i had to pause the video it was that serious

Okay can we talk about Orenchi no Furo Jijou’s opening?

Because I have read this glorious piece of mermaid shit and when I first heard the opening I had to pause the video to laugh for a good 5 minutes because it seems really intense with serious music

But the actual show is just

Where Art Thou (D.R)

|based on the request from anon: Hey could I have an imagine were your dating Dillon Rupp and it’s kinda long but your mad at him because the where art thou video was very sexual do you ignore him and go to take a shower and he gets in with you and then he starts making out with you then he gets out and carries you to the bed and it gets smutty then at the end he says by the way I wrote that song when k first met you. And if you could hashtag it Dillon Rupp smut I would appreciate it :)

|•I changed it a lil bit but it’s pretty much the same, it’s also pretty bad but HEY who cares😊, 1.5k words, REQUESTS ARE OPEN AND ALSO GO BUY ‘BOOM’ BY MAHOGANY LOXXXXXXXX•|


“Baby, why are you mad at me?” Dillon whines through the phone, making me roll my eyes and grip the pen in my hand. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Oh, okay, so letting another girl feel you up isn’t wrong? And then getting all up, close and personal with her isn’t wrong?” I hear him sigh into the microphone. “Even when you have a girlfriend on the other side of the country?”

“Is this about the video?”

I roll my eyes again. “Yes it’s about the fucking video, Dillon.”

He just dropped the music video to his song, Where Art Thou with Sammy and Skate, last night and everyone was going crazy about it. Me, not so much. The model he was paired with was so beautiful and I was straight up jealous of the attention she was getting from my boyfriend. Because she was getting the physical attention I had been lacking the past month.

“You’re jealous of a model?” He scoffs. “Really, Y/N?” Dillon laughs and I can imagine his eyes creasing and his head rolling back as he laughs. “That’s a new one for you.”

I drop my pen onto the floor in front of me and rest my head in my hands. “Shut up, Dil.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Why are you jealous of Charmaine?” He asks quietly, the trace of amusement in his voice gone.

“Oh so the bitch has a name?” I snap back before I can even think about what I should have said.


“Sorry, sorry.”

Dillon’s voice comes out hushed through the speaker. “Talk to me, baby, I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“I just…” I pause and look around my room. I had a wall full of pictures of me and my friends, there is a lot of me and Dillon, too. “I just don’t like it how you’re all over her in the video, like your hands were always on her somewhere and I hate it how that isn’t me. I’m your girlfriend! I should be the only one with your hands all over them!”

“Babe, I’m coming home in two weeks, you’ll have more than just my hands all over you.” Trust Dillon to throw in the inappropriate puns in a serious conversation.

“It’s too far away, I need you now.” I pout, even though he can’t see what I’m doing.

“Baby girl,” He chuckles deeply, making my heart beat even faster. “I need you too, but I have to wait those two weeks just like you.”

“Why can’t you just fly out early?”

“I’m staying with my brother when I’m home, his house is hectic enough with the wedding craze.”

His brother’s getting married soon and that’s the only reason Dillon is coming back to Indiana. He’s only coming for 4 days! I don’t know why he doesn’t just come back now, I mean all he’s doing in LA for the next two weeks is lying around and doing nothing. He doesn’t have any performances so why doesn’t he just come home and do things?

Also known as me. His girlfriend of 5 months.

“Come and stay with me.”

“You know your parents won’t like that, babe.” He argues. He sounds so condescending and I don’t like it.

I mutter, “Who cares? You’re my boyfriend and I love you, that’s all that matters.” It’s not that my parents don’t like him, because they do! They’re supportive of his career decisions and they’re not that critical of him. They just don’t like him staying over night unless its pre planned and necessary.

“Y/N, I love you too, but I can’t burden your family like that and I have to go.”

“What? Why?”

“I uh, I have a meet and greet.” Typical. “I’ll call you later, I love you baby.”

“Love you too.” I grumble before he hangs up, rolling my eyes, once again, and throwing my phone in front of me.


Dillon didn’t call me like he said he would. I called him but it went straight to voicemail. I knew he was lying about being at a meet and greet because 1) it would have been advertised all over his Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat but it wasn’t and 2) he was really hesitant when he told me about it. That’s a clear indication that he’s lying. Dillon cannot lie. Especially to me. When he does, he has to leave the situation as fast as he can to avoid the temptation of telling me the truth, which is exactly what he did last night.

