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I saw some people talking about the “Stiles comes back from college hot” trope, and it reminded me that I needed to make a seperate post for this fic!

Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

He’d been hoping for a reaction.

If he was being honest, he’d actually been anticipating a reaction.

While he’d been away at school, he’d started meeting people and making new friends. Some of those friends had turned out to be fitness guys, who loved running and working out. Stiles had ended up accompanying them on numerous gym trips, until eventually he liked it enough to just go, with or without them. He’d liked the feeling of being stronger, being able to trust his body to do what he wanted.

He’d become more confident with his looks, and started accepting invitations to parties. He’d started buying better-fitting clothes to show off his physique, and felt incredibly flattered when he was flirted with often. He’d kissed a lot of people, talked to a lot more, learned as much as he could, and even hooked up a few times.

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This is still pretty much one of my favourite Sapphire moments right here.

I like how it shows that Sapphire is completely capable of putting aside her fears and insecurities about Ruby in order to face the problem at hand.

Unlike Ruby, who is incapable of going one chapter without thinking about Sapphire and letting his fears about her get to him.

It’s just like what Jaun had said about the two of them allowing their fears to control them. Sapphire during the mind test was able to completely clear her mind instantly whilst Ruby wasn’t, leading to him allowing his fears to control his actions and thoughts when faced with danger (trapping Sapphire in the aircar).

I really love how ORAS is mostly based around that side of Ruby and Sapphire’s traits and shows more of how they handle themselves when faced with fear.

Mystic Messenger : Day 6 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

Like, reblog, or do nothing, but please don’t copy/paste it and claim it as your own… I am on my own and spent a lot of time to do this.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Ay so on the twelfth, Squiggs had a stream, and the chat gave me about twenty drawing ideas, these are the three I managed to churn out during the stream, I might draw more but I’m too tired to get to them without posting them some other time..

The first one is one that I wanted to draw before the stream, the second was brought up while discussing the trailer’s animation- someone said that they could see Bendy having a security blanket, and the third was Squiggs refering to the gif she was working on. I have so many that I’d like to make a seperate post for, but they aren’t even sketched yet, so it’ll be something for tomorrow :D

Also Squigg’s leg is foreshortened, I didnt realize until after merging the layers that it looked so wonky, whoops ._.;

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Why did you post every members teaser seperate except Jackson’s?

I wanted to post all members teasers in one post but only Jackson had 3 horizontal photos ): Other members had horizontal AND vertical and putting them in one post wouldn’t look good, each of their pictures had a different background too.

this one gets a seperate post since its more finished but i had this vague idea where lance is an altean prince, keith is a galran prince, ??? 

had no idea what to stick either of them in so i fudge’d lances and put keith in thace’s uniform oifgjoai i wanna do another galra keith design but as the more reptilian type than the furry route 

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Could I have nsfw head canons for yandere 2p Japan and yandere 2p Italy?

(Shit…I just saw Headcanon’s not Nsfw. So I’ll do the Nsfw headcanons on a seperate post later to make up for this. But here are just some normal headcanons for them-Blue)


  • Yandere Type: Possessive and Controlling
  • He is prone to kidnapping
  • Will become violent if you try to escape
  • Before kidnapping you, he was constantly watching you
  • He even had camera’s set up in your house
  • Spoils you as long as you are good and do as he says
  • Easily Jealous
  • Any guy or girl who looks at you or touches you for too long will end up gone
  • You belong to him
  • He may or may not make you wear a collar that says “Princess”
  • If you disobey him, the punishment will always depend on the severity of what you did
  • If you tried to escape, he’d have you locked in a bare room with no windows
  • Only one door
  • And carve his name into your skin so you will ALWAYS know you are his


  • Yandere Type: Stalker/Obsessive
  • He’s always watching
  • He’s manipulative
  • Someway or another he will manipulate your everyday life
  • Until he decides to make his move
  • When he does, he will slowly become the center of your life
  • He will manipulate you into cutting off contact with friends and family
  • He will be all you need and want
  • Punishment includes a pure dark room with no food for 24 hours
  • He’ll let you face the demons you didn’t even realize you had, alone
  • He will break you

the nd tumblr discourse like “neurotypical kids are ruining stim toys” is SO stupid because 1) how the hell do you know all these kids are neurotypical in the first place and 2) a lot of kids find stim toys useful for focus.

in school i was in special ed so i was allowed to use stim toys. that’s basically what you’re advocating for, some way to seperate the use of these toys between neurotypical and non neurotypical kids which is harmful because not all kids are aware of/have the school acknowledging their condition in the first place! some of the diagnosis I have now I never had until I was 17.

you can’t properly seperate random kids between “neurotypical” and “non neurotypical”.

also, saying neurotypicals are ruining stim toys by ‘being distracting’ with them makes no sense. it’s possible for anyone to be distracting with a stim toy and that’s something to work out.

so stop spreading around those stupid posts lol.

