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Jughead X Reader

Word Count: 1421

A/N: Okay so this is my millionth time posting this just because it kept posting as one long and hard to read paragraph, which is no fun. Haha, anyways, i hope you enjoy this :D 

    2:36. Only 6 minutes left and you were free. It had probably been one of the longest days you’ve had in a while, and the fact that you were sitting in math class definitely didn’t help. You didn’t know what the hell was going on in this class half the time.

    “Alright class, here’s the homework. If any of you have any more questions about quadratic formula please don’t hesitate to come in before or after school to get some help. You’re going to need to know how to do this for our next module too.” your teacher said, passing back the homework assignments. You grabbed yours from the boy sitting in front of you and looked down at it.

    ‘Are you kidding me? 4 pages of this bullshit?’ you thought to yourself, groaning internally.

    “No packing up, we still have 4 minutes. You can do at least one of the problems in your packet in that time.” your teacher said, sitting at their desk. Slowly, you grabbed your phone out of your pocket and opened your messages.

Juggie ️: we still on for pops after school?

     Quickly you typed a response to Jughead, making sure your teacher wouldn’t notice you texting. They already took your phone once this semester and you had to have Mr. Andrews pick it up from the office for you because you didn’t exactly have a guardian to do it.

To Juggie ️: of course, meet you by your locker?

    You quickly got a response from Jughead.

Juggie ️: Nah, look out the window on the door.

    You turned your head to the door, and sure enough, there was Jughead out in the hallway. He gave a smirk and looked down, and you assumed he was texting. Your phone screen lit up a second later.

Juggie ️: hi

    You rolled your eyes and giggled at your dork of a best friend. Your teacher looked over to you and you quickly put your phone under your leg, and looked down at your worksheet. When your teacher turned their attention back to the computer you looked back at the time. 2:40. Again your screen lit up.

Juggie ️: 2 minutes left and your stuck with me

    You looked back out the window and saw Jughead laughing, probably at his own text.

To Juggie ️: oh no. I think I just might stay after school to get help on this math, not that I need it. It’s just so much fun in here.

    Jughead read your message and rolled his eyes and laughed once again.

Juggie ️: you definitely look like you’re having the time of your life in there.

    The bell rang and you quickly packed your things into your backpack and made your way out the door, but not before telling your teacher to have a great rest of their day. Jughead leaned against the wall beside the door and you turned to face him.

    “I thought you were gonna stay in there for a little while longer.” he said, smirking at you.

    “And miss going to Pops with my best friend? Not a chance.” you said, grabbing his arm and pulling him off the wall and down the hall. The two of you walked out of the building without saying a word, mostly due to the fact that if you even tried to have a conversation, you wouldn’t of been able to hear eachother. Anyways, silence wasn’t an awkward thing between the two of you, in fact it was quite comfortable. The two of you were quiet people, not out of shyness, but more of just that’s how you were. You two could talk to others no problem, you just chose not to.

    Once outside you realized you still had hold of Jugheads arm, and not only that but you had a death grip on it. “Sorry about that.” you said, letting go of his arm and dropping your own. Jughead just looked down at you and smiled.

    “Don’t worry about it. I get it, you didn’t want to lose me in the crowd.” you laughed and nodded your head.

    “Oh definitely. That was totally it, how’d you know?” Oh how the sarcasm dripped from your words.

    “I mean, you’d be completely lost without me, so you had to make sure I was there. And what better way to make sure someone is with you then to have contact.” You glared up at Jughead and he just smiled. He reached for your hand and grabbed hold of it. “There, now you definitely won’t lose me out here too.”

    'You’re holding Jugheads hand.’ you thought to yourself. 'Can he feel how hard my heart is beating right now? Oh god I hope not.’ Okay, so holding his hand shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but you’ve had a crush on Juggie for what felt like forever. You never thought in a million years he’d feel the same way for you, but maybe this was a sign. 'Play it cool, say something, you haven’t said a witty response in forever! He probably thinks you’re-’

    “You’ve got nothing to say? No sarcastic comment? Not even a 'thank you Jughead, I was so worried about losing you and this makes me feel so much better.’” he teased, trying to mimic your voice.

    “Your hand is very sweaty, but I guess I can deal with it.” you said.

    “How do you know it’s not your hand that’s the sweaty one, you jerk.” You laughed.

    “I think I would know if it was my hand that was sweaty.” and he gave a very unsure face.

    “Oh I’m sure. I’m pretty sure it’s yours.” he said, and you threw your free hand up in defeat.

    “Whatever you say, Jones.” With that he smiled big and you two walked to the front of the diner. Before you could walk inside, Jughead pulled you back from the door and you stood before him. His demeanor changed, and he suddenly looked very nervous.

    “Hey, Y/N. can we talk about something real quick.” he asked. You gave him the sweetest smile you could, hoping it would calm him down a bit.

    “Of course Juggie, what’s up?”

    “Well, I-uh…” he stuttered with his words and you put your hand on his shoulder.

    “Are you okay, Jughead?” You asked, now worried about your friend.

    “Yeah, it’s just… Archie told me that I should just do this and get this over with because I’ve been putting it off for a long time now and… I’ve never done this before so here it goes. I really like you Y/N. I think it might be even safe to say I’m in love with you.” he looked down at you with hopeful eyes. You were stunned. You stared up into his blue-green eyes with pure shock written all over your face, and he quickly took it as shock because you didn’t feel the same way.

    “Oh Juggie-” you started but he cut you off.

    “I’m sorry. Look i understand if you don’t want to talk to me for awhile, or if you want to pretend this never happened. Just forget I said anything.” he quietly mumbled.

    “No Jughead, that’s wonderful!” you exclaimed, and he looked up at you and smiled. “You don’t understand how long I’ve waited to hear that, oh my god! I have spent so long thinking you didn’t feel the same way and I was crushed by it-” you quickly shut up and stared at the ground, trying to hide your blush.

    “You’re quite cute when you ramble.” he said, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek. You stepped forward and stared up into his eyes.

    “I guess what I meant to say was, I’m in love with you too, Jughead Jones.” The biggest smile appeared on his face, and you mirrored it and gave a breathy laugh.

    “Damn it feel really good to hear you say those words.” he said. Slowly, he leaned in, and you closed your eyes and started leaning in too. The anticipation of feeling Jugheads lips pressed to yours made your heart beat out of your chest. Finally, you felt Jughead on your lips, and you immediately melted into him. You could have sworn that sparks literally flew around you, and when you two parted, the both of you were breathless.

    “You really should have done that sooner.” you teased.

    “We should really do that often.” Jughead said, leaning down to kiss you again. Once more sparks flew, and they did every time after.

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Real talk. It might not be for everyone but I feel like the reason it took me a lot to recover from depression and the reason I had to leave college before were trendy negative posts. And that I only started recovering and getting my shit together after starting to follow ur typical “white girl blogs” and studyblrs and the like.

Because back then I would wake up feeling gross, open Tumblr, and see posts abt giving up or “I haven’t gotten out of bed in 3 days haha” or “go back to bed today’s been cancelled” and I would just hide under the covers and skip class.

And rn I follow blogs that remind me to to bed early, have a healthy breakfast, wash my face, ~study like a slytherin~, ~today is a good day~, and honestly? At least now I get out of bed, I open the windows I make my place somewhere I’m comfy in, I study hard, I take in the sunlight

And that made a huge difference for me

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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any advice on annotating your notes because I'm going to be doing that a lot in my English and history class :)

idk if i’ve heard of annotating notes before?? i’ve heard of ppl annotating books or poems and stuff but not notes. anyhow, annotating isn’t that complicated: just mark things that are important or relevant.