If he doesn’t want to tell me what he’s doing, that’s fine, but I would rather have him say that it’s his own business than have him lie to me. I decided to leave it and go to sleep, I, unlike my boyfriend, still have to go to school, I can’t just stay awake waiting for a phone call from someone in a different time zone.

It was an average day at school, as usual. I have gotten used to people asking me to get them a Dillon follow or a tweet from Taylor, so that’s now a normal day for me. After that, I got a friend to drive me home, I went straight up to my room and procrastinated doing my homework until after I had dinner with my family. My younger brother had soccer practise so I was left home alone, that’s when I decided to do my homework. I wrote about half a page of my English essay before I decided to take a shower.

Ten or so minutes into my shower, I heard the door creak, which was strange, because I know that I locked it. I always double check to make sure that it’s locked. Someone must have picked it from the outside.

I’m going to die tonight.

“Honey,” A deep voice coos and the door slams shut. “I’m h-” I know exactly who it is.

“Dillon! You asshole!” I screech, pulling the shower curtain back and pulling it around my body. “Why the hell would you do that to me?!”

“Because I love you?” He laughs, leaning up against the sink with a cocky smile. “Nobody answered the door so I just let myself in, the car was gone so I thought this would be a great way to tell you I’m back.”

“When I’m in the fucking shower? Way to prove you’re not a pervert.” Dillon just smiles at me and eyes the patterned curtain covering my body. I roll my eyes and throw it back across the tub, cowering back into the warm water. “Can you go and wait in my room please?”

There was long pause and I could hear things being dropped onto the floor. And then a belt buckle being opened.

“Nah, the flight was really hot, I’m pretty sweaty,” I can hear the grin in his voice, “I think I’ll just join you.”

“Dillon, if you get in this damn shower with me I swear to god, I will stab you with my razor.”

“Well then, will you come and cuddle me, on your bed, naked?”

“Nope.” I protest, running a hand through my damp hair.

“Well then, I guess I’ll have to take charge here.”

I swear I nearly died. Dillon pulled the curtain across so fast that I nearly fell back and hit my head. He looked down at my naked body for a few seconds before he stepped forward, wearing nothing but his white, Calvin boxers (something I had brought him, coincidentally) and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Dillllll,” I whine, hiding my face in his neck. “I missed you like crazy, but please just let me shower? By myself?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let that happen.” His hands run down the middle of my back until they were dangerously low. “If you’re going to shower, it’ll be with me, but I don’t know how much longer we have with each other, alone.” He reaches down and grabs my ass with one hand, the other gripping my hip.

“We could always hire out a hotel.”

“We could, but I love fucking you in your bed.” He grins, pulling his chest away from mine and staring down at me - at my chest. “It feels more romantic.”

“You’re so crude.” I giggle. I trace my finger along his cheek and down to his lips. “But you’re also really adorable.”

“Only for my baby.” His grip tightens slightly before his hands move back up to my waist and he picks me up, pulling me out of the shower. My arms instantly reach up and wrap around neck, my legs wrapping around his waist. “You know that I wrote Where Art Thou after I met you.”

“What, at Leyton’s party?” I ask and he nods. “You’re not serious?”

“Of course I’m serious,” Dillon kisses my cheek. “Have you not seen yourself, baby girl? I knew that I had to get this booty all to myself.” He plays a cheeky, yet somehow innocent, smile and his eyes have that shiny spark that makes me melt on the inside. “I did just that and I don’t regret it one bit.”

Dillon shuts the water off and finally presses his lips against mine. “Now, let’s go ‘cuddle’.”

Photo Shoot Drama pt. 2 Tom Holland x POC Reader

Read Part 1 if you missed it. 

Warnings: Extreme Pettiness, Drama, Jealousy, Cursing, Couples’ Drama, and other stuff.

Tom had felt bad for yelling at you, but he didn’t understand why you suddenly gave him the cold shoulder. He tried to call Happy, but didn’t have his number.

He went to the bathroom and silently cried in the stall, he had never really cried with any of his other girlfriends but you did something to him. He loathed when you two had fights, and when you were angry with him. He was in so deep, so deep that he was ready to propose to you after your first year anniversary. You made him feel warm and like nothing could ever go wrong in life. You were his angel, his life. 

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'Sometimes, I vlog'

requested by anonymous

summary: they like to share aspects of their daily life too so that includes you

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