DMC Quotes in Project X Zone 2: Part 2

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Part 2: Fighting with Dante and Vergil

Fights with our beloved half-devils are where the most quotes are hidden in the game, having special interactions with every support character you can assign to them, also some pre- and after-fight quotes.

Yes, that’s a demon fetus in the background, and supposedly a part of the demon world where Vergil had been before he went through a portal which led him to Mallet Island of DMC1.

Here’s Dante’s remark before the famous burn.


You’ve probably seen this gif of their special attack:

Originally posted by chunli

The quote below changes each time, ranging from remembering the old days to Vergil being pissed off having to use Dante’s gun again. 

(I might do a seperate post with each version sometime in future)


After the mission on Mallet Island Vergil and Dante only comment on the story from time to time.

Especially Dante has a… rather unique way of commenting on stuff?


So, I wanted to thank everyone that liked/reposted my drawing of Gerard Way! I had never gotten that many notes on a post and it made me feel amazing! I love drawing and it feels nice when other people like my work. 

I got some requests from people who were wondering how I had drew the portrait, so I decided to post this work-in-progress thing. I hope you guys can use it! 

#1: In the first picture you can see that I always start my drawings with a light outline to make sure I keep everything in proportion. It also helps with drawing shadows and highlights! Mark the places you want to keep light and draw around them; if you are happy with the more darker places, you can go ahead and colour the light ones. 

When drawing hair, always remember to draw in strands of hair, and not seperate hairs. 

#2: I drew the hair before I drew the jacket to make sure that it would really be red, and I didn’t have to colour over his jacket to draw hair strands (I have made this mistake several times)

Despite the fact that his eyes were completely dark in the picture from which I drew this, I decided to make them kind of visible by putting a white dot in the middle of them. Otherwise the drawing would have been kind of scary and unnatural. 

#3: I went over his hair with an orange pencil to give it more warmth. I also started with the skin. When you are drawing skin, make sure to test your pencils first! Practice on a separate paper with colours and shadows etc. to make sure they all match! I almost never use black when drawing shadows on skin, because it can give your drawing a real unnatural look. You can use (dark) brown to draw shadows on skin!

#4: Personally, I think lips are the hardest to colour. You want them to be pink, but if you make them to pink your drawing will look like a weird barby-doll. Always make sure to make leave a part of the bottom lip white. This will give the lips a kind of ‘wet’ look. 

#5: Leather really reflects light, so make sure that, when you draw something leather, you make the highlights really bright and the shadows really dark. This will give the fabric a realistic look.

#6: And then I finished! I can’t remember how long it took me to draw this, but it must have been 10-15 hours. I used some cheap pencils from my local store, because I can’t really afford 'quality’ stuff. Find a better picture of the finished one here

If you ever want to ask me something about art and stuff, just message me! I would be happy to help you :)

If you want to see my first post of this drawing click here

Thank you all for reading this!

seize the day! with 7, 8 and 13 of the self-shipping meme - @limey-blue-arty-do

CUZ YOU REQUESTED 3 I’M GONNA POST SOME OF THEM SEPERATELY!! Also Jokes on you because I had been drawing this for fuckin’ D A Y S and now it’s finished SO HERE Y’GO <3

what you don’t see is me wearing like 5 inch heels just to be that tall compared to Davey lmao

@smoochesforseven u wanted to be tagged in my art so :^)


♛ legendarium characters

Lúthien & Beren

The marriage of Beren and Lúthien was the first of the three unions of a mortal Man and an Elf, of which came the Half-elven, those who had both elven and human ancestors. Like Lúthien, they were given the choice of being counted among either Elves or Men.

