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a prologue/introduction sketch to a roseknight story I want to write someday. a fantasy post-apocalyptic au!

July 20: Once upon a time… 

This is the story of the Rose Knight and the Crimson Witch.

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom ruled by the King and Queen Atlas, forever benevolent, a small girl had lost her parents. It was not so uncommon an occurrence- though the law was fair and the Kingdom a safe haven in the lawless world, criminals were forever blinded by their own greed. It is what that young girl heard, at the funeral, at the orphanage, at school- but the young girl was not so convinced.

Because her father had told her stories. A Knight of Rose, a woman with tragic past and the strength of three men, who rose beyond her calling and defeated the terrible old witch who had commanded her parent’s death at the start of the end of the world-

Her father had been a seer. She was not so young as not to know that.

And perhaps- just perhaps, Sherry thought a decade later, picking up the sword fallen before her, staring down the demon that loomed ahead- that had been his own little kindness.

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Okay, me appreciation post real quick.

Rhiannon is one of my very, very good friends. She’s a Beachbody Coach and so I always had this passive goal to get more steps than her at least once to prove to myself that I could do it. This is the second week in a row I’ve been consistently over her, and I’m just so proud of myself. We’ve been accountability buddies for steps in the past so it’s worked out super well.
But I mean, guys. I’ve made so much progress in the last two months. Honestly, I never thought I’d ever be this active again, and be this happy to be. Everyday is so awesome and I’m so eternally thankful for everyone who’s with me supporting me everyday (@ all of you, my followers).

Also, shout out to all the lovely ladies who’ve added me on Fitbit! If anyone else wants to join in and do some cool challenges (that we make up as we go along) during the week, hit me up! We’d love to have more people join us!

attention moana cosplayers and everyone who wants to cosplay moana (of all races)

So very recently I’ve talked to a various amount of people who have different opinions about if cosplaying Moana is something anyone should do, regardless of heritage or what they look like. Numerous amounts of debate has gone on about who should do what. The biggest one I’ve seen is “cosplay whoever you want, it’s cosplay!”

I’ve had a quite a few people tell me I would make a great Moana, which is why I decided to cosplay her. I do look like her, so it was nice to see a character I could identify with appearance wise in the Princess lineup. Once before I’ve been told by someone who was white that I shouldn’t cosplay Moana, so I dismissed it because the person was not Polynesian themselves. Obviously it isn’t in their place to decide.

However! @swampthing, who is Pasifika, has messaged me with concerns of making and wearing traditional garments of their culture offensively by wearing a culture that does not belong to me because I do not participate in it. I had discussed it in private with @swampthing, and had agreed that it was offensive. If you want #receipts I’ll gladly provide.

Retrospectively after this conversation, I shouldn’t have sought advice from anyone else afterwards in an effort to be able to keep a costume i had worked on. So after discussing it another friend who was part Hawaiian and actually complimented my costume, I posted a picture today of me wearing it, and @respectyoursister has called me out for posting another picture after having the conversation with @swampthing. in turn, i recognized that it was an idiotic and disrespectful move to ignore everything @swampthing said to me for one person’s opinion and for the sake of posting pictures in a cosplay.

you’re probably thinking I wouldn’t have made this post if I were not called out for it, and sure, I wouldn’t have, because I had thought I was in the okay, at least until someone came along to tell me once again that it wasn’t. so, ultimately, after being publicly called out for it on the picture itself, i’m posting this, because I made two mistakes, and it was in my error to hold one person’s opinion above someone else who is from the culture of the character you are cosplaying, who was actually concerned about the appropriative aspects of constructing and creating a traditional costume of a culture that does not belong to you, especially if that culture belongs to a people that is a small percentage of the population of the world.

No matter what hawaiian/polynesian/pacific islander friend you have that are okay with it, if one person from the culture does not want you to do it, listen to them, and don’t blow them off for one opinion.

Moving forward, I urge everyone: if you are NOT Polynesian, do NOT cosplay from Moana. She is wearing traditional garments. They should not be treated like a costume.

