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There’s a lot of speculation about what will happen when Mr. Block and the rest of the BoTT find out about the Island full of Dakotas, and the way that Dakota has been breaking the law (quote-unquote) to save Cavendish every time he dies. I had a thought, though: 

What if it’s not illegal

I mean, think about it. Does Dakota ever actually say that he’s not supposed to be doing this? I don’t think he does. He only ever says that Cavendish can’t be allowed to find out about it, and that there can’t be multiple Dakotas walking around in one timeline. What if it’s not illegal? We don’t know the laws in the future, or the statutes and codes of the BoTT. Sure, it seems like something shady, but what if –hear me out, here– what if Mr. Block/the BoTT have assigned Vinnie to make sure that Balthazar doesn’t die? 

It could be the reason they’re given such mediocre assignments, whether or not Dakota is actually aware of it. Maybe Balthazar Cavendish is somehow a key for something, or a Very Important Figure that needs to be protected at all costs. As his partner, Vinnie doubles as his bodyguard, and when something goes wrong regardless, maybe he has permission to go back and fix it. Maybe Block doesn’t like Cav, but has to swallow that down because of how Important he is to… whatever it is he’s important to. Or maybe he doesn’t like him because of how accident-prone he is, and how much effort they have to expend to make sure he stays alive. 

I don’t know. It might just be a silly speculation, but think about it: If there’s a bunch of Time Travellers who know everything about everything that will happen… Would the Island of Lost Dakotas really be able to stay under the radar as long as they have? 

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Um... Can I ask your opinion on Yoosung's bad endings? What do you think about them?

Okay so, I had to go and watch them online, due to my luck of getting good endings, but may I just say…holy shit.


For those who don’t know about the bad endings, there is one where Yoosung shows up at MC’s apartment and gets…really possessive and creepy real fast. The other is that Yoosung is captured by Unknown and kept prisoner, tortured and collared, all for the sake of protecting MC and the RFA. I don’t know if there is another one; If so, I’d love to hear about it! So lemme know!

But as to what I think about them…I think they are utterly heartbreaking. In the first bad ending, we see a boy’s love for his cousin twist into obsession when he discovers another who could fill her place. I don’t know what it takes to get that ending but I can guess…and I know it isn’t pleasant. It’s not entirely Yoosung’s fault either- MC egged him on and the RFA wouldn’t side with him. Even from the good ending, it’s was easy to tell Yoosung felt somewhat abandoned by the people he considered his closest friends. When he lost the person he (objectively) loved most, they kind of brushed it off, saying it was time for him to move the fuck on already, which really hurt him. So, honestly, that bad ending brings me to tears. Just to see the sweetie pie he was morphed into something obsessive and unpleasant from twisted love and lack of support…it’s just awful.

As to the second one…shit. It’s hard to imagine it. I can’t tell which is sadder- Unknown doing those things bc of his past (don’t get me started) or Yoosung experiencing those things.

From what we glimpse, Unknown states that his (very abusive) mother would tie him up for 24 hours and make him stand till he learned his lesson. He threatens Yoosung with this, as well as threatening to kidnap MC and hacking into the RFA. He states that Luciel is still trying to find him (even though its been MONTHS) and that the RFA is falling apart. Unknown states that he finds this “fun,” and that he might as well not even exist due to the fact his “God” is gone, as well as the other “disciples.” He has a collar around Yoosung’s neck, and likes to torture him- and due to some word phrasing, a good number of people think Unknown also raped Yoosung, but to my knowledge, that is unconfirmed.

All that rambling is to say that it is honestly hard for me to swallow. The endings show some of the worse sides of the characters, which don’t get me wrong, is the point. Cheritz made them like that for a reason. Obsession, possessiveness, self-sacrificing, too dependent on others- these are the bad sides of Yoosung and what make him a well-rounded character. Yes, it hurts to watch it happen. Yes, I hate it. Yes, it’s upsetting; but thats what makes the characters so real . They aren’t perfect. They struggle as well, and how the people around them react can impact them just like in real life. It’s what makes the characters so relatable and cry-worthy.

So, I don’t enjoy them, but I’m glad that Cheritz wasn’t afraid to use those as bad endings.