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Just see your blog can I ask if your going to post your low rider pictures x

no, i keep my blog and work life extremely seperate. one time in tucson when i was 19 (3 years ago) i was working and a follower came up on me and got me fired at my vanilla job AND they all found out i was a cam model as well because this jerk told them my blogs name at the time. i even had to get a restraining order. i have a good thing going with the people i work with for the car show gigs so yall just have too catch me by chance (do not tag me please if you do) sorry yall.

Went though my witchy blog and deleted all of the old, unrelated posts from when it was my attempt at seperating personal posts from fandom posts (ha!). Have started a note on my phone so that I can maybe keep track of what things I want to tag and how I’m organizing them. If I go to bed in the next ten minutes, I can still get in 7 ish hours of sleep.
I had a lot of anxiety, and I’m going to sleep a lot later than I intended, but overall today was a really good day.

They Spoke to Me - Happy

- I am so very late (a day…) with this but… Here it is! The angsty one will be on my AO3 at some point within the next few days. My AO3 is ABCDEFU20011812. I think. I’ll put a seperate post after I check. -

When Lance came to, he found himself in a cryopod, but not in the medbay. Instead, his cryopod seems to have been moved to the living room area where the team always met for meetings. Only opening his eyes a crack, Lance looked around the room to see if anyone had entered the room.

Hunk and Pidge sat over some machine, arguing back and forth quietly. As he watched them discreetly, Keith and Shiro walked in. Flushed and covered in sweat, Lance guessed they must have been in the training room.

“Did he wake up again?” Shiro asked, coming closer to Lance’s pod. “Did he say anything this time?”

Lance kept his eyes shut and tried to steady out his breathing. After all, he did not want to know how the team would react to the fact that he had tried to kill himself. Their anger at him, how disappointed they would be that he couldn’t even get rid of himself properly.

Steeling himself, Lance pushed against the door to the pod. Keeping his eyes down as he walked out of the pod, Lance prepared for a punch when he heard people running toward him. Instead, large arms circled Lance and pulled him into a hug.

Lance hung in Hunk’s arms, shocked at the action. He expected anything other than this, Hunk blubbering into him and the others standing around.

“Hunk,” Shiro said, tapping the man’s shoulder. “We want a chance with Lance too.”

“Before you strangle him.” Pidge added dryly, cause Hunk to gently put Lance down.

Lance stared up at Hunk in shock, wondering why they would act like this. They should be mad! They should be furious! Where are the punches, the yells? Not even Keith was saying anything!

“Lance.” Shiro stepped up, raising his hand to Lance’s shoulder.

Lance flinched back, but accepted the hit that was about to come. Instead, Shiro’s hand landed on Lance’s shoulder and pulled him into a tight hug.

“You should have told me. I’m not mad at you. Maybe a little disappointed that you thought we wouldn’t help you.” Shiro held Lance tighter, ignoring the crack Lance’s back made. “We always cared about you, we still do.”

Shiro stepped back, but then Pidge tackled Lance. Sitting on Lance’s stomach and staring down, Lance’s eyes widened and he started crying.

“Why? I’m. I’m nothing!” Lance sobbed, hiding his face in his hands. “I’m not good enough and I always mess up and you shouldn’t care about me! I don’t deserve it. I haven’t earned it.”

Pidge pried his hands from his face. Lance kept his eyes shut and tried to stop crying.

How pathetic, he thought to himself hysterically. How utterly pathetic, that I can’t even accept people caring about.

“Lance.” Keith said, moving forward. “There are two things you deserve in this world.”

Keith nudged Pidge off Lance and happed him stand. Staring straight into his eyes, Keith pulled the Cuban into a hug.

“Happiness and this.”

Pushing him back, Keith delivered a solid punch that pushed Lance back a few steps.

“Don’t try that shit again!” Keith yelled, ignoring Shiro and Hunk as they held him back. “Dumbass! Next time you think like that, I’ll hit you again! Its bullshit because we need you! And if you went away, I don’t even know what would happen!”

Shiro pat Hunk on the shoulder and the man slowly let go of Keith. Giving the Galran a glare, Hunk moved back to Lance’s side. Other than a small bruise, Lance would be fine.

Lance took a deep breath. Maybe he could go to his friends. After all, he wouldn’t be able to escape them for a while. Worrisome mother-hens.

