each other’s throats. After all, in their eyes you were still their little girl and in no shape to be going out on your own so early in life. But, as is any 18 year old’s argument, it was your choice and your chance and you were taking it. Now here you were, back with the same suitcase and same car. The girl, car, and bag were all battered and broken, but they were back in one piece. For the most part. Your heart hadn’t fared quite as well.

    You reached into the inner pocket of your jacket, removing a folded and slightly faded photograph of you, Sam, and Dean from the first month you had met them. The easy smile you wear there made your heart ache. Your eyes then passed across the image of Dean, one arm draped across your shoulders as your head rested on his shoulder. An irrational part of your brain thought this isn’t fair. Why was it that out of billions of people in the world, you would meet the one that could so easily slip under every barricade you had so carefully constructed and with such skill and ease that you just let it happen? And with so little care that he had no idea what it was doing to you.

    Your silent tears gave way to sobs that must have been registered by someone within because the light next to the back door came on… But the person it revealed wasn’t your mom or dad at all. Your parents had moved, and you vaguely remembered throwing your cellphone at them as you stormed out that day. They had had no way of contacting you, and in your rage you had put any consideration for calling them fall by the wayside. They had moved away - to where was a mystery. You offered a hurried apology before dashing back to your car, spinning the tires as you made a quick getaway.

    So on you drove. And drove. There was only one other place you could think of as a safe haven (other than the Bunker), and you steered the car in that direction. The cabin was nothing special; just bare necessities and a few rooms. But it was vacant, and had firewood, a lake within yards of the front door for catching fish, and enough canned goods to last you for at least a while. The blankets and pillows on the bed were dusty and smelled faintly of mildew from lack of use, and nothing had ever looked so welcoming in your life. You kicked off your boots, and burrowed in fully clothed.

    It may have been days you slept, it may have been hours. There were no clocks in the cabin, and you had left your replacement phone in your car to charge. Something had awoken you nonetheless. You slid your gun out of its holster on your side slowly as your feet met with the cold wood floor silently. You eased out into the short and narrow hallway, and the soft glow of a fire you hadn’t set before collapsing into oblivion was flickering in what passed for the living room/kitchen. You clicked the safety off, one foot inching in front of the other to mask any sound of your approach. There was no one, no one, who knew about this cabin other than your parents, and they would have been bursting through into the bedroom within moments demanding to know the how’s and why’s of your sudden reappearance after three years of complete radio silence.

    You stopped where the hallway let out into the main room, heart hammering as your gun trembled slightly. You closed your eyes for a second, taking in a slow breath to settle your nerves and your aim before stepping out, sights aimed on the head of the individual sitting on the faded and tread bare couch in front of the fireplace. It took less than a millisecond to recognize the silhouette in front of you, and you holstered your weapon. You had studied the outline in front of you so often, it was as familiar to you as the lyrics to your favorite song.

    “What do you want, Dean? And how did you find me?” the words sounding weary and tired as they left you. Dean didn’t turn at your questions, instead he stayed staring at the burning logs crackling in front of him.

    “Sam grabbed me right after you left, and I tried to beat you back to the motel but I guess you had a better head start. Then you didn’t come back. So after a couple days, I had him activate the GPS on your phone.”

    “Why? I told Sam I was leaving. I wasn’t kidnapped, forced to go, anything like that. I just couldn’t…” you allow your voice to trail off before you reveal too much.

    “You just couldn’t what? Because from what I could see, we had a damn good thing going, and then you decide to go solo without asking neither me or Sam how we felt about it.” He was still studying the fire like it held all of the answers he was looking for.

    “Because it wasn’t your decision to make, Dean! I wanted to leave! I couldn’t be around you anymore! It wasn’t safe for you, it wasn’t safe for Sam, and it wasn’t fair to me!”

    That revelation finally drew his focus to you. You were prepared for anger, disappointment, anything… anything but the shining of his eyes as he fought back tears. He stood slowly, every move looking like a hardship as he moved to lean instead on the back of the couch, fingers digging into the already distressed upholstery.

    “Care to elaborate? I’m not understanding how the woman who has saved my ass, not to mention Sam’s, on multiple occasions ditching us without a word of explanation is protecting either of us. And what’s this bullshit about it not being fair to you?”