I know there are a lot of black cosplayers, latina cosplayers (like @momo-kurumi) and other people of color who are not Polynesian that identify with the way she looks, and I know representation matters, but this isn’t necessarily negotiable. And whether Disney Parks chooses to cast someone to wear the costume who is actually Polynesian has no relevance either, as their habit of white washing characters and using people who are ethnically ambiguous to be their people of color in their parks doesn’t seem to be breaking anytime soon.


A number of people who ARE Pacific Islanders such as @tokyogirlylove, @thylasam, @divinesdea, and @alt-ejinn have expressed to me that they are fine with me cosplaying Moana as long as it is respectful, and they see it as more of a cultural sharing rather than cultural appropriation. This doesn’t include the Hawaiian mutual who liked my costume and actually cosplayed Moana herself, and @nothingrolly, who is Tahitian, thought my moana cosplay was good, though is conscious of the traditional aspects of the outfit.

so i know made a tough call but since some people were voicing their concerns with me and I had to listen. They do not want their culture to be a costume and I respect that. At the same time I recognise that there are Pacific Islanders who don’t see it as cultural appropriation and see it as appreciation. They endorse the research and the respectful portrayal of Moana.

People have told me it wasn’t in my place to tell people who can and can’t cosplay a character and I suppose I have to agree with them. For this situation it’s tough and there needs to be more discussion about it.

So…perhaps the best thing to do for now is to use caution, if you are not Pacific Islander and would like to cosplay Moana. You are at the discretion of the people who Moana represents.

Unless a lot of people who were Pacific Islander came forth and said they were alright with me cosplaying Moana, I’m not going to cosplay her. 

31 things I learned in the first 31 days of 2016

1. Home is not a place, but the people you surround yourself with. 
Having spent the first seconds of 2016 in New York with my best friend and her family, the year started out great. I wasn’t physically at home, yet I had never felt so at home in my life. When the ball dropped and everyone’s glasses clinked together in celebration, I found myself delighted to be a part of not one, but two families. I was home.

2. Facetiming your dog really does brighten your day.

3. There’s something about road tripping with your best friend with music blaring as loud as it goes, that makes you forget everything you’ve ever worried about. 
These are the times you’ll remember. You and your bff. Sitting in the backseat of the car, singing Jonas Brothers 2007 top hits at the top of your lungs. These are the moments. You won’t remember tripping on that ice patch in front of a group of teenagers walking back from class. You won’t remember how you were forced to sit alone at lunch one day and spent the entirety of it feeling your face burn hotter than the sun. You wont remember any of it, so stop worrying, and start living.

4. Three isn’t a crowd when you surround yourself with the right people.

5. Feel everything. There’s a difference between living and existing. 
Feel hurt. Feel ache. Feel butterflies in your stomach before entering the busy cafeteria because your anxiety doesn’t ever leave you alone. Feel your skin burning when you look like crap in public and a group of good looking people stare you down. Feel brand new again when you go outside and the sun kisses your cheeks for the first time in days. Feel everything- good or bad. It’s the only way you’ll exist in this world. (And hey, if you’re like me, you’ll get some great writing out of it too).

6. You’ll experience serendipitous encounters of joy when you stop searching for them.

7. Pain is good for you.
If we didn’t experience hurt, we wouldn’t know the capacity of our strength. You live and you learn and you grow, and only through pain do you build yourself up enough to see what you’re really capable of handling. Everybody in the world is a little bit broken, one way or another- it’s how the light gets in.

8. Just because you’d take a bullet for someone, doesn’t mean they’d do the same for you.

9. You’ll find little parts of your family in everywhere you go and everything you do.
When you’re walking through Kroger and you’re in a hurry and you can’t find the olives for the life of you, there’s no doubt you’ll think of your mom. You’ll feel frustrated and nostalgic all at once because you know if she was here she’d laugh and whisper “isle three” and your search would be over. When I’m walking through the mall, minding my own business, and develop a headache because two siblings won’t stop screaming at each other, I’ll think of my siblings, and I’ll probably smile.