So, the next time Lance cried in the shower, he did not pick up a knife. Instead, he went to find someone to talk with. When Hunk dropped the newest creation or Keith stopped training. When Shiro broke a meeting with Allura or Pidge put aside her laptop. Those were the times that made it worth it. They slipped up, sometimes told him they were too busy. Yet, they always tried to make it up to him.

hc: sometimes amy will bring baked goods for shadow. at first she was nervous, thinking he’d turn her away and so just left them at his door saying she knocked but he wasn’t in. the next few times she, knocked and he thanked her before going their seperate ways, but after that he sort of awkwardly asked her if she would like to come in to which she agreed and they had tea and pastries together. since then they sit and chat whenever they can.

Tumblr: men stop complaining that feminism is for men and women make ur own movement and posts

Men: Okay. *makes a seperate post about mens issues and how society is pushing its bullshit on them*

Tumblr, shitting themselves and commenting on the post that had nothing to do with them: skapabwowjwowjskapsbaosj masculinity is fragile lmao yall cant go 5 minutes without complaining. Anyway toxic masculinity am i right ladies


OTP Idea #459

Imagine your OT4 working in the fashion industry. Person A is the manager, Person B is the model, Person C is their fashion designer and Person D is their makeup specialist.

Credit to anon.

A = Vanoss. B = Delirious. C = Wildcat. D = Cartoonz. :D

The ultimate ship name = H2OVANCATOONZ.

Vanoss whines all the time because nobody really takes him seriously anymore. He’ll burst in the room and yell “the show is starting in five minutes!” But everybody is just lounging around playing on their phones and ignoring him.

Delirious does whatever the fuck he wants to. Feels like going out for coffee in the middle of a show? Fuck yeah! “Delirious! Where the hell are you going? You still have three more sets to go through! What do you mean ‘I’ll be right back’?! The curtain’s already opening! Delirious!!”

Wildcat comes up with the best outfits (that all somehow have a bit of blue to them). And when no one’s looking he sews bows into the back of Delirious’ coat. He just plays rock music and chills in the break room while Delirious is onstage because “he’s got this man”.

Cartoonz knows all about which makeups are best for what type, and he will fight you over the ‘summer skin’ thing. To no surprise, he’s the one giving Delirious a ride to the Starbucks next door, and laughs with Delirious as Vanoss freaks out and sends a million and one texts begging them to come back. (And then yelling at them for pulling this shit like they always do.)

They sleep on two king sized beds placed side by side in one giant studio apartment, and have too many pets for this relationship.

Vanoss always walks around in his underwear while cooking breakfast and singing bad showtunes. (The neighbors get quite a view because of the large, balcony sized windows lining the apartment.) He doesn’t want to admit he lifts weights, but there’s two small dumbbells hidden under the couch that everyone pretends to not know about.

Wildcat usually has to be pulled out of bed, and doesn’t notice much of anything until he’s had his coffee. Which they’ve all taken advantage of at one point or another. (Once, by webbing off the kitchen with pink silly string that he just walked into without a fuck, strands hanging everywhere off his shoulders, chest, and hair. Another time, Cartoonz duck taped doggie treats to the insides of Wildcat’s pants, and the man didn’t even notice all the dogs chewing on his legs until his second cup of coffee.)

Delirious is a heavy sleeper, and loves to lay on top of people and cuddle. (Much to the pain of Vanoss’ early business meetings that he can never get to on time because Delirious is holding tight to his leg and Wildcat’s at the same time and there’s just no hope of getting free.) He stays up late watching cartoons and anime with whoever is still up, and texts Noogla and Moo everything he can think of until they’re all begging him to go to bed.

Cartoonz has a motorcycle that he loves so much he keeps it in the bedroom (as much as Wildcat hates it), and spends every evening polishing it, and cooing over it. (Wildcat mocked him once, saying if he babied it anymore the damn thing would be wearing diapers. So when they all woke up to a giant Huggie’s diaper covering the seat of the thing, Cartoonz lunged at WIldcat until Delirious’ hysterical giggles clued him in to the real culprit.)

Cartoonz and Wildcat have a bit of a rivalry, and it didn’t help anything when Delirious threw a bucket of mud on them both and told them to get naked and wrestle. (Although they did both tackle him at the same time and tickled him until he nearly peed himself with laughter, their hands slick with mud sliding everywhere until everyone was aroused and out of breath.)

Vanoss doesn’t really care about too much, they all give him too much stress in the work place to worry about any personal stuff, and he knows that they know how much he cares. (But still, the loop-sided cookies at 3am from Cartoonz bring a sigh of relief after he misses another impromptu make-out session.)