    “GODDAMN IT, DEAN, IT’S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND IF IT CAME DOWN TO PROTECTING YOU OR SAM, MY CHOICE WOULD BE YOU.” The words and the volume they escape you at seems to echo throughout the cabin and the woods beyond. You take a trembling breath in an effort to calm yourself. Your next words are a hoarse whisper. “It would be you. I can’t do that. I can’t take the chance of sacrificing the closest thing I’ve ever had to a family because I can’t control how I feel about you. I tried for so long to contain it, to compartmentalize all of it, but I’m not strong enough to. And it wouldn’t be fair to me to have to carry around that burden every time we are backed into a corner where I may have to make that choice. I don’t know why now, but it became clear that the only way to protect myself and the both of you was to remove myself from the equation. I know you’re set in your ways, and I didn’t want to drop this at your feet like this, but you sought me out. So there’s your answer.”

    The sounds of the wilderness seeped into the quiet left by the absence of your voice. You could hear the faint lap of the waves against the stony shore of the lake outside, the brush of the branches of trees all around, and from far off the beating of wings of a flock of birds as they took flight. Dean looked at you as if he was seeing you for the first time.

    “Did you ever stop for a moment to think about how I would feel about you leaving?” Dean’s emerald green eyes search yours. “I don’t trust easy, _____. You of all people should know that. And I trusted you. I let you in when I’ve kept so many others out, and you treat that like it doesn’t matter to you. You could have come to me and talked to me about it. Instead, you just disappeared. Sam was going out of his mind. He didn’t know where you were going or what you were going to do and I- I was scared to death. I’m not stupid. I knew something was going on with you, but I gave you your space and waited for you to talk to me about it. You could have come to me and told me.”

    “Told you?” you said with a half-hearted laugh. “Sure, Dean. That conversation would’ve went over swell. ‘That fight was crazy, right? Oh, by the way, you’re all I think about day and night.’”

    “If you would have, I would have had had the chance to tell you that I’ve felt the same way about you.”

    Your eyebrows pull together, and you swallow involuntarily as you try to digest what he just said. You must have misheard him.

    “I’m sorry?”

    “You heard me. I guess I’ve just had more practice at hiding feelings and all that from the rest of the world. I don’t know. But it’s the truth. You think this hasn’t been hard on me, either? Why do you think Sam got his leg slashed open on that hunt a few months back? I was right there, _____. I was three feet away and I should have been able to take that son of a bitch out, but I saw the other one coming up behind you and for the first time in my life, I was more scared for you than I was for Sam. I beat myself up about that for months.”

    You flashback to the hunt he was describing. Sam’s injury hadn’t been that bad after the blood had been cleaned and the wound stitched, but Dean had retreated into himself and alcohol more than usual for a long time after that. Sam had tried to reassure him about it so many times, you had lost count, but Dean had always waved him off. You never once thought it could have been because of you. Tears began to streak down your face unhindered. Dean pushed off from the back of the couch to take into his warm embrace. You had nothing left inside of you to fight him off, so you allowed yourself to be held.

    “This is impossible,” you say.

    “It doesn’t have to be. We’ll figure something out. We always do.”

    “This is a little different than a battle plan.” Your voice is muffled by his jacket, but he hears you all the same.

    “If you think about it, it’s really not. The best things in life are worth fighting for. Love is a battle field.”

    “Now you’re just quoting 80’s music again.” You hear his soft laugh rumble through his chest.

    “Yeah, yeah. But you get the point. You belong with us, _____, with me. When you left…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, and he didn’t need to.

    You tilted your face up to his, still slightly in disbelief that this was really happening.

    “Please don’t leave again. We need you. I need you,” he pleaded.

    Your hand reached up, slowly, hesitantly, to cup his cheek and feel the soft dusting of stubble that was layered along his jaw and chin. He stayed perfectly still as your fingers traced the dark circle under his eye, his cheekbone, down to his bottom lip, the pad of your thumb running along the line where the pink of his mouth turned to thicker tanned skin. You pinched his chin lightly between your thumb and finger, drawing his face to yours and giving him a soft, lingering kiss. Your eyes fell shut as you savored his taste, and you felt his hands move slowly up your back until one rested just below your shoulder blades and the other cradled the back of your head. Your lips parted and his forehead rested against yours, a relieved sigh escaping him. His arms entwined around you to hold you tighter against him.