10. It’s more than okay to be yourself; you don’t owe anybody an explanation for who you are.

11. You have to stop making excuses for people that continue to hurt you.
Love will make you do crazy things. Your heart will spend every day fighting your head, and it’ll leave you in shambles with nothing but confusion. When the person you love puts you on a shelf for weeks or even months and only talks to you when they decide it’s convenient for them, you HAVE to walk away. You’re afraid because this feeling is so real and so raw and you’re terrified that you’ll never feel it again but you WILL. It’ll be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in your life and it’ll hurt like hell but toxic relationships are a drug and you deserve better than to be hooked on someone who hurts you 90% of the time; don’t hang on for that last 10%, you deserve more. Walk away, your heart will break but it’ll heal; it always heals.

12. Sometimes the best cure to a bad day is a good cry.

13. You’ll get closer to your little sister, the further away you are from her.
Since the day I moved into college I’ve missed my little sister, but not the way I do now. When the new year rolled around and it was time for me to move back into school, I think it hit me that I’ve only really spent maybe 10 days out of the last five months with her. January has brought me a lot of loneliness and heartache, and I miss her curative laugh. Even though she’s a whole six years younger than me, she teaches me things about myself that I never knew I needed. In the time we spend apart, I feel closer to her than I ever have before.

14. Catching up with friends you haven’t talked to in forever is good for the soul.

15. Sometimes being selfish is the best thing for you. 
The most important thing I’ve learned is that there’s a difference between being selfish because you don’t care about anyone but yourself, and being selfish because you need to love yourself for a change, too. While you’re so busy making sure everybody else is alright, you just might be crumbling. Cancel your plans with your friends for a day if you have to. Lie in your bed all day eating chocolate and reading a book; you don’t always have to go out and please somebody; let yourself come first.

16. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have an occasional breakdown. There’s no shame in crying in public.

17. Saying goodbye to someone you care about never gets easier, no matter how many times you do it, and that’s perfectly okay. 
As I boarded my flight back home after spending a week with my best friend, my heart was heavier than it had been in months. You’d think I’d be a pro at saying goodbye to her by now, as it’s something I’ve done a number of times before. Yet, I still felt broken. I was 32,000 feet up in the air and only 32 seconds away from tears streaming down my face when I realized that it was okay to feel like this. Of course it’s going to hurt if it means something to you. And she does; she means the world to me.

18. Don’t let the opinions and judgements of others lead you astray from who you are.

19. Occasional “treat yourself” days are a must. 
I’m a broke college student, so naturally I’m as cheap as they come; I typically won’t spend more than $10 on an article of clothing, and even that is a stretch for me. Thrift stores are my best friend. Sometimes though, shopping is therapeutic. Spend a little extra money on yourself; get your nails done, buy yourself a large milkshake instead of a small. Spend $30 once a while to go see your favorite band play, they’ll mend every scar on your heart and leave you smiling for days. It’s the little things in your everyday life that make all the difference in the world. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy memories, and those are one in the same if you ask me.

20. Saying “Hi” when you pass the people who have hurt you makes you feel powerful and at peace.

21. Take pictures of EVERYTHING. Memories are the most important thing you’ll ever have and are the only thing you’re guaranteed to never lose. 
I used to get self conscious when pursing my love of photography in public. People would stare at me like I was crazy for taking a picture of my brand new fancy shoes. Try not to care what the people in the booth across from you think if you take a selfie with your sister at dinner, do it if it makes you happy; freeze the moment in time so you can remember it for the rest of your life. Document everything. I never want to forget these moments, even if they’re something as small at walking to the park with my dog. Life is short; each and every day is all at once, a mixture of beauty, cruelty, and pleasure, and pictures are proof that you survived each and every one of them.

22. Don’t let the possibility of failure keep you from having a blast.

23. Music has a way of unclogging your thought clouded head. 
Having yet another rough day, my friends and I decided, spontaneously, to go to a free concert held on campus. I didn’t know a single word to a single song but there was something about the sweaty bass and the lead singer’s beach blonde perfect hair that made me feel alive in my own skin for the first time in forever. Music has a way of making you feel infinite during the times when you need it the most.