There’s four controllers and a game system hooked up to their tv, and they’ve gone through so damn many controllers, someone is always playing something. (Especially after they’ve just all fucked each other’s brains out so hard nobody can really walk yet, so they need something to do and someone grabs a controller and throws the others across the bed, and they just sit there and play for all hours of the night and day.)

Wildcat always wants to turn on Runway shows, but he gets so loud yelling at the tv about designers who couldn’t stitch to save their fucking life that someone always tackles him for the remote.

Cartoonz is a lousy cook, and always wanders off in the middle of whatever he’s making so much so that there’s now three alarms in the kitchen (just in case the first two don’t catch the fire fast enough).

And Delirious loves to walk around in the nude at the worst times. Like that time when Vanoss was skype-chatting a potential gig in London in the kitchen and Delrious just strolled in, buck-naked, and bent down at the fridge to get some leftovers. His ass high in the air for all to see. (Surprisingly, or not, the man on the other side of the call quickly flushed red and promptly agreed to sign them on.)

Why I Support SasuSaku and NaruHina -- NaruHina

Like SasuSaku, I’ve always liked NaruHina. I didn’t notice it or pay it any mind right from the bat like I did SasuSaku, but when I did it became a huge companion ship of mind. SasuSaku may be my OTP, NaruHina comes as a close second. Ever since I was younger when I read a Naruto fanfic, SasuSaku and NaruHina had to be it in it. And since I often get asked the question why I like these two ships, I decided to answer them in two seperate posts on tumblr.

As I stated earlier, when it came to NaruHina, I didn’t take an immediate notice to it. Nor did I actually notice Hinata that much either. All my 7 year old mind could comprehend was that ‘okay, that blue-haired chick likes the main character’. It didn’t really speak out to me. Because like Sakura, I was loud and proud. I wasn’t really shy or afraid to talk to my crush (though I would never confess my feelings either…).

So I just put that on my back burner.

Then came to the Chunin Exam Arc and when Hinata offered to let Naruto cheat off her test since he couldn’t answer any of them.

That to me was cute and very sweet. She already knew that if anyone got caught cheating in any way, shape, or form could get her disqualified from being a chunin forever. But she went against that gloomy cloud because she didn’t want the boy she liked to fail.

And then in return, Naruto still said no because he felt like it wouldn’t be right to cheat off Hinata who worked so hard on the test anyway.

From that point on, I boarded ship.

To me, the entire concept of NaruHina represents An Unconditional Love and that Perceptions can change over time.

Sure the same could be said about SasuSaku, but I already answered my reasons for shipping that in a previous post.

From the very first episode, it was shown Hinata liked Naruto. Everyone else either hated him or ignored him, but even though Hinata didn’t actually ever talk to our main protagonist, she was silently admiring him from afar and rooting for him.

Typically when you’re a young person, the behavior towards certain subjects of people will shape how you react to those certain things later. Many of the children treated Naruto bad, or just ignored him. Then later on as they all started to grow and develop, their opinions on the village knuckle head changed. 

However, that was not the case with Hinata. She always looked in the direction of the boy who sat on a swing staring out at family and friends with a lonely gaze. She wasn’t afraid or disgusted of him even though many of her fellow clansmen told her to be. It wasn’t part of Hinata’s development that she went from hating Naruto to loving him. Kishimoto made it very clear from the first chapter/episode onward, Hinata likes Naruto.

She went against what was considered the 'norm’ when she was a child, an incredible feat for a girl who once said she wasn’t good at anything. Because as the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. Hinata didn’t see a loser that needed to be avoided, she saw a boy that was lonely and usually by himself. The only thing actually prevented her from talking to him was Hinata wasn’t able to work up the courage to talk to him. (Which is why when she worked up the courage to give Naruto that medicine after his fight with Kiba I squealed.)

Naruto also inspired Hinata to work harder and never give up or stop trying.

Like during her fight with Neji. She actually looked as if she was going to take Kiba’s advice and quit before seeing what she could accomplish. But who was the one who cheered for her to fight? 

The only person, I might add?

Naruto. Not Kiba. Not Shino. Not even Kurenai freaking cheered Hinata on. But Naruto told her she could do it. And sure she lost the fight in the end, but Hinata tried her little heart out til the very end.