    “We’ll probably make some mistakes until we figure things out and it might not be easy some days, but I need you to promise me that you won’t leave. I don’t think I could survive that again. I know I can’t give you a normal life, or a guarantee that everything is going to be okay from now on, but I can give you my word that I will try my best as long as you do the same. I can’t do this without you.”

    The only features of his you could see were the soft smattering of freckles across his nose and the fading trail of a tear that had already dried. You raised your eyes to his once more, seeing the pain he had went though and the love he had for you. How had you missed all of that in his eyes before now? Or maybe you had seen it, but had dismissed it was wishful thinking. It didn’t matter anymore. You saw it now.

    “I promise.“

    Those two words cleared his eyes of the pain and replaced them with desire as his pupils dilated. He pulled you in for another kiss as he carried you easily to the bedroom, and that night nothing was second guessed, or over thought. There was plenty of that do to later - tonight was just for you and Dean.

KBTBB: Baba x Mc (Part 3)

Eeh…So, this is part 3. Don’t know why but i get nervous every time i start writing something. Lol~ Sowwy~ K. Now let’s get to it.

Previous parts can be found in my master post. Sowwy I couldn’t add it here since I’m writing on my phone.

Warning: Angst~ and violence.


*On the roof of Tres Spade - Baba’s pov:

Soryu shouted loudly as the helicopter was ready to take off at any minute. And with every minute passed, my heart just ached more and more. 2 minutes had passed since i hung up the call. Tch. I knew it’s silly to think like this but i wished i had teleport ability so that i could be by Hiyori’s side right this instant. She told me not to come. Like i would ever abandon her in this situation. Silly girl. Worrying about other people even when her life was in danger. I..i could never let you go, Hiyori. Please bear with it for a little longer. I will definitely save you.

* 3 minutes later:

*ring ring*
My phone rang suddenly and i immediately answered it, turning the speaker on so the guys could hear the conversation too.

“Hello? Fumi?”
[ Well well, Baba~ 5 minutes has passed. Why don’t i let you hear something interesting? ]

Fumi turned the speaker of her phone on and i heard Hiyori’s voice.

[ N..no! Please! ]
[ Ooh~ Look at you poort kitty. You have nowhere to run now. It’s useless begging us like that. *BANG!*]

Just then i heard a loud bang and Hiyori’s scream right after that ugly noise.

[ Aaah! No! It hurts. Please! ]
“Hiyori ! Hiyori are you ok? Say something please. Fumi what did you do to her? Stop hurting her!“
[ Fufu~ I did nothing. My men did it. Seems like your princess won’t be able to walk for a while. Well, that’s your first warning. Not bad wasn’t it? ]

She hung up after giving me a warning. I bit my bottom lip to the point that I can feel blood in my mouth. I squeezed the phone tightly as Hiyori’s cry still rang in my head. Goddamnit! At this rate, they would definitely do something more horrible to her.

“Seems like they shot her legs. We’ve gotta get there asap.”

Ota was acting restlessly which made me a bit surprise. Because i’ve never thought he would come to care about Hiyori that much. I felt guilty and anger bubbling up inside me. Guilty for lying to her, cheating on her. Angry for letting her get kidnapped and tortured like this. Angry for not being able to protect her when she needs me the most.

* 5 minutes later:

“Shh..Keep quiet. Surround the storage house.”

Soryu commanded his Ice Dragon men as we were getting close to the storage house. Seemed like Fumi and her men hadn’t noticed yet. I turned off the sound of my phone, in case Fumi called, it wouldn’t make too much noise. Just then Mamoru, who had been so quiet spoke up.

“The police will come in ten minutes. Which means Soryu’s men have to take care of things quickly and leave before that. Now we just have to wait for the call from that wicked girl.”

As if to respond to Mamo, my phone vibrated. Ok. This time you have to keep calm Baba.

[ You sure answer my calls fast huh Baba? Do you love me that much or…fufu~ is it because of your princess here? ]
“Get the the point. I have the necklace here so tell you men to stop hurting Hiyori. There’s no point to torture her any further.”
[ Aren’t you forgetting something here Baba? It’s me who wants to destroy her. So why should i stop~ ]

While Fumi was busy blabbing about how she hated Hiyori, the other guys motioned me to prolong the conversation.

