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He finds out.

AN: And after what seems like an eternity, part five. Read parts onetwothree and four. Typos my own.

Warning: Descriptions of violence. 

There was nothing like a good sweat to clear the mind, Eponine thought as she untied the laces to her cleats. Her socks had grass stains on them and she was fairly certain her butt was covered in dirt from a tackle but it was nothing a little extra stain remover couldn’t fix. She had scored two goals and assisted another—and after struggling all season, today’s victory meant they had somehow miraculously qualified for the semifinals of the Eastern Conference.

It was times like these that she was incredibly grateful that hardly anyone on campus was interested in the women’s soccer team. Even when they won, they barely made a one-inch blurb on the inside Sports page of the school paper. And there were no photos. Ever. Not that Enjolras was likely to read the Sports page—she’d heard his diatribe about the unnecessary glorification of athletes in society while he helped her write her speech. It had been…enlightening.

Eponine frowned. The farce would be over soon, using the most intentionally unintentional dramatics possible. And as much as she dreaded his reaction, she was looking forward to getting her life back. Now it was just a matter of detaching herself for the inevitable heartbreak when he told her he was gay and no longer attracted to her. I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to fall for guys who can’t love you back.

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