24. Distraction is the best medicine for heartbreak. Go out and explore the world and you’re guaranteed to fall in love all over again.

25. Talking to your mom really does make everything better for the time being. 
I was sitting in my dorm after having a rather shitty day, and decided to call my mom, just to catch up. As soon as she picked up and I heard the excitement in her voice from hearing mine, I started bawling. There was zero control over my tears as they forced their way down my cheeks. I told my mom everything, and even though we’re miles apart, I felt as if we were together, and somehow, she had made everything more than okay again. You never outgrow your mom.

26. As annoying as little siblings are, they’re a blessing.

27. Writing is one of the most therapeutic things you can do.
As a writing major, I’ve known forever that writing can be remedial. This year, my new year’s resolution was to write a journal entry at least once a day. I’ve made it a habit of mine to make sure I never leave my dorm without my journal, since I never know when a moment of inspiration might strike. As I’ve made it very clear throughout this post, this month was not an easy one for me. It really is amazing how much better I feel after jotting down every emotion I feel, down to the very core of my mind. When you’re not having a good day, pouring yourself into your writing and being as raw as you possibly can, drains all of the pain. All of the hurt that you have bottled up, is now out in the open, plastered to a page instead of etched on your heart, and trust me, it’s one of the most refreshing things you’ll ever feel.

28. There’s something about walking to class in the pouring rain with your headphones blaring the words you’re too afraid to say aloud, that makes you feel alive.

29. In time your heart will begin to conform to its new reality. 
This may sound cliché but it’s something I’ve experienced recently. One week your heart is completely shattered and the next week you can feel it becoming whole again. Humans are meant to feel everything, good or bad, and after feeling comes accepting your fate. It’s been about three weeks since an important part of my world came crashing down and after surrounding myself with loving friends and family, the cliché has been proven; I can feel the broken pieces inside of me starting to stick together again.

30. Discovering new music never gets less exciting.

31. The January Blues most definitely exist. 
Maybe it’s walking to class everyday in freezing cold temperatures when I’d rather be sleeping. Maybe it’s because I stay up until 2am studying biology terms and will probably still end up failing the test because I’m exhausted. Or maybe it’s because I’m missing my mom’s home cooked meals when I’m tired of eating cafeteria slop for the millionth day in a row. I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling depressed. The sun has only really been out 12 days out of the 31 and I don’t think I can take another day of seeing nothing but grey and white outside my window. It’s nothing serious, January sucks the life out of everyone.

Title: Wayward Wings

Summary: Tsukishima Kei has forgotten. Or at least that’s what he kept convincing himself out of silent grief ever since his best friend dropped everything he’s worked hard for and seemed to have vanished completely in his second year of high school. He thought that maybe, given enough time, he would forget about the boy with the bright smile on the freckled face that stood out from most people, the boy who’s been with him through thick and thin, the one who pulled him out of his sorry unmotivated state– the one who abandoned him for reasons unknown.

Tsukishima Kei has forgotten. Or at least that’s what he kept convincing himself for four whole years. Until he meets someone in a sickeningly familiar– no, nostalgic– way, for that memory was once the very foundation of what friendship they had back in their younger years. And the memories he tried so hard to suppress came crashing back down on him, until he fell face first in an unfamiliar world– the world where his best friend disappeared to.

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Olicity: Once More


orangeisorange said: Prompt: Baby number three!!

kebarr said: I got an idea from that image Stephen posted with Mavi in her car seat at the airport. I noticed she had cute little pigtails. So I’m requesting, a prompt where Oliver fixes his daughters hair into cute pigtails. :)

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“Okay, how’s that?”

“They’re wonky, Daddy.”

He can’t win. He’s been attempting it for at least twenty minutes now, but it’s surprisingly hard to get pigtails to match up. It doesn’t help that Ava’s got thick hair like her mother which is far harder to control, especially when it’s freshly clean and escaping his fingers. The way it slips between his digits reminds him of the time Felicity surprised him with a silk nightgown and he surprised her with satin sheets - and it ended with her very un-seductively slipping straight off the bed and onto the floor.