“Fumi tell me how Hiyori is right now. If she…die before the 20 minutes you gave me, i swear i will never forgive you.”
[ Oh how scary~ Fine. She’s losing blood…slowly, and..ah, seems like she’s about to lose consciousness. Well? That’s enough right? Hehe. ]
“Wa..wait Fumi! Let me hear her voice please.”
[ What? You sure ask too much Baba. Are you plotting something? I’m telling you, if you ever do a suspicious thing, I will end this girl’s life immediately. ]
“I promise I will do as you say ok?”

I made a promise but I didn’t have any intention to keep it. As if I’d listen to the words from that woman’s mouth. Then I heard footsteps, maybe Fumi’s getting close to Hiyori and make her speak as I requested.

[ Bitch! Wake up! Any last words for your beloved man? ]
[ Mmn..Baba? Fumi! Please stop this! Don’t drag him into this please! ]

Shit! Fumi slapped her! I…I can’t stand this anymore. I looked at the guys who were ready to barge in at any minute. They nodded as if to say “let’s go”. Not wasting a second, I was on my feet and ran at full speed into the storage house.

“Stop Fumi!”

My eyes looked for Hiyori and there I saw her slim body on the floor. Blood was gushing out from a wound on her thigh. Her whole body was cover with bruises, her cheeks were swollen and there’s blood streaming down her face. She…she lost consciousness after Fumi slapped her just now. These people, I will never forgive them for hurting my Hiyori. How could they raise a hand over a defenseless girl like this.

“Hiyori! Hiyori!! I’ve come to save you!”

I tried to run to Hiyori’s side but Fumi grabbed her by the hair before I could reach her. She pulled out a knife and presses it against Hiyori’s neck. No. Don’t notice the necklace please.

“Wh..what? How did you get here? It’s just been 10 minutes!”
“Did you think we only have cars? You made a big mistake woman. Hear that sound? It’s helicopter.”

Eisuke spoke mockingly and bossy while Fumi started to get panicked as she saw me and the guys’ sudden attack. The men on her side, they’re all rich guys I used to steal from, or at least used to work together to get information. But judging from how Fumi acted, seemed like she didn’t know I’m a thief and that I’m with the guys at Tres Spades. Now I see why she said this was a win-win deal for both her and the rich guys here, and her words from when she left my house this evening.

“Stay right there! If you take another step towards here, you know what will happen to her.”
“I would say the same to you.”

Soryu cut her off. Just then, the Ice Dragon men barged in all at once and restrained the rich guys in no time. They struggled desperately but of course, they were no match for a whole mobster gang. Knowing there’s no way to escape, they turned to betrayed the wicked mastermind.

“Fumi you bitch! I shouldn’t have listened to your plan!! Ugh! Let go of me!”
“You men are the stupid ones for believing me. You were all just after my body.”

In this situation, she still acted so mighty and full of herself. How foolish of her, but…I was also an idiot. I…why the hell did I agree to have an affair with this witch!
While the Soryu and Mamo were fighting, I and Ota ran to Fumi. Surprised by our attack, plus, she was not a pro in this underground world, she’s now like a rat with no escape route. I had to stop this asap! I will save her with my life.

“Give up Fumi. You reap what you sow. Now let Hiyori go. Your men were all captured.”

I distracted her while Ota sneaked up behind her and grabbed ahold of her arms. Now! I rushed and held Hiyori before she fall to the floor. Shit! There’s a lot of blood. Just then I heard the sound of police siren. They’re coming. We have to hurry or else there’d be more troubles.

“C'mon Baba! This way!”

Then I heard the guys shout at me, Luke was with them. He looked pale as usual but his face was so serious.

“Hurry. I’ll check on her and perform a surgery when we get back. It’s faster than bringing her to the hospital and wait for the doctors. For now let’s get her to the helicopter first.”

I did as he told me to. All the guys were there already. They sure took care of the whole thing fast. Mamo stayed at the storage house to deal with the police and those rich guys, also…Fumi. She was tied tightly by Ota and we left her there. She had to pay for all the terrible things she did. Just then my thoughts was interrupted because our helicopter was taking off, headed to Tres Spades. My head was full of thoughts of Hiyori and our memories together ever since we met. Please don’t die Hiyori. Stay with me.


Ugh! I seriously didn’t expect it to be this long! I originally intended to write only 2 parts. Lol~ I’m sorry for making you guys wait. But well, this is part 3. I will write part 4, it will be the last part.
Please bear with me. I promise to finish it soon. *bows*
Hope you enjoyed this part. Feel free to ask me anything~