Also, at the end of Part 1 when Naruto was leaving, Hinata was the only person to see Naruto off. Then Naruto looked off into the distance at the Hokage monument then he left, that felt like foreshadowing to me. That Naruto would one day become Hokage and Hinata would be somewhere added into that.

Then later on in Shippuden when Pein was about to put an end in Naruto’s existence, Hinata was the one to come and save him. My feels suffered a near heart attack when she confessed to him, but also when it came down to it: Hinata was willing and ready to sacrifice herself for the man she loved.

Even if you don’t support NH you can not look over this fact whether or not you thought of it as platonic, romantic, or BS, or whatever.

Sacrificing yourself, or even just sacrificing something you posses, for someone is one of the ultimate acts of love that can be expressed.

Plenty of people will say in there life time that they would die for you and/or take in all your pain. But how many people do you know would actually stick to their word when that moment finally came. Would they really push you out the way and take the hit? Would they really take the bullet? 

Hinata was and if the matter came down to it, I know she would do it all over again. For Naruto, her sister, and especially Bolt and Himawari.

She was also the one to bring Naruto out of his grief after Neji died. To be honest, a lot of people - myself included- believed that it would be Hinata to break down and cry. But instead it was Naruto. That showed how much Hinata had grown and it also showed how if Naruto was to ever go astray, she would be there to put him back onto the right path.

Then as for the second theme/concept, that was all shown through Naruto.

Episode/Chapter 2 onward, Naruto was depicted as the boy who had a crush on Sakura. He didn’t really notice Hinata, either. 

But during the Chunin Exams, Naruto and Hinata supported one another.

When Hinata offered to let him cheat off her, Naruto saw more than the shy blue-haired girl that he graduated with. He saw a girl that was kind enough to risk her own promotion. A friend. Then when Neji was slamming Hinata and just about to make her quit, Naruto was the only person to cheer her own and tell her she could do it.

In the beginning of the fight and through out the entire fight. And when Hinata lost, he swore that he would avenge her and even picked up a handful of her blood when he said it.

He admitted that in the beginning that he at first thought of her as a weird, gloomy person, but what did he say afterward? That he liked people like her. A hint of foreshadowing.

Later on after Hinata seemingly died, he went berserk going Eight Tails rather quickly. A clear sign that he cared for her.

Then later on after Neji died, Naruto was the one who fell into despair and after Hinata pulled him out of it, he thanked her. He even said that it was because of her being on his side that pulled him out his stupor. Hinata went from being a former classmate to someone Naruto considered a pillar or support, and if that pillar was gone, he would fall.

And while I haven’t seen The Last, from all the trailers and clips I’ve seen I can gather enough to rest my case. Naruto is now considered a hero and is now basically the new Sasuke of Konoha. He has (a crappy hair cut, lol I’m sorry I had to say it) all the fangirls now. He’s the one all the girls want, receiving all these gifts and date offers left and right even.

He had almost everything he wanted aside from being the Hokage.

He was no longer ignored, he was adored and admired. The only thing that could really be considered missing from his life at the point was a family of his own.

And while some fans may say that The Last is a cop out to justify NaruHina, as I said before Naruto had more-or-less the entirety of Konoha’s females drooling at his feet. And more than likely, a lot of those girls were really pretty (no where near my SakuHinaInoTenTemaEtc babies but I digress.).

But in the end, who did he choose?

He chose the quiet one that had his back from the very beginning. And if Naruto chose the quiet one over all the girls that were throwing themselves at him, what does that really say about his character? That Naruto wanted something genuine and not a love that was made purely because of that fact he was the one who saved Konoha.

And in Hinata’s case, before the fame before, any of the money Naruto might have received from his heroics, she loved Naruto Uzumaki with all her heart. Not just because he was the hero and number 1 guy in town.

Where were all of Naruto’s fangirls then, huh? No where in sight.

Naruto realized that and fell in love with Hinata Hyuga. No one else. He no longer saw her as 'the weird and gloomy girl’, but he saw her as his other half. So whenever someone tells me that NaruHina had little to no development, I hope they will see this and their minds will open to what we NaruHina fans see.

To those that are NaruHina fans, I hope this made you smile or consider other things that support NH happening. And to those who aren’t NH fans or don’t really think much of it, I hope this made you consider another option.

Happy New Years and a Happy NaruHina month to you all!