“What are you smiling at, Daddy?”

He recovered quickly. “You, sweetie. Right, one more try, then it’s just the one braid for tonight.”

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We Make A Great Pair (Part 8)

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Gif not mine :)

Guy’s I’m sorry, I would make up some coy excuse to make myself feel better about my absent but I’d rather try to make a change. I honestly lost all inspiration, I had a great idea for the ending but when I tried to write it nothing seemed to fall into place. It still didn’t fall perfectly into place, so I delayed it and the time built up until I was too anxious to continue. That was until someone messaged me asking if I was okay. That message snapped me out of my whatever funk I was in and I busted this out. Also, this probably sucks but I just want to get this out so I can move on. I’m also going to try my damn hardest to post at least once or twice a week cause it’s getting ridiculous and I need to get my shit together.

Thank to whoever read that long explanation and again sorry if it sucks I didn’t properly edit it other then some small grammar and spelling that my spelling check corrected. :/

Part 7 

Steve sat in the quiet room staring at the sedated Bucky lying across from him. It’s had been about four hours since he had heard the gunshots and he was still just as shocked, still unable to handle the betrayal just as everyone was. But none was more affected than Clint. He couldn’t bring himself to accept that the you that shot Bucky was his sister.

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Birthdays || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 15 - Growing Up

When she turned 10, her dad had already left. 

Klaus looked at the clock and groaned. At 16 years old, he shouldn’t have been exhausted by 8 p.m. His mother had left him in charge of the younger kids, though, and their energy never ran out. Henrik and Kol were already put to bed, but Klaus knew the girls would be up a little longer. He could hear the pop music coming from Rebekah’s room.

Determined to enjoy whatever part of the weekend he could salvage, Klaus decided to play video games in the TV room for the rest of the night. He barely noticed the time passing until he heard tiny sniffles coming from the hallway. Pausing the game, he waited for whichever sibling had woken up.

Instead, Caroline turned the corner, twirling her blonde pigtail around a finger and wiping her red-rimmed eyes.

“It’s nearly midnight, Caroline,” Klaus said gently, startling the poor girl. “What’s wrong?”

As comfortable with Klaus as his own sister, Caroline climbed onto the couch and settled in next to him. “It’s almost my birthday,” she whispered. “I didn’t want to sleep in case Mommy came to pick me up. She promised to spend the whole day with me.”

Klaus sighed, tucking his arm around the little girl’s shoulders. “I think she meant tomorrow once you woke up,” he said, knowing that still wouldn’t happen. Caroline spent more time at the Mikaelson house than her own because her mother’s job was so demanding. “You have to sleep before you get there.”

“But what if she doesn’t come back,” Caroline asked, her lip wobbling in fear. 

Bill Forbes had left the town in scandal just a month ago, so Klaus was familiar with Caroline’s worry. “She will,” he promised, reminding himself to tell his mother about this. “But since it’s your birthday in,” he looked to the clock, “two minutes, how about a little treat before you go back to bed?”


Klaus shushed her for fear of waking up the others before nodding. “Come on,” he whispered. He took her hand and led her to the kitchen, where he made them both mugs of hot chocolate, only topping hers with some whipped cream.

“Happy birthday, Caroline,” he said, chuckling at the whipped cream covering her wide grin. At least she wasn’t crying anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Ron is also a jealous, dopey, insensitive, obnoxious, hostile, rude and dull clod. That's how so many can dislike him

Okay so, just for everyone to know, I’m going to be doing some more talking about Ron Weasley later, because my post has had rather unprecedented success, and brought up a LOAD of great points in the reblogs. This is an issue I always love discussing, which is why I’m going to answer anon while I wait for the post to stop gaining notes so quickly so I can deal with everyone at once, if that’s okay with y'all :D

I thank you for the message, anon, and I only wish you hadn’t gone anonymous to send it, because an argument is only as good as the opposition it gets, and I at least will never lash out at a valid point of view. We are all entitled to our opinions here on tumblr.com. Whichever way, I always like to discuss Ron, so thanks for sending me another thing to talk about :) 

The thing about your question is that I can change two or three words and it will become a statement I agree with. 

Because I would say that Ron CAN ALSO BE jealous, dopey, insensitive, obnoxious, hostile, rude, and a dull clod…and that is part of how some people LOVE him. 

At least, it’s how I love him. Because there is a crucial difference in the two statements, and that is that in mine, I only say that Ron can be known to act in a bad way sometimes, and in yours, you say that he IS these actions, that they DEFINE him. 

That is what I disagree with. 

You see, I love Ron despite his flaws, and the reason is that he doesn’t let them rule his life. When he becomes jealous, and makes mistakes, and leaves, he doesn’t allow this to define him, because he comes back, he takes responsibility for it, and he apologizes. This, to me, shows someone who has seen their flaws, and acknowledged them, and decided to fight against that, to try to overcome them as best possible. The first time that Ron’s jealousy runs away with him is in Goblet of Fire, and here he tells Harry that he doesn’t believe what he is saying and denying, and that Harry just wants attention. In the next book, Order of the Phoenix, the whole world is telling Harry they don’t believe what he is saying and denying, and that Harry just wants attention. And actually, it is in this book where we see Ron Weasley endure Harry lashing out at him and Hermione in anger at the injustice, where we see him care for Harry, where we see him defend Harry against the nonbelievers, where we see him give thought to Harry the moment he is finally given some recognition HIMSELF in the form of the Prefect badge. I ask you: are those the actions of somebody who has let his mistakes become his whole character? Or are those the actions of someone who has seen their mistakes, and tried their best to be better than them going into the future?

The great thing about the Harry Potter characters is that they have a mix of strengths and flaws. You identified some of Ron’s key flaws in your message. I could also argue about his strengths, about his courage, loyalty, wit, strategic mind, thoughtfulness, support, and his wonderful cheerful encouraging nature. There is a mix there, a balance. And if there wasn’t this balance, the character of Ron Weasley would not have come to life, have been as vibrant and three dimensional and interesting, as if he was pure strengths. 

In the same way that you argue about Ron’s flaws, I could easily argue about the flaws of any single character in Harry Potter, including the best loved in fandom. Hermione? In the books, she can be immature, bossy, controlling, stubborn, prissy, and inconsiderate. Notice I said “can be”. Like Ron, she doesn’t let these weaknesses define her. She fights with these, and she overcomes them, using her intelligence, wisdom, kindness and strength. 

If these characters didn’t have flaws, they would not have development, and the series would fall flat. Ron has flaws. And he keeps on going anyway, he keeps trying to get better, he keeps trying to get one step ahead of his flaws, and ultimately defeat them. That is something that is not just important in making an engaging story. That is something that is important for each and every one of us, in life. 

Ron has taught me a lot. If he didn’t have these flaws, and if he hadn’t tried to defeat these flaws, he wouldn’t have done so. A character is not as good as his weakest moments. A character is as good as what they do with these weakest moments. And in that, Ron Weasley is magnificent. 

Promises to Myself

At least once a day now, I think okay, this is it…. I’m about to have another baby! I often can’t tell if it’s contractions or gas but whatever it is eventually goes away and I realize it’s not quite time. 

Any minute now, though! 


maybe not.

With my first pregnancy, I had certain preconceived expectations for myself. Sleepless nights? No problem I had lots of those in college. Breastfeeding? It’s what’s best! Dressing my post partum body? Let’s go try on some shorts three weeks after having a baby. We’ll even go to LOFT where everything runs big. ha. ha. ha. no.

This time around, I’m going to take it easier on my hormonal, new parent of two self, and have promised:

1. I will breastfeed as long as it works for me and the baby. I was crushed when I stopped breastfeeding Nora. I had told myself I’d do it until at least 6 months, but when I returned to work and was faced with pumping while sitting half naked with my post partum squishy bits protruding over my pencil skirt all while in a freezing conference room, a newly developed milk protein sensitivity in Nora, and just plain sick and tired of the isolation I felt, I threw in the towel. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was exhausted in ever fiber of my being. Well, Nora is a happy, smart, funny two-year-old and I guarantee when she starts kindergarten, no teacher will be able to tell if she was formula or breast fed. Homegirl can already count to 10, recognizes about half the letters of the alphabet, her teeth are pretty straight and she has always been in a normal weight range…. just sayin.

2. I am not going to pump. Shortly after I stopped pumping with Nora, I made the promise to myself… never again. Looking back, I don’t know how I even did it as long as I did. I pumped from the beginning because Nora was in the NICU and it was the one thing I could do for her since I couldn’t have her at home. I had a hospital grade pump on loan from the hospital, and woke myself up every three hours through the night to attach to it. It sucked the life out of me (literally and figuratively) and I will not be bringing out the Medela for baby #2. Honestly, I’m not even sure how pumping would be possible with a toddler to also chase around. #thingsIwon’tworryabout

3. Cloth diapering… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

4. I will be okay with my post partum body and will rest easy that with time, dedication and commitment, I’ll fit in my old clothes again one day. And “one day” is not a time limit I’m going to impose on myself. 

5. I will not chop off my hair when it all starts to fall out.

6. I will not feel guilty about the parenting decisions I make in order to save my sanity. Nora needs to get plopped in front of the Dora episodes I bought on YouTube so I can east some lunch? Fine. Baby is crying in her swing but I have to pee? IT’S OKAY. All that’s in the pantry for lunch is applesauce and pretzels and stale veggies straws? We’ll live. I would rather sleep than eat dinner? Both are necessary for survival and sometimes you have to choose.  I will remind myself that I am doing a great job and everything is going to be fine. repeat.




UNBELIEVABLE: A Certain Bully Is Libeling Me Again!!!

A bully in the fandom by the name of marilyns-child (MC) is accusing me publicly of bullying her when she was the one who bullied me. I can’t believe the gall of this woman. This is the libel she is currently spreading:

“Funnily enough, ‘CO’ was one of the antis that harassed me so badly I had to change my name and go uber private for about six months. And even then, people went to my Twitter account, which I use primarily for an interest outside of fandom, and told me how much I sucked and how bad of a person I was.”

Okay, below the cut is the passage from the essay that MC wrote about me in December 2015 under her old handle of yourracingbelle. It literally makes me ill that I have to revisit this again because of this woman’s continued libel against me but I will in order to defend myself.

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I will be discussing some things in the AGE OF ULTRON TRAILER, so heads up if you’re avoiding SPOILERS for the trailer!

replied to your post: I took a nap because I felt like such …

holy crap I had not seen this yet thank you so much for the heads up!

It just came out, so you’re not far behind, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to jump on it so that you don’t get spoiled with all the gifs going around!

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i’m so worried about Thor’s characterization but at least he will be shirtless at least once during the movie.

I’m really, really wary because… like, okay, Thor should have been really fucking central in the Avengers movie and, the more I rewatch that movie, the more I just kind of :/ at the way he didn’t drive ANY part of that story, not really.  And I am incredibly wary that Joss doesn’t have any idea how to write most of these characters, but Thor especially seems like he has no idea.  (Well, I think his Steve is pretty shaky, too.)

But OH MAN.  Wet and shirtless Thor.  Thor storming angrily across the room.  Thor in civilian clothes.  Thor choking the shit out of Tony and easily lifting him clear off his feet.  IF NOTHING ELSE, THESE THINGS WILL BE SOOOOO GOOD FOR ME.

(I love Tony very much, but I firmly find him to be a character that I love best when he gets knocked down sometimes, especially by someone like Thor like REMEMBER YOU’RE DEALING WITH A GOD HERE or, in the MCU, someone who’s as powerful as the Hulk 24/7, there’s no turning Thor off.  Even if I am sort of mad on Tony’s behalf because a) I don’t think Tony making a robot like Ultron makes sense and b) ULTRON IS NOT FUCKING TONY’S CREATION, GODDAMN, THAT IRRITATES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.)